TOTALLY BUSTED!!! New virgin found
UPDATED: 27 May 14

Shelby watched as Gregory Tanner pulled out his wallet. She was curious as to what he was going to show her; he had already paid her for the next couple of hours. Then he opened the wallet and Shelby almost fainted. She fell back into the padded chair as she stared at the golden badge clipped inside the man’s leather folder. Gregory was a cop and she was SO busted.

Gregory looked down at the tall blond girl. He command, “Stand up please.” Shelby felt like she was going to throw-up. She slowly got to her feet; she felt like her legs would give out from underneath her at any second. Then Gregory instructed her to put her hands behind her back. He carefully slipped a pair of handcuffs over her wrists. Then he asked almost tenderly, “They aren’t too tight are they?”

Shelby gulped and croaked out, “No, they’re fine.”

The man took out little card from his wallet and started to read, “You have a right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…” When he was done reading the words to her, her rights, he asked her if she understood what he just told her. She nodded silently, tears dripping from her eyes. Then Gregory asked her to sit back down, her hands still firmly cuffed behind her back.

Shelby wondered what went wrong. She had been really careful not to engage anyone that either Sandy or her dad didn’t know. This man was referred to her by her own father, how could her daddy have messed up so badly? How could he have sent her into the arms of the vice squad? Then she talked through the deal so casually, giving the cop everything he needed to wrap her up and deliver her like a Christmas ham to the city jail. Shelby never felt so helpless in all her life.

He asked her, “Do you realized what just happened?”

She sobbed, “Yes, you’ve placed me under arrest.”

Then he smiled and said, “No, I haven’t. I went through all the motions of placing you under arrest. That’s exactly how it would have gone down if I planned on taking you downtown.

“Eric Krueger asked me to do him a favor when we met and show you what it’s like when you get busted. Apparently you are pretty new to all of this and needed a wake-up call. If I had actually placed you under arrest, I would call in a squad car right now and we would take you down to the precinct where you would have been booked, interrogated and hopefully we would have talked you into a confession.

“If you confessed, then you would have been quickly convicted of prostitution and sent to jail or prison. I can assure you the ladies you would meet in jail would not be the kind to become your BFFs. Trust me. The lesson here for you is that if you are ever busted, keep your mouth shut, don’t say a word without a lawyer. Chances are without a confession, one of my guys would have screwed something up and you would have gotten off easy -- maybe only one night in jail.

“Most of the working girls out on the streets, especially your age, are there because they either ran away, or are hooked on drugs. They are taken in by a pimp, who promises them the world and then delivers them to hell. If they weren’t hooked on drugs before being ensnared, the pimp makes sure they end up that way and he makes sure that their next fix comes from him.

“To ‘train’ the girl to be a hooker, first he gets her to put out, voluntarily or not. Then they usually arranged for the girl to be gang raped over and over again over days until she is so humiliated and traumatized she doesn’t put up any resistance.

“Then he will bring in several customers to break her in. If she does well, she is praised, if she screws up she’s beaten. It ends up being a classic case of Stockholm syndrome. Then, when the pimp is sure she is going to work out, meaning he doesn’t have to kill her to assure her silence, she’s put out on the street to fill a quota. She is expected to rake in 6 to 8 hundred dollars a day. If she meets or exceeds her quota, she is rewarded. If she fails, she is punished. You can imagine what that might be like.

“The whole time, the girl is doing drugs, because she’s hooked, and she is turning tricks to pay off her drug tab to her pimp. He makes sure she is never able to pay it off.

“Sometimes, the girl gets arrested, like you did this evening, or like you should have been this evening. Then we take her to jail where she’s dried out and we put her through a rehab program while she does time for prostitution.

“In arresting her, we make her a victim all over again. By drying her out, we give her a chance to escape. The whole time, the bastard pimp skates away scott free because the girl is so deathly afraid to narc on the guy; she would rather waste away in prison, or die on the streets than turn on her master.

“When it’s time to leave jail, the girl’s pimp is waiting right outside the gate to put her back to work again. Eventually, she either overdoses one day, she commits suicide, or she is smart and lets us help her go home. Usually, she finds what she thought was intolerable back at home is pure heaven compared to what happened to her on the streets.”

Then he asked, “Am I being clear here, Michelle? By the way, I know that’s not your real name.”

Shelby shook her head yes, still sobbing. The cop gently pulled her to her feet and put his arms around her in a loving embrace and starts whisper soothing words to her to let her know everything is alright. The sixteen year old girl sobbed into his chest, crying herself out, until the shock of being ‘arrested’ slowly wore off.

Once she had her crying under control, she asked Gregory, “So why aren’t you arresting me?”

Gregory said, “It’s because I see girls I described as victims, not criminals. I work in vice, but I want to catch the scum bag pimps and put them in prison. I want to bury the drug dealers in the ground; usually they are also the pimps. I want to get the girls who are locked in slavery off the streets.”

Then the cop chucked, “In your case, I understand that’s exactly where you want to be.”

Shelby sniffed and said, “Not true at all. I want to be in a nice safe hotel room where I can get fucked until I’m sore.”

He grinned, “Well, what I meant is that you do this voluntarily, you go to bed with some guy referred to you, and in return, you are paid really well to, as you say, fuck him silly.”

