Shelby tells her best friend about losing her virginity - Later she gets another client
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Shelby had just spent her first night with a man; she slept with the man who took her virginity. In her purse, she had a wad of $100 bills that amounted to $3000 that she was given for the privilege. From now on, she would only expect to receive $600 a visit since she was no longer uncharted territory. The good news was that she could expect that amount for just an hour or two of her time.

What the sixteen year old discovered in getting her cherry popped is that she absolutely loved to fuck. This was even though she was walking away from Sandy’s BMW with a very sore bottom resulting from both the remnants of her shredded hymen, and that she had been using muscles she never used before. She would have done it over again in a heartbeat.

Here she was only seconds away from the man’s car, and she was already anticipating the next time she could feel a boy or man between her legs; where she could feel a hard cock stuffed up inside her vagina.

After showering that morning, Shelby dressed in her regular café uniform. She thought showing back up in an expensive evening dress would be a bit much to explain. Her coworkers, who worked in the truck stop café just across the parking lot where she was dropped off, would already be wondering why she rolled up in an expensive looking car. That was provided they were looking out the window at the time.

She headed home as discretely as she could, unlocking her bicycle and riding off. She had an afternoon shift, so she would be back sooner than she really wanted to be. She headed home so she could do her chores and get ready for work.

At home Shelby pondered her new found love of fucking, and what she wanted out of being a call girl.

Shelby knew that her position was unique in that the streets of Houston were lined with girls and women who were trapped in prostitution. These ‘ladies’ were forced to turn tricks mainly due to drugs and the threats from their pimps.

Shelby, on the other hand, was like Liza Stone, a free agent. Being a smart girl, she knew that to enter the world of prostitution had its risks; the best way for her to have protection from the seedier side of the trade was to organize somehow. Have an organization of independent contractors. Autonomous workers like Liza and now herself.

Shelby continued to think about it all morning as she cleaned house. If Shelby could organize a group of young women--high school and college age, she could cater to the crowd that enjoyed doing it with younger women. Additionally, if she made the right contacts, the girls she recruited and she would only take on upscale clients; upscale meant more money.

She could already think of several friends that were as avaricious as she was that she might convince to join her in the trade. She would recruit them as as co-owners of the business or as affiliated associates. She was leaning more towards the associate idea, she could demand a cut for sending them business. The key to everything would be technology.

Before she could organize a business, before bringing on other girls, Shelby had to build up her own client base first. She would run her ideas by Liza and maybe even Sandy the next time she saw the man, after all, he was a successful businessman.

Thinking about whom she would partner with, Shelby’s mind immediately went to her best friend, Jessica Peterson. She knew Jessie liked to fuck, Jessica had told her all about it after Justin Barton took her virginity, and then her best friend would fill Shelby in on her other conquests over the last year. Jess had taken enough partners to almost consider her promiscuous.

As she cleaned house, Shelby’s mind wandered to the previous evening again. She worried so much about the pain of losing her virginity, and it turned out to be much ado about nothing.

She enjoyed it all, the sex, the cuddling, doing it for money, even doing it with a stranger. She could see why her coworker, Liza was in the flesh trade. Shelby decided she was going to embarked on her new profession; she was going to be a call girl. Just thinking about it was making Shelby horny.

The more she pondered her previous evening, the more aroused she got. She found herself absently cupping herself because of the building pressure inside her pussy.

She became so aroused, she knew she needed release. She unbuttoned her shorts and zipped them down so she could slip her hand inside her panties. Her fingers darted down to her vaginal opening so she could gather her moisture, then she started to massage her clitoris with a couple fingers. It was nice, but it wasn’t enough.

The tall, blond girl, alone in the house, pulled her shorts down her legs and then her panties. She lay out on the carpet and spread her legs; she resumed teasing her clit. As she rubbed her button, for the first time while masturbating, she was able to slip a finger or two up inside her vagina.

As she fingered and rubbed, it felt like her nipples were on fire. So she sat up and pulled her top over her head and undid her bra. This left her completely naked on the front room carpet. Being naked, masturbating in one of the public rooms of the house helped drive up her ardor.

After several more minutes of playing with herself, the tension inside her vagina had built to an incredible ache. She started to wriggle on the carpet as she felt herself building to her climax. Then, it released; Shelby moaned out loud as she began to shiver and quake. It felt nice to find relief.

But, she wasn’t done. What she enjoyed about fucking so much was the feeling of fullness up inside her tummy. Shelby wanted to feel it again, only she didn’t have a guy handy with an attached cock right at the moment.

She thought to herself, ‘I’ve got to buy myself a dildo.’ Since she didn’t own a dildo or vibrator, she went looking for a handy substitute. She considered a hair brush handle, but her hairbrushes all had boxy, square handles. Then it occurred to look in the refrigerator. Maybe something there would do the job.

Shelby pulled out a large cucumber and dismissed it as too big, and it had little pokies on it anyway. Then she pulled out the crisper drawer, and she rummaged around until she saw the bag of carrots. Inside the bag was her weapon! There was one carrot that was long and thick, but not as thick as the cucumber.

She took out the carrot and seeing that it had a yucky end where they had trimmed away the carrot leaves, she pulled out a paring knife and trimmed it off. With the knife, she reshaped the end of the orange vegetable so it would be rounded.

