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A boy, who after moving to the city in order to transfer to a new high school for his senior year, mysteriously turns into a beautiful girl overnight. A girl with a long, thick cock. This is the story of how John became Jane the Prom Queen.
Chapter 1

I wasn't a very good looking kid. I'll just be honest, as far as 18 year olds go, I didn't have it in the looks department. I was neither skinny nor fat, just average with a little extra stomach size. I was short, with a round face, tousled brown hair, and glasses. In other words, I was a classic nerd/geek. I didn't have many friends, and now that I had transferred to a new high school in the city, I had even fewer. And girlfriends? Forget it! Most girls didn't even look at me, all 5'6" inches of average-ness. To be fair though, the friends I did have were pretty good chums. It wasn't that I was shy and an introvert, but my previous school had mostly consisted of jocks, and I certainly wasn't a part of that crowd. So my friends would sit together and we'd joke and talk about the latest video game or sports event or science fair. It wasn't so bad really, and I'm not complaining. By the way, my name's John.

But sometimes I wished I was something more than just average. I wanted to be noticed, just a little, by those pretty girls. And...okay, time to let you in on a big secret: I was just a little bi. Yes, bisexual. I definitely wasn't gay, I mean I was far more interested in girls than guys. But there was this one jock, Brian. He was a little older than me and super athletic. Short cut black hair, broad shoulders and narrow hips, muscular arms, chiseled jaw...and well, I found myself sometimes fantasizing about sharing a bed with him.

Like any 18 year old, I'd discovered porn quite a while ago and had been jerking off to it for a while. At first it was mostly hetero stuff. But then, out of curiosity, I checked out some gay vids. Now, the first few I found really rather boring. Then then I saw one where both guys were really athletic and muscular, and both had big, thick cocks. One was obviously more submissive, and he let the other guy fuck his ass hard and fast. THAT turned me on big time. I began to watch the occasional gay video with my other porn, and that was how I discovered trannies, or shemales. The first one I saw, I totally thought she was a normal woman until she took her pants off. I was so stunned, but as I watched her and the guy trade places ass fucking, my own cock got super hard, and it didn't take long to shoot quite a load into my hand. (Oh, for those of you wondering, I had a fairly average 5 inch cock. Figures, right?)
So yes, I was a little bisexual, and fantasized about both girls and guys and trannies. However, nothing could have prepared me for what happened the fall I turned 18.

I transferred because it was a better school. My parents saw that I was breezing through my classes and knew that the school in the nearby city would be more challenging for me. So, that summer they told me about the arrangement and rented me an apartment to live in near the school. I was sad about leaving my friends, but I actually was looking forward to a slight change in my otherwise un-noteworthy life. So I said goodbye in the first week of September, packed my bags, and drove to the city. It was a 2 hour drive, so I could still easily visit home on weekends if I wanted too. My parents gave me plenty of cash to take care of myself, and I knew how to handle money well enough to not worry about running out.

I suppose at this point I should mention Beth. Beth was the only girl I knew, and my nickname for her was Freckles. Some girls would be offended at that, but not Beth. She was adventurous, giggly, smart, without a prejudiced bone in her body. We met in the second year of high school and found we shared some of the same geeky interests. Unfortunately, she had a boyfriend at that point. She had very curly red hair (Irish descent you see), perfect white teeth, a whole bunch of adorable freckles on her face, clear blue eyes, and a ready smile. Her lips weren't "super model actress" full, but I would have given anything to kiss them. She seemed perfectly content to stay friends, so I resigned myself to that fate. We talked about science and our favorite tv shows, anything but what I wanted to talk about: her. She broke up with her boyfriend after a few months and didn't get a new one for some reason. When I asked her she just shrugged and threw her arm around my shoulders. "I'm just waiting for the right one to pop out of the blue." I'd looked down at her and cocked my eyebrow (she was one of the few people shorter than me), and replied: "And just what is this special someone supposed to be like." She just smiled at that and didn't respond. Did I mention she loved to tease me?

