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I begin teaching my son
I took my time in the shower as I thought about what I was going to say to Timmy. I was sure that all he was thinking about was how soon he could fuck me again. I had to convince him that the only reason I was doing this was to help him learn to make love to a woman. Knowing how much I wanted to fuck him again I did not know if I could convince him I was only doing it to teach him. I thought about what else I had to teach him and decided that by telling him about what I intended to teach him would make it seem more like a lesson.

I decided to dress in a summer dress, without a bra but with panties like I usually did in the summer. I put my wet hair in a ponytail and went to the kitchen in bare feet. Timmy was sitting on a stool at the breakfast bar with only a towel around his waist. He did not hear me coming and I stopped to contemplate. I was sure I was right. He was thinking about fucking me on the table or counter. As I stepped up beside him I looked down to his lap. The towel was tented indicating his aroused condition.

“Well, what would you like for breakfast?” I asked.
“I already made coffee. I am hungry but you don’t have to fix anything special,” he replied.

I was right…all he can think of is fucking. “I’m so hungry I’m going to make us bacon and eggs. Think I’ll have three eggs. How many do you want?”

“Three, I guess,” he mumbled.

I was at the stove with my back to him as I put the bacon in the skillet. I glanced over my shoulder and saw he was looking down at my feet and legs. “Get six eggs out of the frig,” I said. I watched as he attempted to hold the towel in place and get six egg in his hands. He placed the eggs on the counter where I indicated and started to return to his stool. “Either forget the towel or go get some shorts on. Either way won’t bother me,” I said as I put bread in the toaster. I did not look back to see what he did. After turning over the bacon I turned to Timmy. “Want to get me the butter?” I asked.

I watched as he stood, laid the towel over the stool, and walked to the frig. His boner was sticking out like a weapon ready for action. The toast popped up as he was bringing the butter to me and I turned my back to him. He placed the butter tub on the counter, stepped up behind me pressing his boner to my lower back, reached under my arms taking a breast in each hand, and kissed me on the side of my neck. “Now you are trying to be romantic,” I said.

“I am just trying to say I love you,” he insisted as he squeezed my breast and kissed me again.

“I know you love me. You don’t need to do this to show me you love me. What you want is to fuck me right now. Admit it, the fact is that all you can think about is fucking me,” I said as I concentrated on buttering the toast.

He retreated to the stool on the other side of the breakfast counter. “I’m sorry mom. That is all I can think of.”

“Pour us some coffee,” I told him. He got two cups down from the cupboard and filled them at the coffee pot. As I removed the bacon from the skillet I said, “You are a normal man. If you were not thinking that, I would say you are not normal after what we did last night.” After cracking the eggs into the skillet and salt ‘n peppering them I turned to face Timmy and said, “We are going to talk about the other things that I am going to teach you before we do anything else.”

“Gee, what else is there?” he asked.

“Have you ever heard about oral sex?” I asked as I turned back to the eggs.

“Well yeah but…”

“But what?” I asked wheeling around to face him.

“I didn’t think we would do that,” he said very softly.

“Because I am you mother and you don’t like to think that I have ever had a dick in my mouth,” I said.

“Well, yeah I guess,” he murmured.

I turned back to the eggs and began removing them from the skillet. “If you are going to be good at making love you will have to learn how to pleasure a woman in ways other than sticking you dick in her twat.”

“Gee mom, I thought only guys and slutty girls talked like that,” he said.

“I’m using words you understand aren’t I?”

“Yeah but gee…”

I interrupted him by asking, “Would you rather I used penis and vagina?”

“I don’t know?” he said apologetically.

I placed the plates on the table and said, “After we eat I will give you the best blow job you will ever have and then I will teach you how to eat pussy so you will know what a woman likes.”

“Mom…god...gee mom…I never…oh god…”

I really had him flustered. “Don’t you want to do those things?”

“Well sure but…”

He could not seem to finish a sentence. I finished it for him, “But it does not seem right doing it with your mother.”

“That is not it at all. What does not seem right is you talking about doing it.”

“Okay I got you now. Let me tell you I was a lot younger than you when I sucked my first dick. I did not do a very good job the first time. But with practice I learned how to do a good job. What I am going to do is show you how I did it that first time and then show you how it should be done. That way if you find that special girl hasn’t learned how to give a good blow job you can teach her.”

He was now rapidly shoveling his eggs into his mouth and listening intently to me. I was silent for a while as I ate my eggs. I continued by saying, “Once we get the blowjob out of the way we will spend the rest of the morning teaching you the many ways to pleasure a woman without fucking her. Once I had a guy pleasure me for three straight hours. God that was fine.” Every time I thought of that time I got excited like I was as I talked to my son.

“Who was that?” he asked.

“You don’t want to know. After I am convinced you know how to properly pleasure a woman we will have to fuck to finish off the lesson. We will try a different position so you can learn something new.”

“Different position?” he asked.

“Yes, a different position. Different positions give different sensations and keep you from getting bored,” I explained. I finished off my eggs and bacon and sipped my coffee.

“I was wondering ah…” he hesitated, looking down at his plate as if he was embarrassed.

“Go ahead you can ask me anything,” I assured him.

“Well I ah…how many guys have you had sex with?” he asked.

“Oh my, you really want to know?” I asked. He nodded. “Counting you?” He nodded. I counted off on my fingers as I pretended to remember all of them. When I got to 9 I looked up and said, “You know I think I am not going to answer that because it is better you not know. But this one,” I held up my middle finger, “was your father.”

“Um mom, did you ever love my dad?”

“Yes I did. He was a fine man until he started hitting me. The first punch knocked all the love out of me but I might have forgiven him if he hadn’t hit you. I don’t think I ever thanked you for stopping him.”

“I ah…I thought I killed him when he didn’t move. I pulled him off onto the floor and he didn’t move. I hit him harder that I meant to. I was so relieved when the cop said, ‘He’s alive.’”

“I’m glad you didn’t kill him,” I said as I thought about how little we had talked about his father. I reached across the table to hold his hand. Then I said cheerily, “Hey listen, let’s talk about him another day. This day we have some lessons to learn.”

His expression instantly changed from pain to pleasure. “Okay!” he nearly shouted.

“Okay!” I shouted back. “I have to go pee. I’ll meet you on the living room couch.”

____Note to the reader: We will finish this later.

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-300, no part 4 it has been a few yrs. U get scared off?


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Good story keep it up.

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