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A petite, gorgeous 19-year-old blonde American gets lured into working for an escorting agency in Dubai. Once there, she is quickly sold into slavery and forced to serve and pleasure her owner in the most terrible of ways.
Chapter 7: Samantha and the Retarded Nephew

Like always, Samantha Brunner was inside the basement of Hassan’s palace, naked and on her knees with her arms tied to the metal bar above her. It was fairly late in the morning but the 19-year-old American had gotten almost no sleep. Once Hassan’s guards had finished fucking her vagina the old Sheikh had then spent another two hours anally raping her. He came inside her three times during this span, after which he’d called Jalil into the room to take her away. Samantha had been in a world of agony, with her anus and vagina both throbbing and bleeding so horribly that she had not even been able to fall asleep. So she’d simply remained on her knees and cried in misery all throughout the night.
“Good morning whore,” Jalil greeted the American, as he entered the room and quickly began loosening his shirt.
Normally Samantha would have begun trembling in fear and pleading with the evil giant. However, after getting a train ran through her last night, the little American was too exhausted and defeated to even beg anymore. The expression of complete hopelessness on Samantha’s face said it all, as she despondently looked down at the floor with unblinking eyes.
“More fun things for you today,” the Arab declared, as he finished stripping naked and stood in front of the tiny blonde. “But first I must whip you again.”
“Wh—what?! Why?!” Samantha blurted, looking up in astonishment.
“I did not win prize last night,” Hassan stated, as he walked over and began turning the crank. “I am angry, very angry.”
“No, no, no,” Samantha stammered, panic in her voice as she was lifted into the air. “No please no!!! Please don’t!! Please don’t!!!”
The little blonde continued to beg as Jalil made his way to the cabinet full of whips. He grabbed the same braided one with leather-wrapped steel tips and walked back over to the suspended, helpless American. Jalil thought for a second about where to strike the girl, then pulled the whip back and ripped it across Samantha’s buttocks with all of his might.
“AAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, twisting and turning in the air as soon as she felt her ass getting flayed.
As soon as the first blow landed Jalil stepped around the little American and slashed the whip across her small breasts. Samantha shrieked in agony and looked toward Jalil with complete terror. She continued to scream and beg as he began pummeling her swollen, bruised ass and breasts with the leather whip. He dispensed over 50 lashes on the poor blonde, switching back and forth between the two targets every few strikes. When the Arab’s arm finally started to tire, he walked over to the wall and turned the lever, thereby dropping Samantha to the floor.
“God just leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, staggering after the guard as he untied her wrists and dragged her toward the fucking-bench by her hair.
Jalil easily placed the little blonde on her back atop the T-shaped table and spread her legs sideways before tying them to the ends of the heavy wood. He then pulled Samantha’s arms down and cuffed them together beneath the pillar of wood she lay on. With the girl firmly fastened to the table, Jalil stepped between her legs and pressed the tip of his massive cock against her tender, swollen vagina.
“No!! NO!!! PLEASE!! PLEASE NO!!!” Samantha squealed, looking up at the hulking figure of her trainer in terror.
After the insanely vicious and excruciating fucking she’d endured last night at the hands of Hassan’s security team, the absolute last thing Samantha wanted was for anyone to even touch her torn vagina. Even now it ached and burned so badly, and still felt stretched out after being pounded by fifteen of the biggest cocks the blonde had ever seen. Samantha still vividly remembered how streams of sperm and blood continued seeping out of her pussy long after Jalil had brought her back down to the basement late last night.
“AAAAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The petite American screamed, writhing around on the table in agony as Jalil ripped almost his entire cock into her pussy with one slam.
“Fucking American bitch, it’s your fault, your fault I didn’t win,” Jalil growled in Arabic, as he stabbed the rest of his penis inside Samantha. “You told Hassan not to pick me, didn’t you? I bet you did you fucking white whore.”
“AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! S—STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! DON’T!! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!!!” Samantha begged frantically, as the Arab quickly began drilling his cock in and out of her vagina.
“You cost me a lot of money you American whore,” Jalil hissed in Arabic, increasing the speed of his thrusts. “So you thought Mohammed was better? Huh? Okay I’ll give you the best fuck of your life right now.”
“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Samantha screamed piercingly, her entire body tensing in agony while Jalil began fucking her as hard as he possibly could.
After thoroughly raping her for more than twenty minutes straight last night, Jalil had been positive he’d won Hassan’s challenge. So when he’d heard from his boss that Mohammed had done a better job than him he’d become furious. Hassan had lied and told him that Samantha herself had chosen Mohammed as the winner, when in actuality the Sheikh had made the decision. Nevertheless, Jalil was extremely angry at the tiny blonde, and planned on making her pay. As he tore his huge cock into Samantha again and again he was very surprised at how tight she still was, considering he and Hassan’s entire security crew had all fucked her less than twelve hours ago. Yet the American’s pink vagina still gripped him almost just as amazingly as it had the first time he’d raped her inside the limo.
“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAAAOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha squealed, her eyes closed and tears pouring out of them while Jalil ravaged her poor cunt.
Samantha was in so much pain that she thought she was going to faint. Each time the massive Arab slammed into her it felt like a searing hot pole was being shoved into her pussy. She was so appalled at how psychotic Jalil was, as he held her skinny waist between his fingers and furiously hammered her cunt while he roared like a monster. He was completely oblivious to the American’s agony and seemed like he was trying to literally fuck her to death. The Arab pounded away at Samantha’s snatch for nearly ten minutes, and with even more fury than he’d done the night earlier. By the time he finally dumped his sperm inside the 19-year-old blonde she could not stop crying and was almost insane from her misery.
