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A dare develops into an opportunity for two teens
Two Virgins Play Truth or Dare
By Robbie


My parents were away one weekend, so I had a group of
friends over. We were all around 15-16 years old at the
time. There was Mary, a pretty brunette; Jenny, a tall,
muscular brunette; and Sandy, a blonde who - I swear -
looked just like Britney Spears! Blond hair, blue
eyes.... a knockout! There was also me, my friend Paul
and David.

We watched TV, ate popcorn, and listened to some music.
Later in the evening, we decided to play Truth Or Dare.
Mary had a bunch of "dare cards" that her older sister
had given her. We all got in a circle and got started.

Paul goes first. A card is drawn. Mary reads it: "You
have to kiss the person to the left of you."

"Hey, David is next to me! No fair!" yelled Paul.

"Yuck!" protested David.

"Sorry," said Mary, "Gotta do it, Paul."

"Oh, OK," answered Paul, who closed his eyes and gave a
quick kiss to David. "That sucked!" said Paul, "OK, next
is Jenny."

Mary draws the card. "It says that you have to be
tickled for two minutes by the person to the right of
you, and that's ME!" said Mary.

"No, No, I'm really ticklish," replied Jenny.

"Too bad, Jen, here goes," said Mary, who started
working her wiggling fingers all over Jenny's body.

"No ha ha ha STOP HA HA HA HA no no no no ha ha HA HA!"
Jenny was laughing like a hyena. I thought that she was
going to explode.

After two minutes, Mary stopped. Jenny was
hyperventilating. In between breaths she said "Sheesh...
I thought I was going to pass out!"

It was my turn next. "OK Robbie, here's your dare," said
Mary as she picked a card. Looking at it, she said, "Oh
boy, is this going to be fun!"

"What's the dare?" I asked. "Welllll..." began Mary,
"Robbie, you have to go into a closet with the person on
your right, and come out wearing each other's
underwear. On my right was Sandy! My brain started to
go into overdrive. Was this actually going to happen, or
was this a joke? Exchange underwear with a hot babe, then both of us stand in front of the gang in just our skivvies?

Sandy yelled, "Wait a minute! Hold on! No way! I'm not
doing that! No way!"

“Me, neither!” I chimed in. “I’m not standing in front of you people in girl’s underwear!”

"Sorry. You two guys better get in that closet and come
out in each other's underwear. Go ahead. We're not
changing the rules. Do it!" ordered Mary.

"But...." began Sandy.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"NO! NO! That's going TOO FAR!" protested Sandy.

"You can't quit the game is what you can't do. Now go
for it! If it were one of us, you would be saying the
same thing," said Mary.

Sandy looked at me and then at Mary. "I'll get you for
this!" Sandy growled. Mary opened the closet and we both
stepped in.

We squeezed in the closet, and I do mean squeezed! It
was actually a broom closet that was about two foot
square. When the door was closed Sandy and I were
literally pressed together. I pulled the light cord to I
could see what I was doing.

"Well, we better get going," Sandy said, talking right
into my face.

"I can't even bend down, how are we going to do this?" I

"We'll just have to help each other," Sandy replied.
"Can you get my shoes?" she asked.

I stretched my arm down all the way and grabbed her
ankle, pulling her leg up until her foot was right in
front of my face. I untied her sneaker and removed it.
Then, I slipped my thumb under her sock and stripped
it right off, which made Sandy giggle. Her long, bare toes were directly in front of my nose! They smelled like.... well... feet. Phew! What can I say? I lifted her other leg and got rid of her other sneaker and sock.

"Here, let me get yours," Sandy said. She yanked off my
boots and then pulled off my socks. “Wow! Look at those big feet!” she teased.

"Well, let's keep going," I said. Our chests were
pressed together so we squeezed our hands between us and
started to unbutton our shirts. As we opened them, her
bra squeezed right up against my bare chest. Our shirts
dropped to the floor.

"Here, where's your belt buckle?" Sandy asked, fumbling
around. We were so tightly pressed together that she had
to work her hand down between us. She found it, and
started to unbuckle it, while I found the snaps on her
jeans. She pulled my pants down and I pushed them away
with my foot. Then I pulled her jeans down. They were
pretty tight, so she had to hold on to her panties to keep them
from coming off, too.

