13 year old Hannah seduces her 17 year old brother Adam
Hey guys. It's good to see the new stories list working again. I had posted a second chapter in the "My Childhood Obsession" series, but the bugs/glitching somehow corrupted the story when I tried to edit it, and being the short-sighted fool that I am I didn't make a back-up. So while I re-write that story -and work on Siblings with Benefits 3- I thought I'd whip up something short and fresh. I hope you enjoy!


Adam leaned back in his computer chair and stretched. Today had been a nice long relaxing one, and seeing as he was just one week into his summer holidays he could rest easy, knowing that he could afford to have a few lazy days without ruining his break. It was a fairly hot day so he had kept to his room, enjoying the ducted air-conditioning while playing Black Ops II. After two hours of gaming however he grew bored, so after backing out into the lobby he left his room and walked aimlessly throughout the house, trying to think of a good way to pass the time. After walking downstairs he heard sounds from the kitchen so he decided to head there and spend some time with his younger sibling. Their parents were out so it was just him and his 13 year old sister Hannah. With 4 years separating each other, Hannah had always looked up to Adam as a role-model and caring older brother, and he loved Hannah dearly. As he entered the kitchen Adam noticed Hannah had just finished putting away a knife and chopping board, and she now had two sandwiches on a plate each in her hands.
"Ah, there you are Adam! I made you lunch."
"Thanks sis!"

He gratefully took the plate from her and they both sat at the kitchen table, picking up their sandwiches and getting straight into it. After they had finished they both sat there for a while, before he thanked her again and set off for his room. He had planned to jump straight back on CoD but before he could sit down in his chair there was a knock at his open door.
"Uh, Adi? Sorry I don't mean to bother you but I wanted to show you something."
Hannah stood at the door, looking up at Adam nervously. He turned fully to face her.
"Yeah sure... What is it?"
Hannah scuffed her foot embarrassedly.
"Well... Remember that Charmander outfit you bought for me on Ebay?"
"Remember? How could I forget?!" For weeks Hannah had begged, pleaded and pestered him to buy a $140 Pokemon outfit on Ebay until he cracked and bought it for her.
"It finally came in the mail! It arrived this morning and I didn't want to bother you while you were playing your game so I've been waiting all day to try it on. Can I please show it to you?"
She stood there shifting from foot to foot, watching his face anxiously while biting her lip. They both knew that he was powerless to resist her charm.
"Of course Hani. I can't wait to see how cute you look."

The grin on Hannah's face told him he had said exactly what she wanted to hear. She grabbed his hand and took off for her room, dragging him along behind her. Once inside she closed the door, and walked over to a box on her bed. She pulled out the orange garment and stood there for a second, before turning towards him and pointing to the wall behind him.
"Turn around for a second!"
"I could have told you that BEFORE you dragged me in here" he muttered good-humouredly to himself, as he faced away from the bed. Just when he was about to ask her what was taking so long he heard her say "Okay, now turn back!"
Spinning slowly around, Adam faced his sister and almost immediately gasped in total disbelief.
"Fuck" He gasped.
"Eeeee! Do you like it? I spent all morning carefully cutting the front out, I think I did a pretty good job!"
Adam was completely speechless. Where on Ebay it had had a long white patch of material for the front, Hannah's outfit had been modified, revealing his sisters stomach and chest to him completely. Without knowing how to respond he remained frozen to the spot, his eyes constantly going over her hot body. He knew she was active but he was still shocked to see how smooth and slender her stomach was, and he couldn't help but ogle her amazing and full breasts as they held themselves up proudly. To him her nipples looked like little raspberries. He didn't understand why his sister was revealing herself to him, but that didn't matter. All he knew was his wildest dreams seemed to be coming true.

He stared at her wordlessly as her grin grew wider and wider, until she couldn't help herself and she burst out laughing. "Hahaha, I can't believe it worked so well!"
After a couple of seconds of processing what she said, Adam stammered out a response.
"W-what do you mean?"
Hannah took a step towards him. "I got this outfit just for you Adi. I know you like my body, I catch you staring at me all the time. I thought that this way I could flaunt it for you."
Adam felt an icy coldness rush down his spine. She knew! He licked his lips and forced himself to respond. "What do you mean? I-I don't stare at y-"
"-oh yes you do." Hannah said with a small smile playing on her lips. "You stare at my chest when we talk, and you stare at my butt whenever I bend over in front of you too, I even tested it out once. What, did you think I'd never notice how your hands caress my skin whenever we hug? Did you think I hadn't noticed your arm brushing up against my boob or butt "accidentally" whenever we pass in the hallway?" Hannah took another step. "Did you know that you hold your breath whenever I walk up to you while looking into your eyes? It's almost like you're waiting for me to do something..." Hannah took another step, placing her within arm's reach. Adam swallowed nervously, his throat feeling like sandpaper. This whole time he had been staring at her tits, and when Hannah noticed that she pushed them together for him. "What do you think, Adam? Do they look good? Do you want to know how they feel?"
Adam went to speak but his voice failed him, and he just stood there helplessly as Hannah grabbed his hand and slowly brought it to her breast.

