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Having committed herself to performing multiple acts of donkey sex in Tijuana next weekend, an enterprising MILF turns to performing in porn movies to whip herself into mental and physical sex shape for the beastly event. As a part of the deal, she has to pass out some freebees to a Senator and several of his horny young relatives.
The Donkey Solution, Part 2C

MILF’s Porn Movie Sex, Plus Freebees


As Michelle slowly came awake she attempted to lick her lips but found that there was something in her mouth that was preventing her from doing so. With eyes shut, she groggily explored the obstruction with the tip of her tongue and found, whatever it was, to be folded up like a flaccid snake. With more urgency she began fully probing the spongy mouthful with her long, slippery tongue until, to her surprise, she felt the soft obstruction begin stirring to life. Startled, she pushed her tongue fully into the wet, fleshy tube a couple of more times before she realized that it was someone’s limp cock occupying her mouth.

She immediately stilled her stimulating tongue and sought to get her bearings. With her eyes still closed, she established that she was naked and lying on her side, on what felt like a carpeted floor. She could feel that the left side of her head was resting on something warm and firm, and that the same type of thing was pressing down, heavily, on the other side of her head. She reached up and touched the two objects that effectively had her head trapped between them, and quickly recognized them to be a pair of bare male’s thighs. She felt something tickling her nose and lips, so she opened her eyes and found that her face was half-buried in a virtual forest of crusty, sticky, smelly pubic hair. Based on the preponderance of the evidence, she deduced that she must have fallen asleep with the cock in her mouth, either while she was giving it a blow job, or immediately after she’d finished sucking it off and swallowing its load of spunk.

Now fully awake, she remembered that she was in Maury Shine’s office and that the orgy with him, the Mexican lawyer and her son-in-law, as well as her wildly over-sexed daughter, had gone on for hours until they had all passed out from exhaustion. From the feel of the skinny thighs that had her head clamped between them, and the foul taste in her mouth, she knew that it was, in fact, Shine’s cock that was pressing against her tongue. Lying there she could feel the Jew’s male organ continue to swell in size, gradually forcing her teeth apart, but thankfully concluded that its owner was still asleep, along with everyone else in the dimly lit room.

While she was contemplating how she was going to be able to physically extract herself from the position she was in, without waking up Shine, her next move was suddenly dictated to her when she heard the little Jew moan with pleasure and then press both of his hands firmly against the back of her neck. With her head now firmly imprisoned between Shine’s thighs and his hands, she watched his hips thrust forward with a slow humping motion, re-stuffing all of his fast stiffening cockmeat fully back into her mouth, mashing his hairy, matted pubic mound against her lips. She could tell by his soft, even breathing that he was still asleep, so it was obvious to her that he was screwing her mouth in his dreams.

As the lengthening, hardening, snake like male organ continued to uncoil and grow in her mouth, she decided that her only real chance of getting out of the office without waking everyone up, was to stay where she was and let her son-in-law’s nasty little Jewish Agent finish his unconscious, but real life oral sex dream, in her mouth.

The heat of the drool pooling inside of her mouth was fast bringing the 7+ inches of Jewish peckermeat up to full size. She patiently let the swelling male appendage continue to fuck her slippery, drooling oral penis pleaser until, eventually, it was able to deep throat her each time the mouth humping hips shoved his hairy, crusty, cummy pubic mound fully into her face.

Since Shine was fast asleep, it was just she and his stimulated cock that were awake and having sex together. That being the case, she decided that she should go ahead and give the vile, invading penis a really good time with her mouth, in order to speed up his climax and thereby give her the opportunity to get out of the office much sooner. Committing herself to that distasteful plan of action, she put her hot, wet, very skilled tongue to work on the mouth full of Hebrew sex sausage, eating the kosher meatpole with purposeful enthusiasm, as the sleeping Shine continued to aggressively ream out her throat with his swollen weapon.

As the pleased, now rigidly hard prick had its way with her full service, very cooperative oral cock sucking orifice, she began thinking about what she needed to do when she got out of there. Although she had always been very sexually active, for the demanding, big cocked donkey sex sessions she had committed herself to performing next weekend in Tijuana, her three cock servicing receptacles were going to need a crash course in high volume sexual exercise, including having multiple numbers of very large men’s cocks repeatedly thrust into all of them, in every way possible, thereby giving her whole body a very vigorous fucking workout during the few days that remained before the start of Friday’s beastly, sex orgy events.

As she bobbed her head on the sleeping Shine’s happy, mouth plundering cock, she thought through the limited number of gang bang options she had available to her, and concluded that her only real alternative was to call her long time former boyfriend/pornboss, Harry Hines, the owner of Degenerate Films, Inc., and take him up on his long standing offer to let her perform in some more of the truly filthy XXX-rated movies he was so famous for making. Having been his main sex squeeze, and top ranked porn star, a long time ago, and having sucked him off every month since then, she knew that Harry would jump at the chance to be able to film her being used by a bunch of his notoriously sleazy looking studs, while they were making her perform sordid sex acts, with and for them, in Harry’s always successful “beauty-and-the-beasts” filthy gangbang movie format. Making several orgy movies during the next few days would give her the many cocked sexual workouts that she so very badly needed to prepare her for next weekends Tijuana donkey dong debauchery. She knew that Harry would make absolutely sure that his stable of nauseatingly ugly, huge-bonered, creepy, we-fuck-the-porn-sluts-for-free, male porn stars, went out of their way to rut her into fucking shape, both mentally and physically.

At that moment her tongue felt Maury’s cock begin to quiver, this warning being quickly followed by the frenzied male fucking tool starting to get its rocks off in her mouth. The few hours of sleep the obnoxious Jew had gotten had obviously recharged his sexual batteries, because the spasming prick that was erupting in her mouth was shooting a very large quantity of creamy Hebrew semen down her gulping throat.

She had heard Shine’s breath quicken when he started ejaculating and splattering cum against the back of her mouth and, now that he had finished thoroughly hosing her very cooperative dong swallower, she thankfully heard his breathing return to normal as he fell back into a deep, pleased, very gratified, post-sex slumber.


After she had swallowed down the last few dribbling spurts of Maury’s thick, tangy joy juice, Michelle slowly pulled her head back and let the Jew’s fast softening dong slide across her tongue, then slip out of her cum slick mouth. After the dripping cock’s departing head had passed between her teeth and fallen limply on her chin, she licked her lips clean, swallowed, then carefully extracted herself from Maury’s body and climbed to her feet. Stealthily, she went around the darkened room and collected her clothing, shoes and purse, then went out into the reception room, without waking anyone.

After quietly closing the door behind her, she put on her white bikini panties, tight white pants, bra, red top, and her 4 inch high heeled wedges, then grabbed her purse and slipped out of the reception room. She took the elevator down to the empty lobby where she paused to put on a fresh coat of lipstick and brush her hair, before going outside and strutting down the street towards her car.

Looking like a well used street walker going home after having put out several bargain priced pieces of ass, as she approached her Jaguar two guys, assuming that she was for rent, pulled their beat-up old car right up next to her and rolled down the passenger window. She stopped and leaned forward at the waist moving her face down to the open window where, while staring at her spectacular cleavage, the passenger side occupant asked her how much she would charge to give each of them an around-the-world tongue job, with extra deep rimming, followed by two, down and dirty, simultaneous blowjobs. Laughing, she reached in and patted the guy in the passenger seat on the cheek, and assured him, “More money than you two assholes will ever have,” before she ran and jumped into her car and sped out of there.

