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Introduction: To comply with this sites new censorship rules all references to age have been edited. Readers should consider all characters to be at least 18 years old. Sorry for any confusion in the story line.
Abduction of a Family at Sea
By Greg

The early rays of sunrise beamed through the small port window flashing across Kelly’s face. She slowly raised her hand and fumbled with the small curtain trying to block the light. After just a couple minutes the rays seemed to creep around and find another slit to flash through. Kelly finally roused from her sleep, and realized the game was useless. The gentle rocking of the boat that had put her to sleep was now beckoning her awake.

Sitting up, Kelly pulled back the sliding curtain that partitioned off her little berth. Her brother’s just across the narrow passageway was still closed. His bunk was on the shaded side away from the morning sun. The familiar creaking of the rigging and the gentle swaying of the hull was inviting her up topside to welcome in a new day. Quietly she pushed open the hatch door and made her way up on deck. The seat cushions were still damp, so she grabbed a towel that had been hung on a line. Polishing a spot dry, she nestled into a comfortable position with her knees drawn up against her chest.

The morning breeze had not kicked up yet. The boat just rolled slowly as the sea-anchor tugged at it from behind. No real land was visible. Only a few small islands dotted the horizon. Kelly sat quietly savoring the fresh smell of the ocean early in the day. She knew her dad would be up soon and this quiet time alone would end. She reflected on the past 2 days.

This was the family’s yearly trek to Nassau to visit with her parent’s friends. Her dad was a successful insurance broker in Coral Gables. He had spent his life developing a prosperous business. His success had allowed the Machens to enjoy the best of southern Florida living. Their home in the Alta Vista section of town had everything someone could wish for. Yet, her dad’s pride and joy was the family’s 42’ ketch “Rocking Rose”. Dad had bought it from an associate who was being transferred north. This was the sixth season they had been out with it. All of them had become experienced sailors. Usually the family went on this trip with at least several passengers in tow, and a couple more friends always made the return trip back.

This trip however, had become just a family thing. It was kind of nice not having people sprawled out all over. Even though the sailboat could sleep 8 it required converting the kitchen table to a bunk for two. The main stateroom was forward and boasted the most room. Kelly and her brother Chad had separate quarters if you could call them that. They were little more that two closets along the narrow passageway to the galley. They consisted of a sliding pleated curtain. The space was nothing more than a sleeping bunk hung from the gunwale. There was a little storage under and above, and a little spot for hanging clothing. Each had a reading lamp just above the bunk. Kelly would often sit and read for hours in her little quarters. The small area offered only enough room to stand or sit. The berth didn’t seem quite so small if the curtain was left open. Kellys brothers snoring had begun to bother her. So she kept it pulled closed at night.

Her Mom, Ellen was active at the country club with just about every function that came along. She was in her early-forties, and was the social focus of just about every party.

Tom her dad, was more into building business clientele. His sales pitches never ceased. He worked every party like it was a fresh field of new opportunities. He always ended a conversation with someone by tucking one of his business card into a chest pocket with a “Get with me soon.”

The 4-day trip to Nassau was mostly open water after the second day. Kelly was confident in her father’s sailing skills. Besides, with modern GPS, and marine radios, help was only a call away. This had been a perfect cruise so far and the open water they were headed through today was calm with no weather conditions to worry about.

Kelly heard the “whoosh” from the porta-potty, then the diesel generator kick on. This meant that mom was probably up and was putting on morning coffee. A little bit later Kelly saw her mom come back to just below the hatch and looked up towards her. Kelly sat staring aimlessly off to the horizon.

“Hungry?” Mom called to Kelly.

“You bet!” hollered Chad, still hold up in his bunk.

“You need to get stirring and help your sister with the sea anchor, Bud.” Mom prodded, as she rapped on the drawn curtain of his room.

“Awww.” was the response.

Eventually the pleated curtain rattled, and Chad drew it open. He stepped out standing, and began stretching in an effort to fully awaken. Kelly was in a position on deck to look down through the open hatch and catch a chest down view of her little brother. Chad only wore briefs when he slept. Kelly’s eyes focused on his crotch area. Chad had a noticeable bulge there. Was he was having a morning “woody”? She chuckled. She was in a perfect spot to watch, and not be noticed. Chad threw both arms over his shoulder and arched backward. The material on his briefs almost reached its stretch limit. Kelly eyes were glued to the mound of material hiding his bundled up cock. Kelly could almost make out the outline of the head of his dick.

Mom broke the moment by yelling at Chad to get going, and put something on. Kelly wondered if mom had also noticed his display. Chad was on the baseball team at school, and would probably turn into some gross “jock type” Kelly thought. He already had several girl friends who worshiped him.

Kelly’s style was more laid back. She had been on many dates, but had not let anyone get past heavy petting yet. She wasn’t a prude or anything it was just that no one had really got her interest up for long enough to get intimate with. She knew it wouldn’t be long though. Most of her girlfriends had already had sex, or were “doing it” with their boyfriends. Kelly figured she would not be a virgin much longer. But she wasn’t in any hurry.

Dad was at the table by the time Kelly and Chad had drug in the sea anchor and stowed it. Kelly didn’t like this chore. Dragging in the anchor was gross. The underwater sail held the boat from drifting at night, but it always trapped some unfortunate sea creatures in its rigging. After shaking it out and stowing it, she and Chad made their way to the galley for breakfast.

“Wash hands first.” was her mom’s constant refrain.

Pushing and shoving ensued as both tried to be first to the head to wash up. Dad was just finishing as the two took their regular seats, and scarfed up mom’s offering of scrambled eggs and sliced ham.

Dad was on deck getting the sails set, and his footsteps above their heads were as predictable as the waves. Before they had finished their plates they felt the familiar tug of the main sail jolt the boat to life. The aimless rocking was now replaced with a solid slant as the wind filled the sail and the boat was brought around and on course.

