His ex sends the FBI to raid the business
Reconcilation Day 13 The Raid

The next morning as usual my watch alarm woke me up. My penis was still in my daughter's vagina. It was hard again. So I started humping her and she woke up and said,"What a wonderfull way to wake up. Good morning, Daddy." I answered her,"Good morning, Sabrina." She replied,"Fuck me, Daddy. I just love it when you fuck me."

I pumped away for about 10 minutes before she rewarded me with her orgasm. She had gone from normal breathing to breathing hard, to panting and gasping and now she stiffened and quaked and arched her back lifting me off the bed. "Ah, Damn that is sooo good."she screamed as she climaxed. I was still pumping away on her.

Apparently her scream woke up to two girls and both Charlene and Beatrice had come in and now stood watching standing at the side of the bed. Their mother did not mind and neither did I.

Her daughter's observed her panting and gasping for breath before her second orgasm. She told them,"You two will get to know how good this feels in just a few weeks." Then she slipped into her climax and screamed, I'm cumming Daddy. Will you cum too?" As she arched her back and lifted me I lost control and pumped rope after rope of my semen into her vagina.

When she came down to the mattress I resumed the humping and tried to keep it up for a third climax for her but it faded and I fell out of her after a few minutes. I got up.

I went to the bathroom and took a leak. Sabrina came in after me and did the same then douched the semen out of her vagina. While she was doing that I got into the shower and started to wash up. After a couple minutes she joined me. We washed each other's backs. I washed her breasts, pussy and ass. She washed my cock and balls.

Then Beatrice came in and joined us. I washed her all over with special attention to her flat chest, her hairless pussy and her pretty little ass. As I finished her her sister Charlene came in and my daughter stepped out. I washed Charlene all over her pretty little body. No special attention to her. I reminded both girls the pool would be opened this morning and bathing suits were required until the dome went up. They both whinned at that and complained they wanted to skinny dip. I told them once the courts ruled we could do that we would.

We got out and I dried off my own body and the girls dried themselves off after I refused their offer to let me dry them off. They went to their rooms to put on robes. I went to my daughter's room to get mine. When I got to the kitchen she already had four slices of bread in the skillet making french toast. There were plates on the table and a full coffee cup black and unsweetened at my place. So went in and sat down. The two children came out in thier robes and joined me at the table.

Sabrina brought in two slices of French toast and put them on my plate. She brought out butter and syrup for them. She gave Beatrice the other two pieces and buttered and poured syrup on her daughter's platter of French toast. Then she returned to the kitchen and put four more slices of French toast into the skillet. After a few minutes she returned to the table and put two slices on her daughter Charlene's plate. She buttered and poured syrup on it and then cut it into small pieces about one inch on a side.

she went to her plate and put the last two pieces on it and prepared it as she had her two girls. She said,"Rita had e-mailed last night to all employees that the pool was to open this morning at 9 AM and bathing suits are required until the dome is installed." I replied,"I can understand that with the government running drones to monitor people in the United States."

"Yeah, Dad there is that and also the fact that my Mom tried to get in and you turned her away so she may go to the police and try to get them to shut you down and jail you." I replied,"The locals won't do anything because we pay them very well." She asked me,"What about the Feds?" I told her,"So far they have left us alone. With the court ready to abolish the age of consent and legalize child porn I can't see them trying to raid us."

The girls asked us what would happen if there was a raid and Sabrina reminded them they knew what had to be done to stop the collection of evidence and Charlene said,"Yes Mommy I'll do the blow job if I'm the closest little one to the cop." Sabrina told her,"Don't worry about it honey every other girl who is three feet tall or less has been briefed and has practiced it at least once so you probably won't be the one to do it."

We finished our eating and I went to the living room and turned on the television for news and the company computer to check e-mail. The kids were playing on the floor between me and the television and my daughter was sitting in another chair watching it all.

I got up after reading all the e-mails and got dressed. I came out to watch the Today show and just as it started the phone rang. I went over to get it and when I put it to my ear it was the front gate security guard. He said,"Mr. Higgins, I'm sorry to call you so early but a man in a Lincoln Continental drove up, pushed a young pregnant girl out of his car and I don't know what to do." I thought a minute and then told him,"Let her into the guard house and I'll be right down." I told my daughter,"I'll be right back." and left for the guard house. I left the main building and walked to the guard house. Entering it I saw a girl only five feet tall about 12 or so big enough to be ready to deliver the child. I told the guard,"Call the Doctor and have him meet me at the infirmary." I told the girl,"We will help you deliver the baby and get you whatever else you really need." She had short brown hair barely covering her ears.

