Shelby asks Jessica for a favor
Shelby has new client that wants to do it with two girls. Will her friend Jessica agree to join her in a night of carnal pleasure? Is the lure of $1000.00 for the night enough?

NOTE: I dreamed this story up when I was in a restaurant with my wife, being served by a pretty young blond girl names Shelby. I found out later, that Shelby had been a classmate of my own daughter, both girls had just graduated from High School.

Updated: 24 May 14


Shelby answered the phone. It was Sandy. He asked, “Hey girl, how did it go with Terrance?”

Shelby giggled and smiled, “For a big guy, he certainly knew his way around a bed. He fucked me so much I’m chapped between my legs!”

Sandy chuckled and said, “I’m glad you both could have a good time. His home life isn’t all the great right now.”

Shelby mindlessly stroked Squeaky, her cat, who was sitting in her lap. She told him, “Yeah, he told me about some of it. It sounds like his wife thinks she is owed or something, she lets her body go to pot, and then she treats him like he’s just a source of income. I feel bad for both him and his kids.”

Sandy made a tisking sound and then said, “Um, the reason I’m calling is that I have another friend that is really interested in your services, but he was wondering if you had a friend that could join up with you. He would like to hire both of you. Can you think of anyone?”

Shelby said, “Well, maybe, I’ll have to talk it over with her. She’s active, but I’m not sure she’s too keen on doing it with older guys for money though. Although, when I told her what I charged, she seemed to warm up to the idea.”

Sandy said, “Well, why don’t you check around and give me a call back. Save my number to your contact list, I think you may have quite a clientele list before long; that is if you are interested in continuing in the business.”

Shelby giggled, “Well, if you and Terry are any indication of what it will be like, I say line them up. Of course, I can’t be running into Houston all the time, at least not until I can drive and have a car. Some of these guys are going to have to spend the night here in town. Especially if they only want to do it for one or two hours.”

Sandy smiled, “Well, I’m glad you are finding the business enjoyable. I’ll do my best to make sure you have only gentlemen in the mix. There can be some real sons-of-bitches out there, so watch who you hook up with, okay girl?”

Shelby smiled and was touched with the man’s concern. Getting back on the topic of the call, she asked, “This guy that wants to do the threesome, he realizes that he’s going to have to pay both of us, right?

Sandy said, “Of course, the man has more money than you and I will ever see. You will probably need to meet him in Houston though, he isn’t much for travelling out into Indian country.

“Anyway, call me when you know if it can be arranged.” Then he added, “Um, one last thing, sweetie, start going by the name Michelle when doing business. You really shouldn’t be using your real name. Michelle is the name I’ll give any guy’s I refer to you.”

She responded, “Okay, I’ll do both of those things. I will call when I know, and I’ll start using Michelle.” She thought to herself, ‘Nice pick by the way, I like that name.’

He ended with, “Way to go. Keep up the good work. I’ll talk to you later, Michelle.” She told him goodbye, and hung up.

The next morning, Shelby got up and got ready for school. Her dad was in the dining room, having some breakfast and getting ready to take a nap. His last string of shifts lasted four days and he was beat.

He asked, “How was your weekend sweetheart?”

Shelby answered truthfully, “It was taken up pretty much by working.” Sheby walked to her dad, and they gave each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Shelby said, “I love you, daddy. See you after school.” She darted out the door on her way to school.

She saw Jessica during the first class of the morning. So just before the bell, she said, “We need to talk, in private. Let’s get together at lunch somewhere private.” So, when the bell rang, they headed for their next class.

At lunch, both of the girls were looking for each other, and once they met up Shelby led them to the library where they could talk in private. Once inside, they found a quiet corner where they sat together and could have a whispered conversation.

Jessica looked at her friend with a puzzled look. “Okay, what’s all this secrecy for?” Before Shelby could go into her planned spiel, Jessica’s eyes got round and she gasped, “You want me to, um, work with you! Don’t you?” Jessica’s intuition struck again.

Shelby was as shocked as Jessica, she blurted out, “How do you do that?”

Jessica seeming to be puzzled, asked, “Do what?”

Shelby responded, exasperated, “How do you know what I’m going to say, before I say it?” Then she added, “You do it all the time!”

Jessica shrugged, then she pressed, “I was right though, you want me to, um, do it with some guy, don’t you?”

Shelby blushed, “Um, yeah. There is a guy that want’s a ménage de trois. So, the big question is, do you want to earn $600. Better yet, do you want to go into business with me?”

Shelby’s friend was taken aback by the unusual offer, she asked, “What do you mean by business? Do you mean me seeing guy’s regularly for money?”

Shelby answered, “Yes, that’s what I was thinking, at least at first. I know you like to fuck, so it’s just a matter of getting around the whole idea of doing it with someone you don’t know. Even then, the idea is to get a group of regulars, and then they wouldn’t be strangers anymore, right?”

Shelby could tell her auburn haired friend was thinking about it. $600 was a lot of money for the young girl, it was a good bit of money for almost anyone. The idea of making that much two or three times a week would tempt any girl.

Jessica said, “Okay, Shells, let’s put the imminent question aside for a few minutes. Tell me about this business idea.”

