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Myka's journey in debauchery continues
Hedone Part 3 –

Sleep had been elusive for days. Her hunger was sated but her guilt was worse than ever before. Myka lay in bed just staring at the ceiling. It had been over a week since she had sacrificed Aaron to Hedone but her body still ached from the fucking she had taken.

She wondered how long it would be before Hedone called on her again. The thought sent a shiver of fear down her spine. Myka was bound to the goddess, she had been since her first sacrifice when she was still no more than a child.

Forcing her eyes closed to hold back the tears as she remembered the first sacrifice.

'Benjamin? Benjamin? Where are you?'
'I'm here Myka, what's wrong?'

Looking into the eyes of her brother all her fear evaporated. Myka held a book in her arms, a volume so old the pages had yellowed with age. The leather cover was soft to the touch, but also warm. Myka held the book out to her brother,

'Look what I found in mum's cupboard, it’s called the codex of Hedone, what is it?'

Benjamin took the book and examined the cover before opening it to a random page. He felt a jolt of power from the book which made him slam it closed. Myka heard a soft laughter coming from nowhere, she looked around but couldn't see anything. She took the book from her brother and opened the cover to the first page, she gasped in fear at what she read.

'Those of weak heart and mind turn back now for Hedone will not accept weak sacrifices. Be prepared to give your body and soul to her for eternity.'

Myka dropped the book and gripped her brother’s arm. Her entire body shook in fear, the laughter was getting louder and coming closer. Myka looked into her brothers eyes but they were no longer the vibrant blue she loved but a deep purple. She took a step back, her foot nudging the book. The laughter exploded in her mind with a ferocity she had never known before. Looking at her brother with pleading eyes she knew something was very wrong. But it was too late as the darkness had been released.

A cloud of purple mist slowly leaked from the book. The mist slowly began to form into the shape of a person. Myka tried to hide behind her brother but he shook with fear. A voice drifted on the wind,

'Come to me my pets, a world of pleasure awaits you'

The mist finally took shape as a tall beautiful woman, but there was something wrong with her. She exuded sexual passion, her whole body rippled with barely contained lust.

The figure looked Benjamin in the eye and curled her finger at him beckoning him to follow. He took a shaky step forward, as if he had no control of his limbs. The figure growled before sweeping forward and grabbed Benjamin by the hair and shouted,

'I own you now you pathetic whelp, do not fight my instructions!'

Benjamin shook violently as the figure gripped his hair in a tight fist. His eyes welled with tears before his eyes rolled back in his head. The figure bend and picked up the book before laughing.

She turned to Myka and smiled,

'We will be seeing you soon little one'
With a grin that sent shivers of terror down Mya’s spine the figure evaporated into purple mist once more. But as she vanished she still had hold of Mikael's hair. As his body turned into mist he screamed in abject terror. Myka ran forward to grab his hand but she passed through him. Her brothers scream echoed in her ears long after he had vanished. Myka wept openly, unable to move, the pain of losing her brother too much for her to bare.

Myka went into her bathroom and looked into the mirror. She cursed ever finding that book for it had brought her nothing but pain. To say it had changed her life was an understatement, it had ruined her life. She now knew that the figure had been Hedone, and it was because of her Myka had been forced to make those sacrifices to sate the hunger she felt. And now the hunger was growing again, she could ignore it for a while but not forever. There were no substitutes she could use, it had to be sated by a man's orgasm.

Myka thought about the curse of her lust and how she had been physically changed by Hedone in the past. She thought back to her last sacrifice, Aaron, and how she had used his body. She knew thinking about it only made the hunger worse but she couldn't stop herself.

Myka ran to her bedroom and tried to bury herself in her bed but the hunger pressed in at all her senses. She needed to be sated. She needed to fuck. She needed a victim, time to go hunting again.

Myka spent an hour getting ready to go out to town and find a man. She made sure she was well trimmed and clean. Her make-up was immaculate and her dress revealing but no slutty. She did one last check in the mirror, she blinked a couple of times as she though she saw a ripple. She put it from her mind and left for the clubs.

