A Summer trip

My name is Josh I am 16 years old a star football running back. I am well built and lift weights and run a lot to stay in shape.. I am popular with the girls although I have never gone out with one. I am shy, the girls in school think I am stuck up.

Being a typical teenage boy I walk around most days with a hard on. Since I am gifted with a 9” cock it is very hard to hide it. The girls at school do their best to rub up against it so I walk around with a red face as well.

This summer the family is going to Mombasa, Kenya. My Dad is taking a working vacation. He is a director of operations of a manufacturing firm which has a branch just out side of Mombasa.

My sister and I were walking around taking in the sights when we were approached by 4 ladies in some kind of tribal dress. They spoke to me.... I couldn't understand a word they said. I just shook my head and looked around to my 13 yo sister Stephi. While I was looking at Stephi one of the ladies reached out and grabbed my cock.

My head popped around but I was too shocked to back away. The lady spoke to the others and let go of my cock. Before I could move two of the others took her place. And the last one was reaching.

My Sister said, “Josh did those women just grab your thingy”

“They have a grip on it what am I supposed to do?”
Next thing I knew Stephi was pulling their hands off my cock... When I looked their hands had been replaced by Stephi and it didn't feel like she intended to let go. Yep her face was red too.

We backed away, turned and ran which was still difficult because Setphi still had one hand wrapped around my cock.. After a block I finely was able to peel Stephi's hand off my cock. I looked around and spotted the youngest of the ladies following..

We made it back to the hotel. Stephi and I had to share a room because of availability and a foul up on reservations.. We entered our room and we both were laughing … we had had and experience. Suddenly Stephi quit laughing and looked over at me... “Josh,” she said quietly, “Can I see it.”

“Can you see what?”

“You know … your thingy.”

I was red again my face was burning and I felt Stephi unzip my pants.. I reached down but was to slow. She already had her hand inside and had a hand full. As she pulled my cock out of my pants... the zipper scratched all the way down. I screamed ….

“What's the matter.”

“You almost ripped me apart”

“I guess I will have to do like momma says and kiss it and make it better.”
Before I could say anything her mouth sucked my cock right in her mouth. My eyes went wide and my knees went weak. “What, What the hell are you doing.” She looked up at me and smiled.

She continued to suck and roll her tongue all around. I felt her throat swallowing and drawing me deeper. I couldn't believe it her lips were at my pubic bone.. I put my hands on either side of her head and shuddered then in an instant I exploded and dumped my first load of cum in a girls mouth. She sucked every drop down.

My knees gave way and I began to fall, Stephi followed me down never losing my cock from her mouth. I lay on the floor Stephi continued to suck while was reaching under her skirt and pulled
down her panties. When they were off she moved up and sunk my cock into her pussy and sat all the way down on it.

It was a shock and the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. My hands reached toward her small breasts and the pointing nipples I stroked them and flipped the nipples but mostly I just felt of them. The first titties I had ever touched and they belonged to my sister.

I didn't really know what I was supposed to do so I decided to just enjoy. Stephi moved up and down and faster and faster she began to moan and twist her hips on the down stroke. I began to stroke up as she was coming down. It didn't take long til we both were ready for release.. A few more strokes and I exploded and she matched me orgasm to orgasm.

Stephi slowly lifted off me and all I could say was WOW. I looked at her, “ What brought that on and aren't you afraid of getting pregnant.”

Stephi said “Momma put me on the pill as soon as I had my first period when I was eleven. By the time I was 12 I had had sex with at least 5 boys and 1 adult male.. I even tried 1 girl out of curiosity. But after seeing the weapon you were packing in your pants I just had to have it. How many girls have you had Josh.”

“Just one.... you.”

For the next three days every time we left the hotel we saw one of the tribal women was always in sight
but they never tried anything so we assumed it was just coincidence . On the fourth day I had to run an errand for Dad. Stephi was going shopping so I was on my own. I was in the midst of a market place when one of the ladies in tribal dress and one in western clothing, shorts an a blouse, stopped in front of me they each grabbed an arm and I felt something hit the back of my head.

That was the last I remember for some time . I awoke to being jostled around and realized that I was tied up...very tightly at that. And I was in the back of a large truck. I could hear women talking but could not understand them. I don't know how many days we traveled but every few hours they would stop, feed me and allow me a drink of water.

This was also the bathroom break. They would open my pants and pull out my cock for me to pee. Each one would have to hold it and stroke it just a bit. It was weird having someone else hold my cock as I peed. Actually I kind of liked it.

Days later we entered a village and I could hear many voices... all Female. They helped me out of the truck I looked around at many black faces … all women except for 5 boys not over 6 or 7. There were no men. And the women were all naked. I had never seen so many tits and asses even in a magazine. The women were from toddlers to over 60 and there were at least thirty of them. Including the 5 boys and the one woman in the shirt and shorts there was a total of thirty six people in the village.

I started to move away from the truck when one of the women pulled out a knife. I froze, but she only cut the ropes that bound me. Then she undid my pants and pulled them to my knees. From looking at all the naked bodies of course I had a hard on.. It leaped to attention as soon as my pants cleared it. As it stood up I could hear the oohs and aah's.

