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Saffron is not the shy retiring type after all
Shy country girl Saffron was just 18 when her cousin Charles took her to London for the evening. She thought they would see a West End Show, but Charles took her to a seedy strip club instead.

Saffron Schoolgirl? Stripper? Hooker? Pt 1

Saffron slipped ever lower into her chair as the stripper twirled around the silver pole on a dias just feet from where she sat with her cousin Charles and his friend Sebastian.

Already completely naked the slim blonde girl just gyrated aimlessly around the pole as she waited for the song to finish.

Saffron had watched with a sort of detached interest as the girl had inelegantly discarded her costume mis timing her moves so the men had lost interest before her spot ended and were back talking to their friends by the time she stepped down to mingle with customers.

Saffron couldn't understand why the girl hadn't timed things to bring interest to a peak as she finished her routine, surely it was common sense? Saffron reasoned. Surely it was a basic principle of performance art, while the routine itself was merely simple gymnastics, it really did seem a poor effort.

It wasn't Saffron's idea to go to a strip club, she hated going out with Sebastian but her mother insisted she be chaperoned by 'Someone Responsible,' to 'The Opera,' but in her mother's eyes Sebastian was responsible and going out with him was one of the few ways Saffron could escape her mother's over protective clutches.

"Tina Ladies and Gentlemen," Harry Styles the compere for the evening announced as the song ended and Tina walked off the stage, mingling with the seedy middle aged men at the bar.

The next girl, Lana, a little petite Indian wearing a sari, walked on next and nodded to Harry, the music started, sexy seductive and entirely the wrong track, Lana stood hands on hips glaring at Harry who took an age to realise.

"Track seven," Lana said, "Bollywood nights!" and Harry struggled to change the track on the CD player, finally the Indian beat started and Saffron watched and wondered exactly how she would make removing a sari look sexy, she didn't learn much as the girl had very little idea on how to make removing a sari sexy either, funny yes, the long silk trousers she wore beneath did a great job of tangling around her feet as she tried to swing round the pole and at least got a half decent laugh as the drunk guys cheered.

"Wouldn't mind giving her one!" Charles laughed.

"What, hardly your type old chap," Sebastian chuckled, "I thought you liked double D's I've seen quail's eggs bigger than her tits!"

"Hah bloody hah," Charles asked, "Enjoying 'The Opera' Saff?"

"No, actually," Saffron replied, "For gods sake why bring me here?"

"Got to keep you safe old love, some chap might take one look at your wooly cardigan and pounce," he laughed.

"Hugely funny," Saffron agreed a she sat feeling extremely foolish in her long black bare shouldered gown over which she had pulled her black cardigan. She didn't actually mind not going to the Opera at Covent Garden despite blowing £100 on a pair of tickets but they had promised her a night club not a strip club.

She stood up abruptly, "Where are you going?" Sebastian asked.

"Ladies," she said.

"Have a crafty wank eh!" Charles laughed, "I always knew you were a dyke."

"Moron," Saffron retorted and she swept across the floor skirting the dias as she headed for the rest room.

"Big hand for," Harry said as he saw Saffron approach and before he realised she wasn't actually a stripper, "Oh, sorry, wrong girl!"

Saffron just needed some air, she checked her makeup, washed her hands, and was startled to see Harry walk into the Ladies.

"You're not the new girl then?" he said, "Only we're supposed to have a new girl."

"Get out!" she snapped.

"It's all right no offence," he said, "I can see you aren't the type."

"What type?" Saffron demanded.

"Fit athletic," he said, "You're not a dancer you're more the elegant wallflower type."

"I could dance a dammed sight better than those two!" Saffron insisted, "What on earth was that last girl thinking about!"

"That's the trouble love, can't get the staff," he admitted.

"I mean it's only a bit of performance art with some gymnastics, and of course choreographed to suit the music." Saffron rationalised.

"To you maybe, but like I said we can't get the staff." Harry admitted, "You know when we started we had some top gymnasts performing on that pole," he lied wistfully, "Now they just trip over their trousers."

"Poor girl, I suppose it's what she wears." Saffron agreed.

"What Lana, Ha, no she's a muslim, she wears one of those tent things, no we got a whole room of costumes," Harry chuckled, "All velcro and sloppy elastic!"

"Ha!" Saffron laughed.

