Mom tries to divert her son and his friends from their video game, it worked but not according to plan.
Grand Theft Auto V

It was a Friday evening. My friend and me were hanging out and playing Grand Theft Auto V in my den. I just came up upstairs to get some drinks. When I got upstairs I overheard my mom talking to her best friend on the phone. She apparently went out for drinks with her friend after work. Now she was complaining to her how bored she is at home.

Mom: "I don't know why I came back home. There's nothing to do here, my son and his friend are always playing that stupid video game, and my husband is always working. I feel like drinking some more now. I feel extremely lonely.”

Her friend Jackie on the speakerphone.

Jackie: "Oh Lilly I don't blame you. I know how that could be. Husbands always act money hungry, and teenage boys are always horny and into those damn video games."

Mom: "You said something about being horny? I fit into that category, hubby never home…. But I don't think my son and his friend are like that."

Jackie: "listen, women at our age are at our sexual peak and teenage boys are at their sexual peaks. So trust me they are horny."

Mom: "my son and his friend got a new video game and they don't take their eyes off the TV screen. They focus all their attention on this new game. I'm believe they are naïve and don't care for those types of things."

Jackie: "you'll be surprise how horny they could be. I dare you to test out my theory."

Mom: "and how do you suggest I find out?"

Jackie: "well Lilly I suggest you go out there and strut your new additions to them. Show a little skin and I bet they can’t take their eyes off you, and they will forget all about their game."

Jackie was mentioning about the new boob job she had. Let me take this time to describe you my mom. She is a 42 year old Filipina, she is 5'4 in height and weighs 130lbs. Her best assets are her new 36 size C tits, thick thighs, and curvy butt. I love her tan complexion and her long black straight hair. After she got her boob job, she reminds me of a porn star named Kitty Langdon. My mom is always health-conscious and cares about her figure. So that's why she pestered my dad on getting her implants. She hasn't showed off her new assets yet, most of the time she wears her work scrubs because she is a nurse.

Mom: “What you mean show some skin?”

Jackie: “I don’t know, wear some short robe and act like your checking on them before you hit the bed. Make sure the tie is loose and show a hint of your cleavage. That will be enough for those teenage boys to go wild. You got a great figure hun and they will notice, trust me.”

Mom: “Jackie you are crazy! You want me to paraded around them in my sleepwear? No way, that would be embarrassing for them and awkward for me. Plus I told you, my son and his friend are good kids.”

Jackie: “Just do it Lilly! I dare you, come on. Lets see if I am right. The only way to find out is by doing it. The winner of this little bet gets treated to lunch next time.”

Mom laughingly: “You know what, I will take this bet just to prove you wrong. You think you always right miss. I will call you back in an hour and tell you their reaction, which is going to be nothing. But I think I need another drink to do this.”

Jackie: “Yeah just make a strong mixed drink for a nightcap. Now go get dolled up for them boys. And hey, when they check you out it will be great confidence boost for you.”

Mom: “Yeah we will see about that.”

My mom didn’t see me in the kitchen while she was talking in the living room. I went back in the den to tell my friend Kyle about what I just heard. My friend Kyle is black and we go to the same junior high together. He is taller than me; he is 5’11 and has a strong build. Him and me have been friends for two years and he is always around my house.

Kyle excitingly: “Oh word! Don’t worry bro we got this. We will act like we don’t notice her and all into the game. Lets make her frustrated by looking the other way. I just hope your mom doesn’t wear anything too sexy.”

Me: “That's a good idea. I don’t think she will go out of her way though. I think we can handle it.”

Kyle: “This is nuts that she is even trying, she must be drunk or tipsy. But we will play along with her game. And oh, don’t forget Phil is coming over, we have to fill him in.”

I forgot Phil was coming over this time. Phil is Kyle’s cousin and is a year younger than us. He is about my height at 5’8 and skinny. We waited 30 minutes, and Phil came through the sliding doors in the den. We briefed him on what my mom was going to do. He was also ecstatic and we were all eagerly awaiting her arrival into the den. Another half an hour passed, we almost thought she backed out. But she didn’t, we heard her footsteps coming from the stairs.

