A young married couple take on another adventure
When Sadie woke up on Valentine’s Day, she still wasn’t sure what the events of New Year’s meant for her marriage with Mark. Things had definitely gotten out of hand, but they were also exciting. She also still felt as though she owed Mark different forms of excitement in life since they were no longer able to have a more traditional family. Tonight had the potential to turn out in some similar scenario, but Sadie wasn’t quite feeling comfortable with the whole idea yet, and planned on going to the swinger’s party with restraint. Looking naturally beautiful like always, Sadie got out of bed with Mark still sleeping soundly beside her, and headed downstairs to the kitchen to make breakfast and then perform the rest of her morning ritual before work.

It was at her office job the previous week that Sadie was invited to a Valentine’s Day black tie swinger’s party by her co-worker Sylvie. Sadie had been confiding in Sylvie over last few months about her marital situation after the whole infertility fiasco came to light. Sylvie who was a beautiful, and young woman in her own right, listened intently and always seemed to offer advice that made Sadie feel more at ease. About a week before Valentine’s Day, Sadie had been describing how she was starting to think about doing something special for Mark. Things had begun cooling off in the bedroom again, and slowly they’d stopped talking to each other about anything more than daily trivialities. That was when Sylvie invited Sadie and Mark to an exclusive swinger’s event at a large estate outside of Toronto, in one of the wealthiest areas in Canada.

Sylvie described the event as a nonjudgmental and zero pressure atmosphere, where ladies and gentleman that were invited could ask others to help make their fantasies come true without repercussions from their significant other. Sylvie said that what people do ranged as widely as people themselves do. Having sex in front of everyone, involving more than one person, lesbian and gay experimentation, voyeurism and cuckolding were all staples at these parties. But so far as all these different people went, there were just as many who only witnessed the different events and used the images gained as fuel for later love making at home, no one was expected or forced to participate. This sounded perfect to Sadie, and so she waited to surprise Mark with the invitation until after work on Valentine’s Day.

With the last couple of months as his gauge, Mark didn’t expect much from Sadie for Valentine’s Day this year. He planned on picking up some expensive vintage wine and sushi from Sadie’s favorite restaurant and maybe during sex he’d eat Sadie out for an hour or so. Even though she’d let a beautiful stranger suck Mark’s cum out of her pussy on New Year’s, Mark noticed that Sadie had become reserved and was acting as though she regretted the whole night. Mark had begun reflecting on everything that’d happened in their relationship up to this point and was slowly considering divorce as a serious option.

Mark and Sadie had been trying for over six months to start a family together. At first he didn’t mind that Sadie wasn’t getting pregnant, he was after all getting to have unprotected sex with her for the first time in his life, and he got to finish inside of her, then get the pleasure of watching his seed slowly drip out of the woman he loved. He had noticed how horny Sadie had become during those six months, she even stopped by his office a few times for a little afternoon fucking over his desk. He always loved watching her pull up her panties to cover her cum dripping pussy, then watch her walk out of his office in her regular professional clothing, knowing that she was full of his essence and couldn’t get enough of it. After six months however, the situation got more serious. That was when Sadie got word from her doctor that their marriage would never be able to produce biological children. They were both only in their late twenties and they weren’t exactly in a rush, but knowing that it would never be possible essentially put a ticking clock on their marriage, not that either of them wanted to admit it at the time. New Year’s sparked hope in each of them, but it began to fade as Sadie regretted how reckless she had been and Mark realized his secretly fucking the beautiful stranger literally behind his wife’s back might mean that it was time for a change. Neither of them had talked to the other about plans for Valentine’s Day.

Mark went about his normal working day routine. He had no expectation that today would be special in anyway. His buddies at work expressed a similar sentiment, though they were twenty years older than Mark, a fact not lost on him. He returned home after picking up wine and sushi. When Mark opened the door to his home, he immediately picked up the scent of Sadie’s best perfume. She came down the stairwell in her black lace lingerie, with a diamond earring in her right hand being gently placed in her left earlobe.

Mark initially thought they would be having sex before dinner for once, which was a little out of the ordinary, but not mind blowing. That was when Sadie explained the secret plans she had laid with the help of Sylvie. Sadie noticed while explaining that they were going to a high class swinger’s party that Mark had gotten hard beneath his business suit, he was trying to hide this fact with the wine bottle, but it was still obvious.

