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kristen and i were two total diffrent people...she was into the academics cheerleader band and i was always a loner
When I was in high school there wasn’t a whole lot of action going on. I was one of those kids that wasn’t really into sports, or the popularity scene. But one thing I could do and do rather well was play the piano. I was self taught; never had a lesson. Not many people knew I could even play, except for Mrs. Olson. She was the lady in charge of all of us at lunch time, a hall monitor if you will. So every day at lunch hour, she would unlock the band room and let me slip in undetected, then let me alone for the lunch hour and the hour afterwards (my study hall) .I would be in that big room all by myself, just me and that old Baldwin grand piano. I would play and play, practicing songs that I was writing, just enjoying the magic of it all, oblivious to the world around me.
There was a girl that I always watched at lunch time through the big side window in the band room. Her name was Kristen, and she had medium length blonde hair, big blue eyes and a long slender body that had developed wonderfully over the years. Ever since Kindergarten to that time (in high school), I have had a deep emotional yearning for her. In my opinion, she was the best looking girl I had seen in my life.
Kristen always hung out with two girls, Jenny and Renee, and they were all in band together, as well as chorus. The hour after study hall was the first hour of band practice. Shy as I was, I would always slip out of the band room 10 min early so as not to be detected by anyone. Sure, the band teachers knew I was in there and Miss Trody even tried to talk me into playing in the band, but I always would turn her down. I didn’t feel confident enough to go through with it, but knew I could do it. Miss Trody would even give me lessons from time to time, coming in to the band room on my study hall hour and teaching me how to read sheet music and so on. She was a very nice lady (attractive too I might add), but I never was very interested in her. I respected her authority way too much. My goal was larger than that: to become advanced and confident enough to reveal my talents to Kristen; kind of show off a little. I knew her teen age emotions well because of my own. It seemed that the girls’ emotions were a lot easier to manipulate with the sound of a piano. I could see even in Miss Trody's eyes, I could seem to strike a chord from time to time.
One day after school my best friend Jeff and I were working on his family farm. They lived about 2 miles away and after school I would get on my four wheeler and ride through the hills and fields to get to their house. Jeff and I were horn dogs, typical teen aged boys. We used to be pretty radical as well. This was back in 1988 and they had just bought a brand new 4x4 for the farm. We would sneak off with the truck and go up to the state line were there was a party store. I would order up our dinners and Jeff would head straight to the magazine rack and start stuffing his pants full of all the latest issues of Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy, and whatever else was on the shelf that had tits and ass on the cover. Meanwhile, I kept the clerk busy with our sandwiches. I think that the clerk knew but never said anything because there were times we would wind up with 25 dollars worth of sandwiches there with as much meat and cheeses I had added to them to keep him busy.
On our way back to the farm we would talk about the latest porn movie Doug (Jeff’s older brother) had, and would sneak into his collection and quickly make a duplicate copy of it. Those movies taught me things I use even to this day; it’s amazing how such a picture gets burned into your memory. Just like the day I’m about to tell you about.
It was a typical mundane day; we had an award ceremony at school. Now I knew with Kristen’s academics she should win a few awards, but I, being as average student, would never even get an award. Kristen and I knew each other but only would talk in passing. Since kindergarten we might have said maybe twenty words to each other over the years; me always sticking my foot in my mouth half the time. She must have thought I was a complete freak or something. Jeff and I were sitting in the auditorium watching the awards ceremony talking about Doggies movies and then they called Kristen’s name for one of the awards. I abruptly turned my head to see her grace the stage, cutting Jeff off in mid sentence. Now the way they were doing the awards was the previous winner would announce the next winner. The next award to be awarded was the Principal’s award.
“The award goes to the student that has held a consistent grade level for the past three years."
I watched intently as Kristen began to speak. Her soft velvet like voice read the notes there on the podium so perfectly. I watched her with the tension of a bird dog on point, and then she spoke my name as the winner of the award. I was shocked and stunned at the same time. The auditorium lit up with cheers; I’m sure that half the school knew I had the hots for her. I stood up, my knees weak, and started heading towards the stage. I started to walk up to Kristen and she extended her hand toward mine. My heart was racing and I started to feel a little bit excited; I noticed my cock was starting to get harder every step I took toward her. If I let my primitive instincts take over I would have jumped her right there in front of the whole school. When her hand touched mine I felt a tremor shoot up my arm. I took my last step to her and she reached up and kissed me right smack on the lips. My heart dropped I felt Kristen’s breast brush up my chest. Her nipples were hard and I could tell that she was very happy to see me. She let go of my hand, and as she was doing so she accidentally grazed my bulging cock .She stopped and rubbed it for a second and said, "Wow good to see you too!"
Granted, we were blocked by the podium but I felt a little embarrassed. The auditorium just was wild from her kissing me; if they would have seen her cope a feel of my package I think a riot would have broken out.