My mom came into the den wearing only a silky satin red robe. The length of the robe was at her mid thighs; it went a bit higher as she sat on the empty couch. She looked happy and playful; I thought she would be nervous. I guess her drinks calmed her nerves. She even had a cup of vodka and cranberry in her hand, the drink was halfway done. My mom sat with her legs crossed which displayed her smooth tan legs. Her legs looked awesome, nice definition to them and had this nice moisturizer glow to them. Her tie was loose, which showed the top of her curvy breasts. When you see the glimpse of it, you would want to see more of it.

All of the guys just said “Hi” to her and gave her one look over before we all continued our attention to the game. All of us were using our peripheral vision to check her out.

Mom blushingly: “I didn’t know all you boys would be here to play this game. What’s so interesting about this game?”

I bet she didn’t expect Phil to be there. She had one more pair of eyes to observe her scantily clad attire. Now she is acting like she is interested in our game.

Kyle responded: “It’s a open world game where you can do anything.”

Mom: “Anything? Like what?”

Kyle: “Just watch.”

Kyle murmur to me: “Bro, your mom is wasted.”

So Kyle was driving around in the game for a little, my mom patiently watching along. He set a waypoint to head to the strip club. Once his character went inside, my mom knew that it was strip club. I saw her mouth agape from seeing what this game was showing. It showed an animated figure of a stripper. She was just wearing bra and panties.

My mom put her drink down and got up. She stood by the TV to face us.

Mom (astonished): “To think you guys are innocent little teenagers, I was wrong. I was telling my friend that you guys are good kids and just into video games. I was even dared to come down her and see if you guys would even look my way, but apparently you boys have all the visuals you need. So how could I compete with this stuff?”

After my mom finished ranting,

Kyle responded: “Well Mrs. Cruz, we play this game to fulfill things we can’t do in real life. That's why we spend so much time on this game than being productive.”

My mom thought for a second and said

Mom slurring a little: “So you’re saying if you could do this these things in real life, you would be more productive, like studying and doing school work.”

Kyle: “Yeah you can say that. Like if you were to imitate what’s on screen, then we would definitely look your way.”

Mom with a smirk: “Is that right? I think I need to prove to you boys that reality is better than this virtual reality crap. You boys need to stop being couch potatoes!”

Kyle egged her on: “Then show us something.”

Mom looked at the screen and saw the girl in her bra and panties.

Mom asking Kyle: “So you want me to copy that?”

Kyle: “Yup”

Mom said as she untied and started to disrobe her robe: “ You lucky I have bra and panties on to show you guys, just like that animated girl.”

My mom let her silky robe hit the floor. She stood proudly in front of me and my two black friends in a pair of lace panties and bra. It was a black bra and red panties. Her tits looked fucking hot just in her bra. My mom put her hands at her hips and said,

Mom: “You happy now?”

Kyle: “Wow Mrs. Cruz. You have a smoking hot body! Right Phil?”

Phil agreed and praised her body as well. My mom blushed at their remarks. Kyle asked her to turn around to see the rest. She simply complied by slowly twirling around for them. We saw her plump ass cheeks that were peaking out of the sides of her panties. She turned back to face us. She asked again if she is done, but Kyle was mesmerized with my mom’s tits. He said,

Kyle: “Those breasts are so perfect. Just like a stripper’s breasts.”

I smirked at his comment and he noticed. He asked why I laughed.

Me: “Well genius, she got them done.”

Kyle: “No way!! When?!”

My mom just blushed more and nodded her head yes. The guys were floored. My mom bent over to pick her robe and put it back on. She went back to her seat.

Kyle boldly asked my mom: “Well it seems like your having fun and drinking, do you mind if I smoke my weed?”

Kyle and I occasionally smoke up, but my mom never knew.

My mom surprisingly said: “You mean Ganja? You guys smoke that? His dad used to smoke that in his younger days. I guess you boys also have this growing up phase……You can smoke just this one time since I am in a good mood, but you have to promise me only for today and to stop this after today……. I just have to Febreeze the room after your done.”

Kyle agreed and had permission to bust out the weed. He pulled out the blunt and lighted it up. Kyle and Phil started to take hits of the weed in front of my mom.

Mom asking me: “Do you smoke?”