The first club Myka went to was almost deserted, not a single man just a few very drunk girls. Myka considered taking one of the girls home but knew they would not sate her burning hunger.
The next two clubs were pretty much the same. Myka knew that now she had begun looking if she gave up the hunger pains would be crippling so decided to try one more club before giving up.

The next club she came too was renowned for its complete lack of morals, the owners allowed pretty much anything to happen so long as the clubbers didn't break any laws. Well any sensible laws anyway. As Myka went inside she was struck by the familiar scent of sex and the sound of dozens of people writhing in ecstasy. It was a smell she knew well and one that made the hunger ache surge in her mind. Myka went to the bar and ordered her drink before she began surveying the room for potential victims. There were a few gorgeous men, but she ignored them, they knew they were gorgeous and would make poor lovers. Myka wanted a man who could fuck her like never before.

As her eyes scanned the club she only saw more of the same poor specimens of humanity. Knowing she wasn't going to find a man to fulfil her need she left the club and returned home. Her hunger was burning in her groin driving her to madness.

When she arrived home Myka went to her computer and went to her favorite porn library. She needed to sate herself and with no man her only option was to take one of her new dildo's and watch her favorite porn; Ladyboy Dominants. Myka loved watching guys and girls getting fucked by a Trans-Domme. She took one of the toys from the bedside cabinet and pressed the suction cup down on the computer chair and started a new video. Myka lowered herself onto the toy and began riding it in time with the video.

Her Hunger was so great it took Myka nearly two hours to cum. when she finished she was exhausted and aching. Her hunger was barely even sated; she needed a man and soon.

Changing into her night clothes Myka climbed into bed, Sleep soon claimed her but it was anything but peaceful. Her sleep was wracked with dreams and visions of her brother; but he had changed, now he scared her. The dreams changed and soon turned to nightmares, she saw the pain inflicted on the sacrifices she had sent to Hedone. The visions grew worse and worse but she was unable to wake herself. She screamed silent screams and begged for it to stop, but no end was in sight.

Hedone 4 - Incest Damnation

Myka woke with a start, a film of cold sweat covered her slim body and had soaked her thin camisole. She looked around her dark room looking for the shadow that had invaded her dreams. The memory of the dream made her shudder with both fear and longing. It had been so long since she had dreamt of her brother, who had been taken by her Goddess all those years ago. She turned the pillow over to the dry side and lay her head down once more; praying the dream would not return.

Sleep was elusive. Everywhere Myka looked the shadows seemed to move, driving her anxiety higher. Deciding sleep was a forlorn hope Myka got out of bed. She went to the bathroom and slipped on her silk house coat before heading to the kitchen; maybe a nice cup of tea would calm her nerves. Slowly moving through her apartment, she jumped at every shadow and creaking floor board. As the kettle bolied Myka prepared her tea, a single sppon of sugar with a generous amount of milk. Chiding herself for being foolish she sat at the breakfast counter of her kitchen; a warm, milky cup of tea held in her hands. Looking out of the window; the sun was just beginning to rise. The clock on the cooker showed it was little after 6. Shaking her head at how little sleep she had gotten she decided to go back to bed. As Myka climbed under the covers once again she sighed and lay her head down; thankfully she didn't have to work today.

The sound of birdsong and sunlight coming in through her net curtain woke Myka. The bedside clock showed it was nearly 10am. Myka stretched and yawned, thankful the dreams hadn't returned and she had slept peacefully. The dream breifly flashed through her mind making her shudder; why was her brother coming to her in her dreams? She had to admit he was handsome in the dream and if he hadn't been her brother she would have fancied him. His words once again echoed in her mind,
"The Goddess wants her tribute"
Myka knew exactly what he meant; her Goddess, Hedone, the Goddess of debauchery and hedonism demanded another soul taken in lust.

