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Rick becomes one with Prince
We woke Tuesday and decided to call Jim and Mark, and have them bring a few guys from the beach to the house today, around lunch time, we had already sent Rick a sms telling him to arrive about 10.
Grant and I were ready, when Rick turned up, so we told him to use the douche as before to get ready, he was now loving using it, and cleaning his butt for anal sex...

Grant and Rick gave me a good licking, then filled my pussy and butt with cocks, fucking me in a more relaxed way today, Rick now well and truly in control of his rampant cock, was enjoying a good long anal fuck, when the first of the guys turned up. As more arrived the fucking got rougher and more animalistic, with cocks and hands playing with us all, it was then I saw Grant call Prince in, and start to take his huge cock fully once more, as guys watched on, I was being dp’d by Jim and a good sized cock, Rick took on Mark’s huge cock, as the room filled once more with the smell of sex,

Prince took about 15 minutes to knot with Grant, and then the growling, animal noises made guys look on, Grant began to take gallons of doggy cum once more, Rick slipped under him, licking up as much as he could, then turned to kiss me, Mark also joined in, eating Prince’s hot juices. Soon my body shook as both holes took the first of many more loads of cum, Grant licking my freshly filled holes clean of cum.

Other guys arrived and by now we all had taken several loads and every one was beginning to get into the swing of things, as Prince showed signs of interest in my pussy, but today, Rick was going to take his first doggy cock, so without warning, I pulled him over to the bench, and held Prince’s nose at his butt, Rick jumped as Prince licked deep. And hard, loving the taste of man cum in his butt, then with one swift move he was up and his cock, aimed at Rick’s open arse.

I could see the look of concern in his eyes, a 12 inch dog cock was about to fuck his butt, most guys now watching, as Prince pushed forward, and with one good thrust, 4 or 5 inches went in, Rick squealed, but held on, then inch by inch more went in, Prince now fucking him harder and faster than any man had, Grant and myself were enjoying guys fucking us as we watched, Prince now trying to knot with Rick, then I saw some thing that sent shivers down my spine, Rick’s dad was standing at the door, half naked, watching his son take a dogs cock, but Rick could not see him, or even if he had, have been able to do any thing about it, then to my surprise, his dad, stripped and started to rub his cock, closing in, watching more intently than before.

Apart from Grant and myself, no one knew who he was, but his stiff cock, gave away any doubts, he was enjoying the view, as Rick took all of Prince’s cock, the knot stayed out, some time had passed, Prince now making more noises, as he tried hard to knot with Rick, then the all to familiar sounds of Prince cuming, as Rick let out one huge anal orgasm, jerking and shaking around, Prince pounded his arse hard, cum flowing out with ever thrust. Then because he hadn’t knotted Prince pulled back, doggy cum flowed free, as Jim sweep some up taking it to Rick’s mouth for him to eat.

Then to my shook, his dad moved up, spreading Rick’s butt cheeks and plunged his cock right in, balls deep first push. Rick pushed back, and they both got into a good quick pace, then Andy his dad let loose, refilling Rick’s arse with his own cum, before moving back and allowing more guys to have fun.

I went over and said hello, he looked at me, and I smiled, saying how good it was to see him fuck Rick, with a shy smile he said it felt good too, I said Yer, he’s learning quickly, and that this was only his third day doing sex, I had taken his virginity on Sunday, when he came around to cut the grass, he kissed me and said thanks, looks like has enjoying it all. Andy said seeing, as I’m bi, couldn’t blame Rick for being bi too.

Rick had been taking cocks, now for some time, his dad, now fucking my arse, with another guy in my pussy, and Grant taking on a few guys too, all was going, well once more, then I saw Rick stand up, and upon seeing his dad, nearly fall over again, I called him over, shyly he moved closer, Andy said hello to Rick, and he returned the greeting.
Andy said it was great seeing you take Prince, and even better when I fucked you, Rick’s eyes went blank, not knowing what to say, his dad, said he was glad that he was enjoying our company, and then hugged Rick, and went down sucking his cock, this broke any worries Rick had about being busted by his dad.

I said if you two wouldn’t mind, Id like a father and son DP. And you can choose who gets what hole, Rick said begs her butt, and laughed. So sitting on Andy, his cock went firmly in my pussy then Rick began to fuck my arse, both guys took pleasure in fucking me hard, as others face fucked me, it was almost like they didn’t want to cum first as both took pride in making me cum more and more, then I’m sure it was Andy who started to cum first, but both groaned loud and shot reams of cum deep inside my body, laughing as they did, relieving the tension between them some more.

