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25 year old Claire enjoys her first visit to the club in the company of her master
Claire’s outing to the BDSM Club

Aged 25 Claire is unsure how she feel under the masters spell; she is a wealthy experienced tax accountant who is highly sought after; a woman at the top of her profession; they had met at a party organised by one of her work colleagues; he is older than her, but is charming, witty, intelligent and wealthy; what more could a girl want in a man. They dated a few times, slept together after the third date and slowly, gradually she moved from casual lover to his submissive slut. She sits in front of her bedroom mirror carefully applying her make-up before brushing her long natural ash-blonde hair. She has paid particular attention to her pubic hair, or now lack of pubic hair then looks at the outfit hanging on the back of the bedroom door, the outfit her master sent for her to wear.

As usual her master’s instructions were clear and concise; she is to dress in the red leather basque that falls under her large titties, leather panties, suspenders, sheer black stockings and black stiletto ankle boots. No skirt, or blouse, her only permitted outer garment is her most treasured possession a full length designer leather coat given to her by the master. The only stipulation being that she must leave it unfastened. Claire is to be outside her flat at exactly 7:30pm when the master will collect her; she stands in the street shivering in a mixture of anticipation of what the evening will bring and the fear that her neighbours will witness her apparel. The master keeps her waiting 30 minutes, just to remind her that she is his pet, his slut and of little consequence.
Eventually a taxi stops in front of her, the master is in the back and has been observing her for the past 15 minutes, he is pleased that she obeyed his instructions to the letter and that she did not seek refuge in her safe flat. As she approaches the cab he tells her to open her coat wide so that both he and the taxi driver can gaze on her perfect body. She sighs in relief as she is permitted to enter the cab and the journey begins.
The master hands her a leather case.

“As my slut I expect you to wear this all evening”.

Claire eagerly takes the box opening it to reveal the most perfect of gifts, a black leather collar and a long silver chain with leather hand grip, she fingers the four magical silver letters set in the front of the collar S L U T. She bends her head forward allowing the master to fit her badge of office. Then as part of their ritual she takes a small silver box from the pocket of her coat and hands it to the master, her gift to him.
“Fit them for me master” she purrs. He opens the box, his stern expression unchanging, only his eyes betraying his emotions. He carefully examines the solid silver nipple clamps and long chain, he take great pleasure in fastening them to Claire’s already elongated nipples, taking delight in causing his slut as much pain as possible in the process.

The taxi drives into an exclusive residential area, the master has never taken Claire to a club before, their time together has been spent in her cramped flat or the masters riverside apartment, the master had called it her training period and now after 6 months she was deemed suitable to be seen in his company. The taxi stops outside a rundown building and the master alights; true to her training Claire remain in the cab until the master pulls on her new leash.

Pleased with Claire’s obedience the master leads her to the club’s entrance; there is nothing to mark the building as anything out of the ordinary except a new very solid red door and several well concealed CCTV cameras. Remembering her training Claire walks the required three steps behind her master, her head bowed at all times. The door opens and the master steps in, a tug on the leash being Claire’s cue to step forward. Once inside the heavy door clangs as it is shut and several heavy bolts are drawn across. Claire’s coat is taken without a word being spoken.

The master moves forward; a gentle tug on the leash telling her to "step-up a little"; they slowly descend the stairs into the building’s basement. Claire walks close behind the master, her eyes lowered at all times; knowing that she is not permitted to make eye contact with anyone without the masters express permission. The steps are bare concrete as are the parts of the wall she can see. At the foot of the stairs is a solid metal door which is only opened after the master has identified himself. As soon as they pass through the door the atmosphere completely changes, no longer barren and cold, the area is warm, the floor is richly carpeted and the small areas of the wall that Claire can see appear to be decorated. Claire is excited at being taken to the club by hare master and yet so frightened.

