Teenage lovers leave the safety of their Midwestern home town, taking a long road trip across America for a new life in California.
Chapter 1.

In a cheap motel somewhere in Kansas, runaway teenage lovers Tom and Rachael lay in bed completely nude entangled in a lovers embrace. Tom looks into his girlfriends eyes smiles and tells her three simple endearing words. “I love you.” In the dim light of the room blond haired blue eyed Rachael Watson seems much younger than seventeen, but in reality the girl who was originally born in England is only three months younger then her American born boyfriend. She styles her shoulder length light blond hair in a spiked cut, her skin is fair and soft, her eyes are the bluest he’s ever seen. Her nose is perfectly centered between elegant soft cheeks. Her pouty full lips are kissable to say the least about them, and yes he loves kissing them.

She flashes a clever smile before replying in her usual charming slightly mischievous way. “I love you more.” from there she begins kissing her way down his bare almost hairless chest. As she kisses her way lower she fondles his growing erection, her soft warm touch feels so good to his sensitive cock flesh. Propping his head on hotel pillows he watches his lover wrap her soft lips around his cock, just the feeling of her lips and warm breath creates small ripples of pleasure cascading from his groin flowing like warm ocean waves over his body. He moans as she licks her tongue around the helmet shaped head then kisses and licks her way up and down his shaft. She looks up from her task smiles then shoves the tip of an index finger inside his anus.

“Whoa, you’ve never down that before.” he said in a startled voice.

“Do you fancy how it feels Thomas, if you don’t I’ll take it out.” she said playfully.

His voice trembles “No don’t take it out, I like it….I like it a lot.”

“Giggle, I knew you’d like it…You kinky boy.” She gently fingers his anus while kissing licking and sucking his stiff cock. He moans in pleasure thrusting his pelvis upwards totally enjoying his European lovers oral skills. She sucks his cock slowly bobbing her head up’n down. Saliva drips down her chin but she keeps working her lips mouth and tongue over his cock. He wakes from his sexual stupor.

“Rachael….I really love what you’re doing…Ahh, and the way you’re doing it but now I wanna return the favor. Bring that hot little pink pussy of your’s up here and sit it right over my mouth.”

She’s vigorously licking and sucking his cock as if it’s an ice cone on a hot summer day, hearing his request she stops what she’s doing. “Mmm,” she said playfully. “I was hoping you’d do that to me.”

She moves up gives him a kiss then straddles his face, grasping the hotel beds headboard to steady her 5 ft 1 slender body. Feeling his lips and fingertips touching and licking her clean shaven freshly waxed pussy, her body trembles as small tingling shock waves flow from her clit and all through her young body.

To Tom everything about Rachael’s body is perfect, she’s petite and slender, her breast are perfect small handfuls; or as he calls them with affection Mouth full’s. He parts her cunt lips with thumb and forefinger then begins sucking her clit. Feeling his lips sucking her clit she moans slowly rocking her cunt over her mans mouth and tongue.

“Yes…Right there Thomas…Don’t you bloody stop doing what your doing…Oh yes I love the way you eat me.” she says breathlessly.

Like a good lover should always do Tom listens to his girl, he keeps sucking her clit occasionally flicking his tongue over her anus while at the same time shoving his index finger deep inside her cunt.

Rachael cums panting and vigorously rocking her soaking wet pussy back and forth over her mans face. She feels his nose inside her sex loving how it feels as it too caresses the sensitive folds of her pussy lips. And he enjoys sniffing the sweet musty scent of her sex, copying what she did while sucking his cock he pokes the tip of his index finger in her anus. Another orgasm rushes over her body, this time her climax starts from her arsehole and rolls up her spine. He makes her squirt, doing this she almost loses her grip on the beds headboard.

“That was amazing Thomas,” she said sounding breathless and weak. “But now what I really need is your lovely cock inside me.”

On wobbly sexually weakened knees she moves her slender young body from her boyfriends face, glancing down she breaks into laughter seeing a glistening sheen of her girl cum saturating his nose mouth and chin.