Shelby outlined her idea to her friend, “Jess, the way to make real money is not to be the workers, although I can tell you it’s the most pleasant work you could ever do. The way to make money is to get other people to work for you, to organize things so the girls are safe, so they don’t have to handle the money, and so all they have to do is receive an assignment, and show up. The idea is to have as large of a customer base as we can get, without drawing the attention of the cops.”

Jessica asked, “Where are you going to get the new customers, the bigger question is where are you going to get the girls?”

Shelby answered, “Well, the customers seem to flock to the pheromones of young women; the fact that I’m only sixteen I’m sure is a huge draw.

To get girls, I was thinking about approaching some of the girls we know at school giving them the opportunity to turn their bodies into cash. Then there are the all the girls going to the community college.”

Shelby added as she was thinking about it, “I also need to talk with your brother, I think we need to come up with some ideas on how to use technology to take away all the negotiations. There would be less chance of the cops getting into the middle of it that way. I have a couple ideas, but only Nick could pull them off.”

Jessica giggled, “Yeah, Nick loves scheming, and this would be intriguing as hell for him.” Then she switched gears, “Okay, as for the question at hand, will I join with you to, um, visit with this customer?” She held back her answer, not sure she really wanted to give it.

Finally, Jessica said, “Okay Shells, I’ll do it, this one time. If I like what happens, then I might consider doing it again, but that will be decided after this first fling you’re proposing. The only reason I’m agreeing to it, is that you’ll be there with me.” Then she asked, “I get a full $600, right?”

Shelby grinned, she was happier than hell Jessica said yes, she responded, “Yes, you will be my partner if you want to be, that mean a full cut. If we get other girls to work for us, we take a percentage off the top for managing the business. I was thinking we would give them $400.00 and hold back $200.00 for expenses and profit.”

Jessica blushed and grinned, “Well, like I said, I’ll do it this time, but I will need to reconsider before doing anything beyond that.”

Shelby giggled, “Cool! I’m going to have a really good time with you there to help me. I’ll make the arrangements and let you know where and when.”

The friends got off onto the topic of girly things, totally away from the subject of prostitution for the rest of the lunch hour.

Shelby made a call back to Sandy later that afternoon. She said, “Hey Sandy, I have the second girl lined up. Her name is Jessica.”

Sandy chucked, “No, her name is Emily, remember, no real names.”

Shelby rolled her eyes, “Okay, Okay, I get it.”

He chuckled, “Excellent! The guy who will call you to set things up, his name is Mark Johansson. You should hear from him soon.”


Shelby got the call that evening. She dismissed herself from the family room where she was watching a movie with her daddy to take the call. She slipped down the hall and into her bedroom shutting the door.

She talked with the man until they made the arrangements. He wanted both girls for an all-nighter; Shelby knew that Jessica would be pleased to be making $1000 instead of $600.

The interlude was on for Friday evening at the Houston Marriott in room 2115. They would meet up at 9:00pm; there wouldn’t be any dinner or movie because of the later hour. Shelby had to make a call to the restaurant to get the night off, she was currently scheduled for that shift.

When Friday rolled around, Shelby was amazed that she was looking forward to another tryst with a stranger. Her first two experiences had been fantastic. She was looking forward to what the visit would bring.

Her daddy started his string of shifts again on Thursday, and would be working through the weekend, so there wasn’t an issue there. To cover for Jessica, Shelby’s friend told her parents that she was going to be having a sleep over at Shelby’s house. Jessica’s parents rarely kept track of her or Nick, so it was easy to come up with the cover story.

Shelby and Jessica caught the last bus to Houston from Conroe; it left at 6:00pm and got into Houston just a bit before 7:00. From 7:00 to 9:00 they spent some time shopping. Jessica bought a nice dress to wear, similar to the lovely black evening dress that Shelby was wearing.

Shelby and Jessica both bought several sets of lacy underthings. Both girls stepped into the changing room at the store to change into their new underwear and Jessica’s new dress. With a spray of perfume on their necks and in a few intimate places, and the girls were ready.

They arrived at room 2115 right at 9:00 pm and knocked on the door. A man, who was about 5’-9” tall, about 40 years old, and with a receding hairline answered the door. Seeing the two girls, the man broke into a winning smile. He gasped out, “Wow!”

Shelby asked, “Are you Mr. Johansson?”

The man chuckled, “No, that’s my dad.” When he got the expected chuckles, he grabbed Shelby’s hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it, “Mark Johansson, at your service, lovely lady.”

Mark was struck with how tall the pretty blond girl was. It looked like the girl was a fraction of an inch taller than he was.

Then Mark cast his eyes on Jessica and was equally impressed with the shorter girl. She was nicely shaped and looked like she was going to be loads of fun. Best yet, even though she was built, she didn’t look a day over fourteen or fifteen. He took Jessica’s hand and repeated the greeting, and then he invited the two girls into his suite.

He looked at Shelby, “You’re Michelle, right?” He was going off the description that Sandy had given him.

Shelby said, “Yes, that’s me.” Then she thought, “Oh, this is my best friend, Emily,” indicating that was what Jessica should be called.

The man had the two girls sit on the sofa that was in the ‘living’ area of the suite, he asked, “Can I get either of you two lovely ladies a drink?”

Shelby asked, “Is there any Riesling wine?”

The man dug around the in the refrigerator and said, “No, but there is some chardonnay or zinfandel.” Shelby indicated that the chardonnay would work. Jessica, never having imbibed went with the same thing. So the man poured a glass of the wine for both of them and all three of them sat down to talk.

