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Well, they led the stalion out to the center of the circle right up next to me...
Part 2 folks of "So Many"

Well, they led the stallion to the circle and stopped next to me where I was leaning on the bales of hay, naked and wet already knowing I was really gonna get fucked by such a beautiful horse. He seemed to know what was happening for he snorted and rubbed his muzzle against me as I got up to touch him al over. I began scratching his ears and whisper to him, how he was so nice and how he was going to fuck me so good. He seemed to recognize the erotic tone and words and his cock came peaking out as I touched his flanks. He was very cooperative and the more I rubbed my naked body against his side and hie face the more he seemed to get aroused and now his cock was about half way out and getting harder. Two men held his reigns and I moved around him, touching and kissing his body and then I moved to below him and took his cock in my hands and began licking and rubbing it slowly and taking his huge balls in my hands and licking and sucking them too. His cock grew and soon he was ready to take me and so I asked for the men to lead him to the bales which the horse seemed to already to know about. They brought a bench for him to get on to mount me and as soon as it was in place I laid under him, face down and moved my soaking pussy back to make myself open for him. They moved him and put his front legs in place then his back and now I felt his cock slapping against my ass. "Oh shove it on me, let him fuck me." I remember almost yelling and at that I felt the head begin streaching me out More went in and now the horse was moving and beginning to hump me and I moved back on him and his cock was driving deeper in me each time he moved. "Oh fuck" I yelled out and my first orgasm sprayed al over his cock making me really wet and he plunged into me. He was now really humping his mare and I was in heaven feeling orgasm after orgasm soak his cock and balls and the ground under us. Then his cock began pulsing and he let out a loud noise that I thought was him wanting to go crazy but he was filling my cunt with his cum, buckets and buckets flowling into my gaping pussy. He was plunging in so deep that I had flashes of pain going through my pussy up into my stomach as he made a mush of my insides.

I do not know how long but he finally stopped and pulled out and gushes of horse flowed out of me to the floor and I reached down and scoped it up in my hands and swallowed as much as I could get. The men were all jacking off and unloading where they were and I was still not done with them all watching me get fucked by this horse. I got under him and began licking his cock clean and sucking around the head and he stood there calm but I could feel more was in store for me. He snorted a couple times as I played with his cock and balls as if to tell me it felt good and then he began to piss. A fire hose was letting go in my face and all over my body and I tried to take some in my mouth and swallow it but it was too much. I stayed under him, aiming his cock all over me to make sure he was soaking all of me. Finally he finished and I was in a puddle of cum and piss under the horse and wanting more, so much more. Then I saw another stallion near by, the men holding him still as if he was in heat seeing the human mare get fucked and pissed on. I was so hot, I screamed "Come on, I need another." and they brought him up as they led the other away. I got on the bal and had my ass in the air, "Get him in me, hury." I begged and they led him and started to aim him at my pussy and I said, "No, in the as, put him in my ass." and they laughed but did as I had said. He began shoving in and I felt my ass almost ripping (it did bleed some) into my ass deeper and deeper until I was almost passed out and I heard someone say, "Fuck man, his whole cock is in her ass." and I knew then that I was lost in my own lust. I was now yelling, "Fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me, come on, fill my ass." and the horse seemed to be as excited as I was. Then he began hosing my insides with horse cum and I felt it going deep in my bowels filling me up. I was spraying my juices all over with each orgasm and finally he finished leaving me limp and helpless. I fell under him and reached up playing with his slowly shrinking cock and then they led him off.

I was laying there and the guys stood all around, "What is the matter, never saw a slut nympho in action before? Give me what you have." I said and men began jacking off all over me. A couple tried to fuck me but my cunt and ass were still gaping and they had to jack off in me if they did me that way at all. I sucked and jacked off cocks for what seemed like hours and passed out more than once. I woke half way as I was lifted and carried to a bed and covered, cum and piss and all still all over me and in me and slept. A woman came in to check on me and gave me food and water to take care of me and three days later I dressed and went home, sore as hell but my cunt was soooo happy. My ex was home drunk and he said he was busy and did not pay any attention as I went to lay in the tub and soak.

We ate at supper the next day and he looked at me, "You really like that stuff you did don't you?" I looked at him, "Yeah, so when you gona arrange another fuck for me?" "Why?" he said and I looked at him, "Because your cock has never been enough and now that you fucking drink so much you have even more trouble getting it hard." I spit out the words in anger. "Either your buddies or the horse is good. You decide." I said and got up and dressed and walked out on still shaky legs to the car and the mall. When I got home he was passed out on the couch and a note was there, "How often do you need gang bangs? Tell me how many and how much." I filled it in, At least once a wek and at least 10 guys or animals." and left it there. I was home the next Friday evening having a drink and lounging in front of the TV and there was a knock at the door. I went to it and opened it, "Sue?" a very nice looking guys asked me. "Yes, how can I help you?" I asked and saw the dozen guys behind him. "Go take off the gown, we have a little thing to take care of. You are gonna get fucked by all of us all night long" he said as if I was afraid. "Oh? Well, we will see who survives." I said and they followed me to the bedroom as I laid on the bed, naked opening my arms and legs for my Friday night fuck that began to be the routine until I stopped for other reasons.
See ya later everyone.

roxan brownReport

2018-01-18 16:35:56
Well never had an audience with a pony but I have been fucked by my dogs in public many times to many to count
great story love it

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2016-02-02 09:28:32
fuck her i need to be fucked by 10lrg breed dogs 5 stud horses or 25horsedick niggers or i walk.....end of story

Anonymous readerReport

2015-03-29 02:13:09
Please write another


2015-02-17 15:38:06
Haven't had a horse "yet" but have been knotted by a large breed and gangbanged many times. Keep up the great stories Sue.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-12-23 00:35:52
I'm sick and I need more. Keep writing : )

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