After the award ceremony people were coming up to me, congratulating me more on the kiss then the award. Lunch time rolled around. Mrs. Olson congratulated me and unlocked the band room to let me do my daily practice. I slipped into the band room, caught my breath, walked up to the piano and said, “Well old friend, it sure is good to see you today!” The lights were dim just the sun light coming in through the big windows. I looked out side where Kristen, Jenny and Renee usually were but only saw Jenny and Renee. I was rather disappointed with not seeing Kristen. My heart was full of joy and excitement and my hands were shaking. I sat down behind the piano and started to play the prettiest song I have ever played; I felt all the emotions welling up inside me from the days events. I played hard. I played gently; it was like an intimate moment as the piano sang my song. As I was playing it felt as if someone other then I was in the band room that day. Then two very slender arms reached over my shoulders and rested around my neck in a very delicate embrace. My hands froze over the keyboard. The sound faded from the piano and I heard the prettiest voice in the world in my ear telling me to keep playing. Gently I reached up and put my hand on the two hands embracing me.
“Kristen I...I...I can’t believe you’re in here.” She broke her embrace and slid up next to me on the piano bench.
“I can’t believe you can play the piano like that.”
My heart raced; I think even she could hear it. I said to her in a low, graveled voice, “How did you know I was in here?”
She turned her head gently towards me and looked deep into my eyes.
“Mrs. Olson told me you played in here every day. I didn’t believe her, but when she unlocked the door to let you in, I slipped in behind you before it closed. I heard the music so I walked slowly and found you playing the most passionate song I’ve ever heard.”
She smiled and rested her head on my shoulder.
“Why were you looking for me?”
“I wanted to apologize for embarrassing you on stage, and after hearing you play the piano and feeling your cock earlier I wanted to ask you a question.”
I felt that flushing of embarrassment returning for how forward she was being. I asked her what her question was.
“Do you like me?”
“Kristen, I’ve liked you from the first day I laid eyes on you back in kindergarten.”
“Why haven’t you ever shown any interest in me?”
“I ..... I figured you were out of my reach. I never thought I would see the day I would have a conversation with you, let alone the day I would have a conversation with you and get a kiss.”
“You liked that kiss didn’t you? You weren’t embarrassed at all by it.”
I pulled her head off my shoulder and looked deeply in her big, blue eyes.
"Kristen I could never repay that kiss. It was the most exciting thing I’ve ever had happen to me!”
She leaned in and started to kiss me again. My heart raced and my cock started to get extremely hard. I reached over her back and put my hand on the small of her back pulling her a bit closer. I then confirmed what I thought earlier. She was braless. Her perky little breast pressed up against my chest. I started rubbing her back. She let out a sigh and moaned.
Looking deep into my eyes she said "Would you like to feel them?" Without hesitation she reached around and placed my hand on her breast. This was the first time I had ever felt a breast. They were soft and the nipple was firm. I caressed them like a pro, like I saw in Doggies movies. She started moaning and she reached up and kissed me again. My cock was just throbbing at this point. As I caressed her breast she reached down and started to rub my cock again like she did in the auditorium, but this time it was just her and me.
She unzipped my pants; eagerly my cock popped out through the flap of my boxers. She gripped it firmly in her hand.
“Wow you have a big one! Look at that, I can’t even get my hand around it!”
I sat back a bit letting it poke up out of my shorts. It stood firm, a massive 8 1/2 inches tall. She started to stroke it firmly and I felt the pre come lube her hand and my member. She moaned and started to kiss me again. I reached over and pulled her shirt off, exposing a full view of her breasts. She slid around and straddled the piano bench rising up. Her breasts were in my face at this point. I began to tease the nipple with my mouth, biting them ever so gently between my teeth. She squirmed and started to pant a bit, but she also started to tremble, as if she were about to climax.
“Oh god that’s amazing!”
I thought, “God damn I didn’t do anything and she’s already about to cum?!” I started thinking, “I wonder if she will let me fuck her. Then I’ll show her what Cumming is!”
I stood up and pulled my shoes off, as well as my pants and boxers. I turned in front of her as she sat on the piano bench. Once again she firmly grasped my cock but then she also bent over and took half of it into her mouth. The feeling was astonishing! The first time in my life my cock entered anything other then my hand. She pulled off it and tried again, gaining a little more ground. My cock was about to explode having this girl of my dreams giving me my first knob job, but I held back, focusing on the sharpness of her back teeth rubbing my shaft to keep from Cumming. She pulled off and sat back up and kissed me again, while reaching down to the front of her jeans to undo the button and unzip them. I gently reached around her, took the back of her jeans, and started sliding them off, revealing a hot little red thong. . In one graceful movement, I pulled this down, feeling her tiny ass and legs in the process of it all.
She looked into my eyes again. “I’ve never been intimate with anyone before but I want you to do the honors of taking my cherry.”
