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Amazon Self Publish Reject. A Continuation of Nancy Douglass Erotic Novels
Scarlett watched the sun rise through the bedroom window, her eyes filled with tears. The fat-bastard had been sleeping soundly next to her since grew tired of fucking her around three in the morning, but in Scarlett’s awkward position, it was impossible to even pass out. Her wrists were still cuffed to the headboard, as they had been for the last twenty-four hours, and shortly after he had cuffed her ankles to the headboard as yell so that he wouldn’t have to fight every time he wanted to fuck her. Her legs were killing her, partly from being bound in such an awkward position for so long and partly from the crushing weight of his enormous gut each time he thrust himself into her.

Her little pussy was burning from the near constant unlubricated friction and she suspected that it was bleeding once more, and she knew for a fact that her ass was, or at least had been. The vodka was still burning away at the inside of her, even after the bottle had slipped out of her ravished cunt to the bed beneath her. The bastard’s last torments, before he had fallen asleep, had been to fuck her with a bottle of Russian vodka, it had been filled completely when he first shoved it inside of her and the alcohol burned as sloshed and spilled out with each thrust. Then he beat her thighs with a riding crop, and then casually slipped under the covers next to her, leaving the teen to shiver and whimper in the cold room.

She was a pathetic sight as she stayed bound in her bed, unable to move. His seed had dried to a hard crust and covered her body. Her nose had stopped bleeding, as did her mouth, and her blood had mixed with the drool and cum and spit to form a hard cement over her fat lips and chin. Her right eye was blackened and swollen shut and her nipples ached from the alligator clips he had attached to them and that still cut into her tender pink flesh. She didn’t know what to do, so she just laid there and wept, her head tilted to the left so she could avoiding looking at the fat old man tucked comfortably beneath the blankets next to her.

She had kept her pride in refusing to eat out his ass and had suffered brutally for it. Keeping her dignity was not worth the price. The pain he had inflicted on her, and the constant whiskey and Viagra fueled fuckings were more than she could take. Every part of the teen’s tender young body ached, and all she could do was cry.

Slowly the bulk in the bed next to her turned. And the fat and balding old man woke up with a yawn. “You’re a pathetic fucking sight,” he said as he reached over and grabbed an alligator clip. He gave it a yanked it off her right nipple, then did the same to her left.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” he said as he walked naked over to her side of the bed and held up the keys to her handcuffs. “I’m going to let you out of bed, and you are going to go into the bathroom with me and wash me clean.” He let her legs free first, then her hands. “I’m going to take my morning shit and you’re going to lick my ass clean. Understand?”

Scarlett nodded her throat was too sore to attempt to speak. She screamed in pain as he shoved the bottle of Vodka back into her pussy. “What do you say?”

“Yes master!”

“Good,” he said as he pulled the bottle out of her pussy and poured what was left of the liquid on her face. “Move that stupid whore cunt of yours and get to work!”

Scarlett nodded and forced herself to roll off the bed. She tried to stand, but her legs refused to work and her arms could barely afford the strength to push her to her knees. Her muscles ached and her legs and arms had fallen asleep hours ago, her muscles had been strained too much and despite her best efforts, she could not do anything more than lay on the floor and cry.

Andre watched her attempt to stand several times with an angry expression on his face. “You dumb cunt, you were pampered too much, weren’t you,” he said as he grabbed a handful of Scarlett’s cum covered blond hair and dragged her into the bathroom.

He forced her into the shower. Scarlett curled into the fetal position and tried to protect herself as a long hot stream of piss flowed over her. “Stand up!” He screamed as he pulled her to her knees by her hair and forced the tip of his cock into her mouth. “Open your mouth or I’ll beat you again!”

Scarlett dutifully opened her mouth and a moment later it was filled to overflowing with his hot rancid piss. He held her up by her hair as he waved his cock back and forth, strafing her face and tits with his piss. He pushed his cock against her lips again and forced the tip in her mouth. “Swallow it like the stupid cunt you are!” He said as he filled the teen’s mouth to overflowing with his piss. He laughed jovially as she dutifully swallowed allowed her mouth to be filled with the piss again, and swallowed once more.

It covered her with a putrid smell and the taste was overwhelming. Scarlett broke free from his hand and fell to the hard tile floor as she vomited once more. The fat man laughed as he stood above her and aimed the stream of piss at her hair. “You’re a filthy cunt,” he said as he shook the last few drops of piss off his prick.

He turned on the water, blasting her with a rush of ice cold water that doubled the teen’s pounding migraine headache just as it forced away the haze of exhaustion. He stood outside the shower, laughing at her sputtering and her feeble attempts to get out of the stream of ice cold water. He threw a bottle of shampoo at her, bouncing it off her head, followed by a bottle of conditioner and a bar of soap and washrag. “Clean yourself up first, bitch.”