"No honest," Harry insisted, "Its not Miss Selfridge, more like Oxfam, but we got quite a range."

"Really" Saffron replied disinterestedly.

"If you reckon you could do better?" he said, "Why not give it a go?"

"Dressed like this?" Saffron asked sarcastically.

"Then like I said we have a wardrobe department!" he laughed, "I'll get one of the girls to give you a hand if you like!".

"No thanks," Saffron laughed.

"OK," he said, "So why are you here if you not interested, because obviously you are?"

The door opened and Tina came in, Harry turned to her and said, "Madam here reckons she a hot shot dancer and could knock spots off you lot!" he suggested.

"Like to see her try," Tina sneered, "God where did you come from Covent Garden?"

"It's a long story," Saffron sighed.

"So honestly you reckon you can dance better that me?" Tina asked.

"Uh, yes," Saffron agreed.

"So prove it," Tina challenged, "Show us how it should be done. Put up or shut up!"

"Ok, I will!" Saffron agreed, "So, like, where are the costumes?"

"Through here," Tina explained and she winked at Harry as she opened a door Saffron thought was a broom cupboard but in fact led to a small room crammed with costumes, some outlandish, some minimalist, dresses and skirts hung on free standing racks marked 'Marks and Spencer' , hung on hooks on the walls and stored in boxes on waist high units around the sides of the room, "Clothes, shoes, undies," Tina pointed in succession, "What do you want?"

"School girl?" Saffron suggested.

"Ankle socks, white shirt, velcro bra, black velcro skirt, velcro thong, what size shoe?" Tina asked, "Velcro shirt or tied?"

"Sorry, velcro shirt?" Saffron asked.

"Either you wear one open but tied at the front, or you can have a velcro strip down the front so it pulls off, actually there is one with a strip down the back somewhere, and some with the tie sewn in." Tina explained, "Stockings go down well."

"Right, oh size seven shoes," Saffron added.

"Right, new thong," Tina said handing a tiny piece of lace to Saffron, "Rip it off, its velcro but we cant use it again, and velcro shirt, ankle socks times two, bra?"

"Uh, C or D depends," Saffron confirmed.

"Squeeze them in a C!" Tina chuckled, as she found a tired looking white bra, "Shoes, and a tie, velcro round the back but it ties as well.

"Is this clean?" Saffron asked.

"No, not all of it, the socks are, thong's new, but the rest helps you get in character doesn't it, who wants a stripper who stinks of Fabreeze?" Tina said, "And the dressing room is over there!" Tina said pointing to a curtain closing off part of the end of the room, "Pick an empty locker!"

Saffron pulled the curtain aside and found a dressing table and half a dozen full height lockers, she swished the curtain behind her found and empty locker and began to get changed, hanging her expensive gown up before sorting out her new 'kit' as she thought of it.

It all seemed very exciting, like the build up to a hockey match, or the gymnastic performances which she loved but never quite made the grade at in a school which had provided Olympic finalists, anywhere else she ruefully considered she would have been exceptional and tonight she would show them.

Saffron squeezed her D cup boobies into the C cup bra, slipped off her own M+S panties and dark pantihose pulled on white ankle socks and the new thong, pulled the skirt around her, fastened the shirt and tied her tie, she slipped on the skeletal black high heels and made sure she could actually walk in them..

"Jacket!" said Tina, "And satchel, take them off before you get to the pole!"

"Right," said Saffron, "I suppose I had better let my hair down?" she added and she pulled the hair grips so her long honey blonde hair cascaded to her shoulders.

"How do I look?" she asked.

"OK," Tina confirmed.

"I look like a little tart don't I!" Saffron giggled delightedly, you're right, I feel different, like in character, I even smell different!"

"Moth balls," said Tina, "Are you ready because I'll tell Harry."

"Music!" Saffron queried.

"Try 'Take my Breath away,' fourteen on the play list, you know it?"

Saffron nodded and Tina shouted "Vixen, track 14!" to Harry.

"Vixen?" Saffron queried.

"Well you don't use your own name do you?" Tina queried, "I mean Marquela Rodriguez de Santiago doesn't exactly roll off the tongue like 'Tina' does it?"

"No," Saffron agreed as the name rang some kind of bell in the recesses of her mind.

"You're on!" Tina said, "Go!" and she swung the dressing room door open.

