It cna't get much better
Birds of a Feather, Chapter 12 (It can’t get much better)

Kathy and Frank have been welcomed into the group as family members. His special treat for Kathy was a gang-bang. They’ve just finished their sex fest, where Kathy had access to every cock and pussy in the group. Things are winding down now and they’re about to have a special dinner with their new family before they leave. You’re not going to find a lot of sexual activity in this chapter. It covers some of the other things going on in the lives of this couple and lays the groundwork for things to come

When we walked out onto the patio, we were greeted by the pleasant smell of fresh cooking seafood. Everyone gave us a wave. Maggie come over and hugged the four of us, “Here are my missing children, glad to see you made it. Everything is about ready, just grab a seat at the table and I’ll get you something to drink”

Maggie returned shortly with four glasses of chilled sangria that Helga had made earlier. The other men were finishing up with the cooking and the women were busy getting all the trimmings in place.

The five of us set down at one of the large tables and started sipping our drinks. In just a few minutes, there were steamed oysters, crab legs and clams along with chilled shrimp and calamari. Amie and Morgan had helped Maggie bring out more glasses of sangria.

The food was soon on the three large tables, everyone was enjoying the good food and talking about everything for their favor collage sport to their favorite sex act. Everyone was interested in how Kathy and I were doing and what we thought of our new family.

After everyone had finished eating, we all pitched in and cleaned up everything. When we were through Walter ask Kathy and I to join him, Hank and Brad at one of the tables.

When we were all seated, Walter started the conversation, “Hank and Brad ask me to talk with you two. We’re very pleased to have you as part of our family group. As you know, there are more family members and as we told you before, we all discussed this before you were invited. Both of you have been accepted by all the family members and in a private setting such as this you’ll be sexually free to do anything that’s agreeable to everyone involved. Do you understand all of this or do you have any questions?”

I probably had a thousand questions but I couldn’t think of anything to ask at the time. When I looked at Kathy, she just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Walter continued, “We know you have some friends that you’re sexually involved with that’s not part of the family. Some of us do also and that’s fine. If their names come up in a conversation when you’re with any of the family, it goes no further. On the other hand, you will need to be careful not to reveal your relationship with any of us”

Walter stopped long enough to allow us a chance to ask questions if we had any.

“I think that covers everything about the family for the time being. You may not have noticed but we have not talked at all about work. Usually we never do but this is going to be an exception. I think you both understand that what goes on here with the family has nothing to do with work. The reason I mention this now is because of the changes that are about to take place with the company. There will be many changes, not only in people but also in equipment. Frank, people wise, your name has come up a lot. You may be considered for other positions, with more responsibility and more pay.”

Once again, Walter stopped and looked at us. The only thing I could come up with was, “Thank you for the consideration,”

Walter continued, “The main thing we need for both of you to understand is, any consideration, any offers, or promotions will based on your work and your ability to do the job and nothing to do with anything that goes on within the family. It’s very important that you know that. We think you both are the kind of people who might be offended if you though you were getting special treatment because of our relationship”

Hank spoke up, “One little piece of information we will share with you that you will need to keep under your hat for the time being. One of the reasons Walter agreed to sell our Dad the company is the changes we’re going to make to move the whole organization ahead. You’re going to see a lot of changes, new computer systems, new equipment for the production lines, even a new phone system. Some of the present jobs will be eliminated and other jobs created. The good thing is employees may be moved from one job to another but no one will be leaving except the ones that are planning to retire.”

I thought for a few seconds before I spoke, “Thank you guys for sharing this information with us. You’re right; if we thought we were getting special treatment at work because of our personal relationship, it wouldn’t go over very well with us. We love you guys and we’re honored to be part of the family but we understood for the start that what goes on here in the family has nothing to do with work. We also love our jobs, I can’t think of any company I would rather work for and we will continue to give you our best. If advancement is in my future, so be it. If not, who ever you select I’m sure will be the best person for the job.

Everyone was quite for a few seconds. Then Walter stood up, walked around the table, took Kathy by the hand and pulled her to her feet. He then gives her a gentle kiss on the lips and a big hub, then come over and hugged me. Hank and Brad followed, doing the same thing.