Morning crept by uneventfully as mom worked below stowing clutter, and wiping down the galley area. Things were never clean enough for Ellen. She often wished the others would be more like her. Kelly was orderly but Chad was a slob and left things a mess. Kelly’s berth was already put-away, so Ellen began to straighten up Chad’s bunk area. Kelly and Chad were topside with Tom. The wind was now whistling through the rigging and muffling their voices. Ellen was folding Chad’s bedding up for storage, because with the curtains open, the bunks often doubled as additional seating. As Ellen began folding the sheet, a small wad of tissues dropped to the floor and rolled to a low spot against the wall. Miffed as she was about Chad’s unsanitary practice, Ellen paused to wonder as she picked it up. Chad hadn’t complained about a cold. As she gingerly plucked up the wad, its dense weight caused her to pause. A curious feeling now came over her. She raised the tissue up for a closer look. A large yellow stain coated the center of the wad. Bringing it up close to her face she detected the unmistakable smell of semen. Tom and Ellen had a very active sex life. The taste and smell of a man’s load was not foreign to her.

“That darn kid is masturbating in here at night.” she thought to herself.

She wondered if she should say anything to Tom about this. Ellen carried the wad of tissues to the galley for disposal. Just before she dropped it into the waste can she couldn't help, just one more sniff “only to be sure.” She was impressed with the obvious amount of the load. Tom’s jism seemed to be a lot, but of course she was not all that experienced to know how much a large orgasm would produce. Chad’s load had obviously had time to dry overnight but was still amazingly heavy. Ellen didn’t know if she should be upset about this or what. She decided not to mention this to anyone. What would she or Tom do about it anyway? Besides, she was just a little proud that her little baby was now turning into such a stud, and was doing “manly” type things.

Ellen heard Tom call from on deck. She felt a subtle shift in direction, as Tom must have switched off the autopilot. Tom was at the wheel as Ellen climbed topside. Kelly and Chad were on their feet. Both had their hands up cupping their eyes to shield the sun. Something out in front had caught their attention.
Ellen turned around and stared out in front also. Probably 2 to 3 miles ahead a boat was visible. There was black smoke trailing away from it.

“There!” Tom said, pointing towards the sparking reflection bouncing of the craft.

“Looks like trouble.” he said.

Tom shifted again a few degrees’ to port, and aligned the bow to center on the distressed craft. Ellen reached for the binoculars just inside the hatch cover, and began sweeping back and forth to locate the vessel. She had to lean way over to avoid the blur caused by looking through the sail rigging. Finally a hull dashed across her view. Focusing in, she could make out an expensive looking pleasure yacht, some 40ft or better. Ellen kept focusing and was able to make out people near the stern. After closing on the craft for a time, she was able to make out the figures of two people standing on the rear deck. They had dark skin and the one woman had on some floppy hat, which she clung on to by holding one hand on top of her head. A trail of black smoke was wafting out from below deck near where the engine compartment probably was.

“I think they are in trouble Tom.” said Ellen

“We will swing by for a closer look.” Tom said sounding very serious now.

“Chad lay out the lines if we have to come along side.” Dad barked.

“Kelly, hang the fenders to port quickly.”

“Ellen, get the fire extinguisher out! “He shouted in quick succession.

Both sprang to their assigned tasks with out hesitation. All knew that emergencies could crop up quickly out on the water, and time was crucial. As the boat neared, Ellen could now clearly see the woman on deck. They had by now, noticed the sailboat approaching. The other person was pointing out the closing sailboat. As they neared the stranded craft, Tom could see they were adrift. No exhaust indicated their engines were shut down. It seemed a fire must have been burning down in the lower deck somewhere. The pair had taken refuge on the deck for fresh air.

Tom aligned the boat to come along side and began dropping sails. Chad skillfully stowed the mainsail and released the jib to slow down. Tom had the engine fired up and was now using prop drive.

They were now only about fifty yards away. The woman on the distressed boat began waving franticly towards them. Chad stayed on the bow and readied the lines. Tom was hoping a male, or another adult would come up from the lower deck of the burning vessel. He was concerned about Chad trying to tie up on the bow by himself. The water was not rough but this was still a tricky maneuver for just two people. No one had yet appeared and they were just about to come along side.

The woman was pointing below, waving frantically and yelling something in Spanish. Tom resigned himself that there might be injuries already, and it would be up to Chad and him to tie-up. Tom guided his craft to just parallel the smoking vessel. Chad lept from the deck to the bow of the other vessel. He was searching for a tie off. Finally, after finding a cleat he was now drawing the two together. Tom was concerned for his own crafts safety, and decided to just loop the stern line around a rail on the other ship. If the fire was out of control he didn’t want to be lashed to the stricken vessel. Tom shifted the engine to idle and handed the loose end of the stern line to Kelly with instructions to be ready to shove off.

Tom leaped over the rail past the distraught woman. He disappeared below into the smoke. Ellen tried to calm the frantic mother. Tom seemed to be gone for an unusually long time. Finally after Ellen had called his name several times, Chad left his post on the bow and began making his way back to the stern. The rails were narrow and Ellen yelled to be careful. Chad disappeared into the smoke below also. The women now just stood waiting. Nothing, Nothing! The time drug by as seconds ticked off. Ellen was now getting worried. What was going on? She began calling for Tom and Chad but nothing was heard. Ellen now started to yell to the woman who was now just standing there. The woman feigned no understanding and stood stupidly still. She didn’t quite seem right, and the smoke seemed to not be getting any worse. Finally, Ellen was beside herself, and yelled to Kelly to pull her up closer to the yacht. Ellen struggled over the pitching gap grabbing the rail. She landed on the other deck, stepping past the woman. Ellen peered into the darkened vessel.

“TOM! CHAD!” She screamed.

