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Chapter 16

Erick stood outside of his house waiting. A green Toyota Camry pulled up to his driveway. A man walked out coming to greet him. He was slightly taller than average, slim with a mocha colored skin. He wore a navy suit, white shirt and red tie, having an air of professionalism surrounding him.

“Ah Mr. Erick Smith I presume. I’m Manuel Gutiérrez, the realtor you talked to a few days ago, pleasure to meet you sir,” shaking Erick’s hand. He spoke with a mild Spanish accent.

“The pleasure is all mines Mr. Gutiérrez.”

“Let’s get straight to business shall we. They are three places I have lined up for today in Wilton Manors, Las Olas and South Beach,” Mr. Gutiérrez told him.

“Seems good but can we skip Wilton Manors. Not really my crowd,” Erick said nonchalantly.

“Another thing also, if money is no problem we can skip Las Olas. Since South Beach is a livelier albeit more expensive version of it.”

“Money is no problem whatsoever, to South Beach we go” Erick said.

“Okay Sir than right this way,” Mr. Gutiérrez led him to his car.

On the way to South Beach Erick learned a bit on Mr. Gutiérrez. He was born in Cuba, moved here when he was thirteen and despite his youthful appearance, he’d been working as a realtor for almost twenty years. They arrived at South Beach, the party capital of Miami at night. People of all different shape sizes, skin color partook in various activities. Some were jogging, others sat outdoors in restaurant chatting, more crossed Ocean Drive on their way to the beach. Every once and a while the soft breeze would course through bringing the salty smell of the sea across the street.

The building they parked in front was named El Flamenco Rosado, located on the corner of Ocean drive and 10th street. Mr. Gutiérrez led him inside to the concierge. The lobby had huge windows, which allowed the sun’s rays to illuminate it. Erick liked what he saw so far, beautiful ladies from college grads, young mother carrying their babies to more mature women.

“Mr. Smith I’d like to introduce to Ursula the manager of this place.”

Erick turned around and was shocked. Ever since he was little Erick had been taught there was no such thing as an ugly person. Well, Ursula pretty much blew that teaching out of the water. She made the Disney character look like Miss Universe. She was obese, her face was caked with makeup she wore a bright red business suit and pants.

“Hello,” she said eyeing Erick from head to toe.

Her gaze gave him goose bumps, he swallowed and responded back with a meek, “Hi.”

“Mr. Smith here would like to view one of the available space you’ve got here,” Mr. Gutiérrez explained. A similar look of discomfort crossed his face when she touched his arm.

“It would be nice to have a new face here for a change. Now excuse me I have some business to attend to take care.” Her exit produced sighs of relief from the two.

“Sorry about her, she’s the only bad thing about this place,” he shivered. Erick nodded understanding his discomfort.

Following the bone-chilling meeting they had, Mr. Gutiérrez showed Erick around the building. Starting with the gym, they walked around visiting the pool, the spa, the sun deck. Stopping at his floor he only saw two doors to left and right of him. Mr. Gutiérrez unlocked the door to the right ushering him in.

“Damn,” Erick muttered as he entered.

The place was amazing to say the least. Egg white tiles dominated the floor. To the right was a wall, the left contained the kitchen. It was large, U-shaped in its design. On the left was a fancy fridge containing French doors, bottom freezer, dispenser and a complicated electronic screen to regulate it. Next to it were the oven and dishwasher, separated by matching light gray cabinets. Perpendicular to the fridge was the sink. Facing the oven was a peninsula comprising of a ceramic glass cooktop along with a kitchen chimney hanging above it. Two white cushioned stools opposed the cooktop, serving as a breakfast area. Not too far from the kitchen was a small round table with four chairs surrounding it.