Shelby washed off the carrot in hot water to make sure it was clean and to warm it up. Just out of the refrigerator it was pretty cold.

Five minutes later, she moved to the table with her make-shift dildo. She put a foot up on top of the seat of one of the dining room chairs as she moved the end of the carrot down between her legs.

She slid the end of the long carrot around until she felt it slip inside her vaginal opening. Shelby shivered with anticipation.

She began to work the vegetable up inside her pussy. She abundantly wet from the earlier orgasm, so it was pretty easy to drive the orange stick up inside her vagina. In seconds she felt it fill her. She felt the end pushing up against the top of her vagina, up inside her tummy. She gasped, “gawd! It feels great!”

The carrot was as big as a cock and soon Shelby had it up inside her six or seven inches. She delighted in the way it stretched her out. The only downside was that it was too hard, it didn’t feel like a cock at all. No matter, she stood at the table and fucked herself with it anyway.

She felt her passion growing again. Using one hand, she fucked herself with the carrot, and with her other, she was digging into her clit with her fingers. In a few minutes, she dropped her foot down from the chair. This caused her legs to come together and increased the pressure the carrot exerted on her vaginal walls. It felt fucking fantastic.

Shelby fucked herself with the carrot for almost twenty minutes. If her passion grew too high, she would back off rubbing her clit. What she wanted to feel was that wonderful fullness, and the carrot rubbing against her vaginal walls. It felt awesome; she was in no hurry to cum again.

Finally, the pressure inside her vagina had grown to a point she couldn’t stop it. It released in a big way, and Shelby felt wave after wave of delightful pleasure course through her body. She was writhing and quaking so much, she had to plop her butt onto the chair so she didn’t fall over; the carrot was still stuck up inside her tummy. She moaned, she squeaked, she whined, and she laughed as her orgasm washed throughout her body.

When she was done, she pulled the carrot out of her vagina and held it up to her face, she addressed the vegetable, “You are a delightful little devil! I’m definitely going to have to buy a dildo. Maybe I’ll get one with a vibrator built in.” Then she giggled and added, “I’ll make sure it’s orange so I remember you my friend.”

After being complete sated, Shelby resumed her house cleaning, only she decided to remain naked as she did it. She found running around the house nude to be liberating.

After looking around at the neighboring yards thoroughly, she even took the rugs out in back of her house so she could beat them. She was still totally naked as she flailed away.


Shelby didn’t have long to wait before her second customer made himself known. The man contacted her that afternoon. She was on her bicycle, on her way to work when she got the call. She stopped at the side of the road to answer.

She answered her cell phone, “Hello?” She wondered who would be calling her from an out of state area code. She figured it was probably some sales call.

A man was on the other end asked, “Um, hi, is this Shelby?”

She replied cautiously, “Yes, this is Shelby, who’s this?”

The man, sounding a little relieved responded, “Hi, I’m Terrance Jacobson, Sandy Jordan gave me your number. He said we might be able to make arrangements for a date. Is that right?”

Shelby steeled up her courage, “Um, yes, he mentioned that you might be calling.”

Terrance continued, “Well, um, I’m going to be in the Houston area tomorrow and was wondering if I could meet up with you. You know, so we could get to know each other.”

“What time are we talking about?” asked Shelby. Then without waiting for an answer to her first questions, she asked, “How long are you looking for our visit to last?”

He answered, “Um, I will be registering at my Hotel around 5:00pm; we could meet up after that. Sandy said that you would prefer to have dinner and maybe a movie or show before you decided if we can do any other business. If it works out, I would like to spend the night. You know, our first time and all.”

Shelby said, “Okay, we’re in luck, I’m not working tomorrow, so I can meet you at 5:15 or 5:30. Did Sandy tell you what my rates are for being your, um, escort?”

Terrance chuckled with uncertainly, “Damn, you sound as nervous as I am. I’ve never, uh, hired an escort before. I’m new to all of this. Sandy said to spend the night would cost me a grand. But, he said it would be well worth it.”

Shelby responded, “Um, yeah, well I’m pretty new at this too.” Then she added, “Here’s what we will do. We will have dinner, then we will go to a movie or something, and then I will decide whether or not we can do business. If I decide that I’m going to spend the night, I expect payment in advance. If I decide that I’m not interested, the time we spend together will be on me. Are you okay with that?”

Terrance replied, “Sure, I think that will work fine. So, I’ll see you around 5:15pm tomorrow at the Regency?”

Shelby stammered, “Oh, you’re staying at the regency?”

He said, “Yes, I stay there any time I’m in Houston. Is that a problem?”

Shelby said, “No, um, not really, there is someone that works there that I need to avoid, so we may need to be careful while we are in the lobby there. If I avoid the main desk area I’ll be fine.”

He said, “Why don’t we meet by the boutique. Then we can go out the East entrance. I’m staying in room 2406.”

Shelby asked, “What would you like me to wear?” She almost giggled since she wasn’t wearing anything at all.

Terrance said, “Oh, anything you want -- probably casual. I don’t dress up often, so don’t think you need to do anything special.”

Shelby summarized, “Okay, I’ll meet you by the boutique at say 5:15 to 5:30. I’ll be wearing a burgundy button up blouse with a dark gray pleated skirt.”