No answer. Ellen repeated her calls as she descended the blackened opening leading inside. The smoke was not at dense as it had been now, and she could just make out the source. In the galley-way there was a large metal pan with rags and pieces of foam in it. It had burned down to just a smolder now. Ellen was baffled that some one would have set something like this inside a boat like this. Before her eyes could adjust to the darkness, someone grabbed her from behind. A large hand clamped over her mouth. She was being drug backwards into a darkened room. Someone large seemed to fall on top of her, pinning her to the deck, almost knocking the wind from her. She felt hands on her. Tossing her around, she felt someone else grabbing for her arms and legs. A pair of hands grabbed her skull and held her steady as a wide strip of some type of tape was slapped across her mouth. An instant latter, a strip was stretched across her eyes completely blinding her. She felt several more strips and layers being applied and some large hand pressed them firmly into place. She heard the ripping sound of more tape and felt the sting as it was violently wrapped around her wrists and ankles. The pull on the hairs of her wrists made any attempt to move painful. She was now completely helpless. She felt someone push her up against a soft cushion. A strong hand held her there. If she moved, it pushed her back.
What had happened? Where were Tom and Chad?

“Oh My God Kelly’s alone” Ellen panicked. In her dark prison Ellen heard or saw nothing for quite some time. Then there were muffled loud voices, and she could feel running feet on the hull.

The strips of tape over her eyes had extended to cover her ears also. This made hearing difficult. Ellen was helpless. She realized that the same must have been happening to TOM and Chad. Ellen thought she heard Kelly’s voice, shouting and noise then came from nearby. They were all speaking Spanish and the shouting continued. Several muffled voices barked commands as rustling and footsteps continued.

Then suddenly, things grew quiet and voices seemed subdued. Ellen had no idea how long she had sat in total darkness. It seemed like hours as she struggled to sit up. The tape ripped at her skin each time she tried to move. She was aware that this was some sort of small closet or storage area. She was a prisoner. She could tell someone was still with her in the small room.

After what seemed an eternity she heard a door latch open, and a fresh breeze of air filled the small area. Suddenly strong hands gripped her body and jerked her to a standing position. She cringed at the pain caused by the sticky tape. She was lifted, and carried along a narrow hall. She struck her head several times against things as she was carried along. Quickly loud shouts and orders were barked. Ellen was dropped onto some sort of couch. Ellen grimaced as the pain from the tape pulling on her skin was excruciating. She could feel the presence of others. She was now in a larger space and could feel fresh sea air blowing. The faint stench of smoke was still in the air.

She sat for quite some time like this. At least being up on a couch had allowed her to bring her legs together. The tapes pull was less painful as she tried to stay upright. There was a constant chatter and barking of orders all in what Ellen believed to be some type of Spanish. There was banging and clunking sounds as people moved past her. Excited phrases constantly filled the area where Ellen sat.
After what must have been an hour, things seemed to calm down. Ellen found was able to move just slightly around in her spot. She could sense someone very close to her.

“Was it Tom, or one of her children?” she wondered.

Scooting slightly and then leaning she pressed against a body to her left and felt the strong shoulders of her husband. She recognized the aftershave and believed it was indeed Tom. The nudge she felt back made her heart leap. It was Tom, It had to be him. She was certain.

She wanted, and indeed needed to believe that he was alive. It was then likely; everyone else was still ok. She leaned against the strong familiar shoulder. She felt like somehow, she was communicating with her husband through her soul. Hours seemed to pass.
Abruptly the voices seemed to center in the area where Ellen was. A strong pair of hands grabbed her head and someone began to pull the tape away from her face. The tugging was painful, but the freedom of the bondage was glorious. As the layers of tape were ripped from her face, light began filtering back. The last strip was ripped off violently. It tore against her eyelashes and felt like it ripped half her eyebrows off. The light was blinding and as her eyes became accustomed to the room she quickly looked around to verify that indeed her family was safe. Tom was seated next to her. Chad and Kelly sat on another couch just a few feet away. Their eyes and faces were covered the same way hers had been. She instantly studied each, looking for blood or signs of injury. Seeing none she was relieved. She leaned her shoulder against her husband and nudged him in a reassuring way to let him know it was all still “OK.”

Ellen was the only one not blindfolded now. The strips were still across her mouth preventing her from calling out. Tom, Chad and Kelly were all bound up with the same gray tape that had held her. All were leaning sideways uncomfortably due to the tape wound around their limbs. Most of their face was covered with the tape and Ellen was worried about their ability to breathe. Their eyes were covered with several criss-cross strips. Paper towels were packed against the sides of their heads, covering their ears making for a crude ear mute. Their mouths were also bonded making speaking impossible and painful to even try.
Ellen looked about the interior of the boat. It was filthy. The floor was an absolute mess. Didn’t these slobs believe in ever cleaning up? Empty alcohol bottles littered the galley area and beer cans lined the counters and rolled around on the floor. The seating area they were in was just behind the galley, which was a horror to behold. The cabin area reeked of diesel fuel. An oily old barbecue pan was lying up near the sink. This was probably the source of the “Fire.”
Tom had been fooled into thinking these people needed help. Now they were the ones in need of help.

“How had this happened?” Ellen wondered

“How could they have been so naive? They were usually cautious people. How had they allowed this simple hoax to get them into such a fix?”

It was clear now what they were. “Pirates” Yes, modern day Pirates. They were most likely criminals from Cuba. They roamed the southern Florida seas. Ellen had heard the stories of boardings by these types. They were lawless, ransacking and looting the vessels that fell victim to them. They preyed on the rich Americans. She had heard of cases where they sank, and killed as not to leave witnesses.

Ellen’s fear for their future was overwhelming. She was visibly shaking as the situation, and their plight was finally sinking in. Ellen also realized that in their haste to assist these people, neither Tom nor she had thought to radio any type of distress call. No one would be coming, or even looking for them.

Ellen was the only one who was able to see at this time. She felt the need to reassure her family and try to get them to remain calm.

Suddenly one of the Cubans made eye contact with her. He shouted something to another man and a heated discussion ensued. Finally an understanding must have been reached and one of the men walked up to Ellen and started to pull at the tape still across her mouth. He was still trying to get the layers off and as he pulled, Ellen screamed in pain.
Her first full breath in hours filled her lungs.

“Tom” She called loudly, “Were ok. They just want our boat and belongings. “

Ellen couldn’t tell how much Tom was able to hear but she felt is was necessary to try to communicate with him. Almost instantly one of the Cubans nearby jumped up and reared back his fist to silence her next outburst. Ellen recoiled not knowing if he was going to strike her anyway. No blow came and she slowly reopened her eyes. The man had backed away, but had made his point.

