Surprise twist to a three way encounter.
Daughter's Little Secret

By billy69boy and boytoy68

(This story is a collaborative effort by two friends who also happen to be erotic story writers.)

I approached the door with a scowl as I hate loud, obnoxious barking dogs! Walking up the stairs, I picked up the newspaper on the stoop. I probably did not need to with the dog sounding the alarm that I was approaching the house, but I rang the doorbell anyway. She was there only seconds later. I smiled my salesman smile and handed her the paper, which she graciously took from me with a thank you.

“Hi, I’m Tim, from Max Flow? You had called us about some work to be done in your basement?” She replied, “Yes….uhmmm, would you mind walking around back? My dog does bite and there is a stairwell leading to the basement where we need your help.” “Sure, no problem”, I said and turned with a nod and proceeded to walk to the side gate.

Once thru the gate, I noticed the cellar stairs and found myself at the bottom where she was waiting for me with the door open. “Please, come in” she smiled. I immediately took notice of the new tile floor, new kitchen, freshly painted walls and new light fixtures. She began to explain to me how her contractor had finished everything when she realized that he did not install a heating supply vent in the kitchen or her gym. She pointed out a few things and took me to the room where the heating system was. Of course, like typical contractors, he promised to return to fix the problem but that was 3 weeks ago. She went on to explain how her au pair would arrive by the end of the month and she needed to get the place ready, as it was going to be an apartment for her.

This is when I began to notice the woman standing in front of me. She was not hot by any stretch, but I was suddenly getting a surge of excitement being alone in this newly constructed space with a married woman. She presented a conservative style and appeared well off. She was a several inches shorter than me, about 5’2” and had a very thin frame. She was wearing a brown velour style sweat suit with white stripe down the side of the pant leg. Her fairly straight hair was short and just above her shoulder. She did have some pretty blue eyes and her lips were full, revealing a set of straight teeth when she smiled. I would have guessed she was about 40-42 years old. I could see that she was a fan of exercise by her body style and the fact that we were standing in what was soon to be her personal gym.

After a few comments about how I would have done things, and some other improvements she would need, she asked me to look at something her contractor did. By the heating furnace, the contractor had built out the wall further than it needed to be and she asked me if that was necessary or a mistake. I explained to her there was no reason for the waste of space and she replied, “So basically he fucked up?” I had to chuckle and agree with her and I found myself, once again, even more turned on at the use of her language. My thoughts happened quickly as I pondered my next response. Should I play along or be the consummate businessman she may be expecting? I was not sure if she was letting her hair down or if her words simply got away from her, as she did not seem the type. I am always straight laced and pretty conservative myself, but something inside me said to throw caution to the wind:

“Ohhhhh, wow….” I replied with a big smile, “You have a way with words!” I said. She laughed and halfheartedly apologized and said…”ohhh sorry! It kinda just slipped out! I’ve been dealing with this, pardon me, asshole, for several months now…..and I’m beginning to lose my patience.” I assured her no apology was needed and that I completely understood.

“It’s actually refreshing to hear you talk like that…..besides, it’s good to get it out,” I explained. She had one hand on her hip and the other on the side of her head and she looked like she was stressed out. “I just want this fucking place done already! My husband has no clue, he’s off in the city all damn day and I'm stuck cleaning this shit up, you know? I miss my gym…at least I was able to work out my aggression!” and she let out a little laugh.

I was now feeling a rise in my Dockers and felt instantly comfortable around this woman. It could have been false bravado but I found my mouth opening and, after an awkward moment of silence, I exclaimed: “well, there are other ways of getting out your aggressions, you know……” and left a brief pause hanging in the air. My eyes locked onto hers and she simply stared back at me. For a brief moment, I could have sworn I saw her mouth the words: “I'm going to have to ask you to leave now”, but it was an apparition.

“Yeah, well….like I said….he’s always working….and I’m alone in this”. I took a step closer and said: “I can help… know, with whatever you need…I can start right away.” I left it out there like a slow pitch softball for her to either hit hard or simply walk away from. My wording left me an escape route if she decided not to take the bait. But it seemed like the ball came right back at me and hit me in the stomach when I heard her say: “Can you start right now?” My heart nearly jumped out of my chest and I smiled at her and said, “I think I have some time to kill…”

I moved in closer, placing my hands on her waist and a kiss on her soft pale cheek. Again, we locked eyes and seconds later our lips connected in a torrent of unbridled passion. Oh My God! I thought, as she took hold of my head and buried her tongue in my mouth: she's like a volcano erupting! I had a hard time holding her back, even as I pushed back on her chest with both of my hands. She continued molesting my mouth as she walked me backwards towards the weight machine, until I was sitting down with a thud, and she melted into my arms.