“Look hon, I know things have gotten slow between us lately, but I don’t want you to feel pressured into doing something crazy that you’re only really doing because you think it’s what I want.” Mark said truthfully
“No, it’s something I’ve always been interested in experiencing, plus it’s not like we’re planning on actually sleeping with anybody else, we can just go and maybe watch some different things, and get to see sexy people who are all dressed up fuck each other’s brains out” Sadie replied, still unsure if she really meant it. The difference between saying something, and actually doing it had begun to sink in for Sadie, and her stomach started to flutter. “Worse comes to worse we can always just have a couple drinks, and you can finally meet Sylvie and her husband.”

“haha, okay. Well to be honest, I’m glad you want to try new things. Talking to the guys at work was starting to make me think like we were wasting what’s left of our youth, you know?”

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Sylvie had to convince me for a little while but I knew she was right in the end. I bet we’ll have an interesting time at least, and then we can come back here and I’ll let you handcuff me and do whatever you like.” Sadie promised with a wink and a smile.

Mark knew exactly what this really meant. It meant he would have to be on top the whole time and she wouldn’t give him any head. Last time she put on the cuffs and said the same thing she only barely let him put his finger on her asshole and she didn’t let him finish on her face. The thought of even the slight chance of getting to fool around with another woman in a tight fitting cocktail dress is what had made Mark begin to get hard while Sadie explained her plans.

The party didn’t start until late in the evening so the married couple shared a glass of delicious vintage white wine and an assortment of sushi rolls together. They each finished getting dressed in their fanciest and sexiest outfits then headed out the door.

Sadie was wearing her little black dress that could barely contain her chest or perfectly set hips, let alone an ass that was crafted by angels. She had her sunshine blonde hair done up in an elegant fifties style, and stood in perfect form in a pair of black pump shoes. The diamond earrings she received from Mark on their last year’s anniversary completed a picture of elegance and sex appeal that could make any man or woman forget their wedding vows and a lifetime of commitment in a second, let alone a swinging crowd.

Mark was hardly a slouch tonight as well. As attractive as Sadie was for a woman, Mark was a male match. His suit was something you’d expect George Clooney to wear, and his form looked carved from the same stone as David. The two of them looked like they just walked out of a Jaguar car commercial. Almost unnaturally perfect.

Mark drove, he didn’t expect to drink much tonight, or really to be there at the party for very long. In all honesty he knew Sadie would chicken out before a half hour passed and they’d be back having the same old same old at home. He just wanted to get enough mental images for his wank bank that he could superimpose on Sadie while they were having sex. That is not to take away from Sadie’s pure sexual attractiveness, but no matter who one is with, the same old sex always end up losing its original appeal. This was especially true for Mark and Sadie as the two had never experienced sex with anyone else, with the exception of the drunken events of New Years.

Mark got lost a couple of times in the suburbs of Toronto looking for the place the party was taking place at. Eventually he found it, but couldn’t believe the sheer size of the place. Out front was a red brick fence line with a black iron gate. At regular intervals were also statues of women in varying poses of sexual ecstasy, all tasteful yet sinful in their presentation. The guard at the gate asked for their names, then ushered them in and opened the heavy metal gate after checking their names off his list.

The mansion looked more like an old cotton plantation than something that belonged in the Great White North. It was a large white house with Grecian pillars lining the front porch and enough windows to build an entire normal sized house out of. A valet took Mark’s car into the night, presumably parking it on the other side of the house.

Both Sadie and Mark were experiencing nerves by this point. After slowly walking up the stairs one at a time, they opened the door, not bothering to knock when they heard all the noise coming from inside. Most of what they heard were elevated voices and clinking glasses, but underneath all of that normal party noise was the unmistakable moans of women coming from different parts of the house. Some of which were coming from an open window just above the front door.

The sensory experience upon entering the house was overwhelming. The air smelled of cigars, alcohol, perfume, cologne, and the intoxicating smell of wet female and male ejaculate. The room was lit dimly with chandeliers that were hung from every ceiling, but not so dim as to hide the beauty of everyone at the party. It was a house full of blondes, brunettes, redheads and black haired people, of all different ethnicities and skin tones, all of whom were as good looking as Sadie and Mark. It was a house that looked as though every country in the world had donated their sexiest models, and given them the best in evening wear that both indicated high class and a readiness to fuck and sweat and moan on a moment’s notice.

