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I am such a horny girl
I have always been very attracted to older white men. I lay in bed at night having fantasies about their cocks pounding in my sweet brown cunt. The thought of having their cocks taking them in my mouth past my tongue to the back of my head, and tasting the sweet and salty loads they eject down my throat sends me into multiple orgasms. I wanted to fuck so badly and I got my wish, but I'll start at the beginning.

My nineteenth birthday had just passed. I was no longer shy since my body had really filled out. My body was always petite but now I had curves and my breasts were 34c. My black hair hung level with my nipples. I received plenty of compliments on my smile and almond shaped brown eyes. These compliments came from young black boys around my neighborhood. There was nothing wrong with compliments I just wanted them from men, older men that knew how to fuck my cunt.
I graduated from high school a year ago and still hadn't made any college plans. I lived with my mom and she was unemployed. She was a very old fashioned lady so it was always so boring being at home with her and I couldn't go out with friends because I didn't have any. People in the neighborhood didn't like me because I talked like a girl from the suburbs but I was living on the east side. I'm not sure exactly the time the thought hit me but we were having dinner in the kitchen.

"Mom how come we never go out?" She shifted in her seat with an annoyed look on her face.

"How many times do we have to have this conversation?"

"Can we go for a drive?"

"Drive where Ania? There's no place to go."

"See you always say that. I want to go to the mall see the countryside anything to get out of the house."

"Well I enjoy my house and I'm fine staying right here."

"You are so boring! Why am I even having this conversation with you?"

"I don't know but you can shut up now."

"You get on my nerves!"

I shoved my chair aside and ran into my room. It was the only place in the house that I liked. I had posters of male models and actors on my walls. It turned me on to undress in my room, it felt like the eyes of the posters were watching me with a secret hunger for my body. I let my jeans slide down and started to pull on my nipples. My clit begins to grow hot begging for attention so I inserted two fingers deep inside my pussy and wiggled them around. A tingling started inside me, juices begin to coat my fingers and run down my hand.

Usually after an argument I just blast rock music and paw through a magazine. This time I discovered a whole new way to release some tension. While still wiggling my fingers I begin to rub my clit with my thumb, at the same time imagining the model sticking his cock in and out of my hot puss. It never took long to get me off so I stopped for a minute for the tingling to die down. Then I sat on the bed with my fingers pointing up and started to ride them going up and down. As my cunt slit got dripping wet I plunged in two more fingers. I now fucked myself with four fingers while stimulating my clit with my thumb. The tingling sensation rose and swept though my entire body. I fell over on the bed I had just experienced an orgasm.

Although I had just made myself feel so good, I hadn't forgotten about my mother. She wasn't going to get away with rejecting my suggestion.

I waited in my room until the late afternoon. My mother had just sat down to watch t.v. on the couch. That’s when I dashed out the back door, I still had the keys to the car from the day before because she made me drive her around like a chauffer. So I got in the car and shifted the gear to neutral. The car began to roll down the drive. I waited until it got out to the street and started the engine.

This will teach her a lesson. I was so pissed that I wasn't focused on where I was driving. I drove out of the street and out of the city. My brain didn't click on until I saw corn fields along the road.

"Where the fuck am I?"

A feeling like my death was coming soon rose in the pit of my stomach.

"Where am I? Oh shit I'm lost." I said repeatedly.

The corn field ended and woods came up. I turned to look out of the passenger window then I twisted to look out the back. I turned my head back to look at the road and a deer scurried out in front of the car and just stood there. I swerved and slammed on the brake. The car skidded and I lost control BAM! I crashed and the air bag inflated in my face. I sat there for a moment dazed then I opened the car door and stood. Besides my neck being stiff I didn't have a scratch. To bad I couldn't say the same for the car the entire front end was smashed in on a tree.

"Oh shit now I'm dead!"

My mother was going to blow her top when she saw this I was better off not even going back home. But where could I go now? The only person on the road was me. I couldn't spot any houses or anything. I was in deep shit. I crashed the car into a tree that was at the edge of the woods maybe I could walk to the other side and get help. That was my only option, I started walking the moon was full so it lit my way thorough the woods. The deeper I went the more branches grew closer together and blocked out the light.

