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Daughter finds her widowed father jacking off and helps him out.
My name is Cady, I live on a farm with my large family. There is my dad, my twin younger brothers and three older brothers. I have an older sister but she is married and lives else where. My mom passed away several years ago. I am in my teens, in high school; around 17 to 18. I am 5'7", around 118 lbs. My measurements are 36D bust, all natural! A 24" waist and 36" hips. I have long sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes, not to mention a very nice tan. I am a bit of a tomboy, growing up on a farm with all those brothers tended to make me that way. I had never given any thought to having intimate relations with any of my family, contrary to belief that farming families do those things. Sometimes though situations come up and one thing leads to another.

It was a nice spring day and everyone was out doing their chores around our very large family farm. I was going to run some errands into town and I was looking for our dad to see if he needed me to pick up anything. I didn't know where he was so I asked one of my brothers; he said that he thought our dad was out in one of the fields, the one farthest away from the house. I drove out there to see if I could find him. I drove around for a bit and couldn't find him. Then I figured he might be taking a break and was over by the pond; there was a pond actually a small lake, over by that field. My brothers and I did a lot of swimming over there. I drove over to there and saw my fathers pick up truck parked. I drove up and got out of my truck and saw that my dad was in his truck, it looked like he was taking a little nap. I walked up to the passenger side of the truck, quickly opened the door and got in. Well, my dad wasn't sleeping at all; he was masturbating! Needless to say we were both a bit embarrassed. My dad quickly covered up his cock but before he could I did get a pretty good look at it. I was impressed, he had an above average size cock, maybe 8 inches long but it was really fat; a nice thick cock.

"Oh god Cady...I'm sorry...please don't tell anyone." was all my dad could say. He was in his mid 50's and acted like a young boy getting caught playing with himself. I giggled and put my hand on his arm, "It's ok daddy. It's not like I haven't caught any of the boys doing that too." My dad still apologized as he tried to zip up. "I'm just so lonely Cady. You know since your mom passed away I just haven't had time to date it seems." "Its ok daddy, you don't have to explain. I understand you really miss mom and you have urges." My dad couldn't even look me in my eyes. It wasn't until I put my hand on his chin and turned his toward me did I get him to look at me. "Daddy, it's ok. I won't tell anyone and I understand. There is nothing wrong with what you were doing. I'm just sorry I got here when I did and you didn't get to finish." I smiled and my dad smiled back. We talked for a bit, I asked him if he wanted me to get anything from town, I was doing what I could to take his mind off of being caught yet I found my mind drifting back to the visual of my dad working his big cock with his hand. We talked for about ten minutes before I figured I would leave and let my father go back to what he was doing.

I opened the truck door then I stopped, closed and looked at my dad. "Are you going to jack off after I leave?" My father turned red with embarrassment and just barely nodded yes. I looked at him for a moment and I don't know why I asked what I did, it just came out. "Would you like for me to jack you off? I will if you would like me to" My dad let out a loud "CADY! I can't believe you just asked that! I'm your father!" I didn't know if he was actually angry or not. I stared at him for a moment and responded by saying, "Well I just thought you might like to have the feel of a woman's hand on your prick for once. I know it has been a long time..." My dad cut me off, "You are my daughter! It would be wrong not to mention if anyone found out..." "How is anyone going to find out? I'm not going to tell anyone and I know you wouldn't. Also, yes I am your daughter but I am also a young woman." I put my hand on his thigh, batting my eyelashes at him I followed up by saying, "Wouldn't you like a beautiful, young woman stroking your cock? Most guys would." My father didn't say anything, I could see him thinking about things as he did I glanced down at his crotch and I could see the bulge growing in his pants. I quickly spoke up, "I can see you getting hard so you must like the sound of the idea, letting your daughter jack you off." My father tried to adjust himself to hide his growing erection. I don't know what came over me at that moment, was it lust, was it hormones was it the thrill of this being taboo, I didn't know. I just quickly grabbed for his cock, we wrestled around for a moment but I was too quick and nimble and I pulled his fat cock out of his pants.

