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This story may be a little slow on the take off but background was needed to set the stage.
Just Another Day at the Hatchery

This story is just another segment of my sexual development as I progressed into early adulthood at which time took place between my junior and senior years in high school, 1959 and 1960.

I have to give my father credit for my background and interest in the great outdoors. Starting at an early age Dad always took me on hunting, fishing, and camping trips which sparked my interest into what I wanted to become in later life.

Our family lived in a small town called Anderson in Northern California among the high mountains, tall pine trees, and more wild fishing streams and blue lakes than anyone could ever imagine, so you can more understand why my interest was what it was.

My name is Jason Bennett age seventeen at the time; about five foot eight inches tall and around one-hundred and sixty pounds, brown hair and blue eyes. During my high school years I was quite active in sports especially basketball although my interest in real life was to become a Fish and Wildlife Biologist after completion of my college education.

Before I go on with my story let me here state; I was not a young naive country bumpkin at the time when it came to sex, while being introduced to early sexual activity at around the age of six to both older male and female children in the neighborhood. My dick and nose have been in more than just a few drippy pusses not to mention to being on both ends of a stiff cock. With that being said lets get back to the story.

Dad knew of my desires and also was a close personal friend of the local Federal Wildlife Conservation Officer for our area. It was James Manley who suggested Dad have me put in a work application for one of the summer fish hatchery jobs at the Gallagher Hatchery and rearing ponds on the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Elko Nevada. Mr. Manley said it would be good experience for me to learn what Fish and Wildlife Biologist actually did for a living and have some on the job training experience to add to my future resume.

Dad and I sat down at the kitchen table while he explained his conversation with Mr. Manley earlier in the day while handing me a large envelope with the work application and instructions on how to fill out the forms and where to send them.

Dad said, “Jason, if you are interested in becoming a Wildlife Biologist after you complete college this could be your foot in the door for the job. Why don’t you look it over for a few days, then I can set up a meeting with James next week if this is what you really want to do with your life?”

I stayed up most of the night going over the information packet, by morning I told Mom and Dad it was what I wanted to do. Immediately Mom started to pitch a fit about me going to Nevada alone for almost five months but Dad handled things well by calming Mom down. An appointment was set up to talk to Mr. Manley and fill out the applications. Two days later my resume was on its way to Washington, D. C.
Almost three months went by until around the middle of May just fifteen days before school was to be out for the summer I received a package with all of the necessary information; letter of introduction, map on how to get to the hatchery, list of items I should take along, and expected duties I would be required to do while there. Pay was by the month which also covered a two person cabin with cooking facilities within walking distance to the job site.

The next two weeks were hectic getting things ready to go and still do my homework for my finals. Dad made the decision for me to drive the older 1955 Willys four-wheel drive pickup with the cab high canopy shell to protect all of my equipment from the weather and it was lockable as well for safe keeping. I could not believe the list of things Dad wanted me to take, he said, “Just in case items.”

My god, everything from a nine foot umbrella tent, sleeping cot, two sleeping bags, one light and the other heavy just in case the weather turned cold, complete cooking set, ice coolers, first aid kit, my fishing equipment, and enough food to feed a small army. The last thing Dad did was to tape an envelop to the back of the jockey-box with $200.00 in it. He said, “This will get you back home if you need it, gas, food, and motel room. Don’t use it for anything else, OK?”

Finals were finally over and school was out for the summer. I carried an A minus average for the semester.

Saturday was spent preparing and packing the things I would surly need in the pickup for the trip to Nevada. Mom slipped me a hundred dollars putting her finger over her lips and then gave me a big hug. Sunday was a social day for us; we just sat around and enjoyed some good family time together. Monday morning I crawled behind the steering wheel for the long trip. Dad was just fine but Mom lost it and was crying on Dads chest as I drove out of the driveway.

Leaving Anderson it was just a short hop down I-5 to Red Bluff, from there to Marysville I stayed on Hwy. 99 to where Hwy. 20 joined up heading east to Grass Valley and Nevada City.

When I arrived in Nevada City I knew I better gas up as Reno was quite a ways down the road. While there I stopped for a big juicy hamburger, fries, and a large milk shake. It was around three in the afternoon. I called home telling the folks I was doing fine and was leaving Nevada City for the campground in Bear Meadows where I would be staying the night.