Myka remembered every tribute she had given to her Goddess, every one a mark on her soul. She had shed her tears for them, every time wishing and praying it would be the last. But Hedone always sends the hunger, the need, the lust. Myka had done everything she could to ignore the hunger, even bought herself a nice collection of silicone and glass dildos to sate her lust; but they were never enough. No matter how much she came the hunger remained.

She knew she couldn't resist much longer; the pain in her groin grew daily as her lust grew. Maybe if she found a man who no-one would miss. Shaking the thought from her mind Myka went to her bathroom and prepared to have her daily shower. Stripping off the house coat and camisole she surveyed her body in the mirror. Her figure always pleased her, not overly curvy but a slim hourglass. As the shower heated up Myka gently ran a brush through her hair, the ringlets fell naturally to her shoulders but they knotted quickly. Once she was satisfied the water was hot enough Myka climbed into the shower. The water running over her naked body felt cleansing and relaxing. She stood for a minute and just let the water cascade over her. Taking her sponge and shower gel she gently scrubbed her body, rubbing away the sweat from the dream filled sleep.

Once Myka had finished in the shower she put her house coat back on, not bothering to find cloths to wear underneath. She padded barefoot into her bedroom and sat on her bed, once more running the brush through her hair. As she relaxed into the rythem of brushing she felt a breeze on her back; not sure where it had come from she turned to look out of her bedroom door. The door way was empty, the door open giving her a clear view of the corridor. She shook her head, must have left a window open somewhere. As she finished brushing her hair Myka tied it up in a loose pony tail with a hair band that had seen better days, but it did the job. Trying to decide what to do for the rest of the day she took out her diary and checked the jobs list at the back. All the jobs were minor and most had alread been crossed out, only one caught her eye. Written in red ink, the hand writing not her own, a single word that sent a shiver down her spine "Tribute". Slamming the diary closed she hurled it across the room screaming before breaking into tears.

Her tears seemed to fall forever, her eyes burned and her head ached. She knew she could easily end the torment and give in to her lust. But there were few with the stamina and energy to truely sate it. Only one man had come close but the effort had killed him, just like all the others. Aarons face flashed through her memory; his skin pale and drawn, his eyes bloodshot, bulging and full of terror. Hedone had claimed him like she had the others, all that remained were memories.

Sitting up and wiping her eyes Myka knew she couldn't put it off any longer; Hedone would have her tribute. Shedding the house coat Myka reached for the bedside draw. Inside were her collection of toys. She found the one she used the least, it was a monster of a dildo, fourteen inches long and nearly eight inches round. It was jet black and had a flared tip like that of a horse. Myka took the massive dildo and a bottle of lube into the bathroom. Standing the dildo up in the shower she pushed down so the suction cup had a firm grip of the tiled floor. Myka poured a generous measure of lube onto her hands and began working her hands up and down its length; paying special attention to the flared tip.

Once she was satisfied the toy was sufficiently lubricated Myka poised herself above the head. Taking a firm grip on the shaft just below the head she slowly lowered herself onto the dildo. The flare of the head spread her labia and slowly stretched her inner walls. Myka moaned and grimaced in pleasure and pain as the flared head stretched her. Myka threw her head back and screamed in pleasure as she pushed herself further onto the toy. Myka stopped pushing down when the dildo met the resistence of her cervix; a wave of nausea swept over her as the flared head of the toy pushed against the opening of her womb. She raised herself up a couple of inches slowly teasing the massive dildo out of her stretched, burning pussy. Myka wanted to take the whole toy but knew how much it would hurt. Gently and slowly at first she moved up and down on the top eight inches of the toy, her pussy throbbed and burned from its sheer size but the pain of being so full brought a pleasure of its own. Myka gradually began fucking the monster dildo faster and faster, her pussy flowing with cum with every movement. Every push down got harder and faster as her lust build, soon the pain was replaced with a raw burning need to fuck and cum.

