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My first attempt here, so plz be kind ;)
I was 18 when it happened...just the one time, but the memory of it will stay with me a lifetime...
My mother was, and is, what you would call a functioning alcoholic. On most days, she would be fine, taking care of my brother and me in the morning, going to work a full day and come home to her wine in the evening. She managed to put away one of those gallon jugs every evening (one of the cheaper brands) before toddling off to bed. My dad worried about her sometimes, but it never seemed to interfere with her work...and my brother and I grew into fine, upstanding men, with a good work ethic and independence.
I should tell you that, growing up, my mother was a fox. Thin but curvy, with a mane of fiery, red hair. Of course, I never saw her as anything but a mom. Being the disciplinarian of the family, she had a glare, when she was angry, that could stop a rabid dog in his tracks. There were, however, a few times I noticed her shapely legs in jean cutoffs and the way her nipples poked through her t-shirt when she was chewing me out for misbehavior.
My dad was a professional photographer, taking freelance assignments all over the country. Often, he would have to leave at a moments' notice, leaving us boys to fend for ourselves, while Mom worked.
At 18, I got my first real job, having decided against college. Working at a major hotel, I was making great money and decided it was time to leave the nest. I found my own apartment a few miles away from home. My dad seemed proud of me, as he helped me move into my new place. My mother, on the other hand, seemed sad to see me go. She put on a brave smile as she toured my new digs but I could see she was having a hard time letting go of her eldest son. As I hugged them both, I assured my mom that I would still be close if she needed me. It seemed to help a little.
I phoned my folks every weekend, talking mostly to Mom. I began to notice that her speech was getting more and more slurred. She would laugh or cry at nothing and tell me how much she missed her baby boy. Speaking to Dad once, while my mom was out of the room, I asked him if Mom was alright. A man of few words, he said that she seemed to be drinking more lately, but that he was keeping an eye on her.
A few months went by like this, and one night my phone rang and it was my dad. He told me that he had to leave for an assignment in Canada and would be gone for 2 weeks. He asked if I would check in on Mom while he was gone. With real concern in his voice, he admitted he didn't like leaving her alone as her drinking had increased significantly. My brother was away with friends on a camping trip, so she would be home by herself.
I assured him that I would call and come over as much as I could, until his return.
The very next night, I returned from a grueling day at work at about midnight and crashed on my bed almost immediately. I was torn out of sleep about one in the morning, by the phone ringing. Groggily, I said hello.
There was loud breathing on the other end, followed by sobbing.
"Mom, is that you?" The crying sounded like her.
"Oh, baby boy...I miss you so much! When are you coming home?" More sobbing.
Never had I heard her this bad before. "Mom...Mom, listen to me. Stay right there, I'm coming over..."
"Really, Honey? But it's so late...It would be so good to see you, though...Just feeling so lonely right now..." She sounded like she was fading out. Really worrying now, I threw on my sweat pants and a t-shirt and drove as quickly as the law and my beat-up clunker would allow.
Mom had had enough clarity to turn on the porch light...unfotunately, she also left the front door wide open, with her nowhere in sight. I bounded up the porch steps and into the hallway, shouting "Mom! Mom" over and over again. Finally, I located her in the lving room, slumped on the sofa. She was hugging an empty wine jug, some of it having spilled on her nightgown. The room reeked of cheap wine. Looking around the room, I spotted two more empties in the corner. Was this all from one night?
Mom half opened one eye and smiled a lopsided grin. "There's my baby! You came!" She tried to sit up and fell back down giggling...then the giggles turned to sobs.
"I'm so sorry, baby!'t want you to see me like this..."
For the first time, I saw a frailty to my made her seem smaller and all I could think of was taking care of her. I quietly picked her up off the couch and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. Mom seemed to wake up a bit more as I laid her on the bed and she pulled me down to give my neck a strangling hug. "Thanks for coming, Sweetie! I'm alright, realy...I am."
My caregiver instincts kicked in..."Mom, your nightgown is soaked and smelly...Let's get you into a dry one." I lifted her butt off the bed enough to slide the hem up over it, then pulled the whole flannel gown over her head.