Shelby figured that was the most unusual thing she had to wear, other than her new evening dress. That would make it easier for Terrance to pick her out of the ‘crowd’. After saying goodbye, the two of them hung up.

Shelby reported for her shift at the restaurant at 3:00pm. She was working close, which meant she would get off at 11:00pm. Although she was more familiar with what would happen during her rendezvous with Terrance, she was still a bit apprehensive.

She was going to let yet another stranger inside her body. She was thrilled with the idea she would be fucking again, but there still was the anxiety of the ‘with whom’ factor. Sandy said Terrance was a nice guy, but she barely knew Sandy.

Late the next morning, after Shelby awoke, showered, ran around the house naked again, and finally dressed. She had been naked since she got home from work the night before. She decided she would go over to her friend Jessica’s house and see if her friend wanted to hang out.

Jessica was a cute girl, about 5’-4” that had long auburn hair. Like Shelby, she was a good student and outgoing. She also had a figure that guys drooled over. She had nicely shaped ‘C’ cupped boobs, a full letter larger than Shelby’s. Jessie also had a shapely ass to go with her nice boobs. She was fit and trims so even in Shelby’s book, her friend looked fantastic.

Jessica was about six months younger than Shelby, so she was only 15 and a sophomore at Conroe High School. Shelby and her friend met when they were on the same soccer team when they were both eleven years old; they had been fast friends ever since. Shelby could tell Jessie anything and knew that her friend would keep it confidential.

When Shelby rang the doorbell, Jessie’s older brother Nicholas answered the door. Shelby greeted the older seventeen year old boy, “Hey Nick, how’s it going?”

He mumbled, “I’m still trying to get into Activision. I want to check out Call to Duty’s source code.” Nick was a super geek. He programmed websites and enjoyed hacking into networks. Given time there wasn’t a website he couldn’t hack. He did professional programming so he could buy all the tech toys that he enjoyed. He was the web master for a good number of Conroe’s small businesses.

Shelby asked, “Is Jessica here?” Nick told her that she was in the Family Room watching a movie. Then he invited Shelby in.

The other interesting thing about Jessica was she seemed to be clairvoyant. She seemed to just know things that weren’t disclosed in any other way. The last incident was when Shelby and Jessica were going to go the movies, only Jessica insisted it wasn’t safe and she refused to go.

They ended up hanging around Jessica’s house instead with Shelby being a bit disgruntled with her friend’s peculiar behavior. The newspaper the next day reported that there had been several assaults outside the theater the same evening they were going to go see the show.

Jessica, hearing Shelby come in, jumped up and blurted out, “Tell me what happened to you Friday night!”

Shelby asked, “Why, what’s up?

Jessie said, “That’s what I want to know! Something happened to you and it was huge! Are you okay?”

Shelby thought, ‘When she does this stuff, it’s just plain weird. How the hell does she do it?’ She answered, “Um, let’s sit down. We need to talk.”

Once they got seated together where they could talk in a low voice, Jessica said, “Okay, girlfriend, out with it, what happened?”

Shelby said, “Nothing spectacular, really. I, um, I lost my virginity.”

Jessica just sat there dumbfounded. Finally she said, “Wow! That’s not significant? Come on Shells, get real! Who? You’re not dating anyone right now that I’m aware of. So how did it happen?”

Shelby said, “I’ll tell you, if you promise me that you won’t think I’m horrible.”

Jessica said, “Shells, you know I’m your friend no matter what. You didn’t kill anyone, so what could be worse than that.”

Shelby said, “Well, I kind of sold it.”

Jessica just stared at Shelby, stunned for the second time in minutes. Finally she blurted out, “You WHAT?”

Shelby said, “I sold it. I went to Houston with a man named Sandy Jordan, and he paid me $3000 to take my cherry. We went to dinner and a movie, and then we went to his hotel room where we ended up fucking off and on all night.”

Shelby reached into her purse and pulled out the wad of hundred dollar bills as proof.

Jessica exclaimed, “$3000 dollars! Holy shit! How did you arrange that?” Shelby took the next fifteen minutes to explain everything to her friend, including the fact that she would be seeing Sandy again.

Shelby told her best friend that she would be earning $600 to $1000 dollars every time she met up with the man. Jessica said, “Okay, so you are going to be seeing this old guy as your main squeeze and he’s going to be your sugar daddy? Did I get that right?”

Shelby blushed, “Kind of, you see, I’m going to be seeing other guys too.”

Jessica exclaimed, “Holy shit! You’re kidding right? You are going to start pimping yourself out?” She added, “Wow, talk about out of character, you’re always so cool and reserved. Really, all the guys in high school you DIDN’T let in your panties. This is all sounds pretty dubious.”

Shelby said, “Think about it, $600 for an hour or two. They pay that much because I’m underage I guess, although Sandy said any high end call girl charges that much. I would have to work for a couple of weeks at the restaurant to come even close to that amount of money. The business plan at this point is to establish a regular clientele base so I’m not putting myself at risk every time.”

Jessica thought about everything Shelby told her. She finally admitted, “I guess for $600.00 a shot, I could be tempted to do a little screwing around too. Not that I don’t like a good fuck here and there.