Howling and screaming in pleasure Myka slammed her weight down onto the massive dildo filling her. She felt her body protest for a moment before her lust over-rode it and pushed the flared head of the monster past her cervix and into her womb. She roared in pain and screamed in pleasure as all fourteen inches of the toy were buried inside her. Without a second thought she fucked the dildo hard and fast, feeling the massive head stretching and bruising her battered cervix as it pushed past it time and time again. Every thrust down onto the dildo made her squirt her cum over the bathroom floor, her fragrant juices covering nearly every surface.

As Myka fucked herself senseless in the bathroom the breeze she had felt before once more blew through the apartment. The breeze wrapped around the guilded full length mirror in her bedroom; its surface began to darken and ripple. The ripples moved in time with Myka's wails of pleasure, almost as if the mirror could sense her every orgasm. The mirrors surface was now almost black, the ripples moving like oil. Moans and cries of pleasure joined those of Myka as the skin between dimensions was thinned and torn. A figure stepped from the surface of the mirror with a hiss of escaping air. The tear in reality sealed itself once the figure was fully through. moving around the room the figure listened to the cries of orgasmic ecstasy coming from the other room. A smile showing too many teeth creased the figures face. Slowly and carefully the figure removed the cloak it had been wearing and drapped it over the door. The figure turned to the mirror and saw its reflection, a low laugh coming from its throat. Apart from its bright ice blue eyes the figures face and body were utterly blank. There was no hair anywhere upon iots naked frame. The figure stretched and flexed its body, it had been so long since it had worn mortal flesh.

With the sound of tearing flesh and breaking bones the figure began reshaping its face and body. Its face became that of a man it had not seen in years. High cheek bones giving him a Nobel look; a strong chiselled chin and a proud Roman nose. He smiled at his reflection, his eyes shining with mischief and lust. He moved his hands slowly over his pale formless body, where his hands passed the skin grew taught and took on a bronze tan. Well defined but not over the top muscles formed in his torso giving him a firm chest and washboard stomach. He ran his hands over his bare scalp, the skin was soft and smooth. He closed his eyes and shook his head; a mane of long platinum blonde hair erupted from his scalp and fell to his shoulders. Once again he stared at himself in the mirror. He turned away from his reflection when Myka screamed with yet another orgasm. There was only one part of his body yet to be moulded, his penis. Walking over to the bed he tried to remember what his cock use to look like but the memory wouldn't come. He knelt by the bedside cabinet and opened the draw. A varied collection of toys filled the draw, he was surprised as not one of the toys was under eight inches. He stood and returned to the mirror, his androgynous crotch was a mockery of what he was. He placed both his hands on his crotch and took hold a loose flap of skin. He gently massaged the the skin; with every stroke his penis began to form. He took more care over the forming of his penis than he had the rest of his body.

The figure stood stall and proud, his now formed penis hanging between his legs. He had fashioned a cock to stretch and break Myka for her lazy attitude towards the Goddess' tribute. The screams of pleaure coming from the other room soon stopped. The figure moved away from the mirror and hid in the open closet. Myka swayed into the room, her legs like jelly below her. A sheen of sweat covered her body and a small trail of blood ran down the iinsides of her legs where she had stretched herself a little too much. She put the toy back in the draw before sitting on the edge of the bed and trying to steady her breathing and slow her heart rate. She lay back and closed her eyes thinking she would just have a quick nap.

As Myka drifted off into sleep the figure stepped out of the closet and looked her up and down. She had changed so much over the years, gone was the little girl who used to climb trees and play in the mud. He stepped up to the bed and gently took the restraints that were attached to the headboard. He secured her wrists and gently set her wrists down on the pillow. He repeated the same with her ankles, an evil smile creasing his face, his teeth gleamed white as his smile widened. Once he was satisfied that she was secured properly he lent over her so his mouth was just brushing her ear. Gently he whispered,
"Wake up little sister"
Myka mumbled and murmered in her sleep and went to role over but her bound wrists and ankles prevented her from moving. She whimpered in her sleep and tried to move again; but her limbs were firmly held.