The man reached in his pocket and pulled out a large wad of $100 bills. He gave each girl ten of the green portraits of Benjamin Franklin. The girls both slipped their cash into their purses. Shelby thought, ‘Oh shit, I have about $5000 dollars in cash in my bag, I better get it to the bank tomorrow!’

Mark announced, “There, with that out of the way, let’s talk about the evening.” He smiled and said, “What I would like to start with is to watch you two lovely ladies make love to each other. Then after that I’ll join in and we’ll see where it goes from there.”

Both Shelby and Jessica were stunned by his request. They figure that they would be doing things with him, not with each other. Their astonishment was evident on their faces; the man chuckled and said, “Oh, I guess Sandy didn’t let you know that I like to watch.”

First, Mark looked into Shelby’s eyes and then into Jessica’s. He said, “Well, I take it from your reaction, that this isn’t something either of you have done before. Trust me; you’ll like it. Especially, if you are already good friends.” Both girls were really nervous as they finished their drinks.

The most the two girls had ever done together before the man’s request was to masturbate in each other’s presence during a sleep over or two. Neither one of them had ever considered doing things to each other—with each other. But, Shelby had to admit, she was getting turned on by the idea. She looked at Jessica and asked, “Well, girlfriend, I’m game if you are.”

Jessica looked like a deer in the headlights, “Um, uh, I guess. I’ve never done anything like that before, you would know, Sh…, um Michelle.”

Shelby looked into her friends eyes trying to give her a reassuring look. She said, “Hey, Emily, it’s going to be alright, okay?” Everything that Shelby had done over the last week was all new to her, so she was getting used to doing new and exciting things. Even though Jessica had fucked a few times, she was all new to the world of being a call girls. Girls had to be flexible and willing to try things.

Shelby bent over to her friend and gently brought her lips to Jessica’s and kissed her gently on the mouth. At first, Jessica looked alarmed, but as Shelby kissed her, she started to respond. Before long, both girls were holding each other and kissing passionately.

Shelby was stroking her younger, shorter friend’s body as they kissed and was happy to see her pretty friend responding. Shelby reached behind Jessica’s back and slowly unzipped the smaller girl’s new dress. Then she pulled the garment down off Jessica’s shoulders and down her arms until the dress was bunched up down around the smaller girl’s waist as she sat.

Shelby reached up and started to massage her brown haired friend’s lovely breasts through the material of her lacy cream colored bra. She felt Jessica tremble to the touch.

Jessica, taking a hint from Shelby, unzipped the taller girls black evening dress, her hand followed the zipper all the way down Shelby’s back to just above the crack of her bum. Jessica quickly helped Shelby shrug her arms out of her dress, leaving her best friend sitting in a chocolate brown colored bra, Jessica saw that Shelby’s dress was also wadded up around her hips.

The two girls continued to kiss and fondle each other’s breasts, as Mark sat watching what was developing between the pair.

Shelby knew that she was going to be the one who took the lead in this situation. She was already feeling aroused from kissing Jessica and from feeling each other’s boobs. Shelby broke their kiss and started kissing Jessica on the neck, ears and throat. Something she totally enjoyed when Sandy and Terry did it to her.

Jessica, sitting with her eyes closed and a smile on her lips, purred, “Oh wow! Those kisses feel nice. I like it when you touch my titties too.”

Shelby giggled, “Well, if you like that, girlfriend, just wait a few minutes.” She continued to kiss her friends neck and shoulders as her hands roamed over her friend’s soft skin.

Shelby reached behind Jessica and quickly unhooked her lacy bra and as it was released, Jessica’s ample breasts sprang loose from underneath the cups. Shelby’s hand found her naked breast and started massaging it directly. She listened while Jessica moaned from her touch; Shelby was becoming aroused from giving her friend pleasure.

Shelby had them both stand up as they continued to rub each other’s breasts. This caused their dresses to fall to the floor in a bunch around their feet. They both stepped out of their dresses as Shelby pulled her friend towards the bed.

Shelby kicked off her shoes and unhooked her bra. Losing both, she was left in her scanty panties and her nylon thigh high stockings, the chocolate brown panties stood out against her pale skin. Jessica was in just her panties, she didn’t wear any stockings with her new shoes.

Shelby invited her friend to lie on top of the bed and then she scooted onto the large mattress with her. She started kissing Jessica again, and then quickly moved her mouth down Jessica’s neck and shoulders, then she kissed lower so she could take one of the smaller girl’s hard nipples into her mouth. Shelby was tantalized by her younger friend’s wonderful globes. Jessica’s boobs were so plump and round. Shelby found suckling on them to be extremely erotic, causing her pussy to start to froth.

The one thing, which Shelby was unsure of, was what it would be like to actually put her mouth on her best friend’s pussy. She knew that the two men she had slept with previously both enjoyed munching on her lips, so there had to be something pleasurable about it, but right then, the thought of it was kind of gross, or at least weird.

Shelby reached inside her auburn haired friend’s panties and cupped her hot pussy. Jessica arched her back and moaned; as wet as Jessica was; it was obvious to Shelby that Jessica was fully enjoying what Shelby was doing to her.