Gregory chuckled, “I know your kind too. You got a taste of your sexuality and it’s like a drug to you. You need more and more. The key to your situation is that what you are doing of this voluntary. You are either doing it for the thrill, the monetary reward, or because you just like sex. You probably do it for a mixture of all three.”

Shelby blushed and nodded, “Pretty much.”

Then Gregory said, “I hear you are starting an escort service of likeminded girls.” Shelby nodded. He continued, “Well, in my book, if you girls want to make some money, more power to you. There are lots of perverts out here that are willing to pay you for the privilege, including me. If my own men caught me, I would be heading down town myself. Ain’t that a hoot?

“Michelle, I’m a dirty cop. Not that I take bribes to turn a blind eye -- that would never happen. I’m dirty because I decide what gets brought in and what doesn’t, and I’m not above manufacturing evidence to make sure a scumbag goes down. I don’t let the law bind me.

“I want that son-of-a-bitch pimp, drug dealer, or mobster who is raping and exploiting these runaways. When it comes to two consenting people, I figure it’s none of my business. Fortunately for you, most of my guys feel the same way. So, we work with guys like Eric to let you independent business women ply your trade, and he helps us locate and incarcerate the bad guys, hopefully freeing the girls they have enslaved.”

Then he asked, “Did you happen to catch my rank on my badge?” She shook her head no. He told her, “I’m a lieutenant; I’m a big cheese in my department. Most of the guys on the streets that work the hotel district report to me. Meaning as long as you and I are getting along, we aren’t going to give each other problems. Does that work for you?”

A subdued Shelby nodded her head, “Sure.”

“Here’s the deal Michelle,” Greg continued, “I’m going to turn a blind eye to your little business. Matter of fact, I’m going to be one of your loyal customers. I’m making myself vulnerable by doing business with you girls. I have my own vices you see. This is to show you I am negotiating in good faith here.

“What I want in return, is information. You are going to run into people while you are working and they are going to let you know things that I can’t find out through interrogations; they tie my hands most of the time. Your job is simple, I just need you to pass on anything you think might be interesting to me, anything at all. I will decide what’s important and what’s not.

“Most importantly, eventually, you are going to be on the radar of some seedy ass pimp who thinks you are encroaching on his territory. Then you and I are going to work together to put the bastard away for a long time, or if I think he’s dangerous enough, he will be invited to leave Texas permanently. You don’t need to worry about where he goes, he won’t be coming back. I protect you, and you help me put away bad guys. See how it works out?”

Shelby smiled demurely for the first time. She said, “Okay, I’ll, um, we’ll do it.”

Gregory ran a finger gently down Shelby’s cheek and said, “Good girl! I knew I could count on you.” Then he looked into her eyes, seeing the vulnerable girl she was and whispered, “Okay, now where were we before all this badge crap.”

He had Shelby turn around as he unlocked the handcuffs. He allowed her time for her to rub her wrists to relieve the soreness, and then he pulled Shelby into his arms and started to gently kiss her.

It didn’t take either one of them long to go from gentle to passionate. Shelby was amazed at how the scare of her life ended up making her hornier than she ever remembered being. Then she thought about the irony of her making love to a cop as a call girl, the whole idea of it was simply enchanting.

Shelby had taken to wearing evening dresses to her appointments unless the client request otherwise. For instance, when her dad inadvertently hired her, not knowing he was hiring his own daughter, he had requested that ‘Michelle’ wear a school girl uniform. She found that wearing evening gowns made it really easy to get naked when it was time. This evening with Gregory was no exception. As they kissed, the handsome cop unzipped her dress and pulled it off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor.

The cop thought she was one of the most beautiful girls he had seen in a long time. She was tall, svelte, with graceful curves. Seeing her standing in front of him in her elegant bra and panties, and laced black stockings was enough to make him stir with desire. He was high in anticipation of what was to come; soon he would have his cock deep inside this temptress, this blond goddess. He was a cop, but he was a man first, and what man could turn away from this wonderful dish of ambrosia.

Shelby was recovering from her fright. She was a pubic hair away from being arrested for real. She could see her life floating away in a pair of silver handcuffs. Later, she was going to have to sit down and contemplate whether or not this occupation was worth the rewards. It seemed to come with some pretty grave risks.

Shelby was feeling herself become aroused as she kissed the cop, feeling his hands gliding up and down her sides and back. He hadn’t handled her boobs yet, and she had a desire for him to do so. He was the kind of lover she liked, the one that made you wait and wait and wait some more, and then deliver in a big way. She was simply dripping in anticipation. As Gregory kissed her neck and ears, chin and shoulder, she began to unbutton his jacket.

Gregory tensed up suddenly and broke away from her in alarm and he quickly backed away. The man was blushing badly, you would think he was standing naked in the middle of the mall.

He chuckled, “Damn, I’m losing my senses here. I’m sorry Michelle; I have to take care of a little matter. Shelby stood puzzled standing in her lacy bra, panties and stockings, wondering what caused the cop to blush so badly and back away from her like he discovered she had leprosy or something. When he took off his jacket, it was obvious.

In a shoulder holster, the man had a Glock model 22, 40 caliber full frame semi-automatic handgun tucked under his left arm. He carefully took off the holster and wrapped up the pistol inside the straps and walked it over to the rooms safe. He had pre-set the combination for the small box earlier. He quickly opened it and deposited the gun inside and relocked it.

