An afternoon of awakening for a man and a young woman
****This is my first attempt at writing a story, all critiques welcome. I'll be able to figure out if it 's constructive criticism or just ranting****
****This story contains scenes between a man and a middle school girl. If you will be offended, simply do not read it.****

The pretty blonde, Sarah, was sitting about one foot to his right. She was in 7th grade and had beautiful blonde hair. She had not yet turned 13 and was still maturing physically and emotionally. Not a quick developer, but not completely ignored by hormones, she stood probably about 4’ 9” with the lithe body of an active preteen. Her breasts were more than bumps, but still gave no indication what they would look like when she was an adult. Her hips and legs had started filling in to give her a bit of the appearance of a young woman, but she was definitely still a work in progress. And she was so close. SO close.

She was one of his favorites, always brightening his day when he’d see her and he knew that he did the same for her. It was the reason she usually sought him out when she got there. After School Child Care at The ‘Y’ (no longer the YMCA as it had been when he attended) hosted nearly 100 students each day, with ages ranging from 5 to 17. Donnie was one of about a dozen counselors, or glorified babysitters, who worked there. Each counselor would run an activity for the afternoon until they closed, and they could usually pick what they did and the students could pick who they worked with and what they did. Donnie usually did something that would get him only a few students and give him time to talk with them and get to know them—especially the girls.

Today, doing large jigsaw puzzles in a room in the basement, only Sarah was with him, having been abandoned by two other eight-year olds who lost the desire to concentrate for more than 60 seconds at a time since there was a wiffleball game going on in the gym two flights up. Donnie and Sarah had known each other since the start of the school year, four months now and they had become good friends, but DAMN was she adorable. Donnie never had a girlfriend in high school or middle school and always wanted to be someone’s first. He knew that most kids were becoming sexually active around 13 or 14 nowadays and he wished he had. He wanted to know what it was like to kiss, touch, fondle and then slide his hard cock into a girl that young.

His life had not gone according to plan. He had always been a fun, outgoing boy, with a particular knack for ‘getting’ people—really understanding what made them tick—not just the surface reasons for peoples’ ac/tions but for truly understanding a person’s nature. A very bright student all throughout his school years, Donnie excelled in many subjects, but English was his favorite. He was a voracious reader and loved words—loved learning new words, loved finding the exact right word to express his opinion and, when combined with his insight into people, loved the sway he could then hold over people by telling people what they needed to hear in order to see things as he did. Donnie had every intention of going to college and majoring in English and then finding any number of things to do with a degree that many people could do nothing with—as a speechwriter for a politician, writing for a newspaper or magazine, editing books, or, who knows, maybe being a writer himself.

When Donnie arrived at college he found a whole world he was not expecting. He found a new best friend, one where he developed a deep, meaningful, serious relationship that had become an every day, and every night, thing. He found tequila. Starting in the second semester of his freshman year Donnie would drink nearly every day and night, and as one would suspect, his grades suffered as a result. After sophomore year, Donnie was officially on academic probation at the school. He pulled it together enough to squeak by Junior year, but by then he had failed enough classes where he was now on the five- or possibly six-year plan. He asked for a year off from school, and the University agreed. One year became two and then three and four, and then after hitting rock bottom waking up in the driver’s seat of a car wrapped around a tree that he had no idea how he got there he decided it was time to get clean, grow up and try to join the real world. He reapplied to school and they let him know he was welcome to return to finish his degree and he decided to try his hand at teaching. He decided any job that would involve a lot of contact with children would help him get a full-time job, so that is how at age 24 he came to be sitting alone with Sarah.

They had, well, flirted would be the best term for it, but it was really just him treating her as an adult a bit more than he should have. It started gradually with commenting on her clothes and appearance and progressed to gradually less appropriate conversations. He would also make sure she would see him staring at her body, particularly those maddening firm-looking breasts she was growing, or, if she was standing next to him as he was seated, where her legs came together, displayed by her ever-present tight leggings.