When I arrived at the campground I still had a couple hours of sun light left before it started to get dark. First I set up camp for the night grabbed my fishing rod, a few lures and then set out to catch supper. Within about a half hours time I caught two nice ten or twelve inch trout. After cleaning the fish I started a fire, pealed a medium sized potato, and opened a small can of corn. By the time the coffee was ready so was supper. After supper I washed the cooking utensils and leaned back against a near by log to admire the beauty of my surroundings. Everything was so green; the mountains, trees, and the tall grass along the river. The only sound was from Bear River as the water rushed over the rocks making a bubbling sound, I must have dosed off until I heard a voice saying, “Hello, in the camp.”

An older couple had been out for a walk and spotted my camp, standing up I motioned for them to join me by the fire. We talked for about half an hour over the rest of the pot of coffee, they thanked me for the coffee and we said our good byes as they needed to get back to their camp before dark. I sat next to the fire until after dark, took a wiz, and then threw a bucket of water on the fire before turning in for the night.

Waking up well before daylight; loaded up and was on the road again. By time the sun came up I reached the junction of Hwy. 80. Another hour and I was on top of Donner Summit, from there to Reno was all down hill. Reaching Reno I stopped to call Mom and Dad, gassed up the pickup, and had breakfast.

The climb out of Reno to Fernley was slow and steep but from Fernley to Lovelock was an easy run across the dreaded Forty Mile Desert. The only living things I saw out in the desert was a coyote chasing a rabbit, it was so damn hot they were both walking. I made another stop for lunch at the Model T Restaurant and Hotel in Winnemucca. Just to be safe I topped off the gas tank and made the drive to Elko where I paid for a room at the Commercial Hotel for the night. After supper I took a walk around town for an hour or so then went back to the hotel, took a shower, and crawled into bed.

For the next half hour I stared at the ceiling unable to relax and go to sleep. A little diversion might help. Slowly I ran my hands down over my chest stopping long enough to tweak the small protrusions then on down over my stomach until my hands slid under the waist band of my shorts. Suddenly Henry started to come to life swelling to his full six or so uncircumcised inches while I continued to shove the material on down below my knees. Thick clear pre-cum was leaking from his small opening unto my belly where a small sized puddle formed, while rubbing my middle finger through the puddle and then on my now hardening nipples the combination of the cool air and the warm wet liquid caused them to swell even bigger and harder almost to the point of being painful.

Wrapping my thumb and fingers of my left hand around Henry’s base to hold him in an upright position while spreading his secretions over his little face and neck with my right index finger until he was a big slippery mess, I then proceeded to give him the beating he damn well deserved. It didn’t take but a few minutes before he retaliated and spit all over me, that was about the last thing I remembered until I woke up the next morning to find my under ware still down below my knees and one hell of a sticky mess. Going through my usual morning routine I showered, dressed and gathered my things together, checked out of the hotel, and took my belongings out to the truck.

After a good breakfast of sausage, eggs, pancakes, and coffee I drove out to the small air port to locate the Federal Wildlife Office. Going inside I introduced myself to the man in charge while giving him the packet to review. I shook his hand then took a seat while he reviewed the information. It wasn’t long before Mr. Manning reappeared from his office with more papers to fill out, when the paperwork was finished he handed me a map and more papers to give to the person in charge at the hatchery asking if I had any further questions? I replied no, shook his hand again and was on my way.

Following the map from the air port I drove two or three city blocks north to high way 80, turned east for about ten miles while watching for the sign saying SR 229, Halleck, Secret Valley, and Ruby Valley. Turning south on 229 for about a mile I made a stop at the rail road crossing where I saw a small wooden sign saying “Halleck”, I suppose Halleck was a rail road siding with a few small wooden buildings. Continuing on through a small narrow twisting canyon I found the intersection where SR 767 joined the road I was on. The map said the pavement ended about a mile or so after the intersection, from there on I would be on a good Elko County maintained gravel road until I reached the hatchery headquarters at Ruby Lake.

On a little rise in the road I spotted a one foot by two foot yellow sign with black letters on a wooden post beside the road while slowing down to read the sign it said, “PAVEMENT ENDS”. Sheeeitt, I grabbed the steering wheel with a death grip using both hands with one foot on the clutch and the other on the brake pedals trying to shove them through the floorboards. The pickup slid to a stop after bouncing around in some six-inch deep ruts in the road. I shut off the ignition switch and jumped out of the truck, unzipped my pants pulling my dick out and sprayed the road like a water truck.