For one brief second...two seconds?...five?...I saw my mother in another new a sexy woman. She was wearing nothing but a pair of thong panties under her gown. My brain short-circuited as it switched from caring son to horny teenager and back again. The flash was enough for me to see that she had gorgeous breasts, with freckles on the cleavage and a slight tanline.
Mom's sense of propriety kicked in just then and she covered herself with the dirty gown.
"No, baby...I'm fine...go on home...I can take care of myself just fine."
I shook my head "Okay, Mom...You go ahead and get some sleep, but i'm gonna sleep in my old room tonight, just in case you need me."
She smiled. "Thank you, Honey! That's so nice of you...I'm gonna take a shower, then turn in...go get some sleep and we'll talk in the morning." She looked about to cry again. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight, trying to be reassuring. My hands, of course, now felt her bare back, only a piece of flannel between me and her naked front.
With absolutely no control, my hormones kicked in and went straight to my penis. As I stood back upright, my raging hard-on formed a huge bulge in my sweat pants...just inches from my mother's face. The shock on her face must have been a mirror of my own. She quickly looked away and I mumbled good night and raced from the room.
In my bedroom, I stripped down to my boxers and flopped down on my old bed, face-down. I tried to will my cock to go down...It was late and I was exhausted, so I turned out the light and, before I knew it, I was drifting off to sleep.
I was jolted back to consciousness by a knock on my open door.
"Oh, Honey, I'm sorry to wake you..." She sounded a little more like herself, after her shower.
I sat up in bed and my jaw dropped. My room was dark, but the hallway lit my mother from behind. She was wearing a sexy, blue negligee with a long flowing skirt...the light from the hallway making it almost transparent. I could see her form clearly through the thin material as she leaned against the door frame.
"I know it's a lot to ask after you've done so much, but..." she looked down shame-faced. "Do you think I could sleep in here with you? I-I'm just so lonely with your father gone and I think it would help having someone sleeping next to me."
"Uhh...I guess so, Mom...I'm really beat so I'm just gonna crash anyway. Should be plenty of room."
I turned on my side, away from her, to hide my aching erection. I had never been so turned on in my life, as I had seeing my own mother, looking like a centerfold in a magazine.
She padded softly to the bed and climbed under the covers. All I could think of was that I was in bed with a sexy woman, just inches away from me. Didn't help my boner at all...uh-uh, no, sirree...
I was finally starting to fall asleep again, when I heard her crying softly.
"What's wrong, Mom?" I said, turning on my back. I could see this was gonna be a long night.
"I'm sorry, Honey...just so sorry that you had to see me like this. I know I have a problem with alcohol... I can usually keep it under control...But this time, when your dad left...I don't know... I just started feeling so depressed and alone...and the more I drank, the worse it got." Her tears fell fat and heavy now...and I couldn't help but watch them as they rolled down her neck and disappeared into her exposed cleavage...
Mom had never confided in me this openly before...It made me feel more adult, more equal to her in some way. I was glad that I was the one who could comfort her. I put my arm around her and pulled her head down to my shoulder, just holding her tightly. She let out a heavy sigh and put her hand on my chest, hugging me back. Her hand began to rub my chest, fingertips caressing it gently. It felt good...too good.
She sighed again. "This is what I miss, when your father's gone...just having him hold me like this..."
Almost reflexively, my hand started rubbing her back as I held her. I could feel the silky material sliding across her bra strap to get in the way...
Suddenly, I was aware that my mother's breast -naked except for a thin layer of fabric- was pressed against my chest. I swear I could feel her nipple harden and poke me there!
I froze in place, hugging tight to her shoulder. Mom's hand began to run up and down between my chest and stomach. It seemed I was holding my breath, as her hand slid lower each time. In horror, I could see my boner start to twitch under my boxers. I peeked down at my mother's face to see if she noticed it, too. Fortunately, her eyes were closed. I tried to cross my legs over my erection, without disturbing her. If she would just fall asleep, I could extricate myself from this situation, before both us of were embarassed further.
My mom's breath came out slow and steady...a sign that she was drifting off, I hoped.