At first Sarah had been either confused or a little weirded out by the kind of attention she was getting and then obviously began to like it and then to seek it out. She had not developed as many of her classmates and friends had and she had gotten far too little attention in that regard and Donnie was cute and he was ‘a MAN’ and really liked that he obviously liked what he saw. It had been her to take the first subtle steps—she was still undeveloped enough that a chemise-type undershirt would serve as a bra, and she would bend over the table, trying to let Donnie get as good a view as possible. She wasn’t sure if he could see her nipples, which were just the lightest pink and small, but he’d probably at least be able to see, with nothing covering them, the small cones that that were her breasts. She would also hug him to greet him when no one was around and would lean in breast first, but that was it.

Donnie didn’t want to get in trouble, and this was potential BIG trouble. He waited for her to initiate further action, but either because she wanted him to in his role as the man and older person or because she was too nervous to actually do anything more nothing more ever happened. But today she was sitting close, SO CLOSE. He could see the outline of her breasts through her tight tank top. Down in the basement it was really hot, so near to the heating system that warmed the entire five-story building. Sarah had taken her outer shirt off, which had been the type of t-shirt with a wide neck that often slips over the shoulder and down to almost mid-arm (think Flashdance).

She had been sitting on his left leg earlier, wedging her crotch hard down onto his leg just above his knee. He thought he had felt her grind back and forth ever so slightly while she was sitting there, but voices approaching down the hall led her to stand up and sit back in her own seat, but they were alone again on the bottom floor now. Sarah’s concentration was intense on the pieces in front of her, a 1000-piece puzzle of Big Ben. What Donnie didn’t know that Sarah wished he did know was that while some of the concentration was on finding pieces to go in the puzzle, most of her concentration was being used to keep herself together. She didn’t know what she wanted but she knew that she liked what had been happening between them. She wanted to feel Donnie before, and feel him intimately so she had straddled his leg. Instantly she had felt herself getting wet, which was nothing new to her—she had discovered the pleasures of her female parts at a very young age; by now she even forgot how, but she had long ago lost her hymen to a painful mishap with a Sharpie.

She had heard someone coming down the hall and mortified that she would be caught on Donnie’s lap and that he would get in trouble for it she hopped back over to her chair. Where she sat and waited. Trying to keep her focus on the puzzle, she kept waiting for something else to happen—she didn’t know what, but something. She loved how Donnie made her feel—pretty, wanted, like she was an adult and not a child like her parents made her feel. He always knew when she was sad or happy or when something was really bothering her instead of just having a bit of a bad day. Not only that he knew her but he WANTED to know her like that and no one had ever cared that much before. So she waited.

She could feel his gaze, first on her face, and then on her chest. He definitely loved her boobs. She didn’t know why but also didn’t care why. They were so small and she thought that no one could even really tell she had them, but from the first day she had seen him looking at them, he let her know he liked them. He had even been so bold once to say that he “really admired the womanly figure she was starting to acquire.” She had decided to not wear a bra today and to wear a tank top under another shirt since she knew he really liked when she went braless. She attended the Y on Tuesdays and Thursdays when her mother waitressed the breakfast and lunch shift at the diner and knew she would be seeing Donnie today.

She was sitting SO SO close and he was starting to lose his self-control. Sitting to Sarah’s right he turned around 90 degrees so he was facing directly towards Sarah, he rested his arm on the table as she lifted and worked the pieces, turning them and reaching to the different parts of the puzzle to see if the pieces belonged there. He inched his arm and hand closer and closer to her, asking her the occasional question but trying to control the jackhammering of his heart to keep it from leaping out of his chest. He knew what he wanted and was very seriously considering doing was wrong but honestly he could give two shits at that point. He wanted Sarah in the WORST way.