I stood there in the middle of the road until I quit shaking then got back in the truck to continue on. This is one time I was glad to be in a vehicle with high ground clearance and four wheel drive, I just might need it before I get there. I drove on for a mile or two stopping on another high spot. I could see for maybe thirty miles ahead of me and half that distance to my left before the mountains rose above the valley floor. There was nothing I could see any higher than the cab of the pickup for as far as I could see in any direction. The only things I could see that was different were some blue and green streaks across the valley floor everything else was either brown or gray. My god, what have I gotten myself into?

About forty-five minutes later of bouncing around from rut to rut I could see what appeared to be a bunch of buildings off in the distance. After I crossed a cattle guard I saw a large wooden sign that read, “Welcome to the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge”. It went on to say speed limit 10 miles per hour, Hatchery Headquarters with an arrow pointing to the left, 1 mile.

Pulling up in front of a large building the sign on the porch read, “OFFICE”. Opening the door and walking in I saw an older gray haired man sitting behind a desk beside the window. As I closed the door behind me he looked out the window then looked in my direction as he stood up. “Well Jason, I see you made it in one piece, welcome to your new home.”

Walking over to me while extending his hand he said, “My name is Walt James, everyone just calls me Walt around here.”

I handed Mr. James, Walt my paper work after we shook hands. “Have a seat Jason while I look these over”.

Walt put the papers down on his desk, stood back up saying, “Follow me Jason and I will show you to your cabin, by the way it is number 6.”

As I opened the pickup door to get in Walt walked over to a red Honda Trail 90 giving the kick starter a little bump with his foot and he was on his way. I followed him to a row of wooden cabins as he pulled up in front of the one with a number 6 on it he motioned for me to come on in. As I stepped up on the covered porch he said, “You can move right in and make yourself at home. You will be sharing the cabin with Mike Travis he is about your age so you two will probably get along just fine together. Mike knows you were expected today and will be along in about an hour, he can explain the routine or anything else we haven’t covered. I will see you at seven in the morning to show you your duties.”

Short and sweet, Walt waved as he rode off on his little red Honda.

I went on into the cabin and stopped at the door to look things over; the room looked like it was about eighteen or twenty feet square, I would say there seemed to be plenty of room for two people, two three-quarter beds one on either side of the room, table and three chairs in the center, apartment size stove, refrigerator, sink with hot and cold running water, and shelving for food and cooking utensil storage. Off to both sides of the front door were two good size windows looking out on the front porch. On the back wall off to the left of the kitchen area was what looked like a door leading to a bathroom?

I looked around through the shelves and refrigerator for coffee and a coffee pot, finally settled on a pot to boil up some water, located the coffee, cups, and some tools. The refrigerator only had some baloney, part of a loaf of dried out bread, and a half dozen eggs in it. A can or two of soup and a can of pork-n-beans on one of the shelves, I supposed Mike made other eating arrangements with someone else in the camp.

Hobo coffee is acceptable any time or place as long as you add a little cold water to settle the grounds. I put the pot of water on the stove added a couple scoops of coffee grounds and turned on the burner. I had enough time to inspect the bathroom before the pot of water started to boil. I was surprised at how clean the bathroom was; with a shower, toilet, wash basin, and a mirror so we could see to shave.

After turning off the stove burner and the coffee quit boiling I added a cup of cold water and stirred the coffee with a spoon then let it settle while I sat two cups and spoons on the table. By the time the coffee was ready I herd foot steps coming up the steps and across the porch, a couple light knocks and the door slowly opened. In the doorway stood Mike, at first glance he appeared to be slightly taller than me maybe five feet-nine inches, one-hundred seventy or so pounds, complexion somewhat darker than me although not as dark as an Italian, bright brown eyes, and almost black hair.

I stood up and walked toward Mike extending my hand in friendship which he readily accepted. “I have coffee made would you like a cup?”

“I smelled it before I opened the door; I sure would appreciate a cup.”

“Sit down and I will get you one.”

As Mike walked over to the table he told me, “Things have been pretty slim around here if you have extra food with you I am willing to pay you for it.”

“How come may I ask?”

As Mike took his seat I slid a cup of coffee across the table to him.

“I came out here about three weeks ago on the spur of the moment with not to many supplies, I expected to get back to Wells for more but the weather warmed up, everything thawed out, and the roads turned to shit. We wound up marooned so to speak, you are the first person who made it through in over a week. Some of the other people have been sharing what they have with those of us without. I owe them big time for their help.”