Shelby ran a couple of fingers up between Jessica’s hot plump lips, feeling the true extent of Jessie’s wetness. This was the first time Shelby had touched another girls privates, at least sexually.

When Shelby was eight, she played doctor with a couple friends and they did lots of touching, but it was more exploratory than sexual.

When Shelby was nine, maybe it was ten, she had a similar experience with Jessica and Jessie’s brother Nick. What they did together had been considerably more sexual then.
As Shelby explored Jessica’s hot slick pussy with her fingers, enjoying the silky feel of it, it was 100% sexual; the intent was to give her friend erotic pleasure.

Mark was captivated watching the two girls make love to another girl for the first time. He noted that for a first timer, Shelby seemed to know what she was doing.

Shelby, after spending several minutes sucking and teasing Jessica’s nipples with her mouth, started to kiss down her pretty friend’s body. As she did, she slipped a couple of fingers up inside Jessie’s vagina. She was amazed to find out how hot and snug that felt around her digits. Her fingers were immediately coated with Jessica’s juices. Shelby started to finger fuck her friend while she made her way down the girl’s body.

Jessica trembled feeling her friend’s digits slide into her honey hole. She loved Shelby to death, but never in this manner before. Shelby was making love to her and she was as wound up as a top. She felt Shelby kissing her tummy and licking her around her belly button, Jessica had never felt this aroused before. She had fucked a couple--a few--boys, but they never took the time to actually make love to her like Shelby was doing.

Shelby kissed down to just above Jessica’s pubic hair, and pulled her friends panties down her front as she kissed into Jessica’s curly hair. Shelby, using a trick that Sandy used on her, started to tug at the dark brown thatch with the lips of her mouth. Jessica trembled.

Shelby could smell Jessica’s musky scent drifting up from her pussy. Mixed with the scent of Jessie’s perfume, the combined bouquet was intoxicating.

Tugging Jessica’s legs, prompting the smaller dark haired girl to spread them. Shelby rolled over between Jessica’s smooth and silky thighs. Shelby ran a hand up and down her friend’s silky white thighs as she continued to pull her hair with her mouth.

Shelby grabbed the waist band of Jessica’s panties and started to tug them down. Jessica lifted her bottom freeing the garment, allowing them to slip away from her ass. Then as Shelby tugged them down off her hips, Jessica raised her legs straight up into the air letting Shelby pull her panties up her legs and off her ankles. Jessica was aware she was completely naked, being made love to by her best friend while a complete stranger watched on.

Jessica let her legs back down, her thighs wrapped up against Shelby’s naked shoulders. She knew that Shelby was just seconds away from putting her mouth on her pussy. What Shelby didn’t know was that nobody had ever did this to Jessica before.

Shelby thought Jessica felt so warm down between her legs. Then Jessica gasped out loudly as she felt Shelby’s mouth form a seal around her swollen love button.

The first thing Shelby noticed when she put her mouth on her friends pussy was the more powerful musky scent. Her friend smelled wonderful, in an extremely sexy way. The second thing she noted was her taste. Her juicy pussy had a light tangy flavor, kind of bland but noticeable.

Between Jessica’s smell and taste, Shelby became completely aroused and was feeling her own pussy responding by getting even wetter by the second. She could feel the cool feeling of the panel in her panties from her evaporating juices, her panties were soaked where they covered her vaginal opening.

Shelby sucked her friend’s ample labia into her mouth and she teased it with her tongue. Jessica’s lips pooched out from between her outer lips giving her pussy a full fluffy look. The smooth silky feeling of her lips was like ambrosia in Shelby’s mouth.

Finding she had a taste for Jessica’s juices, Shelby dropped down to her friends vaginal opening, the one she had been finger fucking, and she lapped up the white creamy moisture that had gathered there. Once she cleaned up her friends lovely opening, she moved her mouth back up to Jessica’s swollen clit and started sucking in earnest as she reinserted her two middle fingers back inside of Jessica’s hot pussy.

All of a sudden, Jessica cried out, “Oh shit! I’m going to CUM!” Shelby felt Jessica’s vaginal opening start to squeeze her fingers and Jessica start to shake uncontrollably. Jessica rocked her hips up to grind her pussy into Shelby’s face, and to Shelby’s surprise, a big glob of juice shot out from between Jessica’s lips and into her open welcoming mouth.

Shelby was amazed at the amount of juice that Jessica squirted, and then to her delight, Jessica squirted into her mouth again. Shelby swirled the ample nectar around in her mouth, noting that it had almost a sweet full flavor. At first she was afraid that Jessica squirted her with urine, but this was definitely girl cum, not urine.

Jessica writhed and squealed as her orgasm overtook her senses. She yelped out, “FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!” as she trembled and squirmed on the bed. To her delight, Shelby continued to suck and finger fuck her pussy. It just caused her exquisite orgasm to roll over into another one. Shelby caused her to have orgasm after orgasm until she had to call her friend off because it became so overwhelming.

Once Jessica cried uncle, Shelby moved up her friend’s body to lay by her and she started kissing Jessica with her cum coated face and lips. They both had a legs jammed up between each other’s thighs, rubbing against each other’s pussies with their leg. Jessica could taste her own pussy on Shelby’s lips and thought it was erotic. Then Shelby whispered, “Do me, please. Suck on my pussy.”

