The fun continues
I woke up the next morning with my watch alarm at 6. I untangled myself from my daughter and went to the bathroom to take a leak. As I shook off my organ my daughter came into the bathroom and said,"Good morning, Daddy." I replied,"Good morning" as I went to the sink to wash my hands. Then I left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to make breakfast.

I cracked a half dozen eggs and mixed in some milk then I dropped the bread into it flipped it over once and put four of them in the skillet. Over medium heat they browned nicely in about 2 minutes per side and I stacked them up on a plate next to the range. I had eight pieces stacked up when Beatrice came out, looked on the platter and skillet then went to the table. I piled up four more pieces as Charlene came out followed by my daughter.

Charlene went right to the table and my daughter came up to me and gave me a hug and a kiss then went to the cabinets to pull out four plates and four sets of flatware. She then went to the refridgerater and took out syrup. This she poured into a cup with a pouring lip and put the cup in the microwave to heat the syrup. She went to fridge to pull out the butter on its small tray and then she went to the table to deliver the butter and syrup. She came back and took the plates and flatware to the table.

While she had been doing that I had fried up four more slices of french toast and piled them on the platter and so I brought them to the table right after she had put out the butter, syrup, the flatware and plates.

We all ate talking about the day's events. Today I was suppose to act out the day that sucked me and tasted the pre-cum and pulled off claiming I'd cum in her mouth with Charlene acting in her mother's role. That was to done this afternoon.

Beatrice was to handle a camera during the filming.

I went to the computer to check the e-mails and saw an e-mail from my wife saying she did not know if I wanted Tiffany, our new adapted daughter to have a vaginal expander installed. I replied that I did want to have her equipted with the expander so she could be fucked as young as possible. I had hit the send button when she immediately responded saying she'd have it at the infirmary this morning at 9. There were a few e-mails and I went through them and answered the ones I wanted to and deleted the rest.

Then I kissed my grandchildren and daughter goodbye and left to go to the office. When I arrived there I found Margaret already at her desk. She greeted me and said,"Your wife wants you in the infirmary at 9 this morning for Tiffany to get her vaginal expander." I replied,"Remind me at 8:55 this morning would you?" She said,"Sure boss."

I went into my office and signed some checks to pay the pool installers and a deposit check for the dome builder. I checked the sales figures of the Charlie gets Amy and Sabrina reunites with her Father videos and sent deposits to their accounts for their royalties.

Then I heard the intercom buzzer ring and heard Margaret's voice saying,"Charlie, it is 8:55AM" I keyed my side of the intercom and said,"Thanks Margaret." I got up and went to the basement infirmary. When I walked in my wife had Tiffany whose black hair was about 2 inches long when she was born, sitting on the examining table. The doctor was putting a tiny elongated balloon into her vagina. He inserted it with tiny forcepts through the tiny hole in her hymen. Then he inserted the hose from it onto the top of a big syringe and started to push down the plunger. He put 5cc of the saline solution in before she started wiggling indicating she had felt it. He tied off the balloon and put the hose back behind the hymen. As my wife replaced her diaper, my daughter brought in Charlene for her daily filling. I stayed long enough to see she was taking nearly 25 cubit centimeters of the saline before she told him,"That's enough doc." Then, as he had done to my new daughter Tiffany he did to Charlene.

The doctor turned to me and told me, "She will soon be big enough to fuck you. You might want to plan for it in a week or two." I replied,"Thanks for the notice Doc. See you later." And then I returned to the office.

Margaret was there and said to me, Mr. Smith wants you to call him about a video he would like to sell to us." I went into my office and called him. I was shocked to hear that what he was proposing was a snuff film. He was going to have sex with his cancer stricken daughter then shoot her in the head during an orgasm. I told him we had no history of making snuff films and I was not sure they would sell on our web site.

After that conversation I decided to take my lunch and I returned to my daughter's apartment to take a shower, afterall my grand-daughter would be sucking my cock for the first time on camera. When I arrived I was greeted only by my three year and six month old grand-daughter, Charlene.

Charlene told me,"You don't need to see my Mommy. I can suck you off or you can fuck my little ass hole." I told her, I want to see my daughter. She said,"Take me back to the doctor and he can pull my balloon and you can fuck me in my pussy. I won't mind if it hurts some, you know."

My daughter's bedroom door was closed but I could hear the sounds of passion coming from within. So I knocked. I was curious who was doing what to whom. I heard my daughter call out,"Come in" between gasps for breath so I opened the door. I was surprised to see my daughter going up and down with my friend Josh's cock in her vagina and my eight and a half year old grand-daughter sitting on his face with his tongue in her slit. Both of the girls seemed to be getting close.

