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Blaine and I again...
Hi again. Just when I think I’m done writing these stories, my mind wanders off on another erotic trail…. care to join me?

It’s late winter, and the last of a series of storms has left the city covered in alternating scenes of snow covered fairylands and mountains of slush and ice piled by the plows as they vainly strive to stay ahead of mother nature. I’m sitting by the balcony windows looking across the river, fire crackling to warm the outside, a nice pinot noir to warm the insides and being predictably lazy on a cold, cold day. As the pinot begins to warm me up, I’m feeling a little lonely and, honestly, a bit restless. My sometimes girlfriend from across the way, Alison, has moved on, and the guy from the party turned out to be a brief (immensely satisfactory) encounter. To be blunt, I haven’t had a partner in the last few months, and I could really use the company. Physical intimacy is one thing I crave - the feeling of sharing myself and feeling him or her exploring me inside and out is one of the greatest pleasures in my life.

I shake myself from my daydreams and decide there’s only one way to deal with this. Since there’s no one to call, exercise is my answer. I throw on my hiking outfit and lace up the boots, heading to the path that runs along the river for an hour or so of fresh air and scenery to tak my mind off “other things.”

The sun reflects up off the fresh layer of snow and promises a hike through some truly lovely scenes. I feel like a little kid - a bit giddy from the pinot, and ready to “go out and play.” After a half mile or so, the sun has warmed me up and I peel off my coat and let the air flow around my sweater, feeling the cold creep through the weave. My nipples harden and I feel a chill run down my spine - Jesus! hiking is making me hot…- I giggle quietly to myself and continue my walk, enjoying the solitude and letting my legs find their own pace. As my muscles loosen and my body warms, I find myself more aware of my own desires. My breasts are aching and I feel the silky underside of my shirt sliding softly over my engorged nipples. My silk leggings are slipping softly across my thighs, like the gentle a caress of a lover…overcome, I walk into the park and sit down, looking out at the river and let my mind construct a gauzy fantasy that keeps time with my body’s signals. I cross my arms and legs - looks like I’m keeping warm, but I’m slowly caressing my breasts and squeezing my legs together to enhance the fantasy. (“What a pervert!” pops into my head - damn conscience…) I hear the sounds of snow crunching and open my eyes, then smile… it’s Blaine….

A couple of years ago, Blaine became a little more than my best friend’s son - basically, i seduced him and used him as a sex toy during his senior year in high school. Good for him, great for me, and nobody was the wiser. When he went off to college, the fling ended. Since Stanford’s all the way across the country, he only gets home once or twice a year, and I would never take him away from his Mom during those precious moments she gets to be the proud mom of a handsome young son.

I wave and see a smile creep across his face. He slows, then stops and sits next to me, kissing my cheek. He explains the weather has made getting back to school nearly impossible. He’’s been able to keep up with class on line, but he really misses Palo Alto, etc, etc. I listen attentively, but keep getting distracted by the warmth and powerful presence of the now young adult man next to me. Blaine’s filled out nicely and his maturity level has developed right along with his body. I’m startled by his laugh, then excited as I feel his arm slip around my waist and draw me near.

“You looked very cold when I spotted you out here, Kat. Let me warm you up a bit.” I nestle into him, feeling his muscular torso, warm and comforting. “mmm, much better, thanks” I smile up at him and let my hand play over his cheek. Blaine catches my hand and kisses it softly. Instinctively, I reach for him and we come together in a tender, long kiss, our mouths welcoming the new, yet familiar feelings and sensations of old lovers reuniting. Looking up, I see the desire in his eyes and let my hand slowly run down his chest before coming to rest on his crotch, feeling his excitement, the pulsing of a growing erection under my fingertips… god, I do so love a nice hard one. Blaine inhales sharply, closing his eyes as he feels me stroke over the top of his cock through his sweats. He whispers in my ear :Nice to see you again, too, Ms. Trebuchet” then let’s his tongue trace my earlobe before gently nibbling on it. I sigh and decide right then and there, it’s time to fulfill an ongoing fantasy.

Looking up, I simply ask Blaine if he’s ever made love outside in the snow. He shakes his head, but his smile indicates he’s ready to try it. “Me, neither” I say as I stand up. But there’s only a few people around, the park’s really big, and I’ll bet we could find a place to try.” Blaine stands awkwardly, adjusting his now fully erect member to allow him to walk and takes the lead, showing me back to a landscaped space with a row of low pines. The center of the copse of trees is covered in pine needles and reasonable dry, and snow has drifted up along the tree trunks obscuring the view of others walking on the pathway.. We kiss deeply and my hand slides inside his sweatpants, taking hold of his engorged cock and softly squeezing and releasing it. Blaine slides his hands inside my leggings - cold, but they warm quickly…- massaging my ass, letting his hands run between my thighs as he lifts me up to him. My hand pops out of his pants and wraps around his neck. The kisses become more passionate as I wrap my legs round him and grind slowly against him. Blaine’s fingers probe between my cheeks and tickle across my anus, my moan is muffled by his mouth on mine as I wriggle against his fingertips. I slide off of him and simply drop to my knees, pulling his sweats down in a single motion, then peeling his compression shorts to release that lovely cock. I lick my way up and down his shaft and look up. Laying back, I slip my leggings off and open my legs, rolling my hips and beckoning my lover to me. Blaine drops down kneeling between my legs, then lifts my hips to him, impaling me on him as he supports my hips with his powerful arms. The feeling of him deep inside me, warm and wet, and the cold air on my skin create an indescribable pleasure. I grind slowly against him as he rocks, buried deep in me. I feel every inch of that pulsing cock inside me, squeezing him, using all those Kegel exercises to create sensations that leave both he and I breathless. Blaine lowers me to the ground and begins slowly thrusting. the look on his face is enough to make me orgasm… such bliss… but i want to make this a perfect fantasy fulfillment… so I try hard to hold off… but he’s so good… his rhythm, his tenderness… his big, thick, cock...mmmmm. “Oh god, yes, mmmm yes, Blaine” I purr into his ear as he thrusts deep inside. I feel him tensing, his breath ragged and use myself to begin milking him. The groans of pleasure are deep and rich as I feel him explode and fill me up. My own moans join his as I feel myself let go, my own juices joining his as we cum in a tangled mass of joyful spasms, thrusting and grinding against each other as each wave crests.

The steam rising from our bodies smells of sex. the ground reeks of sex. And we quietly gather our things and dress, reveling in the smells and tasting the sex we shared in each kiss as we re-assemble ourselves for the walk home.. sometimes snow days can be so much more than a day in front of the fire...
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