Moments later she had the Jag roaring down the street towards Harry Hines mansion, a place that served both as his home, and as the base of operations for his porn movie company. The huge, many-roomed, gilded structure from the 1920’s, contained the studios where nearly all of Harry’s raunchy porn movies were shot. She punched the car phone’s speed dial number for Harry’s private cell phone and soon heard the Porn Boss say, in his deep, cigarette raspy voice, “Hello, beautiful, what in the hell is a well-to-do, plush bodied, trophy wife like you doing up this early on a Sunday morning?” “I’m on my way to see you to talk about taking you up on your offer to let me star in some more of your disgustingly filthy movies,” she laughed.

Hearing that exciting, and very welcome bit of news, Harry’s sensory system went into high gear and he immediately responded, “Shit, I hope that means you’re coming over here ready to get your spectacular ass gang banged today?” “It sure does, if the price is right,” she replied, teasingly. Thrilled by this stroke of unbelievably good luck, Harry asked, “Damn, baby, where in the hell are you right now?” “I’m about fifteen minutes away from your place,” she informed him. “Well that’s fantastic! You get that voluptuous body of yours in here as quick as you can, so we can cut a deal, sign a contract, and start getting you banged before the ink dries,” he roared with unbridled enthusiasm.


After hanging up, Harry immediately dialed his very close boyhood friend, California’s world famous, very rich, Democratic US Senator, and probable presidential candidate, Strom Walker. Next he heard the Senator gruffly say, “God damn it, ole buddy, I hope you’re not calling to make a change in my grandson’s fucking birthday party schedule for today. I’ve had these five horny 16 year olds here at the house since yesterday afternoon, chomping at the bit to go to your place today to attend the party and start sticking their peckers in one of your porn stars. The high energy little assholes need a prime piece of ass so bad that I don’t want to hear any half-assed excuses from you about needing to change the party time, or anything else.”

Harry laughed, “Don’t worry, my friend, everything is perfect, in fact they’re more than perfect. You remember me introducing you to that fantastic looking redhead, Michelle, at your awards banquet last month, the super cougar who was there with her young Lebanese lawyer husband, Saleem Haddak. You know, the pushy Arab who lobby’s for that corrupt group of Muslim Clerics, the ones who have been trying to get a special bill passed by the Senate that would decriminalize their import/export activities with the US. The smart assed camel jockey who promised you that his group would be willing to make a big contribution to your personal bank account if you would agree to sponsor the bill and get it passed.”

The single minded, skirt chasing, womanizing Senator responded, “You mean the statuesque babe who was all jugs and ass cheeks, and built like a god damned super heroine. The prick-teaser wearing the form fitting, unbelievably tight, shiny gold, evening gown that was scooped down to her nipples. Shit, how could I ever forget a luscious bitch who has been blessed with a perfect, stacked-beyond-belief body like the one that bitch has? Christ, Harry, that dazzling Cunt had the finest set of equipment of anyone I’ve seen in a long time. Shit, I never saw a woman who looked more like she needed to have a cock stuffed in her mouth as much as that beautiful slut does. Hell, if her husband had offered to let me deep throat his fabulous looking trophy Cunt, on the spot, I would have agreed to do anything he wanted me to do, no matter what kind of dirtbag group of two-faced Muslim religious fanatics he might be lobbying for.”

Harry laughed and said, “Well, since it’s obvious that you’ve really got the hots for her, you’ll be happy to know that, long before the redhead married her young husband, she used to be my top ranked porn star. I advertised her as the “Queen Of Slutdom” and she more than lived up to that title, in every way possible. Now, you lucky fuckin’ reprobate, I’m really going to make your day for you. The gorgeous Cunt just called me and is on her way over here to negotiate making some more porn movies for me. When she told me that, my first thought was about your grandson’s birthday party. When you originally scheduled it, you wanted me to provide you with a real live MILF for your gang of horny young relatives to fuck the hell out of, and when I couldn’t come up with one, you settled for providing them with a married porn star, instead. Well, since you have seen Michelle in the flesh, you know what a perfect MILF/Cougar specimen she is, and how ideal she would be for your boys to have to use during their first time orgy extravaganza/birthday party. Therefore, just for you, as a part of my negotiations with her, I’m going to get her to agree to be the MILF entertainment at your grandson’s party and let your five boys fuck her brains out.”

The momentarily stunned Senator shouted into the phone, “You God Damned SOB that is fuckin’ fantastic news. Shit, you’re right, that statuesque female specimen is absolutely perfect for the job of breaking in my band of horny boys. My friend, you really have made my day and I owe you big-time. Hell, to tell you the truth, Harry, I haven’t been able to get that voluptuous Cunt’s body out of my mind since the day I met her. She is so hot looking that I have even been considering sending my chief pimp over to proposition her and bring her back over here for me to fuck. And now you’re going to line the full-bodied slut up so that my whole God-damned family can stick it to her. Mother Fucker, sometimes good things do come to those who wait.”

When Strom paused to catch his breath, Harry said, “And, now that I know how bad you want some of her, I’ll also make sure that, after the birthday party is over, she takes good care of your perverted sexual demands, as well.” The excited Senator responded, “Beautiful, just fuckin’ beautiful!” After taking a few seconds to reflect on the hot new fuck party situation, the Senator said, “Now I want you to know that my plan was for my boys to come over there and give your porn star a going over just like the one those five black guys did on Lisa Ann in her 5 on 1, interracial gang bang movie. I’m hoping that your subbing in the redhead for the porn star doesn’t change anything, and that my five teenagers are going to be able to give the redhead the same kind of dirty dicking that Lisa Ann got.” Harry laughed, “Not a problem, my friend, Michelle can handle anything your boys want to dish out to her, so tell them to go for it.”

As he envisioned what he and his teenagers were going to do to the stunningly beautiful MILF, the Senator informed Harry, “By the way, for your information, I met with Michelle’s husband last Friday about that Senate bill of his, and the bastard handed me $100,000 in cash as an incentive for me to sponsor the legislation. Plus, if I get it passed, they will cut me in for 20% of the profits of their company. Shit, how I love to take graft from cheating high-roller constituents, in exchange for doing easy favors for them, and then, as a bonus, get to turn around and fuck their wives. Damn it is good to be a US Senator. Hell, the only way I could get any more good-looking pussy than I’m already putting the shaft too, would be to become President.”

Strom went on, “In fact the free pussy benefits of being a big-time politician, is the very reason that I’m throwing this coming of age birthday party/sex orgy for my grandson and nephews. This Fuck-A-MILF party is the first step in my master plan to groom my grandson to eventually take my place as a high-ranking politician. I want to get the kid started out right by making him fully aware of how many good looking broads are out there, who are more than willing to let a rich and powerful politician take full advantage of them. I want him to learn, early in life, how to callously use these stupid bitches to gratify his basest sexual cravings, and fully enjoy the hell out of nailing them in every perverted way he can think of.” Chuckling sadistically, he added, “Your sexpot MILF is going to be the first non-whore Cunt to be used in my teen-politicians-in-training program, so we’ll be there at 10AM with bells on, ready to do the dirty to the gorgeous, redheaded, Super Cunt, and try our best to turn the hot assed broad into a mindless nympho slut before we’re through with her.”


