A slow birthday party sends Lillian looking for someone to pay some attention to her lusful needs.
Lillian was bored. All around her were people chatting, drinking, and generally having a fun time socialising and listening to the music blaring out of the house's impressive sound system. Lillian wasn't doing any of those things. She wanted to fuck.

This wasn't just because she was horny, that was just her natural state of being after all, but Lillian was currently squirming with jealousy. Strange as the concept sounded to her, Lillian understood that for once she was not the centre of attention. First of all Claire, her best friend, had claimed Paul, once Lillian's handy backup seduction target. While annoying this was fair enough, since Lillian had orchestrated their get-together in the first place and they were happy as a couple, even if she had only realised the implications of this afterwards. The two lovers now had eyes only for each other and Lillian felt unable to intrude upon that in any way.

In most circumstances this was tolerable, except this night was a different matter. Taking the chance for an evening together, Paul and Claire had dropped Lillian at the party the girls were supposed to be attending and gone off together. Without her boon friend in tow, mingling with the various party guests seemed to lack its usual fun. They wouldn't be able to observe and joke together about the various going-ons of their school peers afterwards if Claire wasn't there to see any of it.

Worse yet was the birthday girl, Rowena. Lillian had nothing against the new girl exactly, but after the year had started she noticed that eyes which used to follow her every move had now started roving in other directions. To Lillian's eyes the girl was perfect in every way, yet not in the same way as herself. Rowena's olive-coloured skin was smooth and impeccable, the light reflecting gently off it in a beautiful lustre that matched Lillian's own milky white complexion. Her long hair was dark brown and curly, ribboning around her head in a well-organised mess and had a healthy bounce to it as she moved. She had large brown doe eyes with long lashes above a cute nose and mouth, all as smooth and sharp-edged as the rest of her. Her teeth were brilliantly white.

Lillian looked no less as beautiful but in a different way. Where Rowena's lips were small and thin, Lillian's were full and pink. Where Rowena's body was slim and supple, Lillian's was athletic yet perfectly rounded. The dark girl's breasts were small, firm and perky while Lillian's were ample and fleshy.

Rowena's beauty seemed to just naturally fall into place in a way that Lillian had never mastered. While a natural goddess, Lillian liked to add to the effect, placing her glowing blonde hair into pigtails for the evening, wearing a light pink dress that had thin ruffled layers along its length and on the short sleeves. Her pink lips were shining with gloss to match her dress and the pink braces adorning her teeth. Neither bra nor panties graced her body this evening, her cleavage neatly displayed for those that wanted to look, the barest hint of her nipples pressing against the material. Her bare slender feet had white shoes clasped around them. The combination of all these elements somehow simultaneously shouted out 'innocence' and 'sex on a stick' at the same time.

Rowena's sexiness seemed unintentional. Her clothes hung loosely around her frame, a casual flower patterned singlet and multicoloured skirt of appropriate length giving her a fun look. Her smiles were genuine and her laughter delicate and inviting. Although her family was as wealthy as Lillian's she didn't carry herself in the same way, lacking the airs of nobility that flowed naturally around the blonde beauty but replacing them with something more accessible. Normally Lillian's standing had been an advantage, as others would strive to be part of her world, at its lofty, dream-like heights, and she was more than happy to welcome them as friends, girls and guys alike. Rowena was something new, outside of the usual cliques, and attentions had gradually started to shift her way over the course of semester.

At school this was becoming an issue, but at the party Rowena was already the main focal point of attention thus adding to her already rapidly rising star. Lillian had of course spoken with her for a while but, as happens at these parties, the birthday girl's attentions were taken away and Lillian found herself on her own as Rowena and the gaggle following her moved on. It annoyed her slightly that she was also charmed by the dark girl's charisma and the unmistakable feeling between her thighs also betrayed a certain attraction. Only her pride was holding her back from joining in.