Mr. Gutiérrez led him to the living room. Parallel to each other were two slate armchairs one red the other white. Between them was a square coffee table with a bowl of black marbles on top of it. Close to the meeting space, Erick saw something he liked. A huge modern sectional white leather couch decorated with red cushions, in front of it a matching ottoman. A large red rug covered that general area of the floor. Fronting the couch was a 60” HDTV with surround sound. Panoramic windows allowed the room to be graced by the sun’s rays, outside was a long balcony lining through the whole living room. Floating stairs, made of dark bamboo, contoured by glass railing led to the second floor. Under the stairs were two doors one was a half bathroom the other the laundry.

Continuing the tour Mr. Gutiérrez showed him the second story of the apartment. He climbed the stairs leading him straight to the bedroom. It was simple yet elegant a super-king sized platform bed was placed in the center, with two nightstands on each side. Three large windows gave a wonderful sight of the beach.

“Here let me show you something you’ll like,” Mr. Gutiérrez said.

Picking up a remote laying on the dresser facing the bed he pointed it to the dresser’s mirror. Erick’s jaw dropped; in the middle of the mirror, on a 40’X20’, space was a T.V. with the news on.

“Impressive huh,” he smiled as Erick could only nod, “Let’s continue the tour, there more to come,” closing the T.V.

In the upper left corner of the room were two open doorways, perpendicular to one another. He poked his head to the room facing his bed and found a walk-in closet. To call it big was an understatement; it was bigger than his parent’s living room. Convex light similar to the ones in the bedroom illuminated the place, all around were several spots for clothes. Erick wondered if would ever own enough clothes to fit this large room. Exiting the closet he entered the only other place in the house he hadn’t been in yet, the master bath.

“Damn, damn, damn, so this is what the rich are privy to,” he muttered.

The bathroom was gorgeous, it had a simple modern look similar to the room. He gazed around going clockwise. First came the sink, the most modest piece he has seen in the apartment so far. Opposing it was a huge shower, with a glass door and black marble walls lined with jets. On the upper right corner of it was a small bench, comparable to the one in Lizzie’s house Erick remarked. Adjacent to the bathroom rested the toilet along with a bidet. To the right of the room taking the whole space to it was a drop-in bathtub with steps leading to it. The frame was made with the same black bamboo floor, which conquered the top floor. Near was a small window, akin to all the windows in the apartment, it pointed east towards the beach.

“So what do you think?” Mr. Gutiérrez asked.

“I’ll take it. I’ll phone my assistant so you two can do the paperwork,” Erick beamed.

July was almost over leaving about a month left before school resumed in the fall. Erick woke up in his new apartment it has been a crazy two weeks. Going to Texas, meeting his niece, buying the beamer and the apartment, with all that’s been happening he didn’t have time for fun. Washing his face, he decided to go for a morning walk/swim. Although he paid some attention to it, he still could not believe the number of beautiful faces around him. It was still early in the morning as a constant stream of people left the building dressed for work.

As he walked, down the beach he played mental chess with Bella. Personally, he was never too fond of the game; Bella on the other hand loved it. Retuning back he headed to the pool wanting a swim. There he saw what appeared to be a yoga class. The group, including the instructor, was solely comprised of women ranging from mid-twenties to early fifties. He walked past them, their backs facing him.

“You should tease them,” Bella chimed in.

He removed his shirt, kicked off his sandals and dove in the pool. He swam laps around, musing about what Bella told him.

“We’re done for the day,” the instructor released the students.

The thirty or so women turned around just to see him getting out of the pool. Seeing the looks he was receiving, he smiled innocently at them. The reaction he received was… well, extremely positive. From hair twirling, blushing, lips licking and being stared at intently.

“Are you new here?” a mature Caucasian lady asked.

“Yes,” he replied.

“OOOhh, what do we have here,” a voice exclaimed sending shiver down Erick’s spine. Turning his head around he noticed Ursula coming his way. She was wearing an obnoxiously neon yellow business along with matching makeup.

“Ah here you are. I was looking around for you. Follow me,” she told him.

Retrieving his shirt, he forcibly followed the cause of his nightmares to her office, a decent sized place with all the necessary equipment.