I looked at as I held it in my hand. "Look at how hard you are daddy. Let me jack you off, please. I want to see you happy." My father didn't say a word. He just let go of my hands and leaned back in the bench seat. Then he softly asked if anyone knew I was with him, I said that as far as my brothers knew I went into town. Then he looked at me "Are you sure you want to do this Cady?" I nodded yes and he then said, "Ok can if you want to." I told him to push the bench seat back as far as it would go and sit back, relax and enjoy this. I started very slowly moving my hand up and down his cock, it was so hot and I could feel it throbbing. My dad kept his eyes on my hand going up and down on his cock for a while then he would look at me, then back to my hand. Every time he looked at me I would smile and ask him if he was enjoying it. At first I think he was afraid to say yes, after all he was getting a hand job from his daughter. After a few minutes he finally said yes I was doing a really good job, and then he said how my mom would do that too for him. I slowly sped up my hand motion which made my dad moan for a little bit. Then I stopped. "Cady why did you stop? Is there something wrong?" I looked at my dad, "Yeah, this angle is making it uncomfortable for me to jack you off. Can you slide over here to the passenger side? I will get down on the floor here." My dad looked at me with a quizzical look but he moved over as I asked. I got down on my knees between his legs, now I could really jack him off good with both hands. I would stroke him really fast for a few moments while fondling his balls, and then I would slow down. I was impressed with how much pre cum was oozing out of his cock.

I started to just look at his bright red, thick hard cock as I worked it with my hand. His cock head was so big and now sticky with pre cum I just moved closer, opened my mouth and took his cock head into my mouth; sucking it and licking it with my tongue. My dad let out an uncontrollable, loud, animalistic moan; "OOOOOHHHH CADY!" I fondled my dad's balls with one hand, I slid his cock as far as I could into my mouth, sucking it and licking and I stroked the rest of his exposed cock with my other hand. My dad squirmed all around, moaning and running his fingers through his hair. All he kept saying was "Oh Cady...Oh god Cady...that feels so good...please don't stop...oh god Cady don't stop...I can't believe you are doing that!" I looked up at my dad, smiled with his cock in my mouth, and then I let it out, running my tongue all over his swollen cock head. "Do you want me to stop or do you want me to keep sucking your prick." "Don't stop Cady." I looked at my dad, licked his cock all over, "Don't stop what daddy? I want to hear you say it." My dad hesitated so I slowly ran my lips up and down his slick shaft and then stroked his cock really fast, "Come on daddy, and say it. I want to hear you say it!" "Cady please...suck..." "Suck what daddy?" "Suck my...suck my cock Cady. I want you to suck my cock!" I smiled and slid my dad's prick back into my mouth. Now I bobbed my head up and down on thick shaft. I slid his prick out of my mouth again, licking it like a lollipop, at that moment it hit me how much I was enjoying sucking my fathers' cock and watching him squirm all over. "Did mom do this for you?" My father responded and it surprised me, "No Cady, she would never do that." "Oh, well then daddy you are really going to enjoy it!"

I guess my dad didn't know he could put his hands on my head if he wanted to cause he did everything he could with them, finally ending up sitting on them as he squirmed around moaning about how great it felt. I gave him the best blow job I ever gave any guy, not that I had given a lot of blow jobs but I made sure my dad got the best one. I didn't know how long he would last before he had to cum which I knew would blow my dad's mind when I let him shoot his wad into my mouth; I loved swallowing cum. The feel of it and the salty taste I found really enjoyable. I felt my dad's cock begin to harden in even more in mouth, swelling to an even thicker girth. I licked my tongue all over the head of his prick while looking up into his eyes. "You are ready to cum, aren't you daddy?" He just moaned yes, his eyes were so glazed over with lust as he watched me licking his prick. I went back to working his cock in and out of my mouth making my father wonder if he should blow his wad in my mouth or not. The faster I worked his prick in and out of my wet mouth the more he moaned. Then my father started to warn me he was going to cum, which of course I just ignored him. "Cady...I can't hold it anymore...I gonna cum...Cady...please...I can't hold it much longer...Oh god Cady...I have to cum...Cady...Cady!" As soon as he said that last Cady his cock exploded with hot jizz in my mouth. I was amazed with how much cum erupted out of his shaft. Spurt after spurt of his thick, tasty, hot spunk shot into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed each one of his spurts as I looked up at my dad. He looked like he was in another world as he just stared down at me, cumming in his daughters’ mouth and I knew he could feel me swallowing his load.