Me: ”No mom, not like that.”

I downplayed the situation; I didn’t want her to get upset with me.

Kyle to my mom: ”Have you smoked up before?”

Mom: “Yeah I did with my husband before.”

Kyle: “Are you off from work tomorrow?”

Mom: ”Yeah I am, why?”

Kyle: “Then why don’t you take a load off and join us?”

My mom thought for a minute and said: “Yeah why not, I work too hard.”

Kyle: “Awesome! Come sit in between.”

Kyle patted the seat between him and Phil to indicate my mom to sit between them. She got up and plotted herself between them. She began taking drags of the blunt and in no time she was feeling the high. She had a dazed look and her eyes looked glossy.

My mom: “Oh wow it’s been awhile. I feel light headed guys.”

Kyle laughing: “That's the whole point. Relax and enjoy the ride. And don’t you worry about no drug test, I got the stuff to make you pass.”

My mom: “I am only doing this because I already took one recently. So I am good to go. I needed this though.”

Kyle agreed with her, and he resumed the game. He showed my mom the stages of the game where you can pick up a hooker and ask her for a blowjob and for a fuck. My mom wasn’t uptight anymore and laughed at seeing those scenes.

She said: ”Wow you can practically do whatever in this game.”

Kyle brought up about her tits and how marvelous its looks. My mom loved his praises.

Kyle asking my mom boldly again: “Do you mind if me and Phil feel your breasts? Since we never felt fake tits before. We are just curious on how it feels like. And you said reality is better than virtual reality.”

He winked at her as he ended his sentence.

My mom looked at him dead in his face and replied: “Oh what the heck! Fine. At least someone appreciates my new additions. My husband doesn’t have time for it.”

She opened her robe again, but the boys instructed her to get rid of the whole robe. They told her to get up and take it off. She obeyed and did exactly that. She sat back in between them in her bra and panties. Kyle stopped Phil from feeling them and told my mom to take off the bra. He protested that it's the best way to feel her breasts.

Mom laughing: “You boys are so demanding, ok fineee if you boys insist.”

She simply reached back and unhooked her bra. My two friends helped her with the bra straps and slide it down her arms. They chucked the material to the side. Her bare breasts out in the open and these boys started to maul at them. Kyle and Phil cupped her breasts, made them jiggle, squeezed them, and even pinched her nipples. My mom just sat back and let their black hands roam her chest.

Kyle to me: “These are fucking awesome. Your mom is so fucking hot.”

Phil to me: “Your mom is a MILF!” She is the coolest.”

They were manipulating her breast and my mom’s facial expression was priceless, she was getting aroused. Phil was touching her thighs and inching towards her panties. He was testing the field and eventually crept up to her under garment. There was no resistance as his right hand was on her right breast and his left hand palmed the outside of her panties.

Phil exclaimed: “Guys she is fucking wet!”

By now my mom had her eyes closed, and she was basking in their groping.

Kyle was whispering in her ear: “Just sit back and relax, let us young guys show you some fun for a change. Remember you needed this.”

My mom was in a trance and could only nod softly. She was being neglected by my dad and loving all the attention from them. Kyle told Phil to put on some interracial porn on the TV. Phil did as told and went by the laptop that was hooked up to the TV. In no time there was images of Kitty Langdon fucking some black guys on the TV. They even played some videos of her getting double penetrated by big black dongs. My mom was viewing the screen with awe while Kyle had his hands in her panties now! She put her hand over his hand to stop him, she whispered to him,

“You shouldn’t do that to me.”

Kyle: “What was that?”

Mom cooing in pleasure: “Ooooooo.”
She barely stopped him and Kyle blatantly ignored her weak protest. He was obviously toying, rubbing, and fingering her pussy while she watched the TV screen. My mom took time to pant and moan from his stimulus. Her groin must have been on fire. This was unreal how the situation unfolded. This was too erotic for me and turned me on seeing my mom be sexual. Better to see her like this than being uptight all the time. It was interracial softcore porn in front of me.

The guys mentioned in between why they are playing Kitty Langdon videos. They confessed how my mom looked like Kitty Langdon as well and how they fantasized about her. My mom failed to hear and understand their comments, because she was too busy enjoying her finger job by Kyle. It seemed like she even forgot about me in the room.

