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Hi my name is Vishal, i am 15 years old. i live with my Parents and step sister. well all all 15 year i was always horny, always having a hard on and thing about the most naught dirties things. i have never thought of my step sister in any sexual way never had the mind or thought of stoking my john and blowing my load thinking of her.

it all started one night when we rented some movies from the dvd shop and was watching movie late at night. i had a school project so i need to stay up late to finish that project. however my computer is not far from the tv where my step sister was watching american pie part 1. there was some seens in the move where i started to think of the girl in the movie and my cock started to swell in my pants. i was shy and didnt want to risk geting caught by my sister that i am 15 and watching a very sexual movie behind her back. however the movie was finish and she slept away on the cowch, i was finish my project. so i went to bed and i could not sleep my dick was so hard and i cant stop thinking about the movie. so i went to the bath room and started to rum my cock from the outside of my pants. starting to feel slime cuming out of the little opening of my pee hole on my cock head. i whip my big 15 year old cock out and slow stroke it skining it all the way back for the hold head to be exposed. i was curous about the clear liquad cuming out the head i wipe it on my finger and tasted feeling so horny i love the feeling of tasting my sexual semen. then i notice my sister panties in the bath room. very hot black panties. i took them and start to smell them to see if i could smell her pussy on the front of it. i start to lick the front her her pantie on till it came to a point where i put the old thing in my mouth. then i took them and rap the black panties around my cock and stoke tile my clear liqiad was on the front of where her pussy will go when she wears it. feeling my freaky side. i sneak out of the bath room and went outside in the living, my sister was face toward the cowach and her ass was faceing towards me. i slowly got on my knees and crawl over to start smelling her ass and her pussy from behind. she was wearing a mini skirt, my heart was racing in my chest. i want to run back to my room but the sexual thought of kissing my step sister hot body grow stronger. i moved her skirt up and was suprize to find she as wearing a g - 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2014-02-11 20:25:56
well I was going to make a few comments, but it looks like the first five ahead of me pretty well have it covered. LOL

I couldn't finish it either. I wonder what language is native for you? it sure as hell isn't English

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2014-02-11 19:57:57
Paragraphs, capitalization, spelling errors. And that's just from a quick glance and reading the first three sentences. Beyond that, I'm not even going to bother to attempt to try and read that jumbled mess. I will give you some advice though. This is the internet. Use it to find some tutorials on how to properly write a story.

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2014-02-11 18:39:06
You need to learn to use paragraphs and/or line breaks. Way too hard to read like this.


2014-02-11 17:28:23
I am sorry. I tried to read this story but the lack or punctuation, paragraphs and all the spelling errors distracted me.

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2014-02-11 17:12:26
Paragraphs and spelling learn how to use them

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