“What’s so funny,” says Tom.

“I really painted your face good,” she says holding back laughter.

He licks his lips and smiles. “Yes and I love the way you paint baby.”

Still straddling his slender 6 ft 2 body she moves towards his stiff eight inch cock, feeling his warm hard erection caressing her wet cunt lips she reaches down shoving the helmet shaped circumcised head between the sensitive folds of her sex. She looks down admiring her eighteen year old boyfriends features.

He wears his dark brown hair slightly long, it covers his ears by at least an inch or more and he always parts it down the center. His eyes are dark brown, just looking into them makes her feel safe and secure. She knows they’re the windows to his soul, and his soul is pure and true. His nose is surely a Scotsman’s nose, and his lips are pinkish red. He always seems to be smiling even when he’s sad or angry.

Lowering her pussy over his cock small shock waves of pleasure pulsate over her body. She moans softly then begins riding his long thick cock, rising up until it almost falls out then sliding back down until every long hard inch disappears deep within her sex. He watches her ride him slow at first but building speed as she goes. She keeps riding his cock like this for at least fifteen minutes. Taking charge he pulls her down plants a deep kiss on her luscious full lips then rolls her petite body under his. “Its my turn,” he says then begins thrusting deep inside her tight hot pussy.

She gasps. “Fuck…Fuck me hard Thomas.”

Hearing her sweet English accent pleading for him to fuck her hard he obeys her commands, building speed his hips slam into her creamy thighs. She wraps her legs around his backside increasing her pleasure to the max. Feeling a climax building in his groin Thomas keeps ramming his cock deep inside his lovers sex. He feels her heart beating against his chest, he feels the inner walls of her sopping wet cunt flexing around his shaft. He wants this moment of passion to last forever, but he’s not sure how much longer he’ll last. She begs.

“Cum inside me Thomas…Please cum inside me.”

She loves the way his hot sperm feels when it floods her body. A while back her mother found out she was sexually active and had their family doctor prescribe birth control in hopes her daughters yank lover wouldn’t get her little girl pregnant, now knowing she won’t get pregnant Rachael has become addicted to feeling his sperm inside her body. “Cum in me….cum inside me,” she begs.

Hearing her beg for his seed he buries his cock deep within his girl releasing warm cum. Feeling his seed flooding deep within her sex an earth shattering climax rolls over her young body. She feels his cock throbbing inside her cunt, she hears him panting as he keeps thrusting inside her body. They feel their hearts beating as one, it enhances their love. Letting them know everything will workout no mater how rough their journey west to a new life in California might be.

Chapter 2. How It All Began.

The love struck teens ran away from the suburbs of Dearborn Michigan in Tom’s custom built black and gold 1976 Camaro Z28. They both graduated from high school together back in July, Rachael actually graduated a year early. She’s a very intelligent young woman, being born in England and having intellectual college professor parents who teach at the University of Michigan seems to have made her a much brighter student than a lot of her fellow classmate’s.

Like a lot of young men do after graduation in Dearborn Tom went to work at the local auto plant, he worked hard at his new job. For five long boring months he stood on an assembly line bolting hoods on brand new pickup trucks, but he was suddenly fired after a fight broke out between him and a line foremen. His parents divorced when he was a little over fifteen, his father remarried then left the state when his new wife landed a job in California.

His father owns a fledgling somewhat profitable construction business near Los Angeles, finding out Tom was fired he offered him a job. Carpentry and automobile repair has always been what Tom Dunkin does best, he hated the boring day in day out grind of the factory. Thoughts of getting back with his father and working in a warmer exciting place like California did get his attention. But when his father first offered him a job he told him no because, he couldn’t bear to leave Rachael the love of his life behind.

Knowing how close Tom is to his father and fearing he’ll be miserable staying in their home town when he does land a new job; and the fact she has always been intrigued with California herself Rachael went to her parents asking them to let her go with her boyfriend. Her over protective father quickly forbid her to go.