The heels of my sandals started sinking into the mud. I guess my outfit was a little over done I had on diamond earrings, low rider jeans, and a tight fitting top with a matching hand bag. I couldn't help the fact that I believed in looking my best where ever I went. Neither could I stop worrying about what my mother was going to do to me once I got home. As I walked my foot landed on top of a lump, it let out a loud snarl. I looked down to see that I had stepped on the tail of a raccoon. I leaped back and lost my balance landing on my face in the mud.

"Ugh." I moaned.

Just as I begin picking myself up a blinding light shone in my face. I held up my hand to shield my eyes. Two silhouettes are the only thing I could make out, one was holding a flashlight in my face.
The flashlight is lowered. Two white men are now standing before my eyes. The one holding the flashlight had dirty blond hair blue eyes a square jaw and a strong chiseled body. He was tall at least 6'2". I wonder if he has a big cock. I felt my pussy moisten at the thought.
The man standing next to him was about 5'9" he had dark hair and a straight pointed nose. I've always found that kind of nose sexy on some white men. I could tell by their silence that they were checking me out as well. Maybe my days of being a horny little black girl was gonna pay off?

"Uh what are you doin out ere?" the dark haired guy asked.

"My my car crashed....into a tree."

I picked myself up and tried to brush the mud from my jeans. They watched me like I was a t.v. show. The heels on my sandals begin to sink into the mud again. I would of fell down but the blond reached out and grabbed my arm.

"Thanks." I said smiling.

"What are you doing out here in heels anyway?" he asked. Surprisingly he didn't have a country accent.

"Actually I'm here by mistake."

"What's your name?"

"My name is Ania."

"Hi my name is Tim and this is my cousin Randy." He motioned toward the dark haired guy.

"Hello." I shook both their hands. Randy's hand was rough and Tim's hand was large and strong.

"Do you need a doctor?"

"No I'm fine it's my car that needs all the help."

"Do you mind showing us where it is?"


I lead them through the woods. Tim walked beside me but Randy walked behind us. I could feel his eyes on my ass so I tried to wiggle it a little to really give him something to think about.

She was shaking her ass to tease me she was a little cock tease I could tell right away. I saw the horny glare in her eyes right from the start that young hot bitch is gonna get what's coming to her. I'm going to fuck her black asshole so hard she won't be able to stand no more. Then she'll be hooked begging to suck down my cum.

We made it back to the road in no time having a flashlight made it alot easier. My car was still in the same place impaled by the tree.

"There it is." I pointed.

"Ohh wee we're going to need a tow truck to get this sucker off." Tim stated.

She probably has pointy nips too. I should lift up her shirt and take a look, punish her for being a tease.

"Randy what do you think?"

He didn't even hear me talking, Randy's eyes seemed to burn into Ania who was not paying attention thank God for that. I remember that look he had to well, it was only one other time I'd seen him make it at a girl. That girl we both raped behind a barn it felt so good that young cunt riding my cock while Randy stuck his dick in her ass. My cock begin to stiffen at the sweet memory but we couldn't do it again this girl looked too young.

"How old are ya?" Randy asked as if reading my mind.

"Huh me?" Ania spun around to face Randy.

"Yeah you." His tone is stern.

"I'm nineteen."

"Your twat is legal." Randy said aloud.

"What did you say?" Ania's eyebrows lowered.

"He said you're not bilingual." I moved next to Randy. I was tired of apologizing for him.

Ania looked at our faces suspiciously.

"Are you going to get my car towed or what?"

"Maybe if ya learn some manners." Randy responded.

Ania inhaled deeply.

"Would you please call someone to tow my car?"

"No. Not until I teach ya the proper way ta ask." Randy responded. He walked up to Ania and grabbed hold of her shirt.

"Get off of me!"

Ania begin thrashing her arms like a drowning swimmer but it was no use Randy shoved her into the woods.

"Take off your clothes lil girl !" Randy barked.


Ania tried to run away but Randy was one step ahead. He grabed her by her leg and she fell knocking the air out of her lungs. She turned over on her back struggling to suck in air. I kind of felt sorry for her but the throbing of my cock soon made the pitty float away. This was wrong but it felt so good.

"Take em off now I ain't askin again !" Randy said.

"Please mister I'm sorry for being rude. Don't hurt me please."Ania begin to sob.

