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If you happened to have missed the first part of this story please go back to 17 Feb. 2014 when it was originally posted and read it. Otherwise please enjoy the second part. D.B. Thank you and if you have some comments feel free to include them also.
Just Another Day at the Hatchery, Part 2

I pulled Mike in close and we kissed again, then he buried his face in my chest, and started lightly snoring. I put my arm over him as he was doing to me and fell back into a deep satisfied sleep.

I woke up to the sound of a bird running back and forth across the metal roof. Deciding sleep was over for the day I slowly unwound Mike and myself from each others arms and crawled over him then headed to the bathroom. Mike never moved; after coming out of the bathroom I decided to let him sleep while I fixed breakfast.

Coffee was done, bacon cooked, and the potatoes were almost ready when sleepy head stuck his nose in the air. “Better get a move on Mike I am about to start the eggs. Off he went for the bathroom; it only took him about five minutes until he came back in the kitchen still in his shorts and sat down on his chair. Throwing him a towel, “You better cover your legs before you drop something hot on them the first aid kit is out in the pickup.”

Mike filled our coffee cups and looked like he was satisfied with the world, setting his plate down in front of him then going back to the counter for mine and a plate of toast. As I sat down I sat the plate of toast in between us on the table. Mike must be the strong silent type, not saying a word he dug in like he was half starved.

I knew Mike well enough by now to know he was thinking about last night but didn’t know quite how to approach the subject. I refilled his cup and waited for him to come out with it. “Damn it Jason.”

“Out with it Mike, get it off your chest.”

Our eyes met for a second before his mouth opened, I was ready for the worst. “Jason, I, I don’t know where to begin, last night I, shit Jason I enjoyed what you did for me but I know I still like girls and, and I still want us to continue with what we have.”

“Mike, we both like girls but that should not be a problem, what happened last night between us I believe is our way of satisfying one another’s needs during a long dry spell away from them.”

“Jason, will you let me satisfy you tonight? O god I wanted you in the worst way last night. I have never felt that way about another male before but I do about you.”

“For now let’s drop the subject, what happens in this cabin stays in this cabin. Lets clean things up and go fishing.”

Mike looked relieved and perhaps still a little confused about his feelings. The dishes were done, coffee drank, we were dressed for the day and headed for the door when he stopped and turned around facing me. “Thank you Jason, I feel better now let’s go fishing.”

As we tied everything on the bikes Mike asked me if we should go after trout or bass. “Which one is more fun?”

“I think Large Mouth Bass are more exciting to catch and fight harder.”

“Suits me, you lead the way and I will be right behind you.”

We rode a couple miles turning onto the Brown Dike Road following it close to where it ends; Mike held up his hand and pulled over to the side of the road getting off his bike and pushing the kickstand down while shutting off the engine. I did the same right behind him.

Mike told me to put something big and ugly on as long as it floats. I had a large what we call a Bumble Bee, large, black, and with two silver flippers on its sides. When you jerk it the flippers cause it to wobble in the water. Mike put on a red and white floating plug and threw it close to the weeds, immediately getting a strike. That excited me and I cast mine in the opposite direction hitting the cat tails on the other side of the open water. A little wiggle and it came free and dropped about a foot from the waters edge; letting it stay motionless in the water until all the ripples faded and the surface became calm. I gave my rod tip a jerk. About six feet away I saw a wake headed for my plug there was no time to think, the water where my plug was started to boil, and my plug disappeared from sight. I jerked back hard on my rod setting the hooks solidly more from surprise than anything else. All hell broke loose as the bass tried to shake my plug. Mike came running to my side saying “Easy Jason he is a big one, don’t let him get in the weeds or you will lose it.”

It must have been ten minutes before the bass tired and started to give ground, a few minutes later Mike was able to get hold of its lower lip and hold the fish up for a close look. “Its up to you but the smaller bass taste better.”

Mike said it would weigh a good four pounds, as he freed the Bumble Bee from its mouth. “Let me hold it while you get the camera I at least want a picture of the biggest bass I ever caught.”

After Mike took two pictures of my prize and we slowly returned it back into the water making sure it was strong enough to swim off. Perhaps another day we can have another battle. After catching six smaller ones we gave up for the day well pleased with ourselves.

When we returned to the cabin Mike did a quick job of filleting them for supper. I pealed some potatoes and a small onion and then started them cooking; when they were close to being done I started a skillet with some Crisco and two slices of bacon in it while I sprinkled salt and pepper on the filets and rolled them in flower. While the fish were cooking I batched up some tarter sauce. Mike sat the table and filled two glasses with milk. We pigged out finishing everything on the table.

Mike said, “Jason, I feel better after our little talk this morning I was having a problem with the way things were going but I believe you are right. We can take care of our needs and no one needs to know but us. Like you said, it stays in the cabin. I am comfortable with things if you are.”

He stood up and came around to my side of the table, standing next to my chair, and acting like he didn’t know what to do next. Reaching out I put my arm around his waist while pulling him so he could sit on my lap; Mike sat down with his arms around my neck and we kissed like lovers until we separated long enough for Mike to ask me, “Am I going to sleep with you or are you going to sleep with me?”

“Let’s sleep together it don’t matter where. We can take turns being the male or female I don’t think it is important do you?”

“In a way it is, at least for tonight. I am yours sweetie and I want your hard cock deep inside of me; I want to feel you when you cum.”

Together we did the dishes. The clock said four. Mike said, “Do you think the shower is big enough we can get in it together?”

“I don’t see any way we can both fit in there together.”