This same pride was also helping to dim her chances of finding a screw amongst any of her semi-regular squeezes in attendance. Many were caught up in trying to get Rowena's attention and others were having too much fun already to notice her in the corner. While it was a party for young adults, Rowena's parents had allowed a reasonable amount of alcohol to be served and many party goers were enjoying the free drinks. Lillian was so used to being approached, or sometimes setting things so as to be approached, that it didn't feel right that she might have to do the approaching herself.

Even Daniel, her latest fucktoy-in-training was vying for the new girl's attentions. The only thing that gave Lillian solace was that she didn't expect Rowena's virtue to be as malleable as her own, and she doubted any males, or females for that matter, looking to bed the doe-eyed girl would reach that particular goal. Not that anybody seemed deterred by this theory if they'd come to it themselves.

And so, Lillian decided to go for a wander. The party was situated in the palatial back garden of Rowena's family's mansion. The sandstone tiled patio was covered in wooden tables and chairs arranged in a circle around the fountain in the middle and the guests were spread around these and a little further out onto the large grass lawn. Floodlights were spread across the back walls and windows of the mansion, keeping the area well lit and easy to supervise the boisterous teens. The inside of the house was out of bounds except for toiletry purposes and to make sure everyone was together in sight.

On a usual night Lillian wouldn't have bothered, but today, lacking anything more diverting for her attention, she decided to ignore this rule and go exploring the house of her new rival.

Moving through the open double doors leading onto the patio, Lillian followed the handwritten signs directing guests towards the bathroom until she reached the T junction at the end of the main corridor. Although she was trying to be sneaky and casual it was an unwarranted concern as everybody was too preoccupied outside to notice her slip off in the opposite direction of the signs.

Meandering aimlessly through the enormous house Lillian saw more bathrooms, a study, lounge rooms and a lavish dining area but nothing especially out of the ordinary. Most of the lights were off inside and the quiet was peaceful compared to the din outside with the crappy music and horde of people. The ambient noises got louder the closer towards the back she got but it never rose beyond a muffled echo. She realised that she was hoping to find Rowena's room and decided to go upstairs in search of it. On the middle floor she could see the open doors to what was obviously the parental bedroom so she pushed on up to the top story, intuitively zoning in on Rowena's living area.

There were a few doors on this floor, but only one was open. It was only just ajar, a sliver of light falling out into the very dimly lit hallway. Moving quietly along the carpet she could hear voices inside the room chuckling. Hoping to see something salaciously exciting Lillian was disappointed to discover it was just two guys sitting on a couch, watching a movie. She had no idea who they were though. She could only see the back of their heads but it was clear that one was white and the other black so she assumed that the latter must be a relation of Rowena's. A cousin or brother maybe. No one had mentioned Rowena having a brother and Lillian hadn't seen him at school.

Her goal still in mind, Lillian lost interest and backed away from the door. She checked the next two rooms down until she found what she was looking for inside the third.
Hurrying in and closing the door behind her Lillian began to pick through Rowena's stuff. The room looked out onto the back garden and although they were three stories up the strong light from outside gave a soft illumination that meant she didn't need to use the room's own lamps. One of the large floodlights hung outside the window and although it pointed down to the garden it still leaked enough back towards the room for Lillian's purpose in there.

The idea wasn't to ransack the place, that would be a bit too much really, but Lillian was immensely curious about Rowena, this strange new wonder who had intruded upon her life. Sadly nothing leapt out to reveal any great insights. Clothes scattered around, a nice big queen-sized bed with more primary coloured flower patterns, a few horse-related things from younger days, books, a computer, and the usual odds and ends one finds in the room of a teenage girl. A cursory look through the chest of drawers and the closet revealed nothing, not even the hidden sex toy she'd been expecting to find.

She flounced onto the bed with a 'humph', disappointed at the lack of payoff. This movement made enough sound to mask the approaching footsteps in the outside corridor to her ears, but the unheard person outside caught the annoyed exclamation Lillian had let out. She was just bouncing up to open the closet again for a closer look at Rowena's clothes when the door opened, a rich voice saying "Hey Ro', what're you doing up here I -"

Lillian spun quickly to face the newcomer, her hands behind her back on the closet's doorhandles, as if to hide what she was doing, a futile act considering the undeniably guilty look on her face. However, her eyes grew a little wider as she beheld the person in front of her.