Finally, after what seemed like hours or days of anticipation, his arm was in a position finally so that when she reached across the table to try a piece, her breasts grazed over his fingers. She let out a little sigh of a moan when it happened and he looked down and saw two hard pencil-eraser sized nipples poking through her top. What should she do? She could see his hand inching slowly forward and she was both eager with anticipation and completely scare shitless with anticipation. Why did she make the decision she made next? Was it a frustrating masturbation from this morning? Had he made her truly fall for her, telling her all the things that he knew she would eat up and would love to hear? Was it just curiosity about what he would do and how he would react? Did she even consciously make a decision and just acted in blind impulse without thought? Who knows why teens, or barely preteens, make the decisions they do? They surely don’t know themselves most of the time. She sat there, ostensibly contemplating which piece to try next and she grabbed another piece and reached forward again, but this time holding her position so that her breast was directly on Donnie’s hand.

He didn’t know what to do, he was completely incapable of rational thought at the moment and what was either 10 hours or a few seconds later he just acted without thinking. He let his hand move an inch over the table under her weight and found her nipple and squeezed it ever-so-gently between his index finger and his thumb. He was expecting her to say something like “that feels so good” or “don’t stop” but there was just complete silence. It was time to find out what was going wrong. If he stopped now it could all be written off as an accident from her leaning across him. Without thinking he started to gently roll her nipple back and forth between his thumb and index finger, consequences be damned. No more sighs, just complete maddening silence, but no indication at all on her part that it was not welcome and continued to roll her nipple back and forth—sometimes touching lightly, sometimes squeezing harder on the verge of pain.

She was standing, bent over with her waist just a foot from his face and he knew he could smell her sex. With her outer long t-shirt on he was able to look right at the front of her crotch as she leaned over and he could see a dark spot in the tight, light gray fabric that would have otherwise been covered. She was wet and getting wetter as she started to grind her legs together. He was being driven crazy by this girl, not even teenage girl. He had never NEVER wanted anyone as bad as he wanted this little girl right now.

Finally he said to her, “I need to know that you want this as bad as I want it—if that’s even possible because I want this REALLY bad right now.” Nervous, as nervous as a 12-year old you could say, she could not bring herself to say anything. She was trying to will the words to tell him that she wanted him every bit as much right then as he wanted her, but she also knew that it was wrong. Would she still feel this way after things progressed past where they had already gone? She didn’t know but she too was incapable of thinking and instead speaking she looked right into his eyes and stood up, turned towards him and put her left leg up on the table in the middle of the puzzle and grabbed his hand and held it from underneath as she started to grind her pussy into it on the table.

She was as horny as she could ever remember being and her pussy was soaking wet, going right through the flimsy panties she was wearing today, as she did every day when she was going to see Donnie. Most days recently she would go to the bathroom and pull her panties tight up into her pussy and grind them back and forth over her clit to make her cum or at night she would use her fingernails and long fingers to touch as much of herself as she could—she was an expert at making herself cum. She did not need that talent right now though because the tension was so intense, she was so horny and she needed an explosive release so bad that she had barely started to grind on his hand when she felt an enormous orgasm building up. She took Donnie’s left hand in her right hand and brought it up to the back of her head and grabbed her own hair with it. Donnie got the message and started to pull gently…and then not-so-gently.

That was all she could stand and less than a minute after lifting her leg onto the table she was in the throes of a full-blown orgasm, certainly the most intense she ever had. He could feel her soak his hand with her pussy juices through her panties and her pants. She took her leg that was on the table and wrapped it around his right leg and pulled him into her. She could feel his hard cock pressing into her. She knew this man, not boy but man, wanted and deserved his own release so she reached down between them and up his khaki shorts and worked his hard cock out the leg and put it between her own legs and started fucking him through her pants.

She had her own rhythm as she was trying to enjoy the contact but she could also feel him pick up the pace on his own. She really wanted to feel the thick, hard cock head right on her clit, knowing it would be pure heaven so she pulled her panties aside and spread her pussy lips inside her pants as he moved back and forth. He could feel her hand and the increased wetness as she spread her lips for him and he wanted to be inside her SO bad. He wanted to feel how tight her pussy really was and to feel what he assumed was her still virginal pussy clenching onto his dick. He started pressing his cock hard against her leggings and even managed to get the head of his cock inside her, but no more than that would be able to penetrate her because the leggings only stretched so much.

