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A Fantasy Train Ride...
You approach the train with a sense of adventure showing on your face.
Wearing a light, spring dress and heels that accentuate your legs, you approach my sleeping car, dragging your slightly over-sized suitcase behind you.
Normally, a smile is rather pasted on my face as I greet my new arrivals. But, seeing you walk directly up to me, a genuine grin comes uncontrollably. Your excitement is apparent, as is your beauty.
"Is this going to be my home away from home?" you ask, panting from the exertion of dragging your bag up to the platform.
You give me your name and, sure enough, you are on my passenger manifest. "Yes, it sure is! Welcome aboard! You are in room 3, just upstairs. Can I help you with your bag?"
"Oh, yes, thank you! It's a bit heavy...hehe."
I lift your suitcaes with ease, but I can feel that it's heavier than it should be, for a carry-on bag. "It's a bit overweight, yes," I chuckle.
You cannot help but notice how my biceps and triceps bulge, under my short-sleeved uniform shirt, as I lift the bag onto the train. You grin, sheepishly. "Well, a girl's got to be prepared for anything, doesn't she?"
You give your hips a slight twist, making your skirt twirl a bit, showing off more of your legs. I can't help noticing, of course. Keeping my professional demeanor (I hope), my grin widens. "Yes, she certainly does..."
You are my last passenger boarding, so I shut the outside door and direct you to the stairway. The narrow steps force me to follow behind you. The short, frilly skirt of your dress gives me a great view of your legs...and as you step up each step, it rides up even higher, teasing my eyes with glimpses of your upper thighs. Was I imagining it, or were you walking slower than you needed to up the stairs?
At the top, you turn to wait for me, a grin on your face and a question in your eyes. I direct you to the right, down the hall. At the door marked 3, you squeeze inside the cozy room. As you sit down on the seat, I stretch over you to place your bag on the shelf above you. The room is quite small and doesn't give a lot a room for two people. My waist is very close to your face as I make sure the suitcase is secure.
I am used to doing this, but, for some reason, I feel nervous about it this time. Backing away quickly, I hope you can't see the blush forming on my neck and face.
"There," I stammer, "you are all set. Welcome aboard! I'm Paul, your attendant for the trip. I'm here to make your trip a pleasnat one, so just ring the call bell there, if you need anything!"
"Thank you, Paul. This is my first train trip, so I have no doubt I'll be in need of" I cannot tell if that half-smile on your lips is a naughty flirtation or simply innocent excitement...but I find myself blushing even more.
In order to retain my professional composure, I busy myself by going over the controls in your room, explaining about the dining car and bar short, I recite memorized patter to keep from thinking things I shouldn't be thinking while on duty...
"Along with the call button, my room is located just next door, if you need anything. If you'll excuse me, I have other passengers to talk to, so enjoy your trip!"
I make a quick exit and proceed to talk to the other passengers who have boarded with me. Fortunately, it is a slow trip this time and I have only a few other people to deal with.
Most of my passengers are elderly or retired..people who remember the heyday of the railroad and have the time to reminisce and take a three-day journey across country. So, it is a nice treat for me to have an attractive woman, traveling alone...but it is also a bit out of my comfort zone, for making idle chatter on the long trip.
You'll probably see very little of her, I tell myself. No doubt she has someone waiting for her at the end...probably spend a lot of time on the phone, talking to the lucky guy. With her door and curtain closed, She'll probably want to be left alone, most of the time.
I don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved. After all, this IS my job and I need to concentrate on it...
My reverie is broken by the sound of the call bell ringing. I check the board in my room and see it's coming from your room. Walking next door, my jaw nearly falls to the floor!
I'm greeted by the sight of you, on the floor, looking under the seat...your ass is up in the air, the short skirt barely covering it, as you try to peer under the chair...obviously looking for something.
Just as I'm about to knock and announce my presence, the train makes a sudden lurch to the side, as we begin to leave the station. My balance is thrown off as I start to fall into your room! Throwing my hand out, I catch the door frame, keeping me from falling completely over...but not before, my hips bump into your behind, still sticking up on display!
Fortunately, I don't hit you enough to do any damage...but you definitely notice it...
"Oh, my! You got here quick!" you stammer, as you attempt to climb back up to your seat. Now it appears that YOU are blushing...or maybe the blood just rushed to your head from that position.
"I'm so sorry!" I manage to blurt out. "Are you alright?"
Your laugh is light and almost girlish. "Oh, yes...quite alright. I just dropped my cellphone under the seat. I was having trouble seeing it and wondered if you had a flashlight I could use."
