This is the story of the town of Long Bow in the Dakotas. A town with a new handle on taxes.
The coffers of the town filled, and committees were established to refine the rules, and to make recommendations for the use of the money. It was decided that any changes in the rules or expenditure would be put to a vote of the entire town, rather than a vote of the town counsel. The town was still small enough so that a show of hands could work. Anyone 16 or older could make recommendations, and could vote.
The Friday after Carries deflowering a Meeting was called. Molly had been elected by the town council to conduct the meeting. There had been a few empty envelopes deposited in the boxes. Some had been just pranks of the children, some had been an attempt to hide the fact that they didn’t have any money, and some had suggestions written on them.
Molly called the meeting to order “Now we’ve had a few suggestions, but first I want to see a show of hands to see if you think this is a good idea. All in favor of continuing please raise your hands. It was surprising nearly every hand was raised. “Daniel, you didn’t raise your hand. What’s the problem?”
“Well, I don’t know how to say this, but… Well I’ve been courtin’ Bonnie Ashly, and ….. well she ain’t no virgin, and she’s 23, and well…. I’ve been fucking her regularly, and now I can’t afford to fuck her no more.”
“Marry her,” Jeb yelled out.
“Well I was goin’ to marry her, but now, well now that this new situation has come. She don’t feel the necessity of gittn’ hitched. Towns taken care of her and she gets more fuckin’ than she can handle.”
Rebecca stood up. “Then it’s time Daniel, for you to go a’courtin’ another lady. Don’t seem like this is the one for you. An, if’n ya can’t get a town girl, then maybe you should be looking elsewhere. Now is there anyone else with a problem with our new situation?” Betsy Parker put up her hand. “You, Mrs. Parker. I believe I know what your problem is. You left a note in a box complainin’ that the older women ain’t gettin’ any, and you want some kinda rule allowing older women to get fucked for free. How old are you Mrs. Parker?”
“I’ll be 63 in September.”
“You’re a widow, is that so?”
“Yes mam, and there ain’t nobody wantin to pay six bits for a 63 year old woman, and I’ll wager you that there are fellas who don’t have two nickels to rub together that would be happy to enjoy and old… I mean a mature woman.”
Molly stood up, “is there any suggestions regarding Mrs. Parker’s situation?”
“Maybe every pussy over 60 should be free.” Someone from the back yelled. “Nothin wrong with a little free pussy when the money is runin’ low.”
“We’d have to make it a mandatory condition.” A woman shouted. “They can’t just say no, just like we can’t say no.”
Molly asked if there was any woman over 60 in attendance that had a problem with being fucked on demand.
Joan Shemp, stood, “I’m 67 and I don’t think I can take a whole lot of doin’ it, maybe two or three times a day, but no more.”
“Then lets put it to a vote. Everyone in favor of free pussy for over 60, but no more than 3 times a day being mandatory, raise your hand.” Nearly every hand went up. “Everyone not in favor.” No hands went up. Okay it’s the law, you can fuck anyone over 60 without payin’ the tax. That is a Tax Free Zone. But if the lady says she has been fucked three times she can give a rain check, you get first fuck the next day. Is there anyone else?”
She waited but no one said anything.
“Alright then, now there was a note in the box talken’ against the bidding for the virgins. The note says ‘that if we continue to have biding wars for the virgins, then old man Kolle will get all of them, him being the richest man in town’. Is there anyone here that objects to the biding?”
Nearly every man raised his hand, and Sam Dell, who was standing in the back of the church said.. “I probably never will get up the $10.00 but if I save perhaps. But if I have to bid against old man Kolle then no way. Why don’t we just say $5.00, and bid from there but say if you win one bid you can’t bid for another year?”
“Yeah,” Roy Phelps, yelled. “Maybe old man Kolle is takin’ the money from the bank, he could be using our savings.