By his face she could tell he was a close relation of Rowena's. They shared the same sharp-edged features and his closely-cropped hair had a slight curl to it that would share the same messy look if it had been longer. His skin however, was much, much darker than Rowena's glowing olive-brown. He was older than her, but probably not by all that much. He was gorgeous. He wasn't muscled in that same meat-head way as Daniel and other jocks, but he was definitely fit. He was wearing simple cream khaki pants and a white t-shirt that fit just right.

As she made this appraisal of the boy at the same moment he was doing the same to her, taking in the pink and blonde-ness of it all. Her bubbly shape, accentuated by the small ruffles in her bright dress, her neatly packaged cleavage, the pink lips shaped in her current guilty pout and those steely blue eyes. There was an involuntary stir in his pants at this sight. Something similar was happening beneath Lillian's dress as well. She knew, after that brief moment of looking at this boy, that she wanted him between her legs.

The boy found his tongue first.

"You're not supposed to be in here."

"I know" she stated with a shrug, causing a wonderful effect to her decolletage.

Neither said anything for a few seconds, staring at each other intently. Again the boy spoke first, asking grumpily, "Why aren't you down there with the rest of them, fawning over my sister?"
Well there was that mystery solved, but another one now arose.

"Fawning? I don't need to fawn over anyone. I came up here because I was bored with all of them downstairs. I was trying to see if this house has anyone actually interesting around. Why aren't YOU down there?"

He barely seemed to notice her question, moving up to the window to look down at the party. "They're definitely a worthless bunch. I don't even know why she invited them. I wish they'd leave her alone and go away."

Lillian could detect a fair amount of jealousy in his tone. It turned out she wasn't the only one annoyed about Rowena's current standing. This made her blood start to run as she followed the train of thought. Was this fine boy attracted to his own sister? As her mind flashed from images of her own step-brother's cock inside her, to a visual of this black stallion writhing with Rowena, Lillian really began to get turned on. She decided to use his jealousy to her advantage.

"Awww, does your little sis not pay you enough attention when she's got all those friends hmm? She never even told me she has a brother. I haven't seen you at school, do they keep you here out of sight all the time?"

He threw her an annoyed glance. "You don't see me at school because I finished last year and I'm at uni now. And Ro gives me plenty attention anyway, even though Mum and Dad don't care much because I'm not perfect like her."

"I dunno, when I was down there before she seemed pretty happy talking to all those guys, hugging them and laughing with them all the time. I know some of those guys, I'm pretty sure they've got uh 'things' that'll keep her occupied a fair while," she giggled coyly.

"Hey shut up! My sister's not like that, she's not the type to go after just anybody's...things. And who are you anyway? What would you know?" He turned to face her now, eyes lit up as a jealous rage started to pulse through him, fingers curling towards fists.

Lillian was unperturbed by this display however, pushing herself off the closet door to come and stand close in front of him. His anger subsided somewhat into confusion as she moved into his personal space. He backed up a little but found his back was to the wall. When she got close he was about a head taller than her but her eyes were fixed on his, unblinking.
"My name is Lillian Bell, and I happen to know a LOT about...' she smiled, her eyes dipping down suggestively and back up to his. 'Things.' Her left hand made contact with his leg, her fingertips brushing lightly up his pants in the general direction of his crotch as she went on. "I know that if she gets her hands on some of those long...hard...things, she'll forget about you in a flash."
He clearly wanted to retort but she felt his pants twitch and he let out a small groan noise instead. His mouth opened to say something but she pressed her right forefinger against his lips in a "shh" fashion. God she wanted to see what that mouth could do.

"Now then, I suppose you could sit and grump about it. But really, why bother brooding over some guy touching your sister's sweet little body? Why be one of the pack, mewing pathetically after her?" She leaned up close, her breasts lightly brushing his chest, her pink lips almost touching his. His hands were out, trying not to touch her.

