It was electrifying, her lips were soft and warm yet the flush throughout his body was hot like the sun or was it just in his mind
Ian knew what she was doing. He knew the moment she headed up stairs. It was just like when they were kids. He could always smell it in the air the sweet welcoming aroma that came when she was ovulating though when she wasn’t and was just plain horny it was sweet too but not as potent.

He made himself busy securing the house downstairs turning off lights and making sure the windows were closed and the door was locked before heading up stairs to his room.

It was going to rain. It had been threatening rain the entire day, the sky had been dark grey with ominous clouds overhead. The wind was strong, pushing against the house forcing it to creak and moan against the assault. He liked the wind and the rain and so did his sister.

What Jane liked as well was to drink a particular Brandy that came from the island. He had some and they’d ingested enough for a more than a little buzz, enough to let the inhibitions fall and for the Cinemax nighttime soft core porn to stay on the television longer than it should in fact they watched the entire thing.

The story line was lost on them instead as they sat on the tan couch their feet up on the coffee table each of them had their own feelings as the images stimulated them and sent urges for each other coursing through their bodies.

Ian and Jane had never gone any further than teasing each other. She was the one that did most if not all of the teasing or at least initiated it. It started just before she reached puberty. At the time she was still a skinny girl and there wasn’t much to her but she loved to kiss Ian.

The kisses were innocent sibling kisses or rather they weren’t but they were always on the cheek and always when he least expected it until one day she kissed him on his lips and linger.

Ian was a year older than Jane and already had hit puberty full force, hormones raged in him and the kiss sent blood rushing down to his cock faster than anything.

It was electrifying, her lips were soft and warm yet the flush throughout his body was hot like the sun or was it just in his mind. Whatever the case when she broke the kiss and skipped away a smile on her face dressed in a pair of extremely short jeans and a blue tee shirt faded with age barefoot and lithe he had to retreat to his room to calm himself down

Calming down resulted in his door being closed; the curtains pulled a bottle of baby oil and his hands doing furious work until a stream of hot creamy cum shot from his cock in arc on to his thigh.

This happened mostly when their mother was out. She was a single mom and worked two jobs. It left Ian and Jane more often than not to fend for themselves. They had no problem with it. They were good kids and had good grades and didn’t get into the other usual mischief that kids got into. This was their only vice.

Once she hit puberty Jane became more forceful. She flaunted herself when her mother wasn’t there in front of Ian. She’d wear extra large long tee shirts that she slept in without anything-on underneath.

By then her body was taking shape. She had small mountains under her shirt that would have her nipples hard against the cotton fabric. Her hips were shapely and like all girls with African in her blood in this case from their mother’s side she had a delicious rump that was already out growing her tits.

Ian didn’t mind. He was a butt man through and through. At school he couldn’t help but notice it and it was that he chased. He had some success here and there behind the school after the day was over but he was guaranteed to see it when he got home hit or miss.

On a typical afternoon after school Jane would start first moving back and forth from the kitchen that connected to the living room in their small apartment. It was usually around four when they got home and she’d have something cooking for the both of them if their mother didn’t leave something in the oven for them.

While he did his homework and half watched television he’d watch her swaying her little ass and feel the boner in her pants push against the fabric.

When she was done she’d always sit across from him on the floor. She’d cross her legs and start working on her homework while she ate. The shirt would always ride up and before long anytime she sat up to give her back a break he’d see the darkness between her legs.

As time passed he made the next move. He started smacking her on the ass. It wasn’t playful in the least though anyone from the outside knowing they were siblings would think so. He smacked her ass to feel it and he’d squeeze.

She’d squeal at the surprise but she loved it. She loved it so much she welcomed it and one day it went from a smack to a lingering hand that went under the tee shirt between her ass crack and low to touch the wet warmth of her lips.

Ian was surprised he’d done it.

Jane was not and spun around and clasped his hand between her lips rubbing herself with it.

Ian was a strange one and a woman’s delight because he loved to stimulate them and it gave him a pleasure that was similar to being in them though not as intense. He could spend hours behind the school rubbing a girl and if she was game on his knees sucking her cunt until she came over and over again.

He didn’t suck Jane. They knew their limits and over the years that was as intimate as they got. They were still kisses from her and smacks from him but no more than that even when being alone in the house they had ample opportunity for more.

The two managed to release their tension through porn. Once they got computers in their respective rooms Ian favored multicultural porn. He wasn’t picky. He liked it all and finding free sites was easy.

When Jane teased him to where he couldn’t handle it he’d retreat to his room and sit at the clutter desk and rub his cock while he watched other men pound the pussy imagining he was that man and that woman was Jane.

She caught him once. He always left the door unlocked in case she wanted to watch so in a way it wasn’t really ‘catching him’ in the act. He knew she knew what he was going to do. They knew the signs. He even heard the door whisper on the carpet even as she opened it.

He was quiet as he rubbed himself the only sound being the fan in the tower of the computer
humming and his hand moving up and down on his shaft until he moaned as the cum shot up like a fountain and fell back to his lap and some on the desk.