It led to a corridor, and another door, "Vixen ladies and gentlemen!" Harry announced and almost no one looked up as Saffron walked across to the dias, set down her school bag, peeled off her jacket and as the music started she began to dance.

No one took and real notice as she swung from the pole, even when she had one foot high above her head, until she pulled the shirt open. Heads turned her way, so she folded the bra cups down to release her boobies and climbed the pole again, pulling her skirt well up under her boobies so her thong was clearly displayed and then in a master stroke she pulled her thong off and again did the splits on the pole one leg almost straight down the other almost straight up leaving her cunt and soft golden pubic hair completely displayed.

Saffron was tiring now, she guessed she was two thirds through the three minute record and worried she had gone too fast, maybe it was not as easy as she thought, but people were nudging each other and watching her.

She lost the shirt, slipping it elegantly from her arms as she twirled but she kept the school tie on.

She analysed the public reaction, they liked seeing her sex, she rationalised so she decided to show even more as she gyrated facing away from the pole now, sometimes upright with her leg spread sometimes upside down, and then the music stopped.

Saffron was completely caught out upside down half way through a move, as Harry said, "And a big hand for 'Vixen' ladies and gentlemen.

"Wayhay!" someone shouted, as a few people clapped and the middle aged men leered.

"Get a drink at the bar," Harry said quietly, "Tina's on next."

Saffron looked around but Harry had already tidied away her discarded clothes so she put her boobies back in the bra cups as best she could and smoothed down her skirt before heading for the bar.

Her heart thumped as adrenalin coursed through her veins, "Vodka and slimline," she ordered.

"I'll get this," a man old enough to be her father said reassuringly.

"Thanks!" Saffron said, "Whew that was intense!"

"Made you all horny did it?" he asked.

"No, exhilarated, excited and, what are you doing!" she hissed as his fingers slid under her skirt.

"Liar, you're soaking, we could see your cunt glistening on stage," he said as he eased a digit into her sopping hole, "How much for extras?"

Saffron thought quickly, shocked at his proposal, "More than you can afford!" she said as Barry the barman handed her a slimline and a pack of three condoms.

"How much?" he asked.

"Five hundred pounds." she snapped choosing a ridiculous figure.

He took ten fifties from a roll in his inside pocket and another single fifty, "Better have the key Barry boy!" he laughed.

"Uh," Saffron gulped, shocked yet exhilarated, as Barry took the money and handed over the key to the 'private' room.

"I'll keep it for you see, we keep fifty per cent for commission see," Barry confirmed.

Saffron froze but the fingers were inside her and she felt hot and yes horny as the stranger took her arm and led her to the locked door to the room with 'Private' stencilled in gold on the dark wood, he turned the key, let her in and and then locked the door behind them.

"I can't get it up see," he said conspiratorially, "You won't let on will you?"

"No, not if you're good with your fingers," Saffron agreed.

There was a big TV screen, a buttoned leather couch and a single bed in the room and he switched the TV on, the club interior filled the screen as Tina swung around the pole in a dazzling display of athleticism.

"Oh fucking bollocks!" Saffron gasped, "Look at that."

"I would rather look at you, pull your skirt up," the man said, "I'm John by the way," he lied.

"Vicky," Saffron lied in her turn as she lifted her skirt.

"Oh blimey, I'm getting hard," John gasped, "On the bed, you on top?"

"That's extra," Saffron tried.

"Another five?" John tried, and when Saffron frowned he said "Hundred, five hundred!"

"Why not!" Saffron agreed and she took a condom and waited as he pulled down his grey trousers and white Y fronts to reveal a rather small half erect penis.

It twitched as Saffron rolled a condom over it, twitched and grew stiffer, grew an inch and he lay back imagining she was his daughter about to bounce on his cock as she imagined his cock was a soft latex dildo as she squirmed around until she was in position to slide down on John's cock.

She felt him against her, latex covered cock against soft pink cunt lips, easing her aside as he gently invaded her or as she gradually engulfed him as she lowered herself down.

Suddenly the tension eased, her breathing slowed, her crotch bottomed against his balls and she began to hump him, grinding against him in a frenzy of repressed sexual energy.