So imagine my joy when I heard she would be transferring to the same school! Her parents had heard what my parents were doing and decided that the same thing would be good for her. They rented her an apartment just a couple blocks from mine, and knowing that I would have a friend there, my best friend, make things a lot more exciting. And boy, after my first night in my apartment was I glad she was there.

I got to my apartment a little late. It was already dark and I wearily trudged up the stairs carrying my suitcase. I opened the door with the key the landlord gave me, and dropped my luggage right there. The room was already furnished with a bed, refrigerator, desk, kitchen table, and dresser. It was just a bedroom adjoined to a kitchen, and a bathroom adjoining that, but it was enough for me. I yawned, shuffled through the kitchen and into the bedroom, and fell onto my bed. All I did was ditch my pants and went right to sleep in my t-shirt and boxers. I slept like a baby, totally dreamless. My last thought before I drifted off was that I was glad Beth was close by. Maybe, just maybe, our relationship could now go to the next level. I woke to my alarm buzzing. My phone was in my pants pocket on the floor, and it was playing a loud rock tune that jarred me awake every morning. Stretching widely, I leaned over the edge of the bed and grabbed my pants, fumbling with them for a few minutes before I found the pocket and pulled out my phone. Pressing the off button, I yawned and stretched again. School didn't start until tomorrow, so I had all day to goof off and get settled in.

I brushed the hair out of my face and...stopped mid-brush. What the hell? My hair wasn't that long. I took the offending hair in my hand and felt it. It was certainly real hair, and it was certainly attached to my head. I held it out in front of my eyes, and I nearly choked. Since when did I have blonde hair?! I gave it a hard tug and yelped. I ran my hands all over my head, and my eyes grew wide. How the fuck did I sprout so much blonde hair overnight? It went down past my shoulders it was so long! My heart pounding, I jumped off the bed and raced into the bathroom, gripping the sink and looking into the mirror. My heart stopped dead for two full seconds. I. Was. A. Fucking. Girl!!!!

I shook my head to clear it and then slapped myself, hard, in the face. It brought tears to my eyes, and I counted to three silently in my head. Then I opened my eyes, and the same sight greeted me in the mirror. My round face was gone, replaced by a perfectly smooth and beautiful girl's face. My nose was perfect, my skin was smooth with just a hint of a tan. Even my eyelashes were long like a movie stars, and my lips were full and red. I just couldn't stop staring at myself. My gaze went down, and sure enough, I had a rack. Now that I noticed them, it seemed odd that I hadn't felt my breasts before now. I mean, how do you miss that much new flesh sticking out of your chest! Slowly, I raised my hands and planted them on my new tits. They felt amazingly soft through the fabric of my shirt, so a squeezed them. Amazingly, that felt pretty good. Then I shook my head and pinched myself. I stared at the mirror for several minutes, just stared at that impossible reflection. Then, I ripped my shirt off, pulling it hurried over my head, and then refastening my gaze on my reflection. They were really nice tits, I had to admit. The were big, and as I thought about it, I realized I'd not often seen tits on the internet this big with enough perk to stand out. Sure fake ones did it just fine, but I'd rarely seen real breasts this large that didn't sag a lot. They had such pink, puffy nipples, I couldn't resist giving the left one a poke with my finger. It was soft, but had just enough firmness to them to give them that perk that made them stand out instead of sagging. I put one hand on each and gave them a good squeeze. I'd never felt a real woman's breast before, but these certainly felt real. They felt real in my hands and they felt real because I could feel THEM. It actually felt pretty good to squeeze them, like I said before.

Well, this was a turn of events I just hadn't seen coming. How could I possibly have turned into a girl overnight? A thought suddenly occurred to me and I ran to my bedroom window. Rapidly pushing up the blinds I looked outside. Nope, I was still in the same place. Suddenly, I noticed a guy in the street staring up in my direction. I looked down at him and wondered what he was staring at. I leaned forward to get a better view when my tits touched the window. It was cold, and the sudden sensation surprised me so much I dropped the blinds and took a step back. Then it hit me. The guy had been staring at ME! I was standing right at the window with my tits bare for everyone to...oh god. My face burned so bad I thought it would melt off. A million thoughts flew through my head, making me dizzy.