"Fuck it !" Randy takes off his belt.

"No no !" Ania holds up her hands to shield her body as tears pour from her eyes.

"You're a bad lil tease now master's gonna have ta punish ya."

Randy lifts the belt above his head and brings it down SNAP it hits her in the face.

"I'm sorry I'm sorry okay." Ania seems to come to her senses.

Ania wipes her tears with the back of her hand and unbuckles her jeans sliding them to her ankles.

"Turn around so I can have a look." Randy raises his belt.

Ania quickly turns with her back in our direction. She's wearing a pretty pink thong. Randy reaches out and squeezes one of her soft brown ass cheeks in his hand.

"I 've never done a black girl before." I blurted

"Me neither. Is this ya first time sweetheart?" Randy asked.

"No." Ania answers in a low tone.

"I mean ya first time with a white guy!"

"No!" Ania sniffles.

"Every time I ask ya a question you better answer wit master at the end of the sentence or else I'm gonna whip yo ass raw. You understand me lil girl?"


"That's good that's how I like it. Now you like white men huh?

Randy starts rubbing his belt over Ania's brown smooth back and bottom.

"Yes master."

"See I knew that. Turn around and take off your shirt."

Ania turned and slowly pulled her shirt over her head.

"Not movin fast enough."

Randy snatches it off and tosses it on the ground. Ania has an incredible body she could be a Victoria Secret model. Her breast were so voluminous that they sat perfectly in her bra ,she had a perfect small waist and hips, nice round ass and maybe even a small cunt slit. Boy I wanted to explore her inside and out every inch. I wanted to fuck her so bad my cock had never felt so swollen in my life.

"Take off the bra too girl speed it up."

Randy shook his belt as a warning. Ania knew he meant business so she took off her bra as well.

"Would ya look at these nips! Are you gonna join the fun or just stand and stare?"

As I got next to Randy I could see Ania's nipples were round and pointy they seemed to reach out begging for some licking. I couldn't stand to wait an longer I ripped Ania's thong away in one swift swoop of my hand. At the same time Randy wrapped the belt around her neck and tugged her deeper into the woods. We walked until we found a nice clear spot.

"Get on ya knees slave." Tim commanded.

Ania slowly dropped to her knees in front of Tim. She looked up at his face awaiting instructions.

"You know what ta do slut."

Ania unzipped Tim's pants and stuck her hand inside.

"Find the prize."

Did I want this? I was too afraid to think. This was my dream to be at a white man feet obeying his every wish but at the same time it wasn't. I was naked in the woods being used as a sex slave. I felt so ashamed that I blushed, they would have seen it but my skin is brown.

It didn't take long to find his cock. As soon as I got my hand around it Tim leaned his head back.

"Yeah. Suck it"

It felt so hot in my hand as I pulled it out through his zipper. His cock was twelve inches long and nearly four wide. Tim's hard shaft leaked precum from the tip. I suddenly wanted to suck it so bad just wanted to feel it between my jaws. I stuck out my tongue licking the pre cum from his pee hole. I took him in my mouth slurping on his cock. I'd done this with my past boyfriends so I was very good at sucking cock. I worked my tongue rolling it up and over the sides. Then I plunged him back into my mouth tightening my lips on his cock meat.

"Ooooohhhhh." he moaned.

Randy rubbed my face with his cock and smeared precum across my cheek.

"Get to it sweet cheeks."Randy said.

When I looked over Randy had his pants off and held his cock in his hand. It was bigger than Tim's, nine inches in length and five in length. My eyes almost leaped from the sockets. My jaw dropped and Randy saw his chance. He stuck that monster cock into my mouth. I could barely hold it inside.

"Take it all ya lil whore." Randy stroked my head.

My jaws started to ache my mouth was open as far as it would go.

"Don't forget me." Tim said.

I held both their cocks in each hand. I sucked Tim while I stroked Randy. I switched back and forth cock to cock. Then I tried to suck both heads into my mouth at the same time. My clit was tingling like crazy and my puss was so juicy it just ached to be fucked, I had to fight the urge this was against my will I kept telling myself.

"Ummmm." escaped my lips.

"The lil cock tease likes this."

Randy squeezed one of my tits while looking at me. As I switched to sucking him and jacking on Tim, he only seemed to want more.