Patty walked over to where we were, smiled and said, “I know you two are going to dress and get ready to leave. I would love to have a lip to lip, skin to skin, hug and kiss before you dress.” I held my arms out and we exchanged big hugs and tongue swapping kisses. She whispered “Thank you for the good time my new brother, look forward to more in the future.

As Patty moved on to Kathy, the others lined up and followed her lead. When Amie stepped up, her kiss was a little more passionate than the others and when she hugged me she whispered, I love you Uncle Frank.” Our eyes met and I told her, “I love you too, my precious one.

I looked as Amie walked over to Kathy and knew she had repeated the same with her. Maggie was the last in line. When she stepped up to me, she also motioned for Kathy to come over to her. She put an arm around our waist, pulling us into her, pressing her large breast into each of us. She turned and kissed Kathy then turned to me. When we kissed, she pushed her tongue in my mouth and almost down my throat. I swear, this woman had the longest tongue I had ever seen. “Welcome to the family my new son and daughter, it can only get better from here on.

Kathy and I dressed, got our things together and give everyone a final hug on the way out. Hank and Patty were the last ones we said good-by to. Patty took both our hands and asks if we would be home Monday night. I told her we would and she ask if she and Hank could come over and talk with us. We agreed on a time, and then Kathy and I were on our way home.

As I pulled out of the long drive and out onto the main road, Kathy took my right hand and placed it on her stomach and smiled, “Our baby”.

As Kathy rubbed my hand over her stomach, I’m not sure what happened, guilt, conscience, shame or maybe a little of it all. My emotions just went wild, tears welled up in my eyes and my whole body tensed up.

Kathy must have felt it, she looked over at me, “Frank, Baby, what in the world’s wrong.” The words just coming out, “What am I doing to us, to you. I have the woman I love out fucking, sucking, eating pussy, swallowing cum, drink piss and I’m doing the same thing. Am I making a slut, whore out of you and a whore dog pervert out of me?” Kathy squeezed my hand and simply said, “NO.” “NO, I asked?”

“That’s right, NO; you are none of the above. You’re the same person you’ve always been. All of these feelings have always been there in you, just as they have been in me. We’re doing things we’ve always wanted to do. We just didn’t want to travel that road alone. Now, we travel it together and I’m excited and proud to travel it with you. I love you Frank Howard, you’re my man and I’m very pleased to have been a part of everything we’ve done. My only regret is that we were not able to start down that road before now.”

It took a few minutes to pull myself together. Then I ask, “So, you would like to keep knocking down barriers and seeking new sexual adventures?” She just smiled and nodded her head.

She rubbed my hand over her stomach, smiled again, and told me we would need to make an appointment with a doctor. She said she would talk with Cindy and Beth, Cindy has three kids and Beth has two. Both of them have use the same OB-GYN every time and seem to really like her.

We discussed our weekend adventure and some of the things we experienced. Kathy told me how much she enjoyed her special treat but her pussy and ass was so sore she didn’t think she would want that much at one time again. Kathy also told me she was sure Amie had a crush on both of us. I told her I agreed but I thought of it as a complement.

It was about 6:30 PM when I pulled in our drive. I noticed the light blinking on the answering machine as we entered the den. It showed seven calls recorded. The second message was from Nancy, my ex-wife’s mother, asking me to call her… All the others were for either Cindy or Beth, asking us to call as soon as we got the message.

Kathy dialed Cindy’s number then put the phone of speaker. Cindy answered and when she realized it was Kathy she started talking non-stop, “Where the hell have you two been, we’ve been calling since noon. Never mind, we’re coming over and don’t say NO. We need to talk and this won’t wait. Beth and Paul are here and we‘ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

Kathy and I were smiling at Cindy’s excitement. Kathy asks if the kids were coming also. Cindy told her Mark, her oldest son, would be in charge and the kids would be fine with him.

I told Kathy I would call Nancy while we were waiting for the others to get there. I took a minute to explain my relationship with Nancy. Although I didn’t get along with Peggy, Nancy and I had always been the best of friends and she was like a mother to me.

The phone only rang once before Nancy said, “Hello,” I could detect the stress in her voice. “Nancy, this is Frank, what’s wrong Sweetie.” I could tell Nancy was crying, “Frank, I’m so sorry to bother you but I need some help.”