Still not a word had passed since Donnie asked her if she wanted this and those had been the only words in easily a half hour or more—they had been communicating with their eyes and their bodies only. She could tell that he wanted, needed to be inside of her and she was building slowly towards another orgasm but after the first they were always harder for her and often she was left frustrated after hours of self-pleasuring when she could not get off again. She knew that their uninterrupted time together down here had to be nearing an end as anyone could come down at any time and they were very lucky no one had as of yet. She wanted him inside her now too. Afraid of pulling down her pants if someone were to come up quickly on them and not having enough time to redress she let Donnie inspire her.

His hard cock was pressing so hard through her soaked leggings that she needed him and needed him NOW. She grabbed inside the crotch of her pants and pulled and pulled until she was able to open a rip at the seam. She reached out with her hand through the hole and pulled Donnie’s hard cock into it and then lowered herself onto it, feeling it slide deeper and gloriously deeper inside of her. GOD his dick was so hard and it was easily the biggest, thickest thing she had ever gotten inside her pussy but it was definitely worth it.

Surprised by Sarah’s sudden stopping, Donnie didn’t know what to think, afraid she had second and third thoughts already about what they were doing he was going to start apologizing but then he saw her reach into her pants and was shocked when she made access for him. She pulled him to her and as he started to slide inside of her it was everything he could have imagined and better. Her pussy was so tight he could not get all the way inside her at once. He had to work at it, stroking back and forth working his way deeper. He could feel her tight pussy muscles grab at his cock while he started to pound inside of her. He could literally feel her orgasm starting to build and his own as well.

He was still with her, both completely clothed, and needed more. Wordlessly he spun her around refusing to let his cock remove itself from the heaven where it wanted to stay forever. He bent her slightly forward towards the table and reached up under her tank top and began to play with her tits. Her breasts were firm, yet supple in the way only youth can ever provide and she responded to his touch. She picked up the pace grinding back into him and reached up her own shirt to play with whichever nipple his hand left vacant. She grabbed his hand and started to squeeze her breast with it, making him knead it harder and harder. He was ready to explode and he would have except he finally took both hands and twisted her nipples as hard as she could stand it and this drove her over the edge into her own orgasm. Her pussy clamped down on his dick and he could literally not move inside of her as he felt muscles contracting and releasing in quick waves all over the length of his hardness. He felt the accompanying wave of female cum cover his cock and he reached down to sample some with his hand as some slowly leaked out and then proceeded to lick his fingers, relishing her sweet juices.

Just when she was fully coming down he started to pump into her again. He didn’t know what he was going to do, but he wanted to cum inside of her and it was safest to make sure she didn’t cum after he did, to minimize the chance that she would get pregnant, if she could yet, which he assumed she could given her physical development. Her juices covering his dick made her VERY wet and easy to slide back and forth in now and in less than a minute he could take no more and started spasming inside of her, giving her spurt after spurt of his cum. He didn’t know that he could produce so much, but he did.

They stood there, silent. Breathless. Exhausted. Sated. She looked up at him and as soon as their eyes met, she looked down and said, “I have to go to the bathroom.” He assumed that she wanted to go clean up, which they both clearly needed to do.

“I’ll see you back upstairs,” he replied. He didn’t know what he was going to say or how she would react to what they had done, but he didn’t need to. He did not see her again that afternoon. For the rest of the school year she never came over to see him at his activity, although their eyes did meet several times. She never looked away; never looked ashamed; never looked mad. He didn’t know what to make of it, but he guessed, neither did she. She WAS only 12 years old and it was a lot to process.

He was glad to know that he was able to finally have an encounter with one of his special friends at the Y, and Sarah was by no means the only one or most special, just the first that had been able to push him down a dangerous path. And now that he had a taste of the forbidden fruit, he craved it more than ever. He missed spending time with Sarah, but there were about a dozen girls who he had started to build relationships with and with prettier and more succulent girls coming all the time, he knew that his future, regardless of his employment status, was looking up.

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Wonderful sex story. Thanks for writing and posting it.

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Great story so don't stop now. This could have progressed into more but your next one can do that. Don't take too long writing it.

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