As soon as he was done I swallowed the last of his cum and did have some running down the sides of my mouth. I left that spunk where it was as I released his prick from my loving embrace my lips had made around it. I got up off of the floor of the truck, straddled my father's lap, placed his semi erect cock up against my stomach and wrapped my arms around my dad's neck. "How was that daddy? Was that better than jacking off?" He looked at me glowing with a huge smile. Then he pointed his spunk on my chin. I giggled, took two fingers, wiped the cum off of my face and then swallowed it. "Mmm, good to the last drop daddy." He looked at me for a moment then said, "How did I raise such a nasty daughter." I looked at him a bit hurt then he smiled to let me know he approved of my nastiness. We just stared at each other for a few minutes and then I noticed he kept looking at my breasts. I had the top two buttons undone on my blouse so he could get a good peek at my tits. I thought I would have some fun with him. I covered up the undone part of my blouse. "Daddy! Are you trying to look down my shirt?" He turned red with embarrassment and then said 'well kinda'. Then he added, "You have such large...boobs...I was curious Cady."

I smiled at him then I removed my hands from my blouse. "Would you like to see them?" He said yes with little hesitation. I thought for a moment then said, "I guess I can let you see them since I have seen your cock...unless you don't want to see your daughter's tits." I noticed his cock twitch a bit as he licked his lips. "Cady if you don't mind...I wouldn't mind seeing them." I sat straight up on his lap and very slowly unbuttoned my blouse; I did hold it together with one hand to build up his anticipation. I asked him to pull my blouse out of my jean shorts which he eagerly did, and then I asked my dad to unbutton the last button. Then I slowly opened my blouse and took it off tossing it over onto the drivers' side of the truck. My dad's eyes bugged out and his cock went fully erect! "Holy shit Cady! Your tits...there're so big and beautiful! I think they are larger than your mom's were. How big are they?" I shook my shoulder back and fourth making my tits jiggle before I told him they were 36D. My tits are tear drop shaped; I have very large areola, dark with average sized nipples. My father's eyes were fixed on my tits, watching them bounce around. I played with them in front of him, fondling my tits, playing with my nipples, basically driving my dad crazy. I lifted each one up to my mouth, I gave each of my nipples a quick lick with my tongue then I gave them a quick suck before letting them bounce back into place. I grabbed my dad's hard cock, stroking it very slowly I said, "I guess you like them judging by how hard your cock is."

I knew he wanted to do more than just watch me playing with my tits. I held my big tits in my hands and looked at my dad, then in my sweetest, grisliest voice I said, "Daddy you can touch my tits if you want to." Instantly his hands grabbed hold of my sexy mounds, I leaned back against the dash board letting my dad have his fun fondling my tits. He was really good at it! I couldn't help but start to moan as he fondled me into erotic bliss. He lightly ran his finger tips over my areola, tracing the circle of my large areola. Then he played around with my nipples in a way no other teenage boy had done. He flicked them around, pinched them not to hard, just right. He pulled on them too, all of which made me moan aloud in delight. As he was playing with my tits I grabbed his prick and slowly stroked his cock letting him know I was enjoying what he was doing to me. After five minutes or more, as my dad was fondling my tits, he said to me in quiet tone, "Cady, can I suck on your tits?" I bit my lower lip and just nodded yes. I knew if my dad could fondle my tits this good, he probably could suck my tits to the point of making me orgasm! My dad pulled me closer to him, while still holding on to my tits. His mouth went right to my nipples. He first flicked his tongue across both nipples, I moaned. Then he slowly ran the tip of tongue around each of my areola, then licking all over each of my tits. Sweat was running down my body and I could feel my pussy soaking my shorts. He licked his way back up to my erect nipples, his lips encompassed my nipple and areola and my dad gave my tit an incredibly sinuous suck. I screamed out at the top of my lungs because it felt so good.