An hour later Michelle had in her purse a signed contract to make eight gang bang movies, two each per day from Monday through Thursday, for which she was to be paid $3,000 per XXX flick. Knowing Harry’s penchant for making his porn stars get gang fucked, non-stop, in his over-the-edge, trashy movies, she had quickly calculated that the $3,000 would probably end up equating to earning about $100 per penis ejaculation, or about the same as a cheap, housewife whore gets for peddling her ass these days. The results of her math reminded her that a girl really needed to love getting fucked in order to work for Harry, because nobody got rich but him, no matter how often a girl let herself get fucked by the disgusting looking band of sleazeball males he used so effectively and profitably in his flicks. He knew that regular guys loved to watch a gorgeous chick get nailed by a bunch of ugly losers who, in real life, would never be able to get a piece of her tail. This was Harry’s porn version of the revenge of the nerds. Hell, following Harry’s formula, she had been fucked by a bunch of ugly, stupid, dorks in office sex orgy movies and had become the number one porn queen in the world.

During the final step in the contract negotiations, Harry had asked her, “Do you remember me introducing you and your husband to Senator Strom Walker at his awards banquet last month?” With a dreamy smile she had responded, “How could a girl not remember meeting such a famous, powerful, wickedly handsome man as the Senator? In fact, thanks to that introduction, my husband met with the Senator just two days ago and got him to agree to become the sponsor of the bill Saleem has been lobbying for on behalf of his clients.”

Harry had acknowledged her thanks with a nod of his head, then had gone on, “Well the Senator and his 15 year old grandson, plus four of the Senator’s nephews, are coming over here this morning to celebrate the grandson’s 16th birthday. This party is intended to be the five boy’s first official entry into womanizing, whoremongering manhood, and I agreed to provide them with a porn star to use during the all day teen group fuck they have planned. But your unexpected arrival on the scene this morning has changed everything and given me the opportunity to provide my very close friend, Strom, with exactly what he really wanted to give his grandson as a birthday present in the first place, namely a real live, spectacularly stacked, dazzling, very promiscuous MILF, for he and his cousins to play with and fuck. Their getting to put their meat to a voluptuous, hot assed, prick teasing Mother-They’d-All-Love-To-Fuck, much better fits what the Senator had in mind for them to use to have some real filthy fun with today. Using you instead of a porn star will optimize the rotten little assholes enjoyment of the no-holds-bared cluster fuck that they have been looking forward to performing in today. Therefore, as a part of our deal, I want you to agree to be the hostess at this teen gang banger orgy and let them completely fuck you over for free.”

Her immediate positive reaction to Harry’s unexpected proposition had been the risqué’ thought of how deliciously naughty it would be to have a bunch of 15 year olds take complete control of her body and do whatever they wanted to it. Her beauty and statuesque, killer curves had sexually attracted many very young men over the years, but she had never let any of them fuck her. That omission had left her ever intrigued by the very titillating thought of what kind of sexual fun she might have been missing out on by her abstinence.

Seeking to give her analysis of Harry’s proposal the best positive spin, she further rationalized that having group sex with five teenagers today would be a perfect warm-up for the really heavy duty, big-dicked, virtual group rape, sex action she would be performing with Harry’s staff of ugly studs, starting tomorrow morning. An additional affirmative enticement was the fact that she loved to be watched having sex. It always stepped her heat up several levels and drove her to a much higher degree of uninhibited wantonness. The fact that it would be several teenagers watching her in action made it all the more exciting.

Of course the primary downside of complying with Harry’s bold demand had been the fact that she would be taking orders from a bunch of rich, selfish, spoiled rotten, immature brats while they had their fun making out with her. If that wasn’t odious enough, she assumed that their efforts would be urged on to excess by the dissolute Senator who, Harry had told her, had kinky sexual tastes that could be quite bizarre and perverted, and leaned heavily towards hardcore bondage. While she had been pondering the totality of the proposition, everything became suddenly mute when Harry made it perfectly clear to her that, after the boys were through screwing her, she would be expected to take care of the Senator’s sexual demands, as well, with the warning that he could be very overbearing and uncouth.

That last requirement resolved everything for her. Being a typical beautiful woman who proudly keeps score of her high profile sexual conquests, she knew that she would be willing to do absolutely anything to be able to let a famous US Senator like Strom Walker screw her, no matter what he might require of her, in addition. From experience, she was also confident that, once the Senator had feasted on her intoxicating body, and had sampled everything she had to give, he would be hooked and coming back for a lot more of her, and bringing influential friends with him, to share her with. This would put her in a position to be of further help to her husband’s lobbying business by screwing it to the top.

All in all, since she had gotten everything she had come there for, throwing in the birthday party/teen orgy, as a freebee seemed like a perfectly reasonable thing for her to do for Harry. Besides, it would give her the opportunity to find out if she’d been missing out on any sexual fun by not having let any teenagers screw her in the past. Anyway, she had finally reasoned, how really bad could it be to get fucked by five very horny 16 year olds?

Feeling hot all over and very anxious to get started on her strenuous sexual workout program, she had eagerly grabbed a pen and signed both copies of the porn movie contract, then pushed one of them over to Harry. The King of Porn grabbed it and said, “Now, baby, the Senator is very important to me, so I want you to be sure and give his band of horny young relatives a really, really good time today, and not hold anything back.” With a knowing, lustful smile she said, “Don’t worry, honey, I’m in the mood to let the Senator and his kids do anything they want with me.”


After tucking the signed contract away in his desk, Harry took Michelle to the Makeup Department where a drop-dead gorgeous, brown skinned, mini-skirted, Latina porn star was assigned to get her ready to be fucked. The completely uninhibited, wanton-to-the-extreme, woman stripped her naked then, using a soft wet wash cloth, slowly wiped off and cleansed her entire body, excluding her three orifices. Then the obviously bi-sexual beauty did her hair and applied makeup that perfectly accented the erotic look of her face. The Latina hottie then took her to Wardrobe where she helped her into a lacy black garter-belt, dark frilly topped nylons, and a pair of golden, five inch high, stiletto heeled shoes. To that was added a black bra, followed by the squeezing of Michelle’s ultra ripe body into a whore hot, skin tight, one piece, very low cut, mid-thigh length, leopard skin dress that Harry had picked out for her to wear to the Fuck-The-MILF birthday party bash.

With everything in place except for a pair of matching leopard skin, bikini panties, the Latina paused and looked over the tantalizing picture of sinful harlotry that she had created. Pleased, she pulled the skirt of the leopard skin dress up around Michelle’s waist then bent her upper body forward until her back was parallel to the floor. Harry watched as the bronze beauty knelt behind the redhead’s magnificent white ass and began using her tongue to clean up the lower orifices that had been creampied during last night’s orgy at Maury Shine’s office. Michelle’s eyes popped wide open and a pleased moan escaped from her lips when she felt the Latina’s very long, wide, experienced tongue give her gash a full, wet lick before it pushed its way deep into her puffy, wet lipped, recently violated, very flavorful pussy. A little later her eyes got even wider when the woman’s, now cum and cuntal juice coated, oral rimming tool was shoved up her ass, where it found more leftover cum to orally extract. The tonguing action was not only transferring the creamy residue from her lower orifices onto the Latina’s skilled tongue, the experienced Latina porn star was also warming Michelle up for the major fucking she was soon going to be getting from the gang of Anglo teenagers.