Gregory looked up at Shelby, still blushing, and said, “Well, Michelle, you just witnessed the biggest rookie mistake a cop can make, letting someone get in reach of their service weapon. I’m 99 percent sure you wouldn’t have grabbed it and shot me, but I’m not supposed to give you that 1 percent chance.” Then he laughed and said, “See, you have my mind all sorts of addled. I’m Samson, and you are my Delilah.”

Since he temporarily halted their love making, he decided to get out of his clothes. He unbuttoned his white button-up shirt and tossed it aside, quickly followed by his tee shirt. Then he unclasped, unbuttoned, and unzipped his neatly pressed slacks, letting them fall to the floor. He casually kicked them over out of the way.

Standing in nothing but boxer shorts, he moved back over to join Shelby. He pulled her back into an embrace and said, “Okay, where were we.”

Shelby giggled and said, “I don’t remember, why don’t we take it from the top?”

He smiled and said, “By the way, call me Greg; I’m hoping you and I are going to become good friends.” Shelby giggled.

After they kissed for a bit again, she breathlessly said, “Handle me with care, sir! I’m a virgin; I’ve never done it with a cop before.” They both giggled like kids.

As they kissed, the police lieutenant unhooked her lacy deep gold colored bra and pulled the ‘B’ cups away from her creamy globes. He didn’t waste any time moving his hand up to cup her attractive boobs. He was happy to discover that her nipples were as hard as corks as she reacted to his kisses.

He started moving down her neck again, with her breasts as his destination in mind. He had to have her nipples in his mouth. He needed to suckle her, to make love to her enchanting round softness. Before arriving at his destination, he guided her to the bed and laid her down, and then he climbed onto the bed with her and took a nipple between his lips and sucked.

As he made love to her breasts, one of his hands found its way inside her panties and gripped and massaged the cheeks of her firm butt. He was rewarded when Shelby let out a long sigh, expressing her appreciation of his touching and kisses.

Greg took his time, loving her breasts, massaging them, kissing them, and teasing her nipples with his tongue. That’s when he decided that he needed to taste this lovely morsel. He normally wouldn’t go down on a prostitute, but judging by her price tag, Shelby didn’t cavort with guys that were likely to have diseases. He was willing to risk it with this beautiful blond girl.

He guided her to the bed and laid her back. She scooted over so the cop could join her.

He kissed down her ribs, and then gave her skin over her diaphragm big wet kisses, following along the edge of her ribcage. Then it was to her soft yet firm abdomen. As he moved lower he could smell her musk, he was sure she was putting out pheromones in great quantities causing him to be filled with lust and desire.

As he was kissing down, his free hand was moving up finding the inside her thighs, feeling the soft warm skin found there. As his hand moved up towards her treasure, Shelby began to slowly spread her legs in welcome. She was anticipating the finish of the race between his hand and his lips -- which would arrive at the finish line first? To Shelby’s delight, it was a tie.

Shelby felt him grazing through her honey colored blond pubic hair as he pulled her panties down just enough to allow him access. Like most blonds, her hair wasn’t that thick, so her cleft was clearly very visible through the hair.

Shelby’s pussy remained a tight unit, with a single line at the top of her cleft until it rolled over her pubic bone, where it flared slightly, displaying a little bit of her light pink labia. To look at her standing up, her pussy looked almost girlish. It was only when she spread her legs in welcome, that one discovered she was all woman.

Greg slid her panties down her legs and over her ankles tossing them over with his slacks. Finally he climbed over one of her legs to get between them as she spread herself in anticipation. He dropped his face down and started to give her entire bottom, wet abundant kisses. Her smell was intoxicating; she was clean and fresh. His cock was rock hard in eagerness of coming events as he began to sample her wares.

He quickly zeroed in on her vaginal opening, sopping up her juices. He sampled her nectar, causing him to desire more. He needed her to find her pleasure, so she would reward him with another large bolus of her sweet secretions. As he kissed her lips, she started to wriggle beneath him. When he split her with his tongue, she started to moan and tremble. When he finally rewarded her by pulling her clitoris between his lips, she went up like fireworks.

Shelby felt herself building as he kissed her pussy. She loved it when a man or girl for that matter would kiss her lips and suck on them. It wasn’t as intense as when they went down on her clit, but it was extremely pleasurable none the less. When Greg reamed her honey hole with his tongue, Shelby trembled in anticipation of what was to come. She loved having her pussy licked, but what she really needed, especially after the scare she received was a good old fashioned fuck.

Shelby couldn’t control herself, as he moved closer and closer to her love button. She had to wiggle her hips. The intensity of the act was overwhelming her senses. When he finally sucked her clit between his lips, her hips went on autopilot and started to arch up towards his mouth trying to get him to take more of her vulva into his mouth.

Then it struck! It was lightening quick. Her vagina opening started to contract and pulse like a penis in full ejaculation. It quickly radiated up and down, taking control of her body. She surrendered and let the spectacular orgasm wash over her.

Greg was surprised at the intensity of Shelby’s climax. He couldn’t remember any woman that he had loved in the past getting as much pleasure from her orgasm as this blond beauty. He could understand why she chose to go into the world’s oldest profession. This girl loved making love.