Kyle pulled down his shorts with his boxers and let out his black hard on. My mom saw that and was staring at it. It was about 8 inches and thick.

Kyle whispered to my mom again: ”Come on let’s play. Lets do the same thing like that porn. You, me, and Phil.”

Kyle was clearly indicating for my mom to be part of a threesome. My mom’s response was to look at Kyle in the face and nodded yes for approval. Then she leaned in for a kiss and Kyle started to make out with her. My mom took her left hand and gripped his bare cock, and she began to stroke him. Phil sat back on the right side and freed his cock. He took her right hand and placed it on his member. She automatically stroked him as well. This went on for two solid minutes, before she switched and kissed Phil in the same manner.

Kyle broke off and stood up.

Kyle telling me: “Bro this is crazy. I didn’t think shit like this was going to happen. Your mom is being an easy lay as you can see. You know I am about to fuck her right?”

Me to Kyle: “Yeah go ahead, you made a move and she went along.”

Kyle just grinned and proclaimed to Phil: “I am going to fuck her first!”

Phil broke of the kiss and whined: “But I wanted to go first.”

Kyle’s response: “Elders first, and plus you can get your dick sucked while I do her doggie.”

There was no fighting that. Kyle held out his hand for my mom and she took his hand. He helped her stand on her feet and turned her around. She was facing Phil seated on the couch. Phil eagerly reached for her red panties; he grabbed the waistband and started to tug the garment down her thighs. As her panties being pulled down her legs by Phil,

My mom shaking her head in disbelief: “Oh my God, what am I doing? What you boys going to do to me?”

Kyle’s response: “You just be a good mommy and play along.”

The panties hit the floor and my mom stepped out of it, my mom almost tripped from doing that. My mom was completely naked for my friends. Kyle pushed her back to bend over and she did.

Kyle instructing my mom: “I need you to suck Phil while I fuck you from behind, ok?”

My mom looking over her shoulder to Kyle (asking obediently): “So you want me to get down on the floor and do it?”

Kyle: “Exactly! Now you are catching on how to do it with two guys. I guess those videos helped. Now me a good slut and get on your knees.”

My mom got into position and was on all fours on the carpet floor. Her face was facing Phil’s sprawled legs and his cock was inches away. Kyle lined up his unprotected manhood to my mom’s pussy lips. My mom was anticipating his entry, but Phil grabbed the back of her head and motioned her to suck him. Of course my mom complied by now and began blowing him. Phil was overwhelmed with joy of having my MILF mom’s wet mouth on his cock.

Phil: “Oh fuck yes! This is what I always wanted from your mom. Can't believe this is happening.”

Kyle was chuckling from hearing that, but at the same time rubbing his member against her cunt. Finally he slipped in his black meat into her twat. His cock slide in easily, as my mom was extremely moist. In no time his cock was buried in her womb. My mom stopped blowing from that and moaned on Phil’s cock. She was breathing through her nose, because she had about 7 inches of cock in her mouth. Kyle and my mom were soaking in each other, I bet my mom needed to get adjusted to his size.

Kyle couldn’t wait anymore and started his back and forth strokes. My mom took her mouth of Phil’s cock, so she can moan loudly. Her moans and squeals filled the room.

She eventually screamed: “Oh my God. Oh my God. Ohhhhhh.Ahhhhhhh…….Oh yes oh yes.”

Kyle asking my mom while stroking her insides: “Oh yes what? Yes you like it? You want more? Like my cock hoe?”

Mom’s reply: ”Yes yes yes! I like it, give it to me. Fuck me good ok?!”

I never heard my mom curse like that.

Kyle to me: ”Your mom is a bitch in heat. She needs some dickkk, haha.”

My mom’s pussy was slippery wet that Kyle was pounding that pussy effortlessly. You could hear squishy noises from her pussy and his balls slapping her ass. My mom would often push back to meet his strokes and they were in good rhythm.

Kyle pushing my mom’s head down: ”Go suck that cock!”