He tried to find the will to speak, or pull his hand away, but all he could think about was how beautiful her body looked, and how badly he wanted to give in and ravish it. As his open palm slowly enveloped her right breast she arched her back and pushed into it while closing her eyes. Adam drew in a sharp breath and held it as he gave her boob the slightest of squeezes. God, it felt so good. They were so soft and supple. He could feel her hard nipple dragging along his palm and it sent shivers down his spine. He looked up at Hannah's face and saw that her eyes were still closed, although now she was biting her lip. Casting his doubts aside completely, he brought his other hand up to softly but firmly grasp her other breast. She let out a loud moan as he squeezed and fondled her chest, and she opened her eyes when he released the breath he had been holding on to this whole time. She smirked at him as he smiled sheepishly, and they shared a laugh as Hannah stepped closer to him. "So.... are you just gonna stand there with your mouth open or are you going to kiss me?"
Adam's eyes widened as Hannah stood on her tiptoes to reach him better, but he recovered quickly and bent down to kiss her softly on her lips. It was his turn to moan, and the feeling of him moaning into her mouth made Hannah's legs feel weak. She started to buckle, and Adam caught her sides with his hands and pulled her into him. She gladly accepted his support and leaned into his body, letting the raw feeling of their union overwhelm her senses. Adam kissed with his mouth open but was too shy to use his tongue. Hannah, not sharing any of his hesitation, pushed her tongue into his mouth almost aggressively, almost as if she was demanding that their tongues touch. He was in a state bliss. The feeling of her body pressed against him was heavenly. His hands roamed and caressed her chest and stomach, and up and down her sides. Then he held the back of her head with one hand and applied a slight pressure, ensuring that their mouths were locked in an even tighter embrace. His free hand sought her nipples, and he alternated between stroking and caressing and tweaking them both. Adam was experiencing pure ecstasy. His sisters lips were so soft and inviting, her tongue so sensuous and playful. Her body -her magnificent boobs- felt so warm and soft and electric to his touch. He loved the way she twitched and jolted against his body as they made out. For a while it seemed that his cock had been too stunned by Hannah's daring move to present herself, but that was never going to last long. In no time at all he was as hard as he had ever been. Almost immediately Hannah's hands flew to his groin and began to rub and stroke it through his pants. He moaned as his sister rested her forehead on his chin.

Softly, she began to speak. "How far-how much have you done with other girls?" She asked in a hushed voice.
Adam, still a little tongue-tied, hesitated before replying. "I've... never done anything more than kiss, and not for very long. Not like, what we just did."
Hannah giggled again and looked up at her older brother. She could still see the concern and shock in his eyes like she did before, but she could also see the way he was staring at her lips and inching towards them slightly, like he couldn't resist kissing them. She knew that it wouldn't take much more to open him up completely. She smiled and leaned in to kiss him on the neck. "Does that mean" she murmured quietly "that I'm the first girl to ever feel how hard your erection is?"
Adam swallowed visibly before replying. "Yes."
Hannah slowly slipped her hands past his waist-band and underwear to gingerly encircle his raging hot member. He let out a sharp gasp and staggered, like he had been winded. "Does that mean I'm the first girl to touch your beautiful cock?"
Adam thrust his hips out instinctively while grunting. "Ungh... oh fuck... yes it does.... Hannah..."
"Adi, has anyone else seen your massive cock before?"
Hannah grabbed his waistband with two hands and pulled them down to his ankles. He lifted each foot out and stood back as Hannah got down onto her knees.