He was so fascinated that he wanted it to continue. So he applied every technique in his arsenal to make sure she had one orgasm after another. As she would come down from one, she would roll into another. She was constantly quaking as her muscles contracted sharply, jerking her body around in unpredictable ways. He heard about whole body orgasms, but this was the first time he witnessed one in person.

Finally, it was time. Greg had to relieve the pressure in his hard cock. Her orgasm made him so horny that it was painful. He needed to feel her golden pussy wrapped around his hard shaft. He needed to see her lovely pink lips gripping him.

He wanted to achieve as much intimacy with this girl as possible so he climbed up between her spread legs and took her missionary style. She grabbed her knees and pulled up and out assuring her flower was open and welcoming. He wetted himself within the folds of her light pinkness. Then he slowly worked his cock into her hole. In seconds, he was buried to the hilt sheathing his sword.

Shelby basked in the feel as Greg pushed himself inside her. As always, she reveled in the fullness she felt when a nice cock filled her completely. She stretched to accommodate his size and the nerve endings all along her vaginal canal began to fire up, sending signals of pleasure to her brain. Also, as normal, she wished the man would just leave his cock planted in her, where she could just enjoy him stretch her -- fill her --complete her.

Then he started to work it in and out. She felt his lovely mushroom shaped flange traverse up and down the walls of her love canal. She rejoiced in the feel of his warm body pressing down on hers. She delighted from his warm breath on her neck and shoulder. Most of all, she was pleased as he whispered sweet nothings in her ear.

Greg was amazed at how sweet it was to be inside this tall sweet blond. The young woman was a refreshing change compared to some of the older call girls he satisfied himself with. He was a busy man, and because of the nature of his job, didn’t have the time to cultivate a normal relationship with a ‘steady’ girlfriend. Sometimes he worked 16 to 18 hour days. Higher priced call girls were the answer to calm the beast. He refused to satisfy himself on any call girls who were not an independent contractor or voluntarily working for an escort service.

This girl though wasn’t like the usual call girls he encountered. Most call girls wouldn’t let a client go down on them and some of them, you wouldn’t want to. This Michelle, she was more like a normal girl than a professional. She enjoyed making love even more than he did. It was like taking a girl back in high school. Fucking this girl was like jumping in a time machine and going back to the days of innocence. He was just hoping the profession she was starting out in wouldn’t eat her soul, like it did with so many others.

As he worked himself in and out of Michelle’s tight vagina, he marveled at how she wrapped around him like a velvet glove. She had a tightness that wasn’t present in older women of the profession. This girl hadn’t been selling herself long. It was evident in her naïve way she made love. This was the best $600 he had spent in a long time.

Greg felt it building. He had been whispering to the girl, telling her how nice she felt, how nice she smelled, how pretty she was, and how she was turning him on. Unlike a seasoned whore, this girl was responding to his praise like a lover, not a supplier of pleasure. His own words, which all were true, added to his passion. Before long, he felt the pressure in his bottom, the tickle in his prostate, and then he exploded!

Shelby was close to another climax. It had been building, washing up on her like wave after wave of incoming tide. Soon it would be high tide. Then Greg, the cop, tensed up and gasped and then she felt the familiar pulse against her vaginal walls as his cock flooded her love chamber with his semen. As he pushed himself against her bottom to empty himself inside her, the fullness of his long shaft inside her drove her over the top and she came again.

Greg felt this Michelle begin to tremble out of control beneath him, making his completion all that much more satisfying. He could feel his cock pump a larger than normal amount of cum up into her body. He had a primitive desire to fill her with his seed, to impregnate the girl, to cause her to be with his child. He was sure she took precautions to prevent his secret desires from being fulfilled. Being a teenaged girl, and a call girl to boot, she couldn’t afford an unwanted pregnancy.

Shelby, coming of her high, lay contentedly underneath Greg as his cock went through its final throbs. Then he just remained in place, breathing in her ear, leaving his hardness inside her to fill her need. Unfortunately, after a minute or so he began to shrink, having fulfilled its duty his cock ended up slipping out of her; It was followed by a thick drool of their comingled cum.

Greg finally rolled off her onto his back onto the middle of the bed. He draped an arm over his forehead and chuckled, “Wow, I’m glad I’m not an old man, you could cause an older guy to have a coronary. Michelle, that was fantastic!”

Shelby moved against him and snuggled into his warmth. She loved his man smell mixed with the nice cologne he was wearing. Greg was in fabulous shape, much better than the average customer she had been with. Greg was an alpha male, the first one that Shelby had been with. She instinctively felt a desire to have his children. Having been an ‘A+’ student of biology in high school, she knew exactly what was going on with her yearnings. It was pure biology, pure human nature.

She also knew she wasn’t ready to quit. She rarely was when she was in bed with a ‘good’ customer. Greg was one of the best. She had to have more of him inside her and she wasn’t even remotely done fucking this hunk. He may have paid to fuck her, but not only was she going to take his money, but she was going to have her fill of his body too.

She climbed up on one elbow and started kissing his chest. She moved on his nipples and started to suck them, and to nibble on them with her teeth, just enough to elicit a pleasure response from the man. Once she had his interest, she started to kiss down his body.

Soon, she found herself kissing down on his belly, just above his pubic hair. His flaccid cock was laid out on his belly, cocked to the right. She kissed his hips and belly, outlining his manhood. Finally, she picked it up with her fingers, noting how incredibly messy it was from their mixed cum. She had tasted enough girl and guy cum to know it wasn’t going to taste bad even though the sight of it was nothing short of icky; she popped his shrunken penis in her mouth.