“I was watching you swimming your laps and I couldn’t help but notice how accomplished you are,” she said.

“Yeah, used to be a diver when I was little,” thankful for the desk separating them.

“There is an absence in the lifeguard position. Would you like to fill it?”

“Umm… I’m not sure I’m really qualified for the job.”

“I knew it just asking you wouldn’t work. You can have your way with me if you want?”

“What?” Erick yelled.

“I saw the way you looked at me. You’re a great looking guy. Let’s start it with a kiss.”
She got up, walked towards him her neon yellow lips puckered up ready to make contact with his.

“I, I, I’ll do it,” he stuttered, jumping out of his seat backing up to the door.

“Are you sure?” looking a little disappointed. He nodded his head vigorously. “Great Robert should be here I’ll have him to you.”

Anything to get away from this situation, Erick thought as Bella cackled in his head. They walked to the lobby past the front desk to a hallway. Stopping at a door marked ‘Employees only.’

“Yoohoo, Robert. Are you here?” Ursula chanted entering the room.

A red-headed guy in his twenties turned around, fear ingrained in his eyes.

“This is our new recruit Erick, I’ll leave you two alone. Roberts teach him about this place,” she said exiting the room. Both guys gave a collective sigh of relief when she left.

“Lifeguard, man I wish I had your job you lucky bastard,” he exclaimed after Erick explained some things to him.


“Don’t you see that this place is mostly comprised of women, all hot,” Erick nodded having made this observation himself. “It’s because this is where the wives/daughters of rich entrepreneurs come to. In fact, I think there’s only one single male who moved in recently. The son of a bitch parked his beamer in the wrong spot and Ursula, thinking it was my fault, made me work overtime. Without pay too.”

Whoops Erick thought, they chatted for a while splitting up to go about their ways. The sun was past its zenith, baking the lifeguard sitting in his highchair. All was not lost for in front of said lifeguard were gorgeous women parading, flaunting their assets in their swimming suits.

“Erick is that you?” a familiar voice said.

He looked to see a golden blonde looking at him, “Taylor?” Remembering her from MKU, pleased with the good times they shared.

“Are you the new lifeguard everyone’s been talking about?”

“Words must travel fast here; gotta have a summer job I guess. Why are you here?”

“My sister is staying here with my mom I came down to visit. Anyway, when you’re done working do you want to hang out? I’ll take care of everything just show up dressed to impress,” she told him. Erick nodded they settled sometime later she bade him farewell strolling seductively.

Work done, he went back to his room and crashed on his bed. His phone rung, reaching over he saw Jim’s number on the brightly lit screen.

“Hello,” he said.

“Hey there’s something I want you to do help me out with?” Jim said.

“Yeah I know. I owe you one, so what is it?” he sighed.

“Erick, you’re one of the few friends I have. Your name will never appear on my notebook,” Jim told him.

Hearing his serious tone Erick sat up, knowing whatever it was it had to be worth it.

“I have a package coming to you tomorrow at eight can you take care of it, now that you’re living the good life it should be no problem.”

It didn’t surprise him Jim knew all these things about him. “Sure what is it?” he questioned.

“My cousin, she needs a place to stay for a small amount of time. Please you’re the only one I trust with this.”

“Fine send her.”

“Hey Erick thanks,” Jim added before hanging up.

That was weird,” Bella said.

He actually pleaded, guess we’ll have to get the full story some other time,” Erick agreed.

He stood naked in front mirror scratching his voluptuous ball sack. He just got done shaving, placing the electric razor on the sink.

“It has come to my attention that you do not groom your lower body part,” Bella pointed out.

“I like it all hairy. Besides doesn’t bother no one really,” he said.

“Well you are now,” his right hand grabbed the razor and brought it close to his dick. He resisted the razor swaying on both sides, missing his prick by a hair.

“Alright I give up, but I’ll put a guide comb on,” resigning to her will.

Taking a quick shower, he traversed to his closet searching for the right clothes. He peered at the one part of the closet his whole garments took.