"Of course, but allow me to get it for you...things are always falling down there and I know just where to look."
Normally, at this point, the passenger would exit the room into the hallway, giving me room to kneel down and search. But, to my shock, you merely spread your legs wide apart, pulling your skirt tight and giving me an incredible view of your inner thighs. "Be my guest. That would be very thoughtful of you."
Not sure what to do, my shaky hand reach for the flashlight on my belt and twist it on. Getting down on my knees, I flash the light under your seat, looking in the crevices where phones and glasses liked to get stuck. It takes every ounce of strength I have not to look up at the view right in front of my face. Your phone, of course, has bounced all the way to the back, against the wall. Laying flat on my stomach, I am able to just reach it and pull it out.
"Oh, dear, I'm sorry to be so much trouble," you say, as I emerge from under the seat. I hand the phone to you and my eyes drop unconrollably to the sexy legs that are practically wrapped around my waist. I manage to pull them back up to your face, but not before I catch a glimpse of frilly, thong panties.
"N-no trouble at all," I stutter. "happens all the time."
"Ahh, so you are used to this, then." you smirk.
I decide to play your game. "Well, I may go the same route every trip, but the view is always different. I smile my best professional smile. "And I think we'll see some great scenery this trip."
For the next few hours, things go smoothly. I busy myself with various duties...bringing meals to diabled passengers, turning beds down for the early birds, boarding a few more passengers at various stops. My thoughts flashed occasionally to those skimpy panties, but I was able to shake it off with busy work.
I have seen you going to and coming from the dining car, bringing a bottle of wine back to your room. But other than that, you remain in your room, with the door closed.
Finally, the time approaches for me to turn in for the evening, getting a few hours sleep before the early morning rush.
Looking at my list, I note that I have turned down every bed, except yours. And then, as if you are reading my thoughts, your call bell rings...
This is the first time I have ever been nervous about answering a passenger's call. As much as I enjoy the flirtation, I have to be very careful. Stories of attendants being fired, from complaints of sexual harassment, are well known. After 25 years with this job, I have a lot to lose...
Determined to be completely professional, I knock lightly on your door...
What greets my eyes when the door and curtain slide open would have knocked me on my ass, if I wasn't holding on tight to the door frame!
My eyes have a mind of their own as they crawl up and down your gorgeous body. You are wearing a black peignoir, almost completely sheer, except for two solid going around the middle of your breasts, the other circling just below your waist. The sheer fabric goes all the way to the floor, giving me a clear view of your sexy curves underneath it. Your full breasts are completely visible, except for the nipples...but even those are hard and protruding from the silky fabric. The purple thong I glimpsed earlier is much more visible now, riding high on your hips and covering very little. Your room is dim, lit only by a small reading light, which shines behind you, accentuating your form under the wispy material.
I try to regain my composire...try to speak, but my mind is a complete blank. I just just stand there staring for what seems like minutes. Finally, you speak up...
"Um, if you are finished servicing everyone else, I am ready to have my bed turned down."
Your face is almost beet red, but it seems to me that you are enjoying the attention that I can't help but show. Your eyes follow mine, looking over your outfit. "I realize that this isn't the usual bedtime wear, when one is traveling alone," you giggle. "But I'm afraid I forgot to pack any regular pajamas."
Gazing down at my pants, you smile. "I hope I haven't made you uncomfortable."
It is then that I realize that my reaction to the view, has cause a very pronounced bulge in my uniform pants. I do my best to ignore it and recover my voice.
"Normally," I chuckle, "I would have you stand out here in the hallway, while I make up your bed. But I think if anyone came out of their room and saw you, they might have a coronary...hehe"
Stepping quickly inside your room, I stand next to you, the close quarters making our sides touch. I reach up and slide the curtain closed, leaving the door open. "This way," I explain, "you can stand out there behind me, with the curtain covering...everything."
With an almost disappointed look on your face, you move out the doorway, into the hall, the curtain extending outward and hiding you from public view. You start to smile again, when you realize you are still quite close to my body, as I reach up to lower the upper bunk. my back to you.
On the top bed, you can see a rolled-up mattress, made up with sheets and blanket. Using pedals and muscles, I push the seats together, underneath, until they are flat, making them into a bed. Next, I lift the rolled mattress down and unroll it onto the lower bed, making a nice single bed for you.