She sucked him in, all the way down to his root, washing the juices off him with her tongue. She sucked it down and swallowed as her saliva mixed with semen and vaginal secretions--she like the taste of cum--especially her own. Before he started to respond, she enjoyed the feeling of his softness between her cheeks and with her tongue. Sucking on a soft cock was really quite enjoyable.

As expected, after a minute of softly teasing him with her tongue and sucking on his softness, he began to harden. Blood rushed in from root to tip, and he started to rise and lengthen. Like a phoenix, he began to rise from the ashes. Good thing, she was really in heat. She needed another good fuck.

This time Shelby wanted Greg to take her hard, the need for tenderness was over, what she needed was to be fucked intensely. So she jumped up and bent over the chair and wagged her cum coated ass at the man. Like a bull, his raging hormones took over and he charged! He moved up on Shelby’s backside and he quickly inserted his hardness, impaling the girl with one swift push.

He didn’t slow, reading her mood; Greg grabbed her hips and started to pound into Shelby’s backside. As his hips slapped against her butt cheeks and legs, a loud report echoed around the room. As he pulled out, the prodigious moisture in her hot pussy slurped giving evidence of the sloppy messiness that was caused from fucking. Making love was anything but tidy.

It didn’t’ take Shelby long at all, Greg fucked her like a stallion mounting a mare. The raw, uninhibited sex drove the sixteen year old girl wild! She held herself up with one hand as the other dropped down and twirled around her clitoris as Greg continued to pound into her backside, ramming his hard long cock up inside her vagina repeatedly. Shelby was overcome with her ardor; she reached maximum arousal and started to tremble out of control as yet another orgasm grabbed control of her.

Shelby collapsed over the arm of the chair to enjoy her climax, her legs unable to hold her up. Greg followed her until she was anchored on the chair then he continued to pound into her pussy. The golden fur covered orifice inviting his penetrations. Watching the fresh young woman quake from the fucking he was administering was driving him wild too. Her cum coated bottom and matted pubic hair made him even more excited. Normally, the second time around he lasted much longer, but the combination of various sensual visual and odiferous stimulus caused him to build rapidly and explode as he ejaculated inside her lovely pink vagina for the second time in a matter of half an hour.

After they both came, they collapsed together over the arm of the chair. Greg asked, “Do you have any other appointments this evening?”

Shelby shrugged her naked shoulders, “I don’t know. Hand me my cell phone, please.”

She selected her contacts list and then pressed ‘dial’ and the phone quickly connected her to her dad. She asked, “Hi, do I have any other appointments, daddy?”

Her disclosure hit Greg like a freight train. This vision of loveliness was Eric Krueger’s daughter! Holy shit! He had known Eric for years and they had gotten drunk together more than once. He considered Eric his good friend, and now he was fucking his daughter, and she was a call girl that Eric was pimping out.

Giving the guy a break, Greg knew that all Eric was doing was drumming up business for the girl. From what he understood, the escort service she was forming was all her own idea, that’s why Eric had called in the cops.

Shelby hung up and turned to Greg. “No, right now there’s nobody.”

Greg stared into her eyes and smiled, “Then, how about I upgrade to an all night stay then.”

Shelby grinned and ran her fingers through his hair. She replied, “Good, idea. My treat.” She quickly typed in a message to her dad, asking him to hold her appointments.


In the morning, Shelby took a shower with Greg; she had hoped to get cleaned up and on a bus back to Conroe so she missed as little school as possible. While washing up though, she accidently dropped the soap, and bent over to retrieve it. As she did, she felt the now familiar poke against her vaginal opening as Greg slipped himself inside her, yet again. This was going to be lucky number seven.

She felt her sore pussy stretch open to admit Greg yet again. She stood up and put one leg on the shower seat, and he took her standing up from behind. She wondered how he even got it up, after fucking her completely six times already throughout the night. It seemed that he couldn’t get enough of being inside her honey hole. Shelby had met her match. She finally found someone who could fuck her into submission.

She was sore, but she never got tired of the feeling of fullness, and she found being fucked while standing to have its own pleasures. She arched her ass back and up to allow Greg easier access to her vagina. After a bit, they stopped to let Shelby turn around, and he slipped his hard cock back inside her from the front. She reveled in the feel of his wet skin gliding against hers. She kissed him fervently as his hard shaft slid over her clitoris on its way in and out of her vagina.

As she felt him begin to tense, she hopped up and wrapped her legs around his hips, depending on him to hold both of them up. This allowed her to bottom him out just as he started to pulse. She pulled him in tight, angling her vagina so he penetrated her as deeply as she could get him, then she held tight against him as he spilled his seed inside her tummy one last time.

Finally, spent, she shooed him out of the shower and made him reach inside her handbag and hand her a douche. There was no way she was going to go to school smelling like sex. She took the bottled and proceeded to clean herself out, so all the accumulated semen could be washed down the drain. The only seed left in her, was the amount that traveled up inside her uterus instead of being washed out of her hole.

After she felt sufficiently clean, she came up on a dry but still naked Greg and gave him one last hug from behind. She asked, “I am going to see you again, I hope.”

He turned around in her arms and gave her a lingering kiss, smiling as he stared into her eyes and said, “You can count on it.”