“Yeah keep crying you little white whore,” Jalil grumbled in Arabic, panting heavily while he savored the tightness of Samantha’s pussy.
Once the last drop of cum emptied from his huge cock, Jalil slowly pulled out of the tiny blonde and took a step back. A smile crossed his lips as within a few seconds his sperm began dribbling out of the girl’s gaping vagina. Jalil could never get tired of the sight, as it was a constant visual reminder of the total control and power he had over the little American. After admiring the image for a little longer he made his way over to a nearby cabinet and pulled from it a blowtorch, a long and thick steel nail, and two shiny silver rings roughly 1” in diameter. With these items in hand, he walked back over to where Samantha still lay sobbing in immense pain.
“Wh—what are you doing???” Samantha asked nervously, as she watched the Arab turn on the blowtorch and start heating the tip of the nail.
Jalil ignored the girl and focused on the task at hand. He held the torch and nail steadily in his hands and waited for a couple of terrifying minutes. When the nail began glowing red he finally switched off the blowtorch and set it on the ground. The Arab then turned his attention to Samantha, reaching down and grabbing her left nipple between his fingers.
“NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha shrieked, frantically trying to free her arms from their bonds as Jalil stretched her nipple as much as he could.
The guard wasted no time and immediately speared the scorching nail all the way through Samantha’s nipple, from one side and out the other. It all happened in the blink of an eye, and for a second the American was so astonished she did not even react. Then, when the excruciating pain of getting so savagely pierced hit, she released an absolutely ear-shattering wail of agony. Samantha’s eyes were bulging in disbelief as she stared at her small nipple which was already starting to bleed and horribly skewered like a piece of barbeque.
“NO PLEASE!!! DON’T!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” The skinny little blonde screeched, as Jalil yanked the nail out and quickly clutched her other nipple.
“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, shaking her head in utter madness as the Arab mercilessly stabbed the nail through her nipple.
Jalil was emotionless as he slid the steel pin back and forth inside the sensitive little bud of flesh. He’d done this act to countless other slaves of Hassan, and it was as easy as breathing to him. After a few seconds he pulled the nail out and quickly looped the two silver rings through both of Samantha’s freshly pierced nipples before snapping them closed.
“Oh my God!!! Oh my God!!! Nooooooooooo!!” Samantha cried, as she stared at her bloody nipples in disbelief.
Jalil allowed the girl a second to weep over her new jewelry, and then unlocked the clamps around her ankles and the cuffs on her wrists. Samantha did not fight as the guard yanked her off the table and forced her toward the side of the room. He made her kneel then opened up a cabinet and sifted through it before pulling out some kind of black leash. It was made of leather and was about 4’ long. On one end was a handle while the other end split apart into two shorter strands, with clasps on either end that could be hooked and fastened to the rings which were now in Samantha’s nipples. Samantha whimpered in fear as Jalil reached down and secured both clasps to the rings.
“We go upstairs now,” the huge Arab declared. “You will follow me, always. You will crawl, always. If you do not crawl and follow me we come back down here and I will whip you rest of the day. Do you understand?”
Samantha could not hide the hint of hatred in her eyes she had toward the man, but wisely nodded her head. She quickly got on her hands and knees and began crawling after Jalil as he headed toward the stairway. She had to move quickly to keep the leash loose and prevent it from pulling on her nipples, which were still throbbing excruciatingly. She tried not to think about it as she shuffled after the massive Arab like a dog.
Once they reached the top of the stairs and exited through the door Samantha felt a sense of apprehension, as she’d never left the basement except for the evenings when Jalil took her to get cleaned up before dropping her off at Hassan’s bedroom. She wasn’t sure what time it was, but it still felt somewhat early, and she doubted it was even noon yet. As Jalil led her down the hall and by countless rooms, Samantha felt her face reddening as she passed by several of Hassan’s other guards. Every single one of them smiled and laughed at her, and uttered lewd remarks in Arabic while they stared hungrily at the American’s lovely bruised and beaten ass.
Samantha’s shame grew more and more as Jalil deliberately walked her all around Hassan’s palace. The blonde felt so utterly ashamed to have to crawl after the Arab the entire time, completely naked and with a leash attached to her small breasts. During this time she encountered more of the Sheikh’s guards, as well as his maids and other workers. The shocking thing was that they barely even acknowledged her, as if the sight of a naked girl being led around the mansion on her hands and knees was a common one.
Samantha continued to crawl after the huge Arab as he led her around Hassan’s palace. He was about to walk past an open passage on the side of the hallway when he heard a noise coming from inside it and stopped. Smiling, Jalil turned and entered the passageway, which was short and covered with fancy marbled tiles on the floor. As she was led into the area, Samantha also heard something from around the corner which sounded like sobs. As soon as she saw where the sounds were coming from, she immediately gasped in shock.
The room she was inside was decorated like a public restroom that one might find in a 5-star hotel. However, instead of a urinal on the wall, there was a round space on the floor made of expensive porcelain with a drain in the middle of it. Naked and on her knees in the area was the Asian girl Samantha had seen on the video yesterday. Her hands were tied together behind her and she had her head tilted back while one of Hassan’s guards stood before her and pissed into her open mouth. Each time her mouth became full of urine the Asian immediately gulped it down before spreading her lips again for more. Her long black hair was drenched with piss and her body was soaked in it as well.
