Slaves get the upper hand
A long, long time ago down south of the Virginia and North Carolina border, there was a tobacco farm that was very successful. Very easily the largest farm in the area, it was quite the money maker for the gentleman who owned and operated the establishment. John C. Davis was an accomplished man, and quite protective over his worldly posessions and his family. For this reason, none of his five daughters had married to this point. The five girls were all roughly one year apart. Caroline was fifteen years old, Emily was sixteen, Kathryn was seventeen, Mary was eighteen, and Laura was the oldest at nineteen years old. Their mother Evelyn was a relatively useless woman, but had the most beautiful auburn colored hair, which she passed on to all of her girls. Every last girl would have boys after them at any given time, but Mr. Davis was not about to have just any boy marry his daughters.

John owned several slaves who worked the fields for him, mostly men in their mid twenties. He bought these men in their teen years in hopes to use them for a very long time. There were also just two women that were bought for maintaining the cleaning, cooking, and any other chores that could be thought of by the Davis family. The older woman, known as Miss Ida, was easily in her fourties, while the younger woman, Rosa, was only in her late teen years. She was sleeping with eight of the male slaves on a regular basis. John was aware that Rosa was sleeping with the men, but it kept them happy, so he just turned a blind eye to the situation. Evelyn was not quite as happy with the situation and tried to stop it more than once.

Because Evelyn had tried to stop Rosa from sleeping with the men, they hated her most of all. One of the men in particular, James, got interrupted by Evelyn while he was having relations with Rosa. Soon there after, he began to devise a plan. He recruited six of the others to help him with his plan. They would wait until Mr. Davis went out of town for the week. He would send in two local guys to watch over things while he was gone. Mr. Davis was quite the brute and always carried a gun. James had seen him use that gun more times than he could remember. The two lackeys from town that he would send in were not so quick to shoot though, as a matter of fact they were always quite jittery while watching the place. Easily spooked over the smallest things.

Eventually, the Monday morning rolled around and Mr. Davis was leaving the farm for a week. He would return that weekend if everything went smoothly. James determined that to make certain everything went off without a hitch, they would have to make their plan happen the day before Mr. Davis returned. The two men from town arrived right on cue as James and the other slaves were getting out of bed and beginning work. James studied the men as Mr. Davis gave them instructions and headed out. He watched them day in and day out from that Monday morning until Wednesday night as he worked. Thursday would be the day they took over the farm and James was ready.

Thursday evening, right after dinner, the work was being finalized and the Davis women were sitting on the back porch fanning themselves and watching the sun set. One of the slaves had called Rosa to the sleeping quarters, while two others seperated the two men from town. They easily overtook them and locked them in the root cellar bound by their hands and feet. The slave who was talking to Rosa in the slave quarters kept her there as the plan unfolded. Two other slaves made their way past the porch, gossiping about how one of the others was having his way with Rosa right now. Evelyn couldn't stand to hear it, especially since Rosa had work to be done. She began looking for the men her husband sent. After a few minutes of searching without finding them, Evelyn decided she would go break this up herself. She stomped down to the slave quarters and was grabbed by one of the slaves. She tried to get away, but he held her down long enough to tie her up.

Rosa returned to the porch and told the girls that their mother wanted them in their rooms. Roughly an hour went by and Evelyn was now tied up and bent over a bed, taking a rough fucking from two big, strong, black men. One would hold her mouth shut while the other drilled her. This went on for some time until they both filled her with their seed. Meanwhile each of the girls rooms was entered by a different slave.

Nineteen year old Laura was reading as a slave entered her room. She panicked, but after he threatened her a bit, she began to submit. He made her remove her clothes, down to nothing at all. What was left of the sunset shone through the window and the orange glow illuminated the perfect pale curves from her chest to her ankles. Laura always wondered what it was like, but never figured it would happen like this. The slave began softly touching her, from the breasts, down her sides, and along her buttocks where he lingered as he pulled her closer. He layed Laura down and spread her legs, licking her slightly hairy crotch before pulling his black cock from his pants and pressing it between the lips of her vagina. He pushed harder, causing them to part further and he covered her mouth with one hand to keep her from screaming. Laura felt him press against her hymen and tear it as he penetrated deeper into her hole. It took her breath away as he reached his cock inside her as far as it would go, stretching her out very well. As he thrust in and out of her he sucked on one breast and fondled the other. Nearing the end of his work, he picked up speed as Laura still lay there in shock and crying. The slave pushed as far in as he could push and unloaded his cum deep within her. He lay there with her.

Eighteen year old Mary was sleeping. The slave who snuck into her room lay beside her and began fondling her in her sleep. She awoke screaming, the slave panicked and punched her in the head, making her pass out. He decided to have his fun while she was unconcious. He pulled off her dress, exposing her crotch, before he moved up to her head and began fucking her face. The slave pulled back and slid his wet cock inside her, forcing it quite a bit until he took her virginity. He continued having his way with her for about half an hour before pumping her full of his cum. He sat in a chair across the room, enjoying his masterpiece.

Seventeen year old Kathryn was enjoying the view from her window as one of the slaves burst into her room and threw her down, jumping on her and muffling her cries with a pillow. Her dress was torn enough to gain access to her virgin pussy. The slave spat on his thick, black rod and forcefully stabbed it in to Kathryn. She was taking a fucking that would destroy most experienced women. She cried as the slave had his way with her for what seemed like an eternitiy. Kathryn's ear piercing screeches still muffled by the pillow as the slave began coating her insides with a heavy dose of his sperm. Afterwards, she lay there speechless next to the slave who just ruined her.

Sixteen year old Emily got smacked around a lot as she resisted the impending fucking at first. The slave that came into her room was quite rough and took what he wanted. Emily was too afraid to move as he began tearing her clothes off and touching her in places she'd never been touched before. She began to like the way the slave was touching her, making her breathe heavy and quiver between the legs. He groped, fondled, rubbed, and played until she was screaming out in pleasure rather than pain. After she had an orgasm, he jumped on top of her and penetrated her. Her virginity was now gone as he pounded away at her formerly virgin hole. The whole process didn't take very long. Emily cried at first but then began feeling the pleasure again before he finished her off by impregnating her. She had never felt this way before, she was suddenly in love with this slave. They laid together there in the bed.

Meanwhile, down the hall, fifteen year old Caroline was being walked down the hall by James to look in as all of her sisters were getting impregnated by big, black slaves. Caroline saw her sister Emily enjoying it so much that she asked if James would do that to her. James was astonished. He figured that little Caroline would fight it or try to stop it, but this would be incredibly easy since it was her idea. James took Caroline back in her room and began gently removing her clothing. She was nervous and unsure of what to do, but he finally got her down to the bare skin. James climbed on top of her and began playing all over her body with touching and licking, making the girl squeal out in pleasure. After some time had passed he had Caroline lick his throbbing cock before spreading her legs and sliding inside her as gently as he could. He broke the hymen and she cried a little. They fucked intensely and passionately for over an hour before he planted his seed. Her sisters were already done and laying in the bed with their new men while she was still going at it.

John Davis never returned home. He was robbed and killed on way back to the plantation. Mrs. Davis continued running the farm, however she was being controlled by James and the other slaves. As the days passed, the girls were continuously fucked by their new men over and over. Eventually they all began to swell up with pregnant bellies, and in about a year, they had all given birth to little brown babies and were beginning to swell up with more.

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