hello, this story tells the tale of a young man who finds that his younger female cousins just are to difficult for him to resist now this may offend some readers and i would like to say all of this is fictional and if you don't like young people discovering sexuality then please leave:) thanks
hello, this story tells the tale of a young man who finds that his younger female cousins just are to difficult for him to resist now this may offend some readers and i would like to say all of this is fictional and if you don't like young people discovering sexuality then please leave:) thanks

hi my name is brad and this is the story of how i made my little cousins cum. first let me say that i had no intention of any of this to happen. i was 16 years old when our family (me and my mom and my aunt and three girl cousins ages 15, 13, and 8) decided to go and take a swim at the pool of the rich family we knew. me and my mom arrived a little late and found everyone there already so i quickly undressed in the bathroom and threw on my trunks and jumped in the water felt so nice, we swam for about an hour before we got bored and began to make up games to keep us in the pool longer, we dived off of the diving board and played mark o polo. about an hour later we were in the shallow end when my 13 year old cousin(Rachel) asks me to throw her, so being the happy nice cousin i am i picked her up and tossed her from the shallow end to the deep end her cute little bottom flying through the air and splashing out of site in the distance, thinking this was ton of fun my 8 year old cousin(syd) wanted to be thrown. I look down at her in her little two piece swim suit and smile "sure syd come over here" i saw and wait, she wades over and lets me pick her up, my hands grab her waist but without meaning to they slip down and push against her clit through her bathing suit, i hear a soft moan escape her as i heave her out into the deep end, when she comes out shes laughing and seems to pretend that nothing has happened. lets just say i had to stop throwing them for a while to settle the monster that had grown in my shorts, a little while later i started throwing them again and tried my best not to touch her there again, im not sure what we were doing after that but i was pretending to be a sea monster and attacking the two younger ones as they screamed playfully and swam away. I swam right at Sydney and as i brought my head up my nose ran straight into her wet cameltoe! For a moment i was stunned as i felt heat coming off it even in the cool chlorine water. I tried t recover and bring my head up and out when i surfaced i was met with a coy smile as she swam away screaming. a few minutes later i caught her again but this time in the very shallow end i wrapped my arms around her and picked her up letting her legs flail about when i brought her down she was right in front of the high powered pool jets that are constantly on, instantly i realized my mistake as the water pressure hit right against her vagina, in a instant her eyes had closed and she let a soft moan escape, without thinking i inched her closer she moaned again louder this time, this got my blood flowing so quickly my member pressed hard against her booty.

Feeling this she started to rub back against me, her butt pushing my erection making me feel so good as the pool jets got her off, i would have came if not for both my mom and aunt were within hearing range, so thinking fast not smart i moved away quickly and had to sink to the bottom with my pulsing dick.

chapter 2.
After my great adventure with my one cousin we were up to my grandmas. i was sitting on my computer playing a game when my three second cousins come up and ask me to play, sighing i get up and follow them down. what they like to play with me is a game called the dark game. it is where they turn off all the lights and hide in a room and have the monster(me) chase them, bonk my head and get punched in the face, oh fun. so when i get down there the lights are already off and so i get on my hands and knees and start moving around the room hearing soft giggles. for about 10 minutes i find noone but carpet and a very hard stool when reaching out in the dark i feel something soft and kinda squishy, i move my fingers over it and its kinda wet, sliding my fingers out i find two hips.. oh my gosh i just touched my cousins pussy!!!!!! yelping i lurch back and swallow hard, but this isnt enough, she jumps on me and slams her pussy into my face, silently screaming i take in her scent. it smells nice. no this is wrong! this is your cousin! but it tastes sweet. i slide my tongue into her and find that pussy tastes really good, she is quite tight and its hard to push my tongue in but i find i like it my dick grows hard and i suddenly really want to know what it is like to fuck. suddenly she is off of my and ran away, i sit there with a rock hard dick in the pitch blackness. regaining my senses i start prowling around truely in the game now when i discover my other cousin, she is about 10 with long black hair and really cute eyes, without thinking i grab her and slide her down the ground mounting her, my hands grab her small little buds and my erection pushes against my pants that is pressed against her small womanhood. i begin to dry hump. when suddenly the lights flash on and i freeze with fear, my little cousin underneath me is naked.. i look at all 4 of my other cousins each met with a bald budding pussy. "time for you to be broken in big cus." i look down and find my 10 year old cousin is unzipping my pants. things are just getting started.

this is a rough draft please tell me in the comments if i should continue, this is my first story:)

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