My dad went from tit to tit, licking and sucking on them. Now he had me squirming around on his lap, I kept moaning and pleading with my father not to stop; I wanted him to keep sucking on my tits. After who knows how long my dad pulled his mouth away from my tits, still fondling them he began to talk to me. "Your mom's tits were not as large as yours. I used to fuck her tits as often as she would let me. Tit's as big as yours should be fucked every day! I bet they would look great with cum all over them." I looked down and saw that my dad was rock hard again and I knew he was asking if he could fuck my big tits. I was so incredibly horny now I liked the sound of that. I knew it was my father but I really wanted to have my tits fucked and I knew it would make both of us happy. I stroked his prick as I returned his lust filled gaze. "Do you want to fuck my tits dad? Is that what you are asking me?" He said yes. I didn't say a word, I climbed off of my fathers lap, opened the passenger door stepping out of the truck I led my dad with me. I walked him around to the bed of his truck. He had a couple of inches deep of hay in the along with a couple of rolled up blankets. I very quickly threw the blankets down over the hay, got up in the truck and laid down on my back. I rubbed my tits with my hands moaning as I licked my nipples. "Come on daddy. Give my tits a nice good fuck. I think they need a nice hard cock between them and then you can tell me how great they look with your hot, sticky cum all over them."

My father quickly pulled his shirt and pants off, stripping down naked in just a few seconds. He leapt up onto the bed of his truck and very quickly he was kneeling over my body, slapping his cock down between my tits. I pressed them together around his cock so my dad could start fucking them. He pulled my hands off of my tits. "NO Cady! I want to hold them and fuck them myself!" My dad clamped his hands down on my tits and began to fuck my breasts like an out of control wild animal. He positioned his thumbs so he continuously rubbed my nipples as his thick cock worked between my mounds. "Oh yes Cady, your tits feel so good around my cock! I have wanted to see your tits for so long...I have dreamed about fucking them too! Oh god yes Cady, I'm gonna fuck your tits and cum all over them!" There was something I found very erotic listening to my dad talk to me like this, let alone watching and feeling him screwing the shit out of my tits. I moaned back as much dirty, lustful things I could think of. I kept telling him to fuck my tits, fuck them harder, faster, I told him how good it felt having his nice hard cock between them and I wanted his cum all over them too. I said I would lick my tits clean and swallow every drop of his cum as well. As we were talking our talk taboo thoughts I reached down with my free hands and undid my jean shorts. I slid one hand down my shorts and began to finger my soaking wet pussy. With my other hand I rubbed my dad's chest, playing with his nipples.

I squirmed around moaning uncontrollably as I finger myself. I desperately needed to get off and I knew I would not last long. My dad knew what I was doing but he was concentrating too much on fucking my huge tits to stop and take a look behind him to see his own daughter fingering herself. I don't know why but I told my dad how wet my pussy was, then I pulled my fingers out of my hot, wet cunt and slid them into my dads mouth! I told him to suck them and then I asked him if he liked how my pussy tasted. He said yes, I tasted very sweet. I went back to finger fucking myself as my dad enjoyed his pleasure with me. I didn't realize how horny my dad had made me until I orgasmed after only a couple of minutes. I wiggled all over under my dad, screaming over and over again, "Oh daddy! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" He now rammed his cock even faster between my mounds; his eyes were glazed over completely with unbridled passion. As soon I was done fingering myself to my pleasureful climax my dad yelled at me to hold my tits together. I grabbed my tits and held them together around his prick, I kept telling my father to cum, and I wanted him to come over my tits. I could tell by his groaning he was about to blow his wad and then he did. As his prick head peeked out from the top of my boobs he erupted, sending a nice spurt of cum right into my face! He jumped up onto one foot leaning over me and jacking off. "Oh yeah Cady! Here it comes! I'm cumming!" I watched my dad so very excitedly stroking his cock and watching wad after wad of his hot spunk splatter on my tits.