Ellen tried to look through one of the smeared windows. Several men were aboard their boat and they were stealing anything of value. Supplies and clothing from their sailboat lay in piles out on the rear deck of the yacht. Her heart sank when she saw what they were doing to her husband pride and joy. But these could be replaced she kept telling herself. One of the men sitting in the galley came up to Ellen and shouted


The man then made some remark in Spanish that caused the others near the galley to roar with laughter. The woman Ellen had seen earlier on deck was now rummaging through the articles that were being carried toward one of the forward cabins. One of the doors was open and Ellen could see the woman in there holding up some of Ellen and Kelly’s clothing against her. She was picking out what she liked. The nerve of her Ellen thought.

Ellen tried to count. There must be at least seven or eight men. She wasn’t sure because they kept moving back and forth between boats.

The pleasure craft they were on was an expensive one. One theses people surely didn’t come by legally. Ellen did not even want to think of what might have happened to the rightful owners.

A few minutes went by and another forward cabin door banged open. Ellen could see more men up there also. “God,” she thought how many lived on this thing”

One of the men from the room came directly up to Ellen and grabbed her shoulder. He pushed her back against the cushion and roughly grabbed her by the jaw. He pulled her face side to side and then dropped his hand down to her chest.

“Bueno Muy Bueno.” he said loudly, drawing a round of laughter from the other men still around them.

Something was yelled from the front of the boat and a couple of the men in the one cabin peered out then moved from the door.
The man in front of Ellen now placed his hand over her right breast and lifted it. He crudely pulled and prodded at her like some commodity being studied for purchase. She struggled and twisted uselessly as he grabbed at one breast then the other.

Ellen had her breasts enlarged five years ago. Since southern Florida living required many swim suit occasions she wanted to look her best. Tom was all for the change which added two bra sizes to her shapely figure. She felt the crude bastard in front of her had no right to be touching her like this.
Ellen wasn’t sure why the men had allowed only her to see while her family were still gagged and blindfolded with the awful tape.

At least she had gotten out her message that they were all still alive. Maybe Chad and Kelly had heard her shout to Tom also. But what was to become of them? Would they end up dead? She prayed that maybe they would just be cast adrift after being robbed, and would somehow be rescued.

A sharp command emanated from one of the forward cabins. The man stopped pawing at her chest. He reached down and cut the tape around her ankles with a short knife. Grabbing her one shoulder he jerked her to her feet. The relief of the tape being pulled off was short lived. He grabbed her by the back of the head pulling her hair down. Her head flew back. She was only able to see the ceiling as the man started shoving her along. She stumbled several times tripping over edges. She tried to resist by leaning away but it was useless. She was steered across the room towards that one stateroom. Ellen was terrified but didn’t want to panic Tom and her children. She resisted the urge to scream. She dreaded leaving the area with her family. She continued to twist and pull trying to stop from moving away, but she was eventually slammed against the doorframe of the cabin. The bastard still pulled at her hair, and this kept her head up so she couldn’t see the floor. As they entered the room the man let go of her hair. Her eyes were blurred with tears and her face still ached from the tape.

The room was not well lit but she could make out the presence of several men in there. By one of them, Ellen spotted the younger girl she had seen earlier.
The girl was over by opposite wall on a chair. The room drapes were drawn closed but she could just make her out. She was sitting on the lap of one of the uglier men. He was a nasty looking toad. He must have been sort of the leader. He was a stocky brute and was shouting commands to the others around him. The others seemed to respect his wishes.

The girl was sitting awkwardly facing this guy, with her arms around his neck. Something seemed strange to Ellen. The girl had on a dirty stripped pullover top. Ellen hadn’t realized at first what was going on until she noticed her bare legs. “My God,” Ellen gasped, “She didn’t have on any bottoms”. The girl was casually rocking her hips back and forth and looked over her shoulder towards Ellen. The reality of the situation was just starting to sink in as Ellen’s eyes struggled to focus. The stocky mans thighs were bare too. His trousers were missing. The grubby bastard had himself exposed, and this girl was actually sitting on the scummy bastard’s open crotch.

This girl was a Hispanic also. Her dark skinned feet didn’t even reach the floor as they swung back and forth. The leader shouted something in Spanish. The girl tried to back off. As she spread her legs open, and started to slide back, Ellen gasped. The man’s penis was sliding out of the girl’s vagina. This ugly bastard had actually been fucking this girl. The girl apparently did not respond quickly enough, and the brute put his hand to her chest and pushed her off of him. He was gross. His dick was all wet and covered with slime. The girl fell on the floor in front of the man, her legs splayed out revealing a gaping hole between her legs. She had obviously been servicing these bastards for some time.

Without being told to, but with an obvious attempt continue pleasing him, the girl crawled up by the man’s legs and kneeling, attempted to get the man’s penis into her mouth. The girl got some of the head in and rested her head back against his leg and began softly suckling on the guy’s nasty organ. She looked up to Ellen with a quizzical look. This seemed to be something that she was pretty much used to doing in the company of others and wasn’t the least embarrassed. Ellen felt she would vomit any second.

After studying Ellen for a second, the leader guy just stood up, without even letting the girl know. His cock just “jerked” from her mouth. He just about kicked her out of the way as he walked over to Ellen. The sight of this man repulsed Ellen. The man’s dick dangled obscenely out, and he appeared to care nothing about this. Without hesitation the guy just grabbed Ellen by the breasts to feel their size for himself. He seemed impressed, and shouted an order. Suddenly hands were all over her pulling and jerking at her clothing. Ellen heard the cabin door slam closed. Now she really screamed, and kicked wildly, fighting as best as she could. At least four men roughly stripped her. She worried about how much her husband had heard. He would surely by now, be throwing a “fit” in an effort to get free, and protect her.

Ellen was pushed back onto the bed. The tape had been cut from her wrists when she was being stripped. Someone else had cranked up some loud Latin sounding music. It was loud enough to muffle her screams and cries.