“Good morning Rashid,” Jalil greeted his friend in Arabic.
“Ah Jalil, how’s it going?” The beefy guard replied, shooting Jalil a smile before he turned his focus back toward making sure he urinated directly into the Asian’s mouth.
“Everything is good brother, I just pierced her and now I’m taking her to Zafir like Hassan requested,” Jalil stated. “I guess it’s the boy’s birthday, so you know what that means. This little white whore is going to be his all day.”
“Ah yes it is! Shit, he’s going to be thrilled,” Rashid laughed, as he finished giving the Asian a golden shower.
As soon as she finished swallowing the last gulp of urine, the girl immediately groaned in revulsion before breaking down into sobs. Her name was Vivian Lee and she was 20 years old and of Korean descent. She was truly a magnificently gorgeous girl, standing 5’3” and 110 lbs with a toned and shapely physique. Vivian had come to Dubai roughly two months ago from California with a few of her friends for vacation, but one of them had foolishly tried to smuggle in a large bag of ecstasy. After being caught by the authorities, each one of the group had been separated, and Hassan had used his connections to bring Vivian straight to his palace. Any evidence of it had been untraceable, of course, and to the girl’s friends and family back home she’d simply “disappeared” at some point on her trip.
Even though Vivian was very attractive, Hassan simply did not care too much for Asians, so he’d given her to his guards to do as they pleased. Thus, she was one of a handful of permanent whores for the Sheik’s entire security staff and always at their mercy. She got fucked by nearly every single one of them each day and usually several times by each guard. The twisted men had also turned Vivian into their personal toilet, keeping her shackled and inside the bathroom all throughout the day just so they could drop by whenever they pleased and dump their piss down her throat.
“Well I’m going to take a piss real quick and take this dumb slut to Zafir,” Jalil declared, as he handed the leash to his friend and began unzipping his fly.
“Sounds good brother,” Rashid responded, as he stared at Samantha and licked his lips.
Jalil got into position in front of the despondent Korean and snapped his fingers. Vivian exhaled deeply and slowly tilted her head back and spread her jaws. She closed her eyes and whined in complete horror as a stream of urine splashed against her face before finding her open mouth. Just like a moment ago, the instant her mouth was about to overflow with urine the Korean quickly gulped it all down before spreading her lips for more. Jalil spent more than a dozen seconds filling and refilling the girl’s mouth before dumping the rest of his piss all over her face. Vivian was crying inconsolably, as she could do nothing but remain on her knees and accept the unspeakably degrading treatment.
Samantha watched in astonishment as her trainer finished urinating all over the poor Korean. Just like her, Vivian’s lovely brown nipples were also pierced and adorned with the same 1” silver rings. When he was finished, Jalil tugged on the leash connected to Samantha’s own rings, causing her to scream in pain and crawl after him back out into the hallway. When she was about 50 feet away, Samantha heard the Asian crying in frustration and misery as yet another guard entered the bathroom and made her drink his piss.
Jalil continued to parade the tiny American all around Hassan’s home, passing by more guards, maids, chefs, and other workers. Eventually, he made his way up a twisting staircase and onto the second floor. Samantha continued to crawl after the Arab as he further explored the mansion. As they passed over a sky-bridge that connected one parcel of the palace to another, Samantha peered out the window and at the parking area down below. She could not believe her eyes as a surreal scene unfolded before her.
A white Range Rover had just parked on the pavement and all four of the doors seemed to open at once. Two of Hassan’s gigantic guards emerged from the backseat of the vehicle, and they held between them a terrified, hysterical brunette. She was about 5’6” and a very fit 115 lbs, with long brown hair that hung near her mid-back and perfect light olive skin. She had on a pair of conservative khaki shorts, worn sneakers, and a loose tank-top, and appeared as if she’d been picked up from a hiking trail or something. She was screaming at the top of her lungs and struggling frantically as the two huge Arabs dragged her into Hassan’s mansion.
“Oh my God,” Samantha whispered, looking on in disbelief as the driver of the Range Rover casually climbed back into the car and slammed the door closed before driving off.
Jalil smiled as the reality of her nightmare began sinking in even more for the little American. He took a few seconds to admire the girl’s petite, slender body as she remained on all fours like a bitch. Samantha was already his favorite of Hassan’s slaves, and he thought about fucking her constantly. Her pussy was so irresistibly tight and amazing and he had trouble going more than a few hours without having it wrapped around his cock.
“Hello Samantha my lovely little slave!” Hassan suddenly exclaimed, seeming to appear out of nowhere and standing beside Jalil.
“Good morning sir, I was taking her to Zafir like you instructed,” Jalil stated to his boss in Arabic.
“Ah yes, of course,” Hassan replied in English. “He should be awake by now. Let’s go, I’m sure he will be very excited.”
Samantha felt the blood in her cheeks as her owner stared at the two silver rings in her nipples. He said something to Jalil in Arabic and even though she could not understand the words, she knew he was applauding the guard for the piercing job. As soon as Jalil began walking Samantha quickly crawled after him, not wanting to feel the painful tug of the leash against her aching nipples. She followed after the pair of Arabs as they passed by several rooms before turning into one.
“Samantha, I want you to meet Zafir,” Hassan declared happily, waving toward a massive young Arab who was sitting on the floor and playing a video game. “He is my nephew.”