"Ohh, ______" She mumbled my Dad's name! "It's good to have you home again!"
NOT a good sign!
Without thinking, I hugged her tighter, trying to get her to move her hand off my stomach. Instead, she let out a contented growl and kissed my neck. Her hand moved alright...right to the waistband of my shorts!
Mom's fingers ran along the elastic of my boxers, the nails teasing my skin. I could smell the wine on her breath, as she ran her lips along my jaw. Then she wrapped her leg over mine, essentially trapping me there!
Circuits were exploding in my brain, shorting out any muscle movement. I simply didn't know what to do! My brain was screaming for me to get up and get out of engorged cock was saying, 'Hey, let's see what happens!' And being a typical 18-year-old, my cock was slowly, but surely, winning!
Still afraid to move, I watched with dread, as the thick head of my dick started to peek its way out of the slit in my underwear. God, how could you betray me like that with my own mother? I shouted in my head at it...but it was deaf...a hand was a hand, a leg a leg....a tit was a...
I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts. I needed to figure a way out of this! This woman draped over me was not only my mom, but intoxicated and vulnerable. I was charged, by my father, to watch out for her, not take advantage of her in a moment of weakness!
Okay, I thought. In her stupor, she thinks I'm Dad. If I just wake her up, she'll see that i'm not him, and back off...mortified. Yeah, she would be so appalled with herself, who knows what it might do to her in her state of mind?
Looking back, I'm pretty sure I was rationalizing why I wasn't pushing her off of me and running from the room. Deep down, I was enjoying this...every guy's fantasy, right? So, I was falling back on the "Don't wake a sleepwalker" defense; I certainly didn't want to scar her for life, now, did I?
In the end, though, while I was listening to the angel and devil argue it out in my head, the decision was suddenly made for my mom's hand.
It wandered from my waist, down my hip and along my thigh. Her fingernails were raking the inside of my thigh, as her forearm brushed against my hard-on. Instinctively, she felt my cock on her arm and slid her hand up to wrap around it. I let out a moan, hoping it wouldn't wake her.
"Mmmm," she purred groggily. "Someone missed me too, I see!" She giggled.
I had reached the point of no return, as her hand began squeezing and stroking my aching cock. It simply felt too good to stop her. I was going to hell, and was looking forward to the trip!
Precum oozed out of my slit, dribbling down to her hand, making it nice and slippery. I looked to make sure my mother's eyes were still closed and hoped her alcohol-induced dream would continue. It did...
Her tongue began licking down my neck to my chest, stopping to make a slow circle around one nipple, before moving lower. Slowly, she turned her body, so that her head was pointing at my feet and her ass moved around to face me. My own mother was getting into a sixty-nine position in my bed!
She straddled my chest, with her legs on either side of my head. Now her thong-clad pussy was just inches from my face. Mom continued stroking me, as her face inched closer to my groin, licking her way down. The feeling was incredible!
"Ohh, honey! You haven't been this big and hard in a long time!" She slurred. Her face reached my patch of pubic hair and rubbed her nose in it, licking around the base of my shaft, as she continued stroking around the engorged head.
As fearful as I was that she would wake up any second and realize her sins, I simply cpuld not help reaching out to squeeze her plump, but firm ass. One hand on each cheek, I pulled them apart, reavealing her pussy to me. It was soaking her panties, the material barely covering her wet lips. With shaking hands, my fingers grabbed the flimsy waistband of her thong and pulled it down over her ass and down to her thighs. She moaned, as if having a nightmare and licked up my shaft until she reached the head. Then, pulling her lips tight against her teeth, she opened her mouth and swallowed half my cock. I could feel her tongue swirl around the sensitive area under the head, as she applied suction and started moving her head up and down.
I had had a couple girlfriends give me head before but they were young and inexperienced, gagging and obviously not enjoying it. My mom was like a porn star, the way she went down on my cock. And she obviously loved sucking my dad's prick. How could he stay away so often, when he had this waiting for him at home? She alternated between sucking and licking the long shaft like a lollipop, small moans escaping her lips and vibrating against my cock.