Charlene came around to my front and started unzipping my fly. I grabbed her hand to stop her. As I did my daughter was overcome by her climax,"God Josh you fuck me so good." as her back arched and she stiffened and quaked in her climax. Then Beatice joined her and screamed out,"Josh you eat me almost as well as my Grandpa does." She stiffened and her legs pushed her off his face and her back arched and she quaked like her mother had a few seconds before.

Josh's face got a strange look on it and he said,"I'm cumming in your bald pussy you stupid bitch." as he pumped rope after rope of his fertile cum into my already pregnant daughter's vagina. At that point as they came out of their climax all three of the people on the bed realized I was watching. Josh blushed and seemed to be frightened of me. Sabrina said,"Sorry Dad, you didn't do me last night and I needed some." I replied,"It's alright honey. I love you and that is unconditional."

Beatrice blushed too and said,"Sorry Grandpa I did not want you to see this. But I needed to cum and Josh made himself available." I answered her as I had her mother. "It's alright honey. I love you and that is unconditional."

They all got up and got dressed and my daughter went to the kitchen to make a quick lunch. As she, with Josh's help, made hamburgers and french fries, I took my shower making sure my cock would be clean for Charlene that afternoon.

When I got out of the shower Charlene had went into the room I shared with her mother and brought me my robe. I put it on and went, hand in hand with Charlene to the dining room where my daughter had just brought in the food. Josh joined us for lunch and thanked my daughter for the good time. We talked about the conversations we had in prison and how some of them had come true now that we were back out. I asked Josh if I could have Sara or his cousin. He said,"Just ask and if I'm not using them you can if they want to. And incidently both of them are curious of how it would be to fuck the boss."

I thanked Josh for the kind offer and told him I would take a raincheck for now as I showed him to the door. Then I asked Charlene why she thought I'd have a problem with her mother having sex with my friend. She said she thought I'd have a problem since normally I slept there. I told her love is unconditional or it is not truly love.

I asked my daughter,"Why are all of you at home. What happened to the school schedule?" She told me,"When you invited Christina down here and told her you would not push or suggest her daughters become porn actresses the teachers had to spend this day re-arranging the curriculum because indoctrination was integral with the school lessons.

I told both girls who had been having sex when I came in that they could do whatever they wanted to with whoever they wanted to as long as they could be on time for anything that was scheduled. Then I went back to the room I shared with Sabrina and got dressed. Then I went back to the office because I had about a half hour before I was due in the studio for the re-enactment of Sabrina's first blow job.

When I walked in my secretary handed me a message sheet. I was shocked to see it was from Trish Bennett's Mom. Mrs. Tina Bennett wanted to talk to me. I looked at my watch as I closed the door and dialed the number on the sheet. She answered it with a hello and I told her this is Charlie.

She said,"I'd like to come back to Eden Productions. I can't find any legitimate job out here and I guess if you think I'm sexy enough to do porn then I can do porn. I reminded her that she had given up her parental rights over Trish and I had adapted Trish. She said, "That's fine. She was always more her father's daughter than mine." I knew the database had data on Trish's father though I had not consciously checked that particular data since I'd met Trish and her mother.

I told her she could not live in her old apartment as her daughter was sharing it with another girl. We said our goodbyes and I hung up and called my wife to arrange housing for Ms. Bennett. She said she'd give them an apartment near her daughter's. As I hung up I realized the time had come to go to the studio.

I walked out through Margaret's office and told her I would be out the rest of the afternoon. She told me,"Have a fucking good time, Charlie." I told her,"You too when you get home." I headed downstairs using the stairs and went to the studio that had been set up as our mobile home set.

When I walked in Charlene and Sabrina were already there. Amy was in the control booth. Stephanie was there with a camera even though was not going to penetrate Charlene today. The twins Queen and Rayna were also their with cameras. Amy handed me a pair of video enabled glasses to use. These were prescription so I could see what I was doing.

Charlene was arguing with her mother over the argument that took place back when I was abusing her mother. Charlene said,"Grandpa's cum doesn't taste bad." Sabrina said,"I thought it did back when I was your age. I know better now. But that is what happened and your Grandpa expects you to complain when you can taste his precum. So when he leaks that drop out you have to come off and complain. Okay honey?" Charlene said,"Okay, Mom, but I'll apologize to him after the cut is called.

The makeup people died my hair and put a fake facial hair between my nose and my upper lip. My granddaughter, playing her mother at 3 years and 7 months old, and I walked into the bedroom set. She said,"I'll race you to naked." So both of us rushed to get undressed. She beat me to it. I still had my socks, my tee shirt and my briefs on. I took them off quickly and then she climbed up on the bed cross ways with her ass on the edge of the bed.