Myka realized something was wrong as she came awake, unable to move and a shadow looming over her. She started to panic, this must be another nightmare. Her apartment was locked, he had no way of getting in. Her mind reeled as she tried to make herself wake up. The figure just stood there and chuckled. He stepped closer so she could see his face. Myka gasped in shock as she looked into his bright blue eyes, she whispered "Benjamin" and stopped thrashing around on the bed. The figure took another step forward so he was right next to the bed and said,
"Hello sister, the Goddess sends her regards"
At that moment Myka knew what was happening and broke down in tears, her brother was here. But he was not the kind gentle brother she knew, this one was cold; with a cruel glint in his eye.

Benjamin walked slowly around the bed, taking in every inch of his sisters beautiful body. He had his instructions from their Goddess, he was to show her the error of her ways, the mistake of witholding Hedone's tribute. He reached out and ran his hand over Myka's body, running from the base of her neck, down over her shapely breasts and down to her slim shapely waist. Myka whimpered at his touch, his hands felt like ice; cold yet burning where it met the skin. She pulled against her restraints but they would not give; no matter how hard she pulled. Her brother laughed when he saw her struggling and a whisper of a voice floated around her head,
"You are mine remember, to reward and punish as I see fit, do not disobey me again"
Myka knew the voice was just for her, telling her this was happening because of her reluctance to serve.

Benjamin finished his inspection of her body, groping her breasts and legs. He had yet to touch her crotch, most men went for it the first chance they got but not him. He focussed on all her eroginous zones first, reigniting the lust she had so recently quelled. Myka cried out as her battered and bruised pussy began to swell once more. Her juices flowed freely; lubricating her tortured snatch.

A wicked smile creased Benjamin's face, he saw the effect he was having on his sister. His own member began to swell and harden. Nearly fourteen inches long and 12 inches round, it was bigger than her monster dildo. Myka's eyes widened when she saw it; her heart skipped a beat in fear but her mouth watered at the sheer prospect of taking a cock so huge. Benjamin watched her every reaction and began stroking his throbbing tool; precum glistened on the swollen head.

Myka tried to force her legs closed but her binds held her firm, her knees pressed down to the mattress. A wimper of terror fuelled lust escaped her lips as she looked away. Benjamin began pacing around the bed once more; his fingers gently running over her body. This time he moved his hand over her shaved mound and began teasing apart her cum soaked labia. He could feel the heat of her lust, his fingers coming away drenched and sticky. Myka gasped as her brothers ice cold fingers teased her open, wanting him to stop but also sink them deep inside her. Any thought that they were brother and sister evaporated when Benjamin slid two fingers knuckle deep in her dripping pussy. Myka moaned and started to roll her hips. She opened her eyes and met his gaze, the fear that had once filled her gaze was now gone; replaced with a pure burning need.

A whisper floated on the breeze, 'Punish Her my Pet' Benjamin smiled and again showed too many teeth before saying in a cold whisper,
"Sister, you will not cum until I allow it, you will beg for more, beg me to fuck you, beg our Goddess for her forgiveness, maybe then I will let you cum"
A cruel vicious laugh floated on the breeze, Hedone was watching. Myka closed her eyes, a tear falling down her cheek. Nodding her understanding but keeping her eyes closed. Benjamin gently withdrew his fingers so he could taste his sister’s nectar. He savoured her taste before running his fingers over her pussy once more. Again he slid two fingers deep inside her; pulling them pack before adding a third. Myka gasped and moaned enjoying the feeling of being fingered; it had been too long since an experienced hand had worked her pussy.

Benjamin worked his fingers deep into his sister before adding a fourth and pushing them deep. Myka's pussy gripped his fingers, threatening to crush them. She moaned and writhed, her hips rolling to pull his fingers deeper. Her brother licked his lips as he drew his fingers back once more; a glint of mischief in his eye. Moving his finger round inside her he tested how her pussy stretched. Again he slid his fingers to the knuckle; just as she breathed out expecting his finger to move out again Begjamin pushed harder. The opening of her pussy stretched as he forced his knuckles inside her. Myka screamed in pain and ecstacy, opening her eyes to see her battered pussy. Her brother’s thumb was pressed firmly into her gash so he could apply pressure to her clit while almost the whole of his hand was buried inside her.