After a thorough crotch licking, and juiced up saliva swallowing, the Latina got to her feet, stood Michelle up straight, grabbed her behind the neck and stuffed her thickly coated tongue into her temporary sex partner’s wide open mouth, sharing with her a long, full taste of her recently plowed anal passage and pussy. When the hot, dirty kissing was finally concluded, both women were panting with wanton lust.

The closely watching Porn Boss who knew his movie customers filthy sexual tastes extremely well, made a note to himself to pair these two up in one of next week’s gang bang movie shoots. He instinctively knew that they would be a perfect racial pairing in a movie whose plot would be about the two of them being hired to jointly service an all white college frat party, and then finding out, to late, that there were twice as many frat boys at the party as they had been told there would be. Besides knowing how terrific they would look getting totally blitzed by a nasty minded bunch of drunken white frat boys, he could fully envision how good those two asses were going to look, from behind, as they knelt side by side, and continually took big-dicked, double penetration from all the abusive, besotted frat members who were in attendance. There was no doubt in his mind that the movie would be a huge seller.

Fully primed to be assaulted by the group of teens, Michelle licked her lips clean, put on a fresh coat of lipstick, then let the Latina help her put on the leopard skin bikini panties, and pat the crotch into place. Once that was done, the porn star pulled the skirt of Michelle’s dress back down and, with a playful slap on the ass then passed her over to Harry, fully ready to take on the gang banging she had coming up next.

Turned-on and dressed slutty enough to give a corpse a hard-on, Michelle showed herself off to her woman using boss, who gave her a wolf’s whistle of approval, followed by, “Damn, baby, the Senator and his gang of newbie pussy hounds are certainly going to enjoy getting into all of that fabulous looking stuff.” Smiling in wicked anticipation of what was about to be done to that bountiful body, Harry grabbed an arm and guided her onto the movie set where the boys were going to have their coming out birthday party/teen orgy/MILF debauching.

Minutes later, as the two of them were finishing a celebratory glass of chilled champagne; five young boys burst onto the set, followed by their very doting, hardcore, perverted relative, Senator Walker. The political kingpin strolled over and looked her up and down with a decadently practiced eye, then said, “Glad to see you again, Mrs. Haddad, and damned I must say that you are one delicious looking MILF in that sleazy, show-it-all-off, hard-on producing, leopard skin dress you’re wearing.” He walked around her spectacularly built body then, smacking his lips with relish, said to his band of wide eyed, totally impressed, very-ready-to-fuck, birthday party boys, “Jesus, you little shits, now there is a body that was made to be fucked.”

He walked around her miracle of curves, one more time, and then told her, “Baby, I have been hungering for a piece of your tail ever since I met you last month, but I never expected to get it under these circumstances. But I must say that I’m happy as hell that fate has played its hand out this way so that I can watch these boys fuck the hell out of you and get you dirty hot for the kind of fucking I am going to administer when they’re through putting the meat to you. Rubbing his hands together with excitement, the Senator went on, “Shit, baby, you are exactly what I wanted for the boys to party with today. There is nothing better for them than starting out honing their woman using skills on the primmest body they’ll ever have the opportunity to fuck.” Grabbing her by the chin he said, sternly, “Now let me warn you right up front that, for the last few weeks these five hot-to-cream-you little satyrs have been practicing their sex skills on a bunch of high-dollar, filthy minded whores and, as a result, they are ready and able to give you the kind of real nasty screwing that your body was built to take.”


With a wicked grin the Senator said to her, “Before I turn these horny little sex vultures loose on you, I have a request. Next time you see your husband please convey my thanks for the generous financial contribution he gave me on Friday and, more especially, for having a voluptuous trophy wife like you for me and my boys to borrow and entertain ourselves with.” With a hearty laugh he smacked her hard on the ass then continued, “Now that we’ve gotten the cuckolding your husband business out of the way, I want to introduce you to each of these budding young sex fiends, one at a time, up close and personal.”

He took her over and sat her down in the middle of a large leather couch and had her cross her spectacular legs, hike up her skirt, and expose her lush thighs for some titillating, up-skirt viewing. Then he explained, “Before these cunt hungry little assholes start slipping the dick to you, I am going to let them get to know all about you by having each of them take a turn with you on the couch, kissing and feeling you up real good, while the rest of us watch you get as hot as you look.”

The Senator then turned to the pack of ravenous 16 year olds and said, “Listen up real close you lucky little peckerheads, “This sensational looking, married piece of tail is not only beautiful and comes with an outrageously stacked body, she is also a real and very promiscuous MILF who is here to let you boys have all the dirty sex fun you want with her. That being the case, I want you to be sure and take full advantage of your opportunity and handle and treat her like she is one of those professional whores you’ve been practicing on. And remember what I’ve been telling you, the best sex is dirty sex, so enjoy yourselves and do any demeaning thing you want with her, both physically and verbally.”

He grabbed one of the boys by the arm and said, “Well Tim, you won the draw to get the first crack at this hot assed MILF, so get over there and do your thing, and start getting her warmed up for the real intense sex acts that lay ahead for her.” Without a word, the hot-to-trot youngster eagerly sat down beside her, pulled her ultra plush body into his arms and began tonguing her mouth and feeling up the superb set of overflowing curves she was flaunting.

While Tim proceeded to grope her opulent flesh, out of the corner of her eye she saw the other four waiting and watching boys noting that, in her five inch high stiletto heeled shoes, she was going to be taller than every one of them. And, because they were still skinny, hard-bodied youths, the sex jockeys who were soon going to be mounting and riding her hard, all appeared to weigh less than her sensationally stacked body does. Based on the smallish size of these boys, she knew that she was going to be finding out exactly what real MILF fucking was all about.

The other six males who were watching Tim in action kept their eyes glued on her superb form as the horny teen ran his hand up under her tight dress and felt her up real good before pushing her thighs apart and giving the audience a full look her leopard skin, bikini panties, frilly topped nylons and the lush flesh of her superb thighs. With her mouth full of youthful tongue, she felt the boy’s hand work its way under the crotch of her panties and begin forcing multiple fingers into the pussy the Latina’s tongue had warmed up for them. Immediately they heard her moan with pleasure in response to the manual insertion of multiple fingers into her already very wet snatch. The skirt of her dress was soon worked completely up around her waist giving the viewers the ultimate look at the goodies they were soon going to be feasting on, and putting their shafts in.

Soon they saw her lush lower body begin humping Tim’s attacking hand and helping him drive his fingers even further up into her eager twat, and then letting him fuck it thoroughly. Before long she felt the demanding hand shift objectives and begin forcing two of his pussy juiced fingers up her back door passage. As she squirmed and shifted her body to better accommodate his anal efforts, Tim used his other hand to pop her tits out of the top of her dress. When both of the 36EEE jugs were fully exposed, he started sucking on them as he worked a third finger into her anal passage. Like the riveted audience that was closely watching the boner stimulating action, she too, was very much enjoying the stimulating efforts of Tim’s invading fingers, in front of the eager audience that was urging on his efforts with very foul langrage.