In the main dining room, directly ahead of the front door, was a large white banner with some sort of French styled script on it that read “Valentine’s Gathering” with two buxom female modeled silhouettes flanking the phrase. Directly beneath the banner was a busty Japanese woman, who had a head of the most stunning long black hair and a crotch completely devoid of any hair at all, which was untraditional as Mark understood, by Japanese cultural standards. She was lying on top of a muscular black man who was pounding her relatively tiny pussy from underneath in cowgirl position. Her moans were full of pleasure but also a hint of pain. The remnants of a silk, jade coloured cocktail dress hung around her waist as the black guy continued to keep up his rapid pounding pace. Surrounding the two bonded in a completely satiating state of fuck was a crowd of men, all wearing tuxedos with their zippers undone and their fully erect cocks in their hands. Some had bigger dicks than others but the beautiful Japanese girl seemed eager to please them all equally with her hands and mouth. She had her red lipsticked mouth wrapped around a blonde guy’s cock that was standing beside her as he obviously began to fill her mouth with his jizz. She didn’t remove her mouth for several seconds as she was clearly making sure not to spill a drop or disappoint the man she was blowing. After she swallowed what must have been a large load. She opened her mouth to let the blonde man remove his dick, and then immediately started to lick his balls as his erection slowly faded. The blonde man stepped aside as an Indian man began to take his place beside the Japanese girl.

The elegance and the depravity came as a shock to the comparatively innocent couple who just entered the door. Mark’s cock immediately began to move on its own with excitement. Sadie was too shocked to feel aroused, but she was definitely getting to witness something she knew she wouldn’t forget, which was the majority of what she wanted out of tonight.

The house itself was decorated in such a way that it was obvious the owners had more money than they knew what to do with. The floors were all dark hardwood, the furniture was leather and designer, and the art on the walls looked like originals. Mark and Sadie lived luxuriously compared to most people in the world, but this place was in a whole other world of luxury.

After taking all of this in, the married couple was greeted by a sharply dressed butler, who offered to take their jackets. A second sharply dressed butler approached them an instant after the first had disappeared into a side room and offered them each a glass of delicious champagne. Mark was hesitant to drink too much because he wanted to be able to drive home and not rely on someone else or a cab, and he knew Sadie would be drinking a lot to curb her nerves. With their glasses in hand they made their way throughout the house, looking in open doors and sampling the different elegant food spreads. Some rooms were empty, some rooms had couples fucking, some rooms had their doors closed with what sounded like a zoo going on behind them, and the rest of the rooms had every imaginable mix of sexual partners one could imagine. Each of the 5 floors of the house seemed like it had fifteen rooms on it. The moans of women and grunts of men became loud enough at different places in the house to make conversation almost impossible. Other quiet couples were doing the same thing that Mark and Sadie were doing, walking around an enjoying the multitude of sights.

Mark and Sadie had been making small talk with some of the other couples about all the different sights they had experienced, when the two of them decided to take in some of the action with a closer look. They were in a main hallway trying to decide which room to go and watch in when Sadie suddenly recognized a stunningly sexy young black haired girl. Mark figured immediately that it was Sylvie whom Sadie was always talking about from work. Mark had always found Sadie to be one of the sexiest women he’d ever gotten to see, especially when she dressed up in her tight black dress that showed off her body like tonight, but this black haired girl Sadie waved at was THE sexiest woman he had ever seen.

“Hey Sylvie, I’m so happy to see you!” The two hugged. Sylvie looked over her shoulder at Mark, and held her gaze there long enough to show that she was looking more than passively. “Mark and I have been walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds tonight, but it’s really great to see a familiar face, this whole thing is a little overwhelming you know?” Sadie asked, with a shy look on her face.

“Yeah, definitely. I had some nerves my first time too, I don’t think I did much either. So this must be your husband Mark then. Very nice to meet you Mark” she extended her hand for Mark to shake.

Mark took her hand and shook “it’s really nice to meet you too Sylvie. Sadie is always going on about how much fun you are. I’m happy she has someone to make her day better at work now”. They held eye contact as they each took back their hand.

“So what are you two planning on doing now? Think you’ll head home or do you want to stick around and maybe watch something with me?” Asked Sylvie, who now looked at Sadie.