Still pressed together, the bulge in my shorts was right
up against her panties as her toenails were digging into
the tops of my feet. "Well, I guess you'll need my bra.
You'll have to reach back, I can't get it from here,"
Sandy said.

I reached back and unclasped her bra. It was tightly
jammed between us, but I worked it sideways and off. She
went "woo baby!" and giggled when her bare tits finally
squeezed against my bare chest.

I could feel her hard nipples against my skin.
Meanwhile, our hips were still pressed tightly together
with my rock hard dick in my briefs squashed tightly
against her panties. "What have you got in there,
anyway?" Sandy chuckled.

"You'll find out!" I replied.

"That's what I'm afraid of! Well, let's get it over
with... they're waiting," Sandy answered.

I felt down between us and stuck my fingers under the
elastic of her undies and slowly wiggled them down, as
she did the same to me. We were now naked, but still
pressed together. My dick was tightly up against her
coarse pubic hair.

She looked down and squealed, "Oh my GOD! Be careful
with your……umm…… know……. your…….”

“You mean my DICK?” I replied

“Yes, your……..DICK!” she giggled, red-faced. “Whatever you do, don’t stick it in me!”.

I wanted to prolong the moment, so I took a chance and
planted a big kiss on her lips. She put her arms over my
shoulders and started to tongue me while she rubbed her
private part up against my cock humming "Mmmmmmmm," Then
she said, "All right, back to business."

I somehow managed to reach down to the floor and step
into her panties. I pulled them up, but they were so
tight that my dick was practically poking a hole in
them! "Did you have to wear flowered panties today?" I

"Well, I didn't know people were going to SEE them, much
less some BOY was going to try to WEAR them!" she
answered. Sandy got my briefs on, and put her bra around
my chest. "I'll make this as tight as I can. I mean, you
got no boobs!" Sandy said.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"I suppose. I'm so fucking embarrassed!" Sandy replied,
and we opened the door. We walked out and yelled "Tah

Everybody screamed, hooted, whistled and clapped in
delight at our discomfort.

We were quite a sight! I was wearing Sandy's bra and
tight, little panties, which just barely covered my
dick, which was about to rip through them. Sandy was
wearing my briefs, which were about two sizes too big
for her. She was holding them up with one hand, while
trying to cover her boobs with her other arm. Paul and
David's eyes were bugging out of their heads, as they
looked her up and down, then up and down again.

"San-DEE woo woo WOO!" yelled David. "Hey! NICE BOD,
Sand! Wow-WEE!" Paul exclaimed. Jenny was blushing, as
she stared at the clear outline of my cock against
Sandy's extremely small and tight panties.

"Robbie, those panties fit you to a 'T'!" she giggled,
with her hand over her mouth. Sandy's bra, which was
hanging pretty loose, fell off of my chest and on to the

"Hey, that chick's pretty flat chested!" Mary said and
everyone laughed.

"Can we PLEASE get dressed now?" Sandy pleaded.

"OK, grab your clothes and go upstairs," Mary said.
Sandy and I scampered upstairs to the bedroom and
closed the door.

"Your panties are killing me. Close your eyes”. I ordered, and Sandy put her hand over her eyes. I wipped off her panties and handed them to her. I noticed that Sandy was sneeking a peek through her fingers. “Oh, go ahead and look. You felt it you might as well see it!”

Sandy took her hand away from her eyes, and took a good look at my erect dick sticking straight out. "Yipes! Rob-BEE! Shame on you!”
she squealed.

"Now give me back my underwear, right now!" I barked.

Sandy turned around with her back toward me, took her arm away from her boobs, and pulled my briefs down and off. “Nice ass, Sandy” I teased.
“Yah, and that’s all you’re gonna see" she laughed, looking over her shoulder, holding my briefs out. “Here, take ‘em” she said. “Sorry, I can’t reach them” I replied. “You’ll have to hand them to me nicely just like I did to you”. “Just take ‘em, you perv” she laughed. “Come on, hand them to me nicely” I replied. “Oh, I give up!” she snapped, turning around. “THERE!" she yelled, standing full-frontal showing everything. “You happy?” She handed my shorts to me.

Oh, man! I saw some pieces parts in the closet-and felt a
few more-but now here she was in all her glory! She was
absolutely gorgeous...just like a naked Barbie doll come
to life, except anatomically correct, with perfect tits
and a little, blonde bush. We were now both totally
nude. I put my arm around her waist and she put her arm around mine.