With that Kolle Sr. jumped to his feet. “Now you just listen here young man, you could get into a heap of trouble with slanderous remarks like that. If I can pay for the privilege of the company of these young women, then there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s good for the girl, I’m gentle and know what I’m doing, and it is big benefit for the town.”
“I know how to raise more money, and give every man a chance,” It was Abner Yokum, a seventeen year old farm hand. “We have a raffle. Four bits a ticket. I bet you could get a lot of money, some would buy more than one ticket and everyone, even a guy like me with only four bits to his name.”
“There are more’n 50 men,” Rebecca said. “fifty cents each would be $25.00, and as the boy says some would buy more than one ticket. Sounds good to me. Can we have a vote? Everyone in favor of a lottery or raffle for the virgins, raise your hands.”
Almost everyone raised their hand, except old man Kolle.
“Okay with me,” he said, finally raising his hand. I”ll just buy a lot of tickets, and take my chance”
Now six weeks later Ralph Snyder won the honors for Becky, even though he only paid fifty cents, the town actually raised over a hundred dollars, and started work, having Jeb build oil lamps to light the street.
Now, six weeks is important to remember because that was the day that the first wagon arrived from the West. Keep in mind in those days nobody went west to east, it was all east to west. This particular wagon had Ting Wong, and his wife Sin Wong, along with a 17 year old son Gon Wong, and two daughters, Som Ting Wong and Done Wong. The girls were 19 year old twins.
Molly, having been appointed Mayor by the town council met the wagon shortly after it arrived at the livery stable.
“Hello, I’m Molly do you speak English?” she asked holding out her hand.
“Yes we talkee aglish,” Sam answered. “We wok velly hard to learn aglish, This my velly gu wife Sin, my number one son Gon, and my daughters Som Ting and Done. We buy house from man going to Oregon, he say he leave house here. Him called Andu Jackison.”
Oh, Andrew,” yes, yes they left here a few weeks back, did they tell you about our town?”
His son spoke up. “Yes he said that you passed new laws that they didn’t’ like so they left.”
His father spoke up “He sell house vally vally cheapee….”
“Well I’ll show you the house. They took most of the furniture with them, but some stuff is left behind. After you settle in I’ll have someone come by and explain our way of life and our new laws. The laws don’t apply to you for 6 months, during that time you get acquainted with us and learn our ways, and if you decide to stay, then you will become citizens of Long Bow after 6 months.”
“He say bad people, do bad things. But home velly cheap, say twenty dollo for home.”
“Well yes the house is very cheap. We can walk there, just follow me.”
Well off they went, Ting, Sin and the children, walking down Main Street, well actually the only street in Long Bow. They hadn’t gone 100 yards when they passed Jeb and Emily. Emily was bent over a hitching post, and Jeb was ramming his massive cock into her from behind, while he had one finger up her ass, and the other hand rapped around her bare breast.
Done hit Som Ting with her elbow and motioned to the two. Sin, their mother dropped back and walked between her and the two at the hitching post, attempting to block their view. Gon, their brother almost stopped in his tracks and then walked closer to the couple.
Ting looked at Molly. “they make wit da beast with two backs.”
“Yes, you’ll see a lot of that, in fact if you become citizens then your wife and daughters will be obliged to participate. We give you six months to decide, but if you want any of the ladies up to that time, then you need to pay the outsiders tax.”
“Outsider’s Tax?” the son questioned.
“yes, you see, local ladies must allow local men to partake of their niceties, and local men pay twenty five cents to have the lady suck their cock, seventy five cents to fuck their front hole, and one dollar for the back hole.”
“What are the outsider’s tax?”
“Expensive. $2.00 for a suck, $5.00 for a fuck, and $10.00 for the ass.”
“Why ass so spencive?” asked the wife.
“Because ladies don’t like it all that much and so we decided to limit it by charging more. Are you’re daughters virgins?”
“What viligin?”
“Virgin, it means no one has been inside your daughters.”
“Oh Ting been dar.” Sin said. “Meny time. What appen refuse?”