Myka bucked and begged 'Fist me brother, by the Goddess, Fist ME!' Benjamin grinned, pulling his hand back so the knuckles slid out of her with an audible pop; pressing his thumb into his palm he prepared to push his fist into his sister. Her breathing was fast and ragged, her pussy throbbed with pain and lust. As Myka rolled her hips up and exhaled Benjamin pushed and met the resistance of her pussy. With a grunt of effort he pushed the knuckles past her tensing opening. Myka let out a blood curdling scream as her pussy was stretched by his fist. She could feel the muscles clamping down on his hand. Slowly he began turning his hand, stretching her further. She howled in pain and pleasure. Myka clawed at her retraints trying to get free but the bonds only dug into her wrists and ankles, bruising the flesh while leaving friction burns.

Benjamin forced his fist in as far as he could get it, the vaginal muscles squeezing tight on his arm. Myka howled from the abuse but didn't want it to end, no one had ever made her feel so alive. Seeing the need on her face Benjamin withdrew his fist and wiped her juices over her taught heaving stomach. Myka had been so close to cumming, to have it taken away at the last second sent a buring need through her body. Wailing she begged,
"Please brother, Please let me cum!"

Her need was great but her hunger was worse; she wanted her brother to fuck her, use her body like a piece of meat. That was all she was now, a piece of meat that needed to be fucked. Her eyes pleaded with him but he turned away. A tear ran down her cheek at the rejection, knowing it was another part of the torture. The Goddess Hedone had chosen her punisher well.

Her brother turned back to her, his face once more the cold mask of a man she didn't know. Slowly he untied her restraints, but the look in his eye told her to remain still. To do anything else but wait for instruction would mean even worse punishment, beyond what she would enjoy. Once her wrists were free Myka rolled her hands and rubbed at the friction burn, she knew she would be in agony later but her lust was too powerful to care.

Benjamin watched how his sister moved once she was free, noting how she never looked for an escape but kept glancing at his flesh rod. He took her shoulders and turned her roughly on the bed; her shoulders on the edge of the mattress so her head hung down. Myka's eyes were locked on the cock before her, the sheer size of it terrified her but still she wanted it, and her brother knew this. He had watched her over the years and knew she loved to suck cock, could she swallow his? With one hand slowly wanking his shaft he took a firm grip of her hair and held his sisters head so he could force his cock deep into her mouth. He rubbed the glistening head against her lips, his intent clear. Myka licked her lips and almost came just from the taste of his juice. His precum was so sweet she wanted more.

Opening her mouth willingly Myka knew there was no way the monster facing her would fit, but she had to try. Benjamin grinned down at his sister as he lifted the head of his cock and pushed it into her willing mouth. The head barely fit in her mouth, making her lips stretch to accomodate it; and the head was smaller than the rest of the shaft. Myka eagerly sucked the head of her brother’s massive member, it was so sweet yet deliciously salty at the same time. Slowly she moved her arms back and began running her hands up and down the backs of her brothers legs. He took this as an invitation and pushed more of his cock into her mouth. Myka's lips were stretched to their limit, her mouth ached while the skin burned, much more and her mouth may tear. A single tear ran down her cheek as Benjamin forced more of his cock into her mouth. He met a point of resistance and knew he was at the entrance to her throat. Myka gagged and tried to pull away but her brother had a firm hold on her head.