"Hannah..... Oh my God Hannah, what's going on?" Adam spluttered out as she crawled towards him. When she spoke there was an urgent need in her voice.
"Adi, I'm not going to lie to you: I REALLY want to suck your dick right now. I want to hear your moans of pleasure. I want........ I want to be the first girl to let you cum in her mouth, and the first to swallow it too. Please, let me do thos..." She inched closer on her knees and grabbed his cock in one hand. He was close to cumming from the anticipation alone. She had made him so horny with her dirty talk, and just the fact that she actually wanted him to cum in her mouth was making him feel giddy. As she slowly began to move her glistening, open mouth towards his cock he felt an immense surge of emotion rush through him, and before he could stop himself he blurted out "Oh Hani, I love you so fucking much."
She paused for a second, her eyes seeming to pierce his with a bright intensity, before she replied emotionally "I love you too Adi" and pushed her mouth down over his cock. Adam's entire body stiffened as he felt Hannah's hot little mouth engulf the top half of his penis. He let out a low moan as she slowly slid up until his prick popped out of her mouth, before she pushed back down again, swirling her tongue around what fit inside her mouth. Adam hissed through clenched teeth, his whole world seeming to implode with the sensation of what he could only describe as having your penis dipped in a bowl of warm honey. The searing heat from her mouth burned a delicious path of pleasure down his shaft into his balls, and he jerked forward as he felt her tongue push against his urethra, accidentally touching her gag reflex. He pulled back instantly when he heard her gag, and when he spoke his voice was laden with concern. "Hannah! Shit I'm so sorry that was an accident. Are you okay? Do you want to stop?"
Hannah removed herself from his tool long enough to speak. "Are you crazy? I don't want this to ever stop. Please, don't hold back Adi. I want you to do what feels good, and to tell me what you like, what you want me to do." Hannah sucked his cock back into her mouth before releasing it once more. "Your cock feels so nice and hard in my mouth. I want to feel it twitch as it fills my mouth up with your cum."

Adam moaned louder as his sister bobbed on his cock. "Oh Hani, baby you have no idea how amazing that feels. The way your lips slide against my skin..... Oh, keep doing that with your tongue! Yesssss, your tongue feels sooooo fucking good Hannah, I can feel everything.... Ah, mmm, ah, keep sucking like that while you're bobbing. Oh shit that feels so good!" Adam's legs were beginning to feel weak and shaky, and he wasn't sure how much longer he could stand up. As he leaned back against the wall for support, Hannah seemed to understand and pulled away from his cock for a second. "Here, did you want to lie down? Come on" she grabbed his arm and led him over to lie down on the single bed, before sitting down next to him so that her body was facing towards him and their hips were touching. Hannah slipped her hand under his shirt. "Are you enjoying this brother? I am. This is much better than I could have imagined."
"Hannah... Fuck, I love it so much. Your mouth... It's incredible" His eyes gazed upon her luscious breasts for a moment before returning to her lips, which he could see was still coated with saliva. "I... I need to know.... what exactly.... why..... why are you doing all this for me?"
Hannah leaned forward to cup his cheek as she stared into his eyes. "Adi, the only reason I noticed you checking me out... is because I was taking every chance I could get to check YOU out. I don't know, I've always enjoyed the way we play-fight or lean against each other on the lounge, it's always made me feel warm inside. I didn't realise until I watched porn on the laptop one day that the feeling you were giving me was horniness. But when I found out that you felt the same way I.... I just had to...." She blushed and giggled before swivelling around so that her feet her facing the end of the bed, and rested her head against his stomach. "Now, where were we...." Hannah murmured as her lips softly touched his glans in a tender kiss. Adam let out a low moan while his heart threatened to burst out of it's cage with it's wild beating. His mind was whirling. He had always secretly lusted after Hannah, but he never dreamed that anything would possibly happen from it. If it wasn't the middle of the day, the sight of his half-exposed sister in a soft charmander suit as she lovingly slurped around his mushroom head would have been enough to convince him he was dreaming. Hannah had started to bob again, and Adam could feel the familiar pressure rising up in him, although it felt much stronger than ever before. He began to buck on the bed wildly, his breathing getting heavier and heavier. "Oh fuck, oh fuck.... Hannah, I'm not..... gonna last..... oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck fuck fuck oh my god FUUUUUUCK!" Hannah held his hips down on the bed as her bobbing became a blur and her sucking intensified. Adam was yelling from the pleasure as his cock pumped rope after rope into Hannah's mouth. She closed her eyes and concentrated on swallowing each pump of jizz. Hannah kept it in her mouth as it twitched and jerked and slowly went down. She let it slide out of her mouth and lay there for a bit, regaining her breath, before she moved up to his face and rested her head on his shoulder. In a flash he had wrapped both arms around her shoulder and was crushing her against his body while he hugged her fiercely.