To go along with the three fingers Tim now had stuck up her ass, she felt the Senator’s nephew insert his thumb into her pussy and start manually working both orifices at the same time. Panting, she had to marvel at how sexually adept the boy was for his age. He might look fifteen but his assertiveness and raunchy attitude belied his years. Obviously the time he had spent practicing on whores had served him well, because he already had some skills in getting to a woman’s sexual essence and getting her to do anything he wanted her too. She could already tell that this was going to be a much more challenging and arduous day than she had originally presumed it would be.

When the Senator finally dragged his nephew off of her, she straightened out her clothing, put on fresh lipstick and fixed her hair so that the next boy would get a fresh start with her. Her vanity required that she look her best, no matter what was being done to her, When she was ready to be jumped again, Strom ordered a second boy to sit down beside her and start getting intimately familiar with her body for the viewing benefit of the very attentive, noisy audience.

As this youngster took control of her body, she began to feel like she was on a hot date making out with one of the many frisky neighborhood boys who she knew wanted to get in her panties real bad. So, from then on, as she got passed from boy to boy, she responded to each of their advances like she was in the back seat of a car letting a kid get her hot and in the mood to let him screw her, just like had happened to her so many times during her very promiscuous high school days. Different from those dates, though, these sex-trained-beyond-their-years youths, through their callous actions and filthy language, were making it absolutely clear to her that they were in charge and that she was there to do what she was damn well told.

As each one took his turn with her body, things spiraled more and more out of control as the boy’s got more comfortable exercising their dominance over her. Under their increasingly obnoxious control, she felt a seemingly endless number of fingers get shoved into her juicy pussy, and up her finger lubricated anal passage, while busy mouths feasted on her sumptuous boobs, slobbering wetly as they noisily chewed and sucked on them, all of these actions getting her intoxicated on sex and needing a cock stuck in her, real bad.

The Senator and Harry were sitting directly across from Michelle, with a clear view of the boys taking their foreplay turns with her voluptuous, prick-teasingly dressed body. After the fourth boy had gotten his hands on her, Strom shook his head and asked his comrade in illicit sex, “Jesus, Harry, how would you have liked to have gotten a shot at something as spectacular as this honey is, when you were sixteen?” Harry smiled, “I would have gotten so turned on by her that I wouldn’t have been able to take my hand off her pussy for years.” Nodding knowingly, the Senator commented, “Damn, these little pissants don’t have a clue as to how lucky they are to be shagging a fantastic looking Cunt like her. They are starting at the top of the female food chain, with a super bodied bitch who is god damned fuckin’ perfect, in every way, and the spoiled little assholes don’t really even appreciate it. But, what the hell, you’ve got to hand it to them, they are sure doing one hell of a number on her and it looks like they’ve got her primed to take a good fucking.”

The boy who took the last turn with her body was the smallest one of the bunch. He was wiry and aggressive, and sported a typical runt of the litter chip on his shoulder and, therefore, he was all over her like white on rice. After deep fingering her pussy and anus with his slender fingers, he pushed her over on her side and stuffed four cuntal juice dripping fingers, and their knuckles, fully into her mouth, while he tried hard to force the four knuckles of his other hand all the way inside of her steaming hot snatch. The Senator let him hand fuck both ends of the MILF real hard, for a while, then finally stopped him with the promise that, after she had been totally fucked over by all five of them, he would let him totally fist her pussy which, by then, would be a much easier, more self gratifying, demeaning thing to do to her.

The surprisingly skillful, non-stop manhandling of her superbly stacked assets, in front of a very nastily minded audience, had brought out the raw lust in her and, by the time the last boy had climbed off of her exquisitely ripe, primed-to-be-fucked, volcanically hot body, she was more than ready to help them have their fun debauching her.


Totally turned on and dizzy from the sexual heat the five boys exploration of her body had generated, she sat and watched with excitement as the Senator had the boys start taking off their shirts, pants and briefs, leaving them clad only in T-shirts, socks and shoes, the standard dress code for a really raunchy gang bang orgy. While they were undressing, Strom had her get up and straighten out her clothing, again, freshen her lipstick and primp for them, then sit back down in the middle of the couch, cross her legs again, and wait for the next step of this Fuck-The-MILF sex session to unfold.

When the teen sex squad was ready, the Senator sat a half-naked boy down on each side of her and had them pull her tits out of the top of her dress. He then had a third boy kneel right in front of her, push her skirt up around her waist, spread her knees apart, then crawl up in between her lush, black nyloned thighs. That done, he took the other two boys behind the couch, stationing one of them on each side of her head with instructions to start humping their boners and balls on her head, cheeks and neck, as well as into her thick, luxurious red hair.

He walked back around the couch and looked over his handiwork. Very pleased with the erotic foreplay montage he had created around her magnificent body, the degenerate politico broke into a wide grin and barked, “You guys have really got this sex hungry bitch all warmed up and ready to be had, so I want you to get started on some hardcore foreplay with this Cunt, and get her used to being manhandled and treated her like she’s just a piece of ass for us to fuck. And let me reiterate that the MILF is here to be used as a sex object, so don’t spare her a god damned thing. I want to see you boys use the hell out of this married, super slut, birthday present that I’ve given to my grandson for all of you to have fun taking advantage of, and using for your personal gratification.”

The boy between her thighs immediately hooked his arms under her knees and spread her finger primed crotch wide open. Then he had her pull the crotch of the leopard skin panties aside and guide his cockhead into her wet, very ready to be boned, twat. It only took a few thrusts of his hips to drive the rigid tool all the way home inside of her well stimulated, helplessly oozing snatch. After adding a couple of full depth humps of his hips, the boy paused for a few moments and savored the feel of her hot, juicy cunt on his king snake, before he began rhythmically fucking her, deep.

Meanwhile the boys sitting beside her on the couch had each grabbed one of her jutting tits and stuck the tips, and hard nipples, into their mouths, where they began sucking and chewing on the 36EEE melons, and working them hard. While they manipulated her huge boobs, she took their cocks in each of her hands and began slowly stroking them and playing with their balls.

While that was going on, the boys behind the couch had been having their fun crudely dry humping her head, cheeks and neck. At a sign from the Senator, one of them seized her by the head, turned her face in his direction, then rudely rammed his rigid pole into her mouth and ordered her to suck it. She quickly complied and, from then on, the two boys took turns grabbing her head and twisting it 180 degrees to the right or left, then shoving their cocks between her lips and watching her greedily gorge herself on their meat.

The atmosphere around the couch was soon steamier than hell as the five young bodies packed themselves in close around her, each of them manipulating the part of her anatomy that was right in front of them and fully available for them to use. After about three minutes, or so, of this callous body mauling and cock stuffing foreplay, the Senator had the boys rotate clockwise by two positions, then go back to work at their new sexploitation stations, manipulating the new set of luscious body parts that were now right in front of them. The cuntal juice glistening cock that had been stabbing her pussy was now buried in her mouth getting sucked, while the two cocks that had been being fed to her face, were now either plowing her pussy, or in one of her hands being pleasurably jacked on and squeezed. All of the cocks and hands that were being used on, and in, her body quickly drove her to new heights of sexual wantonness, as did the noisy, wet sounds of the cocks sliding in and out of her drooling mouth and oozing twat.