She quickly dressed in the underwear she was wearing the night before, and in a pull over shirt and a pair of mid-thigh shorts. She carefully rolled her evening dress and put it in her bag. She kissed Greg one last time and headed for the bus to take her home.


She was fortunate and made the early bus. She got to school just before the bell rang for her second period class. Later, she met up with Jessica, Nick and Angela at the high school for lunch where she told them all the tale of her being arrested. They were amazed that she was bought and paid for by a lieutenant in the Houston Metropolitan Police Department, Vice Squad.

She informed them of her agreement with Greg and that everyone in the company was to cooperate with him in the fullest. Not only did Shelby have a mission to grow her company, but she wanted to put every scum sucking bottom dwelling pimp in prison. What they did to girls was worse than murder in her opinion.

After eating, they set out to find Jennifer Bates. The supposed sixteen year old virgin that Jessica was sure was going to want to sell her cherry. Jessica disclosed this from one of her bouts of intuition. Jessica was a psychic.

It was still early in the lunch hour when they found the ‘preppy’ girl. She was dressed in a white satin blouse covered with a maroon sweater vest. She wore a pair of expensive stitched jeans and a pair of trendy tennis shoes. Her clothing radiated ‘preppy snob’.

Shelby invited the 5’-6” copper haired girl to duck into an empty classroom to have a chat. Once they moved several desks around to face each other, Shelby got to the point. “Somebody mentioned to me that you might still be a virgin.”

Jennifer, Jen, turned bright crimson and said, “It’s none of you fucking business, Shelby.”

Shelby gave the girl her most disarming smile. She said, “Well, I’m trying to ascertain if I can offer you a business proposal that might make you a lot of money. I know it filled up my bank account.”

Jennifer looked at Shelby, then at Jessica. Nick and Angela found somewhere else to go, not want to overwhelm the girl. Jen asked, “Okay, let’s just suppose that I am a virgin.”

Jessica interjected, “A physical virgin.”

Jen asked, “What’s the difference?”

Shelby added, “You need to have your hymen intact.” Jen blushed heavily again at the mention of her hymen.

Jessica continued, “You can only get really big money if you’re still a girl.”

Jen started to get up, “This is getting entirely too weird.” She started walking to towards the door.

Shelby said, “Would anywhere from $2000 to $3000 make it un-weird?”

Jen stopped in her tracks. She slowly turned and said, “I’m listening.”

Shelby told her, “I sold my virginity about a month ago. I got $3000. I was thinking you might be interested in doing the same. Of course we get a 20% finder’s fee for hooking you up with an interested party. So, are you interested in getting your cherry popped for say $2400.00?”

Jen thought about it. “When do I have to decide?”

Shelby smiled at the girl, “The question about your hymen has to be answered first. If you don’t have an intact hymen, then you’re used goods.”

Jen blushed crimson again. Finally she admitted, “It’s still there.”

Shelby said, “Well, if you decide to go through with it, then I will need to verify that’s true. I’m sorry, but I can go promising a cherry that’s not there.”

Jen wondered if the embarrassment would ever end. She was deathly afraid that these two girls were pulling her chain and making her the butt of a horrible joke. She asked, “How can I trust you?”

Shelby reached inside her purse and pulled out five one hundred dollar bills. She held up the money and said, “Once you show me your hymen, I will give you this as a down payment on what you’ll get for selling your cherry. You don’t have to trust me; you can trust Ben Franklin here.”

Greed quickly won out. Jennifer might act the prep, but her parents were of average means. $2500 was a lot of money, even for her. She asked, “Where?”

Shelby said, “Let’s go to the girl’s room.” Shelby led off and Jessica and Jen followed. Once in the girls’ room, they waited for a girl that was washing her hands to finish and leave. Then Shelby pulled on Jen’s sleeve and pulled her into a stall while Jessica acted as lookout.

Shelby whispered to Jen, “Let’s make this quick. Drop your Jeans.”

Jen blushed again and unbuttoned and unzipped her tight jeans and pulled them down to her knees and stood there. Shelby giggled, “Common, I can’t see shit if you still have your panties up.” Jen pulled her panties down to her knees with her Jeans and blushed even more fiercely standing in front of Shelby with her red tangle of pubic hair covering her barely visible cleft.

Shelby instructed her to sit down on the toilet. Once the other teen was seated, Shelby instructed, “Okay, move your butt forward and kind of lay back and spread your legs.” Jennifer found she couldn’t spread her legs with her bottoms around her knees. So she leaned forward and dropped them down around her ankles. She couldn’t believe she was sitting there showing her pussy to another girl. She was mortified.

Once Jen complied, Shelby warned her, “Okay, I’m going to have to touch you for a second. Sorry, but I can’t see unless I do. Okay, spread your legs wide.” Jen closed her eyes, wishing the whole distasteful episode over.

Shelby got down between Jen’s spread legs and put her thumb and forefinger on Jen’s lips and pulled her pussy lip wide apart. As she did, Jen gasped and bit her lower lip. Was it from embarrassment or was it from being touched intimately?

Spread, Jen’s curly red hair gave way its inner secrets. Jen’s pink lips pulled to either side revealing her Vaginal opening. As Shelby pulled her open, a fully intact hymen exposed itself. Jen had a valuable commodity. Shelby let Jen’s pussy lips snap back to their normal position. She told Jen, “Okay, I’m done. You can pull your things up.”

