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Well, for some messed up reason, my ex thought I was a good girl when we got married, that changed soon.
Well, folks, for some messed up reason my ex thought I was a good girl when we got married even though I had sex with him on he first date. We went a while, about 4 months, and his interest gave way to his drinking and I got horny and so, having brought a lot of my toys with me, I began relieving myself during his duty hours and some when he was there while he sat there drunk beyond performance. I finally got sick of it and thought about going out to find some human (or K9) relief if I could find it. I went to the mall and had no luck for some reason but came home and got out my toys and worked thru 4 or 5 orgasms and got up and showered and put on the sheerest sun dress I had which was transparent by all standards. No panties and no bra and so, it just barely covered my body and I greeted him at the door and kissed him trying to get him going but he had been drinking already and came in and sat down.

"So, drunk again?" I told him. "So?" he said. "So, I need to get laid." I almost yelled at him. "Well, I have frined coming over for poker tonight so tuff shit" he said. "Get some food ready, they will be here at 6." he ordered me. "I do not worry about you outranking me ass. So get the food yourself." I said and went to the bathroom and was so pissed I was crying. Well, I was there for a while and so he knocked on the door and said he was sorry. "Can you come out and help me with the stuf, the guys are here." he said almost begging it sounded like. I opened the door, "Sure, but I will do as I like and you will not object." I said. "I run this little family, not you." I said and walked to the kitch nand fixed up some sandwiches and snacks and got the beer out into the frig. "Aren't you going to change?" he said. "No, deal with it." I said and he shook his head. Three guys from his squadron knocked on the door and I answered it, making sure to stick out my chest that had very hard nipples at the moment cause I knew they would be looking and I was going to make them drool.

The card table was ready and I got drinks and snacks for them making sure to brush their arm or shoulder with my tits that were freee to sway all I liked. They al tried to be cool but I was obvious that I was affecting them all. Well, they played and drank and my ex was in the hold by 100 dollars at first. He pulled me aside and asked if he could have some money to play on his hand that was a full house. "You gonna win?" I said and he loked at me, "Oh hell yes, the pot is 300 dollars and I will be back in the black." "So you need the 300 dollars we have left to gamble?" I said and he begged me. "Tell you what, if they will take me as the 300 dollar call then you can keep playing, if not, then you are out." he stared at me and began to say something. "That is the deal, so I guess you had better win or they all get to have me for the rest of the night." He went back in, "Got a deal for you guys, my wife wants to stand for the 300 to call the table for my bet, I am out of cash." he said. "So your wife will take care of paying it off if you do not take the trick?" one said. I stepped closer and pulled off my dress and tossed it to the floor. "If he does not take the hand then I will do anything with all of you for the rest of the night, that worth 300 for you guys?" I pulled my hard nipples as I spoke and ran my hands down to my hips. "Fuck yes," they all agreed.

"Okay, I call." my ex said and they all told him to show it. He put a full house on the table and two of them tossed their hand not able to beat him. H smiled and I felt a let down but then one, Hal, said, "Hold on guys, I have not shown yet" and he tossed four 10s on the table and the other guys cheered and my ex sank into his chair. I walked to the bedroom door, "Oh well, guess I will have to pay up then" I said, pouting and then took the vodka on the rocks I had down the hatch and filled it again and tossed down four more. "Come one guys, I need to pay up and we only have till sunrise to take care of business. My ex started to move to the couch and I turned, "You come watch your hot wife pay off for you. You can't take care of me and maybe these men can." I said and he got up to follow us. I told him to sit in a chair in the corner and stay there to watch. "Okay guys, I am naked you should be too." I said and they stripped off their clothes and three nice hard cocks came into view. "Oh yeah, nice" I said and reached for two and suced the other into my mouth as I sat on the edge of the bed. My hands were around two nice sized cocks and my mouth sucked one down till it was half way in and hitting the back of my throat. "Oh nice hun, very nice, gonna take this one deep." I moaned and let go the other cocks and took the bog one in hand and worked it slowly down past the back of my throat and down till it was all the way in. The guys were all amazed, "Fuck me, shit, she is good, what a wife, wich she was mine." they were saying. I worked on the cock and finally he told me, "Gonna cum now baby." and I pushed him all the way in and he really began humping but I held him in and he filled my throat with a lod of cum that I swallowed all the way down. I let it slip out and licked my lips and showed them the wet place under me that I had squirted on and smiled. "Okay, now I need to lay down and get fucked good." and I laid on the bed and another one got on and I told him, "Come on, fuck me." I said and he drove into my soaked pusy.