“Hmm, well we were thinking that we’d go into one of these rooms and watch one of the more traditional shows going on. I noticed a really beautiful Latin looking woman giving a blowjob to a guy downstairs a few minutes ago, maybe we could go watch that.” Sadie had plainly started to get a little drunk, and with her friend at her side she was beginning to feel more comfortable and even turned on.

“Sure, that sounds good. There’s a bar downstairs as well, I could get a few glasses of that champagne that’s going around tonight, and we can relax and enjoy. I’m glad you’re getting into the spirit of this Sadie, I was worried you wouldn’t come, or stay very long.” Sylvie said as the three of them began walking towards the circle staircase, with Mark trailing closely behind.

“To be honest, I was considering blowing the whole thing off, but I’m glad I came. Once you get past the initial shock of it, this whole experience is really comfortable and fun. There’s no real reason why Mark and I shouldn’t enjoy watching all these beautiful people fucking like animals, especially in such a high class setting, you know” Sadie explained, still walking gracefully in her high black pumps that showed off her perfectly sculpted ass.

Sylvie began to reply but Mark had stopped paying attention to what his wife and her friend had been saying, he was having a hard time not staring too intently at Sylvie in case Sadie turned around. Sylvie was difficult for Mark to comprehend. She had long straight black hair that had almost a shine to it. Her body was lean, but not muscular, and her “T n A” was so ridiculously well-proportioned that her body made Scarlett Johansson look sloppy. Sylvie’s face was the greatest part of the already 10 out of 10 package. Her face could make a man do anything she wanted, Mark was getting hard just thinking about her deep red glossy lips. Her tits looked like they were more than a healthy handful, and had such great shape that he wasn’t sure if she was actually wearing a bra or not, he couldn’t see any lines that hinted at it in the back of her dress, but they seemed so perky and tight.

The group made it downstairs and Sylvie began making her way to the bar area saying she’d grab them drinks and find which room Mark and Sadie were in shortly. Mark instinctively took Sadie’s hand and led her to the room with the couple having oral sex. Sadie couldn’t remember what door it was exactly, but they found it without having to look for too long. They went into the room and sat down with neither the Latina girl with curly black hair and a red dress, nor the Caucasian guy in his tux noticing at all. They had left the door open, so it was safe to assume that they weren’t shy about performing in front of others. In the corner of the room, Sadie and Mark sat in leather chairs beside each other that formed a semi-circle with a third chair, all facing towards the bed.

The busty Latina woman in the red dress giving the blowjob was positioned on her knees at the side of the bed closest to Sadie and Mark, with the guy she was blowing laying on the bed, knees and lower legs hanging off, and fully erect cock coming out of his zipper. She had obviously been sucking him for a while because the guy’s cock and dress pants had become a mess of spit and cum. She must have finished him off and then started again. Sadie was closely admiring how passionate the woman was at sucking cock, Sadie guessed that this couple wasn’t actually a couple, and judging by the way the Latina was passionately making a slurping mess all over the guys cock and balls that they were swinging, or somehow knew each other outside of the party. The man gently tugged at her hair, and she began to lick all around his balls, almost as if they had an informal body language that was telling her what he wanted. Mark was watching the Latina woman’s lips, they were so plump and perfect for sucking dick. They didn’t have any red lipstick on them, which was always Mark’s favorite, but the woman’s tongue and lip technique more than made up for it. Up and down went her head, almost gliding, without any resistance despite the guy’s large dick size. Every once in a while she choked, but continued to deep throat him. She wasn’t using her hands at all, she was so talented with her mouth that hands weren’t needed. Despite the guy already cumming once or twice it was clear he was going to cum any second. That was when she stopped using vigorous head mouth and tongue action and then switched to gently kissing his balls, to draw out the pleasure for both of them. She was clearly enjoying giving this guy head, and was using her free hands to rub herself underneath her tight red dress; one had firmly grasping her heaving double D chest, and the other pumping in and out of her pussy. From the sounds she was making with her hands, she was as wet as a young fit woman could get. Sadie swore she could see the Latina’s wetness dripping down her legs and drying on the floor beneath her. Her red lacy thigh high stockings looked soaked as well.

The Latina continued giving one of the best blowjobs Mark or Sadie had ever experienced for fifteen to twenty minutes when Sylvie found them with their drinks. She had brought them three of the larger champagne glasses, filled as high as they could be without spilling. Sylvie handed them their glasses and sat down in a leather chair across from Mark in the semi-circle. Mark noticed his wife, Sadie take an extra-long drink of her champagne and settle deep into her chair as she continued to watch the couple.