From their prime viewing position, Strom and Harry watched the wildly enthusiastic, whore trained boys thoroughly turn Michelle on, and open up her orifices in preparation for the really good screwing that lie ahead for her. Strom leaned over and commented to his best buddy, “Shit, is that a great way to get your pecker primed for some hot, penetrating, gang bang action with that beautiful bitch’s body, or what?” Harry laughed, and responded, “Their pricks aren’t the only things getting warmed up, Strom, look at that MILF suck on those fresh young cocks while a dong is forking her snatch. Shit, she’s enjoying the hell out of all this cock and hand foreplay, as much or more than your young studs are. But I do concur with you that they are doing one hell of a job of getting that curvaceous Cunt primed for a major gang banging, and from the sexy look on her face my guess is that her pussy is more than ready to be plundered.”

Soon after the fourth positional rotation had been made, the hot action taking place all over her squirming, responsive body became too much for her to endure any longer and the boys soon felt, and watched, as her voluptuous, over heated body erupted with a seismic, body shuddering climax. Seeing the gratifying visual results that had been produced by the boy’s ten-hand, five cock exploitation of her curves-on-top-of-curves body, the Senator yelled, “God dammit boys, we have really got us one hot assed, over sexed MILF on our hands. Shit, after seeing the size of that over-the-top climax, I’d say that this sex intoxicated Cougar hottie is ready to provide you guy’s cocks with a place in which you can have some fun emptying your balls.”


The Senator had the boys remove their invading cocks and hands from her body. When she’d been freed, he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her down on her back on the couch, with the top of her head pressed against one of its low, padded armrests. He put a pillow under her shoulders then slid her body farther towards the armrest until the back of her neck was lying on it, leaving her head dangling off of the end of the couch, with her long red hair hanging almost to the floor. This left her wide open, upside down mouth perfectly positioned for cocks to be stuck in it.

Strom then positioned four of the five boys, two in front of the couch, facing her prone body, and two behind it, directly across from them. The boys closest to her head were looking directly down at her face and her magnificent set of tits, while the other two stared down at her spectacular hips, thighs and perfectly curved stomach. The Senator stepped back and told them to start playing with her body. As they put their hands to work on her hot spots, and inside of her lower body’s orifices, the Senator proclaimed, “Now let’s see how sex drunk this promiscuous MILF gets from letting you boys shoot your five loads of cum down her throat and into her belly.”

He looked at the remaining unassigned nephew, Duke, and said, “Now, boy, you step up to her face and stick your cock in her mouth, then start fucking the hell out of it. When you are ready to shoot your wad I want you to keep on humping your meat between her teeth while you ejaculate your cum load directly down the cocksucking bitch’s throat.” The four boys who were standing over her, playing with her body, watched Duke grab his cock in hand and step up to her face, mount it, then shove his rigid tool between her parted lips and start deep fucking her perfectly positioned, upside down mouth.

Lying on her back Michelle watched, close up, the boy’s hefty young pecker pass between her teeth and quickly disappear into her wide open mouth, forcing its way down her throat until his bag of balls was pressed up against her nose. Then she watched Duke’s rigid male organ begin plunging in and out of her ovaled mouth, banging his balls against her nose, eyes and forehead each time his pubic mound was mashed against her stretched lips. As a helpless spectator to this delicious, veritable rape of her mouth, she watched the assertive nephew callously ravish her oral cavity, putting his dirty whore training to full use, as drool and pre-cum began dripping off her nose.

After watching his cock plow the MILF’s ruby lipped mouth, and listening to her noisily suck on his invading, meaty joy stick, Duke grasped her neck in both hands and began to, even more forcibly, cram his boner in to maximum depth, each inward stoke making her throat bulge, producing a fully stuffed, wide-eyed, gagging expression on her erotic, lust filled face. It only took a couple of minutes of this hot, cock stimulating action for Duke to howl, “God-dammit, boys, I’m fixing to blow my load.” Following that announcement, the four watching teens, and the two grown-ups, watched Duke stuff his shaft of meat fully into her oral cock swallower, and start firing his cum shots down her gullet and into her belly.

When his cum tank was finally on empty, and after a few more callous, post-cumming, maximum depth, ball draining thrusts of his hips, Duke pulled his glistening bone out of her mouth then joined the others in watching the rest of his teammates, one after another, use her talented, cocksucking mouth to achieve cum gushing, overflowing climaxes.

Strom proudly congratulated his empty balled nephew, then said to the rest of his gang of five, “Guys, in order for you not to prematurely ejaculate and thereby shorten your oral sex fun with her mouth, I want you to gear way down and make your blowjobs last, so that she has a chance to make a spectacle of herself slurping on your sausages and making the oral sex gratifyingly dirty. To fully accomplish that, the key is to slow fuck her mouth, not bang it.”

He turned to one of the nephews and told him, “Now Andrew, mount her face and ease the head of your dick into her mouth and then slowly shove it all the way home. I want you to enjoy watching your cock slide slowly between her lips and down her throat and then, when you think it’s in all the way, give it one last short hump to make absolutely sure that she’s got it all. When she has, then slide your dong out and do it all over again.”

He looked at the rest of the boys and instructed, “I want you guys to do your part in getting this broad hotter by playing with her nipples, clit and pussy even harder, while you’re watching her suck cock.” The boys dutifully responded with a hearty, “Yes sir,” and she quickly felt the hands and many fingers step up their efforts with her body, while the teenagers watched Andrew follow instructions, perfectly, and give her mouth a long, slow, thorough, totally dirty fucking.

In the position they had her in, there was little for her to do but lie there and let them have their way with her mouth. She did her best to accommodate them by letting them screw it like it was a second pussy. They took full advantage of her eagerness to please and gave her mouth a really raunchy fucking, just the way they would have done to a cheap whore. As a result, she spent the rest of the time watching cocks saw in and out of her mouth and feeling their balls slap against her face with each inward thrust, and enjoyed every minute of the blowjob debauchery.

Eventually she swallowed down all five loads of their fresh young cum, leaving both she and each of the youthful mouth plunderers gasping with sexual gratification. Of course, each time one of them had gotten ready to shoot his wad, the slow, deep mouth fucking was forgotten, and the boy grabbed her by the head and buried his cock in it, in a cum spewing, oral rape, grande finale.

As the last empty young prick was being pulled out of her totally plundered oral cock receptacle, Michelle realized, more than ever, that she had vastly underestimated what was going to be demanded of her today. She could see that the boys were taking on the crude, insensitive sexual attitude of the Senator, which meant that they now thought of her as being just a fuck toy to be used like one of the nasty whores they had been using and abusing. Sighing, she said to herself, “So what’s a girl to do, I got myself into this situation and now I am just going to have to let the arrogant little assholes do what they will with me, and enjoy myself while they’re doing it.”


The Senator, wasting no time, instructed his excited squad of high-on-sex, insatiable teens, “Alright guys, now that you’ve primed this cocksucking MILF with a belly full of your cum, it’s time to really get her full attention.” Looking at the cum drunk, ready-for-anything redhead licking her well fucked, puffy lips, the evil minded Senator rubbed his hands together and said to his waiting gang of MILF fuckers, “Now nothing gets a broads full attention like a double penetration, ass fucking from behind. After a cock hungry Cougar, like this bitch is, has given up her ass to you, and had her back door passage gang banged, creamed and fully gaped, she will be in cheap-prostitute-sex-mode, and more than ready to let you do absolutely anything you want to her.”