I took her into the main building and headed for the basement infirmary. As we arrive the doctor came in wearing a bathroom. He unlocked the door and we all went in together. I asked the girl,"What is your name? She said,"I'm Amanda Knief and the baby is my Daddy's. I don't want it but he would not let me abort it." She climbed awkwardly up onto the examining table. The doctor had stepped out and returned wearing scrubs.

He said,"Let's see what we have here." He took the girl's panties off and probed her vagina. He said,"You are dialated about 3 centimeters. You are just starting labor." She said,"Yeah, I get a pain about every ten minutes so I guess that is labor." He said,"We'll keep an eye on you and take care of you. Don't worry. His wife arrived and pulled the ultra sound imaging probe out of a drawer and pulled Amanda's dress up and put the probe on Amanda's belly. She asked Amanda,"Do you know the baby's gender?" Amanda asked her,"What is gender?" Mrs. Katzenburg said,"Whether it is a boy or girl?" Amanda answered,"No" Mrs. Katzenburg asked her,"Do you want to know?" Amanda said,"Yeah." Mrs. Katzenburg turned to her husband and said,"She's having a girl." The Doctor said,"I'd have found out later this morning anyway but thank you, honey."

I asked Amanda,"If you don't mind I'd like to leave you in the care of the doctor and his wife and return to my family." She said,"How will I find you?" I told her,"Just ask anyone where I am and they can tell you." She said,"I don't know your name." I said,"Just ask for the owner." Then I returned to my daughter's apartment. She greeted me with a French kiss and a full body hug.

I sat down to catch some more soft news on The Today Show. Everyone was where they had been before I left though the girls had changed what toys they had out and how they were playing. Sabrina brought me a cup of coffee and I drank it as we caught up with the day's events. About 9:45 Sabrina got up and said,"Dad, if we are going to open up the pool shouldn't we be getting ready?" I got up and both my grand daughters got up and we each went to the rooms we had slept in the night before. I put on a swim suit and Sabrina put on a tiny little string bikini. When I turned around I saw my grand daughters standing in the doorway with tiny little string bikini's on they little bodies. I asked my daughter,"Where did you get those?" She told me,"Abercombie and Fitch" Sabrina opened a low drawer and pulled out four big beach towels and we headed out to the area behind the building where the pool had been built between two wings.

It seemed most everyone in the company I knew except the doctor and his wife were out at the pool. Rita said,"I declare this pool to be opened." and I saw a dozen people dive in. Sabrina and I dove in and the girls jumped in. Beatrice could swim. Charlene could for a few seconds but preferred to hang on the side of the side pool watching the people around her. Steve and Margret were here. I saw Josh with Carey and Sarah. All the bikini's were solid colors. Sarah's purple looked real nice beside her chocolate complextion.

We had been out their about an hour when we all decided to get out for a little refreshment. The cafeteria had moved a soda fountain machine out on the deck surrounding the pool and one waiter was filling plastic dixie cups on demand. My little group was up getting drinks when we were interupted by a racket. The noise was accompanied by a strong downdraft. I looked up and saw a Blackhawk Helicopter hovering over our side of the pool and I saw six lines drop down to the ground. I saw six men come out with carabiners and swiss seats rappelling down the lines to the ground. I heard two cups clatter to the deck and Beatrice came over to me and put an arm around me. Sabrina walked up, bold as brass, to the first man to hit the ground and pushed his visor up and then lip locked him. She pulled the flap of his body armor up and Charlene was pulling down his fly and after a little difficulty extracted his penis. It was soft. She jacked it. It started to become erect and she licked it up and down on the top, the left side, the right side and finally the bottom. Then she swallowed his cock. She was sucking him as my daughter kept his eyes on her as she was French kissing him.

I looked around and every man that had landed was getting the same treatment. Rita was necking with one guy while Stephany was sucking his cock. Suddenly the guy Charlene was sucking bent his knees and backed away. Too late. Charlene stuck out her tongue glistening with his white sticky cum. As the turned back to my wife, Stephany turned to me with her tongue also coated with cum. Then a man with some stripes on his uniform walked up to the one that had necked with Sabrina and screamed,"Dammit Wilkins. Could you hold off long enough for me to present the warrent? We can't execute it now without catching hell for child sexual abuse." The commander squeezed the mike of his walkie talking and the chopper landed just beyond the pool and the six men got aboard it took off.