"Yes, Yes!" she gasped as Barry watched the action on the small monitor he had behind the bar where he could keep an eye on the punters and make sure they didn't mark the girls

He saw Tina was finished on stage so switched his monitor feed to the big 64 inch screen on the wall of the club, "Whoooo!" the cheer went up, "Atta boy Phil!"

"You said he couldn't get it up?" 'John's' friend Duggie hissed to Tina as she came to the bar.

"I told him you couldn't either!" she lied.

Saffron was just getting into her stride when 'John' cried out "Oh Jackie Daddy loves you!" and started to cum, she stared in disbelief at his ecstatic face and bulging eyes as he shot his load in complete abandon, his legs shaking in reaction as his heart rate went through the roof.

"Thank you, thank you!" he gasped.

"Where the fuck's Saffron gone?" Charles asked Sebastian

"Ladies, half an hour ago, must have fallen in!" Sebastian replied as they watched Vixen fucking a middle aged man on screen without the slightest notion that Vixen was in fact Saffron.

The screen flicked off as Harry picked up the microphone, "And now Ladies and Gentlemen from the sound stages of India's film Industry, please give a big hand for our own queen of Bollywood, Lana!"

This time Harry picked the right CD and the bhangra beat blared from the speakers .

Saffron dejectedly threw the condom in the bin and followed 'John' back to the bar. Men pawed her, grabbing her breasts which chafed on the borrowed ill fitting bra so she pulled it off. Other men caressed her legs and put their hands up her skirt, arousing her to a peak.

"God I need a cock," she said almost to herself.

"One at a time gents," Barry said calmingly, "Right what am I bid?"

"Twenty quid!" Charles laughed.

"Funny, how about two fifty, three, three and a half," Barry said with the practised ease of an auctioneer taking bids off the walls and ceiling to get things moving.

"Five," a well dressed man announced.

"And a half," his friend chipped in.

"Seven Fifty!" he retorted.

"Eight, eight fifty, any advance on eight fifty? Barry asked.

"Sebastian," Charles said awkwardly, "You know Saffron?"

"Nine hundred and ninety nine pounds ninety nine pee," the well dressed man insisted.

"Of course I know Saffron," Sebastian countered.

"Any advance on a thousand?" Barry asked.

"That girl being auctioned looks like her!" Charles said incredulously.

"Going once!"

"Oh just imagine if it was! you would be so dead!" Sebastian gulped

"Going twice,"

"How much cash have you got?" Charles asked

"Then, 'Bang' she's all yours sir!" Barry beamed, "I'll keep the money safe sir and here is your one pee change!"

He paid by debit card, £999.99, "You had better be worth it," he declared, "Shall we?"

He led Saffron to the back room, Tina was sitting on the bed busily sucking an ageing man's cock to life, "Don't mind them," the man said as he stood behind Saffron and cupped her breasts, "You remind me of my daughter." he said.

"Oh, right," Saffron agreed, "It's probably the uniform?"

"Probably," he agreed and he slipped three fingers into Saffron's willing cunt, "That and the fact she fucks all comers for money, drug habit I'm afraid, you?"

"Credit cards," Saffron lied, "I went mad when I got my student loan."

"Easily done," he agreed as he took off his jacket and shirt, "How shall we do this?"

"Doggy style?" Saffron suggested.

"What Anal?" he asked.

"No, unless?" she asked.

"No thank you!" he insisted, "No I want your nice warm moist cunt young lady."

"And I want your big juicy cock inside me," Saffron agreed quite truthfully, as she knelt by the bed and waited

He dropped his trousers and Saffron eased a condom over his long thick shaft and then she leaned over the bed so her ass was raised and available.

He was on her in seconds, his fingers spreading her cunt lips as he guided the purple tip of his thick pink cock inside her stretching her as he eased his full length inside her before he began to thrust energetically into her arousing her even more until she cried out in ecstasy, "God I need you," she wailed, "Fuck me you bastard."

"Good girl," he said, "Now calm down or it will be over far too soon."

"I want to cum!" Saffron pleaded, "Need to you don't understand"

"Yes I do," he said and he moved his hands to cup her breasts and started to tweak her nipples, "Come for me baby!" he whispered, "You've been a good girl and daddy says you can cum, cum for me baby."