"Oh, Tim, thank you for offering. I need this so much, you have no idea," she admitted, as her fingers feverishly busied themselves undoing my belt. To be honest, I was genuinely shocked by her reaction to my flirtatious suggestions. I guess you could say she called my bluff in a big way. I was surprised when I looked down, and my own hands were grabbing her wrists, and I was prying her hands off my belt buckle.

"Hold on there, lady, slow down a little," I admonished, "you're getting a little crazy!"

"Call me Joyce," was her only response. She wrestled my hands away and managed to undo my belt and pull it clean off through the belt loops as she stood up, triumphant. I was amused by her forwardness, right up until she took a big swing with the belt, and slapped it across my chest. Incensed, I jumped up and ripped the belt out of her hands. "Lady, you are definitely out of control!" I declared.

"I told you, my name is Joyce!" was her reply, "and of course I'm out of control, waiting for you to fuck me!" She kicked off her sneakers and started stripping out of her sweat suit, revealing a matching bra and thong underneath. "Maybe I need a good licking with that belt of yours," she suggested, "or maybe I just need a good licking!" She laughed out loud at her little joke. Off came the bra next, and she wiggled her modest breasts in my face, obviously proud of their firmness, despite her age. When she went for her thong, I stopped her and told her to leave it on.

"If you want me to fuck you, you're going to have to calm down, Joyce," I said gently, "or I might have to tie you up."

"Oooooh yeah! Tie me up and fuck me!" She shot back, "I haven't been tied up since high school…my husband isn't into anything kinky like that, unfortunately," she admitted, then snorted sarcastically, "shit, my husband isn't into much of anything anymore, at least not with me," her voice trailed off… She presented her wrists to me, as if she expected me to slap on a pair of handcuffs. Instead, I wrapped my belt around them tightly, and led her back to the weight machine. I made her straddle the bench, facing me, and I lifted her arms straight up over her head, and managed to secure the belt tightly within the weight cables. Finally, I used her sweatshirt as a blindfold wrapped around her head. Miraculously, she calmed way down, and stood silently in only her thong, legs spread, waiting for my next move. I stepped back, and admired my handiwork and quick thinking, as I stepped out of my pants, and pulled off my underwear. I squeezed my stiff hard-on as I looked over Joyce's slim muscular body and her pert tits. She had the athletic body of a 20 year old, even if she was a bit plain in the face. My mind was racing with possibilities: I knew there was no turning back now.

The first order of business appeared to be shutting this bitch up and what better way than to stuff her mouth with some cock. “Mmmmmm…what are you waiting for? I’m so fucking horny right now!” she exclaimed as I maneuvered around to the weights. I placed the cotter pin in the heaviest of weights so I knew she could not pull her hands down, the cables securing her indefinitely. I stepped up onto the bench seat, took hold of her head and guided her waiting mouth to the tip of my manhood. With a smile upon her face she must have known what was coming and opened up with a moan of delight. “Mmmmmpppfff…” she expelled, as I shoved a few more inches past her lips. Her hot saliva on my member made my knees weak for a moment and I thought I was going to fall off the bench. Her head bobbed ferociously as if this woman hadn’t had cock in a decade! That was all going to change, I thought to myself. She has opened up a door and there was no turning back. She unlocked my inner “sales demon fantasy” and I was too weak to resist!

Gripping her hair now, I pumped her face several more times before releasing her and allowing her to come up for air. With a big gasp and saliva running down her chin, falling onto her tits, she groaned excitedly. “Ohhh Tim…I LOVE the taste of your cock! I can’t wait until you fuck me with it!” she sighed.

“Trust me, Joyce; you will get everything you've got coming to you,” I replied as I stepped off the bench. With her still in the standing position, I adjusted the weights to allow her to pull down slightly. I lay down on the bench, face up, with her pussy about 3” above my face. Grabbing her hips so slender, I pulled her down to me and began licking her already wet slit. Back and forth my tongue glided over her labia as I reached up and made circular motions on her clit. She shook and let out a cry of pleasure and I felt her try to lower herself further. Inserting a finger into her hole, she began to try and bounce on it like a cock. This made me swell with an intensity I do not get at home. Removing my hand, I lapped up her sweet juices and teased her clit with flicking motions. My hands now moved down, I parted her small ass cheeks and slipped my fingers towards her starfish, so clean and pink.