"I love seein yo brown lips on my pecker."

Randy holds Ania's head and slams his cock into her mouth.

I felt it crash into the back of my throat. I started gagging and struggled but he held me tight. He just kept ramming his cock in and out, it blocked my throat so I couldn't breathe every time he entered. My eyes begin to tear up.

"Oh yes girl yes."

His body tensed up and I tasted his hot sweet and sour cum as it gushed out into my throat.


Randy rubbed his cock against my tongue until he had emptied his nut sack. I opened my mouth to spit on the ground.

"Don't even try it. Swallow it down slut."

I closed my eyes and let the bitter fluid slide down my throat.

"Time to get in that twat."

I love big cocks but in their case I was afraid that it might tear my pussy.

"You want the front or back?" Tim asked.

"I always take the ass first. Plus she was shakin it in my face earlier so she'd agree." Randy replied.

The thought of them both stretching my asshole and cunt slit to the max made me even wetter. I started fingering my fuck box right there in front of them. I licked my fingers covering them in saliva and put them back inside.

Randy looks at Tim.

"Hey this is one hot bitch."

"Come on master." I begged.

Tim lifted me up up until my legs rested on his shoulders. I had nothing to hold on to and he started eating my pussy. He started using his tongue in a circular motion then grinding it into my clit. The tingle that began was like an electric shock and I wanted more. I wrapped my hands around his head, holding his face into my cunt. I started moving my pelvis grinding my clit against the tip of his nose forcing his tongue into my hole. His tongue slipped inside going deep and still deeper then in and out tongue fucking my cunt slit. Before I knew it I was throwing my head back cuming. It felt so good plus the sight of him a white man lapping at my black puss sends me into a tunnel of lust.

Before I could watch further Randy grabbed me from behind and pulled bending me over backward. Tim's cock almost touched the back of my head I was back so far. Randy stuck his cock in my mouth and I sucked him bent over upside down with my legs still wrapped around Tim's neck while he still ate me. I felt Randy's soft prick instantly grow in my mouth. In minutes he reached maximum hardness.

Tim lead me by the hand over to a sawed off tree trunk. He sat down and placed my hands on his cock. I jerked him using both hands every time I brought my left hand up and over his cock head I brought down my right jerking with one hand then the other. At the same time Randy stuck two fingers in my asshole.


I hadn't been fucked there in about a year that's because I hated doing it.
Randy tried to stick his fingers in again.


The moment I turned to push Randy away Tim held my hands behind my back.

"That wasn't nice." Randy said.

Tim started kicking my legs apart he kicked them so far apart that if I moved I would fall and do a split.

"Now what ya gonna do?" Randy smiled.

Tim's grip tightened as Randy kneeled down in front of me and begins nibbling on my inner thigh.

"Are you ready for this?" Tim whispered.

I was horny yet afraid. I could not stop my pussy juice from dribbling down my thighs. Randy must have seen it because he used his fingers to spread the cum on my anal opening.

"Nice and wet." Randy said licking his fingers clean.

Tim released my arms and turned me to face him. Then he pulled me on his lap, his meat pole reached way up past his belly button. I felt a mix of fear and pleasure as I swallowed hard waiting for one of them to make the first move.

Randy started sliding his cock over my asshole his precum giving it extra lube. I shut my eyes as I felt him push his swollen cock head into my ass. It slid inside not causing much pain. I felt my ass ring stretch around it. Just the head that's all I could take, Randy kept pushing more into my ass. The more he pushed the more the pain increased, pressure built on my assring threatening harm.

"Stop Randy I can't take anymore please."

Tim must have been cued because he moved me forward and begin working his cock meat into my cunt.

"No not both!" I cried.

But they ignored me and I was convinced that they were going to kill me. I wanted them to fuck me but not like this. I just froze and started crying.

"Bear it sweet cakes men need their satisfaction." Tim said.

Randy kept pushing determined to fill me with every inch of his massive meat stick. My asshole started burning he spit on his hand and massaged around my aching anal opening, with his cock still easing inside.

As Tim penetrated my cunt his cock brought the feeling of knives stabbing inside of me.

"Stop stop." I pleaded.