Nancy quickly explained the problem she was having with Peggy and THE ASSHOLE (Kathy’s ex-husband, Phillip). She told me she wanted to get away from both of them. She was going to give Peggy her house and a little money and she wanted to move somewhere else and get the hell away from them for ever.

I told her I would help any way I could but I needed to tell her, I was involved with someone and we were living together.

There was total silence for a couple of seconds, and then Nancy told me she was sorry she had called, she sure didn’t want to cause me any problems.

I told her it was not a problem; I just wanted to let her know I was going to put her on the speaker so both of us could listen to what she had to say.

I brought Kathy up to date on what Nancy had told me so far, then switched over to the speaker. Kathy said, “Hello Nancy, this is Kathy. We’ll do anything we can to help you.” Nancy asks Kathy if she knew her daughter. Kathy looked at me and I nodded that it was okay to tell her.

“Yes, Nancy, I know Peggy, THE ASSHOLE is my ex-husband” Kathy said as she laughed a little. There was silence again. Then Kathy said, “No Honey, Frank and I were not involved when he and Peggy were together.”

“Enough about Kathy and me, lets talk about you and what you need to do. What do you have in mind and what can we do to help?”

Nancy quickly told us she wanted to relocate and get the hell away from the mess there. She asks if it would make us uncomfortable if she moved to our town. If it didn’t, would we help her find an apartment or small house.

I ask if she was okay financially. She laughed and told me she was and she would explain all that later.

Kathy whispered, “Ask if we can call her back in a few minutes. I need to talk with you.”

When I asked her, Nancy told us she would be waiting for our call.

I wondered what Kathy wanted to talk about and I was very surprised at what she had to say, “Frank, you told me this woman was like a Mother to you. Did you mean that?” I told Kathy I did feel that way, that Nancy was everything that her daughter was not.

“If it was, in fact, you Mother what would you do right now?” I thought for a second, and then told Kathy, I would call and tell her to come and stay with us until she decided what she wanted to do.

Kathy just smiled and said, “WELL, what are waiting for. Call her and see what we need to do to get her here.”

The phone was half way through the first ring when Nancy answered. I told her she was on the speaker again and we were both there. I ask her how much she would have to move and when she when she could be ready.

“Oh good, you’ve found a place already, that’s just great. I can take what ever I need but I only want to keep my bedroom suit and some of my dishes. I’ll have to find a mover but I can be ready to go by Tuesday, if that’s not too soon. Is it an apartment or a house?”

“Nancy, this is Kathy, Frank and I want you to come here and stay with us and just take your time to decide what you would like to do in the long term. We know what it’s like to be unhappy and we now know what it’s like to be happy and we want you to be happy.”

“I ah I, I just can’t do that to you guys. It just wouldn’t be right.” “Kathy and I don’t agree, we have the room, you can come and go as you please. If you find a place you like, you can move. Until then, you can stay right here.

“We’ll have someone call you, they will pack up your things and move them for you. The only thing we need to know, what would like to have for dinner Tuesday night?”

“I love you Frank and you too Kathy, you‘ve got to be a good woman.” “Frank and I love you too Nancy and I’m looking forward to meeting you.

As soon as I hung up with Nancy, I made a quick call to Dan Brewer, told him I thought I remembered him mentioned something about having some friends in the trucking business.

He told me he did, so I told him what I needed. He told me not to worry about it, she would be at my house Tuesday afternoon, then he added, Frank, you and Kathy are very good people, we love you guys. I thanked him and hung up just as the doorbell rand.

Kathy smile, “That would be Cindy and crew.” When I open the door Cindy came rushing in, followed by Shawn, Beth and Paul.

“Were the hell have you two been, we’ve been calling since noon and no answer.” I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing when Kathy answered. “We were our eating and drinking with some other friends. By the way, I pregnant.”

Cindy was so cranked up she didn’t pick up on what Kathy had told her. “We were just having a fit to tel…tell. Did you just say you’re pregnant?”

Everyone except Cindy started laughing. Kathy nodded, “I’ve got a baby growing right here in my belly,” she said with a big smile.