Her body began to twitch and shake and her breathing sped up. I knew she was close to cumming and I wanted to taste her cascade of sex. I feverishly made circles on her clit and sent her reeling with an orgasm of epic proportions. Exhausted she stood limp with her head hung down and her knees slightly bent. If it were not for the weights she would have collapsed upon me.

“You’re not done yet…JOYCE!” I exclaimed, as I slid further back, my head almost hitting the back bar. Clutching my rigid member, I stroked it using her “Joyce Juice”, making it ready for a nice, slippery insertion. Although, I had no doubt that her well lubricated hole was more than willing to accept me. She seemed to gain a burst of energy as she wiggled down to introduce her woman to my man and with all her might; she pulled down on the weights and slid over my cock in one swift motion. “Ahhhhhhhgg! Oooooh man that feels fucking great!” I whispered hoarsely. In a heavy breathing manner Joyce responded: “Uh huh! Oooooh yeah….ahh….uh huh...uh huh! Ooooh yes, yes….Mmmmmm…” I assisted by bucking my hips up as she attempted to slam down on my pelvis, my balls bouncing and slapping against my thighs. Sometimes I would hold my hips up to allow her to grind herself against me, gyrating like a little sex maniac.

I knew that I could not take too much more of this without blowing my load and I slipped out from under her in mid pounce, watching Joyce come down on an imaginary cock, and it made me chuckle. “Oh shit! Where did you go, Tim?” she purred in soft exasperation. “I’m right here, baby…” I said as I stood behind her and grabbed both shins and pulled her legs toward me, the soles of her dainty feet now facing upward. Her chest and head bobbed forward as I pulled back with her legs and I placed her knees on the bench. This exposed her luscious pink dripping cunt and her asshole to me. Now holding her ankles, I slid closer towards her.

I was overwhelmed with deep lust, as I knew what was about to happen. Whether or not she was either ready or willing, I aimed my pulsating cock head at her dark orifice. I spread her ass cheeks wide, and she was helpless to resist: she had nowhere to go except for where I was about to take her. Joyce groaned out loud when she felt the pressure of my engorged member sliding up and down her ass crack. I couldn't tell if she was wiggling her ass in eager anticipation, or if she was trying to discourage my devilish advances.

"Oh Tim, NO!" she pleaded, "I've never done that…NEVER! I'm SCARED! It might HURT!!" I pulled back instinctively, trying to calm down some before I stepped over the "rape" line and got myself into big trouble…

"…but I might like it…maybe it's time I try it…" Joyce continued, "Yes! YES!! Tim, DO IT! I'm not afraid of a little pain: FUCK MY ASS TIM! Just please be GENTLE!!" I was blown away, to say the least: I went from being a depraved anal rapist, to taking someone's anal cherry, and with her full permission and encouragement. I did heed her wishes to be gentle though: I massaged her ass cheeks softly and watched her tight ass writhe and squirm in front of me. When I leaned in and started working my tongue around her rim, she squealed out loudly in delight, and even giggled. She was so loud that I had to shush her, but she assured me her daughter wouldn't be home from school for another couple of hours.

I slowed the pace, now that I knew she had "unlocked" her "back door" for me. I teasingly rimmed her around and around until she wasn't so jumpy, and then I pushed my stiff tongue straight into her tender anus, and she exhaled deeply but quietly. I darted my tongue in and out until her sphincter muscle relaxed enough to accept one, and then two of my fingers into her rectum. I took notice that it was damn hot inside, like her ass was on fire. I had to have her then and there. Gripping her ass cheeks firmly, I parted them, and directed my throbbing cock at my ultimate target.

"Oh Yes, Tim! I'm ready for your hot fucking penis in my ass now!" she exclaimed, moving her hips in rhythm with mine, as my cock head penetrated her. "OOOOOOH!! GO SLOW!! EASY NOW!!" she warned. I held still, and let her work more of my shaft inside her anal passage. Joyce caught on right away, and she pushed back gingerly and slowly, until she was taking almost half of my length.