I went first and when I came out I told Mike I took a dump then took the shower head off the end of the hose and took a douche, you might do the same so we will be clean for each other. Mike kissed me and disappeared into the bathroom. I thought to myself, Mike wants me to be the stud tonight but he is in for a surprise, I am going to get fucked too.

While Mike was in the bathroom I took the time to make a pot of coffee. I suspected this will be Mike’s first time to get a hard cock up his poop shoot and I wanted it to be good for him.

When Mike came out of the bathroom I motioned to the cups of coffee sitting on the table, as we sat down I started to ask him some question about what he wanted to do and how we should go about doing it. He was so horney by this time I could have shoved a dry wooden fence post up his ass and he would have been satisfied. The more we talked the more Mike squirmed around on his chair. “Mike I know you are ready to get fucked and we have all of the time in the world to get it done lets just take it slow and easy.”

“You will need to be gentle with me Jason I do want you and I am a little scared it will hurt the first time.”

I reached across the table taking Mike’s hand in mine while remembering my first time; dry hole, big hard dry cock, all Dan wanted to do was stick it up my ass and fuck me until he came. No preliminaries, no thank you, and no kiss my ass or anything else just raw sex. I did not want that for Mike’s first time, I wanted him to have fond memories of his first time when he lost his virginity.

While lightly pulling on his hand I said, “Mike are you ready.”

I could see his lips start to quiver and new he had doubts but he stood up and followed me over to the bed. “Lie down Mike and just try to relax, let me do all the work.”

I took Mike’s face in my hands and kissed him passionately trying to get him to relax; after a little while I started lightly kissing my way down his neck and chest to his nipples, lingering long enough to lightly suck both before moving further down to his hard wet throbbing cock, taking it into my mouth and then working my way to his swollen balls as I gave them the once over. “Roll over Mike and get on your knees.”

Slowly he rolled over and brought his knees up under himself as I gently helped him to spread his knees further apart. As I got between his legs I put my hands on each of his cheeks while bending forward touching his tight little pucker with my warm wet tongue. Mike let out with a moan; I felt his hips slightly push back into my face as I continued to move my tongue around his little opening while pulling my tongue back into my mouth to retrieve more wetness then darting out again until it was slick and starting to relax as I curled and shoved my wet tongue as far as it would go into him. “Jason fuck me, I need you now.”

I rolled over onto my back and told Mike to straddle me; when he did I pulled his face down to mine as we kissed for quite a while, I knew he was ready. “Mike, I will hold it still while you push down if it hurts raze up a little until you are ready and then try again.”

Mike took a deep breath and slowly started to lower himself down onto my waiting hard cock. He gasp as the head slid into his wet dripping hole and stopping long enough to relax the internal muscles before continuing on; I felt it when the last barrier finally gave way, my cock was half way in him now. I removed my hand from around my cock and it slipped in a little further. All of a sudden Mike squatted down hard; it was all of the way in. I reached up pulling his face down to mine kissing him then I whispered into his ear, “See that wasn’t to bad was it?”

Mike razed his head up a little then his face came back down to mine as we kissed long and hard while moaning into my mouth; he broke off our kiss taking in a deep breath as he sat almost straight up, his cock was getting hard. All of a sudden Mike started violently fucking my cock as though he couldn’t get enough of it into him; he started to spew his cum all over me as he rose up and then came down hard breathing wildly, My cock started to swell and I started to cum with Mike as he rose up one more time and came back down I filled him up with my hot sticky cum. Mike shuddered then bent over me kissing and licking my face until he just lay there panting like a puppy in my ear. I am sure it was minutes before he recovered before rolling off me onto his side as he continued to breathe like he could not get enough air in his lungs. I hugged Mike to me until he finally relaxed and started to kiss me again. After about fifteen minutes Mike came back to life.

Mike’s cock was getting hard again and pressing up against me. As I put my hand around it I asked Mike, “Do you think it will stay hard long enough to give me a good fucking?”

“Get up on your knees and let’s see.”

I rolled over getting up on my knees as Mike slid in behind me; there was no hesitation, Mike had his tongue in my ass before I was totally into position, my hole was filled with his spit and he was really into his work. “Mike, I am wet enough, fuck me hard.”

I felt his thick cock start to penetrate me; first the head, then he was in up to his nuts, I felt them when they hit mine. “Now Mike fuck me, yes give it to me, yes, yes, I am going to cum.”

I must have been really worked up as I came with a flaccid cock and not even touching it. Mike was not showing me any mercy now as he continued to pound me until he stiffened up and shot his second load into my boy pussy; “Don’t pull out just let it go soft in me; I feel so full, don’t move, damn it is slipping out.”

We collapsed on the bed hugging and kissing until we fell asleep in each others arms.

A little while later I woke up with Mike behind me; I felt his hard cock at the entrance of my ass then he was in and humping away. My ass was sore but I would never say that to him. About fifteen minutes later he shot another massive load deep into my bowels, it felt as good as the first time then he sighed and hung onto me. It wasn’t to long after that I woke up again; Mike was still in me but he was soft. “Mike, we better get up and shower we have to go to work in the morning.”

While Mike cleaned up I changed the bedding and took my turn in the bathroom. By the time I was finished I headed for bed. Mike said, I set the alarm for five-thirty get your little bare ass in here and snuggle to me.”

I left my shorts on the stack of books beside the bed and got in behind Mike. Kissed his neck then whispered in his ear, “You better hope I don’t get another hard on, if I do you might have a hard time explaining to Walt why you are walking funny.”

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