“You so need to go shopping, and haircut. We can make this work. Put this shirt… yes that one with ummm… Argh you only have one pair of slacks. It’ll have to do for now, at least the black shoes are not too bad. There, I must say I am very proud of myself.”

Erick had on a grey long-sleeved shirt the arms rolled up to his elbow, with a black slacks and dress shoes. Taking the elevator down to the lobby, he saw Taylor who was talking with Robert. She was wearing a tight white knotted shirt which exposed her mid-drift, along with a black school girl mini-skirt ending with six inch heels. Seeing him Taylor walked up and kissed with her glossy lips. He smiled gingerly at Robert who’s mouth was wide open, he entered the limo.

“Robert you were right, being a lifeguard here is pretty epic.”

Taylor got in the limo after him and they set out. they made it to the destination, which was The Palace an uber-trendy club situated in A1A and 12th street. As the chauffeur took care of things, he and his date went to the front of the line as per Taylor’s order. Naturally, they were two huge security guards blocking their paths.

“Are you on the list,” one spoke.

“Yes, Taylor Birds” she replied.

Instantly the moods of the security guards changed, “Here it is right this way please.” The rope opened up and one of the guards ushered them inside.

The Club was multi-level the lowest was the dance floor. The middle contained a bar it was organized for socializing with other. The last level was the VIP section, overlooking the dance floor, contained multiple booths giving it a semi-private feel, and even a veranda outfitted with lounge chairs and a bar. The security guard or Albert, as he called himself, left them in the VIP section.

Taylor sat down and Erick could not help but to admire her long, golden luscious legs. Her skirt kept just enough to drive his imagination wild. She caught him looking and proceeded to, exaggeratedly, cross her legs revealing her red panties. He sensed a twitch from his manhood, she grabbed his hand leading him down to the dance floor.

They were in the middle of the crowd dancing to the rhythm of the music stopping once Taylor needed to use the restrooms. Erick stood off the sides waiting for her while he waited three buxom women approached him. The outfits they wore hardly covering their breasts. It was in times like these Erick appreciated Bella.

Stop looking they’re not real,” she told him talking about their breasts. “The brunette to the left has syphilis; dark hair in the middle is a transsexual.”

He noticed his saving grace in the form of Taylor returning from her trip. Apparently she was an expert on club-hoes because once she came to the scene she planted a kiss on Erick’s mouth, her leg in between his legs grinding his crotch. His only response to this was a request to leave. Erick was grateful for a lot of things in his short life so far, one of them happened to be the fact the club was only fifteen minutes away from El Flamenco Rosado.

They entered her apartment, by his calculation was larger than his. She dragged to her room, which was down the hall to the right. He was pushed down the bed, his pants hung from his knees while she squatted her sopping pussy on his rock hard phallus. Both were fully clothed above their waist. Taylor’s micro-skirt was still on, fluttering, teasing her bald mound pubis each time it floated upwards. Erick loved the sex it was carnal; its only use was to satiate their lust at the moment. Her hot box gripped his prick working it marvelously, he had to concentrate in order to keep up with her. As her first orgasm arrived Taylor bounced frantically, she quickly buried her face on the pillow muffling the noise. She kissed him, the first session done they removed their clothes and proceeded at a slower pace.

“So do you scan every girl I’m interested in?” Erick asked whilst Taylor was in bathroom cleaning up.

Yup thoroughly, we can’t all be thinking like a twenty-one year old man,” she quipped.

On a more serious note did you…”

“Nope couldn’t find out anything about Jim. His mind was closed to me like yours was.”

“How does it work the whole looking into people’s head thing?”

“Kind of like having a T.V. when you meet them in person it’s like you tell the channel. Just telling me their names is akin to giving me the name of the network, thus useless info. In addition like the T.V. things change based on the company whether it is cable or satellite, country, meeting a person helps with discerning all these stuff.

The conversation was interrupted when Taylor returned next to him in the bed. Sharing a tender kiss, they slept.