“No doubt, the road is in bad shape but I was committed and here I am. I was wondering why Walt was so interested in the road conditions when I drove in. I do have extra food with me, is anyone else in need?”

“I don’t know for sure, after another cup of that good coffee we can go over and ask Walt?”

Mark opened up and talked a mile a minute bringing me up to date as to what has been happening during the almost three weeks he has been out here. Two cups turned into finishing the pot. Mike stood up, “Let me go pee then we can walk over to Walt’s house and ask him and Jenny.”

After talking to Walt and Jenny we found out everyone would be just fine and thanks to me they now knew the road would be passable with a four wheel drive and some supplies would be brought in tomorrow. The county will be starting the road work in a day or two or as soon as their equipment shows up. Satisfied Mike and I walked back to the cabin jabbering like we have known each other for years.

“If you don’t mind I better get moved in before it gets dark.”

“Ill give you a hand, what’s first?”

I opened the canopy and tailgate. “Ice chests, food boxes, cooking utensils, bedding, and what ever else is in the back. The rest is camping gear.”

“You came equipped for a long stay.”

I laughed and grabbed one of the ice chests motioning to Mike to bring the other. After a few more trips I closed up the truck and went back into the cabin.

“Well Mike, what would you like for supper?”

“Anything you have that’s edible, do you need help with anything else?”

“I’m not a bad cook unless you would like to do the cooking?”

“Jason, if you can cook I will make you a deal, you cook and I will do dishes and keep the place clean.”


I have never been much on house cleaning but I loved to cook especially if I could get innovative and no one bitched, and it looks like Mike is a captive audience.

“Mike if you can find a place for what is in the ice chests, caned goods, and the rest of the things I will get going with supper. Do you like spaghetti and biscuits?”

His head went up and down; I could see more teeth than a badger when he is pissed off.
I located a box of Bisquick, spaghetti sauce, hamburger, and a package of spaghetti noodles. I started a skillet cooking the meat, a pot of water on to boil the noodles in, and then turned my attention to batching up the biscuits. In the meantime a fresh pot of coffee was in order. Mike had the food put away in the refrigerator and the shelves chucked full of can goods and staples. He took the ice chests out on the porch and sat down for a few minutes to relax. I sat the coffee pot on the table along with a can of condensed milk, and sugar. When I finally had a minute or two I sat down long enough to sip some of the coffee. It took me close to an hour to prepare supper and have it ready to serve; Mike had the table set and licking his chops like a Saint Bernard. When I finally sat down I said, “Dig in.”

And dig in was just what Mike did. I think he finally filled up after two plates of spaghetti and a good half dozen biscuits. I wasn’t getting any complaints out of him. After supper we sat at the table for another hour and drank coffee while Mike clued me in on what went on and why he was out here in such bad shape. He said the guy before him made a pass at one of the game warden’s wife’s and got his ass fired; Mike was on the work list and the only one available to come out here on a moments notice. That explained why he was short on supplies and did not have a vehicle with him. Mike then continued saying the weather took a turn unexpectedly and turned warm.

Mike started to laugh, “Jason, it would have gone a lot easier for him if he had been caught out in the parking lot jacking off than making a pass at someone’s wife.”

“By the way Mike I have been wondering, what nationality are you?”

“You are wrong. My father is French Canadian and Mom is Native American, you should be able to see for yourself I never inherited any of my good looks from my mother.”

“Then I take it your mother is a real knockout?”

That brought on another good laugh from Mike, “Not bad for a middle aged squaw with four kids.”

Mike stood up still laughing, “You will meet both of them. I need to clean up; you did your part now I need to do mine. You said you were a pretty good cook, I believe you now.”

I helped Mike put away the leftovers and we did the dishes together. Without a doubt we were fast becoming good friends if our first day together was any indication.

There was a knock at the door; Mike answered it and invited Walt in, we all shook hands and sat down at the table. I got up and heated the coffee and listened in on the conversation, what Walt was doing is gathering information to set up a work schedule. Some of the other men wanted to have Sunday and Monday off because of their religious commitments and left Mike and I hanging for Friday and Saturday. Walt wanted to know if we had any objections and did we want the same days off together or separate. We agreed Friday and Saturday would be fine as it would still give us a day to do our shopping and the same for the others. Walt also wanted to know if we did any fishing and if we did he would give us a permit to fish on refuge land but the permission did not apply to state land. We said yes. Walt wanted to know how we were getting along. I think we both at the same time said, fine. I believe all of us were happy with the schedule. Walt thanked us for the coffee and told us if we had any future problems to come talk to him. Everyone shook hands again and Walt let himself out.