Zafir rotated his hips and stared blankly toward the doorway. Samantha could tell immediately that there was something off with him, as his eyes were droopy and his jaw slack. He stared at her for a few seconds, and then a smile formed on his face that immediately sent a chill down the blonde’s spine. Zafir quickly got to his feet and approached his uncle and the trembling American.
“I brought you a gift Zafir!” Hassan shouted in Arabic, as he pointed down at the blonde. “This is for you! It’s your birthday gift. You can keep her all day too. She is yours to do with as you please.”
“Really Uncle Hassan???” The young Arab exclaimed in jubilation.
“Yes, really my dear nephew,” the old Sheikh replied. “She has promised to make you very happy today. If she doesn’t then you just tell me or one of the guards.”
“Cool Uncle Hassan!” Zafir shouted gleefully, rubbing his crotch through his shorts while he looked at Samantha eagerly.
“You will spend the rest of the day in this room with Zafir,” Hassan stated to the 19-year-old. “You will let him fuck you and do whatever he wants with you. Anything he tells you to do, you will do it. Is that understood?”
“Yes,” Samantha replied softly, a look of dejection and dread on her face.
“As you can see, Zafir has some learning issues,” Hassan noted. “He also has a physical one too. His feeling and sense of touch is, well, very poor. As you will find out soon enough this means that it is very hard for him to cum. He can spend many hours fucking a girl like you without cumming. It is quite amazing, actually.”
Samantha could hardly believe what her master was saying. His nephew looked like a complete monster, and she could not stomach the idea of being at his mercy for the rest of the day. Like Hassan’s security crew Zafir was gigantic, standing more than a foot taller than her and outweighing her by probably close to 200 lbs. He was shirtless and his upper torso was covered with thick clumps of hair and layers of disgusting fat. She could see the massive bulge in his shorts as the retard rubbed his cock in front of her.
“Well I know Zafir is eager to get started so I will leave you two alone,” Hassan said. “Remember slave, behave and do whatever Zafir asks. His English is not so good but you will start to learn what he wants. If I hear any complaints from him later on then Jalil will whip you to within an inch of your life tomorrow.”
“Okay Zafir we will leave you alone with your gift!” The Sheikh exclaimed in Arabic. “You can use her however you want but don’t hurt her too badly. I want her in one piece when I come back tonight, okay? No broken bones or anything like that, understood?”
“Yes Uncle I promise!” The young retard shouted in glee.
Samantha was trembling already as Jalil reached down and unfastened the leash from the rings on her nipples. He then pulled Samantha’s arms behind her back and tied her wrists together with a pair of leather cuffs. He chuckled as he looked at the uneasiness on the kneeling American’s face before walking out of the room with Hassan. As soon as they were gone Zafir pushed his dirty shorts and underwear to the ground and ambled toward the scared little blonde.
“Please!!” Samantha yelped, as the huge retard grabbed a fistful of her hair and began dragging her toward his bed.
Samantha was mortified as the massive brute violently flung her atop the mattress and pounced onto her. She screamed in terror as he grabbed both of her ankles and jerked her legs wide. Within seconds he had the tiny American pinned beneath him, with his lower torso wedged between her slender thighs. Zafir was panting with excitement as he used one hand to guide the tip of his enormous cock onto Samantha’s tight little vagina.
“Noooooooooooooo!!!” Samantha sobbed, shaking her head in protest as she felt the Arab’s dick start to penetrate her aching pussy.
The moron’s cock was practically the same size as Jalil’s, and the pain of it stuffing Samantha’s cunt was horrendous. Samantha screamed in agony and squirmed around as Zafir bucked forward and slammed several inches of his penis into her. Samantha never felt so feeble in her life, as she was completely trapped beneath the retard’s mammoth body and at his total mercy.
“Uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Zafir bellowed, smiling depravedly while he gave two more awful thrusts and buried his entire shaft inside the 19-year-old American.
“Please!!! You’re—you’re crushing me!! I can’t breathe!!!” Samantha begged, unable to bear the weight of the Arab’s frame any longer.
The retard ignored the petite American’s pleas and began pumping his cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer. Samantha squealed in pain as the young Arab’s penis spread her cunt excruciatingly wide and pounded against her already raw labia. The pain soon became overwhelming and she began crying in sheer misery. Samantha could not believe what had become of her vagina in just three days. After getting ferociously fucked by Hassan and all of his men—particularly Jalil—the orifice was already so bruised and swollen and burned constantly now. Her pussy felt like it had been violated by an entire army of men, and Samantha truly did not know how much more rapes she could handle.
“OH GOD PLEASE!!! NO MOOOOOOORRRRRREEEE!!!” The tiny white whore begged, after taking Zafir’s fucking for more than ten minutes.
There would be no reprieve for the poor American, however, as Zafir continued to hammer away at her amazingly tight cunt. Even with his neuropathic condition which muted his sense of touch—and therefore physical pleasure—the retard was still able to feel just how ridiculously tight Samantha’s vagina was. Every time he slammed into the poor American her stubborn little pussy continued to fight him and resist him, just as it did all the other Arabs.
“Oh yes!!! I like it!! I like your pussy white whore!!” Zafir exclaimed in Arabic, continuing to smother Samantha with his fat, hairy body while he fucked her intensely.
Samantha was bawling now as nearly twenty minutes passed by and the hideous retard showed no signs of finishing or even slowing. He’d slammed his cock into her tortured vagina hundreds of times by this point, and each new thrust sent her closer and closer to the edge of craziness. She wanted to scream and curse at him but remembered Hassan’s warning about making him happy and decided to keep her words to herself.