Chapter 17

Erick stirred up, got out of bed scratched his chest noticed his morning wood, stretched and let out a huge yawn.

The door of the room bust open, which was followed by, “Taylor next time please try to be…” a smoking hot woman stood there her mouth agape staring at his erect cock.

The mysterious lady was transfixed with his prick until he covered it with his hand, then she slammed the door shut. Erick thought this was a good time as any to make himself scarce. Finished dressing up he kissed Taylor good bye and left the place meeting no one on his way out. Closing the door behind him, he walked across the hall and opened his apartment.

This was a good way to meet the neighbors don’t you think,” Bella teased.

Work was the same as the day before various women exhibiting their sexy swimming suits. Erick asked to be excused from work for a few days, Ursula agreed with the condition that he has to help with the early yoga classes from now on. Not wanting to repeat yesterday’s debacle he approved of her demands.

It was the end of dinner time Taylor called inviting him to another night of fun he had to decline. Eight o’clock could not come fast enough. A soft knock was heard at the door. Erick rushed to answer to find a short woman, with a knapsack slung to her back, at the other side he ushered her in. She appeared frightful, yet curious. She looked generally unkempt beginning with the ripped overalls she was wearing, her dirty white undershirt, to her nappy afro.

“Are you hungry?” he questioned trying to get her more comfortable.

She nodded, he beckoned her to the peninsula serving her some pasta he had made for dinner. The poor thing dug in the food, not wasting any breath on the meal. When she was done Erick gave her a glass of juice, which she used to wash it all down.

“What’s your name?” he inquired.

“Mandisa, but my friends call me Mandi,” she responded.

He was surprised when she spoke because of her accent. It was as if someone from the Caribbean learned English from England, intertwining both mixes together creating something truly beautiful and exotic.

“Am I going to move again?” she asked him with her thick large lips.

“Not that I am aware of, this should be your final destination.”

“Then I have to give this to you,” handing him her knapsack.

He opened the bag and found the necessary paper works to live, work. It turns out she has a sports scholarship for soccer at the same college Erick goes to. At the end of all this he found a letter which sent his head reeling. Excusing himself he climbed the stairs to his room, grabbing his cell he called Jim.

“Hey Erick you met my cousin,” Jim said.

“Yes, yes, yes, now what’s this about her being my fiancée?”

“She lived in this old thinking tribe in South Africa this was the only way I could get her out, without offending anyone. Anyway welcome to the family.”

“But Jim…”

“Before you say anything listen to me Erick, in her tribe at eighteen women are married off to a random guy and have zero say. Most are abused in their household, with you at least I’ll know she’ll be free.”

Erick clenched his jaw seeing things from Jim’s perspective, “I am a man of my word I’ll take care of her.”

“Thank you,” Jim said before he hung up.

He groaned going back downstairs to Mandi. He found her walking around inspecting the house. Expanding on her doing he gave her proceeded to give her a tour of the place and showing her how things worked. Changing the sheets, he let her sleep in his room for the night.

She’s so scared,” Bella interjected as Erick laid on the couch.

Yeah, I’ll take some time. But I’ll work out,” after saying this he slumbered.

Erick rose up confused as to why he was on the couch. Groggily he walked upstairs questioning the reason for this blunder. He dragged himself to the bathroom and what he saw there shocked him back to reality. Mandi stood near the shower naked her body was definitely one of an athlete. She noticed him looking at him and screamed covering herself with a towel.

“Sorry,” was all he could manage to say on his way out.

You’re a piece of shit you know that right,” he told Bella.

C’mon it was pretty funny making you forgetting she lived in your home,” she replied.

“I’m not mad about that. Albeit it was a pretty good joke. I’m pissed because you didn’t make me forget Ursula’s assault on me the other day.”

“Wouldn’t be as fun now would it,”

Mandi came down wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt Erick lent her, needless to say they were several size too large for her. He sat at the peninsula eating a bowl of cereal.

“Tonight’s the night you make me a woman right?” she demanded.