"Oh god Tim, I'm getting fucked in my ass!" she announced, as if I hadn't noticed. She kept pressing diligently, and I watched more and more of my cock disappear into her anus. Soon, she was pushing and pulling, and her pace quickened, and I was concentrating on watching this anal rookie quickly learn the ropes.

Looking back, if I hadn't been so deep into watching Joyce's ass slam back against my pelvis again and again, and marvel at my formidable manhood being buried to the hilt, I may have noticed something else a little sooner: out of the corner of my eye, way up by the ceiling, on the top basement step, hiding quietly, no doubt trying to appear invisible, was the figure of another human being, female, wearing a red plaid pleated skirt and a white blouse, with her index finger pressed vertically against her lips, and her other hand buried underneath her skirt.

I didn't need to be Sherlock Holmes, or any other detective, to surmise that she was Joyce's daughter who wasn't expected home for hours. I was momentarily shocked, and I could feel a sense of panic rapidly overtaking my mind, but when I saw the girl's motion for me to keep quiet, I immediately calmed down some, and managed to resume the pace. I looked up at her again, and she was flashing me the 'okay' sign, even as she spread her legs open, and went to work with her fingers. I could clearly see the teen girl's index finger running teasingly up and down her naked pink slit, pushing her fingers deeper and deeper between her smooth labia. Oh god, it was so hot, I thought I would blow any second.

I realized Joyce was still blindfolded, so she was oblivious to the unfolding scene. My mind was blown reeling, as I thought about servicing Joyce's ass for the first time, in front of her own daughter, who was definitely getting off watching it happen. We were already caught in the act; my guess was that Joyce's loud squealing had attracted the curiosity of her teenage daughter, and she came to investigate. Apparently, Joyce had forgotten that her daughter's school had a half-day that day. I knew this because my own daughter went to the same local high school. Given the circumstances, I couldn't think of any good reason to stop what we were doing.

I continued my assault on Joyce’s fine specimen of anal pleasure as I kept peering up at the vixen on the staircase. With her eyes focused on our filthy act, the daughter continued to pleasure herself, digging her fingers deeper into her cunt, which only added to my arousal. After a few more minutes of pounding her mother's no longer virgin ass, I waved my hand indicating that the young girl should move closer, and I pointed to a chair nearby. Her eyes grew even wider as she nervously shook her head and again placed her finger to her lips. Finally, with some trepidation and my persistence, she slowly made her way down the stairs. As she crept towards us in stealth like manner, I took note of her long shapely legs and pert B cup breasts. She smoothed out her skirt and tiptoed in her white knee high socks toward the chair and a guilty smirk showed on her face.

I smiled back as she sat in the chair and held onto the sides, her knees together, with only her toes touching the carpet. She continued to watch, and with a hand gesture I indicated to her to go back to what she was doing before on the stairs. Slowly, she parted her legs to expose a perfectly manicured cunt with a small patch of wispy blonde hair above some delicate swollen lips. She slouched back pushing her love nest closer to the chair’s edge and began to slide her two fingers up and down over her pussy, lubricating herself all over again. Her thighs opened up wider as she melted into a state of euphoria.

As much as I was enjoying pounding her mother's ass, I could only think about being between those thighs of this tight ass teen. I had to think of my next move and soon. Joyce was constantly moaning and bucking, allowing my distracted movements and thoughts. “Tim….ahhh….I want to cum….I can't take it….ayyyy…uuhh ahhhh”. “Ok, Joyce…” I said as I looked into her daughter's eyes and smiled. With a surprised look and a giggle, she covered her mouth to stifle any sound. In that moment, we now gained each other’s trust in a “shared secret” kind of way. “I have an idea, Joyce…” again, emphasizing her name and looking at her daughter. I pulled my cock out of her ass with slow ease and she let out a groan of delight. “Oooooh….I feel so stretched out back there!” she exclaimed as she placed her blindfolded head on the bench for some rest, all the while, panting in exhaustion. I had to laugh out loud and even the daughter slipped with a sound, but it went unnoticed. I untied her hands from the cable and assisted her to lie on her back on the bench. Her hands still above her head held together with my belt and her legs on each side of the bench, she placed her feet flat against the floor, her sweet pussy open for all to see. “What are you going to do to me now, Tim? Hmmm?” she sighed. “Ohhh I think you will like it…” I bellowed.