Part way along the corridor the master stops and engages in conversation with another male, their conversation is softly spoken and Claire knows better that to eavesdrop; the master’s voice is slightly raised

“...and this is my new pet.” A harsh tug on the leash pulling Claire forward so that she is now standing next to her master. The master places a finger under her chin lifting her head, she finds herself looking at a tall man wearing a richly decorated Venetian Mask. Claire stands with her hands clasped in front, totally silent, fully obedient to her earlier instructions. She quickly averts her eyes from the strangers and studies the mask, a mask so exquisite, so well made that it could only have been made in Venice.

The man carefully studies her, looking longingly at her exposed breasts and the sliver clamps.

“You are bringing them in younger and younger”.

Turning his attention to Claire he asks

“Do you love your master little girl”?

Claire is about to answer but the master has taught her well; his instructions fresh in her memory ‘I will answer for you and you may only speak if I give you permission’.

"She loves me very much, don't you slut?" He pets your head as you would a dog then nods giving her permission to speak.

"Yes master, with my mind, my heart, my soul and my body". Perfectly reciting the response expected.

The tall man nods, pleased with her answer; he stands aside adding.

“You will have an interesting night my friend”.

The leash is tightened as the master proceeds along the corridor, but Claire rooted to the spot. She is staring at the large colour photographs on the wall; a stunning blonde not to dissimilar to herself is being brutally fucked by 4 black men with cocks at least 12 long, if not longer". A black dominatrix who is wearing an impossibly long black strap-on phallus is waiting her turn to use the blonde. Claire feels that wonderful wetness within her panties. A strong pull on the leash is her reminder that she must obey her master at all times.

Her eyes lowered she is aware they have entered a large room, the noise of soft music and many conversations fills her ears; laughter and squeals of pain assault her senses as does the overarching aroma of sex. The master leads her through the room her only view being bare feet, male and female, a mix of leather boots and highly polished shoes. The master stops and then sits in a plush chair; Claire senses others are present around the table but dutifully keeps her eyes lowered. She dutifully kneels by his side eyes still lowered and alert for any movement or instructions.

Without looking at Claire the master pats her head, her reward for good behaviour, her transgression in the corridor has been forgiven. Lifting her eyes Claire can see her master is talking to an extremely attractive female; Claire estimates that she is in her early 40’s, but with a face a figure to die for. Rather than wearing the expected leather garb, the female has chosen a black dress of the most sheer material, her large breast and pointed nipples clearly visible as are her black lace panties and hold up black stockings, 4 inch ‘Jimmy Choo’s’ stilettos finishing the effect. The female looks positively regal, Suddenly Claire is aware that the female is studying her, against all her training Claire makes eye contact, the females emerald green irises captivating her. It is only when the female slaps her riding crop against the table leg that Clair drops her eyes.

The master’s conversation continues, although now Claire is straining to hear every word, she tries to learn the females name or to hear her voice. Then she hears the name for the first time ‘Katrina’ and when Katrina finally speaks Claire identifies an Eastern European accent. Claire is not a languages expert, but with so many wealthy European clients trying to avoid paying tax she has been exposed to many accents. Latvia, she decides that Katrina is Latvian.
Katrina clicks her fingers and a huge black male wearing just boots and a leather thong that can barely contain his bulging package hurries to her side. He listens carefully to the whispered instructions and then walks out of Clair’s sight. A few minutes later a boy, probably under the age of 18 is forced onto his knees next to Katrina, the black male respectfully hands her the leash attached to the boy’s collar. Claire takes a risk and studies the boy; he is naked apart from a pair of lacy female panties. She smiles to reassure the boy, but he is so well trained he does not respond. Claire’s eyes are drawn to the welts on the boy’s upper arms and chest, he has been whipped, and from the colour of the marks quite recently. She shudders wondering what punishments her master has planned for her.