Finally, I took a deep breath and sat on the bed. I needed some help. I didn't want to go to a hospital. After all, I was the first kid in history to miraculously change genders overnight, and I didn't want to become some kind of guinea pig. But where else could I go for help? My parents? No way! They would have heart attacks and that certainly wouldn't help matters. The police? What would I tell them, I magically transformed into a girl? I thought and thought, and then it dawned on me. Beth! I could call her. I grabbed my phone and began to dial, then stopped short. No, my voice was probably different.
"Hello?" I said quietly (it was the first thing I thought of), and my voice cracked.
Clearing my throat I tried again. "My name is John. New York State. Google."
My voice had definitely changed. It was a sweet, melodious voice that was definitely feminine. I groaned and put my head I my hands. This was the worst morning of my life. Picking the phone back up, I texted her a quick message asking her to come over as soon as possible. It was 8:30 then, and she arrived at 8:49.

Those were the longest 19 minutes of my life, as I paced back and forth, my mind whirling around like a dust devil. Then there was a knock at the door, and the most beautiful words ever spoken sounded in my ear.
"John, you there?"
Thankfully, I'd remembered to put my shirt on when I yanked the door open. The smile on Beth's face vanished instantly as she stared at me.
"Oh, uh...hi. Who are you?"
"'s me."
Her eyebrows went up and she gave me a quizzical look. "Do I know you?"
I tried to swallow, and found I couldn't. My throat was too dry.
"Beth, it's me! John! Listen, I know it sounds crazy, but..." I trailed off as I saw her eyes grow wide and a frown form on her face.
"John Kilan, this is the dumbest joke ever, now get out here!"
I flinched at her tone and my heart sank. "Freckles, come on, please! It's really me!"
She had been opening her mouth, probably to fling some more commands past my shoulder, but she stopped. I could see in her eyes that her mind was working.
"You're John?" she said slowly.
I nodded emphatically and motioned for her to come inside. She stepped in, eyeing me warily as I closed the door behind her. Taking a deep breath, I brushed my hair back again.
"Look Freckles, I know it seems impossible. Damn it, I hardly believe it myself! But I went to bed tonight just like I was before: brown hair, super average, short, and definitely a guy. I woke up this morning with a head full of blonde hair, a new face, and tits for god's sake!"
She nodded, and at first I felt a surge of hope. "You're right."
I grinned.
"It does seem impossible."
My grin deflated like a balloon run over by a truck. With a last "you are so pathetic" look, she turned on her heels and walked into the bedroom. I heard her looking around, under the bed, in the bathroom, and in the closet. Finally she re-emerged. I was sitting on the kitchen table, swinging my legs and looking down dejectedly. I looked up, and she smiled at me, but it was only with her mouth. Her eyes were filled with icy anger.
"Tell John he can call me when he's ready to stop this idiotic game." She headed for the door.
"I asked you what the right person would be like," I mumbled, lowering my eyes.
Her footsteps stopped.
"You just smiled. You always smile when you're hiding something, or when you're trying to tease me. And you know? It works. That smile drives me nuts."