A little girl about 10 moved forward and took my cock in hand and kissed the head. This started something and they all got in line to do the same by about the seventh I was needing to cum. The eighth one seeing the precum took a large lick then when she realized what was happening she jumped back to watch as my cum flew out to the cheers of the women. They were not greedy each one got a taste and by the time it was all gone a few quick sucks and it burst loose again.

I looked around the village, it was like a big hole saw had come down out of the sky and cut a hole out of the jungle. The circle was pretty small maybe a 100 feet in Diameter There were three structures each about twenty five feet across. They had thatched roofs and raised sleeping platforms but no walls.

The Girl in the shorts, her name was Tana, could speak a little English. And over the next few days I found out the story of this village.

They were a small Tribe that had little dealings with the outside world. In the province around them The larger tribes had banded together and went to war(one of the civil wars that was always happening in this part of Africa.). One day they awoke to find the village surrounded by one of the armies. They tried to defend their village but their menfolk were killed or captured. They took all the men down to age 10. That was over three years ago, none of the men ever came home. We are a Village of Women, we hunt, we skin, we cook, we do everything. The only think we can't do is make ourselves pregnant. That is your job. You were chosen by the wise women of the tribe.

They took my clothes. This wasn't for the need to confine me they just wanted me naked.. The Queen Raina started a tradition every time she would walk past me she would give my cock a couple of strokes. She was very voluptuous probably about a 50 or maybe larger. They did sag but what can you expect they hung there with no support.

With all the attention my cock received I was always horny and supporting a massive Hard on. The wonderful thing is if I felt like fucking all I had to do was grab a pair of hips, pull them to me and slide it home. Everyone else would walk around us like nothing was happening.

Until one day they all were refusing me. Tana explained there were 4 virgins.... it was time to make them women... the Youngest had had her first blood. I had to be fresh two days with no sex. The youngest was only about ten and she was tiny. I tried to talk my way out it but they kept saying First Blood make woman.

Two days later the preparations were ready for the ceremony. I didn't wish to hurt her so I lay on my back and let her climb aboard. Her Mother was her spiritual guide. She moved Sora around till her tiny pussy slit was at the head of my cock. Her mother reached her hand into the cooking pot and collected some congealed fat. This she rubbed into Sora's pussy and around my dick. This helped a little.

Sora begin to wiggle her butt and we had entry. Maybe half the head. Her Mother placed her hands on Sora's hips and began to press downward as Sora wiggled her butt. Sora screamed as her hymen broke. I didn't move . After what seemed like hours she begin to wiggle her butt again as she slid downward. After a bit it was all in but maybe 2''. She spoke to Tana, “No more deep.” with that she began to move slowly back off my dick the she slammed back down. It went from slow to fast I just held on to her hips and let her set her own pace.

She screamed and slammed her little body down until we were was one no distance between us and she wet me with what I assume was blood an her cum. Just a few strokes more and filled every cavity of hers that I could reach. Somehow I suspected that she had been bred and a baby was on the way.

The other three were a lot easier they were bigger girls and older. Well except the oldest lubi she was almost as tight as Sora. I decided to try something else to get her started. I moved back then got down on my knees and licked across her slit the way Stephi taught me.. I found her clit and in moments she was bouncing and breathing hard and it wasn't long till she had her first orgasm. In her throes of passion I rose up set my cock and drove it home . She screamed and began to have multiple orgasms. It was all I could do to hang on. But I did and even got in a few strokes for my self. When she began settling down she started to flex her pussy muscles instinctively ...Wow she was going to be a good one. It was more than I could take and I bathed the walls of her womb with rope after rope of my cum.

I managed to get 17 of the women pregnant including the queen and three of the virgins. Lubi was the only one of them that didn't get pregnant and believe me I tried over and over. Tans was another That didn't get pregnant..

This morning I went before the Queen, She said, “You have done as we asked if you wish we will take you back.” Then she handed me my clothing . I dressed and I felt weird.

This time I road in the front of the truck and Tana and I screwed every time we stopped. I gave her my address and months later she had someone write me a letter...she was pregnant.

When we arrived in Mombasa she let me out and turned around and headed back. To this day I still have no idea what country I was in. No Matter I walked in the Hotel Stephi was in the lobby. She ranto me and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big kiss. The desk clerk was already on the phone to the police and to my Father and Mother.

The Police talked to me for hours. I told them I had no idea who had kidnapped me or where I was kept. Was there other people there. Yes I heard them but never saw them. Why did the let me go . I don't know, they just drug me out put a hood over my head and dumped me out at the edge of town..

Dad Finished up his work and we arrived back home just in time for school to start. I had told Stephi the real story. She laughed and said the girls back home better watch out.

If you guys are ever in Mombasa , Kenya and three or four ladies dressed in tribal or Native dress and they want to play with your cock.... Well follow them any where you won't regret it.


2014-02-15 06:21:40
Nice, Very Nice. could use some more detail though.


2014-02-13 22:45:08
Decent writing but lacking details on the encounters before the virgins. There are also no details after those encounters. An expansion would probably be rated better.

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