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direct follow on from part 1, Sarah is now 18 and her life story get better
I was now 18, my mother was still having her affair with Paul the gardener and my father still hadn’t figured anything out.
For some unknown reason I still wasn’t going out with Jamie after that night when we first gave in to our feelings.

My cousin was coming to stay for a week whilst her parents went to a friend’s funeral in Germany. The last time I had seen her was when she was 12, which was 4 years ago.
Although we hadn’t seen each other for a few years we still kept in touch, generally with emails and msn.

Lindsey was due to get here at about 1 a.m so I had a day to kill,
It was hot and sunny out side so I decided to have a game of tennis on the courts, I slipped out of my clothes and put on my tennis dress, I thought about changing my pink thong into a pair of white panties but changed my mind, I took of the pink thong and didn’t replace it with anything, I felt a bit slutty but I didn’t care.
I went round to Jamie's to see if he was in, luckily he was and was up for a game of tennis.
He came down stairs after getting changed into some shorts and we went on to the court. He surveyed me with his eyes, my long tanned legs gleamed in the sun.

We played tennis for about an hour, Jamie had to have noticed I wasn’t wearing any pants because when I picked up a new ball I bent over a lot, it felt dirty yet good, and the breeze on my pussy when I ran felt so nice.

We went into my house when I beat him for a drink.
“That was a good game” I said to him as I handed him a glass of water.
“Erm…yeah” he replied.
He sounded a little nervous,
“Are you all right” I asked
“Yeah I'm fine, just out of breath that’s all” Jamie said.
“Oh you know my cousin Lindsey don’t you, she’s coming to stay for a few days” I informed him
“Nice……….look I’ve been meaning to ask you something”
“Go on then” I said keen to hear what this was all about.
“Well…….erm….well…I really like you and….well…..will you go out with me”
I couldn’t believe it, it was about time and clearly Jamie had been thinking I was going to say no or he wouldn’t have been so nervous to ask.
I didn’t say anything, instead I stood in front of him and kissed him. Jamie broke the kiss.
“So is that a yes” he asked, smiling at me
“Yeah” I said calmly, trying not to sound desperate and kissed him wetly again.
Our tongues slid around each others, swapping saliva. I felt Jamie's hand touch the top of my thigh, it inched further up, his fingers brushed over my pussy lips, I breathed in sharply.
Jamie rubbed my pussy gently with 2 fingers then slowly inched them up. I pushed my cunt onto his fingers, pushing them all the way in my wet pussy.
“Get a room” I heard someone shout, it was my mum and Paul
I quickly stepped back from Jamie; his fingers came out of my pussy and to my relief mum and Paul hadn’t seen that part.
“so are you two together then” my mum asked as she sat at the table”
“Yes” I said “I see you two still are as well”
“oh yes dear, you don’t have a problem with that…do you” my mum asked, it was more of an order but I actually didn’t have a problem, dad was never around and Paul was great fun so I minded my own business.
“come on Jamie” I said taking his hand and leading him up stairs.
“Ohh, I think we shall go there soon babe” I heard my mum say to Paul.

We went into my room, Jamie sat down on my bed, my clothes which I had on before I changed into my tennis dress were on the floor so I bent over to pick them up, giving Jamie an eye full of the riches he has found.
I put my clothes in the washing basket in my mums room and came back to my room and sat next to Jamie.
“Well, here we are again” I said as I leaned in and kissed Jamie.
He reached down and pulled the bottom of my skirt up, then after unzipping it at the back he pulled it up as far as it would go without breaking our passionate kiss.
That kiss didn’t last much longer, I broke away and Jamie pulled my dress over my head and threw it on the floor, I stood up, completely naked, my C cup breasts hung firm and proud on my chest, no tan lines, my short blonde pussy hair stood out against my tanned body.
Jamie stood up, I lifted his T-shirt over his head and kneeled in front of him, I pulled his shorts down allowing his cock to spring free, it was about 7 and a half to 8 inches long.
I pushed his chest gently, making him sit on the bed. I took his huge cock in my hand and moved it up and down the length of his shaft. I licked and sucked the head of his cock for a bit but I was teasing my self more than him, I had to take this huge cock deep into my mouth.
I pushed my head down, Jamie's cock was now pushing down my through, it felt like I was going to be sick but I kept sucking hard. I sucked Jamie's cock until he came, my mouth filled instantly with his warm salty sweet cum, I tried to swallow it quickly but my mouth filled to overflow, warm cum slowly dripped down my chin as I swallowed the last in my mouth. I licked the cum off my chin and climbed up on top of Jamie.
He pulled his head back when I went to kiss him but he couldn’t push it any further in the bed, our lips connected, his sticky cum sticking then together, I pushed my tongue against his lips and he gave in, I pushed my tongue as far in his mouth as it would go, trading the cum on my tongue with his tongue.
“Nice isn't it” I said as I sat at his waist.
“Not really” he said as he pushed me off sideways so I was lying on my back next to him.
He slid off the bed and pulled my legs so my ass was on the edge of the bed. I looked down past my tits and watched him lick my pussy, me fixed his eyes on mine and tickled my clit with the tip of his tongue. I gasped and lay my head down.
Jamie slid 2 fingers into my cunt as he sucked and licked my swollen clit, slowly sliding his pussy juice covered fingers in and out of my love tunnel.
MMM, YEAH I moaned quietly as my pussy was being finger fucked.
I slowly began to move my hips, pushing my cunt onto Jamie's mouth, my hands found their way to my tits; they felt so good in my hands as I played with my nipples.