Jessica knew she couldn’t refuse, not after what her BFF just did for her. She started kissing down Shelby’s body, as she quickly moved towards Shelby’s hot, wet pussy.

Shelby was squirming in delight and anticipation. So when Jessica put her mouth on her honey colored pubic hair covering her mound, Shelby gasped out in delight. “Suck me Jessie! Suck my pussy!” She totally forgot that she was supposed to call her friend Emily.

Jessica did everything to Shelby that Shelby had done to her. Jessica was still feeling randy from her multiple orgasmic climax, so the idea of having her mouth on another girls pussy didn’t seem to faze her. She was between Shelby’s spread legs sucking on her clit, teasing it with her tongue. She had fingers inside of Shelby’s vagina, finger fucking her beautiful friend.

As Jessica attended to Shelby’s need, she had her legs hanging over the end of the bed; she was bent at the hips, creating an inviting target.

Mark had been watching the two girls get it on. For novices, they had it down pretty good. He had undressed as the two girls made love and he sat stroking his hard cock with his hand, watching the dark haired girl, Emily or Jessie writhe in passion, totally overtaken by her ardor.

Then he watched as Emily took her turn between Michelle’s legs. Her legs hanging down over the side of the bed gave him an open invitation. He could see her glistening pussy lips with her full fluffy inner lips sticking out sending out a siren call to fuck her. So Mark stealthily moved up behind the dark haired girl and rubbed the tip of his cock between her hot wet fluffiness.

Jessica was so involved in sucking Shelby’s clit that she didn’t notice the man move up behind her. Then she felt his hard cock sliding up and down inside her slick lips. She gasped in both surprise and delight.

Before she could say a word, the man moved his hard cock into the opening to Jessica’s vagina and slid all the way inside her, filling her completely with its delightful hardness. She had a stranger inside her body, his cock shoved all the way up until his hips pressed against her butt. She was shocked and she was amazed, she quickly discovered she liked it.

The man gripped her hips and started to push in and out of her bottom. Jessica moaned into Shelby’s pussy with each thrust of his hard cock. She delighted each time his hard shaft returned to fill her vaginal canal completely. Shelby had been right, Jessica loved to be fucked.

The buzzing of Jessica’s moans added with her swirling tongue caused Shelby to climb quickly to a climax. The building pressure up inside her vagina released. Her pussy started contracting around Jessica’s wet fingers, and ripples of pure delight raced out up into her body and down through her legs.

Shelby had her first wonderful orgasm of the evening. She quivered in delight with her friend still between her legs as she writhed on the bed. Her thighs snapped together trapping Jessica’s head between them. Jessica moved over Shelby’s love hole and lapped up Shelby’s copious juice flow with her tongue like a kitten. Jessica, like Shelby seemed to love the taste of her friend’s juices after she came.

Jessica continued to explore Shelby’s tender parts with her tongue, being completely new to pleasuring another girl, she did everything by trial and error. If Shelby responded, it was something to remember, if not, it could be dismissed. She found very little that Shelby didn’t respond too.

As Jessica licked and sucked on Shelby’s pussy, she could feel her passion growing from the man continuing to drill his long shaft up inside her belly. The feel of his cock gliding up and down along the walls of her vagina was magnificent. She could go all night with his exquisite penis sliding in and out of her. His name was Mark, she needed to remember that, not the man, but Mark.

Jessica had a hard time concentrating on Shelby; she was getting close, real close to another orgasm. She decided to try to put Shelby back over the top again so she could cum at the same time her best friend did.

Just out of the blue, Jessica decided to curl her fingers back up underneath Shelby’s pubic bone and massage the spot as she sucked and licked Shelby’s clitoris. Within seconds, she was rewarded with Shelby exploding in ecstasy as her friend began to wriggle around on the bed again, lost in her passion. Jessica was overwhelmed as her own body began to convulse as she found release.

Mark couldn’t believe the ferocity of these two young women. They went after each other like lionesses. For girls that had never done girls before, they seem to know instinctively what would give each other maximum pleasure. Watching them both in their throes of orgasm was too much for the man, and his cock tensed up and he gasped as he began to shoot glob after glob of semen inside the dark haired girl’s vagina.

All three of them collapsed together onto the bed. Shelby was recovering quickly from her lovely climax. She wanted to feel Mark’s cock inside her, only he had just spent himself inside of Jessica. She knew how to get him back quickly, only she made a promise to herself that when she did THAT again. She would have the guy cum in her mouth.

Shelby moved down the man’s body until her head was at his hips, then she reached out to his shrinking cock and pulled it inside her mouth. She could taste both her friend’s juices and the spunkier taste from Mark’s cum on his shaft.

Since he was pretty deflated, she sucked his entire organ inside her mouth and sucked it clean, swallowing the juices made while he fucked Jessica. Shelby had a good hint of what his spooge tasted like from the blowjob she gave Terrance and what she was currently doing on Mark’s cock.

So, all Shelby had to do now was keep sucking him until he filled her mouth. She had set that as a goal, so even though she wanted to be fucked, she also had to do this experiment to see if she could swallow his semen.

She twirled her tongue around his cock and felt the familiar twitching telling her that she was resuscitating his hard-on. She spit out his growing shaft, and concentrated on sucking on his testicles for a bit. He seemed to really like that, his cock grew stiff as she sucked and licked his balls.