Rushing wind and flame seared Saffron's mind as his words conjoured visions that threatened to tear her in half and his pistoning cock crushing her clit against the mattress sent sensations of peasure and pain coursing through her consciousness until quite suddenly, like falling over a waterfall into deep space, her relief came, gently yet overwhelmingly emptying her mind of everything but her cunt and his cock as she waited in vain for the quenching jet of love juice to fill her every cavity and make everything perfect.

"Good girl," he said as he pumped his jism into the condom, "Good girl."

He held her for a moment as they stilled and then gently eased out of her, "That was a bloody expensive five minutes," he laughed and as he dressed he added, "I'll keep an eye out for you!"

Saffron pushed past the crowds and headed for the Ladies, Tina was there checking her makeup, "I won I think!" she declared.

Saffron looked confused so Tina continued, "They asked the people to vote when you were doing private time and I had more votes, Barry kept score."

"I thought you won, from what I saw," Saffron agreed, "Where on earth did you learn to dance like that."

"I used to be a Gymnast," Tina admitted, "But, I kept getting injured, and if you're injured you don't perform well and if you don't do well you can't get funding, so this way I pay my mortgage, I have my day job in the office and I still have fun," Tina continued, "But I can't do a dance that intense four times a night seven nights a week, and nor can you, so calm down, look confused clumsy, make the guys feel sorry for you and then you'll get lots of private time to pay the bills."

"I guess," Saffron said, "I can only get away week ends anyway."

Harry opened the door, "They are asking for you, both of you, Phyllis is on next, do you want to do another dance Vicky?"

"He means you!" Tina explained, "Do you want to dance again or do you want to make some money?"

"Actually," Saffron admitted, "I just want to get laid, these old guys are so frustrating!"

"You want to do a double with Danny?" Harry asked.

"No, I don't do girls," Saffron explained.

Harry laughed, "Danny is many things but a girl isn't one of them."

"The black guy," Tina advised, "The tall thin doorman, he does double dances sometimes but he is a big boy, not to be taken lightly if you see what I mean!"

"Well in that case," Saffron laughed, "Bring it on!"

"Show her what to do," Harry asked and he returned to his microphone.

"Vicky, this is Danny," Tina introduced them, "Vicky said about dancing with you?"

"Sure, but we need to work up a routine!" Danny explained.

"Danny," Tina butted in, "All you ever do is carry the girl around on your cock and jig around."

"Hey," he said, "I'm an artiste."

"How difficult can it be," Saffron asked but Danny pulled his pants down and Saffron saw the problem, the biggest cock she has ever seen.

"Ah, right, I see!" she agreed, "Maybe I'll pass."

"You come around early tomorrow, we'll practice." he suggested.

"So what shall we do?" Saffron asked.

"Back to the bar, put a shirt on!" Tina suggested.

Saffron found her white shirt among the discarded clothes Harry had dumped in the clothes room an she made her way back to the bar.

"Thought you were doing a dance with Danny," Harry chuckled as she passed.

"No way, he's far too big," Saffron giggled.

"I thought that's what you girl's like?" Harry suggested, "Why don't you have a play with a dildo see how much you can take."

"Harry!" Saffron exclaimed, "Harry!" she said in surprise as he took a card with seven different dildoes from six inch to fourteen inches tied to it from behind his desk.

"If you get the black one up I'll send Danny out!" he laughed

"You must be joking!" she gasped.

"I'll put the spotlight on you," Harry chuckled and he announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen, who wants to see Little Vicky versus the Dildo?"

"Harry!" Saffron gasped, but the dias was in front of her and the spotlight was tracking towards her.

"Who wants to bet she can't take the black one?" Harry asked but there were no takers.

"Just start wanking," he suggested, "Harry!" she protested.

"Get the black one up I'll send Danny out!" he announced to the room and he winked.

"I can't," she said as he handed her a sachet of lube.

"Vicky ladies and Gentlemen," Harry announced.

Saffron looked at the expectant faces peering at her as she held the dildoes, she felt foolish, and horny all at the same time.

She sat down on the dias, her back against the pole, lubed the smallest dildo and eased it between her pussy lips, she grinned, pulled it out and chose the next size, this time she licked the end, it tasted of plastic, peered at it and eased it inside herself with no drama.

She smiled working the audience, tied the dildo back onto the card, and chose the next one, she also tied the smallest one back into place and then she eased the third inside her, again it slipped easily inside her, so she removed it and skipped two sizes.

