A young man engages in sex with 31 different women before fallling into the dark, gay underworld.

Donny was over his eight and out failure. He and Rico were both planning on starting up again. It was quite hilarious listening as they plotted and planned and tried to foresee all possible scenarios.

Was summer better, or was winter? When were the bars the busiest?

Since there are only seven months with thirty-one days in them, five of the months were already ruled out. They talked about keeping a steady girlfriend for backup, keeping girls on speed dial for backup, using hookers, exchanging girls and advertising on Facebook. They talked about my before and after midnight double, agreeing my strategy was the best. Mostly, the two Amigos decided the best way to go was networking and good old sharing.

Danny was still pissed at me. A week and a half had passed since I bloodied his girl. Get over it dude. Get over yourself.

Donny was supplying my girl tonight, pitching in with number eleven. This was his effort to help me attain the record. We thought there would be massive overlapping when this started, what with four guys trying to fuck everything that moved. All four of us would end up hammering the same girl or girls, it would be inevitable. As Amigos, we would rather have the record with one of us, rather than some useless twit from California.

Tonight’s drunken dish was Karrie. She had been number three on Donny’s run. Karrie was single, hot, twenty-six and a nurse at our hospital. Karrie was super good looking, long blonde hair, dark salon-tanned skin, tight and fit. Snug black jeans, nice ass, buttoned shirt, most buttons undone, nice rack. The nurses were always partying and fucking. We had heard the stories, and Donny had made confirmation. At least with Karrie.

Karrie came with a surprise. On night three with Donny, she had mumbled something about a threesome. When Donny told me about tonight’s caveat, I was surprised. This would be one more lesson along the way, adding to my growing carnal knowledge. Of course, I was curious. Two nights ago with the bodywork girls was a threesome.

Rock on, let’s do this.

The three of us left the Double Eagle for Donny’s place. We had a couple of beers each. Karrie had been off shift in the morning after working ten graveyards, and had been drinking since about four. The combined sleep deprivation and alcohol had left her pretty messed up. I thought to myself, more shooting fish in a barrel. I don’t think she knew her own name. Too bad we weren’t at my place. This would make for good video.

Donny lived in a two story townhouse in a fairly expensive complex. We were all on the big living room couch when Karrie started her horn dog thing. She kissed Donny, pawing and fumbling at his shirt and pants. Then she turned my way, assaulting me with the same slobbering attack. Donny got up and walked into his bedroom, giving me the ‘bring her in’ signal. I stood, helping the struggling Karrie to her feet. I unbuttoned her shirt, took it off her and tossed it on the couch.

I guided the leaning tower of Karrie into the bedroom. Very classy, Donny had candles flickering on the matching end tables. A giant king bed sat between the tables. Donny was shirt-less, and soon pant-less. In the dusky room, I got Karrie to the bed. Started necking with her again as Donny unzipped her jeans. My hands pushed her jeans off her ass as Donny tugged them to the floor. The panties went as well. I grabbed her tight ass and she responded with tongue and saliva. Donny was unhooking her bra, freeing her tits to push against me. I eased her back onto the bed, first sitting, and then laying her down. Donny moved down between her thighs, licking her browned legs.

I took off my shoes, pants and shirt as the girl began to wriggle under Donny’s tongue. The moaning started up as the sleep deprived, piss drunk nurse began to have her fun. I didn’t know how long she would last before she puked her face off or passed out. It didn’t matter, because I would be fucking her. Passed out or not, Karrie was here for action. She was here for my scorecard. My cock stirred at the prospect of fucking a dead pussy.

Why not?

More learning for this kid, along the way to the record. Karrie was after all, number eleven. Already signed, sealed and delivered. She only needed to be spunked.

The ‘Fuck me’ pleading began soon after the tongue work started. Donny stood, taking down his underwear. I could see his cock, hard and ready. My immediate thought was intimidation. The thing looked huge. Probably because it was bare. And there. I sure wouldn’t want such a cock coming for me. I had never seen a live erect cock before in my life. Other than mine. I had seen plenty of cocks in the showers at school and at the gym, but they sure as hell weren’t erect. An erect change room cock would have been a death sentence. I had seen plenty of erections in magazines and on the net. However, being this close to a live erection was weird. As if the damn thing could turn on me at any time.

I tried to judge its size.

Why would I?

Why did I care?

Because it was a guy thing?

You know, the ‘my cock versus your cock’ thing?

Why did it matter?

It just did.

Something stirred deep inside me. My cock began to ramp up, pushing against my underwear. I was not going to lose this cock battle.

