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It was a Saturday afternoon and the only thought in my head was of him. He had plagued my existence from day one. Luis was not like anyone I had met before, nobody could match his beauty. He was a student at the university like I was, he was a communications major like I was, but he was complete and utterly out of my league. For one he was not gay like I was, he wasn’t too short or too tall ---I was, unfortunately, too tall), his body seemed to be made for the sole purpose of causing envy amongst men. He had the frame of a boxer, muscles well defined, but had grown stocky with age ---which I thought looked extremely well on him. He was in his early thirties which meant that his body was fully matured, a fact that made me swoon. He had the most perfect brown hair which he parted to the right, the perfect amount of body hair (which defined means a fill chest of hair, he was overall hairy, at least from what I could see), and a sort of brute masculinity.

Masculinity was a word that had no real meaning until I met him. He exuded a sort of musk that seemed to create a hypnotic state in me. I couldn’t be in a room with him for more than a couple of seconds without getting a stupid erection. His musky smell mixed with the air and seemed to always be directed at me. It was toxic. A day at the university meant a day with him, our universities’ comm. department was small enough that most of the comm. major’s classed coincided. A day at the university also meant torture for me. I hadn’t had a conversation that lasted longer than a few minutes until the day that I forced myself to invite him to a small study group that I formed to study for an upcoming exam. After that I was more open to talking to him and holding actual everyday conversations. He had trouble with his English and spoke in an awkwardly cute mix of broken English and Spanish. The fact that I was so patient with his speaking made him confide in me more and more. To any outsider it would’ve seemed like two bros talking, but to me it was much more.

Our friendship got to the point where he would relate his sexual experiences to me, those seemed like the longest talks. Every time I ended with a hot sensation on my neck and small beads of sweat on my forehead. It was torture! He noticed every time and seemed to say more and more as a friendly tease. He would paint the most vivid scenes, I even had to excuse myself on certain occasions to relieve myself in the nearest bathroom.

“She was screaming man, I’m telling you she rode my cock like the little bitch that she was!” I was so hot and bothered by then, but I wanted to hear more “Wait, you had just met her though. Are you that good with chicks or was she a slut?” I half muttered. “It was a mixture of that and my cock bro, nobody resists this piece.” He said in a thick Spanish accent which made that sentence seem even cockier than it was meant. “Anyways, I had a rhythm going her tits…” I stopped paying attention after he mentioned her breasts. I kept on thinking of his cock, was it so big that girls couldn’t resist it? I was officially hooked.

My erection was unbearable, as he continued to describe in explicit detail his many misadventures with girls I couldn’t help but fantasize about his body all over mine. His enormous manly hands all over me exploring every inch of my body as I savored every inch of his. His chest hair sending endless sensations through my body as they grazed against me. He stuck my right nipple into his mouth and sensuously tugged with his mouth. My body straining as he continued his mission, my mission. His mouth became more avid as he continued suckling on my now very sensitive nipple losing track of all reality. My body melting under the strong grip of his hands, his mouth moving lower and lower exploring every inch not missing anything. I decided to take control, I rolled over. I repositioned him so he would be sitting down and made sure he was as comfortable as possible. I knelt in front of him and stared into his eyes, he stared back. I started kneading his legs approaching my goal, slowly messaging and enjoying the expanse of his body. His cock was a miracle amongst men, it was fat engorged with blood. I blushed knowing that I had caused that. I touched his beautiful penis making sure to explore every inch, every vein, every imperfection. It was mine. “Derek” he moaned softly as I stroked his manhood. “Derek!” a louder moan escaped him. “Derek! Derek!” Luis screamed as I awoke from my daydream induced stupor. “What the fuck man, here I am telling you about my conquests and you doze off on me!” he said in an exasperated voice. To my surprise he had shaken me and still held a strong hand on my shoulder. Instead of ringing a bell the strong touch turned me on. “Sorry man, you know I’ve been running a dry spell here for a while. I guess I started a fantasy of my own in my head.” I responded with as much nonchalance as I could muster. “Yeah, yeah. Sorry for reacting like that.” He said in an oddly comforting tone. I think he noticed something was off or my face was red or something because he acted weird after that. I was too embarrassed to even sit near him. I made a bad excuse and left. In hindsight it might have been the huge erection that was straining against my pants that caused that awkward moment. The next couple of days were awkward, but what happened in the next couple of months rocked my world.

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