“ARRHH…Ohh Jamie, will you do some thing for me”
“Anything babe”
“Well…I really like the feel when my ass is being teased”
“Ok babe, no problem”
“Well… it's more like…..when there’s something in my ass.
“Oh, ok” Jamie said “what’s the biggest thing you have had in this sweet fine ass” he said as he lightly spanked my ass cheeks.
“Just my finger” I said, holding my index finger up. “you don’t mind do you”
“No” he said.
He lifted my legs up and pushed them up towards my head, I grabbed my ankles and held them there; my ass cheeks were pulled apart, leaving my ass hole free.
Jamie put the two fingers he had been using back in my wet pussy and took them back out again, then he licked my asshole, all the way up over my pussy, he don’t this 2 more tines before placing the tip of his finger on my ass hole.
I relaxed as best as I could as 1 finger slid in my ass slowly up to the first knuckle, Jamie spat on my ass where his finger met my asshole.
“Tell me if it hurts” he said as he slipped his finger in further.
“MMM…AH…OK” I murmured. He was far from hurting me yet.
It wasn’t long before the whole of Jamie's finger was buried in my ass. He slowly began to pull it out, pulling my ass cheeks apart as he went. His finger popped out and he quickly spat in the hole that was left in my ass. Now he placed 2 fingers on my asshole and slowly pushed them in, occasionally spitting on them so there was less friction.
Both fingers were in my ass now, I let go of my ankles and slowly lowered my ass on to the bed, telling my smooth legs hang free in the air. Jamie licked the top of my foot then buried his face in my pussy, sucking and licking it as he thrust his fingers in and out my ass.
I had a hard time keeping my self still, my hands were caressing my tits and I was about to climax. My back arched as the climax took hold, pushing my tits into the air and my ass onto Jamie's fingers.
My climax took hold and my girl cum sprayed from my pussy into Jamie's mouth. I was sprawled out on the bed, immersed in my orgasm which seemed to last for ages. When it had subsided I lay there, panting for breath. Then I realized something, I came, I had never came before.
I reached down to my pussy and grabbed Jamie's head, pulling it up to mine as I sat up. I buried my tongue in his mouth as I kissed him, the taste of my cum reached my tongue, it tasted nice, very nice.
“I came” I shouted to Jamie.
“I know” he said, his mouth and chin glistening in the sunlight that came through my window.
Jamie stood up, still between my legs, he took hold of my ankles and pulled them apart, my wet pussy gleamed and Jamie took hold of his cock and guided it in. he let my legs dangle freely as he grabbed my hips and began sliding his meat into my cunt.
My bed was soon banging off the wall, my tits swayed up and down my chest to the beat as Jamie thrust his huge cock all the way in my pussy and back out.
Of course it wasn’t long before the same noises were coming from my mother’s room.
We changed position to doggie style, Jamie fucked me even harder and faster in this position, my moans filled the room with every thrust.
We fucked in this position for at least 20 minutes, the paced slowed as Jamie got tired then sped up as he got his breath back, I just kneeled there for the ride, and it was a dam good one.
Jamie came again, his cum filled my pussy and dribbled out the sides and down my ass cheeks, it was good timing because he was just about fucking me dry.
I told Jamie to lie down, he removed his cock from my pussy and lay on his back exhausted, I stood up on the bed, Jamie's cum dribbled from my pussy and down my thigh, I squatted over Jamie's still hard penis and lowered my self onto it. I ran my hands up and down his 6 pack and over his pecks as I slid up and down the length of his cock.
I was out of breath 10 minutes later, but I didn’t want to get off Jamie so I lay down on top of him, his cock still in my pussy and started to get my breath back.
Jamie's cock had softened and had slipped out, cum had dripped from my pussy onto his balls so I got up and sucked it off.
“I think we best go shower” I said
We went in the shower and washed each other off, it was very relaxing, after we washed each other off and got dried we went back to my room to get dressed.
It was now 10 o’clock, Jamie had went home and Lindsey had phoned to say she would be there in about half an hour.
My mum and Paul had finished and began to tidy the place up a bit.

Lindsey had arrived; she looked exactly how I remembered her, brown hair to her shoulders. Well that’s the only thing that was how I remember her, now she was a bit taller and had matured more.
She was wearing a white T-shirt which stopped before her belly button and a pair of denim shorts.
“Wow, you look good” I said to her
“Oh thanks” she replied “you don’t look to bad yourself”
“I’ll show you your room, you must be tired” I said and led her upstairs.
When we got to the room next to mine we went in and Lindsey put her case on the floor.
“I could do with a nice warm shower” she said
Lindsey went in the shower. I went in my room and put the TV on, it was close to 11 o’clock so I decided to get changed into my pajamas and go to bed, well, my hot pants and t-shirt.


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another good one


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good story shame u wankers ruined the comments go and fuck urselfs


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Who is the real Oogman? There are positive comments and negative ones. Will the real Oogman please fuck off.


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Now now boys let's not get all excited. 2/10


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temper, temper

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