“Rachael my dear girl,” said Mr. Watson. “I want you to enroll at the university, there are plenty of fine responsible young lads at U of M to take your mind off that boy you’ve been seeing. Now forget about Tom Dunkin, he’ll never amount to anything girl, don’t you see that.”

Of course Rachael ignored her fathers orders, without her parents permission on a freezing cold night just two weeks into January she packed a suitcase wrote a goodbye note making them aware she’s almost eighteen and that Michigan law states that sixteen is the age of consent under state law, adding she’s much older then sixteen. A paragraph she wrote in the note said it plan and simple.

Dad you’re a law professor, if you’re not familiar with this American state law go to your study and read the articles of Michigan state rulings on age of consent. I left the book open on your desk please read it. Daddy I love you and Mum both very much, but I love Thomas too. I’ll say Goodbye for now, but don’t worry I’m not going away forever. P.s. I’ll call you when I’m ready to talk.

She left the note lying on her bed then met Tom as he waited outside of her home in his car.

Chapter 3. Memories.

Back at the hotel room in Kansas Rachael is wide awake as Tom sleeps like a rock beside her, a snow storm set in earlier during the day so they decided to sit it out for another day at the cheap but well maintained hotel. As if they were lovers on a honeymoon getaway the hot blooded teens began having marathon sex, taking advantage of finally being able to let their emotions run wild without being interrupted by their parents or friends.

Now with her pent-up sexual tensions released Rachael should be completely warn out but she cant sleep, too many thoughts are going through her young mind. She thinks of how upset her parents must be with her for running away in the middle of the night while they slept, but when she looks at her sleeping boyfriend memories of the day they met two years ago come to mind.

She was terrified the day she walked through the doors of her new American high school. Growing up in England she had heard of all the crazy mass school shootings that have occurred way too many times in U.S history. And that day as she walked through the doors of her new high school she half expected to dive for cover, if and when some crazy yank with a gun and no apparent reason to pull the trigger of his fathers AR 15 shooting any innocent students he could before insanely taking his own life at the end of his spree.

Doing her best to ignore her fear she found her locker and began spinning the combo dial, just as she opened the locker door a tall obnoxious curly brown haired boy stepped in close behind her and slammed the door shut startling her. Fears of dying a horrible death on her first day at school flashed through her already troubled mind. The boy whose name was Rick Garret stood with his groin crushed between the folds of her butt crack, and without permission he hugged her grinding his growing erection into her tartan plaid skirted backside.

“Hey little hottie, where have you been all my life,” said the teen as he now groped her breast while grinding his blue jean covered cock into her rear. “Take your hands off me, you fucking goon,” she spoke in an agitated voice trying to pull loose from his grasp. Hearing her English accent only encouraged him to be even more of an obnoxious arrogant fool.

“Damn baby, I love your sexy accent,” said Garret. “Are you from Australia….I just love Australian babes.”

Completely fed up with the ignorant prick she twisted from his grasp and slapped him hard across his cheek. She’ll never forget the bright red handprint she made on the boys cheek, nor will she ever forget the sudden angry glare which soon appeared in his dark brown eyes.

“You little fucking bitch,” he snarled raising his hand to strike her back.

In flick an eye someone came to her rescue, grabbing Rick’s hand before he could do any harm. It was Tom Dunkin, he spun the tall jerk of a teenage boy around then slammed his fist as hard as he could into his nose. She’ll never forget the look on the bullies face as Tom’s punch knocked him backwards, Garret fell on his ass in the middle of the hallway.

“Don’t even try getting up Garret,” Tom said glaring down at her tormentor. “I saw what you were doing to this girl…You fucking perv. Now get your ass out of my sight, that is unless you want me to break your face so it will match your nose.”

Applauds broke out from a crowd of students who watched the event go down.

“Hey everybody,” said Tom. “Quiet down before principal Anderson hears you and comes to see what’s going on.”