“Having a good time watching, Sadie?” Sylvie asked with a small devilish smile on her face.

“Definitely, I’ve always thought Mark and I were wild in bed, but this girl is borderline assaulting that guy’s cock with her mouth, and look how hot she’s getting. I think she’s cumming even more than he is.” Sadie replied with sincerity and bewilderment.

“Yeah, you can tell they’re both really into each other, even though they may have just met, but even couples that have been married for years that come here get extremely passionate. The thought that anything goes can really get you hot if you let it. And being comfortable with yourself is a big plus, most people here aren’t reserved about anything.”

Sylvie watched as Sadie took another long drink and then switched her eyes to Mark. “So Mark, what do you think?” As Sylvie finished the question she quite deliberately spread her legs so Mark could glimpse her black lacy panties beneath her dark purple dress, and she grazed her free hand over the top of what was exposed of her breast. Sadie didn’t pick up on the flirtation as her eyes didn’t dare leave the Latina’s lips.

“I’m having a great time, I really appreciate you inviting Sadie and I. By the way, where’s your husband tonight? Sadie mentioned that you were married.” Mark’s eyes eagerly left watching the Latina’s hands grope at herself, and shifted to taking in Sylvie’s magnificent body.

“Oh, he decided not to come tonight, his job is very stressful and sometimes his only fantasy is going to bed.” Sylvie replied as began to slip her hands up and down her thighs.

“Hmmm, that’s too bad” Mark said, watching every inch of Sylvie.

“Is it?” Sylvie replied

Time flew past as Mark continued to fantasize about Sylvie, while also watching the great action taking place on the bed a few feet away. Mark and Sylvie continued not so subtly flirting as the guy on the bed filled the Latina’s mouth with his cum. Mark was surprised when the Latina swallowed quickly and then kept licking the guy top to bottom and everywhere in between. Sylvie steadily became more aggressive with her stares and hand movements.

Sadie suddenly tuned into the fact that Sylvie was hitting on Mark, but a relaxed feeling had begun washing over her ever since Sylvie had come into the room. Her entire body felt like it was getting massaged by little hands that knew exactly what she wanted, and her mind felt blanketed by a warm sensation of relief and eroticism. She’d never felt this way before and thought it was weird, but also thought nothing of it at the same time. A thought traced across her mind like lightning . . . could Sylvie have put something in my champagne? In the same way as lightening though, the thought was gone as quickly as it came.

“Sadie has told me a lot about you at work you know? I always found her so sexy at work, and told her any guy would be lucky to have her, and every day she would reply that she was the one who felt lucky to have you, especially considering everything that’s happened lately.”

“I still think I’m the luckiest guy in the world to have someone so fun, intelligent and beautiful as Sadie, no matter if we’re able to have a family or not.” Before Mark could even finish his reply to Sylvie, she had begun reaching up under her skirt and lining her hands over the top of her black panties slowly. She was having difficulty doing it seductively while dealing with the tight restriction of her revealing yet constricting dark purple dress, and so without missing a beat she lifted up her hips and slipped the bottom portion of her dress up over her hips. This gave Mark a perfect view of the top of her lacy thigh high stockings and her black panty lingerie, which was similar to what Sadie was wearing. Black lace was always his favorite.

“We should all be so lucky as to have love in our lives like the one you and Sadie share together.” Sadie looked at what was happening between her deeply beloved husband, Mark and her best friend Sylvie. Sadie noticed that Sylvie looked a lot sexier than she usually did at work, almost as though she had deliberately been hiding her natural assets. The transformation was remarkable when Sadie began to reflect more on it. Sylvie at work was really more plain Jane, and she definitely didn’t have that terrific ass or those double D cup breasts. She could tell Sylvie was beyond hitting on Mark, but for once she wasn’t jealous of the competition for Mark’s attention, she was actually getting turned on, by Sylvie and Mark both, and even by the thought of them desiring each other.

Sylvie leaned closer to Sadie and gently traced the different curvatures of her right ear with her tongue, moving from the outside to the inside slowly, and then back again. Sadie began cupping her own breasts and biting her plump, red lipstick covered lips. Sylvie then softly asked, “Sadie would it be alright if I got to taste a little bit of what you get to go home to every night?” She looked over at Mark and smiled seductively then began using her tongue on Sadie’s ear again, all the while beginning to tuck her hand inside of her own panties and visibly fingering the outside of her pussy.