The gross man seemed to have the right to Ellen first. He literally just jumped on top of Ellen now being held out on the bed. He tried several times to kiss her on the mouth but Ellen kept whipping her head side to side. Finally like some kind of animal, the pig just started licking her about the face with his tongue. Working himself to frenzy the stocky guy started trying to jam his cock in. Ellen could feel hands groping all over her body. The coarse pig on top of her reeked of alcohol and sweat. She felt someone pulling at her leg and it spread her open. The man’s nasty cock found its mark. He lunged forward driving himself “in” without any regard for his victim. Ellen felt his rough face against hers as he crushed against her chest. Hands were all over the place grabbing and pulling on her. The pig was completely unconcerned if Ellen could even breathe with the full weight of him on top of her. She turned her head, so as to not have to look at him as he continued his assault.

One of the men holding her left arm had taken out his penis and was jacking himself to an erection. He smiled when he noticed Ellen looking at him. Ellen worked her head to the other side so as not to have to watch. This side was just as disgusting. The girl was now standing alongside the bed. She was in front of a man, giving him a blow-job. The guy had one hand on top of the girl’s head steering and controlling her rhythm. The man’s legs wobbled around as the poor thing tried to keep him from choking her with his hardened cock. The girl kept both hands wrapped around the man’s cock in an attempt to control the depth of his jabs.

About this time the brute on top of her started to grunt and stiffen. Ellen knew he was spewing inside her, but she was totally helpless. He grunted and slobbered like the animal he was. Finally he finished his orgasm. He instantly pushed up, and roughly grabbed at Ellen’s breasts and like a dog dragged his mouth around and clamped down biting into her right nipple. Ellen screamed in pain, but this only seemed to encourage the frenzy to continue. The man that the girl was sucking on pulled away and came towards the bed. He meant to be “next”. Ellen hadn’t yet caught her breath when the guy fell on her and plunged his cock into her. Ellen was still facing in the girl’s direction and immediately, another man grabbed the other girl. Holding her head steady like the other guy, he started jabbing his cock into her face.

“My God,” thought Ellen they were using this girl to prime themselves for her.

They had probably gotten tired of the girl and were now
feasting on a grown woman with full breasts and womanly curves. The room became one of utter sex-lust frenzy. Man after man climbed atop her and proceeded to pump at Ellen’s sore cunt. The room became a blurr of bodies all pushing and shoving in an effort to spew their filth into her. Ellen lost all sense of time. Each rape became a pattern of suffocating weight, smelly body odor, and the eventual grunting of the man as he reached satisfaction.

Eventually all of the men must have satisfied themselves on Ellen. Her pussy ached so badly and her breasts and neck were covered with bite marks left by some of the more abusive men. She could feel the pool of semen pouring out of her crotch. Ellen had no ideal of how many men had raped her. She smelled of sweat and the putrid stench of the stinking men’s leavings. Without warning one of the two holding her rolled her over on to her stomach. She was repulsed by the stale smell of the bed cover. Her face was now pushed into it as someone climbed on her back.

“God, now someone wanted her anally too.” she feared.

Instead, her arms were pulled around back and the dammed tape was being wrapped around them again. She was then pulled from the bed room and drug back to the sitting area where her family was still being held. They seemed to be unaware that Ellen was back. Ellen was pushed back down next to Tom again and a band of tape wrapped around her sore ankles. Ellen was exhausted. Her hips were sore. Her face felt like it was on fire. The rough unshaven faces of the men had rubbed her raw. She felt so dirty. She slid over to Tom and leaned against his shoulders and cried. Her pussy leaked a steady stream of semen. She was still naked but only those in control of the boat could see her. She didn’t care anymore.

Hours seemed to drag by and it must have been late afternoon by now. The Cubans were still crossing back and for the between the two boats, stealing anything they thought they could use. Ellen just sat weeping and leaning against Tom for support. Several times she shifted to avoid the cold wet spot created by the leaked cum. God only knows what diseases they had injected her with along with their filthy sperm. Her family had not heard much of what went on in the forward cabin and it was just as well. What could they have done?

Towards evening the group of men had pretty much started milling around the sitting area. Ellen was still the only one with her eyes uncovered. She stole glances around the room trying to avoid eye contact with any of the men. They had started passing some type of liquor bottle around and each taking a swig from it. The men were talking a lot now. They seemed to be discussing what to do next. Ellen wanted to believe they were planning to release the family. They had taken just about anything of value. They had soundly raped her. What else was left?

Ellen’s fears were justified. The liquor was causing the men to get louder and more raucous all the time. Several of the men that had participated in the earlier rape were among them now. She felt like some were bragging to the others about their sexual prowess earlier. Some started deliberately walking around to get better looks at her still exposed body. Ellen tried to hide herself against Tom’s shoulders.
It was probably around four O’clock when Ellen spotted the leader again. Seeing her drawing comfort by leaning against Tom must have pissed him off. He shouted some commands. Several men approached Ellen.

“Oh God, not more.” She thought.

“Silencio!” One of them said, raising his fingers to his lips.

She tried in vain to avoid them, but they managed to grab her shoulders and held her head steady as another man taped her mouth closed again. One grabbed her under her arms and lifted her up, while the other caught her by the legs. At first Ellen thought they were going to carry her into the room again for more rape. But they stopped in front of Chad, one big guy pulled Chad off the couch and they dropped her in next to Kelly. Chad was then lifted and carried to the spot Ellen had been. Chad now was next to Tom. Chad fought and wiggled as he was carried but settled down as soon as he apparently felt his father next to him.

They all sat in this arrangement for awhile. This did give Ellen a chance to lean into Kelly and some how make her know that they were all still alive and together. Ellen believed that Kelly understood her intent. Kelly leaned her forehead back against Ellen’s. Ellen understood this to mean that she had recognized it was her mother that was next to her.

The short pig leader appeared again carrying a bottle of some type of liquor. He passed it around.
Those that had been milling around continued to chatter among themselves. Ellen still hoped against hope that maybe they were planning to wait till dark and then set them adrift in their sailboat.