"I have a better idea. If she wants to whore around rather than be here with her handsome big brother let her." She leaned even closer, her tits now pressing against him, a legs intertwining as her hand moved up to grab his hardening cock through his pants while she whispered into his ear. "Instead, you can fuck me. Right now. In her room. During her birthday party." He groaned again as his cock rapidly swelled at her touch. She could feel he was a big boy. She fiddled his belt open and slid down to her knees.

"Come on. While they're sucking up to your sister, let me suck you off." He was defenceless against this onslaught and watched, hands still out wide as the sexy blonde freed his large dick out, pants dropping forgotten to the floor. Lillian made a mental comparison. It was thick around but not as much as her step-brother's. It made up for this in length however, giving truth to the stories about black guys and their long wangs.

Without waiting for invitation Lillian took the big head into her mouth, wetting it with saliva and rubbing her tongue around it. Lip smacking sounds filled the room as the blonde girl attacked the long black dick with her mouth. Her frustration was getting vented through her lust, and within seconds she was pushing her head down the length of the shaft to take him into her throat.
"Holy shi-" whispered the lucky guy, his eyes wide as he watched his dick get consumed. Her lips looked astoundingly pink against the deep dark of his cock, turning him on even more to expand in her mouth and throat. As she reached the limit each time, her lips would move and suck, allowing the cute braces to peek through. The wet echo of his cock head going in and out of her tight neck was enough to make him commit. This little slut talked about his sister in such a vile manner and was now using that same mouth to give him a blowjob. His own frustrations, even more built up than Lillian's, also took hold.

Lillian, focused on her meal, didn't notice when the lad took up her pigtails in hand, but she felt it when he used them to pull her deeper down towards his crotch. She loved it. The cock was damn long, but Lillian was a deepthroat champion and together they forced that thing as far down her gullet as possible, building up a rhythm of fucking. It felt like it would go down into her stomach it was that long. Her head movement were almost violent as she had so far to reach back before it could even come out of her mouth.
His grip on her hair was strong, the rage she'd stirred in him adding strength to his pulls. It hurt her scalp but the pain only turned her on more, just like the discomfort in her throat only made her pussy wet.

But speaking of wet, the copious amount of saliva she was producing was starting to get a little messy and she didn't want to ruin her dress if possible. After one last, long, deepthroat Lillian pulled her head all the way off, although the dark boy still held onto her pigtails.

Lillian reached back to unzip the dress, pulling her arms out of the sleeves and letting it fall in a bunch around her hips. With her gorgeous, milky white jugs out the boy let his death grip on her hair go to reach down and squeeze the smooth flesh. Lillian purred appreciatively and started stroking his well lubed cock, licking the end like a lollipop.
"Did you like that? Were you imagining I was your sweet, slutty sister sucking away on your cock? Did it turn you on thinking of her small, tight throat getting choked by this hot python?" She wrapped her bouncing tits around his dick, sliding it up and down the smooth passage of her cleavage.

"Could Rowena even do this? She only has small tits, you'd just be sliding your cock all...around...her...chest." Lillian emphasised these last words with long, slow slides up and down.
The nameless boy had clearly had enough of her talk, his anger still flaring at the insults coming from this girl, even as he fucked her tits. He grabbed her upper arms to make her stand. Before her dress came close to slipping off, he reached quickly around and under its folds to grab the girl's bare ass. In a neat display of strength he picked her up entirely and slammed her against the wall, stepping out of his dropped pants. Lillian merely let out a squeal opening her legs to allow him full entry to her pussy.

"Yes! Stick that monster in me now!"

"Fine then!" he grunted, thrusting his hips forward to impale her. Lillian was sure this was what getting cut in half felt like. She was pressed firmly into the wall as he started fucking hard, her pussy long since dripping wet and ready for cock. Her moan vibrated with the rhythm of his fucking, her tits joggling under her chin and pigtails flying about. She didn't even need to steady herself his grip was that strong, so she kneaded her own tits and nipples, enjoying the sweet sensations. Her dress, still bunched up around her waist, rustled noisily with the wild movements of their coupling.