Jen looked at Shelby, “Well, was I right?”

Shelby smiled at the snobbish girl and said, “Yes, you’re as good as gold. I can probably get someone to pay you good money to pop your cherry. What I need to know from you is: Are you willing to do it? And, can you stand to have a complete stranger fuck you?”

Jen mulled on that for a bit, and then she said, “I think yes, and yes – for the right price.”

Jessica said from outside the stall, “Even realizing that you will be committing an act of prostitution?”

Jennifer snapped, “What are you doing, trying to talk me out of it? I thought you wanted me to sell it. Which is it?”

Shelby tried to mollify her, “We just want to make sure you’re up to it. What I suggest is that before you go do it, that you have somewhat of a dry run. Do everything up to the main event, without crossing that line. Once that’s done, it’s done.”

Jen’s eyes got big, “Dry run? You mean fool around with someone?”

Shelby said, “Exactly. We have three girls for you to pick from, or if that’s beyond you, we have Nick, our tech guy. He can eat a pussy like a champ.”

Jen gulped, “You’re kidding, right?”

Jessica added, “No, not at all. You can find out that way if you will be able to go through with it, or if you’re going to chicken out and embarrass us all. No pop, no pay.”

Jen retorted, “You said I would get $500.00 to check my virginity.”

Shelby corrected her, “I said that you could have $500.00 if you agreed to meet with a man and have him take your cherry. Checking your hymen was a prerequisite.” Shelby intelligently pulled the money out again so the reluctant girl could see what she was going to get.

Jen, studying the money, finally said, “Okay, I’ll do it. I’ll even do the dry run thing. Give me the money.”

What Jennifer was secretly hiding was the fact she was more than interested in the dry run. She had been secretly interested in a sexual encounter for quite a while, but she was so shy that she didn’t even know how to go about ‘tempting’ someone to have a tryst with her. When Shelby touched her pussy, she almost had an orgasm on the spot. All her trepidation had been the risk of the girls trying to make her look like a fool. All this talk, though embarrassing, was making her pussy drool from the excitement. The idea of someone putting their mouth on her pussy made her so aroused she could hardly stand it.

Shelby smiled and handed over the cash. She said, “Good girl! Think of all the things you can do with the rest of it. You’ll get two thousand more where this came from.”

Jen asked, “So, when do you want to do this dry run?”

Shelby answered, “As soon as you’re ready.”

Jen asked, “Tonight? My parents are going out. We could do it then.” Jen wished she could just lock the classroom door and let someone go down on her right there. But, the risk of getting caught was way too high.

Shelby asked, “At your house, one of ours?”

Jennifer answered, “Not my house! Heavens no! If my parents even get an inkling that I’ve been messing around and I could get grounded for life!”

Shelby wrote down her address and gave it to Jen, she said, “Okay, come to my house at 5:00pm. It gives you time to get home from school and get ready. Wear something light so we don’t have to go through layers of clothing to get to it, okay?”

Jen blushed, “Okay. Then how long before I get this all over with?” She thought, ‘Gawd! Imagine, fucking a total stranger. Letting him put his cock up inside my pussy. How wicked cool is that!’

Shelby told her, “Let’s shoot for a couple weeks. That way we can find the best buyer. Hopefully we can get a little bidding going on over you. If we can do that, we can all make more money.”

Jen said, “Okay, this evening at 5:00pm then.”

Shelby asked one last question, “Girl, or boy? You realized we have some guys that like to watch girls get it on before going for gold. You might get someone like that and have to do it with a girl first.”

Jen thought about it, “Well, since I have to do it with a guy, ultimately, then maybe I should practice with a guy. What’s his name? Nick? I’m not sure I’m ready to do things with a girl, yet.”

Shelby smiled, “Nick is a good choice. We can worry about girl on girl later if we need to.” Then she smiled at the girl, “Thanks Jen, I know this is off the scale weird.”

Jen asked a tough question then, “You talk like you know all about these guys. What’s up with that?”

Shelby grinned and blushed, “That’s easy; Jessica and I are call girls. We’re high priced prostitutes and we make a lot of money from it every week.”

Jen just lipped, “WOW!”

Jessica asked, “That’s going to be OUR little secret, right?”

Jen thought about it for a second, “Um, sure, since I’m really close to being one too. At least I’ll be a onetime whore.”

Jessica shook her head no, “No, we are NOT whores. Those are the girls who work the streets. We work the expensive hotels by appointment only. If you join us, you are joining the major leagues.”

Jennifer said, “Um, it actually sounds like, um, fun.” Then she turned beet red from what she admitted aloud.

Shelby held up her phone. “Jen, can I take your picture? We need to show people what they are bidding on.”

Jen blushed prettily again, “Um, sure.”

Shelby took a close-up of Jen’s pretty face. Then she took a picture of Jen’s whole body, finally she had Jen stand with her back to her, showing off her luscious hips and ass. She had Jen look over her shoulder and smile. She showed Jessica and Jennifer the photos and said, “If that don’t drum up some interest, nothing will!” All three girls giggled.

Shelby contacted Sandy and her dad and asked them to put the word out that there was a virgin on the auction block; she attached Jennifer’s photos so they could show them around. One guaranteed cherry mounted on a pretty sixteen year old girl available for the highest bidder.