“I’ve just never thought of selling myself. Too bad I gave up my cherry to Justin; all I got for it was a smile.” Then she said, “You know I’m going to be worrying about you, every time you go on a ‘date’ with one of these guys.”

Shelby blushed again, “Well, I’m going out again tonight. I will be meeting a guy Sandy referred to me. He wants an all-night visit, so I will have another thousand in my bank account. I’m going to have to miss some school in the morning, so would you take notes for me?”

Jessica said, “Okay, I guess I’m not going to talk you out of it, and for a thousand dollars, I’m not sure I would want to anyway. What I want you to do is to give me all the information on the guy, and if you can, take his picture and send it to me.” Shelby said she would.

The two girls spent the rest of the morning kicking around Jessica’s house. At 2:00pm, Shelby went home to change into her blouse and skirt. She decided to wear the lacy racy underthings that Sandy had bought for her underneath the skirt. Even though she could wear heels and get around in them proficiently, they were really uncomfortable. So she wore her regular shoes instead.

As Shelby checked herself out in the mirror, she decided she looked nice. She was dressed in something she wouldn’t hesitate to wear out on a date with one of the boys from school. She figured it was good enough for Terrance.

At 3:30pm, Shelby caught the express bus into Houston. Fortunately, it went right by the Regency. She used it all the time to go in and see her father and when she wanted to do some shopping. This time she would be making money, not spending it.

The bus arrived at the hotel at early. She decided to cross the street and go to Star Bucks and get her a vanilla latte while she waited. When it was close to the time for her rendezvous she headed back to the Hotel. Once there, she took a deep breath and let it out, hoping to calm her nerves a little. Then she headed for the hotel’s boutique.

She waited in front of the small store for about 5 minutes, when a man who was probably in his late thirties asked, “Are you Shelby?” The man was about 6’-0’ so only an inch or two taller than Shelby. As expected, he was a bit overweight, without being totally obese. He had brown hair and blue eyes that seemed to smile. He wasn’t handsome, but he wasn’t ugly either. She could tell the man was as nervous as she was.

Shelby stuck out her hand, “Yes, I’m Shelby. I’m assuming that you are Terrance.” The man took her hand and relaxed visibly due to the friendly gesture and her dynamic smile.

He smiled back and told Shelby, “My friends call me Terry.” Then he asked, “Is there anywhere in particular that you would like to go for dinner?”

Shelby answered, “How about Italian?”

His smile grew, he responded, “Great! There is a Romano’s Macaroni Grill just down the street. Is that okay?” Shelby smiled and nodded her head that it was.

As they walked to the restaurant, Shelby asked, “So, what do you do for a living?”

Terry answered, “I’m in sales; I work for a company that provides equipment for the oil companies. With all the oil shale coming on, we’re making a killing. My bonus this last year was bigger than my salary.”

To keep the conversation going, Shelby asked, “Are you married?”

Terry gave her a half smile, “Um, yeah. Fourteen years now.”

Shelby noted that she probably would be doing business with a lot of married men. With that in mind, she reminded herself to not be judgmental. She asked, “So, if I’m not being to personal, why do you want a visit with me?”

Terrance blushed like a school girl, “Well, over the last seven or eight years my wife has blossomed?”

Shelby asked quizzically, “Blossomed, what do you mean?”

Terry seemed to be embarrassed when he answered, “I mean she become fat, I mean really fat.” He paused and continued, “Don’t get me wrong, I truly love Kati, but with her being so large, I’m finding it hard to be sexually aroused by her.

“I finally decided to take Sandy’s advice while I’m on business trips, and indulge in an arrangement once or twice a month. Like with Sandy, I’m looking for a regular girl, someone I can have a steady, unencumbered relationship with. Sandy recommended you since I will be in Houston fairly often.”

Shelby asked, “Kids?”

Terrance smiled, “Yes, three. I have a twelve year old girl, Rebecca; a ten year old boy, Troy; and another seven year old girl, Sarah. The youngest is autistic; that’s another thing that makes home life a little more complicated.”

Terry asked Shelby a lot of questions too, trying to get to know the girl. “So, do you go to school?”

Shelby said, “Yes, I’m a junior in high school.”

Terry asked sounding a bit nervous, “Really, um, Shelby, how old are you?”

Shelby smiled, “I just turn sixteen at the end of August. That’s not going to be a problem is it.”

Terry looked worried, he said, “Well, I guess it depends how well you keep a secret. Obviously a guy my age shouldn’t be propositioning a girl your age.”

Shelby blushed, “Um, pretend I told you I was eighteen. Then it’s not a problem, right?”

Terrance chuckled, “So, you’re eighteen, are you into cheerleading, sports, anything like that?”

Shelby giggled, “Yup, I’m eighteen. Anyway, I’m just a regular school girl, I like school, but I’m not into the cheer leading thing. I like to run, but I don’t go out for organized sports--other than the neighborhood soccer team. My favorite color is cerulean blue and my favorite subject in school is biology.”

Terry asked her what she liked to do for hobbies. She told him, “I like photography, scrapbooking and drawing.” He decided he liked everything there was to know about the girl. She might be offering herself as an escort, but she was just a normal girl.

They enjoyed a wonderful dinner. Then they took in a movie at a local theater, one they were able to walk too. After the show, they headed to the same Starbucks that Shelby visited earlier to get an evening cup of coffee. By the time they finished, the two of them seemed to be pretty comfortable with each other. Shelby thought that Sandy was right; Terrance was really a nice guy.