Though the position was hot, Lillian felt that the cock still wasn't going deep enough so she made him put her down. An idea hit her and she rolled against the wall so that she was now pressed face first against the window, tits pressed right up against the cold glass. If the blaring lights weren't facing the party goers they'd have been able to clearly see her naked sweaty body. Her back was arched, pale ass sticking out and waiting. Cheek pressed against the pane, Lillian looked out the corner of her eye at the angry black man panting behind her.

"Fuck me like I know you want to fuck your sister!"

With that he leapt forward to grab her hips, grinding in fast and deep again, plowing the lithe blonde with his monster penis. His lightly haired balls slapped up against her pussy lips with every thrust, giving her the wild fucking she wanted. The inner devil in Lillian couldn't help but continue to goad her lover.

"Mmm, yeah you love pretending to fuck your little sister don't you? Do you want me to call you big brother? Does it make your cock harder hearing a sweet school girl voice call you big brother in such a..mmm...slutty tone? Won't you fuck me big brother? Won't you, ahh, fuck me?"

He was letting out angry grunting noises but showed no signs of slowing down. Lillian continued to squeal out her slutty litany of obscenities.

"Look, there she is. You're fucking a young girl and perving on your sister at the same time, wishing this tight cunt was hers. Mmm. If the lights went out she'd see us up her room. She'd be so god damn jealous too I bet. Then she'd really want to fuck you."

The glass in the window pane was shaking with the force of Lillian's pussy getting slammed, her whole body shuddering with pleasure at the angry fucking. Her thighs were glistening with her own juices oozing out of her sex. The blonde was right on the verge of cumming when a voice startled behind the pair startled them.

"Well you're taking your damn time getting our drinks aren't you? Get a little distracted on the way?"

Lillian felt herself spun around, the black stud's hands still on her hips and dick buried inside her as he spun them both around to look at the intruder. The boy in the door was lanky with a mop of black hair. The light from outside dimly lit his face and Lillian realised he must be the other guy who'd been watching the movie. He was also dressed casually with a shirt that had some band on it and patched jeans. Despite the compromising position and the fact that she was essentially naked, Lillian didn't feel all that exposed, being mid intercourse seemed to evaporate any inhibitions she potentially had. Her current plaything had stopped his fast thrusting but was still instinctively pulling in and out slowly while his dick was in the girl.

"It's a good thing that music outside is so loud and no-ones up here, I could hear you guys clearly as soon as I stepped out." A sarcastic smile split across his face and he didn't seem all that put out to discover his friend having sex with the most attractive girl he'd ever looked at. Although he wasn't overly handsome like his black friend, Lillian had been so close to cumming and this guy had interrupted it, he had to make up for it now.

"Well if we're too noisy, why don't you come here and shut me up? I can be loud though, so it might take a bit to gag me."As she licked across her lips and braces seductively Lillian felt that this was all too easy really, she could see his pants flutter even in the half-light.

The lanky guy looked to his friend, eyebrow arched, but the black stud merely began to pick up his pace again with a grunted "Whatever."

Clearly used to his friend's terse manner, the lanky guy practically skipped as he dropped his pants on the way over to the coupling pair by the window. With a quick squeeze of one of the sexy blonde's breasts, the lanky guy presented his rising cock to the bent over girl. Lillian smiled up at him, flashing the pink braces to him as the light's edge caught them as she took the half-hard dick into her mouth.

The lanky guy let out a laughing groan as the expert mouth began to pleasure him. His hands rested on the back of her head as his hips pushed forward smoothly to assist her taking it in. His genitals were nicely proportioned but not as big as his friend's, but Lillian knew that the black stud was definitely larger than average. Plus if she was honest with herself, she'd take any dick no matter what its size was.

Lillian loved that she was getting taken from both sides now. This was her first threesome with two guys and it was bliss. The boys naturally fell into a rhythm, with one pulling out as the other pushed in, see-sawing back and forth. The joy of feeling a dick slide across her tongue was one of her favourite pleasures and yet it was advanced that much more by the sensations of another dick completely filling her pussy. She had wanted to be the centre of attention again, and now she really was.