Rita and Stephie came over and the waiter took the girls that still had cum in thier mouths and gave them empty cups to spit out as much as they could. We would impregnate some young things with it for use against them if they tried anything again.

The cups were run down to the infirmary where the stuff was frozen for future use. I got into the pool with my family when a very skinny girl came up and splashed me. I dove and caught her around the waist stood up on the bottom of the pool and threw her toward the middle of the pool. I didn't recognize her as Mindy. She looked anorexic. Her ribs were showing beneath her pectoral muscles. I asked her,"Do I know you?" She said,"I hope so since you are supposed to fuck me later today! I'm Mindy. I got here yesterday." I felt like an idiot. "Okay. I just did not notice how thin you were yesterday."

We were going to use the outdoor sets and my wife and her Dad were going to picnic and then pricknic and she would wonder away to the pedophile shed and be molested. It was getting close to noon so I excused myself and gathered my daughter and grand daughters together to return to our apartment. Rita and everyone else was doing the same. We ran into Margret on the way in and I asked her,"Who is baby sitting your baby daughter?" She said,"Oh, Ivan has her. He is young and can cum on command with her if she need him to.

I answered her by simply saying "Okay." My little group went to the apartment we had left before. We went to the rooms we slept in and got dressed into our casual clothing. Sabrina put on some hot dogs and potato chips with pop to drink. The apartment phone rang. I answered it. It was the doctor.

"Charlie, this girl says she does not want the baby and she want us to take her back to her father!" I think a moment and tell him I'll be down in about a quarter of an hour.

We sit at the table and the family eats. I eat quickly wanting to resolve the issues of the children in the infirmary. After it is all done I go to the infirmary to talk to Amanda. When I get there she is sitting in a chair wearing a hospital gown. The baby is asleep in a bassinet that Mrs. Katzenburg had brought to the infirmary.

I ask Amanda,"Why do you think your father will want you after you had the baby?" She had a ready reply,"He told me I could come back after I had the baby and he would take me back just like we were before." "Where is your mother?" I asked her. She said,"She married him but then left right after I was born. Said she never wanted to have children but he had forced her to. I figured he would want me to give him a child but when he found out I was pregnant he freaked. He said I should give the child up and I am willing to leave her here for you to do whatever you want to with her." I asked her,"You want us to use her for sex or whatever we want?" She said,"I don't care. You can fuck her or teach her to suck cock or kill her. I don't care."

"Tell me your Daddy's phone number." She gave it to me and I punched it into the phone. I spoke to him and told him his daughter had her child and left it with us and he could come and pick her up as quickly as he could get here. He said,"Thank you. I'll be there in 10 minutes." I took Amanda by the hand and took her to a treatment room to dress back in the clothes she had arrived in. When she came out I took her by the hand and took her to the guardhouse. The Lincoln came by about 6 minutes after we got there and he pulled a Huey and opened the passenger side door. She exited the guardhouse. The guard opened the gate and Amanda left the gate closed behind her and the Lincoln was driven away with the girl I thought we would be able to keep and use in porn.

I returned to the mansion and walked in to meet my wife and Mr. Smith and Mindy heading outside and I simply fell into step with them. As we walked past the control board controlling the outside cameras Jeff came out and gave me a pair of sunglasses. He said,"Wear these when you do the sex stuff and we'll put it into the video." I said,"thanks" I caught up with the group outside at the shed. My wife was explaining that she was to wander down here where I would molest her and probably seduce her all the way since her time was so limited. Mindy turned to me and said,"I want you to go all the way today so I fuck my Daddy before I die." I told her,"We'll see what happens and how your respond to what I do with your to start with."

I stayed at the shed until they were out of site then went to the control booth in the building. The "family" moved on to the car that was already parked near the picnic table where Mr. Smith would have sex with my wife while I fucked his daughter.

The file would open with them getting out of the car. The car was old Japanese car we picked up. It did not run it was simply for the picnic set. So they got out of the car and took out chicken from Popeye's with the sides and biscuits. They all sat and ate with my wife and Mr. Smith adoring each other with eyes locked and big flirty smiles on their faces.