Before Donny could mount the drunken lady, I pulled her back to a sitting position. I took a deep breath and dropped my underwear, exposing myself, knowing I was packing a pretty impressive tool. After all, ten different ladies in the past ten days could testify. Still, the apprehension was there. My bare cock would be inches from Donny’s. The comparisons would certainly be made in both of our minds.

This was totally ridiculous, because cock size is one hundred per cent, not in one’s control. It is purely a gift of genetics. You can exercise your arms and chest, not your cock. You can’t feed it vitamins, and jerking off doesn’t make it bigger, or smaller. Those suction devices they sell on the internet will tear your inner cock to shreds.

No, your cock size is determined by the luck of the genetic draw. Or for fags and nerds and Asians, the horror of the genetic draw.

Our lovely lady with the very bleary eyes was staring at two erect cocks. As was I. As I was sure Donny was. One large. One larger. Mine larger. I knew mine wasn’t full yet. I didn’t know if Donny’s was. I was goosed inside. Pride. Stupid male pride, for I had contributed nothing to my cock size.

Nothing at all.

Karrie was moving forward on the bed, straining her neck to get cock. She took Donny first, mouth wide open, the party nurse ready to party. She began to slurp and suck. The amateurish work she was doing had to be the result of her inebriated state. She pulled her head away from Donny and started on me. I noticed she had to widen her mouth to take me. More pride swelled through me, and my cock. I gave it a little shove, bouncing off the back of her throat. She gagged aloud, pulling off me.

“Oops,” I said.

There we stood, two dripping wet erections, inches apart. Both had been pulled from the same mouth. Karrie grabbed a cock in each hand, tugged us closer, and started sucking on Donny again. She slid her mouth over his pole, sucked, pulled off, repeated on me. She was sucking loud and hard.

She pulled off me and went back to Donny. Sucking, slobbering saliva, groaning as her pussy began to react to her eating. Karrie gasped as we each reached down and grabbed a hard tit. Fondling, it took seconds to get her nipples erect. She spit Donny out and took me back in, beginning the phantom pussy buck. A cock in her mouth, one waiting, two different touches on her nipples, she was ready to orgasm.

Donny and I looked at one another. The same thought ran through both of us. Hell yes, we agreed, the telepathy strong between the two Amigos. Donny stepped in tight, pressing his cock-head against Karrie’s face. She immediately moved to him, sucking and slurping, a thirsty pig. I grabbed my cock and pressed it against her mouth. Karrie got the message. With some herculean mouth twist, she managed to get my knob past her lips, keeping his in as well. We had her mouth stretched out like the fucking Joker. Our cock-heads came together in her yap and I thought I might shoot.

Because my big bell had touched another guy’s?

In a hot, wet, saliva filled mouth?

Jesus Christ.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

The sick thought was quickly dumped from my mind.

I looked at Donny. He was ready to move on. We pulled our cocks out and shoved Karrie back on the bed. The cunt couldn’t keep still. Donny waived me on and I climbed aboard, moving up, mounting over her face. Donny climbed on behind me. Close. The train was about to pull out of the station.
I reached behind, spreading Karrie’s drunken legs apart, hooking them up. I dropped my thick cock into her hungry nurse mouth. Donny found her wet, drunken pussy and slid in. Immediately the moans became groans and the phantom bucking became real bucking. Donny started his pump as I lifted her head, shoving my cock into her trap.

With a cock in her mouth, she wasn’t able to make her passion sounds. This resulted in ferocious pussy thrusting, she was bucking hard against Donny, as hard as he was hitting her. Donny was on my back as well. I couldn’t help but feel his heat and energy and enthusiasm as he slammed into the girl. The bed was truly rocking. I felt like the icing in the middle of an Oreo cookie.

I caught a bit of the experience of getting hammered by a guy. I sure wouldn’t want to be a girl. No thanks. The chicks seemed to enjoy this though. They enjoyed being manhandled. Dominated. Fucked over. Must give them a sense of purpose in their lives. Or something.

What was that joke about women and orgasms?

Question: How long does it take for a woman to orgasm?

Answer: Nobody knows, and nobody cares.

I waited for Karrie to begin her orgasm run, and when she was getting along into it, I jammed my bell hard down her throat. I thought her eyes would pop out of her skull. I held tight in her gullet, a sheer look of panic crossing her drunken face.

How was the air supposed to get in, with this huge cock plugging her throat?

Had to be the only question running through her mind. The question was clashing with the mighty orgasm screaming out of her pussy.

Donny grunted as he sprayed his load into the wet nurse. He was actually grabbing onto my shoulders as he came. Easy dude, I am not the pussy here.