It was about bed time when we finally wound down for the night. Mike went into the bathroom and was back out in about fifteen minutes, walked over to his bed and stretched out. I decided I had better do the same and went into the bathroom. When I came out Mike was down to his shorts but still on top of the covers. I sat down and took my shirt off then stood up and let my pants drop to the floor before I sat back down on the bed to remove them from around my feet and then put them on the foot of my bed with my shirt.

You tend to get that feeling on the back of your neck when you think you are being watched. Just to make the game more interesting I stood up and turned around bending over just enough for my shorts to get tight on my butt while I pulled the covers back then turned back around and sat down. At this point I was not sure if my suspicions were right or not.

Mike asked me if he should turn the heater down for the night or did I want the temperature like it is. I told him it was up to him as it didn’t mater one way or the other to me. He slowly rolled from his back to his side and then sat up saying he would turn it down a little but if it gets to cold for me to let him know and he would readjust it.

Next to my bed was a stack of magazines, I reached over and took the top one then stretched out on top of my bed on my side so I was facing toward Mike’s bed and pretending I found something worth reading. From this position I could see Mike’s bed and the wall heater with no problem. Mike stood up stretching his arms above his head and I believe faked a yawn, he slowly walked over to the controls on the heater bending over and fiddling with it a little longer than I thought was necessary giving me a view of his nice round butt. When he straightened up he moved over to the window curtain pulling it back just enough to look out of the window giving me a perfect side view of his butt and the nice bulge in the front of his shorts. I thought the little show was finished but he walked across the room to get a glass of water then went back to his bed and sat down with his knees spread about a foot apart. I think he wanted to make sure I saw enough as he said, “Jason, what time should I set the clock for?”

I reached over and put the magazine on the stack sitting up almost like he was, “I don’t know what time do you usually set it for?”


“If you want me to cook breakfast for us better make it five-thirty.”

“Five-thirty it is.”

I turned my bedside light out and said, “Good night.”

As I lay down and pulled my covers over me I thought to myself, shows over for the night. I herd Mike say, “See you in the morning as he turned out his light.

The next morning (Thursday) the alarm went off as expected at five-thirty right on the dot Mike shut it off and I headed for the bathroom to piss and wash my hands and face. When I finished I turned on the stove to brew the coffee as Mike passed me headed for the bathroom for his turn. I put on my clothes and was ready to cook breakfast when mike came parading past me again, just for the hell of it I reached out and gave his ass a little swat. Mike stopped short and turned around saying, “What was that for?”

“That was the second time this morning that cute little bouncy butt went past me and I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that now could I?”

“I suppose I am lucky I had my shorts on or I would have finger prints on it.”

We both had a laugh, “You better get dressed in a hurry breakfast will be ready in a little while.”

I guess Mike wasn’t offended having his ass slapped that early in the morning. I probably should not have done it.

As we ate Mike said, “We are off Friday and Saturday do you think we could drive into Wells after work? Mom and Dad have lots of room for us to stay and we could do some shopping Friday and either come back here Friday night or Saturday if that would be all right with you?”

“If Walt don’t fire me on my first day of work it looks like a plan besides I would like to meet your folks you make it sound like they are really nice people.”

Fifteen minutes to seven we were out the door and headed to the hatchery building where Walt was waiting for us. Mike took off to get started on his job and I must have tagged along behind Walt for at least a mile by eight o’clock, there was so much for me to learn but he seemed to have a lot of patience with me. My job was to watch and control the incoming and out going water; levels, temperature, ph, feed, and dip any dead fish out for disposal. Later I would be expected to assist with the fry (baby fish) and help load the planters (6” to 10”fish) for delivery in the trucks to other locations. Walt told me within a week every tray in the building will have fertilized roe (fish eggs) hatching into fry and I will be so busy I won’t know which way to run. If we have a problem in the hatchery I would be expected to be on the job all night if need be. He told me the fry would need attention 24/7, laughing and with a hand signal, (over time) you won’t have time to get bored around here.