Doing cheerleading made her flexible, but this position was also not the most comfortable for Lillian, and with both dicks inside her still, she wordlessly indicated towards the bed. The lanky guy nodded, and he had to get his friend's attention as the angry guy was miles away in his head as he continued fucking. When he finally let go they moved over to Rowena's flower-decorated bed and Lillian lay across it on her back, head off the edge, knees up with her heels at her ass. The guys switched sides as the lanky one wanted a go at her pussy and he clambered onto the large bed with her.

Lillian raised her head slightly to address them. "Ok guys, how about you man up and get to some real fucking. I want to see some cumming before the party's over. Just try to visualise dear darling Row-ahg!" The black guy had hold of her pigtails again and had shoved his cock deep in her throat to cut her off. He stabbed it in and out of her throat as the lanky guy took his cue to also start thrusting, although a fair bit more gently to start with as he held onto her conveniently placed knees for purchase.

"Shut. The fuck. Up. You. Dirty. Mouthed. Bitch." The black guy was choking her hard with his massive snake, trying to stop her talking about his beloved sister, who he couldn't help but visualise lying in the blonde's place, sucking just as hard. The lanky guy, panting a bit as he slid his cock in and out of the tight, wet folds of the girl's vagina, made a slightly concerned face.
"Hey Charles, go easy man. You'll break her jaw if you keep that up."

The girl managed to pop her head off the cock long enough to pant out "So is Charles your name big boy? Is that what you dream her sayi-gnnth!" before her mouth was pulled back on to the throbbing shaft.

"You mean this girl was fucking you before she even knew your name? Never mind, I take it back. She's definitely up for this. Oh and I'm Lloyd by the way. I don't know what your name is girl but fuck your pussy is so goddamn tight."

The blonde backed up this statement by flexing her inner muscles to grind on Lloyd's cock, gripping and squeezing it with well-practiced impulses. She was going to tell him her name but Charles, as she now knew his name to be, was throat fucking her so strongly she couldn't get her mouth free. Her legs writhed and curled around Lloyd as she came, leaving a small wet patch on the bed's doona. Lloyd felt this and it only made him groan and grind further. Charles was continuing to grunt away as he had been throughout the night.

That rage Lillian had cultivated was now resulting in her seeing spots as Charles' cock asphyxiated her, it's shaft so thick and so deep as to cut off her air. Even though Charles was furiously fucking, the length meant that even when pulling back there was plenty of cock left in her oral cavity. His hands, wrapped in the blonde pigtails, were also at her throat, squeezing ever so gently as if to create more pressure inside. He could feel the bulge of his cock head and shaft ribbing underneath his thumbs as it drove down. The temptation to choke the filthy slut completely flittered across his mind, but he was also still getting visuals of his sister being in her place and his hands relaxed, yet the cock continued its almost violent movements.

Lillian was in a complete transport. At one end her pussy was getting seen to at a delightful, firm pace and at the other her face was getting the sort of riding she craved day-to-day. Her jaw was aching from the effort of taking in the large black cock and the lack of air was hitting her. If she'd wanted to bite down a little to ward him off she couldn't have done it, her mouth wedged open by its girth. From her upside down perspective all she could see were drooping balls and Charles' firm, tensing legs, everything else obscured by the blur created by her head movement.

In both her fucked holes she could feel the throbbing and twitching cocks and she knew what would happen soon. She took the opportunity of Charles' moment of relaxation to free her head, breathing in deep and addressing them quickly.

"I want you both to cum inside me. Squirt inside my mouth and cunt okay?" she said.

"What? Are you sure? Can't that cause problems at end here?" said Lloyd, keeping up his steady pace.

"Don't worry about that, it's fine. Besides, I don't want you guys getting any on my dress, it'll be hard to explain if I leave the party dripping in cum."

Lloyd laughed at this. "Man that's a damn good visual though eh Charles?"