When Donny was done, he climbed off. I pulled out of the wet nurse mouth, bestowing oxygen and life to the drunken cunt. Good of me. I thought so, anyway. I could have plugged her throat until she died. Some day, I might.
I got off the bed. Came around to the mounting position.

Donny crawled across the nurse, straddling her backwards, facing me. He pulled her legs up and open. He dropped his softening cock down onto Karrie’s lips, and to my surprise she opened up and took him in.

What a pig.

She had almost gagged herself to death, and she was ready to eat more cock. You go girl.

I grabbed my fuckstick and pushed at her gaping pussy hole. The hole was raw, rimmed and dripping white. Shit sakes. I had to stick my dick in another guy’s cum?

Wasn’t this sort of………gay?

My dick was bigger, which meant my dick would obliterate this other guy’s cum, right?

Cancel it out?

Fuck it. I shoved in. I heard Karrie yelp, muffled by the soggy cock in her mouth. She moaned and wiggled in discomfort. Donny pulled his shrunken dick out of her. Lifted her drunken head, allowing her to see my cock slide in.

I pushed deeper. Deeper. A look of pain crossed her face. Pain and pleasure, those two old companions. I pushed my cock all the way in. Karrie gasped. Her wet tits heaved as she worked her breathing. Her face looked full. Her entire body looked full. Donny was staring at me. Whoa, this was kind of weird.

I pulled out of Karrie, leaning right back to grab my bearings. I was too close to another dude. I looked at Donny’s soft cock dangling between his legs. Gross. I better not look at it, I might lose my erection. Shit. With such a nasty sight so close, I sensed the beginning of the cock step down. I didn’t dare have my cock go soft; I hit her fast and hard, a cobra slamming the nurse. She gasped and yelped, a small tear running from her eye.

“Hit her again, bro!” Donny piped up.

What the fuck? Play by play?

This was a threesome, I told myself. This was the way threesomes went. Watching. Comparing. Cheer leading. New things to learn on the journey to becoming the Fuck King of the World. The comparing I didn’t mind. My cock against his. Two erections. Mine bigger. The tidbit of thought sent the rigidity back to the monster. I grabbed the nurse’s ass with two hands and pile drove her. Again. I counted to ten, pounding the jack hammer. Ten times the nurse yelped and cried, and of course moaned and hollered ‘fuck me’, and ‘god fuck me’ and ‘fuck me god’.

I think there was a ‘me god fuck’ in there somewhere.

Donny was hollering as well.

“Fuck her good! Fuck her good bro!”

Too weird.

The cheer leading thing.

I fucked her good. Drilled her. More. Hard. Harder. I was up to thirty thrusts when I heard Donny counting. Aloud. Counting every, single thrust. My mind began to bend. I truly was a rock star. With an audience. A cheerleader. And a horny, god seeing nurse having her religious beliefs affirmed. By me.
Talk about a motherfucking ego boost.

At thirty-four, my balls began to twitch. Here it comes baby. I shot the first load into her, qualifying little Karrie as number eleven. The counter clicked over. Done. Official.

Then I pinched hard and yanked out, producing a loud sucking sound from her starving pussy. I held my stick with both hands and let blast number two and three and four and five go. The thick, white seed landed on her face and on her beautiful tits and on her flat tanned belly. I shot a few more times before jamming back into her pussy, which sent the nurse into further orgasmic convulsions.

I glanced up to see Donny scooping the spunk off her tits onto his fingers, then jamming those fingers into her sucking mouth. Donny laughed out loud, reached across for the high five, which I returned.

Somewhat disturbing. My spunk on Donny’s fingers.

I pulled out of the sopping nurse and went straight to the shower. Four minutes later I was clean. I walked back into the bedroom to retrieve my clothes. Donny was lying beside Karrie the drunk. He was feeding her from his cum covered fingers. My cum. His fingers.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Karrie lapped away, a feeding kitten.

I stopped.


Felt my balls stir.

Felt my cock begin to…….

No way.

Two minutes later I was fully dressed. One minute later, I was out the door. Walking to my car. Disturbed about my best friend touching my cum. Aroused by the drunken nurse eating it off his fingers. Eating the treat, the nectar, the joy juice. The eating part was okay. It was stimulating.

The part about my cum on Donny’s fingers, wasn’t. No, is wasn’t.

Hole number eleven. Karrie. Eight and a disturbing eight point five.

Disturbing but titillating. Karrie had been hole number three for Donny.

She was the first share on my run to the roses.

[to be continued..............for the full 164,000 word text download the EBOOK from KOBO, BARNES & NOBLE, iTunes or SMASH WORDS]

Watch the video on YOUTUBE...'Trailer For Thirty-One Days'.


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