I laid over her and kissed her and she gave me tongue. I put a hand on her undeveloped breasts and nipples and rubbed them. She kissed me again without tongue and I stayed where I was, left my hands where they were and kissed her again. She gave me tongue and I moved my mouth to her left nipple and began to lick and suck. She reached down and with a finger under my chin tilted my head back. I went back to her mouth and she immediately gave me tongue. I moved my mouth back to her nipples then started to move a finger up and down her slit. At the top I circled her clit. I had run about a dozen trips up and down her slit. She again pulled me up to her face and kissed me with tongue. I went back to the nipple I had been licking and kissing. Then I began to move down her body about every inch or so I'd kiss her where I happened to be. I tongued her navel and continued down to her pussy.

When I got there I opened it up with my fingers then starting at her tiny vagina I licked up, circled her clit, then licked back down to her vagina again. I kept this up for five minutes or so then she suddenly called out,"Daddy you making me feel real good again. I'm cumming." She stiffened and quaked and even arched her back a little. She said,"That's enough." So I backed out and stood up.

She said,"I'm willing to suck your cock but if I don't like it I don't want to have to do it again." I told her,"That's fine and if you don't like it we can still do what we have done up to now." She asked me,"How do I do it." I told her, "I'll stand here and you kneel in front of me and put my cock in your mouth and go up and down it." She said,"Okay."

Then she knelt in front of and jacked my cock three times before putting it in her mouth and rocking her body back and forth taking me in about half of my five and half inch long cock, then backing off so the hood of the head was against her lips. She was pumping it with her mouth like the pro she was. Unlike her mother those years ago she was sucking me using her tongue on the bottom of my cock on the outstroke. After five minutes of this I was getting warmed up and she suddenly came off my cock and said,"Daddy, you came in my mouth and I don't like the taste of it." I told her,"I did not cum in your mouth." She replied,"I could taste it Daddy and it does not taste good." I said to her,"I did not cum. As you know a man cannot cum multiple times one after the other so if you make me cum by other means you'll know I did not cum in your mouth."

She said,"Okay, so take off all your clothes and lay on your back and I'll make you cum if you can." I complied. I took off every stitch of my clothing and laid down on my back as I had been told.

She climbed up and straddled my waist then she knelt and went back to the point where her pussy was over the shaft my cock. Then she sat on it. It was not inside her. This was outercourse. She started rocking her pelvis and moving her pussy up and down my shaft. She kept this up for a good solid ten minutes and I told her,"I'm gonna cum." She said,"When you are ready, do it. Soon I ejaculated a rope of cum. She laughed and kept on pumping my cock. Another rope jetted out. Then a third. Then she climbed off, handed me a Kleenex box from the headboard of the bed and I pulled out two Kleenexes and wiped up the thick white semitransparent goo and threw the used Kleenexes away.

Then we got our clothes on and walked out. Amy called "cut". I went into the control room as Amy took the video from the glasses and downloaded it into the editing computer. Using the video from Sabrina's camera, Queen's camera, Rayna's camera, Stephanie's camera and my glasses and began to add them together to extend the play time before Charlene came and again the play time before I came. By using these sources we could have an hour of foreplay before my climax. Amy was very efficient at this and we watched as she added one feed to another and another. She said,"I'll be adding this to the internal feed tonight. Should be on about 7 if I have this right.

I looked at my watch as we left and locked up the studio. Amy dropped her disk at the master antenna mixing room. It was nearly 5 o'clock by this time so Sabrina, Charlene and I left the queue at Sabrina's apartment.

Beatrice was waiting and asked her little sister,"Did he make you cum?" Charlene answered,"Of course he did." I hugged and kissed Beatrice. She slipped me tongue. She was wearing a deep plunging neckline and her nubbin tits were accessible. So I coped a feel at the second kiss. She slumped into me. Her nipple stood up in my palm. She said to me,"Finger my pussy Grandpa, make me cum please." I reached down and her skirt was slit in the middle so I had access to that too. I ran my finger up her slit, around her clit and back down again. After ten minutes of this digital onslaught she stiffened and quaked and bent backwards as the orgasm overtook her. I moved my hand around to her back to hold her up so she did not collapse.

When she came back I let her go. She moved her dress so she was covered. I asked her where it came from and she said,"Grandmother sent it in. It came today. There are new ones for mommy and Charlene too." My daughter had gone to the kitchen to prepare supper. Charlene went into the kitchen to ask how she had done. She told her she had done just fine and had made her Daddy cum just like she had years ago.

We ate discussing tomorrow's plan for production. It would be similar to today's but Charlene would go sixty-nine with me before sitting on my cock with outercourse. She asked her mother if maybe she shouldn't just put my cock in her pussy and get the thing finished. Her mother told her,'You can do that later. Your grandfather did not ever take my cherry. Your Daddy got that." Charlene said,"But the doctor said I was almost ready and I want to fuck him." Sabrina said,"He'll fuck you soon enough. Don't worry. I happen to know he's already writting the script for you to do him."