I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I looked up. Beth was looking into my face with a critical, cautious look. Then her gaze softened.
"Your eyes are the same," she murmured, putting her hand to my cheek.
Hope filled my breast (holy shit that phrase took on a new meaning).
Suddenly, her eyes widened and she took a step back, covering her mouth.
"Oh god, you're a girl!"
"Yeah, thanks. Got that."
"B-but you're a girl! How did you-"
"Don't know."
"Last night I guess."
"I wish I knew."
"What will you do now?"
I looked at her and sighed.
"That's what I was hoping you could help me with."
She stared at me for a full two minutes, and I could tell all sorts of gears were turning in her head. Finally, she took a deep breath to steady herself and then stepped back forward. She tilted my head back and studied my face, and poked my arms. I gave her a look.
"What are you doing?"
"Well, you seem to be perfectly fine. No damage whatsoever."
That thought hadn't struck me, and I suddenly felt a bit grateful that at least I was alright. She stepped back again and studied me critically.
"You don't want to go to a hospital."
"How did you know?" I asked in surprise.
"Because if you did you would already be there. You called me because you don't want this blared from the rooftops."
I nodded. "Well, I just don't know?"
She nodded in return. "Yeah, I get it. But what are you going to do?"
"Wait and see if it goes away," I sighed.
"But school starts tomorrow. You have to go, otherwise they'll call your parents and then you'll be getting more attention than the president."
I groaned lay back onto the table, staring up at the ceiling. Then my head jerked back up.
"Wait, do they have my full name?"
"No, this particular school just keeps your last name and first initial on file." Then she saw where I was headed.
"So you could go as long as you identify yourself as the daughter instead of the son!"
"I mean, they don't ask for ID right?"
She shook her head. She was warming to the idea. "You'd just have to play the part until you change back!" Then her smile dropped and we both saw the fatal flaw in that plan.
"And what then?" she asked crestfallen.
I shook my head, determination setting in. "We'll worry about that then. For now, let's just go with that and see what happens."
She gave me a worried look. "But it's a big problem!"
"Not as big as the one I've got at the moment!"
"Okay, good point. But if you're going to pass as a girl, you can't go in wearing just that. You'll attract to much attention.
I looked down at my outfit, just a t-shirt and jeans.
"What's wrong with it?"
She rolled her eyes. "A: you're not wearing a bra. B: No girl with any self respect would be caught dead wearing that shirt."
I glanced down at my shirt again. "But this is my favorite shirt!" I protested. It was a skeletal warrior carving a path through enemies on a battle-field.
Beth simply raised an eyebrow and didn't respond, her green eyes fixed on me unwaveringly. Finally I dropped my gaze. "Okay okay. Let's go clothes shopping. Can't spend too much though, otherwise my folks will know something is up."
"I'll pay for it all. My parents can afford it and they won't think it's strange that I buy a new wardrobe...well, not very strange."
I smiled gratefully at her. "Thanks Freckles."
"Sure thing Jo-...Jane."
"Yeah. It starts with a J and I always liked it."
I shrugged. "Okay, whatever. Works for me."