I just about spoiled my load hearing these words. There we were in the band room, almost totally naked, with my cock standing erect in its full glory and her wanting to take me. For the first time in our lives I reached gently down to her pubic mound. The small, dark, well groomed patch of hair was in my hand. I felt a very tight passageway and a little further down was a very moist set of pussy lips. I gently pressed my index finger to them, and she moaned and squirmed again. She sat down on the piano bench and spread her long slender legs apart. I knelt down in front of her small body and placed my mouth directly over her small pussy and licked up ward. I found the clit rather easily. It was throbbing with her every heart beat. She let out a high shrill scream and leaned back on the piano keyboard. It let out a loud jumble of discordant notes. To me this was the sweetest song ever.
I continued to lick that sweet tangy clit and finger her cunt, and all of a sudden my mouth was filled with a creamy juice. It tasted rather musky at first and I forced it out of my mouth into her little pussy. She let out moan and I proceeded to stick my finger into her tight very wet pussy with no resistance. She pulled me up off her pussy and laid down on top of the piano bench, with her legs spread over the sides and her sopping wet virgin pussy glistening in the sunlight. She was kissing me franticly.
“Oh god, I’m ready, ram your hard cock inside me!”
Well, that was all the invitation I needed. I got on top of her and touched the head of my cock gently to her pussy lips, gently moving it up and down until I got the head in. I kept wondering how the hell I was going to get this big thing in that small hole. I rubbed my cock back and forth gently, gaining a little each time. She groaned and started panting as I penetrated her deeper and deeper. All of a sudden I hit a barrier. I felt a very strong pulsing coming from Kristen’s pussy. I had hit her hymen, and after getting an apprehensive yet willing look from Kristen’s beautiful eyes, I pushed forward hard, breaking the barrier and hitting the back of her pussy. She arched backwards and squealed. I bent over and kissed her.
I took my cock out and then proceeded to ease it in again, gently but with authority this time. It was a bit easier but she was still extremely tight. She was panting and groaning and she let out another squeal.
“Am I hurting you baby? The last thing I would ever do is that.”
“No I’m fine you’re just so damn big! It feels really good though, keep going and fuck me hard! I want you to so bad! Ram it in me again, I’ll loosen up.”
I pulled back again and trusted it in her one more time. This time she followed rhythm and thrust upward at me and it felt extremely good. I started to think. “I haven’t jacked off for days so I’m going to fill her right up! I better pull out when I’m ready; I don’t need to be a father at 16! But, I want to shoot as much cum in her pussy as I can ...I’ve dreamt about this since I was 8 years old, jacking off to this girl for years. But the last thing I would want to do is get her pregnant and I love her too much to do that.” I proceeded to fuck her, faster with every thrust. She looked deeply in my eyes and could see the dilemma I was having.
“You can come in me; my mom has had me on the pill since I’ve been 12.”
With that I felt a swelling in my balls that I knew oh so well, but this time it was much more intense. Her tight body and pussy were keeping rhythm with me. My balls were slapping against her ass every time I rammed my cock into her. I pulled out a little too far and when I came down my well lubed cock slipped right into her tiny ass hole. She screamed out; all 8 1/2 inches of my meat were buried in her ass. It was tighter then her pussy but didn’t seem to give as much resistance. She just freaked out kissing me.
“Oh god yes! It went right in and I came the second you went in there!”
I gently pulsated back and forth driving her innocence right out that big window in the band room. I stopped and pulled out of her ass.
“Are you done already,” she asked, looking slightly disappointed.
“No no, not at all! I want to try something I saw in a movie once”
I flipped her over so her belly was on the piano bench with those long, slender thighs spilling over the side and her knees on the floor. She turned and looked at me with apprehension with those big blue eyes as I stepped up behind her.
“Trust me ill be gentle and leave your butt hole alone this time.”
I slid my hard long cock into her pussy one more time. That little ass was such a turn on! Every time I would enter in her, her butt hole would pucker up like it wanted kiss. I figured its time to give her 8 years of dreaming about her in one final deep thrust.... I drew all the way back and slammed into her, instantly sending both of us into orgasms. I shot my load deep in her. She began to shutter from her orgasm, driving my already exploding cock even more wild. I came hard, really hard, but I kept pumping her as I shot off my load. It was very wet now and my cum was buried deep in her. She let out a primal scream and I let out a deep groan, and the next thing I knew we were Cumming again; each time we did, whimpering and moaning followed. When we both finished Cumming I wrapped my arms around her waist in a bear hug type fashion and pulled her up off that piano bench, and sat down with her still mounted on my cock. With her back facing me and her small ass on my huge cock sitting on my lap, I embraced her one more time from behind. I gently kissed her neck and told her I would always be in her debt.
She stood up, my cock leaving that sweet pussy and mourning its departure. I noticed our cum running profusely down her leg, and so did she.
“...Wow you really filled me up!”
She reached into her pants pocket and pulled out a tampon and placed it in her cunt.
“I came prepared”
We proceeded to get dressed at that time our lunch hour was just about over. I played her a song on the piano. You know, every day after that the piano just never sounded the same. Later that day I asked Kristen to be my girlfriend, and of course she accepted. Every day after that we enjoyed lunch in the band room until the end of the year, at which point we had another set of adventures that summer.

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