“Then you are fined. If you don’t want to participate then we ask you to leave before the 6 months is up.”
They talked among themselves in Cantonese while walking. Sin was the most vocal, and the girls were quietly following. You could tell that the son Gon, was getting a hardon thinking about the possibilities as was his father.
“Husband say we think and we talk.”
“Here’s the house,” Molly said pointing to a small house. It was a log house with a sod roof. It had a heavey plank door and two large windows in the front. A veranda ran the length of the front of the house. It had a bench, hung by rope from the rafters. In front was a hitching post, and in back was a simple lean-to for the horses and for storage of hay, for winter feeding.”
“There isn’t much hay in the lean-to, and you don’t have much time to collect the long grass on the prairie before winter sets in. You’ll need plenty if you want to keep all four of your horses.”
“We plenty good workers,” Ting said as he tried to rearrange he cock to a more comfortable position. “Gon strong boy and girls work hard too.”
They went into the house. It had a large living area, with the kitchen at one end of the room, there was room for a table. “They left the cooking range so you don’t have to worry there, and when he built the house he dug a well first, so you have a pump here next to the galvanized sink.”
Mrs. Wong went to the range and ran her hands over it. She said something in Chinese. Done translate. “Momma says she doesn’t’ know how to use the stove. She will need help.”
“I’ll have one of the ladies come over to show her. What did she use before?”
“We had open fire with wok. No chimney so everything smoke.”
“She’ll love the stove, it has an oven, a place here to keep food warm, and then a warming oven here above. Behind there is a tank for water to heat for washing or whatever.” Well I’ll leave you to get settled. Gon do you want to walk back with me to get your wagon?”
“Yes Miss. Molly. Thank you.”
He had a conversation with his father and then turned and escorted Molly back toward the town. “Does everyone…” he stopped mid-sentence.
“Yeah. Out side like that fella and woman at the hitching post?”
“Some times. I can see it excited you. That bulge in your pants gave you away. Do you think you can last 6 months?”
“Yeah. I have my sisters and mother. My dad and I have been fucking my sisters for a few years now. So I don’t worry about that, but it sure is exciting. Do you think the women will let a Chinese man do that?”
“They better. There’s no exceptions to the law. They allow a citizen or they pay a fine.”
“We lived in San Francisco China Town. Father went to Placerville looking for gold.”
“Did he get any.”
“Some. Not much but enough to maybe start a business here.”
“What kind of business?”
“Don’t know. Not much for Chinese man to do. Laundry, or place to eat. Mother good cook.”
“You say you’ve been fucking your mother?”
“Oh yes. Father was gone a long time, mother need relief from not having man.”
“So she asked you?”
“No. She became a real bitch, I could tell what the problem was, she would use Chinese words she never used before, and she was feeding me food that I know was supposed to make a man hard. So I was man of house for two years, I didn’t ask her I raped her while my sister cheered, and that quieted her down, after that she would come to me when she needed quieting down. Now father is back but mother doesn’t want to give me up so father and I share her. She’s happy. I don’t have to pay to fuck my mother do I, or my sisters?”
“Well you’re not a citizen yet so no. We never discussed that before maybe that should be an exception. I’ll bring it up to the town meeting. Also, since you bought a home here I’ll talk to the town council about the outsider issue. If you own property you should be considered a resident and a citizen.”
“When I become a citizen can I fuck you?”
“Of course, no woman can turn you down, and if the woman is over 60 she’s free.”
“Over 60? That’s really old.”
“Not so old as you might think. I’ve seen some of them without clothes and you would be surprised.”
“Well I’ll save my money, I think I would like to do it to you.”
“Well thank you, that’s a real compliment. How old are you? We don’t allow anyone under 16 to participate.”
“I’m 17, and my sisters are 19. But Chinese count age different. I was one year old when I was born, so as you count age I’m 16 and they are 18.”
“Then you are all of legal age and you can participate and your sisters and mother must participate. Do you think your mother will do it?”