They were convincing from what I could see in the control booth. I went out to the shed to wait for Mindy to come play. I was only there for about two minutes when she wandered in. Playing my role I asked her,"What are you doing here?" She said,"My Mom and Dad and getting freaky and I don't like to watch it." I asked her,"Why not?" She said,"It makes me feel strange and my private parts get wet." I told her,"When you get to be big girl you will find out how good what they are doing feels and then you'll want to get freaky too." She said,"I am a big girl so why don't I enjoy it now?" I asked her,"Do you want me to teach you?" She said,"Yes."

I sat down on the mattress in the shed. Closed the door and patted the space next to me. She sat down. I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her into me. I turned to her. She was looking forward and not at me. I said,"For me to teach you, you need to keep your eyes on me." She turned toward me and I kissed her on her lips. I pressed my lips onto hers with moderate pressure. When I broke the kiss she said,"That was interesting. The way it made me feel, I mean." I told her,"When uou kiss leave your lips a tiny bit opened for the man's tongue." She nodded.

I kissed her again and this time with tongue. She hesitated a moment then sent her tongue into my mouth as we tongue wrestled for position. When I broke it she said,"That was kinda nice." I kissed her this time reached for her chest. I lightly messaged her nipples through her shirt. She said,"That feels nice." I told her,"If you think that feels nice you should feel it with my hands on your skin." She pulled up the T-shirt she had been wearing and took it off. She replied to me,"Go ahead." I felt her nipples lightly and her nipples stood up. She asked me,"If that feels that good what about the part of me that gets wet? I answered her question. That part will make you feel even better.

She stood up and took off her belt and unsnapped her jeans. She quickly pulled down the zipper and pulled them down. She stepped out of them and then dropped her full coverage panties. She sat back down where she had been before and said,"Okay teach me." Keeping an arm around her shoulders I moved the hand that had been on her nipples to her pussy. I touched her clit and she flinched. I stopped and she said,"It was pleasant, don't stop." So I ran my finger down her slit to her vagina and picked up some lubricant from that honey hole. Then I ran back up her slit and circled her clit. She sagged against me. I continued to run my finger down and up and around the same path until she stiffened and quaked and called out,"I don't understand what is happening but it feels real good." I told her,"I can make you feel even better." She said,"No way." I told her,"Just feel this." I knelt on the floor of the shed and put my mouth to Mindy's cunt. I turned my tongue's tip sideways and lashed at her clit. She lost it again and quaked in her climax.

Then I started the onslaught of running that tongue down her slit to her vagina then up the slit to circle her clit and back down. I cycled through six cycles before she came again and this time her whole body convulsed and her body bridged up raising her skinny ass off the mattress.

she said,"I've never felt anything like that before. I continued to cycle up her slit around her clit and down to her vagina repeating it again and again. After 4 cycles up and down I took off my shirt, pants, briefs and shoes and socks. I put my prick into her pussy but stopped short of her hymen. Then I circled my hips and took very short stokes fucking her. She said,"Damn I'm cumming again." As she stiffened and quaked I pushed past hymen and put myself into her until my pubic hair was against her labia.

She looked down and saw I was all the way into her and said,"Daddy and Mommy told me it would hurt the first time but I didn't feel you put it into me." I started humping her staying high in her slot. She was panting and moaning and her pussy was fully lubricated with fuck me juices. Her pelvis was rocking with me. She was fully enjoying this first time fuck.

I had been full in her for 5 minutes before she came again and this one plateaued and she remained stiff, bridged up and quaking with a Richter 9.0 for a good minute. As she came down she said to me between heavy breaths,"I've never cum so hard in my whole life." I told her,"When you do it more it will get even better." She said,"I wonder what it will take to get my Daddy to do it with me." I told her,"I don't know but be sure your mother is away and will be away for a while before you ask him to do it with you." She said,"Okay" and her breathing was once again becoming irregular and she was gasping for breath and moaning with my humping. She said,"Here I go again."Then the orgasm overtook her and this tripped my trigger and I started shooting jet after jet of white, sticky, gooey cum into this child's body.

When my climax stopped I continued to hump her but being as old as I was my organ faded before she could get another orgasm. When it fell out of her she started to get dressed and I did also. We left the shack together and went to the picnic area. A small indicator light out of the camera's frame had told me that my wife and Mr. Smith were done with their lovemaking and getting dressed so we arrived at the picnic table seconds after they had redressed themselves.