Shelby had always assumed that giving a blowjob was demeaning to women, but now she understood that it was a gift to a guy, and was almost always appreciated, it was like the gift of cunnilingus that a man gave a woman. It would only be demeaning if the guy was a selfish bastard.

Once he was hard, she sucked, licked and nibbled on his entire shaft before taking him back inside her mouth again. She knew she had her work cut out for her, because he had just came inside of Jessica’s pussy. So Shelby sucked away on his shaft, doing everything she knew to do to bring him off.

The man pulled Jessica over on top of him, pulling her hips to his mouth as he started to suck at her cream filled Twinkie. She was a mess, and he loved it. One messy pussy pushed into his face and the lips of the lovely blond girl wrapped solidly around his cock sucking away. Mark was in heaven.

It took Shelby a good 10 to 15 minutes to get Mark built up again enough to cum. Finally, feeling him start to tense up, she started to suck him hard. Sliding her mouth up and down his shaft and gripping the base of his cock with her hand. He groaned out, and exploded in her face.

Shelby felt the first pulse of his cock followed by a large glob of his hot spooge splattering against the back of her throat. She had no recourse other than to swallow it.

The second spurt was on an out stroke, and it filled Shelby’s mouth with its slimy texture. As her taste buds experienced sperm in her mouth for the first time, she likened it to okra slime; it was kind of bland in taste, but horribly slimy and viscous.

Unlike pussy juice, it didn’t have the light tang to it, but it did have an earthy metallic undertone. Shelby had accumulated a good four pulses of cum in her mouth and after running it around her mouth to get the taste of him; she swallowed it down like a raw oyster. Other than the fact that it was much more viscid, it really didn’t taste that much different from pussy juice.

As he stopped pulsing, Shelby sucked his dick clean. He started to deflate almost immediately after he finished cumming. She had fulfilled her goal, she had taking him inside her mouth tasting and swallowing his semen. If required in the future to service a client, she knew she could do it.

She looked up, and from her vantage all she could see was Jessica’s shapely butt cheeks straddling the man’s upper chest and neck. Shelby knew that Jessie was getting her pussy cleaned up from the man’s probing tongue. So, Shelby set out to get what she was in need of so badly--a good fuck.

Shelby put her mouth back to work and started to suck him all over again. She didn’t know of any better way to bring a guy back to life. She rejoiced when he started to grow again. She knew from her limited experience, that it would take a guy a long time to get off the third time around.

Once she had him hard, Shelby crawled up and straddled Mark’s hips. She put the tip of his bone inside the opening leading up her love canal, and sat down on him; she impaled herself as his long dong slid up inside her wet vagina.

Shelby started to lift herself up and down on his hard shaft, drawing it in and out of her vagina. How she loved to fuck! Jessica was still sitting on his face, Jessica already had one orgasm from him licking her while Shelby had sucked him off. It appeared to Shelby that Jessica was ready to go again, her neck was flushing and Shelby could hear her panting.

To help her friend along, Shelby reached around her naked friend’s body and took Jess’s wonderful globes in her hands and massaged them as she continued to bounce up and down on Mark’s cock.

Jessica, feeling Shelby’s hands wrapped around her ample breasts, gasped out, “Oh gawd!” She let loose with another beautiful climax. She quivered right on Mark’s face, filling his mouth with spurt after spurt as she ejaculated inside his mouth.

Mark sucked Jessica’s cum, enjoying the tasty treat.

Jessica just sort of fell off to the side, spent from the wonderful pussy licking she just received. Marks face was glistening from having her wet wonderful cunt ground into his face. Now he just laid back and enjoyed Shelby bouncing up and down on his stiff, erect penis.

Shelby luxuriated, feeling Marks nice thick cock sliding inside her. No finger or toy—or carrot--could take the place of a nice warm hard cock. Fucking a man was a unique feeling that couldn’t be duplicated as far as her limited experience was concerned.

Mark decided he wanted to take back control. Emily, he was sure that wasn’t her real name, was resting. Having had a series of orgasms through all the play they had been enjoying thus far, he knew she was pretty sated.

So Mark concentrated on fucking the blond beauty, Michelle. She was a solid chunk of woman; the shapely girl was as tall as he was, but was shaped with a delightful hourglass figure. When he first laid eyes on the lovely girl, he fell in lust. Now he was fucking this golden goddess.

He sat up, keeping his dick deep inside her belly, disrupting her bouncing gait. He pulled her lovely body up against him and let her continue to grind on his cock. Her hard nipples pushed into his chest sliding around as she continued to slip around on his hard shaft. He held her close as she continued to fuck him.

Mark might have been a stranger to Shelby, but she really liked the closeness while fucking him in this straddling sitting position, feeling his hard naked body right up against hers.

Shelby whispered, “You’re cock feels so good up inside me!” She moaned and squeaked as his hardness continued to fill her. Her passion grew the more she thrashed on his cock, she was at a state of maximum arousal; the pressure up inside her vagina was overwhelming.

Shelby felt the pressure release abruptly, her pussy contracted, and another orgasm washed over her as she quaked in his lap.

Her sporadic shivers and quakes from her climax drove Mark to the edge, and he started to ejaculate his hot spunk up inside the blond teen’s inner recesses. He was getting off for the third time in less than 40 minutes. It was a new record for him.