It didn't take long for me to gather my stuff, hurry down to Beth's car, and drive down to the nearest mall. Beth was way more at ease in this place than I was, and weaved her way easily through the costumers and straight to the clothing shop. I blushed a little as she headed straight for the ladies' section. It felt embarrassing that anyone could see me there, but then I had to remind myself that I was in a girl's body and nobody would notice.

Beth studied me critically. "Geez, I'd say at least a D, if not a DD."
I blinked. "Scuse me?"
But she didn't reply but moved down a couple aisles and gestured to the rack of...bras?
"See one you like?" she asked. She was way to obviously trying to hide a smile, and I rolled my eyes to heaven.
"Just shoot me," I muttered, and the smile broke out on her face.
"Here, take these and try them on." She handed me three different pairs and pointed to the changing room. I shuffled over to it nervously, half trying to conceal the merchandise in my hands. Thankfully, there was no other women in there and I hurried into the nearest stall. I pulled off my shirt and studied my tits in the mirror. Despite everything, I had to admit they were really nice tits. I tried on the D size bra, which was purple and just a simple bra. I put it on and found that it fit nice all the way around, but the cup seemed too small. So I took it off (you have no idea how hard it is to fasten and unfasten a bra...unless you're a girl I suppose) and tried on the DD one. It was black with some flower designs on it. I took it off, and tried on the next one. This one was scarlet red and didn't have any shoulder straps. By the way, trying on different bras on my brand new boobs? Very arousing. My heart was pounding as I stared at the cleavage that was showing in my bra. Without really thinking about it, I gave a little hop. My cleavage jiggled deliciously, and with a grin I did it again.
"Hurry up!"
Beth's voice snapped me back to reality, and I hurried pulled off the bra and put my shirt back on. We then moved back to the underwear section. I thought we were just passing through, but Beth stopped at a row of panties and motioned for me to pick some out. That's when it hit me.
"Oh shit. Beth, I still have..." I looked downward.
At first she looked at me like I was nuts, but then her eyes grew as big as golf balls. "You've still got a dick?" she whispered fiercely.
"It's not my fault!"
"Do you have any idea what will happen the first time you change in a locker? There aren't supposed to be bulges in panties!"
Starting to panic just a little, I snatched a pair of panties off the rack and hurried back to the dressing room. Back inside the stall, I couldn't get my jeans of fast enough, or my boxers. Once they were down, I stared at the mirror. My dick had shrunk to tiny. I mean, my balls and dick were really small. Totally flabbergasted, I touched it with my finger, and then the weirdest thing happened. It grew immediately, and I'm not talking like I got a boner. It didn't get hard, it just got bigger. My balls and dick suddenly jumped up in size and hung there. I stared some more. Before, I could have worn some panties and unless you looked carefully, you might not have noticed the bulge. I mean, my dick couldn't have been more than an inch long! But now, it was flaccid and easily four inches long, and my ball sack was the same size, if not a tiny bit bigger, that it had been before. I stared at it for quite a while, and then had a thought. I concentrate, and tried to suck my dick back into my body, sort of flexing it in a backward way. It's really hard to describe what I was doing exactly, but let's just say I was trying to will it small again. And it worked. It shrank back to tiny size. I tied on the panties and saw that the bump was so small you wouldn't notice even unless you looked carefully. Then I had yet another epiphany. If I added some soft, extra padding to the front of my panties, it would become totally unnoticeable. It wouldn't have to be a lot, maybe just an eighth of an inch to make the pantie material less thin.

I told Beth my plan as soon as I got out, and I think we must have looked pretty strange talking in whispers while I was holding a pair of red panties in my hand. When she first hear about my weird cock ability she looked at me for a moment like I was an alien. Then she saw the sense of my plan and agreed. So I picked out a few panties that I thought looked, well, sexy. I mean, I was getting a chance to mess around with girl's underwear. It was kind of cool. I didn't try the rest on, but just as I was about to leave with five colored ones and a pack of white ones, Beth tossed me something. I caught it and found myself holding a G-string, black lacy panties. I stared at it and then stared at her. Her face was totally straight.
"Most girls have at least one G-string," she said seriously. Too seriously.
"And you?" I said my mouth dry.
She just smiled.

Next stop was the shirts and pants. I basically just followed her and said yes to whatever she suggested. I didn't try any of it on, because she was a good enough judge of size that she could tell if something would fit me or not. To be totally honest, I didn't pay that much attention to what she picked out. My mind was on how I was going to pretend to be a girl. It was perfectly obvious to me that I shouldn't even try to be a girly girl. But even tomboys have way more...sense of etiquette and 'girliness' than guys do.
"So pointers on how I should act?" I asked quietly.
She didn't even turn around as she added yet another article of clothing to the cart.
"Think gentle. Girls are NOT as physical as boys, even tomboys. Also, think light. I've watched you for a while, and you still tread heavily, like a boy. Finally, don't be an asshole."
"Wait a minute, even girls can be assholes!" I protested.
"No, girls can be bitches. Only guys are assholes."
"Different word, same meaning."
"No, not really."
And she just left it at that. I sighed, and thought about it. By the time we were ready to check everything out at the counter, I was pretty sure I figured it out. A bitch was a nasty, mean girl who twisted people to get what she wanted. An asshole was just a jerk with a way to big ego. It made sense that arrogance would be displayed different ways, and if I was an asshole in any way it could blow my story and draw attention. Man, who knew I would ever start thinking like a secret agent?