After a few more minutes of fucking the little blonde, Zafir grabbed her ankles and pulled them up into the air before lowering them back against the mattress and above her shoulders. Samantha whined in pain as her body was folded in half and her ass was forced several inches off the mattress. When he was ready again, the retard knelt above Samantha’s upturned vagina and viciously rammed his cock back into it like a pile-driver.
“UUUUUUUAAAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!” The petite blonde screeched, her face contorting in agony as her poor vagina was stuffed with Zafir’s massive cock once again.
All of the toes on Samantha’s little feet were curled and tears were flowing from her eyes as she continued to bear the terrible fucking. She closed her eyes and tried not to think about the pain, but it was simply impossible each time the huge retard drilled his cock into her. She could feel her hips jamming into her torso from being bent so harshly and was having trouble breathing. Each time Zafir’s cock slammed against her cervix the blonde squealed in angst and cried harder.
Zafir fucked Samantha in this manner for about a dozen more minutes and then decided to switch positions again. He rolled the miserable little 19-year-old onto her belly, grabbed her hips and lifted her ass up before ripping his cock back into her vagina. Samantha screamed in pain and plopped her cheek against the mattress while the Arab brute began raping her once more. The tiny blonde closed her eyes and sobbed as she wondered how long he was going to fuck her like this for.
“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Zafir bellowed, holding the American’s hips still while he tore his penis into her over and over and over again.
Samantha screamed in torture and bawled endlessly as the giant moron pounded her exhausted vagina doggy-style for over twenty minutes. Eventually he grew bored with that position as well, and decided to switch yet again. He turned the wretched American around onto her back and speared his entire cock into her pussy. The Arab retard then wrapped his arms around Samantha’s petite body and made his way off the bed, so that he was now standing with the girl impaled on his penis. He wrapped Samantha’s legs around his hips, clutched her small, firm buttocks with both hands, and began bouncing her up and down his huge cock.
“NOOOOOOOOO!!! AAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!” The little blonde screamed, twisting and turning in pain as Zafir slammed her onto his dick again and again like a cheap hooker.
Samantha didn’t think her encounter with the dumb Arab could get any worse, but this new position he was fucking her was also easily the most painful. Each time he lifted her into the air and smashed her cunt down onto his penis it felt like his shaft was going to tear straight through her womb and into her guts. She could feel all 9” of it ripping into her and she had no clue how her little vagina could take in such a large cock.
“PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSSSE!!!” Samantha begged, wrapping her legs around Zafir’s hips while he continued to thump her pussy up and down his penis.
The retard grunted in satisfaction and chuckled as he looked down at the little white slave. Like his uncle Hassan, he harbored a burning hatred toward Americans, as he’d been told how corrupt, arrogant, and evil they all were since he was a young boy. So it was always a huge joy for him whenever Hassan brought him a slave from the US, especially one as stunningly gorgeous as Samantha Brunner. Zafir was definitely going to enjoy the next few hours with the tiny blonde. He continued to bounce the 19-year-old onto his dick for a moment, until his arms tired. The young Arab then set Samantha down against the edge of his mattress and resumed plowing her cunt for fifteen long minutes.
After almost two hours passed by and Zafir was still pounding her cunt Samantha was completely insane. She was in yet another new position now—the fifth different one since Zafir had begun fucking her. The little American was mounted on top of the massive retard, with her back against his chest while he held her legs up and out wide. He was grunting loudly while he used his hips to spear his huge cock up into the blonde’s vagina over and over again.
“AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! PLEASE JUST FUCKING STOP!!!” Samantha screamed, tilting her head back while she wept in agony and exhaustion.
The American’s body was covered in sweat and her hair was damp with it. She was almost motionless as she rested atop the massive Arab while he rammed his dick into her cunt endlessly. Samantha had lost what little energy she’d had long ago, and was resigned to letting the retard use her however way he wanted. She continued to squeal in pain, however, as her pussy was wracked with torture. The orifice was bleeding once again, as each time Zafir withdrew his penis the length of it was smeared with blood.
Another hour passed by as Samantha was mercilessly raped by the dumb, ugly Arab. Even though he was slow, one thing Zafir was educated on were the many different ways to fuck a girl. He used Samantha in every position imaginable. He fucked her on her back, side, and her belly. He fucked her in the air and on the bed, and twisted the petite blonde into all sorts of cruel and uncomfortable positions. And with her hands tied together behind her, there was nothing the American could do to defend herself.
“NOOOOOOOOOO!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FAT FUCKING BASTARD!!!” Samantha screamed, as Zafir sank his cock deep inside her cunt before grabbing her waist and preparing to switch positions yet again.
He’d been fucking the little blonde from behind for about twenty minutes, pinning her against the side of the mattress while he rutted her. Now the spry young Arab grabbed the back of Samantha’s thighs and hoisted her into the air. He held the miserable American with her knees bent over his forearms and pressed up against her small chest. Samantha wailed in agony as the moron began slamming her cunt up and down his cock once more.
“Eeeeeeuuuugggghhhhhhh!!!” Zafir exclaimed, as he approached a long overdue climax.
