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Sister finds love, brother finds a piece of ass
It started when I was 7 years old. I loved my brother more than anyone in the world. He is 5 years older than me and his name is Alex. My name is Angela. We were at our grandfathers house for a family gathering and we were sitting in the upstairs bedroom alone. I crawled up to him and we started snuggling.

"Alex? I wish I could marry you. Like mom and dad"

He kissed my head and we laid like that for a bit. That night our parents went out with some of the cousins leaving us with just our older brother watching us, but he spent the entire night in the garage with some buddies. Alex and I snuggled up on the couch and put on a movie. He was laying behind me spooning me. My heart was pounding as I thought about how much I wanted to be with him. Finally I made my move. I twisted around and kissed him right on the lips. To my surprise, he didn't stop me. He actually kissed me back, then he stuck his tongue into my mouth. It felt weird, but good. We kissed for a little bit, then we heard our brother coming, so we sat up on the couch.
It would continue on like this for about 3 years, then one day he said he wanted to do more. He stuck his hands down the front of my pants, under my underwear. He started pushing but it hurt so I told him to stop. He took off my pants and put his head between my legs with his mouth on my pussy. I told him to stop because it was weird, but he stood up and grabbed me by the throat and told me if I told him to stop again, he would kill me. I was so scared. What had happened to my sweet brother.

He put his mouth back on me and got me wet, then stood up and pulled out his penis. He got between my legs and tried to put it in, but it wouldn't go. It hurt so bad I let out a little cry. He got down and tried sticking in his finger, but I was too tight for that too. He then told me to get down and put it in my mouth. I got on my knees and pulled his cock to my mouth and put it in. I started moving my head up and down, but that wasn't good enough, so he started moving his hips. He was fucking my face hard, when finally he froze up and started cumming. Thank god it was over. I went to my room and cried.

Then next day he told me he loved me and thats why he chose me to do that with. I didn't feel the same way about him any more thought. He started having me come into his room daily and he would eat me out. I have to admit, after a while it started feeling good, but I never came. Each time he would try and put his finger in and one day I felt a shooting pain as he slid it in.

"ow OW OW" I cried, "It feels like you're tearing me in half"

He started moving his finger in and out slowly, then he brought it out and sucked my juices off his finger. He got between my legs and tried to stick his cock in me, but I was still too tight. Once again, he made me turn around and suck him off. Every day we would try, and every day it went the same way.

One day in the summer though, it changed. I had just gotten done swimming, when we went into his bedroom. He had me bend over and got behind me. He brought his cock to my hole and started pushing. Nothing. He started rocking and pushing harder, then suddenly, that familiar pain. It felt like he was tearing me in half all over again. He slid into me and then just froze up.

"Holy shit it's in. Stay still"

We sat this way for about a minute, then he started rocking his hips. It only took a few seconds before he came in me. It was the worst feeling ever. I left his room and went into the bathroom and bled into the toilet. He started fucking me every day. We would go into the attic every day and experiment with different ways. The worst was when he would make me ride him. I would have suck his cock until it was wet enough to go in, get on top of him, then put him into me and do all the work while he raped me. Every time, when he was about to cum, he would pull out and make me suck him off.

One day though, that all changed. I was lying on my back, on our living room couch. The family was all out of town and he was watching me. He decided to take his time he got between my legs and started eating me out. He had gotten quite a bit better and it was starting to feel really good. He found my clit and started sucking. Now it was feeling REALLY good. Then he stopped. He climbed on top of me missionary style and put his hard cock into me. It actually felt amazing. He started pumping into me. It had gotten to the point that he was lasting about 10 to 20 minutes now. He was hammering away when I felt the most amazing thing. My body started to tingle all over. My heart was beating fast and my mouth was dry. My head was spinning, then my pussy started to tighten up. I was in HEAVEN. It lasted about 30 seconds. When I came down, he was still going. I pulled his face to me and kissed him deep. For the first time in years, I felt love for my big brother again. I never wanted this to end. But it did. He pulled out and I pulled his cock into my mouth and finished him off.

We continued fucking every day, but now it wasn't him using me. I loved it and even craved it. I had him get some condoms so he didn't have to pull out. A couple times though when we would run out, he would forget and actually cum in me. That was my favorite feeling of all, but the terror of thinking I might get pregnant wasn't worth it. Sadly though, about 4 years later he went off to college. We still have the occassional snuggle time, but it's not the same.

He has a girl friend, and I am married now, but I still find myself yearning for just one more time.

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2014-02-28 00:33:44
If she changed the story it wouldn't be a true event which is what it's maked under

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2014-02-27 19:15:21
i agree with the previous comment,, a shitty story

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2014-02-27 17:23:10
I personally thought this was a shitty story.
The brother had nothing going to help her enjoy the sex.
Thumbs down on this. It could have been so much better!


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It won't let me votex and I can't add it to my favorites. Fix please.


2014-02-27 05:46:50
It won't let me votex and I can't add it to my favorites. Fix please.

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