The guy at checkout knew what he was doing and processed our merchandise pretty quick. But after a few seconds I realized he was giving me a lot of glances. He was a young guy in his twenties, tall and lean with beginning beard that said he hadn't shaved in a couple days. On the fifth time he glanced my way, I noticed that he seemed to be glancing specifically at my chest. When he turned away, I hurriedly looked down and noticed that two little bumps were visible through my shirt where my nipples would be. It hit me that he was staring at my tits because I wasn't wearing a bra and he liked the way they looked. Should I have been embarrassed? Probably? What was I feeling? Turned on. I was used to being the one guy nobody could think of as attractive. Now I had a guy checking me out. Quite a pleasant switch.

Just as he finished up and Beth paid for everything, I saw him slip a piece of paper into a pair of panties on the top. I pretended not to notice, but as soon as Beth and I were out of the store, I grabbed it and read it. It was a phone number.
"You made quite the impression," Beth said. "Poor guy."
"Wellll..." I began, and she raised her eyebrows. "Maybe I'll call him once."

Chapter 2

Beth came home with me that night. Normally that would have thrilled me, but right now I was just to preoccupied. We spent the evening sorting through my clothing and getting it into my dresser and closet. I was pretty surprised at some of the clothing she picked out, especially one tank top she'd brought.
"Isn't this kind of...revealing?" I asked cautiously.
She rolled her eyes. "That's for at home dunderhead, or for wearing UNDER something else."

Once it was all sorted (I couldn't believe how much she'd bought) I plopped down on the bed next to her. We didn't say anything for a few minutes, each of us lost in our own thoughts.
"Beth?" I asked, breaking the silence.
"Do you think I can pull it off? It would be really bad if I drew enough attention for the principal to call my parents or check out my full name or...etcetera," I finished.
"Don't worry. I looked at the class schedule and we're pretty close except for one or two classes. I'll make sure we sit close together and that you don't make an idiot of yourself." She said the last part with a smile and I couldn't help but share it.
"You always have been," I said, brushing my hair back.
After a couple more minutes of silence she stood up. "Well...see you tomorrow Jane," she said, adding a tad of emphasis on the last word.
I nodded and stood up too. "Right."
I followed her to the door and opened it for her. As she stepped out, she turned just a little and smiled at me.
"For what it's worth, you've got some damn good looks now."
I blinked and turned a little red. As she disappeared down the stairs, I stood there for a while, looking after her. Then I closed the door and headed for my bed. It was late, but I found that I couldn't sleep. Just to much uncertainty and worry about tomorrow. Finally, after tossing and turning for a few hours, I got up and pulled out my laptop. Sitting on the bed with it in my lap, I checked my e-mail and wasn't surprised to see that I didn't have any messages. Suddenly a little voice asked me what it would be like to watch porn right now. The thought stuck in my brain, so I opened up my favorite site and began looking around. It wasn't that I was nervous or anything, but this brand new body...well, what would it be like to get really horny in it?

After browsing a bit, I found a video that looked interesting. It was entitled "Brunette Tranny Fucks Hottie". I decided to check it out and found myself watching a video of a VERY hot transsexual having sex with a blonde woman. I stared at how hard they fucked, screaming and calling each other bitches. The tranny's cock was probably about four inches long, so not very big. But she fucked with so much vigor that the woman was bouncing up on every thrust. Without meaning too, I let my cock out of 'tiny mode' and felt it expand inside my pants. I was still wearing my outfit from the day, the t-shirt and jeans. The sudden growth of my penis in that position was suddenly quite uncomfortable, so I set the laptop down and got off the bed. Hurriedly undoing the button I slid my pants down and felt immediate relief. I sat back down on the bed in only my boxers and t-shirt and fixed my eyes back on the video. The woman was now riding the tranny, her tits bouncing up and down with her, when she suddenly reached to the side and got out a dildo. She began to suck on it lewdly, even deepthroating it and getting it covered in her saliva. Then she reached behind herself and slowly rubbed it against the trannie's asshole. I watched transfixed as she then inserted right in, beginning to time her thrusts with the dildo as she came down on the trannie's cock.