To start proving his point, the Senator quickly jerked Michelle to her feet and ordered the nephew with the biggest prick to lie on his back on the couch. Strom ordered her to leave the skirt of her dress up around her waist and strip off her leopard skin panties. After she had complied, he had her climb aboard the waiting boy’s hips, facing his head, straddling him in the cowgirl position. When she was settled into place, Strom had her reach back between her legs and grasp the boy’s nail hard pecker and guide its head up inside of her well primed pussy. Once the rim of its swollen head had been securely captured in her warm, juicy snatch, the Senator had her slowly press her lower body down on the rigid male organ until about one third of its shaft had been forced up inside of her eager, very excited, steaming cuntal channel. Then he slapped her on the ass and told her, “Now bounce that sweet ass of yours up and down until you’ve banged his cock all the way up inside of you, ball deep, and be damned slutty doing it.”

Groggy from the intoxicating effects of the five loads of youthful cum that were sloshing around in her stomach, she obediently followed his instructions and soon had completely impaled herself on the boy’s cunt ravisher. Next, while the other three boys watched closely, the Senator had his well hung grandson get behind her ass, placing one shoed foot on the floor and the other one flat down on the couch cushion on the other side of her hips. He then had the boy lying under her reach up and lock his hands behind her neck, then pull her head down until she was eyeball-to-eyeball with him, and her huge tits were mashed against his chest.

Now having her securely trapped in place, with her anus exposed as a perfectly positioned bull’s-eye target, the Senator said, “Okay Jerry, since it’s your birthday today, you get to butt fuck the MILF first, so go to it and break in the slut’s anal channel for your cousins to enjoy using after you’re through with it.” They all watched the leering, overbearing, full of himself grandson take his pecker and insert its head into the trapped MILF’s waiting, very tight, Latina tongue rimmed anus. Grabbing a curved hip in each hand Jerry began violently hammering his tool up her ass until it, too, was completely buried in her. Feeling the cock plow its way up her ass had been mesmerizing for both she and the grandson, and by the time it had been driven all the way home, her tongue was hanging out of her mouth and she was gasping with passion. Drooling from the intense friction of the forced entry, she had to admit to herself that the Senator had been exactly right, there was nothing quite like a girl having a cock driven up her ass, cold turkey.

Now that both of the boy’s cocks had fully penetrated her lower body and were lying, side by side, inside of her, she felt completely stuffed full of cockmeat. As the two pricks started jointly fucking her, Strom said, “That’s it boys, she wants it real bad, so pound the hot bitch real good.” Standing behind Jerry, the Senator had a clear view of the two cocks double-penetrating her, stabbing her deep and rippling her taut flesh as they took her. After watching several moan producing, twin thrusts, the grandfather said, “Jerry, I want you to fuck her ass as hard as you can, for as long as you can and not hold anything back.” She felt the boy aggressively begin plowing his cock even harder into her trapped anal passage, ravaging the hell out of it while the cousin lying under her continued to drive his big cock up into her hot, oozing pussy.

When Jerry’s anal plundering efforts started to slow down as he began gasping for air, the Senator had him quickly pull his dick out of her ravaged ass, then go around to her head and shove the tangy organ into her mouth, giving her a full taste of her freshly violated and well churned anal passage. While she was busy sucking on the spicy dong, the Senator had another nephew take Jerry’s place behind her ass and start putting the wood to her, plunging his dong into her back door chute, good and deep, until he too was temporarily winded.

As her anal passage and pussy were being thoroughly ravaged by two of the boy’s vigorous young cocks, groans of sexual pleasure were escaping out from around the stiff pricks that were now constantly being stuffed into her mouth by the increasingly callous boys. Now being imprisoned between three boys, at all times, with all their cocks ruthlessly ravishing every sexual opening in her curvaceous body, she found herself getting hotter than she had been in years. Each time a boy’s tool was shoved in her mouth, the three rampaging cocks quickly synchronized their attack on her orifices, so that each weapon was being stuffed in her, in unison, causing all three of them to reach maximum penetration at the same time, bringing a pleased, muffled moan from her. Being nothing more than a helpless receptacle for their depth seeking pricks, it wasn’t long before they drove her to an even more violent climax than the first one she’d had for them.

When he saw her body erupt again, the Senator slapped Harry on the back and, grinning in triumph, bellowed out, “God damn, ole buddy, would you look at the size of that hot assed bitch’s climax. Does that slut love taking it up the ass, or what? Man, getting simultaneously triple dicked is obviously a real turn on for her. Shit, my friend, I’ve never seen a woman who looks that good be such a total slut. She’s a keeper, buddy, and I want to have access to her body any time I want some of her action.

With their rotation set, each of the boys took their turns reaming out her anal passage and then taking their cocks around to her oral receptacle and forcing it between her eager lips in the classic ass-to-mouth method of anal/oral sex. They kept this up for as long as it took for each of the four young butt fuckers to shoot his wad up her reamed out ass.

When the last of the four boys had juiced her now totally gaped back door, the Senator dragged her off of the boy whose cock had been forking her pussy while the others ass fucked her, with the intention of letting him finish cumming in her ass, too. But when his prick popped out of her steaming hot pussy, it started to shoot its wad, so she quickly leaned down and took the first cum shot in the face before she was able to close her mouth over the peckers spasming head, and then let the rest of the creamy eruptions go off in her mouth, in a wild, spewing, jism ejaculating climax.


The more than pleased Senator pulled the cum drunk, multi-climaxed, ass gaped hottie to her feet and, while she was using her index finger to push the last boy’s misfired cum shot off of her face and into her mouth, pointed at her and said, “What did I tell you boys, just look at those sex clouded eyes and that please-fuck-me look on the slut’s face. That ass fucking has her ready to let you do anything you want to her, so let’s take full advantage of this steaming hot, cock loving MILF’s vulnerable condition, and step the action up to the next level and see if we can turn her into a fuckin’ nymphomaniac.”

Groggy from sex, and now on a total cum buzz, under orders from the Senator, she pulled off her dress and bra, leaving her clad only in a garter-belt, nylons and 5 inch stiletto heeled shoes. He again had one of the boys lay down on his back on the couch, but this time he had her sit on his hips, facing his feet, in the reverse cowgirl position. Her knees were pulled up in front of her, with her feet resting flat on the couch on each side of the boy’s thighs. She leaned back on her hands and awaited the next instruction from the dissolute Senator.

Without delay Strom told her to lift her ass up and let the boy press his cockhead against her anus. When the opening to her anal channel was poised right over the ramrod stiff tool, he told her to lower her body down on the shaft until all of it was inside of her. The gawking audience then watched the head of the dong slip easily inside of her well gaped, cum oozing, back door passage. Smiling with demonic satisfaction, the Senator ordered, “Now bounce up and down on his cock a few times, so we can all watch you give your own ass the shaft.” She followed his orders and the boys got to see their relative’s rigid spear penetrate her bouncing anal channel, many times, as she stuffed her already well violated rear passage full of cockmeat, each time it went up into her voluptuous lower body.