Finally the leader guy barked some order which apparently was the decision. Two men went towards Tom and lifted him up. He stood unable to see or know who was around him. A third man approached Tom and grabbed him at the waist. He jerked Tom’s shorts at the waist and pulled them down past his knees. Then the two who held him kept him still while the third guy grabbed Tom’s boxers and pulled them down also. Tom’s head was twisting vainly trying to understand what was going on. Ellen began to moan at this. She was hoping they were going to carry Tom to their sailboat. This meant that they had a different plan. After dropping Tom back into his seat they grabbed Chad sitting next to him and did the same thing. Both were left sitting on the couch with their crotches exposed and their pants tangled with the tape near their ankles.

Ellen thanked God that Kelly’s eyes were still taped up. Ellen feared that Kelly would have gone crazy had she seen what was going on. Ellen prayed that maybe they were just trying to embarrass the family by making them feel more vounerable with the two males exposed like this. However, the pig leader was not finished. He yelled something that brought the other Cuban girl into the room again.

“Chupada.” shouted the pig leader.

Ellen was dumbfounded for a moment. The girl obediently walked over to Tom sat and curled up near his feet.

“OH My God,” She thought “NO”

With out any more instructions, the girl pushed open Tom’s legs and reached in for his penis.
Tom struggled at first fearing the worst. He clenched his knees together for a moment until a fist from one of the men standing near him, landed a solid blow to the side of his head. Tom must have been stunned. He no longer seemed to struggle. The girl had a gotten a grip on his cock and sat up to take it in her mouth. She methodically bobbed her head up and down each time trying to suck more of his shaft into her little mouth. Tom had no idea who was doing this to him. He seemed to regain his senses but didn’t make another move to knock her away.

The girl reached over while still sucking on Tom and grabbed for Chads exposed genitals. Chad was visibly shocked. He too had no clue as to what was going on. She started stroking Chad deliberately with steady strokes as he held Tom’s manhood in her mouth.

Tom had always been a stud of a man. Ellen had always felt flattered that she was still able to bring on an erection in him, even after twenty years of marriage. She had never been aware of how large his cock was until now. The girl’s body was so small and her hand, not big enough to wrap completely around his ever lengthening cock. The girl gripped Tom’s cock at the base, and she playfully batted it against the side of her face. This girl had obviously had plenty of experience at bringing a man to arousal

Chad’s cock was also quickly filling up the girl’s fist. His was no match for Tom, but with youth on his side Chad’s dick stiffened quickly and was jutting up obscenely.
Ellen buried her face in Kelly’s neck. She had seen enough today and wouldn’t watch this debauchery. Someone in the room shouted something. Two guys approached Ellen. One jerked her head away from the back of Kelly’s neck. The other grabbed Kelly and started to unpeel the tape from her face. Ellen was frantic, and began twisting her head back and forth trying to get out the words.

“NO, NO, please don’t make her watch this. Don’t let her see”

Kelly’s blindfold was finally removed, and with as much pain as Ellen had felt earlier. Her eyes were red and her face marked by the edges of the tape. The one guy was still standing in front of them. Kelly instantly twisted to face her mother. Tears flowed down both moms and daughters cheeks. They both searched each others faces and their heads tilted against each other for an instant of relief. The two men started to step away and Ellen realized that Kelly would now also see her Father and brother in this despicable situation. As Kelly’s face turned back towards the front her eyes widened. The scene before her sent her to panic. Tears welled up in her eyes, and she started trying to scream. The tape however, held her jaw shut. Only Ellen could feel the vibrations of Kelly’s panic. Kelly’s head flew side to side as if to say “No”. Ellen tried vainly to press her head against Kelly’s in an effort to push her gaze away.

By now the girl had stripped naked. She had climbed up across both Tom and Chad’s laps and was obscenely dragging her frame across the crotch areas of each. Her legs were splayed open. She was deliberately grinding her cunt against the two blindfolded captives. Tom and Chad’s cocks were by now, at full erection. The Cubans around the room were jabbering and shouting their approval. They must have been shouting instructions also because the girl seemed to change what ever she was doing at their urging. The girl seemed to genuinely want to please the Cubans; for she kept smiling and grinning after each despicable act. The Cubans continued shouting and pointing and motioning again and again with their hands.
Ellen couldn’t understand what had happened to the older woman they had seen earlier. Was this her daughter, her sister? How could she allow such an abominable thing to go on? Was she afraid? Did she care? How could a woman allow this girl to continue to debase herself like this?

The girl seemed to be very experienced at what she was doing. She was pretending to be so mature as she slid her petite frame across Tom. She pressed her belly against Tom’s abdomen and rubbed in a circular motion that caused Toms towering cock to sway from side to side. She seemed to prefer sucking on Chad’s penis, and held it tightly between her lips.

What was in this display for the Cubans? Why? What did they get out of allowing the poor girl to give such a performance? The answer finally struck Ellen. As she began to look around the room, most of the men watching had exposed themselves and were stroking their dicks.

“Oh My God” Ellen though they were working themselves up again.

Several of the men had been involved in Ellen’s earlier rape and were even now sporting erections once again. One man, who Ellen had not seen earlier, was sitting on a seat near the rear door. He was one of the largest men there. He was sporting a cock like Ellen had never seen before. His shorts were open and this huge penis was lying out across his lap. Ellen stared in disbelief. His thing must have been at least twelve inches or more. The head of his penis was as large as a ripe apricot. Ellen had seen some of Tom’s porno tapes before, but no one she had ever seen in any of them came anywhere near this guy’s size. Ellen was so engrossed at the sight of this guys cock that see didn’t notice him staring in her direction. Suddenly their eyes met. He flashed an evil smile and grabbed his huge cock and stood it up allowing Ellen to appreciate the enormity of it. He then pursed out his lips as if to blow a “Kiss” in her direction. He mouthed some silent vulgar words and then licked his lips.

Ellen looked away turning towards Kelly. To her horror she discovered that Kelly too had noticed this guy and had been looking at him also. Had his ugly gesture been meant for her or Kelly?