The retard smashed Samantha onto his dick one last time and then shouted valiantly as he spewed a river of sperm up into the girl’s snatch. Samantha never imagined she could be so happy to have a hideously gigantic and hairy retard cum inside of her. She could feel his cock twitching while it dumped its load of semen inside her, but she did not even care at this point. After getting raped for more than three hours straight, she could not quite believe that the Arab was finally finished. Once he was done ejaculating, Zafir marched back to the mattress and flung Samantha back onto it. He was out of breath and soaked in sweat as he smiled down at little Samantha.
“No!! Leave me alone!! Please just leave me alone!!” The little blonde wept, clasping at the bed sheets as Zafir grabbed her ankles and pulled her off the mattress.
The beastly retard forced Samantha to kneel down with her back against the side of the bed. He bent down and smiled as he said something in Arabic that Samantha obviously did not understand. The fatigued American’s confusion turned to horrendous disgust as Zafir suddenly turned around, leaned over and shoved his hairy buttocks right in her face. Samantha screamed in panic and leaned back as the retard pulled his ass-cheeks apart, leaving his grotesque asshole just inches from her face.
“Lick!!! Lick it you American scum!!!” Zafir commanded in Arabic, as he remained in a squatting position with a huge grin on his face.
Samantha was not stupid, and she had a fairly good idea of what the young man wanted her to do. However, she could not stand to even look at the huge, repulsive, hair-infested brown asshole in front of her much less touch it with any part of her body. So she turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, even while Zafir continued to bark orders at her. After nearly a minute passed by, the retard turned around and grabbed a fistful of Samantha’s hair with his left hand.
“I SAID LICK IT YOU STUPID WHITE WHORE!!” Zafir roared, before smacking Samantha’s cheek with all of his might.
“AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!” Samantha screamed, looking up at the fat, repugnant Arab in shock.
“Are you going to lick or not?!” Zafir questioned the little American.
“Please, I don’t—I don’t understand, what—what do you want?” Samantha stammered nervously.
“ARE YOU GOING TO LICK OR NOT?!” The retard demanded, before giving Samantha another terribly vicious slap across her face.
“AAAAAAAIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!! STOP!!! STOP IT!!! PLEASE I’LL DO IT—I’LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!” Samantha screeched, nodding her head obediently.
Zafir grunted in satisfaction and turned back around before sticking his ass out toward the blonde’s face and pulling his buttocks apart. Samantha let out a whine of sheer disgust as her face was once again a few inches from the Arab’s anus. She thought for a moment about how to proceed. She knew he wanted her to lick it, but she simply could not bring herself to do that. At the same time, her cheek was already red and stung terribly from getting smacked by the retard, and she did not want to anger him any further. After several seconds, the tiny American closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and leaned forward before grazing Zafir’s putrid asshole with the tip of her tongue.
“UUUUAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Samantha shrieked in horror, yanking her head back as soon as she tasted the unbelievable awfulness of the Arab’s shit.
Samantha turned her head to the side and immediately began spitting at the floor to get all of the rancid taste out of her mouth. She felt her stomach grumble and groaned as the salty taste of Zafir’s sweat and shit still lingered on her tongue. Zafir, meanwhile, was growing increasingly furious with the little American. He turned around yet again and barked at her to start licking his asshole again.
“FUCK YOU!!” Samantha screamed back defiantly. “I’m not gonna lick your asshole you—you ugly piece of shit!! I don’t care go ahead and slap me!! I’m still not licking it!!”
Samantha wailed in pain as the Arab pulled his hand way back before violently striking his open palm against her left cheek. With her hands locked together behind her, there was nothing the blonde could do as Zafir began slapping the left side of her face over and over again. She tried tucking her chin down and burrowing her cheek against her shoulder, but Zafir grabbed her hair and held her head in place with his left hand while he repeatedly smacked the 19-year-old with his other one.
“AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!! STOP IT!! STOP HITTING ME YOU STUPID FUCKER!!!” Samantha roared, after the massive retard slapped her for the 12th time.
As the left side of her face began reddening and swelling, Samantha began to rethink her stance on rimming the Arab. As horrendous as the mere idea of it was, her cheek felt like it was about to shatter. After slapping it several more times, the retard gripped Samantha’s hair with his other hand and began savagely smacking her right cheek. It sounded like firecrackers were being set off inside the room as Zafir struck the wretched blonde over and over again.
“OKAY!! STOP!! I’LL—I’LL DO IT!! I’LL FUCKING DO IT JUST STOP HITTING ME!!! PLEASE!!!” Samantha screamed, finally acquiescing after getting slapped in the face nearly 30 times.
“Will you lick me?! Are you going to do it or not?!” Zafir growled in Arabic, before reaching down and hooking his finger into the ring on Samantha’s left nipple.
“NO!!! PLEASE!!!” The little American yelped in fear, her eyes widening as Zafir gave a light tug on the silver loop. “I SAID—I SAID I’LL DO IT!! PLEASE!! DON’T!!!”
“I’ll tear this off if you don’t lick me!!!” The Arab warned, before brutally yanking on the ring.
“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, shaking her head frantically as her inflamed nipple was stretched out from her breast.
“NO PLEASE!! PLEASE DON’T!! PLEASE LET GO!!! I’LL—I’LL DO WHATEVER YOU WANT I SWEAR!!!” The blonde pleaded desperately, looking up at Zafir with deference now.
“I’ll do it, do you understand?!” Zafir bellowed, before grabbing the other ring as well.
“AAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” Samantha wailed in agony, as the dumb Arab yanked on both of the rings so cruelly that she thought her nipples were about to tear off her chest.