I introduced myself to them and told they should keep and eye on their daughter because there might be some sexual predators out here in the woods. They said they weren't worried about it because their daughter knew about sex and knew not to let anyone touch her in any way that made her uncomfortable. I turned and looked at Mindy and she just smiled at me. I turned back to my shed and they got back in the car. I waited a few minutes and returned to the control room without passing the picnic area.

I saw Amy shutting down the feed to the Blu Ray writer and calling a cut. I ask her how she thought it would come out. She said,"We've added additional cameras in your shed and around the picnic table so we can use the different feeds to extend to film to a at least an hour. Mr. Smith and my wife soon came in. Rita entered first while Mr. Smith hesitated at the door. I turned to him and said,"Come on in we're looking over the raw feeds." He said,"I'm sorry. I did not know that Rita was your wife." I told him. I assigned her to do the film with you. If you don't hate me for fucking your daughter, how could I hate you for fucking my wife?" He thought for a minute and then said,"Okay I think I understand."

The phone in the control room rang. Amy answered it and said it was for me. I took the phone and said,"Hello." I recognized the young voice on the other end as Amanda. She said,"Dad was a bit disappointed to read in the doctor's instructions that he could not fuck my pussy for six weeks. I told him I could suck and take him in my but and he settled down. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me have my baby there and I hope you will let me visit her if you let her live." I told her,"I don't plan to kill the child though her lifespan may be limited by the fact that she was conceived by incest. I assume you won't mind if she tells you she's being fucked and stuff like that." She said,"I full expect her to be taught to suck cock and give hand jobs and to fuck even younger than I did."

We said some other stuff about how her and her Dad would always be welcome to join our little company if they wanted to. Then we said goodbye. I turned to Rita and told her about the new baby that Amanda had given up. She said,"I'll go to the infirmary and if the doctor says she is ready I'll move her to my apartment immediately. My boys will have her tasting cum as soon as we start to feed her. Then we left the room, all four of us, and went into the heart of the building. Rita got the baby from the infirmary and said,"Your name is Tiffany and I'm going to teach you to be the youngest best slut in this whorehouse." When we went upstairs me and Mindy got off on the second floor but Mr. Smith and my wife continued up to the third floor.

'I took her to Sabrina's Apartment and she joined us for supper. My grand daughters asked her how it felt to fuck. She said it was better than anything she had ever experienced before. She said the feeling of having a cock deep inside her was wonderful and being united with their Daddy was something they would enjoy if he ever decided to do them. Both of them said,"We will do it with him as soon as we can." After the meal we all sat in the living room and talked. After a while there was a knock on the door and Sabrina answered it. It was Mr. Smith.

When she saw him Mindy jumped up and ran to him and jumped up and landed with her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist she kissed him and said,"Daddy now you can fuck me until the day I die. I love you Daddy." She unwrapped her legs from his waist and stood in front of him. She said,"Just a minute." She same to me and gave me a hug and a kiss with tongue. I told her. "Save the tongue for your Dad." She said,"Thank you taking me so gently. I can do him without being afraid. Thank you." Then she turned and rejoined her father who left immediately closing the door behind him.

We all sat in the living room and watched news on television. The rest of the family wanted me to change over to the porn channels and after the news, which included a statement of the president of the United States that he was certain that the Supreme Court would restore state control of the ages of consent when he brought his appeal to them next week. Both of my granddaughters complained that they did not want that to happen. I told them I was not sure what the court would do but we had done everything we could to legalized them and our company's products. When the news ended little Charlene took to remote and put the TV on our porn channel.

It was showing me fucking Charlene in her ass. My face was blacked out but I saw she was restrained by netting as she had been when I butt fucked her. She was smiling as she watched me do it. She came to me and kissed me with tongue and said,"Daddy, I loved it when you did that with me. If you want to do it again I'll be happy to do it with you." I told her that was sweet but I was too spent to do anything right now. The next scene was the seduction of Sabrina with Charlene playing her mother's role. This one was "The Grooming" when I had applied Vaseline to her labia in response to skin irritation.

Charlene watched this and said,"That felt real good too Grandpa. You can put your fingers on my pussy anytime. She sat next me and I started to finger her pussy. She leaned over on my shoulder and ran my finger up her slit around her clit and down to her vagina. I finger fucked her up to the second knuckle then when back to the top of her slit to circle her clit again. I continued this until she climaxed with a shiver.