He leaned into the shower and slapped her hands away as she reached to turn on the warm water. “Filthy whore get cold water!” He said as he slapped her hands away again. The fat man waited patiently, his arms folded across his massive man-tits as the teen gave up on her attempts to stand. She washed her hair as she shivered on the cold tile floor, and then applied the conditioner. She worked as fast as she could to clean the vomit, cum, and blood off her body as she was relentlessly pounded by the ice cold water. She scrubbed between her legs, fighting to clean off the messy combination of bodily fluids that had dried on her thighs.

He turned on the water in the bathtub and let it run free.

Mercifully the fat-man reached into the shower and turned on the hot water. “Get nice and clean,” he said as he lifted the seat of the toilet and sat down. His ass erupted with a massive, earth-shaking fart as he blasted out the first round of his whiskey filled watery shit.

Scarlett let the hot water warm her frozen body as she scrubbed her self clean of the fat old man’s fluids. She had never felt so dirty, so shamed, and so degraded in her life. All she could think to do was to clean herself, even as she watched in horror as the fat man blasted his load into the toilet. She knew what was coming next and as much as the thought of eating out the obese man’s shit covered ass repulsed her, she didn’t have the spirit to put up a fight. She would do it without hesitation, she had been tortured enough last night, she had been tortured enough over the past six months to want to do anything other than what she was told to avoid the pain and suffering she knew her disobedience would cause.

Her body slowly came back to life and she was able to lift herself up to her shaky knees and reach for the safety razor as the fat man’s farts echoed through the bathroom. The smell was repulsive enough at this distance, and hung in the thick steam that issued from the shower.

The fat man snapped his fingers, “get your tight little ass over hear and clean off my shit.”

“Yes master,” Scarlett’s voice was horse from the pain in her throat and she turned off the shower and crawled on her hands and knees, still not able to walk.
He had bent over the top of the toilet without flushing and was holding his enormous ass cheeks apart. Slowly, Scarlett stuck out her tongue and started to lick the shit off the back of his hairy balls. It had gotten everywhere and the smell was repulsive. The taste and smell were more than she could take and she choked and gagged as her tongue and lips worked their way from his ball sack to his ass. The shit had matted itself onto the jungle of hair on his ass and she had to close her fat lips around it and suck to get it clean.

Bile rose up in her mouth and she quickly forced her face into the toilet just in time to vomit. She didn’t linger, the smell emanating from the toilet was disgusting in itself and his quick demand that she get back to work was enough to spur the teen back into action. She could hear him moan in pleasure as her tongue found its way inside his filthy asshole and licked the shit away. She had to pause several more times to puke in the toilet, each time coupled with a firm order of “get back to work you stupid cunt!”

“I think it’s clean, master,” Scarlett said ten minutes later as she moved away from his ass.

“You’re face is covered with shit you stupid cunt!” Andre laughed as he turned around to look at Scarlett. He grabbed a handful of her hair and brought her head down to the toilet seat. “Lick it clean, bitch!” He ordered and laughed manically as Scarlett dutifully licked the vomit and shit off the rim of the toilet seat.

He yanked her head off the toilet and forced her to crawl with him into the large marble bathtub. “Lather up your tits and wash me clean.”

“What, master?” Scarlett asked, not fully understanding his order. He question won her a hard slap across her face.

“Clean me with your fucking tits!”

Scarlett nodded; her lack of response awarded her another hard slap. “Yes master,” she said as she rubbed the soap over her until her tits were covered with a thick white lather. She slowly rubbed her body over his, wondering how she could really get him clean without scrubbing him down. His thick body hair scrapped on her tender breasts as she wiggled them up and down his torso.

“Squeeze your tits around my cock,” he ordered has he leaned back in the bathtub. “Now move them up and down.”

“Yes master,” Scarlett said, unfamiliar with the concept of a tit fuck. She slowly guided her tits up and down against his cock, watching in dismay as it grew progressively harder and harder.

“Turn around,” he ordered, “get on your hands and knees.”

Scarlett obeyed; she knew that this was coming. The fat man grabbed her waist and pulled in up into the air. He hefted his massive gut to rest on her ass and grabbed hold of her shoulders as he forced himself into her. Scarlett let out a grunt of discomfort as the fat-man pushed himself into her already raw pussy. She was grateful that the water afforded a little lubrication and even more grateful that his slow thrusts were far less violent than the night before, grateful that he wasn’t raping her in such a painful position again.

Compared to the night before, the fat-man was extremely gentle as he slowly thrust himself in and out of the teen. He moaned and groaned with pleasure as the girl grunted with discomfort. The water splashed around them with each slow, hard thrust, he seemed to be taking his time, as he enjoyed a slow leisurely early morning fuck. Gradually he picked up his pace, one hand gripping her shoulder; the other wrapped into her wet hair and yanked her head back.