“I guess that would be alright, If Mark wants you to. I’d like to see that.” Sadie’s eyes were half closed and her hands moved slowly over her body and up her dress. She began to switch her glance from the Latina still passionately blowing the guy on the bed, to Sylvie who was openly staring at Mark, who in turn had a hard on. Sylvie kissed Sadie deeply on the lips then moved over and sat in Mark’s lap, gracefully stroking the top of his cock through his thin dress pants. Still with some of Sadie’s lipstick stuck to her lips, Sylvie leaned in and gave Mark a lustful kiss. Mark could taste his wife on Sylvie’s lips, and simultaneously felt guilt and hornier than he had been all night.

“Mmmmm, I think Mark’s okay with it, or at least his dick is. It feels like he could really fuck my brains out right now if I let him. But I think it would be better to take it slow on your first night.” Sylvie kissed Mark again, this time sticking her adept tongue deep into his mouth and meeting his own. The kiss lasted for minutes, and Sylvie began rubbing Mark’s cock harder through his pants.

Mark still feeling someone guilty about how badly he wanted Sylvie, looked over at his seemingly alert yet relaxed wife and asked, “Are you sure this is okay sweetheart, Sylvie is your best friend, and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or feel like anything has to happen tonight.” He was hoping beyond anything that his wife would let him have more of what Sylvie was serving him on a silver platter.

“I want to watch you have fun with Sylvie baby, I owe you for letting our family down, plus I’m already incredibly hot just thinking about you too together.” Sadie licked her fingers and then gently started placing them inside of herself. “Sylvie, I’d love to watch you suck my husband’s cock, could you do that for me?” Sylvie reached over and took Sadie’s hand out of her pussy and then licked each of Sadie’s fingers clean.

“Of course I will honey, in fact it’ll be my pleasure” Sylvie replied and then licked the outside of Mark’s lips. Sylvie positioned herself in front of Mark on her knees. Mark went to unzip his pants, but Sylvie brushed aside his hands and used her own instead. Mark’s dick immediately sprang out of his pants. Sylvie looked back over her shoulder towards Sadie and said, “Are you watching Sadie? I’m going to suck your husband’s cock and satisfy him in ways you never have.” She then faced back toward Mark and smiled and the slowly moved her tongue all around the tip of his member.

Sadie picked up on the viciousness of what Sylvie had just said, but was so turned on by everything going on in the room that she only bundled the hurt feelings in with the other overwhelming sensations she was experiencing and it made her even hotter. She looked back to the Latina girl who had begun picking up the pace of her sucking and head movement, she had also started using the hand she had been using to finger herself on the guys balls, getting them even more moist as the Latinas own wetness mixed with the cum and saliva that was already coating them. The guy was using his hands to both pull the Latina’s hair and to push her head down further on his dick, not that she needed any help. The Latina had been focusing on the tip of his dick but then brought her mouth down all the way to the base of the man’s cock. Without making any noise it was still clear that the guy was unloading heaps of cum into the Latinas mouth as his legs twitched and her throat was visibly gulping down everything he was giving her.

When Sadie looked back to her husband and Sylvie, she noticed that the Latinas technique had been passionate and messy, but Sylvie’s blowjob was in another league. Sylvie’s hands had quickly taken off the top portion of her dress, and her bare beautiful breasts were on display. Her nipples had become fully erect, and they were the perfect proportion to the generous size of her chest. Sadie couldn’t believe it. Sparse thoughts in the back of her mind were telling her that to save her marriage she had to stop what was happening and leave this place immediately. When she entered this room a half an hour ago she had no clue that she would later be watching the two people she loved most in the world betray her like they were, right In front of her eyes. But that part of Sadie’s brain wasn’t in control of her body. Sadie’s primal nature, and the intense sensations travelling throughout her body were really in control now, and as far as she was concerned, Mark could fuck the hell out of Sylvie and she would love watching every second of it. She put the fourth finger of her right hand deep inside of herself and continued pumping methodically. Then imagining Mark cumming all over Sylvie’s gorgeous tits, she used her left hand and put her index finger up her ass.