Samantha let out a piercing scream of misery as the retard continued to pull on the shiny jewelry, causing both her nipples and breasts to stretch horribly. Blood began trickling from both of the little pink nubs, but that did not stop Zafir from tugging on the rings. Samantha was now weeping and shrieking in agony as she looked down at her outstretched tits. She heard the sound of laughter from across the hallway and turned to look. Standing in the open doorway were three of Hassan’s guards. The giant trio of men were hooting and hollering as they watched the tiny blonde in her suffering. Samantha felt herself blush as the guards watched her, and felt incredibly pathetic as the retard continued tugging at the rings on her small chest.
“PLEASE STOP!! I’LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!! I SWEAR JUST—PLEASE JUST LET GO!!!” The American begged wretchedly, looking up at Zafir with despair.
Samantha let out a huge sigh of relief as the ugly Arab finally let go of the silver loops. He muttered something to her and then turned around again before hunching over and pulling his huge, hairy ass-cheeks apart. Samantha whined in absolute revulsion as she stared at the retard’s wrinkly brown asshole. She could not bear the thought of licking it again, but her nipples still burned in pain and were a fresh reminder that she had no choice.
“Yeah!! Lick Zafir’s asshole you little white whore!!” One of the guards shouted in Arabic, as Samantha leaned forward and stuck her tongue out toward the foul orifice.
Even though she was more prepared for it this time around, as soon as the tip of her tongue made contact with Zafir’s sickening anus Samantha nearly puked. The taste of excrement on the brown, hairy hole was just too terrible for words. Even the smell of it was overwhelming, and Samantha was certain that the Arab had recently taken a shit.
“Oh my fucking God!!!” The petite blonde shouted in anger and disgust, as she looked at the hideous asshole with a dejected frown on her face.
Zafir shouted at the girl in Arabic, and she quickly moved forward and gave another hasty dab at his anus with her tongue before pulling back. Samantha felt the tip of her nose brush against the retard’s hairy butt-crack and could barely control herself. She still could not believe what was happening to her at the moment—that she was naked and on her knees halfway across the world, with her hands tied behind her back and being forced to lick the asshole of the ugliest, most disgusting man she’d ever seen.
“You aren’t licking!! Why aren’t you licking?!” Zafir shouted angrily, turning around and reaching down for the rings on Samantha’s breasts.
“NO!! DON’T!! GET AWAY FROM ME!! DON’T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!!” Samantha screamed back even more lividly, collapsing on her ass and kicking at the huge Arab.
Zafir slapped the little blonde across the cheek and hooked his index fingers into both of the rings on her chest. He gave a hard yank on the silver loops, causing Samantha to scream in excruciating misery. The American began weeping as Zafir repeatedly jerked on the rings.
“PLEASE STOP!! PLEASE!! I’M SORRY I’LL—I’LL DO WHAT YOU WANT!!!” Samantha wailed, looking up at the huge retard in terror.
Zafir gave the anguished blonde a hard slap on the face before pointing at her with his finger and saying something in his native tongue. He then turned back around and shoved his ass back toward Samantha’s face before pulling his huge buttocks apart. Samantha took a few deep breaths to calm down, then tilted her head forward and gave two quick dabs at the Arab’s anus with her tongue.
“Fuck!! This is so fucking gross!!” The little American cried out in disbelief.
Zafir yelled at the disgusted blonde to continue, and she immediately moved forward and gave another flick at his asshole with her small tongue. For the next 2-3 minutes Samantha dutifully lapped away at the retard’s anus, taking constant breaks to keep her composure and spit at the ground. After awhile, however, she could no longer take the sight, smell, and taste of the Arab’s shit-hole, and puked all over the floor.
“What the hell are you doing?!” Zafir shouted in Arabic, turning around and looking at the puddle of vomit on the carpet.
“Noooooooooooooo!!! Leave me alone!!!” Samantha sobbed, recoiling in fear as the Arab reached for her breasts yet again.
Zafir jerked on the 19-year-old’s nipple rings so hard that she screamed loud enough to nearly damage his eardrums. The retard slapped Samantha in irritation and then grabbed her long blonde hair. Samantha squealed in suffering as Zafir hauled her onto her feet before marching her back over to his jumbo mattress. He bent the tiny American over the edge of the bed before harshly jerking her small, firm buttocks apart.
“NO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha shrieked, squirming about in horror as she felt the massive tip of the retard’s penis against her asshole.
“Stay still!!” Zafir commanded, leaning forward and holding the blonde down while he slowly forced a couple of inches of his cock inside her ridiculously tight sphincter.
“AAAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed in agony, kicking her legs back at the Arab as he drilled deeper into her tender anus.
Tears of pain and misery were already streaming down the little blonde’s face as Zafir pushed nearly the entire length of his cock inside her now. Samantha’s asshole was still terribly sore and inflamed from the intense and grueling fucking Hassan had given it last night, and she was nowhere close to ready for more anal sex. She also did not expect the retard to take her up her ass, since so far Hassan had been the only man to do so. The petite blonde continued to weep in pain as Zafir steadily packed all 9” of his penis inside her, stretching it to its absolute limit in every way imaginable.
“Oh yeah I like you white whore, your asshole feels good,” Zafir groaned in Arabic, reaching out and running his hands all over Samantha’s slender neck and shoulders.
“Eeeeeeeuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhh!! Don’t fucking touch me!!!” The blonde cried, shaking her head as Zafir wrapped his fingers around her neck.