Having made up her mind, Shelby suggested, “Well, Terry, why don’t we go see what kind of a room the hotel gave you. I happen to know someone in the hotel that can take care of anything that’s not up to standards.” What she was telling the man was that she agreed to take him on as a customer.

He looked relieved, “Really? I was worried you would think I was too fat.”

Shelby giggled, “The biggest thing I wanted to make sure off is that you weren’t a jerk. A little extra padding doesn’t bother me.” Then she teased him, “You don’t mind that I’m a girl that likes to fuck to much do you?”

He laughed, “Why would I be concerned about that. That’s exactly what I’m looking for!”

She smiled and looked at him with impish eyes, “Well then, I think you and I are going to get along just fine.”

They avoided the lobby getting to the elevators. Shelby caught a glimpse of her daddy as she and Terrance made their way up the stairs to the mezzanine. From there they caught the elevator up to the 24th floor. Checking around before opening his door, the two of them ducked into his room as soon as his key unlocked the door.

Terrance headed for the wet bar. He asked, “Anything to drink?” She smiled and said, “How about a glass of Riesling?” She had studied up on her wines since meeting up with Sandy.

Terrance asked, “Dry or fruity?” Shelby giggled and blushed, she didn’t know what dry meant so she chose fruity.

He smiled and pulled a small bottle out of the refrigerator and poured in in a glass for her. Then he took out a bottle of sour mix and added a jigger of whiskey to it.

Terry teased, “You’re not going to have me busted for giving alcohol to a minor are you?”

Once he had both their drinks, he handed the glass of chilled wine to Shelby and began to sip on his own drink. Shelby noted the fruity, sweet taste of the Riesling and decided she liked it even better than the Chardonnay.

She sat down on the sofa in the ‘living area’ in the spacious hotel room. She asked, “Sorry to talk business, but what would you like to happen this evening?”

Terrance blushed, “Um, uh, I guess pretty much the normal stuff. Um, if you don’t mind, um, I like oral sex.”

Shelby felt a tinge of fear go through her, she asked, “So, you would like me to give you oral sex?”

Terrance blushed even harder, “Um, that would be okay, if you want too, but what I would really like, is to do it to you.”

Shelby visibly relaxed, “Oh, sure! Any time you want.”

Terrance, still blushing, looked relieved reading her reaction, he said, “Um, I hear that some girls don’t like a client doing that to them. I would understand if you didn’t want me too, but it’s something I really enjoy doing.”

Shelby took another sip of her wine and said, “Okay, so we are going to enjoy each other’s company for the whole night, right?”

He smiled, “If you don’t mind.” Then Terry got it, “Oh, um, I’m sorry. You said pay in advance.” He reached inside his wallet and withdrew 10 one hundred dollar bills and handed the money to her. Shelby quickly counted and slipped the money inside her purse and then went back to sipping her wine.

Shelby smiled at him, “Well, Terry, it’s your show. What would you like me to do?” She used his nickname he said he used with friends. She was pretty sure that they were going to be acquaintances at the minimum, probably for quite a long time, if not friends.

He smiled, “Would you mind doing a strip tease for me?”

She thought about it, stripping in front of the man was going to be something new. It might even be embarrassing, but she knew that there were going to be requests like it in the future.

Then she realized the absurdity of her thought process. Shelby had to be naked to ply her trade, she might as well get used to the idea of being nude in front of these men.

She smiled, “Sure, I would love to.”

She pulled out her phone and selected a few songs to play. She had a pair of small portable speakers in her purse that she plugged into the phones jack.

Shelby started with a slow song and started to dance along to the music. She began to gyrate her hips and started slowly unbuttoning her blouse as the song filled the room. She teased him with opening and closing the blouse as she danced in circles in front of the man. Finally, she let the blouse slip off her shoulders and drop to the floor.

Kicking the blouse to a corner out of the way, she concentrated on her skirt; she unhooked and unzipped the garment. Shelby teased him with it until she finally let it drop to the floor with the last notes of the first song. With her toe, she deposited it with her blouse.

She hoped she was doing a good job. She had never seen a real stripper do her work, she only saw an actress play one in a movie once. She was going off of what she remembered.

As the second song started, she was standing in her underwear and her socks. She reached up and undid the scrunchy that was holding her shoulder blade length blond hair in a ponytail. She let her long hair loose so it fell down to just below where her bra that was holding in her small breasts.

Shelby wasn’t nearly as endowed as Jessica, but what she did have was shapely enough.

The tall girl danced with the second song, letting her hair hang loose. She undid her bra and teased Terry as she slowly pulled the cloth away from her back and shoulders while still holding the cups up against her breasts. She kept them covered through most of the song. She teased Terrance with her cup up until the last minute; she let the bra drop to the floor, and she danced in front of the man--topless.

During the third song, which was a little more upbeat, she started dancing away, rocking her hips with an increased tempo. Shelby started to tease him with her panties. She would pull them down, just showing the top of her honey colored pubic hair, and then pull them back up.
Shelby turned around and dropped the panties down below the cheeks of her shapely butt as she wiggled her hips to the beat of the music. Again, she pulled them back up as she turned back around. Then she grabbed the waistband and pulled down one side, and then the other, this time down low enough that she showed just top of her pussy.
She continued to tease him for a good two minutes, and then she finally slipped the panties down onto her thighs and twirled and gyrated showing both her butt and pussy. She even bent over a couple times with her legs spread. With the man behind her, Shelby gave him a full on view of her whole pussy and her little brown button—her anus.