Lunch time we had an hour to eat and be back to work. I told Mike what Walt said.

“Welcome to the club Jason, I got the same sermon three weeks ago.”

When we went back to work Walt was waiting for us. I ask him if our days off are Friday and Saturday in which he confirmed. Walt told us when we get back the small tanks in the building will be full of fertilized roe and we will start shipping the planters out by truck. All the main tanks will need to be drained, sanitized, and be readied for the new fry when they are big enough to move. It was back to following Walt around the large tanks. The main tanks were about two-hundred feet long and ten or twelve feet wide with dividers every twenty-four feet where boards could be inserted in the channels built into the concrete walls. A weighted net is drug along forcing the planters to move to one end of any given tank for gathering and the dividers set in place so they would keep the fish from getting back behind the people with the net.

Quitting time came none to soon to suit me, I was worn out. Mike came around the end of the main building where he had been working and we walked back along the path to our cabin. Mike, “Do you want to have something to eat before we head for town?”

“How about finishing the spaghetti, it’s to good to throw away?”

After we ate and cleaned up the dishes we loaded our things and the ice chests into the pickup. As we drove through the gate Mike pointed to a road leading off to the left, “Later when the snow melts and the road dries out if we need to go to Elko for anything that road over Harrison Pass goes to Jiggs and on over to Elko. It’s all gravel to the bottom on the other side where you get back on paved road again, but faster and shorter than going on the paved road back to Halleck.”

It looked like the county did a good job with the road work, it wasn’t dry but there weren’t any big ruts either. Mike said after we get on the pavement to take the first road to the right, which was Hwy 229, leading out across the valley floor to intercept Hwy 93 where we would turn left and follow it into Wells.

By the time we reached Wells it was close to dark, Mike directed me to where his Mother and Father lived. The house was a very nice double wide manufactured home on a large city lot. Parking the pickup and then following Mike into the house I met his brother Mat, younger than Mike probably my age. Mr. Travis introduced himself to me; he wasn’t especially tall just absolutely huge. Mr. Travis was in charge of the Maintenance Department for the city. About then Mrs. Travis came into the living room, Wow, knockout was not the word to describe her, she was down right beautiful. Probably late forties five feet-four and not an ounce over one-hundred and twenty pounds; light olive skin like Mike with sparkling brown eyes and the shiniest long black hair hanging straight down to her waist. If Mrs. Travis is an example of what a middle aged squaw with four kids looks like count me in.

About that time the back door swung open and in came both of Mike’s younger sisters; Mary fifteen and Tina thirteen. I know my mouth came open at the sight of them; up until then I thought Mike’s mother was one of a kind and the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, my god was I wrong. Both girls were spitting images of their mother in every way except age. (“Sorry, I do not believe the English Language has words good enough to describe their beauty”.)

Mike directed me to the basement where we were to sleep. I only saw one large bed Mike said, “We will have to share it if you don’t have any objections.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Feeling brave are you?”

“You don’t bite in your sleep do you?”

“No, but I might want to cuddle.”

“Ill take a chance, I can always put a pillow between us.”

The rest of the evening we talked about what we needed to do in the morning then Mike asked me if I knew how to ride a motorcycle which I replied I had a 250 Montessa trail bike I used for hunting and fishing. “Dad said we could take two of the Kawasaki 100s if we would like, they are the ones with the high and low range gearing. They would be cheaper than driving the pickup around the dukes or exploring the area around the refuge. I took mine out there last year and had a ball.”

To which I agreed. I told Mike I had my fishing gear in the truck if he had some we would be all set to catch a few free meals. Other things of discussion were girls, hunting, and our families, along with a dozen or so other topics. We both stripped down to our shorts and called it a night.

Some time during the night I felt an arm draped over my chest and something large and warm pressed up against by back, I really didn’t mind that Mike was cuddled up to me and just went back to sleep. By morning Mike was back on his side of the bed sleeping like a baby. I turned over and put my hand in the middle of his back and gave him a shove, he crashed to the floor as I peered over the side of the bed. “It’s time to get up Mike or are you going to just lye there on the cold floor?”

He jumped up and crawled back under the covers, wrapping his arms around me pulling himself up close and said, “Your right, the floor not only was cold but hard as hell now I am going to snuggle up against you until I get warm again if you don’t like it that is just tough titty kitty.”

Mike gave me a few quick humps. “Do you feel better now?”