It was then that I realized I had a pretty big tent in my boxers. Hurriedly, I pulled them down and nearly gasped. My cock was HUGE!I stared at it for a few seconds and then I ran for my bag, pulling out a ruler. Holding it against my cock I and my jaw dropped.

It was 9 inches long! I just couldn't get my mind around it. I was used to a cock I could cover with both hands, and now I had a fuckin' monster between my legs! I could feel it pulsing with heat, and I shivered in delight as I wrapped my hand around it. I ran to the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. Here I was, a busty blonde with gorgeous face stroking my nine inch cock. The other thing I noticed standing there, was that it was completely hairless and smooth. You couldn't have asked for a more picture-perfect cock. I began to run my hand up and down the hot shaft, my breath quickening as I felt my cock sending pleasure waves up and down my body. I watched myself in the mirror and slowly began to buck my hips as I stroked up and down it. With a smile to my reflection, I pulled off my shirt and used my other hand to give my tits some nice good squeezes. Still slowly stroking my cock, I began to do different poses in front of the mirror, turning to the side or turning around completely naked in the mirror. The more I studied myself the hotter I got and the more perplexed I became. I realized that I was actually pretty slim, like if I sucked in my breath hard I could actually see my ribs. But I was perfectly sculpted too, with gentle curves, hips just the right size, gorgeous legs. I studied my legs in great detail for a while, and I decided that they were really nice. I was only three or four inches taller than I'd been before, but my legs seemed proportionally longer, and definitely sexier. I wondered how those great legs would look in a sexy miniskirt, and that mental image made me even hornier. I was actually beginning to sweat a little I was so hot.

Then I turned my attention back to my tits, and once again marveled at how good they looked. They were so big, especially for my slim figure, and they didn't have any sag and were perfectly shaped. Even the nipples were the perfect size, not to long so they looked weird, but long enough to make them seem made for sucking and pinching. And then my ass. My ass was brilliant too. You know how some girls have this massive bubble butt and it looks so sexy, but then other girls have really firm asses that look just as hot? Well, mine rode the middle line almost perfectly. It had some nice stand-out to it and would jiggle in a lovely way when I smacked it (yes, I spanked myself a couple times). But it still managed to maintain a tightness to it that looked like I worked out. In fact, my entire body looked that way. That was it, I decided. Somehow this body ran the borderline perfectly between slim, athletic, and curvy. I looked all three, mostly slim, fairly athletic, and curvy in the right spots. Which was a funny thing, because I realized I looked exactly like what I envisioned the perfect woman to be. What are the odds that I would turn into a girl overnight? One to a million? What are the odds that I would turn into a pretty girl? One to 100 million? What are the odds that I would turn into what I thought was the perfect woman? It just couldn't happen by coincidence.

But I pushed those thoughts aside for another time. At the moment I was busy jerking off in front of a mirror. I began to run my free hand up and down my flat tummy, up to my tits to give them a squeeze, and then down my hips. I was beginning to really sweat as I bucked my hips and jerked faster and faster on my girl-cock, and the sweat caught the light of the lamp above and made my whole body glisten with moisture. Even this turned me on more and I was soon moaning like whore as I pumped my cock faster and faster. Soon both my hands were a blur moving up and down my shaft, my pretty lips were parted and I watched my reflection through half-open eyes. It didn't take long before I felt that familiar sensation of my balls tightening up and my cock going super stiff as pleasure flooded my brain. Then my cock erupted and I had to hold back a howl of pleasure as it shot load after load of cum into the air. It splattered against the mirror, it shot so far, and covered my reflection in thick, creamy white cum. My orgasm was so powerful I fell back against the wall and stayed there as it finished up.

My whole body trembled as I slowly slid down the wall and ended up in a sitting position on the floor. My chest was heaving up and down as I sucked in air, but there was a big smile on my face. At the moment, I didn't care how I got this body. But that orgasm had just made the scare and the worry all worth it. I was ready to go to school and be a girl, if only for a little while. But first, I thought, I better take a shower and get to bed.

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The positive rating isn't working so mark one up.
Well written, and am going to read ch. Three now.


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