Everyone stopped applauding but it was too late Principal Anderson had already heard the commotion. After pushing through the crowd Anderson looked at Rick Garret’s bloody nose then back at Tom.

“Thomas Dunkin, you know fighting is against the rules. Now go to the office and call your mother, have her come pick you up from school because I’m suspending you for the rest of the week.”

Hearing this injustice Rachael quickly came to his defense. “No sir, don’t you dare suspend him,” she points at Rick who’s still sitting on the floor holding his nose. “That daft fool sitting there, he was molesting me right in the bloody hallway. Mister Anderson if you’re going to suspend someone…Suspend that piece of dung not Tom he was only defending me.”

A girl spoke up from the crowd. “She’s right Mister Anderson, Garret did that to me and few other girls last year. I saw the whole thing sir, Tom Dunkin was only doing what someone should’ve done last year.”

Principal Anderson turned his attention to Rick. “Garret you come with me, and Thomas I apologize for jumping the gun like I did.”

With that said the principal took Rick by the arm and led him towards the office. Rachael stood with her bright blue eyes transfixed on the tall 16 year old boy curiously admiring his thick ear length brown hair and captivating brown eyes. “Are you all right,” said Tom. She couldn’t seem to speak, all she could do is stare at the young good looking boy who came to her rescue finally she found her voice.

“Yes I’m fine, and thank you so much for taking care of that insensitive brute,” she smiles offering a handshake. “Hi my names Rachael Watson.”

“Well..Um Hi…It’s nice to meet you I’m Tom Dunkin.” The way he spoke let her know, he’s a little nervous and awkward around girls. “Is that an English accent I hear.” he said curiously.

“Why yes,” she said proudly. “You unlike the arsehole that you so justifiably punched out have got it right, he thought I was a bloody Australian. Yes I’m from the UK, my parents and I moved to Dearborn this summer.”

As they spoke the first period bell rang. “Oh dammit,” said Tom. “It’s time to get to our first period classes. Hey what’s your first class.”

“Math,” she replied. “I have a map of the school, but to tell you the truth I’m no good at reading these damn things.”

“Cool,” he replied happy to help. “My first class is social studies, its right next to yours. Come on I’ll show ya how to get there.”

Rachael is a math wiz, but all through class she couldn’t get her mind off the tall good looking boy who came to her rescue before class started. Beside being an intelligent girl, she’s also a sexually adventurous girl as well. Against her conservative parents knowledge, she lost her virginity a few months after her 14th birthday back in her old home town in England. Now all through class all she can think of is finding out what kind of package her night in shining armor is packing under those blue jeans she saw him wearing earlier.

During a short break when her math teacher stepped out to speak with another teacher she looked over her school map, she had actually conned Tom earlier when she said she couldn’t read maps. One room down the north hallway was marked Closed for remodeling, the wheels in her sweet but sometimes devious mind began turning. A half hour later she met Tom after class.

“Thomas,” she said flashing a sweet smile. “I still don’t understand this damned map, would you be a dear boy and give me a tour of the school before the next bell rings.” She took his hand before he could reply speaking quickly. “Come on show me what’s up this hallway over here.”

Within a few minutes as he walked holding her hand telling her about different teachers school rules and the like Rachael found the unused room of which her map said was under construction, holding his hand she pulled him inside the empty room. “Hey,” he said confused. “Why are you going in here, this rooms closed.”

She looks into his eyes places a finger to her lips and whispers. “Be quiet.” Stepping on her tip toes she plants a kiss on the much taller boys lips then begins undoing his belt.

“Hey…what are you doing,” he says in surprise. He knows exactly what she’s doing, but in his entire young life no girl he’s known has ever done something quite so unusually adventurous as giving him a blow job during school in an empty classroom. She looks up whispering as she kneels before him. “Don’t say a word Thomas, just think of what I’m doing as little token of my appreciation for your gallantry today.”