Shelby just let the panties work their way down on their own with her motion. Finally, they got to her lower thighs and they fell down her legs to her ankles. She stepped out of them as she continued to rock her hips, now naked except for her socks.

By the time the third song was over, she had taken both of socks off too. She finished the song, by bowing to Terrance; she was now completely naked in front of the man. Shelby was amazed at how arousing the whole stripping thing had been, she could feel a buildup of moisture between her legs and her nipples were sticking out in front of her and were rock hard.

Terrance clapped his hands in appreciation. He commented, “Wow girl! That was sexy! You are absolutely beautiful. You have the body of a goddess!” He started to disrobe as he drank in her lovely form with his eyes.

He was quickly down to his boxers; she could see his cock tented up against his underwear showing his appreciation of the show he just received. She grabbed the nearly naked man’s hand and towed him towards the bed. Then before she climbed on the bed with him, she reached down and tugged off his boxers. His long, hard cock sprang out at full attention.

She was amazed; the plump man sported an enormous penis! It had to be eight inches long, but it was the thickness that amazed her. She couldn’t resist putting her hand around his cock as she pulled him down onto the bed beside her. She moved her lips to his and they began to kiss.

She was surprised at how quickly she her ardor grew kissing the man. Their kissing became more and more passionate as the minutes passed. He might have been a bit plump, but not unattractively so. Shelby found kissing him to be pleasurable. He was so soft and warm—cuddly, where Sandy seemed to be all hard muscle. She wasn’t sure which she liked the best.

Shelby decided to just go with it, to let Terry decide what they would do next. He was kissing her passionately; he had his hands all over her body, exploring her, stroking her skin, causing the girl to break out in goose bumps.

Shelby was running her hands all around Terry’s sides and chest too as she enjoyed the feel of his soft, warm skin.

After minutes of blissful snogging, Terrance broke the kiss and started to kiss her neck and shoulders. One of his hands found one of her soft, naked breasts; he kneaded first one and then the other. Before long, he was down kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples.

Terry twirled the end of his tongue around her hard buds, then he began teasing just the end as he flicked it with the tip of his tongue. Shelby gasped out loud experiencing the new sensation.

When Shelby glanced down, her nipples were so scrunched up, she could barely see any of her areole. It was like there was nothing but nipple on the end of her globes. She thought it was funny; normally she had a nice sized pink areole on the ends of her boobies.

The man roamed her naked bum with his other hand, massaging her firm, warm cheeks. He thought that he had died and gone to heaven being able to touch the teenager, the girl was so beautiful and trim. Her shapely hips were a delight, and her firm butt cheeks were to die for. But all Terry could thing about was getting down between her legs and munching away on her lovely pussy. Her light pink labia and her golden pubic hair were so inviting.

After he had his fill of her lovely breasts, he started kissing down her body. He wanted her hot with anticipation, so he took his time. The hand that was massaging her cheeks was now between her legs, stroking her thighs, as he moved his mouth down her body. Abandoning her beautiful breasts, he was kissing and exploring her exquisite abdomen with his mouth and tongue.

Shelby, who was still pretty inexperienced when it came to sex, was enjoying Terrance’s every move. It was Shelby’s opinion that the man knew how to make love with his mouth.

She felt a big drop of her moisture drip from her honey hole as it slowly ran down over her anus and down between the cheeks of her bum. As it happened she felt a thrill run through her body. She trembled in delight. She could tell by the coolness of the air, that she was really wet all over her underside.

As Terry moved through her blond thatch, just above her cleft, he moved himself between her legs. She pulled her thighs apart as she pulled back on her knees. This canted her hips up to allow him direct access to her hot, soaked lips. Her secretions continued to flow in anticipation of what was to come. Shelby was sure that he was just seconds away from Terrance putting his warm mouth on her hot pussy.

Terry moved down to her inviting pinkness and used his thumbs to pull her lips apart; he moved his mouth down inside her lovely crevice. He wriggled his tongue all the way up through her inner lips from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to top of her cleft. He dropped back down to the opening of her vagina and lapped up all of her excess juices, enjoying every drop.

Once Terrance cleaned her up for the first time, he split her labia with his tongue and started sucking on her inner lips, one lip at a time. Finally, he settled in on her clit, licking, kissing, and sucking her swollen button.

Shelby arched her back at first contact and moaned out, “Oh shit that feels so freakin’ nice! Suck my pussy, Terry, make me cum!” He quickly gave Shelby her wish. He expertly teased her love bud with his mouth. While he did, he inserted his fingers up inside her open for business vaginal canal, and he massaged her behind her pubic bone.

Terry teased her clitoris and massaged her ‘G’ spot until Shelby’s vagina began convulsing, and her body began to writhe in ecstasy. Terry watched on as she gasped out several unintelligible sounds and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Her legs trembled and shook in concert with her writhing belly. Terry sat up a bit so he could watch her body wriggle and quake in orgasm.