“In my tribe, the Akuma, once a man sees a woman naked he must take her virginity that night.”

Oh crap! Mistakes were made,” Bella said.

Does she really believe this?” he inquired hoping of some kind of loophole.

As bad as you believe in gravity.”

“What’s the procedure?” he gave up. He noticed he’d been doing this a lot these days.

“Usually the woman has all day to prepare herself. Then at night the couple get together,” Mandi explained.

Yay, we can go shopping,” Bella exclaimed.

Looking up on his phone he found various shops nearby. He called for his car to be waiting for him as he got prepared and took Mandi for a shopping trip. The first place they stopped was called La pLace. The store was definitely high class marbled floor great lighting the clerks dressed sharply.

“Hello may I help you,” a female clerk said.

Erick was about to respond, however Mandi beat him to it by saying, “We’re here to prepare myself so he can make me a woman tonight.”

It was moments like these were Erick wished he could travel back in times. The fact so far two of them happened twice already in one day proved this day could only go downhill. If looks could kill, he’d twenty-four feet under by now. The clerk gave him the absolute worse, scum of the earth look imaginable.

A figure appeared at his side examining Mandi, “Hmm, nice jawline, muscular, those curves,” he recognized her. A slim ebony walked towards him. As she spoke those lines she manhandled Mandi.

“You need to be prepared you say fear not, I Priscilla, the greatest fashion designer, will take care of you,” the mature ebony shouted. “Abbie show the man out, tell him to reclaim her in nine hours.”

Abbie the clerk repeated those lines still shooting daggers at him. Bella confided it Mandi would be safe in their hands and yet again he gave in. Since he had some free time he decided to use it wisely. He went inside the barber a couple blocks down the street to get a haircut. This time the reception he received was totally opposite.

“Good morning welcome,” a flamboyant man exclaimed.

He walked towards him wearing a floral shirt and jeans. He escorted Erick to a chair and they started chatting. He figured out his name was Alberto he owned this barbershop for a few years and had an on and off relationship with his partner. It was quite relaxing for Erick, Alberto reminded him of his uncle Miles, who lived in California. Done with his haircut he located a male clothing store about a five-minute drive from the barber.

All throughout the day, Erick remembered a quotes from My Big fat Greek Wedding movie. When Maria Portokalos was comforting her daughter by saying, “Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.” This proved to be very true on that day, especially while he shopped for clothes. For every reason he could think as to why he didn’t need an outfit, Bella, could think of three more about how he wouldn’t be able to survive without it. By the time he was done two beings were happy, her and the storeowner.

“Don’t know why I even need seven pairs of swimming trunks, and they have to be arranged in a particular order,” Erick grumbled.

Stop whining, everything has to be arranged in a certain order to facilitate me knowing where they are,” she told him.

Finishing classing away his clothes to Bella’s liking he called Jim explaining him of the events which transpired this morning.

“Ha ha ha, you sly dog didn’t think you had it in you,” Jim chuckled.

“It’s not what it sounds like I forgot she was there,” he replied bashfully.

“You forgetting is analogous to me burning my notebook.”

Erick could not explain to Jim, he had a being in his head, who decided to play a joke on him this morning. They ended their conversation with Erick having to go pick up Mandi. He found her in front of the shop in scrubs, hair cap and face mask. She got in the car she sat there quietly till they arrived in the apartment.

“Wait down here. I’ll call you when I’m done,” she said.

He sat on the couch truly contemplating what going to happen in a few minutes. A while later Mandi called him up. His heart thumped with each step he took, when he got to the bedroom it stopped. In front of him was a Nubian goddess. Mandi was short yet not petite; her body was sculpted purely of muscle from head to toe with the exception of her breasts and ass. She stood barefoot on the wooden floor twirling for him. At that moment, all doubts he might have had pertaining to taking her virginity were dispelled.