I waved my hand for her daughter to come closer to me, as I knelt down with my face only inches from Joyce’s dripping honey pot. With some surprised aggression, she moved fox like to my side. I smelled her innocence in perhaps her perfume or shampoo and inhaled deeply. Holding up my hand in a “wait one moment” gesture, I showed her the art of tonguing her mother. Once again, I lapped at her enlarged pussy lips, fucking her with my tongue and moving on to encircle her clit. After only a few moments, I stopped and reached a finger up and inserted it in her eager hole. Joyce moaned with delight. With my head I motioned to the daughter for her to try, my eyes telling her what to do. She looked at me like I was crazy but I figured what did I have to lose at this point? She shook her head, and mouthed the words “No Way!” but offered a big grin, and attempted to conceal a giggle. I put on my best fatherly air and insisted that she try. She looked at me with a nervous glance, waiting for my further assistance and I withdrew my finger and pointed at her mother’s waiting passion.

I stood up and took a step back and slowly she took my place. She placed her hands to steady herself on the bench just below her mother’s ass and moved in towards her. She was in a bent over stance, her legs parted, as I moved up behind her. She looked back quickly for only a moment, as she felt me tug on the hem line of her plaid skirt. I began to slowly slide her skirt down to her ankles where she graciously stepped out of them. “Tim?? Where did you go, baby?” Joyce whispered. “I need you to finish me before my daughter gets home!” We both laughed silently as if this was her cue, and she moved in and gave her mother’s pussy a quick lick. “Ahh….yes….” Joyce exclaimed and moaned again.

The daughter went back to work, eagerly getting into it and seeing that my cock sprang to attention once again. I had to make a move now, but one that would not startle either female. I sat on the floor behind her daughter, my back against the end of the bench. Leaning my head back on the bench’s edge, I reached up and placed my hands on the daughter’s hips and pulled down gently so her pussy was now in my face. I took a deep breath of this sexy teen and felt rejuvenated with a youthful enthusiasm. I felt her tremble and shake as I first plunged my face into her pussy, sparing no patience, and I received a mouthful of sweet nectar. Her flower smelled wild beyond compare and I knew I had reached nirvana. She continued to eat her mother and I felt her eagerness pass through me.

"Oh, Tim, your tongue feels so good down there!" Joyce exclaimed, "You sure do have a nice delicate touch, Mmmmmm, keep licking me just like that!" Her words would have brought a smile to my face, but my lips were busy sucking on her daughter's sweet pussy at the moment. The young girl was reluctant at first, but she soon settled in, and began to ride my mouth like she was riding a horse. She ground her clit up and down my lips, digging in until she got down to my teeth, even as she kept licking her mother.

"Oh my god, Tim, YES!! I think I'm getting ready to cum soon! Finish me off with your cock!" Joyce demanded, as her love juices flowed into her daughter's mouth. Her words must have triggered her daughter's orgasm, because she nearly drown me with her own outpouring of teen nectar. She thrashed and bucked on top of my face for several seconds, and I could feel her thighs clench and quiver uncontrollably.
All of a sudden, and without warning, she sat up, stood up quickly, and then stepped back, her face red and glistening with her mother's juices. She made a silent motion for me to turn around and finish her mom off, picked up her skirt, and silently headed for the stairs. As I got into position, I looked up the steps just in time to see the daughter's thumbs up sign once again, before she grinned broadly and disappeared through the door.

It didn't take long for either one of us to explode after that. Joyce encouraged me to pump her torrid cunt full of my hot cum, and I was more than happy to oblige. I held onto her for a few short minutes, but it was clear that she was getting antsy and impatient in my embrace.

"Tim, I haven't had sex that good in a very long time, and I thank you for tending to my needs, but you really do have to go now, before my Jodie gets home." I stood up, and began to release her from her bonds, and I removed her blindfold. "So, do you think you can begin the work tomorrow morning?" she asked, as she rubbed the redness from her wrists. I told her I could, but I would have to get some materials first, so I probably wouldn't show up at her house until 9:00AM or so. As I helped her gather up her clothes, she dressed hastily.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, but I have an early morning appointment in the city, and I won't be home until late afternoon," she explained, "but it will be fine, though, because Jodie is off from school tomorrow, so I'll tell her you'll be coming, and she can let you in. She'll get you whatever you need."

I bit my tongue, lest I choke on it, but I managed to maintain my silent composure as Joyce led me out the back door, making sure her dog didn't attack me on my way out to my truck.


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