I have done this maneuver thousands of times, but never with someone standing right behind me. As I bend to place the lower mattress, my ass bumps against you waist-high. My brain locks, as I freeze in that position. Suddenly I feel your fingers running lightly up the back of my thighs, then squeezing my asscheeks firmly.
"M-m-m...somebody works out," I hear u whisper.
In shock, I try to stand up, instead bumping my head on the lowered top bunk. Seeing stars, I turn and sit down on the bed, rubbing my scalp.
"Oh, my goodness! Are you alright?" you step back into the room, sliding the door closed behind you, and sit next to me on the bed. There is concern in your voice, but your eyes twinkle and you bite your lip, as if trying very hard not to burst out laughing.
I chuckle and continue to rub the sore spot on my head. "Fine," I mutter. I concentrate on the pain, rather than the closeness of your almost naked body.
Your hand gently squeezes my thigh, sending shockwaves through me. "Are you sure you're okay?"
"Uh- sure, I'm good. Luckily, I have a hard head." I chuckle.
Your hand stops squeezing and the fingertips start to tickle my inner thigh. "A hard head is a very good thing to have," you say with another giggle.
I spin my head around to look you in the face. The lust in your eyes is unmistakable.
You brings your lips to my ear and whisper. "Can I tell you a secret...?" The hot breath in my ear makes me shiver.
"Um, okay, sure."
"I took this train trip because it's been a fantasy of mine for have sex on a moving train." You pull back to look into my eyes and you obviously see the shock in them. Nodding, you whisper again. "The movement and the vibration...all the old movies I've seen. It just seemed so... erotic."
Your fingers continue grazing along my thigh, moving slowly but steadily higher...your eyes drop to watch your hand.
"To be honest, I expected that I would meet a handsome stranger in the bar car, flirt with him and then take him back to my room. I had the whole fantasy worked out. But seeing you when I boarded, I had it a little...hehe."
Alarm bells are ringing loudly in my head...this is wrong! are on duty!...she is a can get in SO much trouble for this! could lose your job!...
Still, I can't move! It's as if the sound of your voice and the fingers on my leg have hypnotized me
"I-I um..."
"Shhhh...I know what you're going to say...rules about fraternizing with passengers and all that. If you are worried about me reporting you, well...the only way to be sure I DON' to make sure that ALL of your passengers are...satisfied." you wink.
By this time, your fingers have reached the outline of the bulge in my pants. There can be no denying now, the effect you are having on me.
"M-m-m, you weren't kidding about that hard head, were you?" You spread your fingers on either side, and run them along the outline of my shaft. I let out a stifled groan, biting my lip and closing my eyes. The fear for my job seems to be fading into the background...
Reaching for my hand, you bring it up to your breast. Leaning in, your lips against my ear. "What do you say, Paul? Wanna help a lady make her fantasy come true...?" Your tongue circles around the shell of my ear.
Giving in, my hand squeezes, feeling the hard nipple between my fingers. Enjoying the feel of your skin as the satin material glides over it. With my other hand, I grab your hair in back and pull your head back. My lips move to your neck, licking and kissing your throat. My tongue leaves a wet trail as it runs up the side of your neck to nibble on your earlobe.
You moan softly into my ear, almost purring. Your hand squeezes my cock, massaging it with urgency, through my pants.
I quickly stand up and grab the handle of the upper bunk. Turning the handle, I raise it back up against the wall. This gives us more room, and assures that neither one of us will hit our head again!
Before I can sit back down, I feel your hands on my belt. Pulling hard, you release the buckle and pull it free. I gaze down watching you bite your lip and stare up at me with hungry eyes. after yanking the button open, you smile wickedly, and move your mouth against my fly. Using your tongue, you manage to get the zipper in your teeth. Pulling the zipper down slowly, we both enjoy the sound it makes.
Gravity -and the heavy tools on my belt- make my pants fall quickly to the ground. You lift up the front of my dress shirt, exposing my silk hard erection already poking through the front slit.
In a frenzy, I yank my tie loose and unbutton my shirt, as quickly as I can with shaky fingers. I remove my shirt and the look in your eyes seems to approve of what they see. You reach up and rake your nails slowly down my chest, following the light mat of hair around my nipples and down my stomach. As you swirl your tongue around my navel, your hands grasp the waistband of my boxers on either side. You start to lick along the front of the elastic, as your hands pull downward, sliding the shorts over my hips. Bringing them down slowly, you kiss and lick each new patch of skin revealed, your warm breath getting closer and closer to its goal...