Well, I thought, I'm already damned...might as well go for fingers ran along her wet slit, finding her swollen clit and rubbing it in little circles. This made my mother moan louder and bob her head faster on my pole. It was then that I realized...maybe younger than a lot of guys do...that the more you please a woman, the more she will please YOU! Teenage boys tend to be very selfish, looking to get their rocks off at any cost. If they only took their time and pleasured their girlfriends, as well, the girls might be more willing to do anything! So, at least I would take away a valuable lesson from this experience!
By this time, my mother's cunt was dripping wet and I slid three fingers inside her. My fingers found an area of skin that felt a little rough, like it had ridges. As my fingers explored it, my mom let out a loud moan and I felt her pussy muscles contract against my hand. As I got older, I would learn all about the G-spot and how sensitive it was. My mother's head was bobbing faster on my knob, stroking it at the same time...stopping occasionally to swirl her tongue around the head.
Feeling like I would explode at any second, I started fucking my mother's pussy with my fingers, the palm of my hand slapping hard against her clit.
"Yes, baby! It's been so long since you did that!" She moaned. Dad, you're an idiot, I thought.
Faster and faster we both went. I could feel my balls tensing, as my eruption neared. My mother tilted her head back, stroking my cock like a wild woman. She screamed suddenly and squeezed her thighs tightly against my head. Just then, my own climax hit and I spasmed again and again, shooting gobs of sticky cum straight into the air to land on my mother's face and chest. Throught the haze of cumming so hard, I could feel my mother's pussy squirting all over my fingers.
She collapsed on top of me, as we both continued to shudder and pant. Our bodies were soaked with our juices, as she continued to rub her body over mine. Gradually, we both grew calm and my mother went right to sleep, snoring softly from the booze.
Gently, I lifted her up and carried her back to her bedroom. Too tired to care, I simply laid her on her bed and pulled the covers over her, letting the sheets soak up the wet spots on her body. Maybe she would think she had a wet dream or something...didn't know and didn't care at this point.
I made it back to my room and collapsed on to the dry side of the bed and went comatose...
I awoke the next morning at about 10am, with the full weight of what happened hitting me like a brick sandwich in my gut. What did Mom remember? What does she suspect? How will I ever face her again?
Like a man drowning in quicksand, I managed to shower and get dressed, every motion dragged out, to avoid the inevitable. As I came out of my room, I heard my mother down in the kitchen, the odors of bacon and coffee drifting up to me. And my mom was humming! She often did this, when she was doing some chore or other but I never expected to hear it this morning! At best, I figured she'd be hung-over...and at the worst...well, I didn't want to think of the worst!
I poked my head into the kitchen, cautiously, and my mother turned and spotted me. A big grin appeared on her face.
"Well, good morning, sleepyhead!" She beamed. "I was beginning to think you were going to sleep all day!"
"Morning, Mom," I managed to mumble. "How are you feeling today?"
"Aww, I fine, sweetie, just fine." Her eyes got serious. "Listen, I want to thank you for rushing over to help your poor, old mother, last night! I guess I really over-did it on the wine. Just missing your father, I guess."
"No problem." I muttered, trying to smile.
"Do you have to work today?" she asked.
"Yeah, this afternoon."
"Well, dig in, here. Got all your favorites for breakfast. I woke up pretty early myself" Her smile seemed to turn to a thin line, as if remembering something bad. But, other than that, it was like nothing ever happened last night!
I almost believed that I had dreamed the whole mom either didn't remember any of it, or she simply refused to acknowledge it. Denial runs deep in our family.
After breakfast and small talk, I said I'd better go, so I could run home and change clothes. Mom walked me to the door and I threw on my jacket. I turned to say good bye and Mom stood on tiptoes to kiss my cheek.
"Thanks again, Honey! You drive carefully and have a good day at work!"
I walked stiffly to my car and dug my hand into my pocket for my keys. There, wrapped around my keychain was a slip of paper. Not recognizing it, I unfolded it to see one sentence written upon it in big, block letters...
Turning to look up at the door, my mother stood there, smiling and waving...

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