"You got nothin' on, you dirty girl!" I said, taking inventory
from top to bottom.

Blushing, she replied "I know. Neither do you!"

Her eyes were locked on to my dick. “See anything you like?” I asked. “Well, to be honest, you’ve got quite a sausage there!” Sandy giggled. Then she looked down at her snatch. “Do you think this would look better shaved? My girlfriends say that guys like it better that way. What do you think?” she asked. “Either way is OK by me” I answered. “And are my boobs OK? I mean, I’ve never been completely naked in front of a guy before” she asked. “You got it all, Sandy. The puss, tits, ass, legs, every inch of you is cute as a button” I replied. She smiled. Then, she stretched her arms out. "Oh, I am so sore after being in that tight closet" Sandy remarked.

"You want a massage?" I asked and smiled.

"Oh yes, but no funny stuff," Sandy answered. She lay
down on the bed on her stomach. I worked on her
shoulders, and massaged her back. Then I started to
knead her bare butt with the sides of my hands. "Never
mind my butt!" Sandy chuckled. I started to massage her
legs bending them backwards and working my way to her

I gave her a foot massage, spreading her long toes and
massaging each one individually, finishing up with tiny
little nibbles.

"Oooo, you're kinda turning me on!" she whispered.

"OK, flip over," I requested.

She turned over on her back. I massaged her shoulders
and started making circles around her breasts as she
started panting. I gently massaged each rock-hard nipple
and worked my way down to her tummy and hips. I massaged
around her belly button and started to go lower. Sandy
grabbed my hand to stop me, but I shook it off and kept
going lower until I reached her cunt. I started to make
circles around her bush. She had her eyes closed and was
panting harder. Then I went inside and started to make
circles. She started wiggling and moaning. I found her little clit, and she gasped. I massaged her clit and her moans got louder. She got wetter and wetter, and then went "Oohhhhhhh!" and
then lay still. She opened her eyes. "Oh, wow. I feel so
much better. Here, I'll give you a massage now.

We switched positions, and I lay down on my stomach.
"I've never done this before," she said.

"Just do what I did," I answered.

"OK, here goes," said Sandy and she started to rub my
shoulders with her soft, little hands. She worked her
way down to my back, then started rubbing my butt. "You
have a great ass," she purred. She bent my leg upward
and massaged it. Then she started rubbing my feet. "Next
you did this, right?" she asked as she massaged each of my toes.
“Then this, right?” she asked as she nibbled the tips and started giggling.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked

"I’m sorry. It’s just that your toenails are really funny looking!”, Sandy chuckled.

“Very amusing” I replied.

"OK, turn over," she requested. My dick was gigantic by now
and Sandy couldn't stop looking at it. Even as she
massaged my shoulders and chest she kept staring at my

She got down to my stomach and started to go a little
lower, but stopped. I grabbed her hand and thrust it
down on to my dick which made her gasp.

"This, too?" she asked.

"Yup," I answered.

Slowly, she started to massage my dick. The sensation
was incredible. "This doesn't hurt, does it?" she asked.

"Nope," I answered and she continued.

"It's like... so hard... and big... it's so strange
looking... oh, man, this is weird..." She kept rubbing.
"Your thing doesn't even look real!" she remarked. "I
can't believe that I'm doing this!"

I knew that I was just about to come.

"This is sooo dirty!" she said.

"Sandy?" I asked, "Do you wanna have sex?"

She stopped for a minute to ponder the question. "Well,
ah... I don't wanna get pregnant," she replied

"Wait, I have the solution," I said, as I reached into
the end table and pulled out one of my Dad's condoms.
"Here, put this on me," I requested.

Sandy opened the pack, and pulled it out. "Like this,
right?" she asked as she rolled it over my dick.

Without another word, I turned her over, spread her legs
and stuck it right in. She was tight, so I had to work it in a bit. “Oh, Robbie! Robbie! Robbie!” she gasped. The sensation was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Sandy clawed my back and whispered; "Oh my God!" over and over as I started working it in and out of her.

Before my eyes, this cute little blonde had turned into
a primal beast. "Oh fuck... Oh my God!" she repeated.
She bicycled her legs. "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yes!” I popped
her cherry, noticed some blood, but kept on going! "Oh
my God...Oh God... Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" she was moaning now.