My begging only seemed to get them more aroused. Randy shifted and jammed the remaining eight inches up my ass. He rested a minute with his nut sack on my asscheeks. My asshole was stretched beyond the max. Tim put his hand on my shoulders and forced me down on all twelve solid inches. I was surprised to still be breathing. I felt so stretched and full I thought I was going to die. So much pressure remained on the little skin that separated my asshole and slit. I had clearly gotten more than I bargained for. Then they both moved together.

"You feel like a lil girl." Randy said.

"Awww you're so tight."Tim moaned.

"It's to much for me to take." I said in a low tone.

"The first time is always scary baby but it gets better." Tim said.

Randy stopped moving while Tim grabbed my hips and tried to push me down further but his cock was already buried in my puss. He moved slowly halfway out then quickly back inside. I was puzzled by his actions. Tim's eyes focused on mine while continuing to fish his cock around inside me.

"Ugh ugh aahhh!" I shouted.

He hit the spot which made me forget about the pain in my ass.

"Um hum." Tim said.

Once he found it he kept thrusting his huge cock in that spot.

"Ya like me raping ya ass don't ya?" Randy asked. He pulled my hair so hard it felt like it might come out of the roots.

"Yes master." I answered.

"That's right I'm master so whatever I give ya take. This will teach ya."

Randy pulled out of my ass then shoved back in hard. He must have hit something fragile because it felt like my anus might drop off. Tim was making my puss feel so good I managed to half ignore Randy battering my ass.

"It has to be done." Randy chanted over and over as he grabbed my ass, digging his nails bringing me back and forth on his tight erection. After a while I got use to the way his cock plowed into my ass and it started to feel right. I shut my eyes again listening to the grunts of glee and the thumping of our bodies. The sounds along with the act were intoxicating. Before I knew it I was moving my ass back meeting Randy's tough strokes. He mashed my tits together with his rough hands tugging on the erect nipples

"Ooohhhh fuck both my holes don't stop oohh baby it feels so good oh God!" I cried.

The tingling feeling rose as Tim beat at my hot spot. My puss filled with overwhelming goodness with all the pulsating cock pushing the walls aside. I moved up and down on the now slick shaft soaked with my cum. I was getting the white cock that I always wanted pounding on my black cunt and ass.

"Uughhh fuck me Tim!" I screamed.

Her cunt was so warm and wet that I could barely concentrate on a steady rhythm. The wetness that poured down to meet my cock every time I went inside, my cock was trapped by those tight walls pulling my cock to further explore. If this girl wasn't a virgin then she sure hadn't fucked much at all. Her cunt clamped down so tight on my cock that I would not be able to hold out much longer.

The tingling feeling went through my pussy with an intensity that made my knees shake. My muscles relaxed and my puss surrendered its sweet nectar. Like a chain reaction Randy shot white creamy loads into my ass like shot gun shells. Then he went soft and pulled out.

I knew she had cum because her body went limp, but my cock kept swelling bigger and bigger then I exploded like a young school boy getting his first lay. Her cunt was squeezing the jizz out of my cock as fast as I could eject.

I felt cum ooze out of my asshole and hit the ground, it was now stretched wide enough to fit in a cucumber. Randy and Tim had really done a number on me.

"Man I wish there was another girl ere I'd make her suck this out." Randy said.
He began to finger fuck, the cum back into my ass so that he could watch it leak out again. I felt so sleepy and worn out.

"How about another round?" Tim asked.

He and Randy grinned at each other. My mouth opened but I didn't have time to speak. A truck pulled up at the edge of the woods and a big light on top was switched on. It was too harsh for my eyes. I fell on the ground naked and exhausted. Tim gathered his clothes and ran off. Randy took his time and whispered in my ear before disappearing in the woods.

My head was spinning Randy's words echoed in my mind.

"This might not have been your first time with two white guys but definitely one to remember." He laughed.

My vision started to blur then I passed out, just as I heard the door to the truck open

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I really liked the story apart from the rape. I don't like anyone being harmed and used and also talked down to but the sex was hot. Wish I had white cock inside right now.

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That is a great story now I need 2huge white cocked ;)

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That is a great story now I need 2huge white cocked ;)


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Keep the vernacular straight. You were switching from Ania to Randy & it was cinfusing


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MMMMM very nice, I love white cock and I just can't get enough.

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