My dad milked his prick dry almost painting my tits with his jizz. He made sure he got cum on both of my nipples and areola. His hot, sticky wad slowly ran down my mountainous breasts between them and my fingers. There was a little bit of cum drooling out of his cock head, I kept holding my tits as I leaned up onto my elbows. I had my mouth wide open with my tongue sticking out, my dad knew what I wanted and he moved forward just enough to slide his cock into watering mouth. I sucked the very last drops out of his shaft as he happily watched his piece of meat disappear into my mouth. He patted me on my head, "You are such a nasty but good daughter." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up. "Hmm Cady, I think I want a better taste of your sweet cunt." I didn't say a word, I just watched as my dad moved down to my jean shorts, he pulled them off and tossed them threw the sliding back window of the truck. My wet pussy glistened in the sunlight. He got down between my legs, patting my small patch of pubic hair. Without thinking I just spread my legs for him, placing one leg on each side of the truck bed. I was still holding onto my cum covered tits as I laid there spread eagle for my own father. He laid down burying his tongue deep inside of my pussy. I looked down at my dad's head buried between my legs as I did I saw that he was looking up at my tits. Knowing what he wanted to watch I did not disappoint him. I very slowly began to lick his cum off of my tits. As he ate me out, I licked and swallowed his spunk.

He had me moaning and squirming around in minutes as his tongue dove deep inside of me before running it up and down my cunt lips then flicking his tongue across my clit. My father took his time eating me out, I knew he was savoring my taste but I also could tell he wanted to build up a huge orgasm in me; which he did. After some time I was grinding my pussy into my dad's face, begging him to make me cum, there was a part of myself that just could not believe I was letting him eat me out and I was enjoying so very much. "Oooh yes...daddy...make me cum...please...ooh...uh huh...uh huh...I'm...I'm gonna cum daddy...oh god yes...oh yes...oooh yesss!" I screamed at the top of my lungs as the most intense orgasm wracked my body, sending me to an all new level of ecstasy. I grabbed my father's head as I ground my pussy into his face as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my body as his tongue worked delightful magic all over my clit. "Mmm Cady, your pussy tastes so sweet. Now why don't you get up on all fours for a moment." Curious I did as my dad asked, I flipped myself over getting on my hands and knees with my ass facing my dad. I kept watching him over my shoulder. He got up behind me on his knees. I watched as he slid his middle finger into my pussy and moaned with approval.

"Wow Cady. I didn't think you would be this tight! You don't mind if I fuck you with my fingers?" I bit my lower lip and just nodded yes to my dad. At first he slowly slid his finger in and out of my pussy; I could feel his finger exploring my cunt. I just mewed like a little kitten as he very slowly and seductively pleasured me. Then when I turned my head and closed my eyes I felt my dad insert two fingers into my cunt and then he fucked me faster with his fingers. "Come on Cady moan for me. I want to know if you like this." I started to moan louder and louder soon I was telling my dad to fuck me faster with his fingers. "Oooh yes daddy...that feels great! Finger me more! Fuck me with your fingers; make me cum all over them. OH YES! I want to get off on your fingers!" As my dad fucked me with one hand he used his other hand to play with my clit which only made me squirm around more. Soon I noticed I was fucking my fathers fingers, I was bucking and rocking my hips to the rhythm of his finger fucking. I looked back and saw the pure desire on my dad's face as he watched his fingers going in and out of my cunt. Then he bent down to lick my wet cunt lips as he kept fucking me with his fingers. Now he had me wiggling all around, squealing away with delight. My dad fingered me to another intense orgasm. As my orgasm hit me, I stayed on my knees but I collapsed down onto my chest and face, my eyes closed I kept screaming "oh...oh...oh yes...I'm cumming...oh...oh...oh don't stop dad...I'm cumm...cumming!"

I rolled over after I recovered from my orgasm. "I better get dressed now dad. I have been gone for awhile and I wouldn't want us to get caught by anyone." We both climbed out of the bed of the truck and I walked over to the passenger door, opened it and leaned in to grab my shorts and top. I didn't pay attention to the fact that my dad was rock hard again. As I leaned on the bench seat I suddenly felt my dad behind me within a moment I felt his hard cock slam into my asshole! He immediately grabbed me by my waist holding me as he began to fuck me in my ass. I was taken by surprise and I tried to turn around but my dad held me tight and kept me from flipping over. My dad fucked my ass in such a wild, uncontrollable manner the whole time all he groaned was "oh yeah Cady...what a great ass you have...I have to fuck it good." He was fucking me so hard my tits were nearly hitting me in the face with each thrust of his cock into my ass. Then he started to ask me if I liked it, if I liked getting fucked up the ass by my dad. I could barely get out a yes as the ass pounding he was giving me was so intense I could barely catch my breath to moan. He would go fast then slow his pace down then speed up again. He kept this up for almost five minutes before I heard him say, "Ok, enough of this Cady." He stopped fucking me, wrapped his arms around my waist and with one motion he flipped me right over on to my back. His cock sprung out of my asshole I saw it bob up and down as he adjusted me on the truck seat.

