Like my other stories, this is based on true events. It's pretty slow, but if I get enough of a response I'll write another that's a bit more full on.
When I was younger I went to a very expensive, private, Christian school. There, I made friends with a girl the year above me called Kate. She had long dark brown, almost black hair and about C cup tits. She was hot, especially to a younger me.

It turned out we didn't live that far from each other, and so we would catch the same school bus home. We'd often sit together chatting; me facing the front of bus, her sitting backwards, leaning against the seat in front of us. I'd sit on the aisle, and she'd occupy the window seat.

As we spoke every day after spending all lunch times hanging out I noticed that as I wasn't looking she would hitch her skirt up, centimetre by centimetre. The school stated that the girls must wear their skirts an inch below the knee, so it took me until her skirt was sitting halfway up her thigh to realise. Thinking quick, I spun around in seat, looking over my shoulder. In the process I placed my hand on her knee to steady myself, and as I rotated further I let my hand slide slightly further until it was nearly at the hem of her skirt. Settling back down, I pretended to act completely normal. I expected her to react, but all I got from her was, “What was that about?”
“Oh, I thought I heard someone say my name.” I'd planned my lie as I spun around so it came without hesitation. She believed me and continued the previous conversation.

The next day Kate was complaining she was tired as we took the 40 minute trip from the school to home. “Rest on me?” I suggested innocently. Without speaking, she rested her head on my shoulder but it was painfully obvious to me that she wasn't comfortable.
“Here, swap positions,” she told me. We stood briefly and I sat against the window of the bus. She grabbed my arm, wrapping it around her shoulders and placing my hand between her boobs. Slowly, I started to rub my thumb against the mound of her breast.

When she didn't flinch or tell me to stop I glanced around the crowded school bus. No one was paying any attention to use, and no one could have possibly seen my hand. Gingerly, I slide my hand until it was gently cupping her boob. Instead of freaking out she pressed her chest forward slightly, to which I responded by squeezing slightly. For the remainder of the trip we ride in silence, my hand tenderly caressing her boobs.

The weekend followed. I was terribly bored on Saturday. But on Sunday my father and step-mother forced us to go to church. Usually I didn't mind church, but I was excited by the prospect of who'd I'd see there: Kate.

We got to church early, like every other Sunday. Dad played guitar in the worship team. Fortunate had really set me up well; I wasn't alone. Kate's dad played bass for the church. We sat in one of the back rooms of the church. Again, my arm was around her shoulder and I wasted no time in copping a feel. Unlike the strict school uniform, her shirt revealed a little bit of cleavage. Not much, but enough to give me an idea. With what I thought was a suave manoeuvre, I slid my hand under her shirt. My dick was pressing hard against my shorts, and I became acutely aware that her arm would have been able to feel it. She didn't mention it, but she did let loose a small sigh as I squeezed her boobs through her thin bra.

Music from the band signalled that our time was up. Disentangling ourselves we headed into the main auditorium to our respective families.

Back on the bus on Monday we sat together again in our familiar formation: me facing front on the inside, her facing opposite me on the outside. Again she had her skirt pulled up halfway up her thigh. Emboldened by the last few interactions I'd had with her, I started to trail my hand up and down her leg, getting higher and higher. Suddenly I could feel the heat from her pussy on my fingers. Bravely I pushed my hand further up her leg until my fingers brushed the cotton of her panties. Quickly checking my crotch, I was glad that my school pants had concealed my erection.

My mind racing and my heart beating I pulled the crotch of her panties aside and nearly died as I touched my first pussy. It was soft, and to my surprise, completely shaven. Fumbling around I found her slit and marvelled at it's wetness. Gradually I found my way to her entrance and pressed a finger inside her velvet confines. My breathing stopped as the heat intensified and I could feel the muscles of her pussy walls contracting. Not having any idea what to do I simply wriggled my finger inside her before adding a second, and then a third. To my dismay and amazement, I fit my pinky insider her. I couldn't comprehend how she was so loose and such a young age (it turns out she had sex fairly often with a lot of different people). Eagerly I proceeded to try to force my fist inside her to no avail.

Looking at Kate's face I saw she had closed her eyes as I tried to fist fuck her young cunt. She seemed to be enjoying herself however so I paid it no heed. I continued to finger her; taking fingers away, adding them back and wriggling them around right up until she had to get off the bus.

The next stop was mine, so I stood up, holding my school bag in front off my crotch to hide my erection as I walked off the bus. As I stepped off the bus I smelled my fingers before tasting them. I knew what I'd be thinking about as I jerked my dick at night for the next several weeks.

Over the course of the rest of the year, Kate and I would sit on the bus together as I fingered her. I got slightly better, but because of the location I could never learn from her because we didn't want anyone to know. And every night as I stroked my dick until I came I would think about Kate. And how I fingered my first girl.

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great start... tooo short lol you have me wanting more

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Great story. Keep writing please. This made me cum thinking that someone would finger my pussy on the bus.

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