With a grin on his face Benjamin slowly forced his massive tool into Myka's throat, she gagged and tried to push him away but he held her firm. Inch by painful inch he forced all fourteen inches of his cock deep into her throat. He was transfixed as he watched his sister’s throat expand and swell to accomodate him. It only took a minute until her felt Myka's tortured lips press against his smooth crotch. Her eyes bulged from the strain her throat was under but her mouth watered with lust, lubicating Benjamins cock. With deliberate slowness he removed his cock from his sister’s throat and let her catch her breath. Tears flowed freely down her face from the pain but he paid them no heed. Benjamin gripped his sister by the shoulders and helped her sit up before saying,
"Turn round, ass on the edge of the bed"
Myka did as she was told, knowing the only way to get through this was to do anything her brother wanted.

With her ass on the edge of the bed Myka pulled her knees up to her chest. Benjamin looked her up and down before running his hand down the back of her legs. Running his fingers over her abused pussy he smiled and lifted the fingers to his mouth; licking them clean and savouring her juices. He lay his throbbing member against her dripping pussy, Myka whimpered and begged,
"Please brother, fuck me"
Benjamin looked her in the eye and watched her flinch from the cruelty in his gaze,
"Oh my sister I will"
Her brother bent down and licked from her waiting ass hole; over her dripping pussy to her throbbing engorged clit. As he stood he spat a wod of phelgm onto her puckered ass hole. Myka's eyes went wide when she saw his intend; biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut, she knew better than to fight. Her body relaxed in defeat, surely he meant to send her to Hedone once he was finished with her. All she had left was to enjoy the fucking she was about to receive and offer her body up to her Goddess.

Benjamin gripped his cock and positioned the head against her lubed ass hole; slowly and gently he began to push in. He knew she was no anal virgin, she had watched her taking many a cock up in her bowels from the mirror. Myka felt her sphincter stretch around her brother’s cock; a moan of pleasure escaped her lips as the head popped in. She was thankful he gave her a chance to adjust to his size. With a whisper of care he hadn't shown through the whole episode he asked if she was ok, biting her lips not trusting her voice Myka only nodded. Slowly he pushed his monster cock into her rectum; her flesh easily stretched to let him in. As his cock was half buried inside her Benjamin felt the resistance her second sphincter; but this would not stop him. He pushed again and felt her insides give way to him, with a grunt and a final push he buried the last eight inches of his cock deep inside her. Myka screamed in both pleasure and pain; her body shook with the force of her own orgasm. But Benjamin hadn't cum yet. He gripped her hips and dug his fingers into her flesh making Myka scream out once again. All the caring had fled from his eyes as he began pounding his cock deep inside her; drawing out until only the head remained inside her. Again and again he forced all fourteen inches of his member deep into his sisters body. The blue of his eyes changed to a burning purple as his body began to glow with a violet light.

Myka felt the power of Hedone flowing through the two of them. With a scream of lust and pleasure she called out to her Goddess,
"Hedone! Accept this TRIBUTE!"
Benjamin was now pounding her arse as fast and as hard as he could; beads of purple sweat glistened on his brow. With a roar of pure beastial lust that only a follower of Hedone would know; he came deep in her bowels. Every inch of his cock was impaled in his sister, with a grunt of effort, he lifted her off the bed and bounced her on his cock. Every thrust sent more and more cum deep into her. Myka's belly began to bulge from the sheer amount of cum filling her. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and begged him not to stop. He had kept his promise, she begged him to fuck her.

Slowly his strength began to wane; gently he lowered her back to the bed. He pulled out of her with an audilbe pop. Myka wimpered and writhed at the sudden feeling of emptyness; but her hunger was sated. Taking a shaking step back Benjamin whispered 'I love you sister' before he began to fade into a purple mist. The whisper seemed to hang in the air long after the mist had gone. Hedone had taken her tribute and her message was clear, fail and Myka would be punished by the one she loved most.

Uncounsiousness stole upon her like a velvet blanket; blackness enfolded her senses. The pain of the fucking seemed to fade and was replaced by bliss. But how long would it last? How long before the hunger returned once more. Myka slipped into a dreamless sleep, her body battered and bruised. Love for her brother filled her heart; she wished he could have stayed with her but knew deep down in her soul that could never be. Not until she joined Hedone anyway.
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