“She liked to be raped the first time. So if somebody could rape her she’ll love it.”
“Rape….. We haven’t crossed that bridge. With the law as it is we didn’t think that we would ever have any rape in this town since all women must present themselves to whoever asks.”
“It wouldn’t really be rape, it’s just a game she likes to play. Same as her food, she is very proud of her food, but she always says it’s no good, she is seeking a complement.”
“Well no one in these parts have ever tasted Chinese cooking. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m looking forward to being fucked by a Chinese gentleman.”
They walked down the street without talking, then Gon asked, “Can I see your.. you know under your dress. I won’t touch, I just want to see what a white woman looks like.”
“I don’t see why not. I don’t want to do it here in the middle of the street. Why don’t we wait until we get to the livery stable? I’ll show you whatever you want to see.”
With that he picked up the pace and was nearly running toward the livery. “Slow down, you’ll have me all out of breath. It’ll still be there if I walk instead of run.”
“Sorry,” he said slowing to a fast walk.
“Slower. I’m an old Gal, I’m out of breath.”
He slowed and we finally made to the livery.
Enoch Riley, the stable boy was rubbing down a mare as we entered the large double doors. “Hello Mrs. Brown,” he said looking up from his work. “Need something?”
“No Enoch. Gon is here to pick up his team and the wagon.”
“I rubbed down his team and gave them some oats and water. They look like they’ve had a long trail.”
“All the way from San Francisco over Donner Pass.”
“They named a pass after that poor party?”
“Yup, named the pass, named the lake, named just about everything. You’d think that folks that ate other folks wouldn’t be looked up to.” Gon said.
“Okay, Enoch, Gon wants to see under my dress. He ain’t gonna touch so there is no tax. Understand?”
“You’re the Mayor, so suppose you can do whatever you want to do. Who would I tell it to, you?”
“I don’t get no special treatment Enoch, it is just a favor he said he has never seen a white woman’s privates.”
With that she lifted the hem of her dress revealing that nothing is worn underneath, and to his surprise she had no pussy hair.
“White woman got no pussy hair? My mother has a batch of black hair, it so long you could comb it and braid it.”
“I shave it, I get fucked so much I was getting caked with cum in my hair and it is hell getting it out after it is dried. So I shave it off.”
“I like it,” he said with a smile on his face.
“Me too,” Enoch said gazing at Molly’s bare pussy.
“Now Enoch, you are under age. Don’t you go around telling folks I showed you my pussy.”
“I won’t Mrs. Brown, but when I’m 16 I’m certainly going to look you up.”
“You do that. How old are you now?”
“14, but I’ll be 15 in seven months.”
“Just remember,” Molly said. “For this to work we must protect the children from this. So I’m sorry you got to see what you saw.”
“Oh I get to see it all the time. Everybody is doing it everywhere, and the stable here is a favorite place.”
“I suppose,” she said. “Okay Gon better be getin’ on back with your team and wagon. I’m sure your folks want to unload before dark.”
“Thank you Mrs. Brown. I’ll tell my father what I saw, and I’ll explain to my mother and sisters about dry cum.”
Molly went back to the small office the city provided, it had a hand painted sign above the door “TOWN HALL”, inside there was a table and chairs enough for all of the members of the town Council. She sat down and made a note regarding citizenship, and the ownership of property.
Her display in the Livery Stable had gotten her juices flowing and she raised her dress and sat on a high back wooden chair and ran her finger up and down her cunt paying particular attention to her clit which she lingered on making a swirling motion with her finger. Then she placed her finger in her mouth sucked the juice from it and placed it back in her cunt. She had never thought much about her cunt before the town changed. Oh, she was horny, horny as hell, but it never occurred to her to do anything about it after her husband left for the gold fields. She was sure he was dead, he wasn’t the type of man to abandon her, after all they had been together all of their lives. He being her brother, 6 years her junior. Of course no one in town knew that. That is why they were in Long Bow, a place where no one knew them, and a place no one knew about.