Unknown the Claire the master has been observing her and he leans closer to Katrina, whispering in her ear, a broad smile spreads across her face as she leans forward and grasps Claire’s face with one hand, her grip firm and unyielding. With the other hand she applies pressure to Claire’s forehead forcing Claire to open her mouth. Claire does not resist, she knows she has been disobedient and been found out. Claire finds Katrina’s gaze unnerving, those green eyes piercing her soul, the long manicured finger nail is in front of her face, the nail varnish perfectly matching the colour of Katrina’s eyes. Claire does not flinch as the nail traces the contours of her face. Katrina whispers to the master who nods his approval.

The boy is dragged to his feet and made to stand in front of Claire. The master leans forward

“Madam Katrina’s pet is unwell and she believes you can make him better”.

The master tilts Clair’s head so that for the first time she is looking directly at Katrina, Claire feels her breath catch in her throat, the Latvian is the most beautiful female she has ever seen. Claire is rewarded with a warm smile.

“I told Madam that you are extremely good at making men feel better; you do know what is required of you slut”?

Claire nods, she knows the master likes her to suck his cock to completion and senses that the master wants her to do the same to the boy as he watches. The boy appears petrified but offers no resistance, he winces when Claire touches him. She gently strokes the boy’s penis through his panties but her ministrations produce sobs of pain. Claire lowers the panties to discover the boy have been fitted with a cock ring secured by a fine chain that circumvents his waist. What Claire is unaware of is that on the inside of the ring are a number of minuscule sharp spikes that will dig into the penis should it become erect.
Claire looks to her master who nods his approval for her to begin her task.

Claire tries to be gentle, but is unaware of the cruel nature of the ring; she has been well trained in the art of cock sucking and within seconds the boy’s penis is becoming erect; she is confused by the boy’s behaviour as she fellates him; she senses the boy is stifling his screams.

The master is pleased at how quickly Claire brought the boy to full erection; particularly given he would know the pain it will cause. When Claire sees the blood seeping from under the ring she gasps and stops, but it is too late for the boy and his screams of pain echo round the room attracting attention and a large crowd. Claire knows that she is now the centre of attention and that although she is causing the boy considerable pain she must continue until told to stop by her master. Her only hope to reduce the boy’s suffering is to make him cum as quickly as possible and so she applied all her skills.

Claire is aware of Madam Katrina’s voice and the master tugging on her leash; the black man steps forward and forces the boy onto his hands and knees in the centre of the circle that has been formed by the audience. There is a gasp as the black reveals the size of his penis and then shouts of encouragement as he masturbates himself to full erection. Then he is kneeling behind the boy, his penis touching the exposed white anus. The black man looks to Madam Katrina who in turn looks the crowd playing them. A chant of “Fuck him” “Fuck him” is taken up and Katrina seems to consider this before nodding her approval for the rape to begin.

Claire sits back next to her master, her lip coated with pre-cum and flecks of blood, she tried to keep her eyes averted but is fascinated by the rape, the boys screams and the shouts of the crowd. She feels her master’s hand on her head and understands that as a reward she is being allowed to watch. She observes the blood still dripping from the boy’s now flaccid penis the black now in his stride his cock buried deep inside his victim. Claire leans closer to her master, her body touching his thigh as she feels her orgasm building; she is struggling to understand why the sight of the boy being sodomised so exciting. She likes the feel of her master gently stroking her hair and is aware that he is looking at her through new eyes; he leans and whispers to Madam Katrina who responds with a cold evil smile.

Claire feels real fear, the fear that she will be the black guy’s next victim; his penis is impossibly large, or is she to be given to Madam Katrina as a gift. She is uncertain which of the two fates would be worse. All she knows is that she is the master’s slut to use as he desires. As if sensing her concerns the master whispers in her ear.

“Do you love your Master”?

Without hesitation and in love she looks at her master and replies

“Yes master, with my mind, my heart, my soul and my body”.