Beatrice was on my other side and said to Charlene,"That's enough lil' sister, save some of that for me." So I removed my hand from Charlene and put it on Beatrice's pussy. Again I ran up the slit, around the clit and back down to the vagina. I finger fucked her up to the third knuckle. Then I ran up the slit around the clit and back down again. She was huffing and puffing and gasping for air. Soon she climaxed with a "Damn Grandpa I want to fuck you right now." as her body stiffened and quaked and contorted in her climax.

I told her I'll do it in a couple weeks honey. Now the video screen was showing my lovemaking with my wife Rita. It was well done and seemed to take a lot longer than reality because they had edited the views of the three cameras to lengthen the sex. As the scene on the screen faded out at the end of the lovemaking I found my organ was starting to respond to the visual stimulation.

The Seduction of Sabrina's Father came on next which started off with foreplay with Amy who tied me to the bed and Sabrina who cowgirl fucked me when I was tied down. Beatrice reached over and unzipped my pants. Her sister charlene reached in and extracted my prick. Then she started to jack it. When Charlene got tired her sister put her mouth to work and licked it down my right side, my left side and then the bottom of it. Then she put in her mouth and bobbed up and down my shaft. I got hard right away!

Then I looked up and saw my daughter approaching. She was quite naked and had that same old thumb sized vibrator in her vagina. When she was right in front of me she took out the vibrator and handed it to Beatrice. Beatrice put it in her mouth to clean off her mother's pussy juice. Charlene grabbed my cock and held it straight up as her mother knelt with her legs spread and lowered her dipping cunt onto my pulsing cock. She had a knee against the couch back on each side of me and was rocking as she fucked me. Charlene reached under her mother and gently rubbed my balls. Since the position kept me high in my daughter's pussy she climaxed after only five minutes of penetrative sex. She kept on rocking her body and after another five minutes she climaxed again and then as she came back after a two minute plataue climax, she lifter herself off my organ. Her eldest daughter, Beatrice, deep throated it and I shot rope after rope down her throat. when I was done she kissed her sister and you could see her tongue transferring the cum to her little sister's mouth.

Charlene accepted the load from her sister's mouth and stuck out her cum covered tongue before finally swallowing it. Sabrina said,"Dad, maybe you should eat each girl before sending them to bed." I turned to Charlene and told her,"You are first. Come here." She pulled her little dress up and spread her legs. She had no panties on. I kissed my way up her legs from her knees to her pussy. Then I lashed her clit with my tongue. She was gasping at that and holding my head in position so I could not pull out. I ran my tongue down her slit to her vagina, I tongue fucked her for three strokes then ran up her slit to circle her clit and back to her vagina to tongue fuck her for three strokes then back up her slit to cicle her clit and cycling like that until she stiffened, quaked and
climaxed. I gave her a light slap on her ass and sent to her bed.

Charlene gave me a kiss goodnight and walked toward her bedroom. She stopped on the way to hug and kiss her mother. Who told her to go to bed. Beatrice was now on the sofa with her ass at the front edge and her dress up exposing her bald pussy. I grabbed her left foot and kissed it. Then I kissed up her calf and thigh before switching to her right thigh and then I went down her thigh to her right calf and foot. Then I dove into her her crotch with my tongue landing squarely on her clit. I wagged it to tongue lash it. Her hands came down to hold me in place as I started to run my tongue down her slit to her vagina, tongue fucked her for five strokes, then ran back up her slit to circle her clit. She was breathing hard almost as soon as my tongue entered her vagina. On my fourth ciruit of her pleasure palace she stiffened, quaked and raised her thin ass off the couch as she came. As she came down she let go of my face. Said,"Thank you, grandpa. I love you. Goodnight." she got up, went to her mother's room and got a hug and kiss then went to her and her sister's room to bed.

I was tired. Stressed by the raid. Spent in taking Mindy's cherry and stressed by watching my Lisa fucking Mindy's dad. I went to my daughter's bedroom and she was in bed, her nakedness concealed by the thin sheet.

I stripped off my clothes and raised up the sheet realizing as I did so my daughter was still naked. She raised her head and I slipped an arm under her. I laid on my side facing her. I kissed her on the mouth and said,"Goodnight honey." She said,"You say that to all the girls." I replied to her,"Good night Sabrina, I love you."

I fell asleep in a short time exhausted by the days activities.

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