Both fell of and watched me take a few more cocks, Prince also becoming more interested in fucking another hole, so I bent over the bench, Prince took no time, his cock, went in my arse, first push, Rick and his dad, now at ease, began to play and Rick took a few more cocks, as his dad face fucked him, then after one guy moved out, his dad, went around, this time Rick knew, and I watched as his cock, slowly began to fuck his son, this time both seemed to enjoy it, Andy fingering his butt as his cock went in, encouraging guys to fuck his mouth too, Grant then said lets dp him, and slid under Rick, Andy helped him gain entry to his butt, then began to push his hard cock back in, both guys now got into a good thyme, as Rick began to have anal orgasms.

My attention was then taken up, with Prince’s cock pounding deep inside my well lubed butt, he was going flat out, my butt swollen from the fucking he gave me, then as I knew he would, his knot went in, this time, I held him tight, moving with him, slowing his orgasm, then he turned back to back, oh wow, it felt so good, as he fucked me backwards, but both now close to a big orgasm, I came first, shouting out as his knot swelled even more, then Prince growled, the heat and pressure building up inside told me he had shot more than normal, Prince stayed knotted for some time, slowly fucking my arse with his now softer cock, but as always it felt good, then his knot popped out.

I stood and held as much in me as I could, then swatting over Grant’s mouth, pushed it all out, doggy cum shot over both guys, Grant and Andy trying hard to eat it all. Then Rick licked my arse, sent me into another orgasm, as cum run free. Then because of my anal cum feast, both Grant and Andy began to stiffen inside Rick’s butt, then as one, both guys shot their hot man juices free, filling Rick in one quick flood of man juices. Rick howling as his butt took control of him sending him over the top again and again, I think knowing his dad had just cum in him was to much, as he fell limp on top of Grant.

I knew Rick was ready now for more, as I eased the strap on around my waist, and inserted the 12 inch dildo, pushing the 2 guys away, I bent him over, ramming all 12 inches hard into his cum filled butt in one go, Andy let out a wow, as his son took it all, Rick let out a loud squeal as he cum once more. I picked up the speed, fucking him with some force, rocking him forward with every thrust, as anal orgasm ripped though his body, then without saying a word, I changed the dildo for our thick 12 inch dildo, Grant stuck the poppers under his nose and said sniff this, and in one good hard push got the first 3 or 4 inches up into him, Rick jumped forward with this one, but Grant held him tight as inch by inch it went in, and he relaxed more and more, shaking with every new anal orgasm. A look of concern came on Andy’s face, seeing his son being bitch fucked by a huge 12 inch dildo, that’s thicker around than a coke can, but with every thrust more went in, Rick now taking it all pushed back hard to feel the fullness of his new found toy, Grant gave him another sniff of the poppers, sending him once more into a huge anal orgasm.

It was then I lubed up my fist, Grant told Rick to have a good sniff of the poppers once more, as he did his body relaxed, then pulling the huge dildo out, my fist went straight in, I don’t think Rick even noticed, as he ground his arse on my hand, by now Andy was in total awe of his son’s fun, his stiff cock, standing out ready to fuck Rick once more. I played inside Rick’s butt, telling him what I was doing, as he orgasm hard many times over, then I pulled my fist out, and instantly Andy shoved his cock back in and fucked his son’s but once more. I called Mark over, saying its time to dp Rick, with Mark under Rick, and his cock firmly up his butt, Andy once more pushed his cock home, both guys fucking in unison as Rick moaned in orgasmic bliss, I watched for some 10 minutes kissing and getting Rick to eat my pussy when Andy blew his wad once more into his son’s butt, setting of Mark who also cum in him too. I swung around, as both popped out, fisting him quickly playing in the cum, Rick again orgasmed on my fist.

I let Rick go, and took on a few more guys, sucking and fucking them dry, even Rick took his revenge on me, by fucking my pussy with the 12 inch dildo, before fisting my cummy butt sending me over the top, into one long orgasm. His dad also seemed to enjoy fucking me in a dp again, both in my arse this time, until Rick filled me with his cum, Andy just happy to feel his son’s cock against his inside me, then as things slowed and most of the guys went home, we sat talking, about the days fun.

Andy said at first he was shocked to see Rick being fucked by Prince, but when his own cock got hard, he knew he was enjoying the view. Rick also said that knowing his dad was fucking him, felt great and such a turn on, and that Andy was a good fucker too. We all said it was horny watching you both too.

I said about having a big orgy Thursday night, seeing as our friends would be home and we would be returning to our own home after that, and not able to have so much fun.

Jim said that his house was close by and set up for fun any way, so we could meet there, that way he could invite more guys and had more room.

Why wait for Thursday then, what about tomorrow I smiled back.

I can arrange a bigger orgy then Jim replied. But in the mean time we can play tonight at my place if you want, if any one has any cum left.

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i give up sorry

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