Her skirt was getting in the way so she pulled it up under her breasts and then the shirt tails were in the way so she pulled the shirt open and slipped it off and only then did she take the large red dildo and lick the tip seductively.

Saffron placed the large bulbous red end of the dildo against her pussy lips, she gasped theatrically as pushed it up inside herself, as by now a crowd had formed as punters surrounded the dias, to see the show. A pint beer mug was filling with notes as it was passed around and towards the back of the crowd Sebastian and Charles were arguing, "It is Saff!"

"No, it can't be!" they argued as two, three, four inches of dildo spread Saffron's young vagina. pressing against her clit from the inside sending little spikes of pleasure coursing through her consciousness until real gasps replaced the theatrical ones. She she gasped and closed her eyes as she eased the dildo inside her, spreading and filling her ever more completely.

"Go on!" someone shouted, "More!"

Saffron obliged easing it ever further inside her spreading stretching but frustratingly cold and inert, she tried humping it but it still remained rigid when she wanted a warm pulsing plibale yet rigid cock.

"More!" the audience laughed, "Try the black one," they said referring to the biggest of the set of Dildoes.

"One more!" Harry laughed, "The yellow one!"

"What?" Saffron asked.

"Try the next," he repeated.

"Oh," Saffron said, "Gosh," as she came back to her senses, "Yes the yellow one."

Now she had to raise herself up, in fact it was easier to put the end on the floor and sink down on it, she spread her pussy lips and eased the tip between then she eased downwards, pain and pleasure mingled, she eased down further and suddenly she slipped her weight came onto the dildo and it forced agonisingly deep inside her, "No!" she protested as she fell forward inelegantly.

"And the black one!" Harry suggested and he called Danny forward, a great cheer went up, Saffron thought it was because she fell forward and impaled herself but Danny had appeared from behind Harry, Danny the black doorman, now dressed in a black sleeveless leather jerkin and black knee length boots, he strode across the room his monster cock fully erect and already sheathed with a black condom, as he approached the pole from directly behind Saffron.

He put his hands on her shoulders and whispered, "Time for the black one doll!"

"Uh?" Saffron queried.

Danny's big black hand eased the red dildo from Saffron's vagina and idly tossed it away. He put one arm around her middle, eased her up and with his other hand he guided his massive black cock at her sweet pink cunt as he held her bent from the waist.

"No!" Saffron gasped but Danny knew what he was doing and his cock eased so gently inside her, spreading her vagina, stretching it past its limits as she gradually accepted his intrusion, "Oh god it's huge! Oh fuck!" she protested, "Oh my god!"

Her mind shut down as he began to hump her, with six to two inches of black shaft still visible beyond her pussy lips as he thrust into her as he turned her around so she could hold on to the pole.

She gasped and mouthed 'No' wordlessly his cock battered against the neck of her womb the sensations of pain and pleasure mingled in her mind making her breath rasp in ragged gasps as she began falling, falling falling, falling thousands of feet through fluffy marshmallow clouds of ice cold fire and her crotch began to explode like a thermo nuclear bomb.

"Slow down, it's a show OK?" Danny hissed as Saffron swayed and moaned and squeezed her cunt muscles as she became completely oblivious to the audience.

His balls were now slapping against her crotch as his energetic humping forced his massive cock ever deeper inside her.

"Oh fuck!" he hissed as he started twitching and started to shoot his load, "Noooo," he gasped as the veins on his cock bulged as it twitched in ecstasy as he pumped the condom full of his jism.

"Wha?" Saffron protested, "Is that it?"

He reacted angrily, "You stupid bitch, that was un professional!" he complained, as he pulled out of her and ran off stage.

"Fuck," Saffron gasped and instead of taking a bow she grabbed the largest Dildo from the set, stood it on end and slid down on it and began to hump herself to that elusive orgasm.

"Vixen Ladies and Gentlemen!" Harry announced and he hissed, "For gods sake get her off as the audience started shouting and whooping.

Danny threw his jeans on and came back to the stage and with Harry's help they carried Saffron off stage still with the monster dildo deep inside her and sat her down in the Ladies lavatory where they left her to calm down.

"Bloody amateurs," Harry cursed theatrically as he saw the tips glass was filled to overflowing.

"Never again," Danny agreed, "Damn bitch made me cum!"

"We saw!" Harry agreed, "You were supposed to make her cum, I guess you should be back on the door?"