Finally sated, Shelby melted down onto the bed beside her friend. Mark laid down behind Jessica, and draped his arm across both the worn out girls. Judging by the intense orgasms both the girls had over and over again, they must have expended a tremendous amount of energy.

Mark pulled up the sheet and light blanket to cover the three of their naked bodies and he let the girls drift off to sleep. Just having one of the naked ladies bodies curled up against him was a heady feeling. Soon he found himself drifting off to sleep with them.

Around midnight, Mark awoke, finding himself with an erection from a dream he was having. He knew both girls loved to fuck, but he preferred the svelte blond. The brown haired girl was shapely and had the most luscious tits, but the blond had the whole package, she was what he desired in a girl, tall and curvaceous.

He disentangled himself from the smaller girl, and circled around the bed and climbed in behind the blond. Carefully, not wanting to wake her, he spooned his body around her delightful naked hips and butt and slipped his cock up into her vagina from behind. Michelle was still slick inside from his cum inside her pussy from their last fuck. Mark was able to slide right inside with a minimal amount of effort. He slowly inserted his cock deep inside her, and then he nearly pulled himself back out, he pushed his long stokes into her vagina over and over again.

Shelby began to stir from a dream where she was fucking; she awoke to feel of her vagina being stuffed full, a hard cock sliding in and out of her pussy. She purred, “Mmm, that’s really a nice way to wake a girl up.”

Mark whispered, “You’re lovely pussy wraps me like a glove, you’re so tight and warm. I could fuck you all night.”

Shelby giggled quietly, “Mmm, be my guest.”

After him gently stroking inside her from behind, holding her and massaging her breasts as he did, Shelby succumbed to what she was starting to label as a ‘fluffy’ or ‘fuzzy’ orgasm. It didn’t come on sharp, like a good pussy licking could cause, it just kind of crept up on her, and she didn’t know she was having it until she was having it.

Fluffy orgasms usually only happened from fucking, other activity was too intense and usually resulted in an orgasm erupting from Shelby instead of flowing over her like her like the tide.

It wasn’t much longer, when Shelby felt the man’s cock begin to throb inside her bottom, she felt him as he emptied the contents of his balls into her tummy. She loved it when a man came inside her.

Jessica awoke later in the early morning, to feel the man between her legs, sucking on her pussy lips. She giggled, “Wow, what a way to wake a girl up!” She had no idea that Shelby had said nearly the same thing earlier.

He smiled, and said, “What I would like, is for you to cum in my mouth again. Squirt your love juice into my face. A squirter like you is a rare treat.”

Jessica hummed, “I’ll see what I can do. You keep doing that, it won’t be hard.” It was just four minutes later when she was squealing and writhing in pleasure.

Jessica delivered with two really nice squirts, which Mark captured in his mouth and swished it around like a fine brandy. He kept at her until she begged for him to stop, she had come hard a good four times when he quit, he enjoyed at least one good squirt each time she started to wriggle and writhe on the bed.

Shelby watched her friend get eaten into a frenzy. She was also amazed at her friend’s ability to squirt like a guy. She had actually seen one of the squirts with her own eyes earlier and experienced the juice in her mouth first hand. She knew that Jessica and she were going to have to spend some quality girl on girl time when it was on their own dime.

Then the man asked Jessica to get up on her hands and knees, he slipped his hard cock into her backside as he fucked her doggie style. Shelby sat up and watched the two of them fuck; she watched Marks slick coated cock sliding in and out of her best friend’s wet pussy.

It was like a live action porn show. She watched, intrigued as Jess’s lips would pull out and around Mark’s shaft when he pulled out his cock, and was sucked into her pussy as he pushed back into her. What made it even better was listening to their sex. Wet sloppy slapping up against her shapely ass was making Shelby get all horny again.

Jessica collapsed to the bed with another orgasm. Mark reached out and pulled Shelby to him and had her climb back into his lap. She pulled his hard cock into her vagina and started to bob up and down on him, welcoming him inside her to relieve her pent up passion.

Shelby was just starting to convulse on his cock, when he tensed up and shot another load of cum deep inside her pussy. She wondered an idle though, ‘I wonder how much of that hot cum goes up inside my uterus?’ After all, Shelby loved biology.

Looking at the clock, it was 5:00am when Shelby and Mark both had their last wonderful climax together. Mark told the girls, “Hey, sorry to break up the party, but I have to be in Memphis this morning and I have a plane to catch.”

He kissed Shelby with a loving lingering kiss, and then he turned to kiss Jessica’s way. He got up to head to the shower; he called back and said, “Feel free to use the room if you want, checkout is at 11:00, so there is no hurry for you to leave.”

When he came out of the bath, showered and dressed in a business suit, he marveled at finding the two girls in a 69, munching away at each other’s pussies again. He let himself out the door, wishing he could stay and play.

Shelby and Jessica quickly brought each other to another spectacular orgasm.

Jess went first and Shells positioned her mouth to catch Jessica’s squirts. Shelby let the juices linger in her mouth, enjoying the taste. Then, she felt her body tense, and she felt her pussy start to contract as she yet again found release. Rays of delight went out into her body like a super nova. Somewhere in the thrashing, she had swallowed Jessica’s prize nectar.

The two girls got up an hour later and took turns peeing, and grabbing a shower. Jessica said, “You know, if we keep doing this, we are going to need a nice stock pile of douches handy, especially if we service more than one guy in an evening.”