He eyed her from the bottom up. Her legs weren’t long but they were shapely especially her tights. Now Erick wondered if perhaps he was blind, for it was impossible her ass. Oh such a derrière, its mesmerizing shape couple with its amazing size made it eligible to be glorified. He’d spent years fantasizing about the perfect butt, and there it stood, its greatness for him to behold. Only one thing crossed his mind when he saw this work of art, Low by Florida and every song celebrating such magnificence.

It was hard to stop looking at her ass, but he did. The yellow baby doll she wore covered her belly and busty breasts. Her face was round with her large cherry red lips, flat nose, her dark brown eyes sparkled and lastly her hair changed altogether. It was now braided only at the top and wavy till it reached the small of her back.

“Do I look okay in this?” she inquired.

“Okay doesn’t quite sum up your beauty.”

She smiled and nervously sat on the bed. He approached her placing a hand on her shoulder he felt her shaking.

“We don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,” he comforted her.

She shook her head, “I must if not I’ll be shamed as a woman.”

Erick took a deep breath and kissed her. Surprisingly she was a pretty good kisser matching him stroke for stroke. His hand moved the laces off her strong shoulders. She slipped out of them revealing her perky tits. They were big, especially for someone her size, her areolas were approximately two inches wide, and her right nipple was inverted.

“Hey you’re perfect just the way you are,” he said sensing her anguish.

She grinned if only to ease him. He brushed his lips against hers, his hand caressing her muscular shoulder. Gently he lowered his lips kissing her nipple. She whimpered softly, letting him lick away her shame. His hand travelled down through her defined belly down to her snatch. There he found she wasn’t as aroused as he would like. Deciding to hasten the process a bit, he removed her undies, when it was around her ankles gingerly cupping her foot, causing her to moan.

Intrigued by her reaction he prodded further. First he made her adjust herself on the large king sized bed. Again, he admired her body, which he found to be extremely similar to that of Serena Williams. He gripped her well-developed calf, tracing his finger to the sole of her foot. She sighed erotically. Giddy with joy he continued pushing the right buttons. Lacing his fingers in her foot’s interspaces, he rubbed them. Seeing her other foot, he grabbed it and started sucking the big toe. Mandi twisted and turned on the bed as he continued his assault on her feet.

Noticing a wet patch on the bed Erick slithered his hand to her vagina. Smirking he pushed her leg opened. Looking up at her, he spied both nipples standing erect. Taking these as signs she was ready, he got undressed. Placing the tip of his hard penis in her hole, he entered. A small cry of pain exited her throat, while he broke her hymen. He waited inside of her when he got a nod of approval from her he begun thrusting gently. Slowly he started to adjust to a comfortable rhythm. It was then catching him of guard Mandi had an orgasm. The startling part was when she squirted and the juice splashed on his face.

“If sex is this amazing, then I’m confused as to why the ladies in my tribe always complain,” she stated.

He chuckled, “with me I’ll feel like this all the time.”

Erick saw a fire had just been lit in her eyes. Instantly she on the doggy style position her round ass facing him. Their enthralled continued well throughout the night into the wee hour of the morning. The reason for this all night session, Mandi was an athlete. Compared to him she orgasmed every five minutes, however, her physical stamina was in peak form. They kept going on and on and on Erick’s muscled burned in protest as he pounded her. Finally, when she was tired she cuddled next to him and slept.

You owe me one after this torture,” whining to Bella.

I’ll hook you up with plenty of women later.

Exhaling after a good night’s work he slumbered.

Same time in the El Flamenco Rosado

Priscilla walked in Ursula’s office.

“Eww change out this atrocious disguise,” she told Ursula.
The later sighed, then a blinding light filled the room. “Is this better.”

Priscilla nodded, “Where is he?”

“Outside the window guarding, he didn’t like the little prank you pulled this morning.”

“He should lighten up a bit.”

“His overprotectiveness is understandable he’s one of the few with living relatives still alive, a sibling at that,” Ursula added.

“Nice chatting with you got to go now.” Without a trace she disappeared on the spot.

To be continued…

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