"Sure!" Danny agreed, "I need the rest."

Harry returned to the microphone, "And next Ladies and Gentlemen," he announced, "We have," and he searched in vain for his notes.

A commotion erupted at the entrance door, "You can't come in," Danny protested, but there was a splintering crash and the door flew open.

"Police!" someone shouted as Danny hit the panic button.

In the ladies lavatory a red light suddenly flashed just as Saffron was washing the monster dildo as she looked at her dishevelled appearance in a mirror while slowly winding down from her high. She knew it was some kind of alarm but didn't know what to do.

Tina rushed in looking for her, "Vicky, that's the alarm, time to get dressed and get out of here," she shouted and when she saw Saffron she added, "Quick, follow me!"

"Oh right," Saffron agreed, wearily then with the realisation she could be in serious trouble adrenalin kicked in and they rushed to the changing room, Phyllis whom Saffron had not met was already leaving, rushing out of the door with her yellow miniskirt twisted.

Saffron pulled off her skirt and kicked off her heels, she grabbed her own elegant black dress and threw it on and threw the cardigan over the top. She kicked off her socks, then taking a plastic bag from her handbag she threw her bra shoes, panties and pantihose in to it and rushed back to the ladies.

She bolted a cubicle and quickly tidied herself, slipping her bra back on, her panties, pantihose and shoes and then went to the mirror and pinned her hair back up.

The loo door flew open.

"All right, lets be having you!" a policeman declared.

"What?" Saffron replied indignantly.

"Sorry Miss, we're looking for strippers and prostitutes," he said apologetically.

"Well I should look then, if I were you," she said haughtily.

"Yes miss, thank you miss," he said and he turned and walked out.

Saffron breathed a huge sigh of relief and followed the policeman back towards the bar where she looked for Sebastian and Charles. She saw them among a group of men in the corner corralled by policemen and asked to be let through, "So who were you with miss?" the constable asked .

"Sebastian and Charles," she said pointing, "They said this was a night club, but well to be honest I spent more time in the loo, it's disgusting but they just laughed when I wanted to go home."

"Right, Sebastian Fettle and Charles Peak," he said, "Strangely enough they don't appear on the police computer.

"Try Melcombe and Fanshawe-Dyce," Saffron insisted, "I'm Saffron Melcombe, Sebastian's cousin."

"And you'll vouch for them?" he asked as he put the new names into his computer, "You all live in Pewsey is that right?"

"Oh yes," Saffron agreed, "Look, can we go only we have a train to catch."

"I suppose," he agreed, and he called Charles and Seb over, "Right you two hop it, and next time you take your Cousin out you do not take her to a knocking shop, get my meaning?"

"Uh, yes, no, we won't," Charles agreed.

"Good, then I'll let you go on your way!" the policeman advised and he let them pass, "We haven't got enough cells anyway."

They walked away as fast as they could, down the stairs to street level, past the shattered door and away down the street.

They walked in silence, "I'm never going back there again," Charles insisted.

"Nor me," Sebastian agreed.

"Well I am," Saffron insisted, "They owe me for that private time."

"Was that you dancing Saff?" Charles asked, "Only when you went a stunning blonde stripper came out, and when she went you came back and."

"Yes," Saffron agreed.

"Will you dance for us?" Sebastian asked.

"On one condition!" Saffron agreed, "No one must tell mother what happened, and."

"That's two," Charles pointed out,

"I get an orgasm," Saffron explained, "Deal?"

"So like we pay some gigolo?" Sebastian asked, "Some big black dude to fuck you."

"Or we could maybe?" Charles suggested.

"We couldn't fuck Saff she's a mate," Sebastian pointed out.

"Speak for yourself," Charles said and he took Saffron's hand and stopped and went down on one knee. "Saffron, can I fuck you some time?" he asked.

"Of course you can," she said. "Five hundred pounds seems to be the going rate."

"Oh," he said.

To be continued.

Part 2 published 30 August 2015

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2016-10-08 08:41:50
When you write kiddie porn fantasies, in a 1000 character or less space like this, there isn't enough room for deive sex. So I try to give you an idea and let you fill in the blanks. Since I've never had sex with kids it would be impossible for me to fill in the blanks myself. :)

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2015-11-25 05:05:05
Awesome story! Original.

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