Shelby giggled, “Yeah, I noticed. A guy’s cum gets to be a bit funky smelling after it ferments inside you for a day or two. I’m sure our customers will prefer a nice clean pussy to play in.” Then she said, “I take it from your comment that you would like to continue in the trade?”

Jessica smiled wickedly, “Hey, if I can have that many orgasms sharing a guy, just think of how many I can experience when I have a guy all to myself.” Then she laughed, “I just discovered that high school boys have no idea how to make love. They can barely fuck and get it right.” Both girls broke out laughing.

The girls went shopping again before heading back to Conroe. They bought more provocative outfits, teddies, lacy lingerie, stockings and garters, and lots of frilly panties and thongs. Both girls spent several hundred dollars stocking up.

Just before leaving, Jessica grabbed a white satin blouse and a red pleated plaid skirt. She held them out to Shelby and said, “Here, try these on; you’re going to need them. Buy some oxford shoes too, with white stockings.”

Shelby just grinned and took the garments and headed for the dressing room. She knew that her friend was having another one of her moments, she fully expected that she would need the clothing soon.

Shelby jumped when the door started opening to the dressing room, but was relieved when it was Jessica slipping in. For a brief moment, Shelby was half naked, standing in just her panties, while the door opened making her visible to half the store.

What confounded her was her reaction to being exposed for even that brief moment; she could feel a trickle of moisture tickle her pussy inside her panties.

Jessica handed her a bag of plain white cotton panties, and a couple plain white bras in Shelby’s size. Shelby tried on the bras for fit, but trying on the panties was unnecessary. Her size almost always fit her; there was usually very little variation, unlike with blue jeans and dresses.

Shelby giggled, “Okay, I get it, somebody is going to want to play school girl with me, right?”

Jessica smiled, “That’s what it looks like. Too bad it’s not going to be me, the idea of getting a spanking on my bare bottom is kind of kinky.”

Shelby looked at her friend, “Nobody’s going to spank me. Not unless I let them!”

Jessica said, “Hey girl, the spanking isn’t going to be what hard for you to deal with. It’s whose going to do the spanking. I’m not sure who it is right now, but when you see them, you are going to be shocked right out of your pretty little white panties.”

Shelby looked at her friend askew, “So what’s all that cryptic mumbo jumbo all about?”

Jessica said, “All I know is that you’re going to have to make a really hard choice. I really don’t want to be in your shoes this time.”

Shelby dismissed her friends cryptic nonsense, Sandy was really good at finding her nice gentlemen to go to bed with. She wasn’t too worried about anyone she would have a dilemma over, what could be the worst thing, a burn victim? A paraplegic? She was ready for pretty much anyone.

The girls found their bus and with bags of new clothes in hand, wearing their evening dresses, they headed home to Conroe.

That evening, Sandy called. She answered the phone, “Hey Sandy. Last night was a blast. I discovered that my friend and I can enjoy some quality girl time.”

Sandy laughed, “I thought you might like that. Sorry I didn’t warn you in advance.”

She smiled, “No problem, it was all good.”

Sandy said, “Sorry for the short notice, but I have a guy that wants to experience your talents, Michelle. Remember to use that name, Mark said you slipped up and gave him Jessica’s real name last night.”

Shelby felt contrite over the screw-up. “Sorry, I’ll watch it next time.”

Then Sandy continued, “Do you have something that comes close to a school girl uniform?” Shelby laughed.

Sandy asked, “What’s so funny?”

Shelby told him between her giggles, “Jessica had me buy one this morning. She said I was going to need it.” That got Shelby worrying about how much of the other psycho talk was real. What could be that shocking?

Sandy said, “Well, I have a guy at the Hyatt Regency that would like to spend an hour or two with you tomorrow around 10:00pm.”

Shelby said, “Wow, two in the Regency, I have to watch that, my dad works there. If I’m going to have to go to town that late, I’m going to need to spend the night. There are no busses that run that late. Tell the guy it’s an all-night visit or none at all.”

Sandy said, “Oh, okay, I’ll keep that in mind when I’m talking around. He will be in room 1510. He’s using a fake name too; he’ll be going by the name of Jon. I’ll let him know he has to have an all-night visit and for him to pay you accordingly.” Then he asked, “Um, ah, Shelby, how do you feel about getting spanked?”

Shelby exclaimed, “Shit!”

Sandy asked, “What?”

Shelby giggled, “That was something else Jessica warned me about.” Then thinking it over she said, “Okay, I guess I’ll let him do it, but no tying me up, or any other kinky shit like that, okay?”

Sandy chuckled, “Sure, I’ll pass that along. Matter of fact, I wouldn’t mind doing a little role playing on our next visit. Let me know how the spanking goes, if you don’t mind it, I would like to try it too.” Then he added, “Of course, if you don’t like it, we can skip it.”

Shelby said, “Okay, I’ll meet this Jon at 10:00pm in room 1510 in the Hyatt Regency and I’ll be expecting to spend the night.” Then she added, “Um, Sandy?”

He said, “Yeah?”

She demurely said, “Um, uh, thanks for all the business.”

He chuckled, “Sure, no problem. Just as long as you hold appointments open for me, okay?”

She giggled, “Sure Sandy.” They hung up.
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