Cindy turned to Kathy, pulled to her in a big huge, then leaned down and kissed Kathy on the stomach, “Hey little baby, I’m your Aunt Cindy. We’re all here waiting for you. You hurry up and kick Mommy so she’ll know how ready you are to get out and meet all us.”

“Aunt Cindy, that would make you my sister” Kathy said. Cindy hugged her again, “You know you and Beth are like sisters to me and you know Beth feels the same way.”

Kathy looked at me with that wicked little smile as she told Cindy, “So, that would make it incest when we have sex, RIGHT?”

I don’t think I had ever seen Cindy blush until Kathy made that statement but it looked like her whole body turned a bright scarlet color.

I looked around the room, Beth was a little red-faced and they were so quite, I don’t think they were even breathing. I decided someone needed to say something, “Okay you guys, what the hells going on here.

Cindy regained her composure, “Well, Ah, Ahhh, You both know about Allison (a co-worker) had invited the four of us to a house party. We went prepared to stay the night if things worked out. Allison and Brent meet us at the door and showed us where we could undress, and then introduce us to some of the other guest. We found a table and it wasn’t long before a young couple asks if they could set with us. We welcomed them and they got right to the point. The guy, Norm, ask if we had a problem having sex with younger people. We all agreed that we didn’t”

Kathy asks, “Just how old were they?”

Cindy blushed again, “We didn’t ask at first but they looked to be between eighteen to twenty years old. They han’t been at our table long when an older couple come over and started talking with Norm and Tess. The older couple, Wes and Anne, asks if they could join us also. We welcomed them and they told us they were regulars at the house party

I was curious, so I asked, “When you say older couple, just how old were they?”

Cindy looked at the others, “We all thought them to be late fifty to early sixties. The four of us were excited about it; we thought we had the best of both worlds. Youth on one side and experience on the other. We discussed our likes and dislikes and Wes filled us in on some of the rules. The large open area near us was for exhibitionists who like to do strip shows, have public sex or voyeurs. The other rooms have a simple rule, if the door is open, you are welcome to come in and ask if you can join in. If the door is closed, it’s a private party.

“So, which way did you go, open or closed” Kathy asked.

“We talked it over and decided eight was enough at one time so we decided private. We also agreed on bi-sexual play. Wes told us that the unspoken rule was any time you did anal you would use a condom.”

“I assume you all found a room and started getting on with it. So, what’s the big secret here” Kathy asked.

Cindy was blushing again as she looked at the others. When they nodded their agreement, Cindy continued. “We all started a little slow, kissing, feeling, then a little licking and sucking. Things moved on quickly and it wasn’t long before we were eating pussy, sucking cock and fucking. There was some oral contact between Wes, Anne, Norm and Tess.
We were all moving around hooking up with different ones. Tess was really hot and ready. She had mounted Shawn and was sucking Paul’s cock while Wes was eating my pussy. Tess was really hot and turned on. I don’t think she realized what she was saying but we all heard her loud and clear. She was saying, Oh fuck I’m hot, I need one more, I want someone in my ass. Then she ask, Cindy, can I barrow daddy to fuck you ass?”

“Oh shit,” I said.

“Yes, that was about what we said. Everyone stopped except Tess, she kept humping and sucking. Wes patted her on the back and told her to hold up. I think that is when she realized what she had said. Everyone just set up on the bed and the four of us looked at the four of them.

Anne was the one to speak up. I’m Anne, I‘m 58 years old, this is my husband Wes, he’s 61 years old and this is our son Norm, he’s 15 years old and our daughter Tess is 14 years old. Only a few people here know how old they really are. We have two other children, our older daughter, 28 years old and another son 26 years old, but they’re not here tonight. ” She told us she was sorry for not telling us but they knew a lot of people had hang-ups about things like that

Cindy stopped talking as though she had said all she had to say.

Kathy looked at Cindy, “Damn Cindy, what happened next.

“Well, Wes put on a condom, added a little lube and fucked his daughter in the asshole while she fucked Shawn and sucked Paul. Anne and I got into a 69 position with me on top. I shared my pussy with Anne and Norm while Beth licked his ass and balls. We all changed around until everyone had done about everything to everyone else. Now, the truth is the more the four of us though about the age thing, the hotter it make us.

Kathy and I looked at each other but knew we were not going to tell them about us doing that and more. I addressed all of them when I asked, “Is that what you were so anxious to tell us or is there more?”