Back in the present Rachael kneels on the hotel bed beside Tom as he sleeps. From the corner of her eye she sees the sun coming up poking rays of sunshine through the curtains as she pulls the blanket away from her lovers body. She smiles seeing his nude body and half limp penis, lowering down she inhales the scent dried cum and her own girl cum as well. Wrapping her lips around his cock she recalls how they made love a few hours ago, and how Tom fell fast asleep afterwards.

He doesn’t wake as she begins licking and sucking his cock, it grows hard in her mouth expanding from its shorter limp form to its full eight inch glory. Her sex becomes wet tasting flavors of the their pryor love making. Reaching between her legs she fingers her cunt while slowly stroking her lips over Tom’s cock. Still sleeping Tom begins fucking her warm mouth, she tastes salty precum leaking from his penis.

Tom wakes up finding Rachael pleasuring him, but he’s not quite sure if he’s awake or dreaming. Reaching out he places his hand on her head, feeling her soft silky platinum blond hair he smiles realizing this is no dream. At first he’s not sure what time it is, but seeing rays of sunshine peaking in from under the rooms only window he concludes it’s sometime in the morning. “Well good morning baby,” he says.

She looks at him with her blue eyes leaving his cock in her mouth then affectionately licks the head before speaking. “Well hello sleepy head.” Without another word she stops and moves her slender body over his stiff penis, squatting down she guides the helmet shaped head to the pink folds of her cunt. Lowering down she moans her body trembles feeling his long thick tool going deeper inch by hot inch inside the walls of her cunt.

“Ahh….Rachael baby, you never cease to amaze me.” said Tom enjoying the feeling of his adventurous English girlfriends pussy as she rides his member. With his cock still buried deep within her sex she leans down their tongues meet in a passionate French kiss. As she rocks her cunt back’n forth over his cock, he thrusts inside his young lovers sex. She breaks from the kiss and begins ridding him faster letting her firm ass cheeks slap against his thighs. Not wanting their passion to end too soon she stops, but her man was on the verge of a fantastic morning climax. “Why did stop babe,” he asked disappointed.

“Because I want you to get up and fuck me from behind,” she replies smiling down at him. “Now get up love, and fuck me like a dog.”

A wide smile appears on Tom’s lips, he loves doing her from behind.“Well then assume the position you hot look’n little puppy dog.” he said giving her a playful pat on the ass to make her move quicker. Seeing the look in his brown eyes and the smile on his face Rachael quickly moved from his lap, his cock popped from her tight wet cunt sounding like a cork leaving a champagne bottle. In no time flat she knelt on the bed on her hands and knees beside her lover.

“Come on Thomas fuck me like a dog, I know you want to.”

Hearing her playful order Tom wastes no time at all, kneeling behind his girl he admires her firm round ass, it’s neither too small nor too large. Seeing her like this an erotic idea comes to mind, standing on the floor near the bed he grasps her by the hips and moves her sideways on the bed. “What are you doing,” she giggles. He begins licking and sucking her anus and pussy from behind.

Her body trembles feeling his tongue licking over her asshole down over her upturned pussy. “This is what I’m doing,” he says in a muffled voice. He licks sucks and kisses her anus and pussy, devouring her like a sexually starved man. Wanting more of what he’s giving she pushes back shoving her sex and asshole into his tongue and lips.

“Mmm….Yes,” she gasps. “What your doing feels so fucking good.”

He’s fingering her anus while at the same time fingering and licking her pussy, after a few minutes of this Rachael’s clear girl cum drips down her inner thighs and Tom’s cock is completely hard. Needing relief he stands up and rams his throbbing hard cock deep inside her sopping wet cunt. Her body shakes her legs almost give out as orgasms rush over her body. “Oh yes….Now fuck me baby,” she gasps. Hearing her passionate request he begins thrusting his long hard erection deep within her cunt. As his hips slam against her firm white asscheeks slapping sounds echo throughout the hotel room.