Charles had other visuals in his head though, and he cursed the blonde slut for bringing them out after he always put so much effort into stifling them. The little harlot was such a sexual being he couldn't help but fall into her traps, so here he was face-fucking her and thinking of cumming all over his sister.

That thought stirred movement in his balls and he quickly put the girl back in her place and she willingly obliged. Head bobbing up, hips squirming, she took in as much cock from the boys as she was able.

Charles was the first to cum, gripping her hair and head with a powerful grip and putting his full weight into the final thrust right to the hilt into her throat. The strain on Lillian's neck was almost too much but the tough girl was determined not to let the guy get the better of her and she took that massive shaft all the way down, feeling its warm gushing fluids ejaculate straight towards her stomach. Her throat muscled tensed and swallowed around the shaft to make sure it all went down and nothing vomited back up.

After about 40 seconds Charles finally let out the deep breath he'd been holding in and sank down onto the floor, resting in a worn out heap against the bed next to Lillian's still bouncing head.
Her throat was sore but eating all that cum made her feel fantastic. Short shallow breaths were all she could take to recover as Lloyd was still going at it in her pussy. Charles was also panting and starting out into the middle distance, confused thoughts running through his head. The girl whispered to him sweetly between her cute little breaths, too inaudibly for Lloyd to hear.

"Hhm, that spunk was so delicious Chaaarles. When your sister gets back here she'll be able to smell your tasty cum and the sex we had on her bed. She'll know it was you in here, fucking someone, some other slut that wasn't her. She'll be sooo jealous."

As she whispered to Charles she wasn't concentrating too hard on the fucking she was still getting, her hips and pussy working on instinct, but she felt the boy about to come and her legs tightened around his waist and her attentions changed.

"I can feel it. You're going to cum. Cum in my cunt Lloyd. It's waiting for your gooey stuff. Cum in me. Cum in me-aaah fuck!" Just as ordered the lanky guy began to cum into her soft insides, jetting out squirts as opposed to Charles' long, gushing wave. Lillian reached up and yanked the boy down to suck on a breast, biting her own lip and squealing.

When the boy finished his body relaxed and collapsed, its comforting weight on top of her. Lillian loved the feeling of a freshly fucked guy between her legs. Lloyd laughed again and pushed himself up on his arms.

"That was unexpected but welcome. Are all of Rowena's friends like this? I should come 'round more often."

In response Lillian giggled coyly. "Nope, I'm special. I doubt any of those girls down there could fuck you half as well as me, although I've only just met Rowena so who knows? And anyway, you can cum in here anytime you like." One of her hands slid under to squeeze his softening cock in emphasis, sending a shiver up his back.

"I'll keep that in mind."

It was about half an hour later when Lillian was back down at the party again. She'd freshened up in one of the top level bathrooms as the boys did so in their own. Charles hadn't said much before leaving but Lloyd was a little entertaining as he helped the girl zip up her dress and straighten it out again.

Back in her corner seat, Lillian smiled to herself as she looked at Rowena cutting the cake. She'd just been baiting Charles when she said it, but she realised that the birthday girl's room probably did smell of sex and both female and male cum. It was only disappointing that she wouldn't be around to see the reaction to it.

It was at this point she recieved a phone call from Claire that she and Paul were back and ready to take her home. Lillian gave Rowena a big, almost loving hug as she said her goodbyes.
Humming happily to herself as she walked towards the limo, which would also no doubt smell of sex, the gorgeous blonde bathed in her own satisfaction. She'd pleased herself and she knew Charles had enjoyed it too, even if there were some conflicting emotions in there.

Lloyd and Charles. One a simple screw and the other was something far more complex. Both pleasurable. Both worth revisiting, and she was sure she'd have them both again.
As she'd parted with the boys, flouncing downstairs in her pretty pink dress, Charles trying to ignore her, Lloyd had called after her.

"Hey blondie! What's your name?"

She'd stopped, tilting her head back towards him with a beautiful smile, her cute pigtails drooping down to her cleavage.

"My name is Lillian. Lillian Bell." And with a wink, she skipped out of sight.

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