Jane offered him the same opportunity every time. She always had hers unlocked. She preferred gay porn because she liked the men. They were hotter in her mind with better bodies and their dicks were bigger, straighter and always seemed firmer to her.

Like Ian she’d imagine she was the one underneath getting hammered and Ian was the one doing the hammering though she wasn’t too sure about taking it in the ass though that was the only option for them if they ever wanted to do it.

Condoms too could be bought but they never said it but they were always afraid of leaving the one wrapper or used condom and it was found by their mother and have to explain its presence.

They couldn’t lie to their mother and it wasn’t because they didn’t try. She seemed to always know. It was a maternal thing. Even though she was seldom ever there she was still always there it seemed and always sensed things about them.

Now Jane was twenty two years old and taking a break from her PhD work to visit him in Texas. She was still the same. They’d not been alone, truly alone for years having always visited their mom and her new husband in Florida often but not having enough time to venture towards the old ways but it didn’t matter. They both had boy friends and girl friends over the years but secretly both of them yearned for each other afterwards for what they had the chance to do but never did.

Ian went up the stairs the soft Berber carpet underfoot as he stopped the door of the guest room. He held his breath and put his ear against the cool material and listened.

He could barely make her out in the room over the sound of the wind and the pitter-patter that was starting on the roof. He closed his eyes and focused. He could see her on the bed. Or maybe she was sitting at the small desk in the room. He preferred her on the bed.

She was on her back her legs up and her hand between her lips. He saw her biting down on her bottom lip to stifle any cries rubbing furiously with one finger against an engorged clit.

Ian felt himself hard in his pants. He’d been hard more than once that night and had chosen not to wear underwear under his soccer shorts the same reason why Jane had chosen to wear an extra long tee shirt with nothing under it.

The torrent began. The subtle sounds were gone. If she’d climaxed or not he didn’t know. He’d go to his room and sort himself out. He prepared to move and then the door opened.

Her skin was still flawless. He’d last seen her naked when she was eighteen and showering on the day she left for college. At the time he was visiting having finished his degree and telling her and his mom he got a job offer in Texas.

She’d grown into a five foot four woman like her mother. She had a light chocolate complexion like Ian did, a small oval face and with big brown eyes. Her hair was wavy and on any black woman he’d wonder if it was a weave but on her the wavy hair that came down to her shoulders was a gift from the father they never knew.

Her breasts had brown they were a healthy C cup that looked firm with hard brown nipples that were engorged with arousal. She had a hour glass figure and a huge rump in Ian’s opinion that he knew some guys wouldn’t like but he loved it.

She wasn’t fit or rather she wasn’t muscular. She was a woman with just the right amount of meat where it needed to be with nothing sagging and if any indication about her future then thanks to looking at her mom she’d age well.

Thunder rolled in response to lightening slashing across the sky cutting the night.

Ian didn’t stand on ceremony. He put both hands on her shoulders and pushed her back across the room marching her to the bed backwards.

She was still agile and lithe and she didn’t miss a step as they reached the bed and he pushed her onto it.

Jane scooted to the middle as Ian pulled off his shirt and dropped his shorts.

Like Jane he was shaved, clean balls and pubis but then again he didn’t have much hair to begin with.

She stared at him and he stared at her for a moment. She took him in. He was five feet ten inches tall and weighed about a hundred and seventy pounds. He was built well and muscular though not overly so. It was the right blend and he knew it as did the women who chased him.

Her eyes stopped at his cock. She knew from child hood it wasn’t impressive. She’d seen bigger and even now it probably was eight inches long and not that fat. She’d had bigger but she knew Ian did things other men didn’t.

Ian mounted the bed and lay on her his cock straight and nestled nicely on her slit. He kissed her.

Her lips were like the lightening that streaked the sky, hot and electrifying. He wanted her bad and she wanted him even more.

Jane arched her back under him pushing up against him.

Ian moved on her rubbing his shaft along her slit. She moaned through their kisses the sounds lost in the rain that beat down on the house but he felt the vibrations through her lips.

He wrapped his hands around her and pulled her close.

Her hands moved down and squeezed his ass, it was firm and round good for the pumping.

They’d never done this and should have but always wary of mistakes they didn’t. He was sure he’d have been in her back when they were kids before he knew it spreading his cum deep in her.

Jane came again. She couldn’t hold it back. Though not a virgin and much experienced she couldn’t stop the climax. It was probably because she finally had what she wanted or maybe it was because this was one of the naughtiest things she’d ever done in bed, dry fucking her big brother.

Ian had no interest in cumming yet though he was confident that to cum now wouldn’t stop him from cumming in her again.

He pulled back from her lips their tongues parting the dance that had been going on in their mother. He kissed her neck and moved down to her breasts and her nipples suckling on them flicking them with a stiff tongue one after the other.

Jane moaned her mouth closed pushing up against him.

He took both breasts in hand and squeezed them gently as he moved down her stomach with soft patient kisses until her reached the bald snatch he’d waited years to kiss.

It was wet with her juices and from two climaxes already. Ian set about cleaning. He lapped her up like a dog flicking his tongue on her clit as he did his hands now on her hips moving to spread her lips.

