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My very first orgy
I had just turned 18 when i was hanging out with my bf when he asked me a favor. His favor had two parts if we could have a gangbang, and if i could wear full womens clothes. Since it was his birthday and thinking it would be 1-2 people at most i agreed. And secretly i had always wanted to wear women's clothes during sex. So we went and picked up some bras, tops underwear, stockings, skirts, dreases, and makeup. We finally decided on a black bra and panties with a purple top and pink skirt with black stalkings and some red lipstick. After i was fully dressed i looked in the mirror and noticed i was getting hard at looking at myself in womens clothes. It didn't take long for his friends to show up. But when they did i was surprised to see that is wasn't 1-2 guys but four. After my initial shock and resistance i came to the conclusion it was after all his birthday, and they were pretty hot. As all of them approached and circled me i was forced to my knees. And imideatly there was five cocks surounding me. Two about normal length i never learned there names. but the other three were quite large my bf who was a satisfying 8.5in, his friend who was a 9 in monster. While his brother chad who was about dix foot 180 pounds and ripped i have secretly thought about him during sex a few times. I didn't even know if i could fit him inside me. He had a 13.5 in dick about 3 in thick. As i sucked on his dick i knew he would have to go last if i even stood a chance of taking it. For about 10 minutes i serviced most the guys. Then as i was blowing one of his average sized friends he blew in my mouth. This surprised me seeing how i had started sucking on him just 2 minutes ago. Then his face got red with embarrassment and stormed out. Just after that my i was giving my bf a blow job when he stopped me and thew me on our bed. He then started to finger me as i jerked two others off i saw a massive dick come toward my mouth and instinctively started to suck on it. Right at this moment i felt my boyfriend start to shove his dick in me. He started slow but he quickly increased the speed until he was going as hard and fast as he possibly could. As the other guys started slapping me in the face with there dicks commenting on what a good little slut i was and putting their dicks in my mouth. After about 20 min of this i felt my boyfriends cock swell in side me as he pumped my ass full of his hot cum. He quickly pulled out and i was immediately filled with a smaller but still satisfying cock. As i sucked the remainder of my juices and my lovers cum off of his dick. I listens as my lover was congratulated on what a good slut he has and how we should do this more ofter. Whit his dick completely in my mouth and unable to say anything he replied. Of course we will she loves to please any man who ask. Shockingly this did nothing but to turn me on. And seemed to make the guy fucking my tight ass go harder and harder and within 20 minuets the smaller sized guy had cum in my ass and decided he was done and left. The next guy to fill my ass was 10 inches and i loved every inch he had to offer. He then flips me so that i could ride him. And began to fuck me harder than i have ever been fucked before in my life. Still all the while blowing both my lover and his huge friend. As i was blowing my lover he grabbed both sides of my head as he began to fuck my mouth as he emptied another load in my mouth. He then said he was done for the night and instructed them to do what ever they wanted to do with me and that i couldn't say no. After this his hung friend instructed me to " put my rosy red lips to use and eat his ass hole" knowing i couldn't say no i began to lick his ass. After eating his ass for 10 minutes he turned and made me suck his dick. After 30min i felt the guy i was riding pull me down from the monster i was sucking, and start to kiss me as he came inside my ass. He then removed his cock from inside me. It was at this moment i knew it was time. Time to get fucked by the largest cock i have ever seen in person. As my lovers friend put his dick in my mouth i got on top of this very attractive monster. Then for some reason he pulled his dick out of my mouth. Then suddenly i realized why. His brother had no plan of easing me around his cock. He suddenly shoved half of it in and began to fuck me. After 5 min of screaming in pain he ripped my now cum soaked panties off and shoved them in my mouth. Saying i could take them out when i stopped screaming he then started to shove the entire cock in me . After 15min I couldn't stop screaming not in pain but joy so at this moment i removed the panties. As he started to pull all the way out then shove it back in balls deep i couldn't contain my self and started cumming it was after this his friend called me a slut and left. So now it was just me and his brother. After about 20 min of the most intense sex I've ever had he pulled me down and began to passionately kiss me as i felt his dick swell inside me he then shot a massive load of cum inside me. As he began to stop a large amount of his cum leaking from my ass i whispered that i wanted more. And then began to ride him. When i started to ride him he told me that it felt wrong. So i began to kiss him as i quickly picked up the pace until i was riding his massive cock as hard as i could. We had passionate sex for hours we both came several times. Him occasionally wanting to quit and me begging him for more. When we were finally done i laid on top of him and kissed him slowly riding his dick and telling him how i felt. He called me a slut for what i had said and done. He then quickly left. At this point i just laid alone my skirt torn, my top and bra halfway off, my makeup smeared, and cum all over me. As all his cum leaked from my now loose ass hole i fingered myself occasionally licking my fingers clean.

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2014-02-17 23:29:35
Hell yes! When I was a senior in high school, I had this 14 yr old freshman girlfriend. What a fuck! she was a redhead ,freckled with big tits. She love sex and never refused me anything. In the year and half I went with her she was gangbanged often.

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