He leaned over the teen and grabbed one of her large and perky breasts in his plump hand and mauled it left and right. He licked his way up her shoulder and neck to suck on her ear as he pushed himself in and out of her. He slowly, gradually picked up his pace as his hand brutally twisted her tit.

He pushed her head under the water, forcing her face against the marble floor of the bathtub as his leisurely thrusts turned fast and violent. He wanted to give her a big finish and ignored Scarlett as she struggled for air. He held her face under the water as he thrust in and out of her again and again until her threw back his head and shot another load of his hot and sticky cum into her brutalized young twat. He held her under the water until his cock grew limp, then yanked her head up and laughed at the young blond as she fought to fill her lungs with air.

“Dry me off,” he said as he pulled Scarlett out of the bathtub by her hair.

“Yes master,” the teen said in her pathetic horse voice as she limped across the room for the towel and gently dried the fat-man off.

She dressed him in his suit, and suffered a fair few more slaps as she struggled to figure out how to tie a double-Windsor, and then suffered yet more humiliation as he ordered her to clean herself once more. He sat on the toilet seat as he made her take another shower and watched lustfully as she shaved her legs and pussy. He was no fool and made sure that she didn’t use the razor to slit her wrists. Andre had spent his fair share of time dealing with young sex slaves and knew the routine well.

He stood behind her and his plump hands fondled the teen’s tits and explored her pussy as she brushed and styled her hair and applied her make up. All the while whispering vulgar suggestions and humiliating insults into her ear that brought her to another helpless bought of tears. “It turns me on when stupid little girls cry,” he said as he mauled and twisted her breasts. He laughed at Scarlett as she attempted to apply her eye shadow with tear filled eyes and shaky hands.

“You are a stupid, cunt, you know,” he said, one hand on her breast and the other inside her tender abused pussy. “You’re a stupid fucking animal. You’re only good for fucking and you don’t even do that well. You’re the most worthless cunt I’ve ever met in my life.” He twisted her nipple, “look at you, you used to be beautiful and your stupidity made me beat you until you are nothing more than an ugly fucking bruise. You deserve to be beaten you stupid fucking cunt, all you know how to do is stand there and cry.”

“’Oh, I’m so sad, I’m too dumb to suck a cock,’” he teased her as his hands explored every inch of her slender young body. “’I’m nothing but a dumb cunt that only knows how to cry.’” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his rock-hard cock. “If it wasn’t for your pussy you would be a total waste of space,” he kicked her legs apart. “Hold onto the counter.”

Scarlett grunted as the fat-man pushed his cock into her again. “You deserved to lose your clit,” Andre said as he grabbed the teen’s tits in his hands and squeezed them tight. “Worthless stupid cunts like you don’t deserve to enjoy getting fucked,” he said as he pushed himself in and out of her.

“Yeah, that’s all you know how to do, you dumb bitch. Just stand there and cry as an old man fucks you.” His hard member forced its way in and out of her pussy for the second time that morning. “All you’re good for is getting fucked by old men; you’re not even good enough to get fucked by a young and handsome man. That’s why your mom got to fuck Rick and you got stuck fucking a fat old man. You’re not even a good enough fuck to get raped by someone closer to your own age. Little stupid cunts like you are too pathetic to be anything but fucking slaves.”

Scarlett’s hands gripped the edge of the sink as the old man slid himself in and out of her. His horrible words forced her to tears again and she wept uncontrollably as he fucked her. She would have gladly taken another beating rather than hear his bombardment of insults. “You’re a filthy little bitch. Only stupid whore’s like you need to get beaten like you did last night. You’re too fucking dumb to even give a decent blow job, you fucking cunt. You deserved to drink my piss you ignorant little cunt. You’re too dumb to even know how to read and write. Stupid little bitched like you aren’t worth an education. You know why little girls like you have to call men ‘master?’ It’s because you’re not worth a shit.”

His hands squeezed and twisted the teen’s sore tits as he slowly fucked her. “If you didn’t have a tight little pussy you wouldn’t even be worth all the trouble of fucking you. You’re a human fucking toilet. Little shit eating and piss drinking bitches like you are only good for cleaning out asses. Look at yourself in the mirror, your face is already covered with make-up, you’re not even pretty, you’re just a stupid crying cunt. That’s all, just a worthless cunt with a tight teenaged pussy.” He thrust himself ball deep into the crying teen and shot his load deep inside of her again. “You’d be lucky to have my fucking baby; it might turn out smarter than you.”

He pulled himself out of her and turned her around. “Get on your knees and clean my cock off, that’s all you’re good for. Make sure I don’t feel you’re stupid bitch teeth or I’ll knock them out of you. Make it quick, I have work to do.”

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