When she started to come off her climax, he chuckled and said, “Well now, there isn’t any way you faked that! That was really awesome to watch! Let’s see if I can get you to do that again.”

Shelby giggled and panted out, “Please do. I would, um, love to, do it, again, for you!”

He bore back down on her pussy, sopping up her abundant wetness with his mouth, running her sweet juices around inside his mouth like a fine wine before swallowing. Then Terrance teased her until she came again, and yet again he was amazed at how she was able to just let herself go as she totally enjoyed the incapacitating jolts of pleasure.

When she found her voice again, she pleaded, “Fuck me, Terry, I want to feel that big cock of yours up inside my tummy. Push it inside me!”

Grateful for invitation, Terrance moved up into the saddle, his cock was so swollen it was nearly painful. He moved the head around inside Shelby’s hot, wet lips as he coated himself for the plunge.

Sliding his tip back down, Terry slid into her opening and then he stroked in and out of her hot wetness, until he completely buried his large cock inside her tight vagina.

All Terry could think about was how snuggly her tight vagina gripped him, it was almost like she was sucking him in. As their pubic bones collided, he pulled out so he could rock back inside hot canal all over again.

Shelby marveled at how nicely his thick long cock fit inside her. She felt herself stretched beyond the boundaries set by Sandy, and he wasn’t small. Not that the girl had a lot of experience to comparing men against each other.

Instead of hurting, Terry’s large cock felt magnificent. Shelby felt so full! Then when he started to rock in and out of her, she responded by rocking her hips up to meet his thrusts, taking him as deep inside her pussy as she could get him.

Shelby thought, ‘He might be a little chunky, but the man has a wonderful cock and knows how to use it.’ After two days without, Shelby was happy to be fucking again. It was all that she remembered and more. She absolutely loved the feel of a nice cock buried inside her tummy.

After a couple minutes of his lovely dick sliding in and out of her vagina, the feel of his flange gliding along her slick walls, Shelby succumbed to another nice ‘fuzzy’ orgasm. It was softer at the edges, but it still had the same intensity when it released as one of climaxes caused by licking her clit. She shook underneath the big man as he continued to plug her hole with his manhood.

Terrance, seeing Shelby’s face and chest flush before she started convulsing around his shaft, was at the brink of his own building climax. Her wriggling underneath him gave him a whole new unique set of sensations. This pushed him over the top, and just ten seconds after she started quaking beneath him, he felt his underside seize up and then explode out through his cock. He ejaculated hard inside the sixteen year old beauty. He vaguely thought, ‘Damn, this is the best $1000 I’ve ever spent! Wow, this girl is a fire cracker!”

Once spent, the man slid down Shelby’s side pulling her in to a cuddle. He wasn’t sure she wanted snuggle with him, but he sure wanted to hug with her. When she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately, he was sure he was in paradise.

Terry was going to have to make sure he had more reasons to come to Houston, he was sure he wasn’t going to be getting enough of the attractive tall blond girl’s company. Good thing the oil industry was paying him such huge bonuses.

After snuggling for a bit, Shelby decided she needed some more of his delightful cock back inside her tummy, only Terry was limp. She thought, ‘That won’t do.’ She knew that she was going to have to try it eventually, so she started kissing down his body with the intent of getting him interested again.

As she handled him, Shelby noted that he was slick from a comingling of their cum. She made the decision that she would do it, and if she didn’t like it, she would spit him out and used her hand.

Shelby slowly moved her mouth lower kissing Terry’s chunky body. He smelled really nice, the cologne he was wearing smelled really wonderful. She could also smell her own musky scent on his wet hips, where he was wet from her cum soaked bottom.

She stopped just short of taking it in her mouth, pausing long enough to convince herself that she could do it. She finally took the head of his limp penis between her lips. The first thing she noticed was the taste. The juices had a slightly tangy yet earthy taste. It wasn’t overwhelming, actually it bordered on bland. The smell was more powerful than the taste. The combined juices had kind of a metallic biological undertone, not strong, just there.

She twirled the head of his dick with her tongue, and felt a twitch in it. She pulled more of it inside her mouth, until she had the entire floppy organ inside her mouth. She sucked the juices off of him, cleaning his cock of anything but her saliva. She felt him twitch again, and he started to grow right inside her mouth. She thought, ‘Awesome! I’m actually sucking a cock and I like it!”

She didn’t have a clue what she was doing. All she knew was that some girls and women would do this to the guys they liked. Jessica told her about her doing it to her boyfriend, Shawn Baxter. She did it before they fucked though, not after, not like what Shelby was doing.

So all the tastes and smells were beyond anything Shelby ever heard about. She decided that even with the cum on his dick, it wasn’t a bad. She was rather enjoying the soft feel of his growing cock inside her mouth.

Terrance was definitely enjoying her mouth surrounding his growing manhood. His wife thought oral sex was disgusting and that they would end up going to hell if they did it. He loved his wife, but sometimes she could be such an ignorant bitch.

He made up his mind that he would have to spend more time with Shelby, no matter what the cost. She was young, she was beautiful, she wasn’t fat, and she had the most fascinating orgasms he had ever watched. And, she was giving him a wonderful blowjob. Watching her in her throes of passion was the most arousing erotic sight he ever experienced, getting a blowjob was almost as good.