Mark was having a tough time not cumming in Sylvie’s mouth every time she deep throated him. She choked a little and spit would run down his balls, then Sylvie would release his cock from her intense suction and clean up the spitty mess she made by rubbing her tongue powerfully over every inch of Mark’s sack. Mark had never experienced anything like Sylvie’s mouth. She didn’t use her hands at all, which was a major plus, and was so powerful and yet gentle at the same time. She gently brushed the tip of his dick with her teeth and then continued bobbing her head quickly and moistly up and down on his shaft. The sounds Sylvie mouth made could be heard down the hall a few doors, and they were quickly followed by the sound of Mark’s wife finger fucking herself. Mark reached down and squeezed Sylvie’s tits, which caused her to moan. The minutes slipped by. When Sadie was finally able to pull her attention away from watching Sylvie, she noticed the clock in the room said that an hour had passed. It didn’t feel possible, but the puddle of her own wetness begged to differ. The chair eagerly lapped up Sadie’s moisture, but there was still a visible puddle beneath her. She had made herself cum watching her husband get blown by a sexier woman than herself more times than she could count and was starting to get exhausted, but she still wanted more at the same time.

Needing to stop Sylvie from making him cum, Mark pulled Sylvie’s perfectly straight black hair back, and brought his mouth down to hers, wrestling tongues with the woman who was blowing his mind as well as his cock. He looked over to his wife who was blatantly devouring the scene with her eyes and powerfully fingering herself. It made Mark ready to cum watching his wife watching him get his cock and balls get the best treatment he’d ever received. Sadie made eye contact with Mark and then shifted down onto her knees beside Sylvie. Mark released his deep tongue wresting kiss with Sylvie and let go of her hair, confident he could handle her mouth again without instantly cumming. Sadie reached out with her damp hands to grasp Mark’s cock, so she could be the one to finish him off and take his gigantic building load into her mouth.

Sylvie slapped Sadie’s hand away and looked at her with a cold contempt. Her hair fell from Mark’s hand and went back to its previously perfect position, her makeup and red lipstick didn’t even look smudged despite all the action that had been going on. Usually when Sadie sucked off Mark her makeup made a mess of her face and her hair became a disaster. Sylvie was like a mythical muse with the chest and ass of a goddess. Sylvie took Mark’s cock in her hand.

“This is mine tonight Sadie, and I think Mark would agree.” Mark didn’t protest Sylvie’s possessiveness, as great as his wife’s mouth was, Sylvie’s was in a whole other league, and he really wanted to shoot the biggest load of his life into her mouth, all while his wife watched, his wife that had been letting him down a lot lately. He started to feel entitled to Sylvie’s eager mouth. “Hey Sadie, maybe I should even let Mark cum deep inside of my pussy, I could give him a baby, and you could raise it for me. I bet if Mark and I had a baby, it would be really beautiful you know. I’m sure I could get pregnant the first time Mark filled up my perfect tight pussy too. What do you think Mark? Do you want to impregnate me in front of your infertile wife? I could let her lick up the extra cummy mess too, that’s what a best friend would do.”

Mark didn’t reply, he couldn’t reply to something like that. All he knew was that he wanted his cock deep inside of Sylvie’s virtuoso mouth. He knew what Sylvie said would destroy his wife, he half expected Sadie to strangle Sylvie to death, but she didn’t. Sadie stayed on her knees beside Sylvie and didn’t say a word, instead she took the hand that had reached for Mark’s cock and used it to grope at Sylvie’s chest, then she used her other free hand to massage Sylvie’s clit. Sadie understood what Sylvie had said, but the absolute betrayal and hurt translated into a physical need to be satisfied. It hurt almost as deeply as not being able to have a family, but it hurt in such a good way that her pussy had become more like a river than a puddle. She wanted to please Sylvie and to watch Sylvie please her husband. Sadie then moved under Sylvie and placed her head between her thighs and began eating out her best friend who was blowing her husband, and who had just insulted her in the worst way possible. She couldn’t eat enough of Sylvie’s pussy. It was hairless, and an innie; better than anything that could be seen in porn or a female locker room. It tasted like strawberries, but that might have been Sadie’s imagination. Sadie’s mind had left her in a haze of booze and Sylvie.

