My name is jimmy. I in 8th grade. I was so happy for the last week of school. We werent going to do anything. Next summer i will be a freshman and its going to be amazing, wich later i find out isnt that great.

As i walked into my math class i saw this girl i liked so i walked over to her. Her name was Samantha. She was beatiful. She had the face of a goddess, a nice slim/fit body, at least DD tits, and a perfect ass. SHe was wearing a green top and a skirt. As i walked over i could see up her skirt. She had a purple thong on. My dick started to get hard as i sat down, so i tried to hide it as best as i could. For the rest of the period we just flirted.

As soon as I got home i went into my room to jack off. First i found a website of two hot lesbians to keep me going. Once i got into my groove I started to moan a bit.

"I know that sound," my sisters friend jackie walked into my room. She was really hot, and she was only the grade above me, so when ever she would sleep over with my sister we would fool around a bit. She gave the greatest blow job ever.

"Hey jakie" i said while still rubbing my meat.

"WOW! You've really gwron Jim", well i gotta go so see ya" as she turned and left she picked up her skirt and showed me her round ass. As she did that i exploded and cum was all over the place.

The next day i hurried to math to see Samantha. As i walked in I saw her giant ass in the tightest pants any one has ever seen. And her shirt was pretty loose so her tits were free to jiggle, and since she wasnt wearing a bra juggle the did. When she saw me her face lit up, and she ran towards me and knocked some books over. As she leaned to pick them up her boobies practically fell out of her shirt. SHe swayed around a bit so her tits were all over the place. MY dick started to grow so fast and i couldnt hide it.

I asked the teacher if i could go to the bathroom. Once i was out I ran straight to the private bathrrom, since i didnt feel safe in a crowded one. There was only one private bathroom and some one was in it. It was so embarressing standing in the middle of the hallway with a tent in my pants. And to make things worse the princeple was coming. ANd she had these implants last year so it was a bit akward. Luckily the bathroom opened up. Once i was done with my business school was over.

Later that night i got an email from samantha saying that she had a surpirse for me tomarrow. THat was all i could think of for the rest of the night.

Once i got into school i went to look around for her. SHe spotted me and started running towards me. WHen she got to me she plundged her tongue into my mouth. I was so shocked but just went with it. then she grabbed my dick and started to rub it.

She wispered "Meet me in the gym during lunch"

For the whole rest of the morning i was speechless. As soon as the last beel rang i ran to gym.

THere she was sitting on a mat completly naked . In the sexiest way ever she called me over.

WHen i got there i jumped on her and staring kissing her. Her tongue was amazing, WE continued to kiss for about 10 minutes then i moved down to her enourmes titties. I started to suck on them and flick her super hard nipples with my tonue. she pushed me away and unzipped my pants and pulled them off. The took my semihard cock and put the whole thing in her mouth. Ive never seen anyone take the whole 8 inches at one time.

once it was hard i took it out and layed her down. I shoved my dick in her wet little pussy. I started slow and started working at a good pace. Little by little it went further in until it hit her cherry. I just pulled back and in one quick motion popped it. I could tell it hurt her because she was biting her lip. She began to tense up and let out a muffled moan. After she climaxed i turned her around, licked my fingers, and shoved them up her ass. THen i rammed my cock in as far as it would go she let out a scream, but there was also a little moan.

I turned around and saw my gym teacher with 4 fingers in her pussy and rubing her tits, wich were really nice. I always wished i could fuck her. I was shocked. As i looked at Samantha she had a smirk on her face. " Hey Ms. Smith wanna join us."

Ms. Smith was surpirsed but walked over and layed down beneath samantha and started licking her clit. I just watched while rubbing my penis. Ms. Smith kept going at it for 5 more minutes until samantha exploded all over ms smiths face. SHe was tired so it was her turn to watch. I layed ms smith on her back and pushed her tits together. I slid my dick through. It was so nice and smooth. I loved the feeling of her gorgeous tits onmy dick. As slid back and forth ms smith told me to cum on her face. OK i said and i let it all out, all over her face. She licked up most of it and smiled.

After we were all happy we left. Me and samantha still fool around a bit, but i havent seen ms smith in awhile. I heard she got fired.


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2009-03-20 20:27:01
teacher got fired?

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2008-10-29 16:13:46
Fine I will be the grammer nazi WIth rather random captilaztion sorry if I miss spelled that no ending consinects again sorry for any misspellings.
There was like no anal fingers in the ass is not what I ment .


2008-03-22 17:45:12
No 8th grade girl is that fucking easy and is still a virgin 8 inch cock maybe but all in all this entire story was like looking at stupidity given form


2008-02-29 10:02:56
okay a bit unrealistic but that why i read thesse! good job!


2008-01-15 05:42:05
apurv sucks

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