As my thick shaft comes into view, you run the tip of your tongue around it lightly, just barely grazing it. The sensation drives me wild! More and more of my cock is exposed, until the thick head catches on the elastic band. With a final yank, my dick springs free, hitting you in the chin.
"Ohhh, damn! This is the thickest cock I've ever seen!" Grasping it at the base, you push it up against my stomach. "Look...I can barely get my hand around it!"
Squeezing the base of my cock, you run your tongue up the entire length, licking it like an ice cream cone. It throbs in your hand and twitches with each lick.
My gaze is drawn to your beautiful body, your sexy ass up in the air, as you bend to kiss and lick my cock. My hands grab the sheer nightgown at your waist and, using my fingers, slowly bunch it up. It rises like a curtain, revealing the bare skin underneath, finally coming up over your bottom. My fingers slide under the thin elastic bands of your thong and slowly slide them down, squeezing your cheeks as I go.
I'm still standing up at this point but my legs are going rubbery as your hand starts to move up and down on my cock. Breaking free of your grasp for a minute, I step out of my pants, pooled around me on the floor, and finish pulling the peignoir up over your head. Now I can see your whole sexy body, admiring every curve.
I stretch your panties over one leg, then the other until they are completely off. Then I slide my body underneath you, my head facing the opposite way. Positioning you into a sixty-nine position above me. You growl in approval, as you understand where I'm heading...
Not waiting any longer, I lose all control and bury my face in your sweet, dripping pussy. Slurping my tongue along the slit and sucking on the swollen clit, my head shakes side to side. You let out a moan and it vibrates against me as you wrap your lips around the thick head of my cock. Squeezing your asscheeks apart, my tongue makes long licks from your clit, along your lips and then teasing the tight opening of your asshole. Your juices are running down my chin...I slurp them up as fast as I can.
I can feel your mouth tighten around my cock, your tongue running along the sensitive underside. Taking the whole thing into your throat, then bobbing up and down on it.
I slide two fingers inside you...then three...going deep and hooking them against your g-spot, massaging it. You let out a squeal and tighten your thighs against my hand. I can feel you experiencing your first climax, squirting over my fingers.
The train starts to pick up speed, at this point, causing the car to rock and weave, as the tracks get bumpy.
"Oooo," you moan. "This is what I've been waiting for!"
You lift up off of me and I grudgingly let go of your hips. Then you stand up on the bed, turn to face me, and lower yourself back down...directly over my upright cock.
"This will be like fucking on a roller coaster!" you laugh.
"Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times!" I quip.
Leaning your face down first, you mash your lips against mine. Our lips open to swirl our tongues around each other. Our kiss becomes even more passionate, as you lower your hips, slowly stretching your pussy lips open around my cock head.
I immediately feel your muscle control, clenching tight around my dick as it sinks in deeper and deeper. The bouncing of the train makes it go deep inside you quickly and before we know it, you are bouncing up and down on it, the train doing a great deal of the work.
I let my mouth wander from your lips..down to catch a hard nipple in my mouth...sucking hard and flicking my tongue around it. Squeezing your tits together, I can lick and nibble on both at the same time.
You let out a yell and I hope the train noises and the closed door are enough to muffle the sound.
The train hits bump after bump, each time bouncing your pussy to the tip of my cock, only to slam down again each time. You grind against me hard, letting the train do all the up and down movement. My lap is getting steadily soaked.
"Oh, my god! ohhh this feels so good!" you moan. It is an amazing sensation, letting the train rock us side to side, up and down. I can relax and concentrate on the feeling of it, rather than feeling like I'm exercising.
You lean back, grabbing my calves for balance, and I watch as your breasts bounce at each bump. Then I see the total look of ecstacy on your face as your eyes roll up in your head.
I reach out my hand to rub and slap your clit as you bounce. Your moans turn to siren-like wails as you near the big climax...
I can also feel the build-up in my balls, a sure sign that I'm about to explode.
"Ohhhh, damn...gonna CU-U-U-UMMM!" I groan.
"Yesss! Yes, Paul! We will cum together!" Followed by a high pitched squeal.
You lean forward again, squeezing your breasts hard and squeezing your thighs against me. I feel you shudder hard, just as I let go a stream of hot cum, deep inside you.
Lights flash behind my eyes, as I spasm again and again, cumming harder than I ever have before.
Holding my cock tight inside you, our hips rock together from the movement of the train. You collapse on top of me, panting and laughing in satisfaction.
"M-m-m, now THAT is what I call service!" you smile naughtily. "I will have to write a nice letter, complimenting the excellent STAFF on this train..."
We both crack up laughing...
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