My mom eagerly went down on Phil again, but with more passion this time. Her head bobbing feverishly up and down on his pole. Her salvia coming down and lubricating his shaft and balls. She gagged a numerous amount of times. Phil’s legs were kicking with each gag she did on his penis. Kyle was slapping her tan ass and making it red. He grabbed her hips for stronger penetrations.

Kyle to Phil: “You enjoying that head?”

Phil: “Hell yeah! She is using no hands and all mouth. She is trying to swallow my dick or something, but I am not complaining.”

Kyle: “That’s my nigga. By the way her hand is on my balls now. She is a crazy bitch.”

Kyle to my mom: ”You're a wild slut. Your husband doesn’t fuck you? And if you keep rubbing my balls like that I am gonna cum.”

My mom took her mouth off to breath and answer: “No he doesn’t. Keep going I don’t care. Ohhhh.”

Kyle was encouraged by my mom, and her touching his hard tighten balls wasn’t helping him from holding back. You could tell Kyle wouldn’t last long. My mom was panting loudly and stroking Phil while Kyle was about to orgasm.

Kyle groaning: ”Oh shit here it comes. Oh fuck yeah!!! I am cumming inside, ahhhhhh.”

Kyle actually released his semen into my mother’s pussy. I think his spunk set off an orgasm within her.

She yelled: ”Oh yes oh yes, give it to me give it to me. I feel it.”

Her mouth was just agape and inhaled deeply from her own orgasm. Kyle pulled out his shrinking dick. He stood up and and sat by Phil. He looked down at my mom, which was still on all fours.

Kyle asked my mom like a little kid: ”Did you like that?”

My mom looked at him and shook her head yes. He even told her to suck his cock clean and to taste her juices. There was a thick wad of her own cum around his cock. My mom did as told. She wiped her lips from the taste; I guess she didn’t really want to taste her own cum. Kyle said he had to pee and got up, while Phil had her mouth back on his dick. Before Kyle went to pee, he asked me about one of the couches having a pull out bed. I showed him which one and he pulled out the bed.

Kyle to Phil: ”When you ready you can fuck her on this bed.”

Phil: “Shoot, I think I am ready now!”

That's all he said before he stopped my mom’s blowjob and helped her up. He told her to lie back on the bed and to spread her legs. His black ass crawled onto the bed to meet her. He asked her to help him put his cock into her. My mom aided his black cock to enter her. This was her second black cock for the night, and the second cock that she was cheating on with my dad. While Kyle was in the bathroom, his cousin was fucking my mom missionary. My mom’s hand was on his black ass pulling him in closer already. Phil was pumping away and making the bed squeak with each thrust. The partners were making out and were like wild animals. He kissed her neck and tits. Sucked the nipple and squeezed her tits in between. Kyle came out of the bathroom and started to cheer his cousin for his performance.

Kyle: “Yeah fuck her Phil!! Give her that dick. She fucking loves it. Fuck that hoe.”

Kyle to me: ”Yo, you gotta record this or something. Great blackmail material, you know what I mean?

Me: ”Yeah I guess.”

Kyle: “Stop acting like your down or something. You clearly have a hard on through those shorts nigga. Stop fronting like you’re not down with this, otherwise you would have stopped us…..Your mom is a fine as woman, her mouth and pussy is to die for. I wanna hit that again.”

Me smiling: “You’re right she is pretty hot and sexy to watch.”

Kyle: “Yeah she is, but way better to actually fuck her! I want to DP (double penetrate) her next, maybe you should record us doing that. I just hope she is down for that, I guess I have to work my magic.”

Me: “I will have my cell phone ready to record it.”

Kyle laughing at me: “Yeah good job. Just don’t have any blue balls from watching all of this. But then again you can join and maybe even get a blowjob from ya moms. We won’t judge.”

In the meantime Phil was fucking my mom at a rapid pace and was about to bust a nut. He didn’t wait for my mom to orgasm; he had a build up of cum from her sucking him before.

Phil to my mom: ”Here is my nut bitch. Ahhhh, fuck yeahhhhh.”

My mom could only breath hard and lay there with her legs open to receive his load of cum. Her pussy had two loads of cum. After Phil climbed off my mom, my mom also got up to use the restroom.

She said: “You boys are crazy, you guys just emptied everything inside of me. I am leaking now.”