Beth spoke up then, No, there’s more. Anne, Cindy and I went to get us something to drink and run into Allison. She asked if we were stating the night and Anne told her we were. She asked if she and Brent could join us. When we got back to the room, we told the others about Allison’s request and everyone quickly agreed.

Kathy asked again, “Ok, that sounds like a great time but I feel like there is more, something none of you are telling us. Would you please tell us just what the fuck’s bothering you?
The four of them looked a little nervous, so I knew we were getting to the heart of the matter.

Cindy asks, “Ah, aahhh….WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THAT?”

Kathy laughed, Think about what? Damn Cindy, you said I was like your sister. If that’s the case, what is all the hum-haw shit about? Tell us what you have on your fucking minds.

Cindy looked like she was deep in thought, then took a deep breath and asked, “What do you think about parents having sex with their siblings?”

Kathy was smiling when she nodded at me to answer the question. I needed to be careful about how I answered her question. Kathy and I had already been involved is a similar situation but I knew she was asking what we would do if it was our kids.

“Cindy, we don’t have kids yet, so I can only tell you what I think we would do. If you are talking about pushing kids into have sex, not just with their parents but with other siblings, I would say that is about as wrong as a person can do. If you were asking if I would teach and share things I know with my children, including sexual knowledge, I would say yes. If they asked, I would try to answer. I also think, what works for one family, may not work for another. Now, tell us what you guys are struggling with?”

Paul spoke up for the first time. “Frank, you and Kathy know our kid and you’ve known them long enough to know they are good kids. I guess seeing them every day; we didn’t realized how much they’ve grown up. Shawn and Cindy have three kids, the older son, Mark, is almost 16, Sarah is almost 15, and Lynn, the youngest is a little over 13 years old. We have two; our daughter, Elisabeth, is almost 15 and our son, Paul Junior, almost 14 years old. For the past two or three months, every time we go away for a weekend they ask a lot of question when we get home. Our kids ask if we had a lot of fun, are we tired, how Shawn and Cindy are doing and their kids ask the same about us. They’re giggling and snickering the whole time. When they are together, they’re whispering and snickering all the time, like they know something they’re not telling us.”

I asked, how do you guys feel about the sex thing and what do you plan to do?”

Paul said, “I guess you could say we have already started talking about it. First, about how much we had enjoyed our time with Wes and his family. Then, when we got home, Mark started by asking if we had a nice trip and hoped we had a good time. All the kids were there and started snickering when Mark asks the question. Shawn asked him where he though we had been and what he thought we were doing. You could tell it really put Mark on the spot but not so for his younger sister, Sarah. Little Cindy Junior popped up and said they all thought we had been out having sex with other people. I guess we just put everything on hold and we are here because you’re our friends and we just need some input from someone outside our immediate family.

Things were very quite for a few minutes, and then Kathy asks, “One by one can you tell us how you feel about this.”

Cindy turned and whispered something to Shawn. He nodded then Cindy said,” We have a dark secret that we have only shared with each other until now. From the time I was 12 until I was 17 years old I had sex with my older brother. Three different times I had a threesome with his girlfriend. I’ll have to tell you, I enjoyed it and even though he’s dead now he still has a special place in my heart and it’s more than just a sister/brother thing.”

Shawn said, “I’m just as guilty, only it was with my Mother, it started when I was 12 years old and continued until I left home at 18 years old. She is also dead but I still love her as my Mother and my lover.

Beth’s face was a bright red by now as she walked over and put her arms around Cindy, “I guess we all have our little secrets and it looks like we’re kind of in the same boat.

Kathy moved over, put her arm around my waist, and said, “Okay, if I got this right, the four of you would consider discussing this sex thing with your kids and take it as far as they want to go, up and including sex with you.”

They all looked at each other and one by one said, “YES.”

Kathy surprised me when she asked, “I know all five of the kids and when we have been out to a movie or a burger they have always been very talkative with me. Would you like me to talk with then and see what they know and what they’re thinking? If he would like, Frank can even go with me.”

Cindy laughed and told us she wasn’t sure it would be safe to take me along, because all the girls had a big crush on me.