My dick was about to explode. I kept pumping. "Oh, Oh,
Oh, Oh," she kept repeating. She started to rub her own
tits frantically, so I pulled her hands away and started to suck
them, nibbling on her nipples. “Oh, Robbie! Oh, Robbie!” she panted. That sent both her and I over the edge!

I started to cum. “Oh! You just got even bigger!” Sandy blurted out. I came like crazy as she tightened her body, let out
one, big "Ohhhh!", and released a river of pussy juice. Then we lay still. After a minute or so, we both sat up. "Wow, that was intense!"
Sandy said. We were completely drenched in sweat.

The master bathroom was right there. "I wanna take a
quick shower," I said.

"Me, too," Sandy replied.

"We might as well take one together," I said. “OK” replied Sandy and we both entered the bathroom. I took off the condom and
threw it away.

Sandy put down the toilet seat and sat down. "Sorry, I gotta pee," she said with a sheepish look. After a little while she got up.

"I gotta pee, too," I said, and lifted up the seat. I
took aim and let go with a stream, much to the amusement
of Sandy. "Oh, gross! Were not hiding anything anymore
are we?" she giggled.

I turned on the shower, and we both got in. "Here, help
me wash," I requested.

"I've never showered with a guy before. What do you want
me to do?" Sandy asked.

"Just do what I do. Here, I'll wash your neck and you do
mine," I instructed.

"OK," said Sandy as we both worked up some lather.

"Armpits are next", I continued as I lifted up her arm and scrubbed her pit.

"Hey, you're washing off all my deodorant!" Sandy giggled.
“So what? It stopped working a long time ago. You stink!” I laughed.
“Oh yeah? So do you!” Sandy replied. “I guess we both worked up quite a sweat”.

"Here, keep washing. Arms, hands, get under the fingernails, chest," I said, as I soaped up her titties washing them right down to
the nipples. "Tummy... get the lint out of the belly
button," I said jokingly. "Hips and legs," I proceeded
as we continued to wash each other. "Feet. Get the
stinky smell out from in between the toes and the dirt out from under the toenails," I instructed.

"Boy, you sure are thorough!" Sandy laughed as she
followed along.

"Now, the fun parts," I said.

"You mean…?" she began.

"Yup, spread 'em."

"Well, you too!" Sandy replied.

With legs spread, I lathered up her little tuft of hair and cunt, went inside and washed around. She leaned backward. “Oh, you’re gonna make me cum again” she whispered. Sandy's soft hands were sudsing up my cock. "Don't forget my balls and pubic hair." I reminded

"Boy, I'm washing everything today!" she giggled.

My cock was getting bigger.

"Hey, you're pumpin' up again," Sandy exclaimed. "You
want me to stop?"

"Nope," I answered.

We both kept scrubbing. “Oh, here I go!” Sandy panted. I kept scrubbing. She closed her eyes as pussy juice dripped from her snatch. I scrubbed right through her orgasm and kept on scrubbing. I felt her cunt contort again. “Oh! Oh! Robbie!” she panted, as she reached another orgasm. I kept on scrubbing. After about two minutes, her cunt started contorting again. She leaned her head back and whispered “Oh my GOD!” as she reached her third orgasm. “How many times do you want to cum?” I asked as I kept scrubbing. Drenched, Sandy mumbled something, spread her arms and legs as far as they would go, fanned out her fingers and toes, leaned back, closed her eyes, shrieked “Ohhhhhhhh!” and dripped more pussy juice. Then, she grabbed both my wrists and put them against the wall. Then she gave me the biggest, wettest, deepest kiss that I ever had! “Oh, what you did to me, you dirty, dirty fucker!” she whispered.

She started giving me a soapy hand job, but then stopped. “Oh what the fuck!” she blurted out, and went down on her knees and started to suck my dick! I was in heaven. In between sucks she looked up at me and said “Come on, cum for me”. A few moments later, she took it out of her mouth and jacked me with her hand. “Come on, Robbie, I want to see you cum”, she pleaded. “I’ve never seen a guy cum before”.

I have to admit that I was a bit shy. “Sandy, this is embarrassing! I’ve never cum out in the open before!” I replied. “First time for everything!” she shot back. She leaned back against the wall and started to massage my dick with her long toes. Then she rubbed her tits on it, turned around and rubbed her ass against it, and sucked it some more. She took it out of her mouth and started jacking me again, this time with both hands. I felt myself losing control. “Come on, let’s see it!” she ordered.

Suddenly, I hit the point of no return.