I felt the back of Mike’s hand slowly slide down over my butt as he grabbed hold of his dick saying, “I think so, play time is over we better get dressed or we will miss breakfast. Mom is almost as good a cook as you.”

“Are you trying to butter me up Mike?”

While getting dressed I told Mike, I am not sure we can get two bikes in the back of the truck with all of my camping gear in there.”

“Don’t worry, Dad has a small two wheel trailer we can use.”

As we came into the kitchen; Mrs. Travis, Mary, and Tina were busy getting breakfast finished. Mr. Travis wanted to know if we were going to take the motor cycles back with us. Mike told him we were. Tina sat coffee down in front of us getting a quick thank you from both of us. During breakfast I was starting to feel like a slab of bacon on display in the local butcher shop, every time I looked up I saw Tina and Mary watching me. A lot more small talk took place around the table until the girls cleaned up the dishes and we had more coffee in front of us. Mike told his Mom and Dad about nearly running out of food and being stranded at the refuge until I came in. “Jason is a good cook too Mom.”

A lot of the conversation centered on what us boys were going to do with our life’s in the future. Mike wanted to work one more year at the hatchery then apply for an assistant director’s job at a larger hatchery in Oregon, Washington, or Montana. He said Walt thought he had a darn good chance at it. I told them I was going to spend four years in college and hoped to be a Wildlife Biologist in Alaska.

Mr. Travis told us to get ready to go up town and do some shopping. I ask if I could call my parents first and let them know I was all right, Mrs. Travis pointed to the living room saying, “The phone is in there you can have a little privacy if you close the door.”

After talking to Mom and Dad I felt better about everything. I went back into the kitchen and handed Mrs. Travis a page form the notepad from along side the phone with Mom and Dad’s Names, address, and phone number where they could be reached in case of an emergency. Saying, “I gave them your names and phone number as well, I hope you don’t mind. Can I pay you for the phone call?”

Mrs. Travis said, “Not on your life Jason.”

Mr. Travis stood up saying, “If you two are ready we can take the station wagon and do your shopping.”

Mike and I filled up two baskets with enough food to hold us and half the crew with all kinds of food and extra staples along with a supply of meat. When we hit the checkout stand Mr. Travis said, “Boys, this one is on me.”

Both Mike and I tried our best to argue the point but it was of no use Mr. Travis stood firm on the subject.

After returning to their house we put everything in the pickup and attached the trailer to the truck. I thanked everyone for their hospitality, said our good-byes, and headed for the service station to gas up; filling two gas cans on the trailer and the pickup. The last stop was to get some crushed ice from the ice machine for the ice chests then we were on our way back to the cabin.

After we unpacked and put the food away I fixed supper for us. As we ate we talked about going fishing in the morning and what a good time I had at Mike’s house. We both heard the familiar sound of Walt’s Honda pulling up out front. By the time Mike opened the door Walt was about to knock missing the door by a mile he said, I brought your fishing permits over it looked like you plan on doing a little fishing in the morning?”

I called, “Come on in Walt we were just finishing up supper, the coffee is hot.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

We must have talked a half hour or so. We told him about going to town, and what a good time we had with Mike’s family. Walt told us if we heard a lot of noise tomorrow it was the helicopter bringing in more fertilized roe. “Monday will be busy loading planters in the trucks now the roads are passable.”

After Walt left we cleaned up and unloaded the bikes from the trailer then disconnected the trailer parking it next to the cabin out of the way. Got our fishing gear ready for morning and while Mike took his shower I made us lunch to take along. After Mike finished in the bathroom I took my turn. Another cup of coffee and it was bed time. We gave it up early so we would be rested for the day to come.

We always left the porch light on at night as it gave just enough light through the curtains so you didn’t need to turn on a light at night if you needed to go to the bathroom but you could see enough to keep from stumbling over something.

I woke up to a commotion going on; my thoughts were Mike was sick and going to throw up. I leaped out of bed half asleep grabbing the waste paper can and a hand towel from the kitchen as I passed by. I hurried across the room and sat down at the foot of the bed, shaking and calling Mike’s name. “Are you sick?”

As Mike rolled over on his right side facing off the bed and propped himself up on his arm, I stuck the waste paper can under his face saying, “Here, use this.”

Shoving the can away he said, “Shit Jason you scared the hell out of me.”

Then things hit home; Mike was jacking off and I interrupted him. “Sorry Mike, I thought you were sick and was going to throw up. I was just trying to help.”