Shawn thanked Kathy for the offer and told us he would keep it in mind but he felt like they should try talking with the kids and if Beth and Paul agreed, it might be better if they were all together.

They were getting ready to leave when Cindy come up with the question of the night. Tell me something, if we invited you to a sex party and you knew our kids were going to be involved, would you come?”

Kathy smiled, “You‘re a sneaky little bitch aren’t you? If the kids all knew what was going on and they all agreed, the answer is YES.”

We exchanged hugs and kisses and they were out the door and gone. I asked Kathy if she would be pissed if we just took a shower, went to bed and just cuddle, She said she loved the idea, so to the shower and then to bed it was. I fell asleep spooned behind Kathy but instead of my hand on her tit, where it usually was, it was on her stomach where our baby was.

The next morning we were both sore and tender in several places but a hot shower and a quick breakfast helped a lot.

We were out and on our way to work a little early. As we passed the road that turned to Kathy’s house, there was a car at the stop sign. They blew the horn as we passed and I looked to see it was Hank and Patty. We both wondered what they were doing out that way this early in the morning, they were not due to move in until later in the week.

They followed us to the parking lot and pulled in beside up. Patty met us at the back of the car with a big smile she asked, “Are you two having as much trouble as we are moving about this morning. We laughed and told her it was better now than it was when we first got up.

Hank joined us as Patty handed Kathy a sheet of paper for us to look at. It was a draft of the R.S.V.P invitation to our weeding. She told us if we approved she would make copies and see that they were pass out today before she headed home.

Kathy and I were very impressed with the draft and thanked her for all they were doing. Hank said they had gone to the house very early this morning to look at the bedrooms so they could decide which room would b4 best suited for which kid.

A car pulled in behind us and Patty told us, “Your friends are here, would you like to introduce us or would you rather not.

It was Cindy and Beth; I called them over and introduced Hank as our new boss and Patty as his lovely wife. They all shook hands, then we parted ways as Hank and Patty started for the main office entrance and the four of us headed toward the factory entrance.

Just before we reached the building, Cindy stopped us. She told us they had talked with the kids a little when they got home but it didn’t go very well. They couldn’t get the kids to open up and talk very much.

Beth said she had a feeling the kids were already fooling around a little on their own and she was worried about them getting into trouble by not know what they were doing.

She asks Kathy if we would still be willing to talk with them. Kathy assured her we would and told them to let us know when.

I also told both of them about Nancy and of her coming to say with us for a while.

Cindy looked at me very wide-eyed, “You’ve got to be shitting me. Your ex-mother-in-law.

Kathy laughed, “I guess that does sound a little strange but she needed to get well away for her daughter and my ex-husband. That gives us a lot in common and I was the one that suggested she move in with us for a while.”

Cindy said, “Either you two are crazy as hell or two of the greatest people in the world.”

As we stepped through the door, Beth kissed us both on the cheek, turned to Cindy and simply said, “The latter.”

We all laughed at her comment, Kathy hugged and kissed me then headed on to her work area.

I passed old Gus on my way to my office. He was grinning, “I’m telling you boss man, if I was twenty years younger I’d give you a run for your money with that young lady, You better marry her before she gets away.

I said, Gus, you may right about that. I think I’ll do just that. As soon as I got to my office, I called Lorie and told her if she would, have Patty print up a special invitation for Gus and have it delivered to him. Lorie assured me she would take care of the delivery herself. She told me she thought he was a nice old man and she would love to do something to make him happy.

About an hour before lunch, I was at my desk working when I heard my office door open. I looked up to see Gus standing there with a paper and envelope in his hand and tears rolling down his cheeks.

I met him half way across the office, he gave me a big hug and told me that was the nicest thing to happen to him in years. He said he was going to go buy him a new suit and get all dressed up and I could count on him to be there.

I told him he didn’t have to get a new suit; he just needed to be there. He said, “Hell yes I do, the last time I had a reason to buy a new suit was not a very happy time for me. It was when my wife passed away, this will be a happy time and I’ll be wearing my new suit.”

I hugged him again and told him if no one else showed up but him it would be a great wedding.

He told me, “Boss man, I think you’re gonna be surprised. I think there’ll be so many people there you and your lovely lady may have trouble finding a place to set.
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