That's all she said as she ran into the bathroom to wipe herself clean. You could see their cum running down her thighs and legs.

Kyle to me: “No condom necessary. Your mom should be old enough to not have a kid anymore. So we can use that pussy as our personal cum basket.”

Kyle was basking in the situation and felt like in control, he was being cocky. He opened the door to the bathroom and joined my mom. She was standing up and cleaning herself. I overheard their dialogue.

Kyle to my mom: “Mrs. Cruz, ready for round two?”

My mom confessing: “What has gotten into me? I can’t believe I just did that. I did it with both of my son’s friends in front of him. He must be mad at me.”

Kyle: “Ah don’t you worry, he is perfectly fine with it. He thinks you’re sexy and you're the coolest mom.”

Mom: “Really I don’t know. I was really horny because my husband neglects me, and then I was smoking that ganja. Ganja usually makes me aroused.”

After Kyle heard that he left her and told her to wait there.

Phil complaining to Kyle: “Hey man, what you doing with her in there? Don't keep her all to yourself.”

Kyle: “Shut up nigga, I got this. I am getting her ready for some DP.”

He brought back another blunt. They were smoking the blunt in the bathroom; he was using the weed to arouse her again. My mom was all giggly and playful with Kyle in the bathroom. She began to stroke his cock while they kissed. He broke off the kiss and said,

Kyle: “Now you ready Mrs. Cruz?”

My mom: “Lead the way Kyle, and you can call me Lilly.”

So they both got out of the bathroom and Kyle announced to Phil that she is ready for some more. Phil was excited and had a hard on.

Kyle: “Ok Lilly, why don’t you take a seat on the bed.”

My mom sat on the edge of the pullout bed; she had a smirk on her face.

She said: ”Wow you boys are hard already, impressive!”

Kyle: “That's how us young guys are, always ready to go.”

She giggled at his remark while the guys stood in front of her. Their penises were eye level with her.

Kyle to my mom: “You know what to do.”

That was my mom’s cue to start sucking both of my friends. Her lips smacked each time she switched from each guy’s penis. She alternated sucking their cocks like a porno slut. While she sucked one, she would stroke the other one. She would massage their balls and occasionally suck on them. She paid great attention to their cocks and both had equal amounts of her salvia coated on them. Her salvia dripped down to her breasts and made it look sleek (all from deep throating). My mom seemed like she loves to give blowjobs. With each cheers and chants from the boys, the more she blew them with desire.

Phil: “Fuck that feels good. You see how deep she is going on me. Yeah suck that cock you sexy mama.”

Kyle: “Oh yes Lilly, that's it, right there. Suck on my balls. Stroke my cock too.”

The boys played with her breast, which made her moan on their cocks. 15 minutes of some great head by my mom before Kyle interrupted.

Kyle instructing my mom: “Gag on my cock more and make it really wet. Make it wetter than Phil’s. Ok?”

She just shook her head yes and started to deep throat Kyle. Phil looked at him quizzically, but Kyle just winked and told him to follow along. Kyle put his two hands on her head and forced her head further in, making his cock leave an imprint on her throat. She could barely breath and she pulled back to breath. Once she regains composure, she went back at it in the same manner. Each time she went back to breath, Kyle requested her to spit on his cock.

Finally my mom said: “I don’t have anymore spit.”

Kyle agreed with her and told her to stop. He and Phil saw how much amount of spit was on his cock, it was a lot. He told Phil to lie on the bed and let my mom straddle him. I saw my mom’s tan ass hop on the bed. She got into position to straddle him. I saw her ass engulf Phil’s cock as she slide down on his pole. His cock disappeared inside of her, balls deep. My mom moaned as his girth filled her up. Phil bear hugged her and her breasts were in his face. He began sucking on it as he pumped his cock upwards.

My mom laughing and panting: ”ahhh, you guys really like my breasts.”

Kyle grinning and joining them on the bed: ”We like everything about you, and I mean everything.”

His dick wobbled up and down as he crawled towards them. He was trying his best to not let my mom’s spit get off his cock. By now my mom and Phil had a good pace, my mom met his thrust by her ass smashing down. Their pelvises grinding as she rode him, she was into it.

