Follow-up to a previous story
After getting that amazing and unexpected blowjob from Audrey, I kept in touch with her after she went back to school. Via Facebook, we'd message each other once every few weeks. Nothing hardcore or intimate....maybe a winking emoticon or something. Just something to let the other know they were in mind.

While she was back home for Christmas break this past December, I got another FB message from her. She asked if I was free on the upcoming Saturday. Her mom was taking her sister out of town for a choir concert/retreat. She would have the house to herself and was interested in having me over for "an afternoon of FUN!! ;-P" I quickly agreed and told her I'd see her then. I couldn't wait for Saturday to roll around.

I parked in a nearby strip mall's parking lot and walked a couple blocks to her house. We didn't want her neighbors to see a strange car in their driveway as her mom was strict about things. I went around to the back door (foreshadowing!!) and knocked. Audrey opened the door with a big smile and let me in. She was wearing a tight t-shirt with nothing underneath it and a pair of short white shorts, also with nothing underneath.

She pulled me inside and I grabbed her hard, pulled her to me and lifted her shirt over her head. Throwing her head back, she moaned with pleasure as I sucked on her already rock-hard nipples. I slid my hands down the back of her shorts and squeezed that perfect 19 year old ass. Audrey squirmed as I squeezed and licked and sucked.

"Come on, let's go in my bedroom. I want you to fuck me hard all fucking day." she commanded. Grabbing my hand, she led the way to her room.

Closing the door behind us, she quickly removed her shorts, exposing her nakedness to me. What a perfect little body she had. I'd seen her tits, of course, but getting a look at the whole package almost made me come in my pants. Her pussy was covered in a silky-fine brown pubic bush. It wasn't trimmed or thinned out, but naturally sparse. She was wet between her legs already and smelled delicious.

I let her strip me next. She took pleasure in going slow to tease me. When she finally got my underwear off, my cock sprang out. Grabbing me and stroking me softly, she took me into her mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last long and told her I owed her from last time. She smiled and said, "Do what you want to me." I threw her on her bed and told her to spread her legs for me.

Leaning back, she opened her thighs wide, giving me a terrific view of that tight little cunt.

"Touch yourself for me, Audrey. Show me how you play with your pussy while thinking about my hard cock." I told her. She slid two fingers inside of herself and moaned with the sensation of her fingers and the fantasy of having my cock deep inside of her. She arched her back as she rubbed harder, her eyes closed and her head titled back. My eyes were riveted to her masturbating gyrations. Finally, I needed to pay her the debt I owed her.....the oral debt.

I dove between her legs and attacked that little pussy with my mouth. Her hips rolled and bucked with pleasure as I licked and sucked that cunt and clit. I slid a finger into her scorching hot pussy and couldn't believe how fucking tight it was or how wet she was. She was incredibly turned on and getting close to her first orgasm. I took my finger from her pussy and slid it up into her asshole, surprising her.

"Oh my God, that feels good!! Yeah, finger my ass!!! Yeah, like that!!" she gasped. I knew she would love this and slid another into her. She yelped with the extra digit, but didn't ask me to stop. Rather, she started to rock towards me, driving my fingers deeper into her little shitpipe. Faster she rocked while squeezing my fingers with her sphincter muscles.

Trembling beyond control by now, her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Screaming at top volume, she grabbed hold of my head and pushed me into her pussy, grinding against my face with force.

"OH FUCK, OH YES!! OH GOD, LET ME COME ON YOU!!! UNGH....UNGH....UNGH!!!" she yelled until she was done coming. There was one helluva wet spot under her ass by now....this girl was WET. Things were about to get wetter.

I slid up between her legs and entered her tight little vagina. She was amazingly tight and I nearly lost my load in the first two or three strokes. It didn't help me that she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, thrusting back against me with her own crotch.

"Slow down, Audrey," I gasped. "You're so fucking tight I'll come too fast" I begged her.

"I don't care. Fuck me hard and come inside me. (I had told her I'd had a vasectomy) I want to feel that hot squirt inside me. I've never let a guy come in me. Fucking DO IT!!" she told me.