“I’m going to fuck you, little white whore,” the retard declared, gripping Samantha’s blonde hair firmly with both hands. “I’m going to fuck you so hard.”
“AAAAUUGGGHHH!! NO!!! AAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Samantha screamed, thrashing about in agony as the monstrous Arab suddenly began slamming his cock in and out of her asshole.
Zafir released a loud and sinister laugh as he jerked on the little American’s hair and violently ripped his entire penis into her rectum. Samantha unleashed a completely horrendous wail of pain that lasted nearly ten seconds long. Her body was as tense as a cable wire and she was frantically trying to free her hands from their bonds while Zafir brutally fucked her.
“STOP!!! PLEASE STOP!!! PLEEEEEEAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSE!!!” The poor blonde screamed, her legs flailing all over as Zafir pounded into her with all of his brute strength.
Zafir continued to yank back on Samantha’s hair while he raped her and with such cruel force that the girl’s back was bent into a terrible arch and her small breasts jutted forward invitingly. Because her hips were pinned against the edge of the mattress and her arms tied behind her, Samantha could do absolutely to stop the Arab from fucking her as savagely as he pleased. She continued to scream at the top of her lungs, hoping that the piercing volume of her cries would garner some sympathy from the giant retard. Instead, however, it had the opposite effect, as the louder she screamed the more viciously Zafir pummeled her anus.
“OH MY GOD PLEASE!!! STOP!! PLEASE NO MORE!!!” Samantha begged, her blue eyes full of agony as five minutes passed and the Arab continued to pound away at her asshole.
Samantha didn’t think getting raped anally could possibly be worse than when Hassan did it, but she realized she was clearly wrong. At least her owner had the decency to use lubricant, whereas Zafir did not even bother. The result was a level of burning pain that the American had never experienced, and which was possibly even worse than getting a train ran through her pussy by all of Hassan’s bodyguards. After just five minutes of fucking, her anal ring had torn badly, and was now starting to coat Zafir’s enormous cock with blood. The retard, however, had no idea that he’d literally ripped Samantha’s asshole, and continued to hammer it with a merciless fury.
“AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! STOP IT!! LEAVE ME ALONE YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE!!!” Samantha screamed, the blood in her face boiling as Zafir fucked her for another few minutes.
After awhile the Arab retard grew bored of taking the little American from behind and decided to switch positions. He flipped Samantha around so that she was on her back now and her ass rested against the edge of the mattress. Zafir grabbed the girl’s ankles and spread her legs wide before pinning them down on the bed by her shoulders. Satisfied, he rammed his cock back into Samantha’s bloody anus and began pounding it again in the most brutal fashion.
“AAAAAAAOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW!!!” The petite blonde screamed, gazing up at Zafir in dismay as he fucked her asshole to ruin.
The minutes and then the hours crawled by painstakingly slowly for Samantha as Hassan’s retarded nephew viciously sodomized her. It was essentially a repeat of the earlier prolonged rape for the poor American, only this time around it was her asshole that got thoroughly destroyed. Zafir fucked Samantha in half a dozen different positions, bending and twisting her into whichever manner he desired. As each minute passed by, Samantha became increasingly agonized, furious, and insane. Likewise, she went back and forth between begging the ugly brute to cursing at him very bitterly.
“FUCK YOOOOOUUUUUUUU!!!” The tiny blonde screeched, squirming about in torture as Zafir clasped her small round ass and happily bounced her up and down his cock in the center of his bedroom.
The retarded Arab had been pounding Samantha’s anus nonstop for over two hours now, and showed no indications that he was ready to finish. Samantha, on the other hand, appeared on the verge of dying from sheer pain and trauma. Her slender, petite body was soaked with sweat and her eyes had a look in them of pure suffering. Thin lines of blood continued seeping from her ripped asshole onto Zafir’s huge penis.
It took almost thirty more minutes, but eventually the retard did cum, pinning Samantha against the side of his bed and yanking on her hair while he emptied his sperm inside her torn anus. When he was finished, he left the broken 19-year-old on the mattress and fetched one of Hassan’s guards to bring him some food. While he ate Zafir paid no attention to Samantha, who essentially passed out right away from exhaustion and misery. After he was done with his dinner, the retard played video games for about another hour, and then turned off the TV when he was ready for another round with the American.
“Huh???” Samantha blurted in surprise, looking back as she felt a large, powerful hand grab her ankle. “
“Time for more fucking!!!” Zafir exclaimed in Arabic, a glint of evil and perversion in his eyes as he twisted Samantha around so she was on her back with her ass against the edge of the bed.
“No!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! GET AWAY FROM MEEEEEEEEEE!!!” The blonde screamed in total dismay, fighting like a wild dog as Zafir squeezed between her legs and slammed his dick deep into her vagina.
“Ah yes!!! You have a nice tight pussy white whore!!!” Zafir bellowed. “I’m going to fuck it all night!!”
“AAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Samantha screamed, kicking her heels against the hairy retard’s legs as he began hammering her raw, battered pussy.

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Yep too much repetition. As entertaining as it is it is getting boring some thing has to be different. So this girl has had all the guards and the nephew, can you take it on a different direction, say her parents are looking for her and somehow there is a leak of where she might be, is Hassan going to keep her or sell her to some other Just Try To Put A Twist To It. With all this torture she should be broken by now.

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If you read his other works, you would see that his stories follow this pattern of rape, torture, humalition and then repeat. It gets old very quick since at some point the character should be dead due to all the pain she endured, but nope.

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