When he spoke his voice quavered. "Hhhannah.. That was just..... without a doubt, the best orgasm I have ever had. Fuck, that was better than a hundred orgasms! Hani you are AMAZING."
She tilted her head up to look at him and when he gazed at her beautiful face he saw that she was wearing the brightest grin. "Adi, I hope you're not exaggerating and it really felt that good. You won't believe how much I enjoyed that! The way your cock was twitching in my mouth as it spurted out your cum.... Mmm I swear I could almost feel your orgasm."
"Was it hard to swallow?"
"Nope! It doesn't taste very nice though, and I probably wouldn't do it again...." She leaned into his ear and whispered sexily ".....for anybody else, anyway." A shudder ran through his body as her words sank in, and as she moved her face into his he closed the distance and planted his lips softly against hers. To Adam, Hannah's lips were even silkier than before, and he thought he could taste something on her lips. "I think I can taste myself on your lips" He whispered when they eventually broke their kiss. He didn't know why he was whispering, but then again, after the last 20 minutes he wasn't even sure of his name anymore.
Hannah replied in a low voice. "Yeah I can taste it slightly too, although it's no way near as strong as the real thing. Be grateful! Hahahaha"
Despite her joyful laugh Adam immediately felt a twinge of guilt. "Was it really that bad? You didn't have to swallow you know, I never expected it from you. Honestly you are so good at head that it really doesn't matter if you spit it out afterwards next time." As the words left his mouth Adam did a mental double-take. Shit, did he just say "next time"? Was he already planning on doing this again with his underage sister? He opened his mouth to apologise and assure her that he doesn't automatically expect her to do it again when she cut him off with a passionate kiss, her tongue penetrating his mouth and seeking out his tongue. He succumbed to the velvety-soft warmth of her mouth as they pushed and rubbed their bodies against each other.

As they kissed Hannah straddled him, and when their lips parted she sat up and grabbed his hands, bringing them to her chest. They immediately went to caressing and fondling her breasts, and she started to rub the furry crotch of her suit against his groin. "Adam" she said breathlessly "I know you didn't expect me to swallow, and I know that I don't have to swallow next time. But I'm gonna anyway! I know that it would feel better to cum into someone's mouth as opposed to the open air. I want each and every time to be as good as the first, if not better. Sorry but I've made up my mind and that's final!" She giggled before rolling off him onto her side. Adam turned to her and let his hand rest on her breast as they kissed tenderly and slowly. His other hand stroked her hair for a while before it slowly began to make it's way to her stomach. Once there he stroked her stomach for a while before beginning to slowly inch his way down to her crotch. He felt her shiver, then felt her hand move down to join him. She grabbed the suit and pulled it away from her crotch, giving him full access. He shuddered with anticipation as his hand slowly travelled underneath her costume and reached her mound. He spent some time there cupping her mound and playing with her pubes as she slightly squirmed and bucked against his hand. When Adam heard her whimper quietly he started to move again, inching slowly down until he felt the beginning of her cleft. His heart was beating frantically in his chest as he felt her super soft lips glide open for his probing finger. Slowly he let his middle finger slide down her vulva while the other fingers were sliding down her labia. Her pussy was hot, and soaking wet. Hannah let out a large moan, and wrapped her arms around his body, pulling him in close. He could feel her rocking her body against his hand, and he shivered with delight. Eventually he worked up the courage to ask something. "Hannah.. do you think maybe you should, ah, take off that charmander costume? You're kind of getting it wet..."

Hannah giggled as she ground her crotch against his fingers. "Hmmmm... I am, aren't I? Alright fair enough. Can you unzip me though?" She got up off the bed and turned around, wriggling her bum slightly as Adam sat up on the edge of the bed. His hands were shaking slightly as they reached for the zipper. He pulled it down all the way and sat there as his sister slowly slid out of the red, furry cocoon and turned around to face him. Adam automatically put his hands on her hips and held her there as his eyes roved up and down her body. He could see everything now: the fair skin on her shoulders and upper arms, the sexy curves of her waistline, her long, slender legs standing wide apart. But best of all was the sight of her red, puffy lips separating slightly to reveal her glistening pussy, adorned with a crown of lightly-coloured pubic hair. He was entranced, she looked so beautiful and supple and delicious. "Hannah" He croaked "You.... you look like a goddess." He hadn't meant to say something so lame but to him that really was what she looked like. Hannah basked in his words and adoring gaze, they gave her this giddy happiness that she had never felt before. At first she wasn't sure if she was in love with him or if it was just plain lust that she felt, but after hearing him moan her name in ecstasy she knew that it was more than just curiosity that made her want to do it in the first place, and it was more than just the pleasure of committing the taboo act that made her enjoy it so much. She wanted to give him that pleasure, and give it as often as possible. Looking down from his radiant face she noticed that his dick was as hard as steel once more. Hannah smiled, a little shiver of delight going through her body. "Oooh, looks like you're ready to go again." She said excitedly, immediately dropping to her knees.
"Oh! Really? I mean, you're not interested in doing you?" Adam said, genuinely surprised.
"Oh! Umm, not yet I guess. Mum and dad'll be home soon, we're better off leaving it till later"
"Oh, fair enough then. I mean, great! Heheh...." His voice trailed off as he looked down at her, grinning sheepishly.
She grinned back at him as she licked the head of his dick. "You know... I don't know why I'm telling you this, but I had completely forgotten that you were touching me before I undressed. I just, looked at how hard you were and, I HAD to do this" she engulfed the head of his cock, sucking on it lightly while probing it with her tongue. Adam stiffened then relaxed, resting his hands on her head as she bobbed on his cock. "Ungh! Christ Hani, it feels so fucking good." He could see her lips curving upwards in a smile as they slid back and forth on his shaft.