The master turns her head so that she is again watching the performance which is about to end; the boy has passed out and the black man has withdrawn his cock to cum on the boy's back. Cum is dripping into the pool of blood on the floor. The master stands and tugs on the leash and Clair instantly stands; her nipples hard and erect and her panties wet from excitement. As they move through the crowd Claire is aware that Madam Katrina is walking close behind her; all around them people are engaged in sexual acts; many are punishing their slaves for not being as obedient as the boy. Claire notes that they are walking toward a quieter area. Claire wants to look round to see if Katrina is behind her, she wonders how the mistress could leave her slave in such a condition, she fears that her master would abandon her after she had been badly used. She takes a deep breath to control her nerves.
The master leads her into a small room, totally out of keeping with the grander rooms; this room resembles the entrance, bare concrete walls and floor, the only light coming from unshaded light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The door slams shut and Claire hears the sound of Madam Katrina’s stilettos. The master leads her to a solitary metal chair that has been bolted to the floor.


Claire instantly complies, the metal cold and hard against her skin. He clips the handle of her leash to the chair and stands back to admire his slut.

“Look at me slut” he commands.

Claire raises her head as Madam Katrina stands next to her master.

“Her name is Claire; I like it but feel free to change it as you find it appropriate”.

Claire looks at Madam Katrina willing her master not to give her as a present to the mistress. Katrina slowly walks to the chair; she seductively places a hand on Claire’s head and leans over. Her face so close that all Claire can do is to look straight into the green eyes. Katrina caresses Claire’s long hair before pulling on it drawing the girl’s face close to hers while gently caressing Claire’s cheek with the other hand. Suddenly Katrina is passionately kissing Claire her tongue forcing its way into the girl’s willing mouth. Claire instantly responds as she has been trained too; greedily kissing back, nothing else matters only pleasuring whoever the master demands she serve. Madam Katrina’s lips, tongue, smell everything about this woman is enthralling; she kisses back until without warning she bites down hard on Claire’s tongue then straightens up and walks away.

Claire lets out an involuntary squeal, more from shock than actual pain Katrina’s green eyes sparkle showing her triumph over Claire. The master caresses Claire’s face and looks to Madam Katrina who nods.

“Claire my slut you are going to become a star”.

Claire feels a heady mix of pride and pleasure building up inside; she knows that there will be pain, but this may bring her closer to her master, make him want to keep her forever. Madam Katrina is standing next to the master and as Claire watches in horror the pair passionately embrace and kiss. Waves of jealousy and envy wash over Claire ruining her earlier exuberance. Her master’s hand is on her head forcing her to look forward as the pair engages in deep kissing. The hand slowly slides down caressing Claire’s neck and shoulders, teasing her exposed titties and finally grasping the chain attached to the nipple clamps. As Claire looks down Madam Katrina’s hand closes over the masters causing Claire shuddering pain as the clamps are pulled whilst the pair continue to kiss.

Tears flow as the pain hits Claire, tears of pain but also of jealousy as it is obvious her master enjoys Madam Katrina’s company. Although she knows she is only his slut; she has fallen uncontrollably in love with her master. As suddenly as it started the pain subsides, her clamps are no longer being pulled although the masters and Katrina’s hands are still interlocked. Madam Katrina is enjoying making Claire watch while she is intimate with the girl’s master; it is her way of demonstrating that she can take away from her whenever she wishes. Claire is forced to watch as the touching becomes more intimate, Madam Katrina fondling the masters penis through his trousers whilst his hand is visible through the sheer material of Katrina’s dress as it delves into her panties. Finally the pair part and walk to the door at the far end of the room; the master turns.

“Stay there slut”. The door closes behind him.

Claire is left alone in the room, her hands are free she can free herself at any time; she senses her master wants her to make a choice. Her mind is torn; part of her wants to run to the door pull it open and tell the master she loves him and needs him to love her; however her training tells her to obey and that you will be severely punished for disobedience. The third option is to walk back through the club and return to the dull boring life she had before she met the master. She sits and ponders, then freeing the chain she walks to the door the master and Katrina passed through holding the chain in her outstretched hand, making herself a gift to whoever takes it. She takes a deep breath then knocks on the door before opening it.