Holding back the best I could, I managed to fuck that little pussy for 3 or 4 minutes before I couldn't hold back any longer. Stars popped in my head as I released hard into her. Wave after wave of pleasure crashed in my skull. I became aware of Audrey's screaming as she came again as I came into her. With every hot squirt of jizz I unleashed, I could feel her pussy spasm around my hardness, milking me of my sperm. I continued to thrust hard into her, even after I was spent because she felt so good while under me. Finally, I collapsed onto her, out sweaty bodies slick against each other.

"Holy fuck, that felt hot inside me!! God, I could feel every squirt splash against my insides." she gasped as I rolled off of her.

"You know, my come is going to leak out of you, right?" I asked. I wasn't sure if she knew about that.

"I'll be right back." she cooed as she left the room. I figured she was going to the bathroom to empty herself of my load. I leaned back and enjoyed her scent on my face.

She strolled back into the room with her hand behind her back and a coy smile on her face.

"What do you have there, Audrey?" I asked. She showed me a small jar of Vaseline and her smile widened.

"Would it be ok if you fucked me in my ass next? I was afraid to ask, but when you put your fingers up there, I figured you wouldn't mind. Want to fuck my tight butt?" she teased.

"You need to give me a few minutes to get hard again. How about you suck my cock to get me going?" She jumped on the bed and attacked my cock with her mouth. I was instantly reminded of how good she could suck a cock. As I slowly came to life, I caught a glimpse of her ass in her mirror. She was bent over as she sucked and her tight asshole was wide open. I couldn't wait to pound that shithole, but let her suck me to full hardness before pushing her off.

"Get on your hand and knees. Now you're going to get it." I ordered. She immediately assumed the position and was quivering in anticipation. I smeared a glob of Vaseline onto my turgid cock and pushed the head against her shitter. She gasped as I pushed into her. I grabbed her hips and slowly entered her.

"I didn't expect this, Audrey. Not every girl likes cock up her ass."

"I love this. Now fuck me as hard as you want, You can come in me again too." she said. Far be it from me to deny a lady what she wanted. With that, I drove hard into her, deep as I could go, slapping my balls against her still-wet pussy.

She screamed as I hit bottom, pushing back against me. Long, hard strokes were what I wanted to give her, and that's what she got. Pummeling that tight little shitter, I grabbed her by the hair and gave her a beating. Moaning and screaming and thrashing, it quickly became apparent that she was going to come again. As she did, she let loose a gush of come from her little pussy that I felt on my thighs before it splashed onto the bed.

Since I had already come once, I was good to go for a bit. After she came, she went limp, moaning and groaning as I continued to plumb the depths of her tight asshole.

" I.....OOOOHHHHHH.....I.....can't more.....OH GOD, MY ASSHOLE IS ON FUCKING FIRE!!!!" she screamed at me.

"I'm not ready yet. You need to tough this one out." I laughed at her. Then, I resumed my pounding on her. Letting her hair go, I grabbed her tits from behind with both hands and changed my angle into her ass by getting off my knees and onto my feet. I used the springiness of the bed to let her ass slam back up at my and pounded away. I must have gone too far, because she started to sob for me to stop.

"Please.....stop.....please." she whimpered at me. I figured she'd had enough and withdrew from her broken-open asshole. She collapsed onto the bed in tears of pain.

"I'm sorry. It was just too much after I came once. I couldn't take any more." she apologized.

"It's okay. You did great. But I still need to come again. Ready?" I asked. I rolled her over onto her back and straddled her chest. I stroked my sloppy cock furiously and aimed it at her tear-streaked face.

"Fuck, here it comes. Open you mouth!!" I ordered her. She did and I blasted her square in the face with my second huge load. Rope after rope splattered her face and dripped onto her chest. She lapped up what she could choke down. She was too exhausted to wipe the excess come off her face, instead just laid there as it coated her. She looked amazing.

"You ok? Did you like it?" I queried.

"Yeah, I just wasn't prepared for such a vicious fucking in my ass. It was my first time doing that. I should have told you." she admitted. "I'm sorry you didn't get to come in me again."

"No problem. You look great like that, with my come all over your beautiful face."

"Why don't we go clean up?" she offered. We went and showered, then ordered some food, hanging out and watching a movie until she fell asleep. I kissed her goodbye and left. What an amazing girl she is.

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