We sat around the table as my daughter fried hot dogs and chips and dip for our supper. She came to the table, took a dog in her hand, spread her legs, opened her pussy with one hand and shoved the dog, all but a half inch straight up her pussy. She pulled it out and put in on my plate saying,"Just to remind you of what I want you do have tonight."

"Something to eat or something to do with my dog?" She said,"Either one or even both."

I ask her,"Didn't Josh give you what you needed?" She said,"yeah but I want Charlene to cum with me tonight instead of Beatrice. Charlene joined our conversation at that point saying,"Sorry I said your cum tasted bad but that was what Mommy put in the script." I reassured her saying,"It is called acting for a reason honey. I love you whether you want to do anything sexual with me every again or not." She said,"Grandpa, mommy fucks you and says it feels wonderful. I want to feel you deep inside my pussy going in and out. Maybe not tonight but soon.

I turned to my daughter,"Sabrina, I have a question. How did Kathi had the sizes of the girls and you enless you told her?" She had an answer for that,"I have talked to her on the phone." She says,"It does not matter whether you are sleeping with me or my girls she is willing to accept it if I am willing to accept it and since you know I do that should allow her to come in." I answer that,"I hesitate because your mother has a long record of violating her promises. She is out of control most of the time and I cannot trust her to keep her word."

That seemed to settle her down. If she had ever kept her word to me I might be able to trust he but everything she ever told me had been proven to be a lie.

I told her,"Sabrina if you want me to eat Charlene while you ride my cock and fuck me then we need to go to bed early. We were all done eating so we cleared the table and Charlene turned on the television to watch what we had done earlier in the day.

We watched the replay of me eating her pussy until she came. Then we watched her sucking my cock until the pre-cum was extruded from my cock at which time she accused me of cuming in her mouth. This was followed by my denial and challenge to prove that I had not cum. She then rode my cock outside her body until I did climax. In reality the whole filming had taken about a half hour. But this version was longer due to the different angles that showed the same scene being put in series with each other on the film. Sabrina had loaded the dishwasher and turned it on then joined us. She reached for my fly and unzipped it. Then she extracted my organ. She reached across me and tapped her younger daughter on the knee then pointed at my organ. Charlene had no hesitation at all. She leaned over my lap and took my organ into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down on it. As the pornography ended her mother shut off the television and told us all "Time to go to bed kids and dads." Charlene came off my organ and told me,"Sorry Grandpa, Mom wants you otherwise I'd finish you off." I put my organ away then zipped up. It was not easy because it was hard. I got up and walked to the bedroom I shared with my daughter. My oldest grand-daughter went to the bedroom she shared with her sister. The youngest one came with her mother and me into the bedroom where her mother and I slept.

We all took our clothes off and when we were all naked I laid down on the bed on my back my younger granddaughter sat on my chest and leaned down to resume sucking my cock. It had softened some between the living room and the bedroom. She licked up the sides of and the top of it then the bottom of it then took it in her mouth and bobbed her head on my hard cock. While she was bobbing on her had was on her mother's snatch fingering up and down her slit and circling her clit. Sabrina was getting hot even as I was.

She tapped her daughter on the shoulder. Charlene looked up at her then sat on my face with her pussy over my mouth. I could not see anything but her backside. But I felt the side of the bed go down as my daughter got up on the bed and straddling by pelvis she lowered herself on my hard stiff cock!

My tongue was busily exploring her daughter's young bald pussy. I was not having much luck trying to circle her clit so when I stretch out my tongue to touch it I lapped at it. I ran down to her hole and tongue fucked her. The third time I penetrated her with my tongue Charlene called out,"Grandpa that feels so good when you do that I can hardly wait until you can put your cock inside me." Sabrina was humping my cock from all the way in to only the head of my cock still being in her vagina. It was a marvelous feeling. Charlene was gasping. I could not see Sabrina but I could hear her huffing and puffing. I felt Charlene start to shiver as her orgasm overtook her. I felt Sabrina's cock rippling on my cock. She said,"Daddy I'm cumming" That was enough. My control slipped and I pumped rope after rope of thick slimy sticky cum into my daughter's waiting vagina.

She fell forward onto my belly and chest. Charlene was recover but was patting her mother's hair. She slid off my face toward the room. She stood at the side of bed as her mother resumed humping my cock. It did not last much longer after that. It softened and fell out of her vagina.

Sabrina climbed off my cock and laid down between me and the wall. Charlene climbed back up on the bed and cleaned my cum and her mother's lubricant off my cock with her mouth and tongue. Then she laid down between her mother and me. I fell asleep almost immediately.
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