Before Ellen could even begin to think this over two men who had been sitting behind her got up. They were coming for Ellen again until the leader guy shouted some order and they stopped. To Ellen’s shock they instead laid hold of Kelly, jerking her up out of her seat. One flipped out a knife. One held Kelly’s arms up and clear. The other one grabbed her sweatshirt and pulled it up over her head, twisting it around her bound wrists. Kelly had on underneath a small swim top.

Ellen tried to get to her feet and was frantically swinging her head side to side. Before anything could be done the guy with the knife cut the little top right in two, just between her breasts. Jerking the two pieces roughly, the thin straps tore effortlessly. Kelly’s taught young breasts now jutted out proudly. The one guy behind her bent her shoulders back causing her tits to spread out. He held the poor girl against his chest and turned her around several times showing her off to the enthusiastic cheers of the others.
Ellen had been so focused on Kelly that she hadn’t noticed that the girl was now kneeling upright between Tom and Chad. She had gotten a cock in each hand and was furiously pumping at both of them. Ellen could tell both Tom and Chad were very near orgasm.

The Two men who had stripped Kelly’s top off were now groping and pawing at her breasts. One roughly buried his face between them and twisted his head. After shouts and cheers from the others they stopped. They then drug her towards where Tom and Chad were being assaulted.

Kelly’s legs were still bound and her arms knotted up in the sweatshirt. The two just drug her by the shoulders and pushed her to a spot on the floor right between Tom and Chad. The Cuban girl seemed to understand the crowd’s wishes. They wanted her to aim the spray of semen onto the daughter. The girl was trying to oblige by aiming the cocks towards Kelly’s body. She seemed to enjoy the cheer from the mob. She was intending to try to splatter Kelly with as much cum as she could.

“Oh God Ellen kept repeating, what depravity would they be subjected to next. The girl was indeed experienced at getting a man hard. Her hands gripped and stroked at each cock as if it was a great toy she had been given. Ellen was shocked and disgusted having to sit, a witness to this depravity. The girl seemed to really intend on giving the group what they wanted. She knelt between Tom and Chad and started to really pump at their hard-ons.

Kelly was lying twisted on the floor between her dad and brothers legs. The girl shifted her grip and grabbed Chad with both hands and pumped him. Quickly she must have sensed a tightening of Chad’s loins. She then switched to a pulling motion like the milking of a cow. Chad started to groan and his hips jutted and shook. A long rope of semen lept from the end of his dick. It didn’t quite clear his thigh so the girl quickly responded by getting her mouth over the top of his spewing cock. Ellen could see her little head now jerk with each new spurt of cum. She was intent on holding all that she could in her mouth. It was just about all she could do to hold his cock in. Ellen was so ashamed. Chad had no idea who was doing this to him.

The girl held the load of cum in her mouth until Chad stopped bucking. She then slowly straightened up and looking around the room tried to partially open her mouth to show her prize. When her mouth opened some of the white jism started to run from the corners of her mouth. She did manage to smile a wide grin. A bubbly froth of white covered her small teeth. Someone handed her a small glass bowl, and she spat out the load along with some saliva. A few strands of sticky cum trailed back from the bowl to her mouth. Finally, she had to use a finger to break the strands and scrape them on the side of the bowl.

With out missing a beat she immediately went to work on Tom. Her mouth was still coated with Chad’s gooey load but she got right into it with Tom responding as any man would. His cock was still rigid and at full length. The little one sucked and drew it into her mouth. Ellen tried to think that Tom might be resisting, but shortly his head began to rock side to side. His nostrils flared and his hips and knees began to shutter. The girl kept her mouth over the end of Tom’s cock and he started in the uncontrollable spasms of an orgasm.

Ellen saw the back of the girl’s head recoil again and again, as each spurt of jism entered her mouth. This girl was a “real trooper” and kept her mouth firmly glued to Tom’s cock until at last it started to wilt. Tom’s erections were short lived. Ellen knew that almost instantly after a release Tom’s dick started wilting. The girl again grabbed the bowl again after showing her mouthful to the crowd. She especially made sure Ellen was looking at her as she purposefully allowed a trail of semen to ooze from her mouth and run down her chin. She “bubbled” the remainder out and into the glass bowl mixing it with Chad’s. She wickedly stared at Ellen as she did this.

The girl seemed quite pleased with her performance. She smiled broadly as she picked up the bowl of cum. She held it up for all to see her lewd accomplishment.
Following a loud round of applause, the girl then got down off the couch carrying the bowl. She lifted it up just above Kelly. She tilted it just a little. She teased the men as if she might pour it on Kelly. Several shouts and cheers seemed to encourage her to do just that.

Before she could continue the man with the large cock had gotten to his feet. He came over into the middle of the sitting area, standing only feet from Kelly. He opened his shirt and flung it over towards where he had been sitting. He started undoing his trousers and dropped them down. He stepped out of his sandals and kicked his pants off to one side.

The girl had stopped short of pouring the semen on Kelly and just waited as the large man continued undressing.
This man was well over six-foot tall, large compared with the rest of them. He had a wild mop of coal black hair which looked like he’d not had it cut in years.

“My God NO!” thought Ellen.

“This man was a devil” “His cock was simply too big” “He would have even split Ellen open with that monster.”

“NO, NO!” Ellen cried to herself.

The large man squatted down to the floor. Someone tossed him a small knife. He proceeded to cut away at Kelly’s last shred of clothing, her bikini bottoms. Kelly twisted and rolled in an effort to avoid him. After flinging her torn suit aside he cut the tape binding her ankles. Grabbing one leg he held it out for someone to get a hold of. Someone grabbed the other and this left Kelly splayed open with no defense against this bastard. The man then grabbed Kelly by the buttocks and raised her crotch to his face and he proceeded to lick roughly at her crotch.

“My God I’ve got to stop this.” Ellen thought.

She tried to roll from the couch but just as she started to move someone behind her grabbed her shoulders and held her back.
The big man shouted something to the crowd. He continued to roughly slobber at Kelly’s most private area. Apparently he wanted everyone in the room to be watching him now.