Pleased with the way she looked taking a cock straight up the ass, the Senator had her lean her body further back until her shoulders were lying on the chest of the boy who was lying beneath her. He then had her lift her knees up to where the boy under her could hook his hands behind them. When that had been accomplished, Strom had him pull her knees wide apart, fully exposing her empty, puffy lipped pussy, that was sitting right above the base of the cock that was spearing her ass, beneath which hung the boy’s hefty scrotum package.

The lecherous Senator said to his youthful troop of gang bangers, “Is she in the prime position to get her pussy fucked, or what? A cock is up her ass, her pussy is waiting to be filled, and her mouth is ready to eat more cock. Shit guys, this MILF is all set up to be had, big time.” While Strom was gloating over the wonderfully lewd scene she presented, the watching Harry thought to himself that what this scene needed was to have the Latina porn star kneeling between Michelle’s spread legs and putting her tongue to the bag full of balls, the cock, and her pussy, while the redhead was bouncing her ass up and down on a rigid tool. That was certainly another scene to get on film next week during one of Michelle’s gang bang movie shoots.

While the males were licking their lips in anticipation of what they were going to be doing to her hot pussy, Michelle thought to herself that the Senator again was right in his assessment of her situation. She was perfectly set up to have her pussy ravished and she was more than ready for them to do her because, although all of the boys had put their cocks in her pussy during the foreplay, it had only been stirred, not banged, and she was more than ready to get the hell banged out of her.

Chortling, the decadent Senator went on to his boys, “There is nothing better than making a hot woman in this position take one of your buddies cocks in her mouth then look you in the eye while you slip her the meat that completes the triple penetration. Boys, this is when we really nail this broad, but good, and try and take her over the edge into total nympho whoredom. So, Danny boy, go ahead a stick it to her and let’s get this phase of the Mother-Fucking show on the road.”

The excited nephew situated himself in front of her waiting snatch, while one of his cousins fed her a mouthful of male sausage meat. Then he eased the head of his cock into her pussy and slowly slipped the throbbing boner all the way up into her cock pleaser, ball deep.” As the remaining two boys crowded in even closer around her head, she both watched and felt Danny’s cock take her and, sure enough, they all saw the stunning, well primed promiscuous MILF moan as her eyes nearly glazed over from the pleasure the ribald sex act was giving her. Her sex drunk eyes told them that she was theirs to have, any way they wanted it.

After a couple of minutes of hot pussy rutting, the Senator leaned down over her lust filled face and asked, “You really love the feel of that cock shafting, your snatch, don’t you, bitch?” She groaned out a hot, panting, “Yes?” Strom gloated, “These boys are doing a great job of making a real whore out of you today, aren’t they baby?” “Oh God yes,” she groaned, “And please don’t let them stop.” The demented whoremonger looked at Danny and said, “You heard the MILF, give her what she wants real hard for a couple of minutes then pull out of her and let the next guy jump in and take your place while you go around to her head and feed her your meat, and let her see just how good her fresh-fucked pussy tastes.”

Danny stepped up the pace and began to banging her hard and deep, with his hips slapping against the backs of her thighs as his cock churned up her surrendered, squeezing, man eating pussy. The Senator yelled, “Alright honey, keep your eyes open so that all of us can see how hot you’re getting from these boy’s pumping your cunt full of cockmeat.” She couldn’t reply because another one of the watching and waiting boys had shoved his cock in her mouth and put her to work sucking on it.

As the boys took their turns plundering her wide open, defenseless cuntal passage, and her busy mouth, Michelle did what she was told and took the fucking, with eyes wide open. The seemingly endless flow of male dongs being stuffed in her mouth, and the non-stop plundering of her oozing pussy, while the boy she was lying on speared her well gaped anal passage, soon drove her out of control again, and she helplessly had a third body shaking climax for them, this one even more violent than the last one.

After the boys who were forking her pussy finished each round, the boy who had been underneath her, ramming his cock up her ass, then slide out from under her, and was quickly replaced by another stiff dicked relative. As she felt the new boy stuff his cock up her anal passage, the boy she’d been getting ass fucked by, came around and shoved his dripping dong into her mouth and give her another very juicy taste of her ravished, totally plundered, cum oozing anal channel.

Strom leaned over to Harry and said, “Damn that slut really loves ass-to-mouth cock sucking, don’t she? I’ve never seen a really beautiful woman do a better job of sucking dicks the way that this one does. You’ve got to hand it to the bitch, she has a real talent for getting totally fucked and looking damned good doing it.”

While she was taking the seemingly endless rounds of orifice banging, she realized that she had forgotten how hot and dirty really good sex can be. She proved to herself today that she really had been missing out on plenty by having turned down all the boys who propositioned her and, based on how well things had gone so far today, she was going to have to seriously consider opening her doors to some of the always hard up local boys who ogled her, and let some of them get lucky.

As the boys did another three dick change out, she admitted to herself, “God how I love cocks and cum. By the time the donkeys are through with me next weekend I really will be the helpless nympho the Senator is trying to turn me into.” With that highly charged thought in mind, she climaxed again.


An hour later the Senator’s cell phone rang. He answered it, listened for a minute then said, “Okay, honey, we’ll be home in a couple of hours.” He hung up and said to the boys, “Alright guy’s that was my sainted, ultra rich wife, Angelica, and she wants us home in time to attend the birthday celebration she’s having for Jerry this evening. Since she is my financial ticket to the presidency, we have no choice in the matter, so dick this slut one more time, and then you can watch me get some of her, and see what good dirty sex is really all about.”

Ninety minutes later Harry escorted the Senator and his five cummed out relatives up out of his home’s bondage room, leaving Michelle bound to a straight backed wooden chair. She was fully clothed, except for her panties and her skirt was still up around her waist. Built into the seat of the chair was a huge vibrating dildo that was currently filling her super heated pussy to absolute capacity. There was a large butt plug stuck up her ass and a matching, interchangeable butt plug stuffed in her mouth. The Senator loved ass-to-mouth sex so much that the two butt plugs had been interchanged continuously, throughout the session.

Her tits were out of the top of her dress and attached to each jutting tip was a very large, big toothed alligator clamp. An even larger toothy clamp was biting into her standing-at-attention, throbbing clit. The huge dildo both squirmed and vibrated and it, along with the pressure of the alligator clamps teeth on her tits and clit, had her in a state of continuous climax.

The Senator had ended the dungeon session with a bukakee hosing contest during which the boys stood 18 inches away from her head and aimed their cumshots at her face. They were not very accurate which left her head and tits splattered with their cum. All of this debauchery was a direct result of the demented Senator being driven to excess by having watched her sensationally lurid gang bang performance with the five boys.

When Harry returned, he hurriedly jerked the butt plug out of her mouth and replaced it with his large, swollen, aching cock. Once her mouth had closed down on it, he said, “I need some relief right away baby and I’ll untie you when you’re through sucking me off.” With relief, he watched his newly signed porn star do her drooling, head-bobbing thing for awhile, then said to the redheaded hottie, “Damn, baby, you are still as hot as ever and, I thank you for being one hell of a promiscuous MILF for the boys. That was one hell of a fucking exhibition you put on and it’s too bad we didn’t get to capture it on film. By the way the Senator sends his thanks and wants you to know that he’ll be back here in my bondage dungeon for a lot more of your action, real soon.”



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