The master and Katrina have been watching Claire on the CCTV the master silently willing her to walk to him. Katrina takes hold of Claire’s hand and gently pulls her into the room and unclips the leash from the collar before kissing the girl on both cheeks.

“Claire before you can become the perfect slave you need to forget all your personal feelings. The feelings you will have are your Mater's when he is happy you are happy. When he is displeased you will be displeased. Nothing counts but him. You need to abandon the stupid notion that you exist without him". The words are not spoken unkindly, just as a matter of fact. Katrina then leads Claire by the hand to the apparatus set up in the centre of the room. Claire does not look to her master for approval as she is led to the equipment that resembles a medieval pillory, only rather than being constructed in rough timber this one is manufactured in highly polished stainless steel and the height is adjustable by use of an electronic motor. Madam Katrina lifts the hinged top panel and without being instructed Claire steps forward placing her head and wrists in the openings; the panel is lowered securing her in place. Leather ankle straps are fitted then attached to chains secured to the base of the stocks; an electric motor whirrs and the chains tighten pulling Claire’s legs open.

Once secured the master and Madam Katrina stand and admire Claire discussing her as if she was not present in the room. Katrina finishing the conversation

“….Yes she is pretty, she has an amazing body. She knows how to obey and yet there is so much she needs to be taught”. Taking a scalpel from a trolley she shows Claire the ultra-sharp blade, demonstrating just how sharp by slicing a piece of Claire’s hair. Claire feel the pressure on her basque and tenses as the blade is drawn down slicing through the leather clothing as if they were made from butter. The blade never touching skin, a few precise incisions leaving Clare naked except for her suspenders, stockings, boots and collar. She feels so vulnerable; being naked with her master was a pleasure; but in the presence of the cruel mistress she feels that she is totally powerless; she remembers Katrina’s words and does not show any emotion.

She is looking into her master’s face, she knows Madam Katrina is still behind her, but has no idea what she is doing. She realises that the master is now looking behind her, a smile forming on his lips. She flinches when the sharp, long, finger nail bites into the skin at the base of her neck and runs down till it encounters the leather suspender belt. Then nothing, the waiting worse than the punishment; Claire finds that she is unable to control the shivers running through her body She is trapped, in a trap of her own making, she could not stay away from her master and he knew she would follow him through the door. It is fear and not cold that makes her shiver; shivers that increase when Katrina’s tongue connects with her exposed pussy lips.

In spite of her situation Claire feels the pleasure building up and propagating from her wet pussy to the rest of your body. The master watches as her face contracts with pleasure. He walks behind to enjoy the show. Without any warning Claire feels the sting of the whip across her back. After the pleasures of the mistress’s tongue she is unprepared for the whip and the first blow drives her titties hard against the metal frame. She quickly gathers her senses.

"One master, thank you". She utters.

Two more strikes follow in rapid succession. Pain and pleasure filling her body in a way she has never experienced before. After each strike she thanks the master but then adds a thank-you mistress as her orgasm erupts. As her orgasms invade a brief flurry of blows strike Claire’s back, slowing down and disappearing as her strength abandons her and she is left shuddering in a mix of pleasure and pain. She is left hanging limp on the frame totally drained and exhausted; her pussy is on fire with lust and her back stinging from the whipping. She watches as her master strips down to his leather pouch, his cock straining to escape. Madam Katrina adjusts the restraints and the motor starts, this time lowering the apparatus so that Claire’s face is inches from the master’s hard cock. Claire watches in eager anticipation as the master discards his leather pouch. She licks her lips, she has been waiting for this moment all evening and now it will be better as Madam Katrina will be watching.