She didn’t have massive lips that protruded. He wasn’t picky he liked them both. If they were big he liked to pull on them and if they were small he liked to hunt them out.

Jane shivered with delight as he worked on her. She had her hands in his hair. It was cut short but she could still feel the curls.

Ian slipped a finger in her then two curved upwards and moved his mouth to her clit and began sucking diligently. He lay flat on the bed and was rubbing himself against the soft cotton sheets as he did. It was something he did sometimes in bed when they were younger. He didn’t do it often preferring his hand but with a pillow under him he always imagined it was Jane and she was taking him.

Hot cum was always the reward afterward that he felt in his underwear and in his crotch. He never cleaned it he’d fall asleep with it there.

Jane came again her back arching up her lip biting unable to stop the cry from erupting from her throat.

The rain was diminishing.

“Fuck me!” She said.

Ian didn’t need to hear it twice. He crawled back up between her legs and put is head on her slit. He teased her clit and watched her squirm. It was sensitive probably more so since that had been her third climax. He knew how it was when he came he could only imagine how it felt for her.

He slipped it down to the hole and she scooted forward down towards him and took him in.

She was hot and tight inside.

She did Kegel exercises.

Though they didn’t live close they shared a lot and over the years with internet and email and texting they knew things about each other that most siblings didn’t share though over time it wasn’t something that set them off running to the privacy of a room to jerk off. Sometimes it was but she’d asked him if his girlfriends who did it were tighter. He’d told her yes and the result she said was that he boyfriends loved it.

Ian was loving it now. You wouldn’t know she’d just had climaxed trice and should be relaxed not still tight as a virgin.

He stroked her slow kissing her his hands around her neck again. Her legs went up around his butt pulling him into her.

They moved together in a sweet harmony.

Their bodies glistened with sweat.

Any panting at expending such energy was lost in the rain. It wasn’t as loud as the first torrent but it was still there.

They hearts raced with delight as the pace quickened and the bed creaked under the assault.

The kiss was broken and Ian changed positions slightly. He grabbed Jane’s legs from behind the knees and pushed them back almost to her head. She was fully exposed to him. He could see his shaft wet with her juices sliding in and out of her. It gave him better leverage and sent his head deeper in her.

Jane’s eyes were wide with delight and some surprise. He was deep in her. Her feet were in the air and it felt as if he was touching her cervix. No way. Couldn’t be but he was filling her.

Pounding down harder and faster Jane let go. She had gone times without cumming after multiple sessions and sometimes she came every time. This was one of those. She came hard again.

Ian watched her face change the sweet pleasure pain mix in her expression as she climaxed again.

He pulled out.

Jane opened her eyes having closed them to savor the orgasm that was rippling through her.

He grabbed her and spun her around face down on the bed pulling her ass up and spread her cheeks. He touched her anus with his cock. He’d love to have fucked her ass but unlike in the porns anal sex took some preparation and he knew that his sister was a virgin to it. Or at least she’d never had a man in there.

Jane didn’t resist. Her sphincter tightened but if he wanted it he could have it.

Ian jammed his cock in her cunt and grabbed her hips.

He pounded her hard and fast the slapping of wet flesh filling the room as it had only a second ago overcoming the din from outside

Jane touched herself. She wanted to cum again. She reached up and rubbed her clit. She wanted to cum when he came.

Ian was grunting and panting his thrust like a jackhammer on the hard surface of the road breaking through.

He wasn’t going to hold it back. He knew in less than thirty minutes he’d be ready to go again. He let himself go confident in Jane’s birth control and he sense of her cycle from scents he remembered in his youth.

One… two… three final thrusts and he buried himself insider her his fingers digging into her flesh holding her fast as if she would escape.

Jane didn’t reach another climax but she knew her brother’s recovery time was quick.

Ian stayed in her for sometime before pulling out.

Cum oozed down her leg and dripped to the bed.

Jane flopped down on her stomach and turned smiling.

Ian was drenched with sweat. He plopped down next to her.

She reached over and turned out the single light in the room, it was a lamp with an incandescent light casting a warm glow all over the room.

In the darkness they held each other. The scent of their incest was in the air.

Light streamed from outside, from the halogen street lights into the room and bathed them.

Jane and Ian kissed.

“Why’d we wait so long?” She asked

Ian shook his head pulling her close. They were locked together again, her leg was draped over him.

“Don’t know but it sure was worth it.”

She smiled.

“When are you going to visit again?” He asked.

“Maybe you should visit me next time. I do have my own place you know.”

He smiled. “You have a boyfriend.”

“You have a girlfriend,” she said.

Neither of their better halves lived with them.

“Maybe he’ll like it.”

She kissed him. “I’d love it but I’m sure he wouldn’t.”

“I know Anna would love this.”

“Really,” Jane asked.

She’d seen pictures of Anna. She was a redhead with blue eyes no taller than she was but much skinnier with freckles on her nose.

Ian nodded.

“Isn’t she coming over tomorrow for dinner?” Jane asked.

Ian nodded.

“Maybe we should save the second round for then,” she said.

He rolled her on her back and was on her. “I got plenty for tonight and tomorrow.”

“Well let’s go energizer.”
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