“You’re such a good wife and friend Sadie, your tongue feels amazing. I’m not going to fuck your husband, but I’m going to let him shoot the biggest load of his life down my throat. Remember this Mark because I bet you’ll fantasize about this for the rest of your life”. Sylvie started sucking on Mark’s cock in such a way that made it clear she wanted to milk everything out of his testicles, and he couldn’t wait to oblige. Sylvie deep throated Mark’s throbbing cock, and simultaneously choked and used the full length of her tongue to swirl around the tip, shaft, base and top of his balls. Unable to hold back any longer, Mark blew shot after shot of cum directly down Sylvie’s throat. He watched her throat as she gulped down what must have been 2 ounces of cum. While the last remaining lines of cum were shooting out of mark’s cock, Sylvie pulled her head back and collected the creamy white mess in her mouth. Sadie meanwhile had been watching from her laying position between Sylvie’s thighs; face covered in Sylvie’s vaginal secretions. Her eyes were on Mark’s face and Sylvie’s throat. She saw how much cum Mark had given to Sylvie and felt even more primal jealousy. As Mark finished cumming, Sylvie’s hips started vibrating and she started to squirt a little onto Sadie’s face.
Sylvie let a few drops of semen drip onto Sadie’s face, and then lifted and rested her leg away from Sadie so she was no longer straddling her. Sadie knowingly opened her mouth, and Sylvie gave her a deep kiss. Their two tongues swirled together and were equally coated in Mark’s seed. Sylvie’s tongue reached to the back of Sadie’s mouth, and dominated every square inch of it. Mark’s cum fell from Sylvie’s mouth and down into Sadie’s, slowly dripping down the back of her throat, as Sylvie continued to dominate her mouth, with a tongue that was covered in her own husband’s cum. Sadie used her tongue to clean out what was left of her husband’s cum out of Sylvie’s mouth. Sadie fingered herself and came so hard that her legs shook and lost all feeling. She screamed and gurgled her husband cum at the same time as the shear pleasure of the experience overwhelmed her whole body.

Sylvie stood up and straightened her dress and replaced her panties so her pussy was covered again. Sadie’s saliva still coated Sylvie between her thighs, but she didn’t bother to clean herself up. In the way she moved, Sylvie had evidently not been drinking much that night either.

“That was a lot of fun you two. You definitely deserve each other. Mark, your cum tastes great, I can tell you eat a lot of fruit. Sadie, you are so sexy and you give great head. Thanks for helping to make my fantasy come true. I wish you the best of luck in your marriage. Today was my last day at work, so we won’t be seeing each other again, but I’m sure we’ll never forget each other. Enjoy the rest of your night, I think I’ll go home and pack my bags for the move. Goodnight” Sylvie’s face showed nothing of what they’d all just done together, and her tight cocktail dress, made her look as sexy and as graceful as ever. She left the room with a business like look on her face, while Mark and Sadie were both still in the positions they were in when Mark came.

Mark’s erection had begun to fade, as he zipped up his dress pants. The front of his zipper was covered in cum and saliva, but he figured walking out of this place would present a lot of people with the same look. Sadie was still drunk and high on whatever Sylvie might have given her, though she still wasn’t sure if that wasn’t just her own passion taking over. Based on the businesslike way that Sylvie had left the room though, made Sadie question what kind of person Sylvie really was, or who she really was for that matter.

Mark helped Sadie to her feet, and put her clothes back on in their proper fashion. Neither of them spoke to each other. Mark was still sober enough to drive, so the two of them made their way down the various halls and staircases they needed to. When they reached the main floor and Mark asked the butler to have his car brought around, Sadie noticed that the Japanese woman wasn’t on the main dining room table anymore, she was sitting on a couch nearby, completely naked and covered in cum from what looked like must have been at least twenty men. A different girl was on the table. She couldn’t have been more than eighteen years old. Her plaid, catholic school girl skirt was being tugged at by a large group of men and women, all of whom wanted to have the next piece of her. She had a smile on her face as she rode an Asian guy whose cock was in her ass. Her nipples looked alert and pointy enough to cut through diamonds.

Before Sadie could finish watching the young girl their car was ready to go. Without speaking Mark drove them home and they both instantly passed out in their marital bed, still covered in the liquids and smells of the night. Neither of them knew what to expect from each other in the morning. Neither of them would ever forget Sylvie and what she had done to them.


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I'm glad you guys like it. Hmmm I'm not quite sure what's in store for Sadie and Mark next. Things will slowly intensify though as their lives progress :)

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Another great story. St Patrick's Day is coming soon. Isn't it about time for Sadie to get fucked repeatedly while Mark watches and gets to clean her and her lovers up with his mouth?

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