"Fast, hard" I told him and grabbed the other and sucked him in. The one in me kept fucking harder and I kept telling him how good his cock felt." Oh yes, yes baby fuck my pussy, my husband can't so you gotta." I shouted and he drove in deep and hard. He groaned and then his cock filled my pussy and I quickly got the other into my pussy and began humping him to get more orgasms. He filled me too and then I moved over and took the huge cock in my hands and mouth and began getting him hard again. He grew and I turned around, one my hands and knees I told him, "In the ass baby, come on, fuck me." I said and he rubbed it in the cum dripping from my pussy and then sank it in my ass and I felt my body go wild. I pushed back hard on his cockc and it sank all the way in and I began humping on his cock and he grabbed my hips and we were fucking hard without caring about the noise we made.

The other two were hard again and I took one then the other and they filled my pussy with cum. I looked and my ex was jacking off his half hard cock and I told him to leave it alone and suffer what I had been suffering, no relief." and he moved his hands. Again I worked on the three cocks and again they were hard and I took their loads and they groaned and moaned. I rolled onto my tummy and told tem. "Okay, now something rough." I said. "Slap my ass, make it red." I said and one stepped up and began slapping my cheeks, first one then the other. I cried out and he stopped, "No, no, more." I told him and he did. He finally stopped and I turned on my back, "Bite my tits, I told then, Bite them hard." I told them and the three began taking turns sucking and biting until teeth marks were there. "Oh yeah" I shouted as I had one orgasm after another. "Bite them harder, make them bleed." I said and they looked at each other the one did and I m,oaned as I my pussy almost exploded and I felt warm blood flowing from my nipple and soaking into the bed. "The other one, do the other one." I said and soon it too was bleeding. Over and over they diid as I told them, slapping my ass, tits and once my face and grabbing my tits and hurting them a lot and pulling the nipples hard out from my chest. Finally, I passed out and when woke up I was laying there with three men all over me sleeping too, my ex in the chair and passed out and had jacked off sometime in the night. We woke up and the guys all had to piss, "Wait, let me have it too." I said and took one in my throat and he began letting it go down my throat. After he finished I spread my legs, "In here." I saidand guided him to pussy and after a little he let go a steam of piss in me and I shook with another orgasm. He finished and it flowed onto the bed as he pulled out. I turned again and offered my ass to the huge cock waiting. In here" I told him and he rammed in and began pissing like a horse. "Oh fuck yeah, yeah." I yelled and he filled my ass and then fucked my and put more cum in me. He pulled out and his pisss and cum gushed out all over the bed and floor and I laid there totally happy. I looked and there were love bites all over me and I touched them making me moan again.

They dressed and left and at the door, still dripping cum and piss and cum all over me dried. I kissed them and told each one, "Cum see me anytime you want to." and they said, "Open door?" I told them, "Anything you like is open, and bring friends if you like."

Tehy left and my ex would not look at me and I laughed, "You would not take care of me so I will make arrangements to satifify myself." and we each took showers separately. Things changed then and I was glad cause I now fucked anyone I liked and when I liked. Male or female did not matter and later I did the dog too."


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2015-03-31 15:50:11
Seriously, a little proof reading will go a long way in making these stories more enjoyable. In the age where everyone has access to spell check, this is unacceptable


2014-10-21 15:05:35
I was fucking an Army wife in the lake in Panama and her husband was standing on the dock we later gangbanged her after he left. that a great night


2014-02-17 17:36:10
Love the story sue keep it going sexy


2014-02-17 16:54:10
Actually, it is possible to piss with an erection, yet the stream is restricted flow. Sue, you really ought to disable anonymous comments.

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2014-02-16 18:39:35
Once again, fiction told as a "true story". No guy with an erection can pee, and no soft penis is going to enter a butt. Sorry, but you can protest all you want about how these are true stories, but they obviously are not. They might be based on some true event, but they are heavily fictionalized.

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