Kelly still struggled against the men. Her legs shook and her hips jerked as she vainly tried to push the guy away from her. At last it seemed that the big man was now ready. He lowered Kelly’s hips and set her crotch in his lap. He lifted his cock from under Kelly and it fell on top of her abdomen. His huge dong practically reached her belly button. He took one look around the room to be sure all eyes were on him. He then reared back and positioned the bulbous head of his cock against Kelly and leaned in, mashing his massive cock against her virgin cunt slit. Ellen turned away not wishing to have this horrible memory forever etched in her brain.

Kelly squirmed and flopped about, screaming through her gag, as the huge cock worked it way into her. The big guy held her steady as he continued pushing and twisting forcing his rod in. The man only let go of Kelly’s hips long enough to grab for her head. He ripped the remaining tape away from her face. Her painful screaming now was unencumbered and reverberated throughout the boat. He tried to plant a kiss across her mouth, but only succeeded in silencing her for a second.

The brute kept up the assault on her, and eventually began to get several inches buried into her. Kelly’s screams drowned out all other sounds on the vessel.
The two men holding her legs kept her from sliding away as the big guy drove away unmercifully.

Once he had reached some depth into her, he grabbed for her tender breasts and started squeezing at them. Kelly’s nipples had become stiff and jutted upward. This prompted the bastard to pluck at them. He pulled and twisted, seeming enjoying the torture he was inflicting. The crowd began a chant, keeping time to his lunges.

“Cabello, Cabello.” they repeated.

The sadistic bastard was enjoying the attention. Still holding Kelly by the waist he struggled to get is feet underneath and then lifted upward. He carried the poor struggling girl with him. He held her at the waist keeping his monstrous cock planted inside her.

As he got to his feet Kelly’s head was dragging on the floor. The guy now held her almost upside down. He turned around slowly showing her off to the crowd. He carried Kelly around like a piece of meat skewered on a poker. As he paraded himself around the edges of the area, he drew loud cheers from his cohorts. Noticing Ellen’s horror struck face; he took several steps in her direction. As he approached Ellen he shook his hips causing Kelly’s youthful body to flop around like a lifeless doll. He wanted to make sure Ellen saw it all. He was spouting some profane insults to the entire family. At this point he wasn’t really interested in fucking the poor girl he just wanted to show off to those around watching.

After displaying himself to Ellen he made his way to each cluster of men who cheered wildly as he approached them. Kelly’s body hung helplessly, her arms dragging and head almost touching the floor. Kelly’ position bent the big man’s cock downward causing it to flatten out and look even wider. He had only about a third of it driven inside of her. Apparently he had reached the full depth of her cunt and bottomed out against her womb. He still had six to seven inches that just wouldn’t fit.

The guy carried Kelly back to where Ellen was held. He swung her upwards, landing her head on the seat next to Ellen. The Cuban girl was still nearby, holding her bowl of cum. She seemed eager to get back in the spotlight. She came over still carrying the bowl. The girl looked at the big guy for his approval. She then held up the bowl again teasing as if she was going to pour it onto Kelly’s face. The big guy was not bothered at all and gave her a nod. The girl tilted the bowl and started to pour the contents across Kelly’s face. Kelly sputtered coughed and gagged at this. Some hit her mouth and she tried to blow it back out. As Kelly was choking on the cum the big guy gave a few quick thrusts, rocking her head violently. The spasms of Kelly’s body as she choked on the sperm seemed to increase this guy’s enjoyment. Almost immediately several men stood and began to surround Kelly. All were beating away at their erect pricks. Each one was hoping to add his load to the slime already covering Kelly’s face. Trousers fell and all Ellen could see now was a ring of naked asses surrounding Kelly’s upper body. Hips jerked violently. Each man struggled to position himself to spray his load of semen on Kelly’s body.

Some of the men in the crowd had lifted Kelly’s upper body from the couch so more could get at her. She was carried to the center of the sitting area, and held waist high by the men. Ellen squinted in pain each time one of the men stiffened in climax. With a rousing cheer from the others, each erupted and spurted his semen across Kelly.

The large man still held her at the waist and the only visible part of Kelly now were her legs as they dangling uselessly, her heels rhythmically bouncing off the back of the big guy’s thighs. Spray after spray of sperm lept across Kelly’s body, along with the coarse groaning of each man. As one finished another stepped in to take his place. The big guy holding her hips now started pumping faster. Ellen could almost feel it in her own body, the stretching and pain that had to be Kelly’s torture.

The large guy must have been ready to unload for he began picking up the pace and intensity of his thrusts. Kelly was now starting to wail and moan, as he hammered away at her.

Then something happened. Kelly must of have had some internal rupture because all at once, the big guys cock suddenly disappeared completely into Kelly’s small frame. Instantly she began to flail and kick wildly and the guy began to shudder and moan. He now smashed his pelvis repeatedly against Kelly’s body, completely oblivious to her agony. He bucked and thrust against her without regard for anything but his own pleasure. Kelly’s struggling continued until the poor girl fainted. Her legs now hung lifelessly and the big guy finished satisfying his animal lust.

As several men stepped away Ellen could now see her daughter upper body. She was a slime -covered mess. Rope upon rope of jism left by the bastards cris-crossed her skin. Her face was splattered with pearly strands of semen. Her chin was dripping and her eyes seemed to be glued shut from the puddles on her face. Her hair was matted with glistening trails of white. Kelly was unconscious and her mouth hung open and Ellen could see a coating of white inside.

The big guy suddenly let out a roar that silenced everyone in the room. His head and neck muscles tightened and he violently banged is body against poor Kelly. His orgasm must have gone on for at least a minute. His face contorted, his mouth twisted and he was oblivious to anyone or anything else. Finally the bastard pulled out of Kelly. He stumbled to his feet his huge dick sagging downward.
He glanced towards Ellen and smiled. He approached Ellen and lifted his cock to show the mother his enormity and to spitefully display his utter disregard for her. Ellen could make out the pink color of blood mixed with sperm. Her heart was devastated and Ellen abruptly fainted.

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