Mike pulled the covers back; his shorts were still down close to his knees and his dick was as limp as a noodle. Looking down at his dick he said, “You scared hell out of him too.”

“Sorry, maybe I can make it up to you,”

As I reached over and took hold of his little limp dick with my thumb and fore finger lifting it up and then letting it drop.

“That didn’t help a damn bit.”

OK, I get the idea now. Pushing Mike back onto his back I reached down and rubbed it lightly with the palm of my hand as I wrapped my fingers around it. Mike’s eyes opened wide in disbelief I would be doing what I was doing to him. His dick didn’t seem to mind as it started to grow in length and girth as it hardened in my hand. “I think he likes me.”

Mike didn’t say anything; he just closed his eyes not fighting me any as I slowly started to move my hand up and down his hardening shaft. Guessing its size to be not quite as long as mine, perhaps six inches but a little larger around and unlike mine it was circumcised. I noticed Mike kept his pubic hair lightly trimmed. Now instead of a dick I had a full blown cock in my hand to contend with. Should I jack him off until he cums or take it a step further without messing up our friendship?

What the hell, Mike is not fighting me and is starting to move his hips like he is enjoying what I am doing. Go for it Jason. Changing hands so his hard cock was now in my left hand I continued to jack him slowly while reaching down and massaging his balls, still no complaints from Mike just a little more hip action. Letting his balls down gently I shoved his shorts further down his legs and felt him raise his feet so I could remove them completely. Having the freedom to spread his legs, Mike pulled his knees up a little higher and let his legs spread apart further. This was my cue to take this to the next level.

I slowly slid off the bed and onto my knees on the floor. With my free hand I reached down shoving my shorts down to my knees; my cock was as hard as Mike’s now and running pre-cum like a river. Rubbing my hand around my own cock head to get as much of my pre-cum on my hand and fingers as I could I reached back up between Mikes legs to where his little tight hole was and gently lubed it as much as I possibly could. Mike raised his butt up a little to meet my probing fingers as I slowly inserted my middle finger a little ways into his now tight wet hole. At the same time I was free to take that beautiful hard cock into my mouth.

Opening my mouth as wide as I could; I slowly exhaled my breath onto his cock and balls as I took as much of that lovely cock into my mouth as I possibly could, closing my mouth until it was tight around his cock I backed off quickly until only the head remained in my mouth. Opening my mouth again, taking a breath of air and back down again this time all of the way. Closing my mouth tightly around the base I quickly slid off again causing Mike’s stomach mussels to tighten up, two more times and I knew he was about to cum. The fifth time I went all of the way down closing my mouth tightly around his throbbing cock base and at the same time shoved my finger all the way into his tight little hole. I knew it was on its way, backing off about half way I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock so he wouldn’t shove it into my mouth to far as he came.

And cum he did, I swallowed as fast as I could to keep up with him and was glad my hand was around his cock as he suddenly bucked his hips trying to get more cock into my mouth. I swallowed again then worked my mouth and tongue around the head of his now softening cock as he relaxed and tried to get it out of my mouth. Total sensitivity was now setting in; Mike was squirming frantically trying to get me to turn his soft cock loose. I finally opened my mouth letting Mike’s limp clean dick fall out, he took a deep breath and relaxed as I pulled my finger out of his relaxed hole and his legs straightened out on the bed.

Mike wasn’t going to be doing much moving around for a little while; as I stood up and adjusted my shorts around my waist I pulled the covers over him tucking them around his neck. Leaning over I planted a good night kiss on Mike’s lips. Not saying a word I went back to my bed, rolled over on my side facing the wall then pulled up the covers around my neck, and went to sleep thinking how nice his wet pucker hole felt around my finger when he came wishing it was my cock instead of my finger.

A while later I woke up to a cool draft on my back as the covers were raised up enough for Mike to slide into bed behind me. My first thought was he’s not pissed off.

Slowly I rolled over onto my side facing him. Mike’s arm went around me as his lips met mine; he kissed me like no other person has ever done, long with lots of passion. “Jason, you could have, I mean.”

I put my finger over his lips, “It wasn’t the time.”

“Thank you, I mean.”

I pulled Mike in close and we kissed again, then he buried his face in my chest, and started lightly snoring. I put my arm over him as he was doing to me and fell back into a deep satisfied sleep.

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