Shelby was satisfied that she was doing a good job sucking him, his cock was swelling quickly. She continued to suck him as she ran her tongue around its head. Then she took her mouth off of him, and started licking his hard shaft from top to bottom.

Then Shelby did something that surprised her, she lifted his cock up and licked his nut sack. She pulled one testicle in her mouth at a time and gently sucked on them, and then she licked him back up to the top; she took him into her mouth again.

She started to bob up and down on his now stiff shaft. She took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could without choking. She was amazed on how soft he was over the hardness; she marveled in how smooth the skin of the thing felt inside her mouth.

She thought about what it would be like to suck him until he came again, but her goal was to get his huge thing back inside her pussy, not to experiment. She would suck him off the next time they got together; right now she needed to be fucked again.

She spit him out, and climbed up onto the bed on her hands and knees. Shelby playfully wagged her butt at him, inviting him to climb back inside her vagina.

Shelby giggled, “Time to get back in the saddle, cowboy!”

Terrance quickly got on his knees and slipped his now solid cock back inside her tight little hole. She was so tall, she actually had to spread her knees a little so his cock could line up with her pink vaginal opening.

Once he was able to slip his hard shaft into her pussy, he slid all the way inside her slick canal in one thrust. She was coated inside with both their cum from the first fuck, and even more with her building juices from when she gave Terry the blowjob.

Shelby was open in invitation, waiting for him. When she felt his cock filling her vagina again, she sighed, once again enjoying the fullness that came with his cock sliding deep inside her tummy. He could have shoved his soft hardness inside her and just stayed there all evening; Shelby would have been content just feeling the fullness. He started to stroke in and out of her bottom, and that was nice too, very nice.

This time Terrance had a real desire for the teenage girl. He wanted to ride her hard, of course not too hard, he didn’t want to cause her any discomfort. He began fucking her with a quick cycle of penetrations with the goal of nothing less than him pumping her full of his sperm again.

He wanted to fill her with both his cock and his semen. Terry daydreamed of filling the young blond girl with his seed and making her pregnant. He grabbed her hips and started humping in and out at a quick pace.

Fortunately, for Shelby, she was taking the pill. Her dad explained that at sixteen, she would find a boy soon that she was willing to spread her legs for. She giggled that he would put it that way, she though he was being a bit graphic with the whole thing.

Anyway, her daddy said he didn’t want her ending up in a family way, when she had such a bright future ahead of her. So, she was taken to the doctors where they examined her pronouncing that she was in good health; they gave her a prescription for birth control.

Since she met with Sandy, Shelby made double sure that she took the pill every day. She had been good with it before, but now that she was active, she knew she couldn’t miss a single dose, or she might end up pregnant.

She considered going back to her doctor and getting one of those implants, the problem with those were even though they were convenient; they lasted for a long time. When she decided she wanted to have a baby, she didn’t want to have to wait for year or two while the thing finally wore off.

So, as much as Terrance wanted to plant his seed in her young svelte body, it wasn’t going to happen. Shelby was safe from the man’s hidden desire.

Terry was holding Shelby’s sweet firm hips with his hands as he rammed his cock into her pussy over and over again. His hips slapped up against her wet bottom with a rapid rhythm, the slapping sound reverberated around the room, with wet sounds that provided harmony.

Shelby loved it when she could hear their fucking as well as feel it. She loved the feel of his warm hands on her hips and his cock rapidly cycling inside her body. She loved the smells of sex. She gave into the lust of the moment and collapsed onto the bed as her body began to quiver and shake as she experienced yet another spectacular orgasm. Oh how she loved to fuck!

The big man followed her down and pulled her quivering legs apart. He quickly slid back inside, between the cheeks of her ass, He continued on to insert himself inside her pussy from on top and behind her.

Shelby was flush from getting off, and she made an, “Uh, uh, uh, uh.” Sound with each of his thrusts. He gasped out, “Oh gawd, you feel so good. I could do this all night!” With that he exploded inside her, fulfilling his desire to fill her with his seed.

Shelby felt him pulse against the walls of her canal. She loved the feel of a man getting off inside her body, filling her belly with his goo. She could feel his desire for her body that way; she loved every pulse of his cock.

After he finished, he pulled out of her, and she rolled over. He slipped down against her side again and pulled her in with his arm. They laid resting their until sleep wash over the two of them.

They made love six times through the night and into the morning. The last time, he took her bending over in the shower after they washed each other’s bodies tenderly. They ended up having to wash their parts again before getting out and toweling off.

Shelby wondered where he kept the reserves that allowed him to get it up over and over again. She loved all the fucking, but by the time she got back on the bus in the morning heading for Conroe, she was sore as could be between her legs.

She missed her first two periods of class at school that morning. She dropped by the classrooms at lunch to get the lesson information and the homework assignments. She wasn’t going to let her new business interfere with her education.

She wanted a better career than that of a concierge. Her father was good at his job, but he was definitely an under achiever. He was a smart man and could have done anything, why he stayed in the low paying job? She didn’t have a clue.

She got home after school and drew a hot bath and soaked in it for a half an hour. Her muscles ached from all the new movements she was doing. Fucking definitely exercised muscles she wasn’t used to using.

Just before turning her light out to go to bed, she got another phone call…
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