Getting into their early morning sexcapades Rachael tosses her long platinum blond hair about and gyrates her ass back against her tall dark haired lovers hips. Tom feels her tight pussy gripping his cock like a soft velvet vice, he feels her inner cunt walls flexing over his shaft. He feels telltale signs of warm sperm churning deep within his groin.

“Beg me to cum inside you,” he says in a dominating tone. Hearing his dominating plea she begs him to cum.

“Please cum inside me…Yes please cum inside me Thomas.”

Hearing her beg he begins ramming his cock faster and harder inside Rachael’s soaking wet cunt. He grunts and moans, she feels his cock throbbing then feels what she’s been begging for. His warm sperm makes her cum again as it floods her body. He keeps thrusting inside his lovers sex, doing his best not to fall because of weak knees caused by the early morning orgasm.

When he’s unable go any longer she pulls away sits on the edge of the bed then takes his cock in her mouth, once again it takes all of his strength to remain standing as she cleans his cock with her tongue and lips. He speaks out of breath stroking her hair. “I am so glad I met you baby.”

She stands hugging her body to his. “I love you Tom Dunkin, but we best get going west before another storm blows in.”

He takes her hand pulling her towards the rooms small bathroom.

“Come on we’ve got enough time for a shower.” he says. “After the way you woke me, we need a good shower to get us going.”

Chapter 4. Go West Young Lovers.

After steering his Camaro onto I 70 west, he looks over seeing what seems to be sadness in Rachael’s blue eyes.

“You’re thinking of your parents aren’t you babe,” he says placing his hand on hers. “I think it’s time you turn your phone on and call them. I know you’re mad at your father, but you being gone like this must be driving your mother and him crazy.”

She cracks a smile. “Yes I guess your right Thomas, I do believe I’ve tortured them enough.”

She turns her phone on then dials her home phone number, after a few short moments her mother answers happy to hear from her only daughter. “Oh Rachael darling, I’ve been worried sick about.” Hearing sorrow in her mothers voice almost brings Rachael to tears. “Oh baby please tell me you’re on your way home,” Grace Watson said before sniffling due to tears that have begun streaming down face.

Rachael’s reply isn’t what Grace wants to hear.

“No mother, I’m not coming home just yet. But please don’t worry, I’m safe and sound with Thomas, he’s taking good care of me.” She does her best to sound sure of herself, keeping her voice from trembling. Tom watches her wipe tears from cheeks.

“Mum did dad read the note I left in his study,” Rachael spoke sounding sure of herself, but her voice trembled slightly.

“Yes darling he did,” said Grace. “Your father and I have talked this over, and we’ve come to a conclusion that your mind is set on what you’re doing. Your father says, you will learn that you’ve made a mistake and come home, sniffle. But baby, you are so young. I know you love Thomas, but darling the way you ran away in the middle of the night was so wrong.”

“I’m sorry mum…But I felt if I didn’t leave the way I did, I would’ve gave into dads will. I’m an intelligent girl, but dad treats me like a child .Mother I hated moving away from my friends back home in England. When I first came to the states I thought I would never make new friends, but then I met Thomas, he made me forget about England and my old friends. Now don’t worry about me I’ll be fine.”

She hears her mother sigh. “Okay then Rachael, you have my approval to go on this journey. Keep us in your thoughts, we love you, and always remember. You may come home any time you want.”

“Thanks mum,” said Rachael with tears flowing down her cheeks. “I love you….And tell daddy I love him too, okay.” with that said Rachael disconnected the call. Tom pulls her close, she lays her head on his shoulder.

“Do you wanna turn around and head back home,” he says stroking her soft blond hair. She sits up, wiping tears she speaks her mind.

“No,” she says. “Mum and dad have finally given me their blessing to go,” she points down the road. “As Horace Greely once said, back in 1865. Go west young man, and grow up with the country.”

Seeing a smile melt Rachael’s frown, Tom guns the engine of the old muscle car. “All right Babyface, go west we will.” he exclaims watching the speedometer move quickly from 70 to a thrilling speed of 95.

The end of part one.

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