Diane is put to the test in many enjoyable adventures
Diane’s Submissive Adventures

The Treadmill

Diane tried to focus on her breathing and walked. It was difficult for many reasons, but the most pressing problem at the moment were the high heels. That and the fact that she was blindfolded . . . and her hands were tied behind her back.

Whatever the main problem was, the entire situation made it difficult. The twins were masters at pushing her buttons, but now she was beginning to think they were going too far. They had stripped her down, tied her hands behind her back, and made her wear the high heels before showing her the 20-pound fishing line. The line was attached to her nipple rings, and she was then helped up on a treadmill.

The fishing line was tied to the treadmill handles, and she was blindfolded. It wasn't just difficult; it was almost impossible, and she knew if she fell, the rings would be ripped from her tits. The treadmill was started, and while she began walking, they placed small ear buds in her ears and turned on loud rock music. The entire ordeal was scary, impossible, dangerous, humiliating . . . and driving her insane with lust.

Her inner thighs were already slick with her juices, and she could feel her clit actually twitching from anticipation. She tried to keep pace with the treadmill, but it was difficult to judge the speed without being able to see or hear. After a few minutes, they placed a ball gag in her mouth, and she realized she wouldn't even be able to call for help if she thought she might fall.

The situation was out of hand, and she needed to tell them to stop. Diane was trapped, and there was nothing she could do about it but walk. "Whap" She felt the sting of a paddle or belt or something swatting her ass, and she came. Her knees almost buckled, and the strings tugged at her nipples, threatening to pull the rings out. She quickly regained her balance and continued her blind walk.

She thought she heard the door open but couldn't be sure. The music in her ears was too loud, and there was no way to tell. She focused on her breathing and walked, slowly, one step at a time. "Whap". That one stung, and she shuddered in climax again as the warmth spread through her body and her breathing increased. "Whap" another stroke across her ass, and she felt she was going to collapse. The strings pulled harder, and her nipples ached from the strain.

She somehow managed to straighten up and continue walking. She was in control now. She could keep the pace and the pressure off her nipples. The belt under her feet began to move faster. They had increased the speed! She panicked and tried to speed up to find the pace only to bump into the hand rail. She slowed a bit, but it was too much and her nipples paid with the hard shock of the taut strings stretching them. She finally found the right pace, but it was all too much.

She was getting tired and could feel the sweat drenching her body. She wouldn't last much longer at this pace and . . . "WHAP". She shrieked behind the gag both in pain and climax as her body betrayed her and her legs started to give. The strings tightened, and she was falling.

The belt suddenly stopped and strong hands stood her upright. Her inner thighs were covered in her juices, and she was trembling. Completely out of breath from exertion, she sucked air past the gag the best she could. The hands that were holding her began to pull her backwards. She tensed as the strings tightened, and she waited for the twins to cut them. They didn't.

She began to panic again. She was helpless, in their hands, and her nipples were about to be ripped out. The strings tightened, and she could feel her nipples being stretched further than ever before. She could also feel her clit buzzing on its own, pushing her toward another climax as she gave in and began to cum in loud moans. The strings suddenly snapped, and one of the broken fishing lines popped back onto her breast leaving a nasty red mark.

Diane was still being pulled backwards and could feel one of the twins body against her. He was naked, and his erection pressed insistently against the cleft of her ass. They moved in unison, and he sat down on something, pulling her heavily onto his lap. He then laid back, and she instinctively pulled her legs up and open as he pushed his cock into her ass. It was well lubricated and slipped in easily as she felt pressure of another person on top of her as well. The other twin was sliding his hard cock into her pussy at the same time.

She bucked and moaned now as the two pounded her like a rag doll. They built up a rhythm, and she bounced between them in bliss as another orgasm wracked her body. All the movement caused one ear bud to fall out, and the blindfold was coming undone. She heard the door open and looked over in time to see a person leaving. Someone had been watching her! She flushed in embarrassment, and it pushed her even further as she screamed into the gag while the brothers fucked her harder and faster than she had ever imagined possible.

The twin in her ass came at the same time. He stopped pumping and squeezed her so tightly she couldn't breathe for a second, and then he was shooting loads of cum up her ass. The twin on top quickly followed and pushed all the way into her as he began to cum. The action pressed his body hard onto her sensitive clit, and she felt it had been hit with an electrical bolt. She came again so hard it literally hurt from the sensation, and she didn't want it to ever stop.

The twins uncoupled and lowered her to the ground to rest. They untied her and removed the gag to make it easier to breathe. She lay panting on the floor for a long time and finally was able to look up at the twins.

"Thank you, sirs," Diane smiled, "I came so much that time!" The twins just smiled and winked at each other.

"If you think that was fun," one of the twins said.

"Wait until you see what we have planned for the next time," the other twin finished.


I'm thinking of putting together a collection of stories based on Diane from Owning a Dominant Bitch and The Little Black Book of Blackmail.

Email me through my website and let me know what you think.

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