“Playing with yourself?” It was Cynthia, Jeb’s wife.
“Oh, yes I guess I am.” How are you Cynthia.
“Fine I guess. I was just coming to complain.”
“About what?”
“About Jeb. Ever since we changed the law here in Long Bow, he has been fucking every woman, or nearly every woman in town.”
“And, we just can’t afford it. He hardly ever fucks me, and we had some money set aside, you know savings in the bank. Jeb, he’s spent nearly all of it on fucking,”
“You are getting big town contracts to build street lights. That should put a lot of money in your pockets.”
“You’d think so, but he’s …. Well he’s addicted to pussy. We need a new law.”
“What kind of law do you want? One that limits a man’s fucking?”
“No, We need a law that says a woman handles all the money. I can give Jeb an allowance and then after that’s gone he has to fuck me or one of the free 60 year olds. You can do that can’t you. You’re the Mayor.”
“Maybe, we would have to put it to a vote at the next town meeting. I’m afraid he’s going to object bitterly, especially when he sees the Chinese cunts that just arrived in town.”
“He saw them, you know while he was fucking Emily Stattin, over on that hitchin’ post on the edge of town. He says he heard that a Chinese woman’s cunt don’t go up and down like ours, but back and forth, that is sideways. What do you think?”
“Well according to Gon the only difference is long black pussy hair.”
“Gon? What’s a Gon?”
“Gon Wong, the boy.”
“Gon Wong?” she said giggling “What’s Gone Wrong?”
They both started laughing, Molly caught her breath and said that’s his name Gone Wrong, and the girls, the twins are Some Ting Wong and Done Wong.” Again the burst into laughter bringing tears to their eyes.
“Some Thing Wrong and Done Wrong,” Cynthia said trying to catch her breath. Their laughter could be heard up and down the street. Finally when they have calmed, Cynthia asked “Do you want me to get you off. You seem to need it, even while we laughed you were fingering your cunt.”
“Yes please would you?”
Cynthia fell to her knees and spread Molly’s legs and started licking her swollen cunt. “Oh shit Cynthia. Oh Shit that is wonderful.”
Cynthia concentrated on sucking her clit with each suck Molly, who was holding on each side of the high back chair would raise up off of the seat, and give a squeal. Cynthia placed a finger into her hot cunt, then two, then three. She would move her face up and down and back and forth covering her entire face with pussy juice, and she now had four fingers in the gaping cunt. Going in and out in and out, and with ever push Molly would scream. “Oh Fuck, Oh mother fuck, more please more.” Cynthia folded her thumb in to meet her other fingers and pushed her hand into the cunt that seemed to open wider and wider with each and every push. “I’ve got my whole hand in your cunt.”
“Then fuck me with it,” Molly screamed. She remembered Rebecca telling her that she had heard of women having a hand up their cunt, but she hadn’t believed it, now she was experiencing it. It was magnificent. If she thought a cock was wonderful, which it was, then this was absolutely fantastic. Cynthia would pump her hand in and out and in, and in, and in deeper and deeper into her cunt. Finally she had a massive orgasm as Cynthia pumped her and sucked her clit at the same time. As I said it was massive and it was a squirting orgasm into Cynthia’s mouth. She gagged and pulled back and Molly squirted into her face on the front of her dress. Cynthia tasted her cum and it reminded her of her husband’s so she placed her mouth back over the squirting cunt drinking each squirt as it shot from her cunt. Finally Molly reached down grabbed Cynthia’s hand. “Stop… Please I can’t stand any more,” She held Cynthia’s arm preventing her from moving. Finally Cynthia pulled her arm back and her hand slipped from the gaping cunt. “My God, look at that,” she said as the cunt slowly contracted and eventually was back to normal size.
“That, ….. “ Molly gasped for breath. “That was like a heard of wild horses running through my body. That was amazing.”
“Yes.” Cynthia said. “That was indeed amazing.”
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