My mom looking over her shoulder: “Kyle, your cousin is fucking me good. Are you jealous baby?”

Kyle: “Why would I? I am about to join you.”

Mom: ”Huh? What you mean?”

Kyle shouted to Phil: “DP time! Spread her ass cheeks for me.”

That got my mom off guard as Phil took both of her ass cheeks and spread them open for Kyle. My mom now knew what he wanted, as Kyle’s prick was at her exposed anus. He was plunging in his dick.

My mom protesting and screaming: “No, no, no. I never did that before. Please stop. It’s going to hurt. Pleaseeee.”

Kyle didn't care and the tip of his cock got in. He told Phil to distract her and keep fucking her. Kyle’s cock was penetrating her butt hole, and my mom had her eyes closed. I saw a tear come out and she shook her head no. This is when I started to record the action on my cell phone. It was a beauty; Kyle was balls deep as well. My mom sandwiched between my two black friends. My Filipina mom was being double penetrated by two cousins. What a sexy sight.

My mom: “Ok ok, just stop and hold it there. Don’t move please. Your too big for this.”

Kyle calming my mom: “Don't worry Lilly. I got you. You will be fine and you will start to enjoy this.”

That's when he ever so softly rocked his hips back and forth. Kyle wiped some of her pussy juices onto his cock, and her spit helped as well. His cock began to glide in and out of her ass with ease. This is when my mom opened her eyes and saw me recording.

She said: “Oh please don't record this. I beg you. Your dad will kill me if he saw this……Oh fuck. Oh my God. I can’t believe I have two of you inside of me. Ahhhhhhhhhh.”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence about my dad without explaining what she was feeling from the threesome. Kyle looked in the camera while he held her hips and fucked her in the ass,

He said: “Hey pops (referring to my dad) if you are watching this, we are fucking your wife. She is mushed between two black niggas and she loves it as you can hear.”

He was being cockier. My mom’s previous squeals and protest was now turning into moans of pleasure. Her body was bouncing up and down between them. Phil fucked her upwards and the Kyle would pin her down towards him. The three of them were a well-tuned machine and they were hitting all her spots. Her tannish complexion contrasting with their black bodies is a sight to be seen. They ravished her body by slapping her butt, squeezing her boobs, pulling her hair. They used her body for their pleasure, but my mom was amazed and enjoying it.

She said: “I could feel both of your penises touching each other.”

Phil to Kyle: “Yeah bro, I could feel that too. Is that gay?”

Kyle: “Shut the fuck up and fuck her. Stop being gay and enjoy that Asian pussy. That pussy is so tight, I can't tell the difference between that and her ass.”

Mom: “You guys making both of my holes bigger. But I am getting used to it though. Ahhh fuck me, come on fuck me boys. This is what you guys wanted, right?”

The all fucked faster.

Kyle to me: “See your mom is cool ass bitch. She is all down for nigga dick. Too bad you are taping the joint. Don’t get blue balls from watching now haha.”

That was the boiling point for me; I was extremely horny and frustrated that I wasn’t getting pleasure. So I got on the bed and stood by my mom’s face and pulled down my shorts with boxers. My hard cock sprung onto her face and slapped her. She was appalled from my gesture and had her mouth open to say something but didn’t. Her eyes told me otherwise, she seemed in the heat of the moment. So I continued to record with my left hand, and took my right hand to the base of my cock, I took my boner and began to feed it to my mother’s open mouth. She accepted my cock and I felt her wet mouth and lips wrap around.

Kyle to me: “My nigga!!! You want to play with mommy too? You motherfucker.”

Phil to me: “Yeah bro, she is our slut now. Make her suck your dick good, make her swallow your babies.”

All of my mom’s holes were filled at the same time. She was fulfilling a teenager’s need, cause we are a bunch of horny rabbits. And this is what middle aged women needs, a good fuck. In this case times 3.

By now Phil and Kyle had an arrangement to cum at the same time. My mom wasn’t blowing me soo much, cause she was busy moaning on my cock. The guys drilling her faster was overwhelming for her.

Kyle to Phil: “Nigga you ready, cause I am about bust a nut in that ass.”