“Now show the Mistress what a good cock sucker you are”.

The master steps forward and commences to fuck Claire’s mouth like never before. Claire cannot use her hands to control his actions; she feels he is using her as a worthless fuck toy. The fact that the mistress is standing next to him her fingers stroking his ass makes the whole scenario so much more exciting. Claire grips his cock with her lips trying to control his movements and actions. She has never known him to be this aroused and now hopes that the mistress will feature in their future life. The next thrust takes his cock to the back of her throat his balls on her lips. She feels his cock throbbing with every thrust, as she chokes on it. The master forces his cock fully inside, his body pressing against her face as Katrina pinches Claire’s nose to prevent her from breathing. Claire fights and struggles but cannot move; she feels light headed; thinks they are going to kill her. The pressure on her nose is released and she gasps for breath allowing the cock to be driven even deeper. The cock is pulled back and her mouth begins to fill with cum, more than she has ever experienced, she feels that she is drowning in a sea of white cum.

They help her from the stocks allowing her to recover on a sofa; her master on one side of her and Katrina on the other; they praise her for her efforts, telling her what a good slut she is.

“Are you ready for the main event Claire”?

“Yes Madam”

Madam Katrina picks up the telephone and issues instructions; a few minutes later there is a discrete knock on the door and a beautiful girl dressed as a ring mistress complete with black top hat, black bodice starting under her fantastic titties and ending above her shaved pussy’ suspenders hung from the garment the fish net stockings and high boots making the whole package so appealing.
“Miss Claire is ready for her debut Amanda, we will watch from my table”

“Yes Madam” followed by a respectful bow.

Amanda takes Claire’s hand and leads her from the room.

The debut was to be the centre piece of an orgy, couples fucking in, on and around her; she lost count of the number of cocks that penetrated her, the number of cocks she sucked or the number of times guys ejaculated over her body. She was kissed by males and females and it felt as if her whole body was on fire. Eventually Amanda led her to a private suite where she showered and having dried collapsed on the bed exhausted.
She woke feeling sore; her back stinging and her pussy ass and throat aching. She has vague memories of men and women touching and using her. The only clear image is being watched by her master and the smile on his face as she was being used. She opens her eyes to see the beautiful face of her master smiling at her. He moves forward and gently kisses her on the lips; she feels movement behind her and cool ointment is applied to her back followed by kisses to her neck. She has woken up between Katrina and her master.

“You are my good girl Claire”

The master follows the comment with a kiss as both he and Katrina give her gentle hugs.

“Did I serve you well master”?

“You did my girl, and now you are going to get a treat”.

The master’s lips move down to her breasts kissing them tenderly and then he is between her legs while Madam Katrina caresses her nipples and delivers further kisses to Claire’s neck. She lay back allowing both to use her; allow, no reality she is begging them to never stop; Katrina is turning her on so much; she is lost to both of them and when the master’s tongue hits her clitty she is in heaven.

Claire completely forgets all her training, her hands caressing Madam Katrina’s naked titties gently caressing them as she responds to the her kisses moan into her mouth, Claire’s fingers flicking Katrina’s hard nipples. Claire reached down resting her hand on the back of her master’s head pulling him into her pussy. She knows she will be punished for such wanton disobedience, but they have driven her mad with lust. Katrina is feeding Claire her titties, allowing the girl to suckle on her nipples, to Claire it feel that the master is trying to eat her cunt. Then Katrina whispers the magic words.

“Cum babe, you deserve it”. Programmed for so long to cum on demand Claire immediately follows her instructions, her orgasm so powerful a small squirt of pee escapes. The master licks as she orgasms in his mouth, Claire knows he will have tasted her pee; another transgression for which she will be punished. The master moves to join Katrina all three sharing kisses. Claire collapses back as the master and Katrina kiss over her a feeling of complete contentment flowing through her; she realises that this was her introduction to the mistress and that she now has two owners to serve.

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