Every inch of my body tingled as the volcanic eruption began. There were five or six seconds of pure, unadulterated bliss before I actually came, then gobs and gobs and gobs of cream shot out of my cock with tremendous force. I thought it would never stop!

"Oh WOW! So that's how it looks when you GET OFF!" she
exclaimed. “Look at all that STUFF!”

The cumming finally stopped, and my dick sunk down, deflated.

Sandy grabbed my wrists, put me against the wall, and gave me another deep kiss. Then she grabbed my cock, lifted it up, and felt my balls.
“Let’s see if there is anything left in your tank” she asked. “I know you got more. I want every drop” she chuckled, and started sucking again. My dick slowly hardened, and before I knew it I was on the verge of cumming again. Only this time, Sandy didn’t stop sucking. I felt the beginning of a climax in such an intense way that I almost passed out! I couldn’t believe that she was going to go through with it, but she did! I came right in her mouth as she kept sucking and swallowing simultaneously. After a few moments, she took my cock out, and washed and rinsed it. Holding it in her hand, she looked at it, then looked at me. “When I said every drop, I meant EVERY DROP!” she whispered, and got down on her knees and started sucking again. I honestly thought that I couldn’t get it up again, but you would be surprised the power of a cunt-naked gorgeous blonde providing the ultimate service. She sucked and sucked, as I felt my body muster its last reserves of strength. When I finally came, it felt as though my body was turning inside out. She kept on sucking and swallowing right through this third climax, too! I remembered that some rock songs always had the line “she makes me weak in the knees”. Now, I know what that’s about. When she finished, I could barely stand up!

I caught my breath, and grabbed the soap again. I turned Sandy around and spread her little ass cheeks. "Can’t forget to wash out the butt hole," I said, lathering it up.

I stuck two soapy fingers inside her butthole and worked them around. “Hey!” she squealed “even inside there?”. “Yup” I replied. “I guess there isn’t a square inch of our bodies that’s private anymore!” Sandy laughed. When I finished, Sandy turned me around and lathered up my rear end, spread my cheeks, put her soapy fingers up my butthole, and scrubbed. “I can’t believe what I am doing today!” she laughed.

I grabbed the bottle of shampoo. "Here, I'll do your hair," I said.

"I just washed it this morning," Sandy answered, "but if
you want to, go ahead." And with that, I washed her
beautiful, blonde hair. I worked up some extra lather
and scrubbed her face.

"Hey, wait a minute! Don't do that!" she said through squinting eyes and a soapy face as I washed off her eye shadow, eyeliner, blush and lipstick. "Oh man, now, I'm REALLY naked!" she laughed.

We rinsed off and toweled each other off.

I started to dry her hair with the hair dryer. “Now this is service" Sandy said. Then, I lowered the hair dryer between her legs and blow-dried her little blonde tuft of hair, fluffing it with my hand. “You don’t have to do THAT part” she laughed. “Now, get dressed before I end up doing it to you again" I said, standing directly in front of her.

Sandy looked down at my cock. “Will you please do something about your lovemaking apparatus?” she giggled.

I found two bathrobes and we put them on.

Sandy sat in a chair while I brushed her hair. She had her purse in the bedroom, so she got out her makeup and nail polish. “I am going to treat you like a queen” I said. I took her hand, painted her fingernails, and blew on them. “Give me your feet” I asked, and she put her feet in my lap. Her toenails were a bit long, so I began by trimming them. “Not too short, now”, Sandy said. Then I painted each one, and blew on them to dry. She stood up. “You are a peach” she said. She took her purse and walked toward the bathroom to change, but just as she reached the doorway, she untied the rope of her bathrobe, took it off and threw it on to the bed. She turned to me, threw up her arms and went “Woo woo! One last look, Romeo!”, posed for a moment showing that great bod, blew me a kiss and entered the bathroom.

If the angels look half as stunning as this babe, Heaven must be quite a place.

We finished up and got dressed. She reapplied her makeup, and looked like a million bucks. She was positively glowing. We hugged and I
softly kissed her. "You're so adorable. I never dreamed
that I would be so lucky," I said.

"Me neither," replied Sandy. "Mary told me her first
time was with a selfish asshole who hurt her."

We walked back downstairs.

"Hey, where have you guys been?" asked Jenny.

"Oh, we just wanted to get cleaned up," said Sandy,
winking at me.


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