Phil: “Yeah cuz, me too in this pussy. Ooooooo ahh shit!”

Phil came and Kyle followed suit. He let out an enormous groan of pleasure. These boys emptied their balls from both sides. My mom could only squeal from delight, their warm cum triggered her own orgasm. The guys mentioned how her ass and pussy got tighter, and it’s milking their cocks of cum. She couldn’t say a word as my cock was stuffed in her mouth still. I rocked by hips back and forth to remind my mom. She almost woke from her stupor and blew me with lust, she even massaged my tighten sac. I had a huge load for her from watching her perform with my friends. In no time my cock started to spew semen into her mouth. Kyle had retracted his cock from her ass, which made a plopping noise. But Phil was still underneath.

He said to me: “Nigga your cum better not land on me.”

I replied as half of my load was being dumped into her mouth: “Nah we good. She is taking all of it in.”

I jerked my cock from the base to the tip; she had the head in her mouth. I made her swallow all of it. I saw her throat gulp down my cum. I pulled away, which lead my mom to dismount Phil and lay back on the bed. My mom was grasping for air, her body glistening from all the sweat. Her chest was heaving and was trying to catch her breath. Kyle was went through his clothes and found his phone, he discovered his mom has been calling and texting him to come home. This was their cue to leave. So they got dressed quickly. My mom still lying down and had just opened her eyes to see Kyle come in for a kiss. He felt her boobs quickly and patted her cum filled pussy.

He asked her: “Did you enjoy that Lilly? Wasn’t that what you really needed? I bet we are better than your lame husband.”

My mom could only blush and said: ”Yes I did, just please don't tell anyone about this. And please can you delete that video.”

Kyle: “I won't. That video was from your son’s phone, ask him!”

Phil said his goodbyes the same way by kissing her and thanking her for the sex.

Phil asked her: “Wasn’t getting double penetrated fun?”

My mom could only reply, “it was interesting” as the boys left.

I walked them to the door.

Kyle enthusiastic to me: “Bro that was insane!!! She is tight in all the right places. I can't get enough; you dad is silly for neglecting that piece of ass. Your mom told me she gets horny over some weed. It's a win win situation. So I bring over the weed next time and we can smoke up and get laid at the same time. Can't beat that!”

Me: “Yeah guys, we will see. Hope she doesn’t regret anything.”

They disagreed with me on that and said she was “well entertained tonight”.

I came back into the den, and it smelled like weed and sex. My mom sat up naked under her own puddle of cum. Both holes were leaking of their cum. She didn’t bother to clean up and asked me,

“Can I see that video?”

I sat beside her with me being naked waist down. I showed her the footage.

She said to me: “I look like a real slut in that video. Like one of those porno girls. I probably lost all respect with you and your friends.”

Me: ”Nah ma. We think you’re cool and sexy. It was hot watching you, you have great figure. Plus Kyle and Phil can't get enough, they were so happy when they left.”

Mom: ”Oh really is that so, did they say that? I guess you can't get enough either. Look you’re hard again. You boys have great stamina.”

I was hard again, so I motioned by mom to go down on me again. She did by leaning over and took my cock in her mouth. I laid back and enjoyed the blowjob for a little bit. Then by mom stopped and said,

“You know what, lets get cleaned up.”

She got me up and led me to the bathroom by holding onto my hard cock. On the way she confessed to me,

“You know my friend Jackie dared me to come down and dress sexy for you boys. I wanted to prove her wrong that you guys aren’t a bunch of horny freaks. Oh boy was I wrong. I was used up by your friends and imagine if I sent her a pic of being sandwiched by two black kids, she would say, “Lilly you took the dare to the next level!””

I laughed at her and told her I knew about the bet.

She said playfully: ”Why you son of a bitch. You and your friends knew all this time. You guys were setting me up.”

Me: “Not really. Kyle was the one that said he would take care of it. I guess he did by making a move on you.”

Mom: “So I guess I am your guys little bitch now, huh?”

Me with a smirk: “I guess so.”

Mom: “Get in here!”

She tugged me into the shower with my cock. We made out instantly while she stroked my cock super hard. Finally I ended up fucking her doggie style in the standing shower.

The end…..

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