Shelby went on home letting the other kids get back to their classes. Shelby skipped her 1:00pm class at the college so she could meet with the gang so they could talk to Jennifer.

Having four hours to kill, Shelby went to her room and stripped off her clothes. She still enjoyed roaming the house naked. She toyed with the idea of being naked when the gang showed up for Jennifer’s dry run.

Shelby was feeling a little horny; okay, she was feeling very horny. She still hadn’t bought the dildo she wanted yet. She kept forgetting when she was in Houston on business. After all, the Blue Boutique was kind of out of the way.

So she went to find a suitable substitute.

Digging through the refrigerator, she found a yellow, straight neck squash. It was covered in all sorts of interesting bumps and was cock sized on one end, and a bit larger on the other. She found her toy to tease out an orgasm with. Maybe she would go for two; she was really, really horny.

After trimming off the stem with a paring knife, Shelby took the wonderful looking vegetable into the living room and she tossed a couple of the sofa pillows on the floor to prop her head up with. Squeaky, her cat, was sitting up on the back of her dad’s easy chair watching her with interest.

Setting the squash to the side, Shelby spread her legs and started touching herself below. With one hand she let her fingers sort through her lips, and with the other she started to tease her nipples. Once she started getting wet, she slipped her fingers inside her vaginal opening to gather moisture to tease her clit with.

Shelby started to rub her clitoris with her fingers as she continued to pull at and pinch her nipples.

Squeaky jumped down off the chair and trotted over on her four legs and walked up between Shelby’s legs to see what her human girl was doing. It was most curious. Shelby giggled when she felt the cat’s cold nose actually touch her labia as she sniffed. Then the cat sat back to watch the show going on between the human girl’s legs.

Once Shelby started to feel the familiar pressure grow inside her vagina, she grabbed the squash and slipped it between her legs. She got it good and wet by rubbing it around inside her lips, then she took the smaller end and inserted it inside her opening.

She worked it in and out, pushing the thing deeper with each cycle. As Shelby suspected, the bumps on the vegetable gave her a new set of sensations to enjoy. It was a little over an inch in diameter on the stem end, but it tapered up to be about two inches at the blossom end.

As Shelby worked the squash in and out of her pussy, she was pushing more and more of it inside her. She marveled on how she stretched more and more the deeper the vegetable penetrated her. Before long, she was taking a good deal of the two inch part of the cucurbit inside her vaginal opening.

That’s when she decided to try to insert it from the other end. She had to dry off the end she had been fucking herself with so she could grip it without it sliding out of her grip. Then she reversed the yellow tool and started pushing the large end inside herself.

She pushed, relaxed, pushed some more, relaxed, and eventually the end of it stretched her enough that it slid inside her. She had never lips stretched out so much before. She had the equivalent of a two inch thick cock inside her vagina.

She went back to teasing her clitoris as she fucked herself with the bulbous end of the squash. The rounded bumps on the thing were giving her a real ride. Her ardor had grown considerably and she knew before much longer her little yellow friend was going to cause her to have a really sweet orgasm.

Squeaking sat cleaning her whiskers watching her human do some really curious things. She was amazed at some of the interesting things her girl human did when she had her fur off.

Shelby began to really pump the squash in and out of her vagina. She worked her swollen love bud faster and faster to match. Before too much longer, she felt the building pressure up inside her tummy release. She felt as her vagina tried to spasm around the invading vegetable. Waves of pleasure poured through her body as she started to quake and tremble. Being alone, she cried out, moaned, gasp, and giggled loudly, expressing her delight with the incredible orgasm.

After she melted back into her afterglow, she pulled the squash out and addressed it, “You, my friend have been the best toy yet! You were even better than your green cousin.”

With her horniness under control, she got up and started cleaning the kitchen. The squash was washed and returned to the refrigerator. Squeaky jumped up on the kitchen counter to watch her human girl go about her work.


At 4:30, Shelby heard the doorbell. Still being completely naked, she thought it was one or more of her friends arriving for Jennifer’s dry run. So she boldly opened the front door and almost dies when she discovered it was the UPS guy delivering a package for her daddy.

Shelby blushed and said, “Sorry, I was getting ready for a shower.”

The man grinned from ear to ear and said, “Hey, it’s no problem for me.”

Shelby sighed and signed the little electronic pad the guy was carrying and then took the package, all while standing in the doorway completely nude. With the business completed she took the package, thanked the man, and closed the door. She was completely turned on by the whole episode, but decided she needed to be more careful in the future before throwing open the door.

Jessica and Nick, who were joined by Angela, arrived at Shelby’s house at 4:45pm and were greeted by a naked Shelby. Nobody thought anything of it, as much hijinks as the four of them got into. Shelby explained to her three friends anyway that she liked to do her chores in the buff. They all told her that it sounded like fun.

So much so, that the four of them were completely stripped naked by the time Jennifer arrived.

Jennifer arrived at Shelby’s house at five minutes before 5:00. She was as nervous as a cat at a dog show, but she was also more than a little excited that she was finally going to get to do something besides rub her pussy. She wondered, ‘Will they make me suck his penis?’ She blushed as she thought about it, her pussy started to moisten too.

Jen was more than a little bit excited about what was to come.

The look on Jen’s face was priceless when four naked teens answered the door at after Jennifer had rang the doorbell.


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