Hannah, despite having no prior experience to cock-sucking or Male orgasms in general, seemed to have an instinctive knack for knowing when he was close to reaching his peak, and each time she would slow down just enough to prevent him from going over the edge. This went on for ten minutes, until they were interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. "Shit! Mum 'n' Dad are back!" He looked down at Hannah as she started to bob faster on his cock. "Hannah, no it's too risky we have to stop!"
Hannah rose off of his dick long enough to whisper "But you still have to cum!" before she resumed her rapid bobbing.
He groaned from the pleasure, but he knew that he wouldn't be able to cum in time. "Sis, I'm sorry but it's too risky. We have to stop." Hannah reluctantly released his member, and Adam went over to his pile of clothes and hastily dressed. Hannah sat on the bed and watched him. Even though she was disappointed that she hadn't made him cum a second time, she was still able to enjoy the show her brother was unwittingly putting on for her now. As she watched him pull his jeans up an idea suddenly flashed through her mind. Without saying a word she hopped up from the bed and walked out of the room. "H-hey, wait up!" Adam called out after her, wrestling his top down over his head as he exited her room. Hannah walked into his room and stood by his desk. As he entered the room they heard the front door open, followed by a resounding "guys, we're home!"
Hannah put a finger to her lips and whispered "If she comes up here, tell her I headed out without saying anything."
"What?" Adam replied, completely lost. She smiled at him as she moved his computer chair back and crawled into the leg-space under his desk. Realisation struck Adam, and he took a shaky step forward as his cock twitched inside his jeans. "You should probably turn the light off." Came his sister's sweet voice from under the desk, and the edge of arousal in her voice galvanised him into action. He strode swiftly over to the light switch and flicked it off, and practically skipped over to his desk and sat down in the chair, before carefully pulling his chair in to the desk. As he felt her hands pulling down the fly to his jeans he heard the sound of someone walking up the creaky stairs.

He hastily re-opened CoD as he heard his mother call out. "Adam, Hannah are you there?"
"Hey mum!" He said, more cheerfully than he had intended.
"Ah, there you are Adam. Have you seen your sister?"
"Uh, she went out a little while ago." He said, finding it hard to keep a straight face as he felt his sisters petite hand fishing his rock-hard cock out of his jeans.
"Oh, well I'm making tea soon. Did she say when she would be back?"
"No I don't think so..."
"Well, she'll just have to eat it cold then. She usually knows better than this!" She said to herself as she turned around, just missing Adam's face contort from the pleasantly warm sensation of his cock dipping into Hannah's mouth. He joined a session online that was still waiting for more players and closed his eyes as he focused on the hot flutterings of Hannah's tongue as it played with his mushroom head. He let out a small gasp as she slid more into her mouth, herself letting out a small moan of her own. He felt her hand squeeze his inner thigh as she pulled back until the tip was resting against her lips, before plunging back down and engulfing his cock with her mouth's loving embrace. She began to bob on his shaft, and over the games background music Adam could hear little whimpers and moans coming from under the desk. The thought of his sister enjoying the act proved too much for him after being stimulated for so long, and he began to thrust into her mouth as the first surge of cum blasted the roof of her mouth. Roaring waves of ecstasy crashed over him as he felt the suction on his dick increase. Eventually the world returned to Adam, and he moved the chair back to look down at Hannah. "Fuck that was amazing" he said softly.
"Good! I love that I can make you cum so hard" Hannah's eyes were glowing as she beamed back at him.
"So..... What now? We didn't really think this through did we?" He said, grinning at her as she shifted around to get comfortable.
"Well, I figured that I'd get home around the time tea is served, so I guess until then I'm stuck under this desk. What a shame." She said as she pulled his chair back into the desk. The chuckle coming out of Adam's mouth quickly twisted into a slight gasp as his sister enthusiastically sucked his limp member back into her mouth.


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