He kept my legs spread as he positioned himself over me, I had one leg on the dash board and my other leg was sticking out of the back sliding window. I watched him grab his cock as he tired to keep his balance hovering over me then he quickly slid it into my waiting cunt. My father moaned aloud, "OH YES!" As he buried his prick inside of me. I moaned as well as his thick shaft pushed my pussy lips apart, stretching them as far as they would go. My dad laid down on me placing his arms on either side of my naked body. He rested on his forearms as he began to plunge his cock in and out of my pussy over and over again. My dad looked me in the eyes as he hammered his prick into my pussy. I could see he was lost in the moment, lost in lust and passion as he kept fucking me. Then he kept saying over and over again to me, "Oh Cady, your pussy is so tight. I have to fuck you; I gotta fuck your cunt." I just laid there on the seat letting my father have his way with me, I knew he had not fucked anyone in several years so I didn't want to take this pleasure away from him, plus I was enjoying it too. I never had a guy fuck me like this before, it was animalistic the way my dad fucked me.

He looked down at my huge tits bouncing all around, with each thrust of his cock my tits responded with massive jiggles. My dad began to moan, "Look at those tits! Look at your tits bouncing around! Oh god Cady it is making me so hard, so fucking horny watching your tits! Your pussy feels so great!" He now adjusted how he laid on me, now resting on his elbows he reached up and began to fondle my tits as his cock pounding pace increased. He bent his head down and began to suck on my bouncing tits. My dad began to drool as he fucked me harder and faster, licking and sucking on my tits at the same time. I groaned out to him, "Oh daddy! Your cock is going to make me cum!" Then my orgasm hit me and screamed at the top of my lungs as I writhed all around. I could feel my pussy quiver as it milked my father's cock. Then he screamed out in his husky voice, "OH YEAH CADY I"M GONNA CUM!" He pounded his cock in and of my pussy as fast and hard as he could. I groaned back, "you can cum daddy...cum for me...cum for you daughter." He fucked me like he would never get to fuck anyone again. Then he grunted, "Oh yes here it comes...oh god I'm cumming...oh fuck yeah!" I felt a rush of warmth from inside my pussy, my dad jerked around as his eyes glazed over. I could feel him pumping his cum load into me. He jerked around as each wad spurted inside of my cunt. All my dad kept saying was 'oh yeah I'm cumming' then he just groaned 'ooohh'.

It was over all too soon as my dad collapsed onto my chest between my tits. He laid there for a few moments with his cock still inside of me. Then he got up, pulling his prick out of me and he looked a bit nervous. "Um...I'm sorry Cady...I shouldn't have fucked you...and...then cum in your pussy. I...I...I just couldn't resist. I was so horny and you are so attractive." I sat up and put my hand on the side of his face. "It's ok daddy. I understand. Did you enjoy fucking me?" He just nodded yes. Then he said, "Um...was this a one time thing...I mean will...will you do any of this again?" I hadn't thought about that, I didn't stop to think if this was a one time occurrence. It did make my dad very happy, even though it was incest and I did enjoy it too. I guess the taboo nature of what we did made it even better. "Do you want this to be a one time thing or do you want more with me? Be honest daddy." He got out of the truck and let me get out too. I started to get dressed as I waited for my dad answer. "Um Cady...I would want it to be more than once. I know it is was so good. We would have to be careful that your brothers and nobody else finds out though." I smiled at him and then said, "We can do this again, after all you are my daddy and I will do whatever you want me to do as well as I want to see you happy." Then I got in my truck and went into town to run my errands, leaving my dad there with a big smile on his face.

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I dont think it is right to duck ones daughter. There are women outside if can talk to. Nothing is wrong for the man to re marry and have a nice time with his wife rather than having an affair with his daughter. This is wrong

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i will fuck & impregnate if i had a daughter, i will drink her tit milk & fuck her to breed with my incest baby again & again. wish god gave me that happyiness.

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